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Scanning page #1 for Add 11230067: Video Room 1000 – A video uploaded to YouTube 1,000 times (2010) [video]  Scanning page #1 for Add 11229796: Berlin as a startup – 7 min pitch [video] Add 10993276: Building a live chat app in 40 minutes with React and Meteor Add 10650342: HUSH Add 11229565: Around the Corner (1937) How Differential Steering Works Add 11229148: Awaiting for the ranges: C++17 – Ivan Cukic – Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10567852: Haskell for fast, concurrent, robust service (Twitter tech talk) Add 10524184: Puzzle: squirrel's first attempt with the pull-rods on different sides Add 11228868: Speed Up Reactjs Server Side Rendering Add 10481260: Interactive Wassembler (WebAssembly) Add 11228828: Making of the Centriphone Add 11227618: Here Comes Another Bubble (2007) Add 10477004: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon [video] (2008) Add 11227406: Share,organize,collaborate on 3d files like never before Add 10471526: What’s at stake in the war on marijuana? Add 11227220: Object-Oriented Programming Is Embarrassing: 4 Short Examples Add 10469450: Yamaha wants its motorcycle-riding robot to be faster than humans Add 10469321: Techonomy 2010: Reinventing the Economy (Brian Arthur) Add 11226641: Applying the Saga Pattern Add 11226378: Moon Shot Official Trailer: Google Lunar XPRIZE Add 10464487: What Should I Know About (Insert Container Project Here) Add 11223950: Fastest Browser Engine at 500 FPS Servo Webrender – CSS on the GPU / Rust Add 10457019: Master template of the very first A380 Landing gear Add 10388228: What is Epigenetics? [video] Add 11223701: DDD and Microservices: At Last, Some Boundaries Add 11223407: Nicolas, streaming about Haxe Add 10379340: Effervescent tablet dissolves in zero gravity ball of water on ISS Add 11223132: Marble Machine (music using 2000 marbles) [video] Add 10215485: Young Ninja Turtle Fights Cancer Add 11222709: The first manned descent into the deepest known part of the ocean Add 10215482: Young Ninja Turtle Fights Cancer Add 11222603: Knightscope, an autonomous robot to predict crimes in schools and neighborhoods Add 10142873: Variable hardness thermite railroad welding Add 11222388: Why we should give everyone a basic income Add 10138321: The Amiga in 2015 and Beyond – Trevor Dickinson A-Eon Interview Add 11222132: Watch Machine Zone’s CEO freak out a room of media people Add 10137873: Wow, too good to be true Add 11221853: What Are K-D Trees? Add 10137649: Fun to Imagine – Richard Feynman [video] Add 11221249: Instead of college basketball teams, imagine college blockchain clubs Add 10137369: Dismaland Commercial Add 11220745: Mario Becomes Social (Cognitive Modeling, AI) Add 10136319: The Backwards Brain Bicycle Add 11220671: Neutra Face: An Ode on a Typeface (A Bearded Poker Face Parody) Add 10131607: The Ocean Clean Up Add 10130331: Challenges of Complex Data Visualization in D3 Add 11219895: Bruce Bickford's Twin Peaks Add 10101066: NEW DESIGN: Pionics Robotics PiVenture WiFi Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 Add 11219873: Futuristic Concrete Heals Its Own Cracks Add 10096793: Node.js debugger. iron-node is very smart and easy `\_:)_/' Add 11219180: The Incredible Machine (1968) [video] Add 10070535: Backyard peroxide rocket belts and related projects Add 11219106: Engineered Mini Flying Wing [video] Add 10067460: Live fire demo of Russian-made quadrotor with 100 rnd AK Add 11218429: Interview with Jacob Appelbaum (2013) Add 10019332: Super Mario 64 – TTC Upwarp $1000 Bounty [video] Add 11216247: Mozilla Servo animating ~500 elements at 60fps Add 9954623: Creativity and behavior [video] Add 11215842: The Marble Machine is Finished 2000 marbles, 3000 parts  Scanning page #2 for Add 9927330: Lisp Tutorial Add 11215691: Xylophone made using O'Reilly manuals [video]  Scanning page #2 for Add 9724809: HomeKit Prototype Video Using Adafruit NeoPixel Add 11215659: Nelson Dellis' MIND SHOW – Alex Mullen // 2015 World Memory Champion [video] Add 8951211: Eben Moglen: Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom Add 11215543: Wintergatan – Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) Add 11215164: John McAfee Reveals to FBI, on National TV, How to Crack the iPhone Add 8807732: What Harry Potter Can Teach Us About JavaScript Add 11214610: The Cryptographer's Panel from the 2016 RSA Conference Add 8581959: “Beating” Automata, with Minimalist Moves [video] Add 8424031: Ideas about a new programming language for games Add 8128455: The Concert Programmer: Making music with code, live Add 11213195: A reimplementation of NetBSD based on a microkernel by Andy Tanenbaum Add 11212900: Displaced Florida Disney Worker Details Humiliation of Training Replacements Add 7907369: Xiki video Add 11211567: Sequencing music with pegs and 2000 marbles Add 7338997: The case for Clojure [video] Add 11211442: Best Berlin Pitch ever Add 6986348: Ipash - the command line for iPad and iPhone Add 11211337: Apps from the Future Add 6980017: (EPIC Fail) Girl Caught Stealing | One Of The Funniest Things I Have Ever Seen Add 11211274: Hound: Voice Search and Assistant Add 11211079: Whitfield Diffie – The cypherpunks vs. uncle sam (YouTube) Add 5008474: 29c3 "What's up in Iceland" Add 11210463: How Architecture Changes for the Deaf [video] Add 5006082: Romance and Role-playing Games Add 5002518: Steve Jobs: Keeper of the Vision (early NeXT days) Add 11209763: John McAfee and the FBI Finally Face Off on CNN (CNN Interview) Add 4999615: 1.5 million 311 requests heatmapped. Support Open Data Add 11209740: Edward Snowden Interview on Apple vs. FBI, Privacy, the NSA, and More- Add 4989219: The Science Of Persuasion (Cialdini) Add 11209166: Oliver Rumbelow – Node.js Supercomputing [video] Add 4986536: Software-defined networking and OpenFlow Add 11209117: Google Cloud Vision API Add 4983533: YouTube's Charlie the Unicorn Returns After 3 Years Add 11208967: Musical marble machine Add 4978224: Merlin Mann: Who Moved My Brain? Add 11208628: The Game Boy, a hardware autopsy Add 4977390: Inge Druckrey: Teaching to See - a 40-minute crash course in Design Thinking Add 11208488: What Happens When You Dare Expert Hackers to Hack You Add 4976294: On Screen Looking Add 11208469: Wintergatan – Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) Add 11208008: Astronaut Scott Kelly landing live Add 4975949: Unofficial video of the #29C3 Keynote: Not My Department Add 4974255: The Solar System is a Helical Vortex Add 11207874: The Evolution of V8 and the Challenges of Research in a Billion User Add 4968466: Bad Santa. Add 11207186: California fault lines releasing CO, CO2, SO2 Add 4963278: Successful SpaceX Grasshopper test flight Add 11206978: How to build a software company Add 11206728: Watching Leo Win the Oscar in 360˚ by Casey Neistat Add 4963004: Elon Musk's Tour of SpaceX Add 11205915: Don't Fix Robots in Software Add 4953920: Gangnam Style hits 1 billion views Add 4952553: Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation Add 11205662: DEC PDP 11/34 from 1978 teardown (Playing with Junk 26) Add 11205264: Chicken chicken chicken (2007) Add 4952003: IETF Holiday Video 2012 [video]  Scanning page #3 for Add 4951733: Fred Wilson keynote - Network Effects and the Enterprise Add 11205244: Watch the House Judiciary Hearing of FBI vs. Apple Live  Scanning page #3 for Add 11204131: The Encryption Tightrope: Balancing Americans’ Security and Privacy [live] Add 4949908: Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell Add 11203731: The Millionaire Machine – Numberphile Add 4945937: Open webOS running on HP Slate tablet Add 11203440: McAfee shows how to crack (the Iphone to noobs) and gets to the point Add 4945054: The Real Hack Week at Square (YouTube) Add 11202015: Stem Cell Analog Synthesizer Add 4935436: 2012 microfinance short film of the year "The CEO" Add 11201905: Andy Rubin's Dog vs. Boston Dynamics' Spot Add 4935087: Minecraft: The Story of Mojang Available Dec 23 (trailer) Add 11200727: 3 Decentralized Apps You Have to See Add 4930106: Podcast - Gary Whitta interviews Chris Roberts & David Braben about Kickstarter Add 11200339: What Happens When You Dare Expert Hackers to Hack You? Add 4926435: Pharo Smalltalk and NativeBoost: inventing the future Add 4920217: 2012: What a Year for Linux (Video) Add 11199923: Blocktronics ACiD Trip (2013) Add 4911611: Video tour of space station by commander Add 11199357: Engineered Mini Flying Wing Add 4907894: QuikIO, a popular iPad app, now comes to iPhone for free. Add 11198343: The Next Decade: Where We've Beenand Where We're Going Add 4906632: $250,000 (1990 US dollars) hard drive tear down Add 11197445: 3 DApps You Have to See Add 4903876: Understanding the MVP - By ThoughtWorks Add 11197270: Guided code tour of DataLoader, the first in a series on GraphQL and ImmutableJS Add 4899838: Hitler reacts to low code coverage Add 11196891: iOS 10 Concept – Advanced Control Center Add 4896651: Syria rebels homemade tank Add 11195403: Electric Cars Could Wreak Havoc on Oil Markets Within a Decade Add 4890508: The Power of Introverts - Ep 1 Add 11195132: Protecting FreeBSD with Secure Virtual Architecture Add 4882849: Android app to help keep a close eye on spouse/kids for relief on your part. Add 11194796: Leap Years: we can do better Add 4875158: Submitted my Twelephone HTML5 WebRTC project to AWS Startup Challenge Add 4864078: Stripe hosts quasi-regular hack days during weekends Add 4858923: Climate Change Is Simple (real End Of The World) Add 11193418: Artificial vs. Biological Systems Add 4856723: Inspirational video about the start of Reddit Add 11193295: Be Your Own Therapist Add 4855408: Is this a best solo guitar playing act ever or what? Add 11192959: Slava Akhmechet – What's coming up for RethinkDB in 2016 [video] Add 4851547: Documenting a startup journey from the beginning: Starting a team Add 11192865: SpaceX SES-9 Mission Webcast Add 11192813: Why are computers so #*, and what can we do about it? [31c3] Add 4850283: IE Troll, gets Trolled by IE Add 11192643: Gravitational Waves Hit the Late Show [video] Add 4842646: Apple’s look into the Future (from back in the 1990s) Add 11192321: Wisdom from My Five Failures as an Entrepreneur Add 4842608: Confronting our Future of Automated Law Enforcement Add 11192310: Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter Add 4834134: Why I don't recommend WordPress ecommerce plugins to anyone Add 11192266: Four Solutions to a Trivial Problem [video] Add 4828837: Playing Catch and Juggling with a Humanoid Robot [video] Add 11191741: The Game Boy, a hardware autopsy Add 4828592: What is the name of this plant? Add 11191404: Watchmen Motion Comics Chapter 1: At Midnight All the Agents Add 4826946: Customer Service of an Olympian. Krispy Kreme Delivers  Scanning page #4 for Add 4824471: Ask HN: I invented this but don't know how to market it. Any suggestions? Add 11191369: The Specious Present [video]  Scanning page #4 for Add 11190756: Rethinking All Practices: Building Applications in Elm Add 4823366: What if money didn't matter? Add 11190204: Linus Torvalds on Linux application packaging (DebConf 14) Add 4820441: Church Numerals and the Y Combinator Add 11189485: Gabe Newell on Productivity, Economics, Political Institutions and Corporations Add 4813469: New trailer for perspective-based indie game Add 11186563: The Man Who Knew Infinity Official Trailer #1 (2016) Add 4812315: Empirically, water fluoridation is a bad idea Add 11185040: Noam Chomsky on Poverty and Inequality in America [02/23/16] Add 4808930: Getting In Shape For The Sport Of Data Science Add 11184941: Don't Build a Distributed Monolith Add 4808395: WW III? Add 11184176: Poorly designed things are everywhere Add 4805661: Documenting a startup journey from the beginning Add 4795922: Show HN: Google Goggles meets Beer Goggles Add 11183709: Displaced Disney Worker Details Humiliation of Training Foreign Replacement Add 4785735: LIQUIPEL - makes your phone waterproof Add 11182935: The Millionaire Machine, mechanical calculator (Cliff Stoll) Add 4762114: Lessons learned from being the first data scientist at a startup Add 4761836: Overclocking a Sega Genesis Add 11182713: Electric Cars Could Wreak Havoc on Oil Markets Within a Decade (Bloomberg) Add 11182494: The Game Boy, a hardware autopsy Add 4758108: Jbox - the future of shipments by Add 11182485: Tesla of Scooters Reviewed Add 4755491: Valve at Ubuntu Developer Summit Add 4752875: How many species of dinosaurs did really exist Add 11182180: Pokemon Direct: Sun and Moon Announced to Celebrate 20th Anniversary Add 4752623: Vote by iPad with the FloJack NFC iOS SDK Add 11182117: Why owning a typical network is so easy, and how to build a secure one Add 4748380: Gangnam Style Hitler Ver.1 Add 11181087: Kids Gone Wild: Denmark's Forest Kindergartens [video] Add 4734287: Show HN: For audiophiles who code... Add 11180659: Florida Disney IT Worker Details Humiliation of Training Foreign Replacement Add 4724756: RSA: The Slow Revolution [video] Add 11180553: Several Horror Stories about the Encrypted Web [video] Add 4720831: How to vote well. Add 11180440: The Game Boy, a Hardware Autopsy - Part 1: The CPU Add 4720310: Did you know that Erlenmeyer Flasks are illegal to own in Texas? Add 11180362: Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain Add 4712801: Development of a Sudoku solver in APL. Add 11179387: 2nd Stage BOSS by 0x4015 – Tokyo Demo Fest 2016 Add 4711361: Whether NeXT can be a viable business is something only time will tell… Add 11178700: SpaceX : SES-9 Technical Webcast Add 4709594: Quake III on rooted eInk Nook Simple Touch Add 11178607: Show HN: Pitch for piano – learn to sight read music Add 4705073: Time Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Add 11178492: SpaceX SES-9 Mission Webcast Add 4694097: Hexaflexagons Add 4689945: Interview with Brad Feld on Maker Mode and Living Well Add 11177713: Introducing 'Formative' by Reddit and Google Add 4678934: The Myth of Science as a Public Good (by Terence Kealey): Add 11177226: Uprise: The Machine Awakens Add 4673961: [video] The Internet is your Application Blueprint Add 11176227: Science of Subterfuge: How Ford Uses Camouflage to Hide in Plain Sight [video] Add 4670909: Powers of Ten (short film, 1977) Add 11176028: Python Applications in Astrophysics  Scanning page #5 for Add 4663970: Project Kotlin and Milestone 3 Webinar Recording  Scanning page #5 for Add 11175047: India's first self-driving car Add 11174963: Go bridges to JavaScript and Python Add 4663460: Shuttleworth demos Juju at OSCON Add 11174631: 9.99999 reasons why .9999 (repeating) = 1 Add 4652714: Ubuntu 12.10 Review by The Linux Action Show Add 11174240: Haskell Is Not for Production and Other Tales by FB's Katie Miller [video] Add 4651236: VisageFX Application using Sublime and Gradle Add 11173361: Show HN: Cortana in Excel Add 4643830: Mobile Experience Design Strategy with Luke Wroblewski Add 11172867: Ancient Hidden Technology of the Annunaki Add 4638168: Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell Add 11172515: The Game Boy, a hardware autopsy Add 4633365: How To Stop Sucking And Be Awesome Instead by Jeff Atwood Add 4631433: Bob Lutz and Elon Musk Interview - Contrasting Philosophies [video] Add 11172112: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016 Add 4616963: Startup imagines Romney-Obama harmony on its answer to Jobs and the Economy Add 11172013: Phoenix OS Android for Productivity on Alcatel OneTouch Xess Add 11170932: SpaceX SES-9 Technical Webcast Add 4600324: Hexaflexagons Add 4579243: Steve Jobs last presentation Add 4578191: Watch Steve Blank Discuss Lean Marketing - Guerrilla Marketing 101 Add 11170702: SpaceX SES-9 Mission Webcast Add 4576503: Access a locked iPhone 5 in 3 seconds. Add 11170461: Building Better Worlds: The Arrival of VR with Leap Motion's CTO [video] Add 4567179: Mind Reader Reveals Gift Add 11170322: preview [video] Add 4549920: Brad Feld on how to create a startup community (3 min video) Add 11169616: Half-Life 2 is playable on ReactOS with H\W acceleration Add 4549047: 5 years into development, our music mapping A.I:s are finally out. Add 11169521: Ubuntu for Phones: A Continuum Competitor Add 4548588: Ten Bullets, by Tom Sachs (video) Add 11169499: React.js Conf 2016 – Isaac Salier-Hellendag – Rich Text Editing with React Add 4547485: 17-stage Lego Great Ball Contraption Add 11168129: The Macintosh Portable Introduction 1989 Add 4544275: NYC on Rails Junior Developer Panel Video Add 11167892: Sand Flea Jumping Robot Add 4541030: 2005 Paul Graham Interview Add 11167881: USENIX Enigma 2016 – Building a DDoS Mitigation Pipeline Add 4530527: Best explanation for the differential is from the 1930's Add 11167672: Atlas, the Next Generation by Boston Dynamics Add 4529408: Intel Project River Trail - Multi-Core JavaScript Demonstration Add 11167356: The Millionaire Machine (with Cliff Stoll) Add 4528965: What Makes a Story Go Viral - or how to manipulate the media Add 11167225: Introducing Spot – Boston Dynamics – [video] Add 4523435: Mars Curiosity Descent - Ultra HD 30fps Smooth-Motion Add 11166318: Hacking the white cane to prevent upper body injuries for the visually impaired Add 4522847: Successful rocket flight to 100k ft AGL and recovery for Carmack Prize Add 11166193: This Windows tablet is also a projector [video] Add 4522380: How To Do Calculus: Basic Derivatives - Hood Style Add 11165224: Boston Dynamics' New Robot Doesn't Give a Shit About Your Weak Human Attacks Add 4516188: "An Inconvenient Tooth": Scientific arguments against water fluoridation Add 11164218: The Game Boy, a hardware autopsy Add 4514282: Apple - Introducing iPhone 5 [Video] Add 11163632: Atlas, the Next Generation [video] Add 4501495: Computing with droplets of water Add 11163618: Why good leaders make you feel safe Add 4499107: Cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher teaches you how to draw Barack Obama Add 11163048: One of those days 3 – Candide Thovex Add 4498916: "Fu** not again: I just had another billion dollar idea"  Scanning page #6 for  Scanning page #6 for Add 11162996: Difference of Identity and Equality Add 4497098: A lightweight framework for regression testing of Cascading Style Sheets Add 11162956: The Specious Present (video by Veritasium) Add 4491548: Open WebOs Running on Ubuntu HowTo Add 11162860: RoBoHon, a human-shaped robot smartphone [video] Add 4490434: DARPA/BD Cheetah legged robot at 28.3 mph Add 11162757: Spark GraphFrames [video] Add 4485258: The Future of Networking, and the Past of Protocols Add 11162545: Half Life 2 runs on ReactOS for the very first time Add 4484225: Jason Calacanis interviews Bernino Lind Add 11162535: The Game Boy, a Hardware Autopsy – Part 1: The CPU Add 4484145: TechCrunch Disrupt's Social Media Partner Add 11161735: Without Bound – Perspectives on Mobile Living Add 4465643: LomoBook Add 11161523: Leap Motion CTO live demos Orion at SFVR #12 Add 4463613: Video: Open WebOS on Ubuntu 12.04 Add 11161498: Jason Calacanis talks AI with the founder of Add 4456084: 1000x mobile data Add 11161175: Screencast of new Kubernetes Dashboard Add 4444793: Rich Hickey: Deconstructing the Database Add 11161083: Thoth's Pill: An Animated History of Writing [video] Add 4436495: BackTrack Review by Example Add 11160986: Mary Shaw on “Progress Toward an Engineering Discipline of Software” Add 4431005: Darpa Captive Air Amphibious Transporters (CAAT) Add 11160851: React.js Conf (day 2) Live Stream - [video] Add 4427840: Defcon 20 - Dan Tentler - Drinking from the caffeine firehose we know as shodan Add 11160845: Ubuntu Unity 8 and Convergence Demo at MWC 2016 Add 4421748: Crazy Swedes travels through the desert on a land sailing vessel Add 11160782: Extreme Weather House Boat Floats in Silicon Valley Backyard (2014) [video] Add 4421350: Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Who do YOU want to be in life?" Add 11160576: How to run apps from Hololens .Hololens Start menu revealed Add 4405459: The top 10 Unity tweaks from The Linux Action Show [video] Add 11160346: The Game Boy, a Hardware Autopsy – Part 1: The CPU Add 4401361: Mini vMac on Nexus 7 Add 11159814: Sea sponge could be the first animal on Earth [video] Add 4394380: Free Beer: The truth about dishonesty Add 11158976: £500 rechargeable battery pack has £22 worth of batteries inside Add 4372997: App.Net reaches it's goal Add 4370374: Embrace the Remix Add 11158645: Internet Exposed:Encryption,Backdoors and Privacy [video] Add 4356370: Hacking the Olympic Decathlon Add 11157786: Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter Add 4349039: Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 World Record 2.8 Seconds Add 11156600: Yaron Minsky of Jane Street Capital explains why they use OCaml for trading Add 4348012: This is what Curiosity saw as it landed on Mars Add 11155674: The Intersection of Heterarchy and Geopolitics Add 4341650: Anonymous vs. Label Boss Add 11155558: Emoji and the Levitating Businessman Add 4341078: Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror Add 11152780: Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory [video] Add 4340151: Fractal demo in less than 1024 bytes Add 11152708: SmartCane – An invention to help the visually impaired navigate better Add 4326607: 3D game engine in a browser Add 11152587: React.js Conf live stream [video] Add 4323102: We're launching soon a new iPhone instant dating app. Appreciate your opinion. Add 11152317: Brian Fox – Maintainer of Emacs and GNU Bash Shell Live Stream Add 4317502: Zeus - HTML Editor for Windows Add 11151579: APL Demonstration – Professor Bob Spence, Imperial College London (1975) [video] Add 4314390: My first iPad Add 11151235: AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other  Scanning page #7 for  Scanning page #7 for Add 4306661: Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second Add 11149973: ET Math: How Different Could It Be? – John Stillwell (SETI Talks) Add 4289709: Dart's plan to make it easier for you to build web apps Add 11149188: Design Considerations for Mixed Reality – Graeme Devine, Magic Leap Add 11148779: The Master Algorithm – Pedro Domingos [video] Add 4289647: Apps Are Ruining My Life Add 11147841: Future Trends in Technology Add 4289601: 30 New OS X Mountain Lion Features in 2 Minutes Add 11147838: The Rise of Robotics Add 4283547: Fisker Command Center - a good example of bad software Add 11147636: A Conversation with Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro Add 4260510: Zeus IDE - Go Language Autocomplete Add 4258368: The Go team: why gofmt uses tabs vs. spaces Add 11147241: Stochastic Computing: a Design Sciences Driven Approach to Moore's Law Add 4257303: New Screen Technology, TapSense Add 11147159: Most Expensive £500 rechargeable battery pack has £22 worth of batteries inside Add 4239814: Running two Androids on Galaxy Nexus Add 11146458: Steve Jobs on the critical need for privacy [video] Add 4227245: Video interview with Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian from 2005 Add 4217916: Bootable DCPU-16 Add 11145817: 4 Ways to Use Smart Contracts Add 4217216: Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke discuss God, Cosmology and ETs Add 11145783: Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Unpacked 2016 Add 4214760: The Journey of a 999 Call Add 11145633: Steve Jobs on Privacy (2010) Add 4214658: Crossing the Chasm in Consumer Markets: A Visual Example Add 11145403: Conquering Your Finances with Emacs and Ledger Add 11145122: Bruce Schneier – Questions and Answers Add 4206858: Beards, terminals and big keyboards Add 11144811: Looking for “polygene lubricants” in Java 8 (Java puzzlers) Add 4195189: Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (1995) FULL HOUR Add 11144665: Dave Needle and the Story of the Amiga Computer [video] Add 4166170: Introducing Shimi: A Robot That Digs Music (as much as you) Add 11144115: Where's the Fair Use? Add 4161736: Web design customer behavior ported to other businesses Add 11143304: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment [video] Add 4150111: Leap's 3D Motion Sensor Demonstration Add 11143188: Why Bernie Sanders tawks that way [video] Add 4144279: 'New' New York Business Development Promo Add 11143167: Importance of Code Readability Add 4124830: We don't want to see this, but it's there... Add 11142798: Disney's FaceDirector let's directors change facial expression post production Add 4121698: Aalto Talk with Linus Torvalds Add 11141214: The Problem with Time and Timezones – Computerphile (2013) Add 4109977: A game AI server running on 1st generation iPad Add 11140699: Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter Add 4107549: Gary Vaynerchuk - Keynote Speech at Inc 500 Seminar 2011 Add 11140680: [video] Made a product that helps you share your stories with the world Add 4106503: How to build a spar for a human-powered helicopter Add 11140656: [video] FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video Add 4097048: Exercises To Harness Your Entrepreneurial Fears Add 4093196: 1980's tech + kids [video] Add 11140465: Simulated Reality (23m) Add 4092454: Entrepreneurs, put this on replay and change the world Add 11139538: Making Charcoal [video] Add 4091461: Cortex real-time collaboration demo video Add 11139220: ORION: The new improved Leap Motion app for Oculus Rift [video] Add 11139046: Building a tiled roof hut Add 4084132: -What's your name? -Django...  Scanning page #8 for  Scanning page #8 for Add 4080478: Putting Google at Your Fingertips Add 11138898: Japanese personifications of network protocols Add 4076612: Sunny sale: a clever use of QR codes Add 11137710: Making Charcoal Add 4076035: The Politics of SystemD Add 11137367: How the Teleprinter works Add 4075226: Link to full unlisted video of Google Maps Event on Youtube Add 11137136: OK Go – Upside Down and Out: Behind the Scenes [video] Add 4074683: A New Beginning - Is Fear Holding You Back? Add 11135624: ARM's Jem Davies: Mobile Chip Design [video] Add 4068319: Watch Dogs perfectly portrays fully-networked dystopian world Add 11135437: Corsair K70 RGB – Snake Game Add 4066322: Mars One Add 11135141: Our First Video 'Dev Diary' Introduces Personas in KUBE Add 4054672: Elon Musk on Space X's plans for space travel [video] Add 4047231: Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal Add 11134519: Constitutional discussion of Apple's refusal Add 11134501: Show HN: Slack-like discussion channels connect websites with mutual topics Add 4043309: Ipython Notebook Intro Screencast Add 4034319: Stop using Rails development mode [video] Add 11134314: There are times when you must simply stop thinking Add 4018770: The cheapest 3D printer? Add 11133984: Interactive Data Analysis – Jeffrey Heer (2013) [video] Add 11133925: Pitch – learn to sight read music Add 4002548: Why Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media and Why Free Media Require Free Tech Add 11133780: 3D-printed jet engine “The Hair Fryer” [video] Add 4000046: Why yawning is contagious Add 11132858: Show HN: SPARKL EIoT Virtual Factory Demo [video] Add 3995752: Why Linux Sucks | LFNW 2012 Add 11132627: Google for Entrepreneurs: How to Hire a Great Developer Add 3993187: Tabillo - solve the pain of “content chaos” & “loss of productivity” at work. Add 11132320: Coding/Decoding the Cosmos: Python Applications in Astrophysics [video] Add 3993076: Eric 'ESR' Raymond Philly JUG presentation Add 11130807: Teaser of cross-platform 2D game dev in Swift Add 3991132: Virtual Flight Over Asteroid Vesta Add 11129308: Prof. Steven Pinker: The Past, Present, and Future of Violence Add 3984871: Google's Knowledge Graph Add 11125982: Silicon Valley: Season 3 Tease (HBO) Add 3980046: What do 60,000 dominos falling look like? (video) Add 11125256: HALF LIFE – Official Trailer Add 3978132: New video about how obtain info from a site Add 11124790: Analysis of Donald Trump's linguistic elements Add 3967123: The Legacy of Computers -- Gerry Sussman Add 11123185: The Computer Chronicles – Programming Languages (1990) Add 3954151: Steve Ballmer gone crazy [circa 2006] Add 11122958: The Zen of Monetization: The Revolution of Crypto Currency Add 3952270: John Carmack talks about development of Wolf3D in the Director's Cut playthrough Add 11122672: CarpoolVC Interviews Jeff Epstein of GetAmbassador Add 3941347: Sh*t 'Tech' Entrepreneurs Say Add 11122408: Performance Tuning Amazon EC2 Instances (2014) Add 3926741: Happy Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you [video] Add 11122229: How scale is enabling Deep Learning Add 3909465: Cookie law renders 95% of EU websites illegal [video] Add 11121021: How We Type: Movement Strategies and Performance in Everyday Typing [video] Add 3907526: Running a 5k "Parks and Rec" style Add 11120101: Secret post-mortem Add 3905027: UPenn DIY Companion Cube with LED's Add 11119951: President Reagan at Moscow University – 5/31/88 Add 3904762: IKEA's camera "Knäppa"  Scanning page #9 for  Scanning page #9 for Add 11119145: Neural Network in Quartz Composer, by Mike Matas Add 3904327: Tilt-shift minecraft shader (video) Add 11118309: Leap Motion: Orion [video] Add 3894468: Review: The C++ Standard Library Second Edition Add 11118171: Haskell is not for production and other tales Add 3891472: Steve Jobs building NeXT Add 11118134: “The Master Algorithm” – Pedro Domingos [video] Add 3889541: Flexible eInk eBook Reader From Wexler Out In Russia Add 3884395: How to win the prisoners dilemma Add 11117809: Where's the Fair Use? Add 11117519: Why hierarchy creates a destructive force within the human psyche Add 3878121: Assembling vocals for Tupac Coachella performance (video) Add 11117307: The Brain: A neural network built entirely in Quartz Composer Add 3869994: Stephen Woods (flickr) on responsive HTML5 interfaces and Star Trek Add 3865181: Recording my coding. Add 11116902: [video] Why you shouldn’t trust successful people’s advice Add 11116709: Introduction to Spark New Dataset API: Dataframe vs. Dataset Add 3863991: Innovative Job search Android App ; how to make it more interesting? Add 11116679: Anatomy of in-memory management in Spark Add 3860948: Guilloche video Add 3857862: Live From Washington, DC: The Space Shuttle Era is Over (Thank God) Add 11116456: The Brain: A neural network built entirely in Quartz Composer Add 3854327: VC Ben Horowitz ft Rick Ross - Politics in Business Add 3846289: Monkey see, monkey read Add 11114087: Girl builds a camper van – 32 months in 4 minutes [video] Add 3844803: Adam Savage on how simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries Add 11113711: How to Get Started with Deep Learning Kit for TvOS on Apple TV Add 3838879: Ask HN: How can I improve my pitch? Add 11113685: Joel Spolsky on Startups, Programming and Developer Culture Add 3822777: Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era Add 11113411: A startup video without piano music, lifestyle imagery, and hipsters in SF Add 11113345: Gold Scam, Scamalot Episode Add 3817394: Watch Steve Blank Discuss Lean Startup Movement's Origin & Future Add 11113307: Email Fridays Episode 1 – Welcome Emails Add 3804297: Kim Kovacs - Entrepreneurs Should Fail, Get Fired & Focus Add 11112860: Andrew Sutton's C++Now 2015 Keynote: Generic Programming with Concepts Add 3790546: Did a great interview with Naval of AngelList (video) Add 11111854: The Brain: A neural network built entirely in Quartz Composer [video] Add 3788132: Michael Arrington Fireside Chat with Jason Nazar Add 11111851: Programming computer animation in 1964 [video] Add 3781230: Youtube turns lights off for Earth hour. Add 11110708: The Three Rocketeers: Future of Space Travel, BBC Four (2012) [video] Add 3780084: Perpetual Ocean by NASA [video] Add 11110567: The Brain: A neural network built entirely in Quartz Composer Add 3768944: Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds Add 11110363: Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness Is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism Add 3767209: Hacked eInk Kindle Touch Doing Live Video Streaming Add 3767104: Hacked eInk Kindle Touch Playing Hitchcock's Rebecca Movie Add 11110244: Oldschool Computer controlled bayan playing Russian folk “Polosynka” Add 3753025: Video: Rooted Nook Simple Touch MultiTouch Test (Angry Birds) Add 11109672: Install Python 3.5 with NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib on Windows Add 11109188: Tomas Mikolov: The Roadmap towards Machine Intelligence Add 3748219: When creative machines overtake man [video] Add 3747790: BB84 Protocol, the first quantum cryptography protocol, explained Add 11109172: Capitalism will eat democracy – unless we speak up – Yanis Varoufakis Add 3747733: General workings of an LCD; live teardown by Bill Hammack Add 11109160: The Reddit Filter (also Applies to HN) Add 3745772: Video: The problem with cookie tracking in iOS apps Add 11108340: Open Sourcing Anti-Harassment Methodologies  Scanning page #10 for  Scanning page #10 for Add 11108286: Bot-controlled piano emulating spoken voice (2009) [video] Add 3729194: Pure Inspiration - Rock and Roll (video) Add 3724271: 6 Practical Exercises That Help Entrepreneurs Harness Their Fears Add 3722271: [video] The most epic troll ever. Fan respons to Turkish FA's ban on flares. Add 11106638: Integer underflow reportedly the root cause of iPhone bricking Add 3718334: Rooted Nook Touch Fast Refresh Playing Video Add 11106017: Gang of Four: Apple/Amazon/Facebook/Google – Scott Galloway [video] Add 3717792: iPad 3 Build in to a car's dash, SoundManCA Add 11105698: How to Get Started with Deep Learning Kit for iOS Add 3715342: Your Laptop is Not Private at US Customs Add 11105344: Let's Learn ES6 – A video series to get up and going with ES6 in JavaScript Add 11105055: Book Review – The Son with Two Moms Add 3712441: The absurd math of digital media copyright law: $8 billion iPod Add 11104145: Maschinen Träume – Machine Dreams Documentary (1988) Add 3711375: Rooted Nook Touch + Python + JavaScript + WiFi = Remote Keyboard Add 11103975: Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain Add 3707576: Twitter scaling challenges talk by Raffi Krikorian at UC Berkeley. Add 11103904: Noam Chomsky and Marvin Minsky on the History of Artificial Intelligence Add 3705589: Video tutorial on how to optimize big transparent PNGs Add 11103660: Reactive Redux in Angular 2 Add 3705130: Exclusive Danny Sullivan Interview Add 3704630: The Tau Manifesto video Add 11102328: USENIX Enigma 2016 – Timeless Debugging Add 3704039: A simple idea which unleashed modern consumerism Add 11101861: Designing and Evaluating Reusable Components [video] (2004) Add 3699456: Microsoft Research: Beamatron Add 11101255: The Clang AST – A Tutorial Add 3674264: Say Hello to Your Future Overlord. Big Dog's Speedy Robot Brother: Cheetah Add 11101160: Google Boss Claims He Does Not Know His Salary Add 3667872: Bret Victor revolutionizing Game Development Add 11100502: How Python helped create the VFX for an Emmy nominated TV show Add 3666476: Cloud Foundry Multi-Cloud and Proud Add 11100381: How to Land a 737 (Nervous Passenger Edition) Add 3663826: Facebook's IPO: Real deal or Internet bubble? Add 11100162: Richard Stallman 2006 (as St IGNUcius): Emacs vs. Vi Add 3662110: Virtual Assistants at London Luton Airport Add 11100129: How open source makes Swedish startups stronger [video] Add 3661158: Mercedes uses LEDs and a Camera to make "invisible car" for marketing Add 11100086: BeamNG.Drive: Steam Early Access Trailer Add 3650344: What is Software Defined Networking and Why Should We Care? Add 11099928: USENIX Enigma 2016: Building a Competitive Hacking Team [video] Add 3644596: DNS Explained Add 11099881: Vancouver Never Plays Itself [video] Add 3634188: Greg Papadopoulos: Why the World Still Only Needs Five Big Computers Add 11099522: How to design a good API and why it matters (notes) Add 3620392: Animated short about science by comedian Tim Minchin Add 3616576: Big Data on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Add 11098782: From Iterators to Ranges: The Upcoming Evolution of the STL Add 3597706: I got tired of copying colors into vim, so I made this. Add 11097769: Should Larry Lessig Be Nominated to Replace Antonin Scalia? Add 3592911: Computer Programming in 5 Minutes Add 11097324: Object-Oriented Programming is Bad Add 3584162: TechStar's Brad Feld Discusses Accelerators vs. Incubators Add 11097165: Oxford London Lecture 2014: Keeping our secrets (Vid 38m:50s) Add 11095937: Watch as 1000 years of European borders change timelapse map [video] Add 3581797: Riot Entertainment startup failure - documentary on how to burn 20 million Add 11095647: Windows 95 Launch Add 3570161: [video] Validation  Scanning page #11 for  Scanning page #11 for Add 3569593: I just sent a message to the billionaire co-founders of Groupon Add 11095420: Computer Store Manager Predicts Future (1979) [video] Add 3565737: Mothers protest over Facebook rules Add 11095195: BeamNG VS Grand Theft Auto 5 Add 11094783: Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your iPhone Add 3555693: Speed running web games with Python Add 11094456: Gravitational waves: LIGO researchers share their discovery [video] Add 3549726: 10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Superheroes Add 11094331: Why 1/1/1970 Bricks Your iPhone Add 3534478: Steve Jobs: The Authorized Biography Add 11094247: Destroy an iPhone: Set its date to Jan 1, 1970 Add 3530563: Twitter Posts Awful/Hilarious Recruiting Video To YouTube Add 11093878: Grandpa's little battles Add 3530500: Sh*t Programmers Say Add 3530287: Talent Add 11093855: The Most Satisfying Video in the World Add 11093567: Building the AI for BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth Add 3522475: Richard Wolff: Replace Capitalism Add 11093501: Working Calculator in Super Mario Maker [video] Add 3520747: Remote controlled ornithopter (video) Add 11093489: Ulrich Drepper: Starting with Vectorization Add 3519449: Meet Crockford's JSDev Add 11093317: 50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice Add 3518298: Harvard Prof: Megaupload-Style Cases Will Kill Prosecuted Companies Add 3515651: Lingual: Use Siri to Translate Add 11092982: CITA 712: Update on LIGO's Search for Gravitational Waves Add 3515302: How Mint Made Intuit Back Down Add 11092789: Cambits: A Reconfigurable Camera Add 3499712: Finding a Perfect Match for Janet - Her Personal Plea Add 11092539: Computer Networks – The Heralds of Resource Sharing (Arpanet, 1972) Add 3497852: Hands Off Our Internet Add 11091921: The Universe Is Not Ergodic Add 11091228: Life Before Smartphones Add 3497775: National Lawyer COnvention on the creation of ACTA and IP Law Add 3491785: Interviews at SOPA/PIPA Protest in San Francisco's Civic Center Add 11091082: The Problem with Facebook [video] Add 11091009: Sanitize, Fuzz, and Harden Your C++ Code (Google Presentation) Add 3484392: SOPA/PIPA and If only Ted Stevens were still with us. Add 3476238: The Day The LOLcats Died (SOPA/PIPA protest) Add 11091005: MessageBus – Action Cable Without WebSockets Add 11090617: A Better Default Colormap for Matplotlib Add 3461030: Show HN: Siri doing flight search/status lookup Add 11090416: Software development the way it should be with Cloud Foundry – told in emoticons Add 3452218: USB Stick Contains Dual Core CPU, Turns Any Screen into Android Station Add 11090259: Adobe Creative Cloud Deleting Files on Sign in [video] Add 3448388: BigDog Evolution Add 11089377: Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robot Plays Clash of Clans [video] Add 3446096: Chinese tech-team releases low-cost hand-recognition system Add 11088823: Video of the new real-time voice controlled Lip Sync SDK released by Oculus VR Add 3445132: South by Southwest Doesn't Pay Many Comedians Add 11087871: The Intelligent Design of Braid Add 3437178: U.S. Intervention in Iran Add 11087606: 0 gravity OK GO – Upside down and music video Add 3431248: Rick Santorum: No position on SOPA Add 11087337: Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds Add 3430123: Quantum Levitation [video] Add 11086879: Hammock Driven Development – Rich Hickey (video, 2010) Add 3429732: Bing Gordon, Partner at Kleiner Perkins talk about Startup CEOs. Add 11086822: The Toyota Kata Research Add 3424363: Rapper raps: What Wisdio does to people and how it is related to Google  Scanning page #12 for  Scanning page #12 for Add 3423526: Vi Hart and Khan Academy Join Forces [video] Add 11086671: Life is better with Rust's community automation Add 3421341: Work for an online fitness company. Made this for a sports host job. Is it lame? Add 11085646: Smartpipe is the future Add 3420981: Candidates at Google: Ron Paul's 2008 Talk Add 11085438: Larabee is somthing Add 3420321: Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe'Out Track Add 3405786: Show HN: Audiofu - my web app for musicians Add 11085432: How to Create Tetris in Elm [video] Add 11084475: That zero-G OK Go video taking over Facebook isn't on YouTube Add 3392145: Interesting P2P Big Media conspiracy video Add 11084179: REST: I Don't Think It Means What You Think It Does • Stefan Tilkov (2014) Add 3388549: Story of the largest offline search on mobile Add 3388424: [video] This is Awesome. Web Browser and Internet to the rescue of a dying art Add 11082777: Skynet – A Lisp Machine – Development Series Playlist [video] Add 3384508: SOPA Cabana Add 11082499: Music, Magic and Mayhem with Tesla Coil Add 3383879: Packet Radio on 27Mhz (2011) Add 11082404: Julian Storer: Refactoring Zlib from C to C++ Add 3382537: Guy hacks into T-Mobile in less than 5 minutes through social engineering Add 11080705: Computer science education: why does it suck so much and what if it didnt[video] Add 3379640: [video] Pacman Frog catch some touch screen bugs. Add 11080692: The NeXT Introduction – October 12, 1988 Add 3376073: Bike ride (edge of a cliff)...nail biting (video) Add 11080568: LIGO Live Stream about the search for gravitational waves Add 3375643: First Round Capital Holiday Video 2011 - Rebecca Black Parody Add 11080358: LIGO livestream [starts 7:15 Eastern / 12:15 UTC] Add 3352784: Japanese Math Professor Excellent on Optical Illusionist Add 3343317: Origins of the Euro Crisis explained in 20 mins Add 3339822: Instant hacker Karma Add 11079827: Should we consider this before sharing? Add 3338696: Product design [5min video] Add 11079534: Crushed between two portals Add 3335536: The Entire Collection of the AlecBaldwin #WordsWithFriendsGate Tweets Add 3335053: Santa Gets Hackers Add 11079471: Gravitational wave announcement, live stream, Feb 11 10:15am EST Add 3331509: Steve Jobs vision of the world Add 11078862: Novelty Search Creates Robots with General Skills for Exploration [video] Add 3329366: Solar system asteroid discoveries 1980-2011 visualised Add 11078635: Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned [video] Add 3315867: Hipmunk preso w/ co-founder in Hipmunk costume Add 11077785: Skynet – Doc Update, Lisp Overview and PX2 Fix [video] Add 3306848: 3-D printer makes scaffolding for growing bones Add 11077423: Rockwell Retro Encabulator [video] Add 3300417: How to recycle time Add 11077242: Remote controlled BB8 devices through IoT server Add 3294839: Make YouTube better: preview ratings extension Add 11075900: How to land a Boeing 737 if the pilots are unconscious Add 3294384: Introducing Duolingo, Luis von Ahn's free language learning platform Add 11075673: Chelsea Peretti Opens the 9th Annual Crunchies Add 3282727: Assange: VISA is a national security problem Add 11075619: How to program independent games (2001) Add 3273751: OS X Lion on Samsung tablet [video] Add 11074517: Facebook backs notorious freebooter Add 3269242: Samsung takes on Apple Fan Bois [video]  Scanning page #13 for  Scanning page #13 for Add 11074484: Do Black Holes Have No Hair? Stephen Hawking Add 3260899: How to Sell Add 11074448: Show HN: LINUX Unplugged, Fish, Fisherman and the Fishery Add 3252112: (RED)Founding Executive Discusses Bono & Cause Marketing Add 11074212: A quick look at rkt v1.0.0 Add 3248482: Looking for co-founder my mobile safety app. Add 11073834: [video] Fixed State Automata Meets Recursion Add 3240518: VP Biden unintentionally give anti-SOPA and PIPA speech Add 11073588: Distraction Blurrer. Hardly usable at this point but neat Add 3231583: Grateful Dead Bootlegs: Contrarian Business Models That Worked Add 11073579: The Empty Civ Experiment: Learning about How AI Thinks Add 3213818: Kanban Applied to Scrum Video Add 11073288: How to Get the Most Out of Studying Add 3189164: World's 1st manned quadcopter flight Add 11072236: ArcaBoard hoverboard Add 3178746: The Internet only weighs 50 grams [video] Add 11072216: LibreOffice 5.1 new feature videos: Calc, Impress and Writer Add 3170203: Cold Fusion / LENR / E-Cat first video Q&A excerpt Add 3154529: IPad 2 security flaw: bypass the password in 5 seconds. Add 11072156: Explaining the postgres query optimizer Add 3150097: Jonathan Ive speaks at Steve Jobs memorial Add 11070911: Skynet – A Lisp Machine – Demo 1 (YouTube) Add 3150052: Steve Jobs memorial - Steve asks Siri a question Add 11070899: Steve Jobs on “Think Different” – Internal Meeting Sept. 23, 1997 Add 3142847: A one hour tasting platter of Haskell (tech-talk at Google) Add 3141079: Ken Jennings's inside story on Watson experience @ Singularity Summit Add 11070109: Build an iOS Chat App in 3 Minutes Add 3138016: Web 2.0 Summit 2011: Mary Meeker, "Internet Trends" Add 11070018: The Power of Attention: Intelligence Over Information Add 11069915: Hacking Roller Coaster Tycoon with Genetic Algorithms and Go Add 3134427: Jonathan Mann Performs a Musical Duet with Siri Add 11069764: Trailer for “Need to Know”, a Game about Mass Surveillance Add 3122322: Conductive Silver Ink from a Ballpoint Pen (Video) Add 11069397: How to not look like a slacker on Slack Add 3112538: In which NYPD runs over a #OWS legal observer from the NLG Add 11068569: Truth or Myth?: Is SYSmark a Reliable Benchmark? Add 3107603: Obvious to you. Amazing to others. - by Derek Sivers Add 3101554: ITribute - A Song For Steve, Made On A Mac Of Course Add 11067752: Considerations for choosing the parallel computing strategy Add 3096121: Linus Torvalds on Jobs and RMS Add 3093909: Make a Post-it Note Dodecahedron Add 3078345: Remembering Steve's Inspiring Words. 6mm views and counting Add 11066529: $3 IoT chip generates color NTSC Add 3078251: Steve Jobs on Death Add 11066011: How Do Genetic Algorithms Work? [video] Add 3075808: Samsung teases with Nexus S Successor [video] [seconds 0.21 - 0.24] Add 11065836: Victory.js – A powerful data visualization library for ReactJS Add 3059648: First successful Drag & Drop operation between Mac OSX and Windows ever Add 11064813: Amiga A600 Vampire II Hardware Accelerator – Tested and Reviewed Add 3055531: Landlord Advice - How to save money when rehabbing rental property Add 11064501: New Details on HP's “The Machine” (Linux.conf Presentation) Add 3055465: How to be a Stress Free Landlord Add 11063214: Object-Oriented Programming is Bad [video] Add 3054482: Task Management for Startups and Entrepreneurs Add 11062980: Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment [video] Add 3050544: How I Got Screwed By Barbara Walters (Ignite LS NYC) Add 11062959: Vat-based 3D printing  Scanning page #14 for  Scanning page #14 for Add 3049369: How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) Add 11062858: John Carmack working on Gearvr positional tracking Add 3048341: Amazon Silk cloud-accelerated web browser (video) Add 11062251: Hardware and Software Architecture of the Machine [video] Add 3034292: Q&A with Elon Musk - founder of SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal Add 11061884: Kolmogorov music Add 3031263: Start a Company or Work for the Man? Add 11060043: LinkedIn All-Stars Sell More Add 11058760: Aleksey Shipilëv on Compact Strings Add 3029308: Alexander Lee: Making the Web Faster at LinkedIn Add 11057979: Demo / jam session of Alda, a music programming language Add 3026662: Lockpicking video tutorials Add 11057715: The Problem with Time and Timezones – Computerphile Add 2993484: Worlds Biggest Ant Hill Add 11056973: Oculus Connect 2: Live Coding Session with John Carmack [video] Add 2988139: A Universe From Nothing Add 11056348: Continuously writing an iPhone app, on an iPad Pro, using C# [video] Add 2980279: Y Combinator by the Numbers Add 11055682: PayPal's Super Bowl 50 Commercial Add 2963065: How modern game networking works (by author of indie game Monaco) Add 11055288: Took 4 years for a Google Engineer to realize consequences of his actions Add 2961193: Marc Benioff interviews Eric Schmidt Add 11054802: Wendelstein 7-X from concept to reality Add 2961192: QR Code Marketing & Augmented Reality Add 11053803: MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games Add 2928902: The Impact of Multitasking: A Challenge Add 11053537: Open Sentry Safe in less than 5 seconds [video] Add 2927081: Bill Gross: A Devotion to New Ideas [video - entire talk] Add 11053380: Peter Norvig on winning at programming competitions Add 2916839: New GoogleTechTalk on netmap (line rate 10Gbit/s packet processing on FreeBSD) Add 11052702: Resonance – beings of frequency Add 2909838: Lemonade Liberation Add 11052632: Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain Add 2907931: Do capitalism need the left? Add 11052585: School lunch in Japan Add 2871019: Dan Bricklin (inventor of the spreadsheet) on 30 years of entrepreneurship. Add 11052568: Estonian President on Uber, Blockchain, and Why Startups Leave from Europe to US Add 11052435: Math Magic Add 2870135: Designing in 60 seconds by nomoregoodnames Add 2847904: A typical skyscraper ad can cost the end user 6 times it worth in utility. Add 11052314: Amazon Prime Air [video] Add 2822792: Test of Google's page speed service on my site. Add 11052294: The NFL's magic yellow line, explained [video] Add 2805057: USA Inc. - Where We Are, How We Got here, What May Be Next Add 11051978: Classic Game Postmortem Pinball Construction Set Add 2791565: Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world (TED) Add 11051507: What's Winning on Kaggle?, Founder and CEO of Kaggle Add 2779654: All comics you need on your iPad Add 11050928: Listen to astronaut Sally Ride discuss all the sexist questions from the press Add 11050618: Two+ Minute Papers – Extrapolations and Crowdfunded Research Add 2777489: How our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being Add 2745996: Harry Potter ain't got nothing on this Add 11049205: J.C.R. Licklider on the History of Personal Workstations (1986) [video] Add 2744339: A new productivity app -- tell me my baby is ugly (or not) Add 11048988: Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier Add 2740777: Would you give up the Internet for 1 million dollars? Add 11048370: The NFL's magic yellow line, explained Add 2721353: "Cargo Cult Science" by Richard Feynman Add 11046703: Speed Up Your React Server with These 6 Weird Tricks Add 2720354: Anonymous to the Machine: You Will Rust and die from the blood of our hearts  Scanning page #15 for  Scanning page #15 for Add 11046666: The Geography of Genius [video] Add 2713903: Appsterdam launch party keynote [video] Add 11046492: Cookie Perfection Machine Add 2708581: Voice-enhanced browsing Add 11044358: Alan Watts Talks Internet Privacy 30 Years Before the Internet Add 2676593: Bryan Franklin on The Most Dangerous Question On Earth Add 11044230: Fix your hunchback posture Add 2669567: Vim + eink Add 11043944: “Kolmogorov music” by Christopher Ford Add 2665749: IBM Gets the Errol Morris Treatment Add 11043672: Centriphone: an iPhone video experiment by Nicolas Vuignier [video] Add 11042391: Making Games at Runtime with Clojure Add 2656688: A Year of the Moon in 2.5 Minutes - it wobbles more than you might think [video] Add 11042254: “Constraint Logic Propagation Conflict Spreadsheets” by William Taysom Add 2650059: The Quicker Ketchup Picker-Upper Add 11042201: Maverick off-road flying car (2014; video) Add 2649741: B2B Content Recycling Tips Add 11040762: Melvin: A New Implementation of LVM in Rust [video] Add 2642032: Mathematical Drumming Add 11040649: Cory Doctorow's Keynote at SCALE14x 2016 [video] Add 2633812: Steve Jobs describes iCloud experience at WWDC 1997 Add 11040282: Is software engineering really engineering and how can we improve it? Add 2630502: An eruption from the Sun that happened today Add 11039175: Iranian Revolutionary Justice (BBC Documentary) (2015) Add 2619580: Delia Derbyshire - Sculptress of Sound Add 11037734: Changing threats to privacy – Moxie Marlinspike [video 2015] Add 2610845: Atari Programing Introduction circa 1979 Add 11037698: How to Build Your Growth Process with Canvas? Add 2605123: Google Mars: Structure Or Pixel Seam Artifacts? Add 11037182: Epic shows off editing VR while in VR (2 min vid) Add 2595967: Chomsky: If capital can be moved freely, it undermines democracy Add 11037120: Roundtable Discussion with Bernard Madoff (2007) [video] Add 2576279: Marissa Mayer at 2011 Harvey Mudd Commencement Add 11037074: East Berlin in the 80s Add 2569726: Möbius Music Box Add 11036704: Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator – from concept to reality Add 2561194: How many ways is Marc Andreessen involved in the Skype Deal? Add 11036286: Brain Crack (Ze Frank on Executing Ideas) Add 2545608: Google I/O 2011: Writing Web Apps in Go Add 11036285: Substance for Unity 5 Tutorial – Course Introduction Add 2541299: Cloud Robotics Add 11036269: I'm playing with a cardboard, a cutter plotter and 2 LIFX LED light bulbs Add 2529675: Homeless Man Uses QR Code In Sign Add 11036157: Amiga 500 Class of the 90s Add 2524203: Scobleizer: Zwapp helps you find better apps for your iPhone Add 11036019: Apple Confidential. Steve Jobs “Think Different” Internal Meeting Sept. 23, 1997 Add 2515798: How Ink Is Made Add 2493407: Google Translate singing S&M by Rihanna Add 11032995: Sauna Simulator 2016 Release Gameplay Trailer Add 2478125: Oshkosh 2010 "Salute to Veterans" [video] For Aviation Fans Add 11032650: I am a geek and I've made my first video. It's about weight loss Add 2470320: How Books were made in 1947 [video] Add 11032502: Interesting Google search quality meeting: Spelling for Long Queries (annotated) Add 2452554: IPhone used as GPS for DIY Space Balloon (video) Add 11032343: Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator – from concept to reality Add 2432313: Changing Education Paradigms Add 11031999: Old Apple video on ESD [video] Add 2430181: Create & Deploy a Node.JS App on Nodester in Less than 2 Minutes  Scanning page #16 for Add 2424898: AR Drone + Kinect (video) Add 11031556: F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths – Episode 2  Scanning page #16 for Add 2360668: Are you checking out the US Imagine Cup entries Add 11031547: F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths Add 11031321: Super Mario Maker: Someone Made a Computer with Bob-Ombs Add 1935360: Apple iPhone 4 Homescreen Havoc Add 1777833: Rare: 2005 Zuckerberg Interview on Future of Facebook Add 11031296: Introduction to the Dial Telephone (1936) [video] Add 11031222: Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gameplay Preview Add 1722334: SC2 Geeks: Idra Interview on Patch 1.1 Add 11030545: Stanford European Entrepreneurship: Vector Watch Add 1551915: The power of Google: using Google search in Google Docs spreadsheets Add 11028320: Watch Russian Cosmonauts throw a flash drive into space Add 1485595: Hacknight Trailer Add 1272925: Multiple Firefox Profiles (HowTo video) Add 11027888: Breaking Deep Learning Systems with Adversarial Examples [video] Add 1263846: Fireside chat with Eric Schmidt Add 11027736: Effective Qt – Marc Mutz – Meeting C++ 2015 Add 1139034: Pop and Circumstance - 50 party poppers in quick succession Add 1112989: Google Buzz - Official Demo Done. Add 11027204: “What Makes a Great Software Engineer?” Add 11025859: “Hello” from QA [video] Add 11024446: Broadcasting Analog TV on an ESP8266 Error: 11024417 Error: 11024370 Add 11024094: Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight [video] Add 11023313: Besiege Best Creations Add 11023308: Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Competition Comes to Texas Add 11023195: This is what happens when you reply to spam email Add 11021760: Sent – A VR Short Add 11020826: NSA TAO Chief on Disrupting Nation State Hackers at USENIX Enigma 2016 Add 11020688: Developing an embedded application for the IoT Add 11019947: Myungwan Kim 9p reviews Fan Hui 2p vs AlphaGo ?P Add 11019837: Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services Add 11018629: PredictionIO: Machine Learning in the Lab to on Production Add 11018492: Startup Lab Workshop: How Google Sets Goals: OKRs GV (2012) Add 11018431: Hawk vs. Quadcopter (video) Add 11017384: Transcript: HyperCard inspired programming on your phone Add 11016549: Dutch police is using birds to bring drones out of the sky Add 11016160: The Hidden Business of the Internet  Scanning page #17 for Add 11015998: Object Oriented Programming Is Bad Add 11015364: Improving Clojure's Error Messages with Grammars [video] Add 11015181: Dutch police training eagles to take down drones Add 11015177: The Reason Why Developers Are Late Add 11014760: Why Electronic Voting Is a Bad Idea Add 11013411: FOSDEM 2016: Lessons learned running SSL at scale at Facebook Add 11012250: The Lord of the Rings too much like “a crappy enterprise IT project” (YouTube) Add 11012083: iPhone Safari Remote Crash (PoC) Add 11012081: Dynamic Graph Animation (at 4k Resolution) [video] Add 11012006: USENIX Enigma 2016 – We Need Something Better – Building STAR Vote Add 11011718: Ubuntu Phone's terminal Add 11011451: Ant Simulator is canceled: Money spent on strippers and booze Add 11011224: Organizing Your NativeScript Apps [yourtube] Add 11010618: Real Future: The Best Female FPV Drone Racer in America [video] Add 11009327: STM32F746-DISCO and Korg Nanokontrol MIDI Step Sequencer Add 11009112: The Backwards Brain Bicycle Add 11008891: Self-assembly of a lipid bilayer Add 11008712: Myungwan Kim 9d (top go professional) reviews AlphaGo vs. Fan Hui [Video] Add 11008245: How DeepMind Conquered Go with Deep Learning [video] Add 11008005: Why Code in Node.js Often Gets Rejected by SoundCloud Add 11007977: Python Asyncio Let It Go? David Beazley at PyconBrazil Add 11007231: The SNES had a different design in the US because of soda Add 11006709: An Introduction to C++ Coroutines [video] Add 11006484: Elon Musk Speaks at the Hyperloop Pod Award Ceremony Add 11005887: Fault Tolerance on the Cheap (LambdaConf 2015) Add 11005530: Broadcasting Analog TV on an ESP8266 Add 11004886: Police position bodycam P.O.V to make suspect look like he was resisting Add 11004651: The State of Artificial Intelligence – Davos 2016 Add 11001640: Interlocking Bricks Before Lego [video] Add 11000571: “We need more, not less democracy” Jacob Appelbaum  Scanning page #18 for Add 11000494: Thorium Reactors: The future of energy Add 11000193: Pro Analysis of Fan Hui vs. AlphaGo Match Add 10999591: Introduction to Phoenix Framework by Jose Valim Add 10999312: DotJS 2015 – Samuel Saccone – Dealing with Garbage Add 10998367: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment [video] Add 10997961: The wonder of storytelling Add 10997375: I Hate the Lord of the Rings [video] Add 10996991: WSJ journalist John Carreyrou shares year-long Theranos investigation [video] Add 10996990: What the Hell YouTube? Add 10996601: Oculus Connect 2: Live Coding Session with John Carmack [video] Add 10995202: Donation cards on YouTube Add 10994285: Drone display sets world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously[video] Add 10993924: Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained in a Nutshell Add 10993208: Tim Poston – Keynote: Data Comes in Shapes Add 10993026: Kurzweil Interviews Minsky: Is Singularity Near? Add 10992874: Programming computer animation in 1964 [video] Add 10992601: USENIX Enigma 2016 – The Golden Age of Bulk Surveillance Add 10992599: USENIX Enigma 2016 – NSA TAO Chief on Disrupting Nation State Hackers Add 10991956: Wherein We Run CF in Docker in CF in Virtualbox Add 10991129: Dragon 2 Propulsive Hover Test Add 10990879: Making your 2nd or 100th contribution to the Bluemix Docs Add 10989348: DotGo 2015 – Rob Pike – Simplicity Is Complicated Add 10989208: Inside Russia Moscow and Leningrad, 1935 Add 10988666: Deep Neural Networks Are Easily Fooled [video] Add 10988250: “Linux Sucks” – 2016 Add 10987919: MMO for coders: your JavaScript controls your units while you're offline [video] Add 10987745: The computer that mastered Go Add 10987685: Reverse Culture Shock in USA Add 10987490: Piñatas delivered by drones Add 10987227: A Short History of Live Programming – Forward 3 Web Summit  Scanning page #19 for Add 10987020: DEFCON23 Cory Doctorow: Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers Add 10986498: SpaceX Tests Crew Dragon Parachutes Add 10985968: “Linux Sucks” – 2016 edition Add 10985735: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Spectral Graph Theory Add 10985190: Simple but Effective Server Hardening Add 10984616: The Landscape of Parallelism in C++ [video] Add 10984272: The Nutcracker in 360 degrees Add 10982045: Tails 2.0 in Action – Megasecure Linux Distro Recommended by Snowden with Tor Add 10981663: The Landscape of Parallelism – Michael Wong – Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10981264: José Valim and Other Talks from First Elixir Warsaw Meetup [videos] Add 10980451: AWS WorkMail first impressions featuring a Wipe on iOS Add 10979832: Fantastic Quaternions Add 10979470: A 3 Min Video on How to Get in Shape Add 10979371: Swift Language Running on Raspberry Pi Add 10979278: Spherical Droste video – weirding space and time Add 10979248: A New Generation of Motion Control Software Add 10978623: Sleep, Memory and Psychiatric Health (2015) [video] Add 10977890: Mind Control a Toy Robot Using Neurosky Add 10976551: The miseducation of the history of the african continent Add 10976513: Elm with Evan Czaplicki Add 10975950: A Day in the Life of a Netflix Engineer (by Dave Hahn at YOW 2015) Add 10975591: The Unbeatable Game from the 60s: Dr NIM Add 10975142: Watch two “successful” entrepreneurs' takes on using video in their companies Add 10974969: Please Review PnQ, a social networking app i am currently working on Add 10974866: Akka.NET Virtual Meetup 1/26/2016 Add 10974797: The mathematics of weight loss Add 10974222: LondonJS Interview – How I Raised from 2Billionaires as a Solo Founder [video] Add 10974178: Boost.Geometry takes on the globe – Menelaos Karavelas – Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10973652: Lightning Talks from ArticJS 2016 Add 10973338: Functional Programming in C++ – Nicola Gigante – Meeting C++ 2015  Scanning page #20 for Add 10973186: Liars and Outliers Add 10972588: The Wall Street Code (documentary) Add 10972541: Homemade Exoskeleton Lifts Mini Cooper Add 10972011: Carnatic Music Synthesis in Clojure Add 10971886: Smart Pipe Add 10971812: Marvin Minsky – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Human Mind Add 10970957: John Von Neumann Documentary [video] Add 10970331: How to Pitch a VC Add 10970130: Quantum Processes in Graph Computing – Marko Rodriguez, GraphDay 2016 [video] Add 10969526: Intro to Music Making with GNU/Linux Add 10969423: CNN: Elon Musk wants to build cars in China Add 10969352: Sam Altman Pitches Loopt at the WWDC 2008. Epic Pitch Add 10968686: Watch for Rolling Rocks: A Deconstruction of Super Mario 64 Exploits Add 10968487: Functional Programming in C++ – Nicola Gigante – Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10968446: Autistic Savant Helps to Create a More Autism-Friendly World Add 10966771: Scott Galloway – Gang of Four: Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google DLD16 Add 10966357: Raid on the Reactor (1981) [video] Add 10965391: Sending emails from a Spreadsheet Add 10965250: World's Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving Robot [video] Add 10965220: A New Kind of Science – Stephen Wolfram (2002) [video] Add 10964939: RetroAhoy: Doom – Backstory of a PC Classic Add 10964798: One step closer to fusion power Add 10964105: C++ getting a 50 year old cobol feature Add 10963003: Horizontal Bar Gymnast Robot Add 10962916: Bisqwit's Tool Assisted C++14 Thread Tutorial [video] Add 10962657: The Project Sputnik story Add 10962562: World's Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving Robot Add 10962526: Astroturf and manipulation of media messages – Sharyl Attkisson Add 10962082: How to Pitch a VC Add 10961977: Mark Shuttleworth – Open Source in the World of App Stores  Scanning page #21 for Add 10961830: BBC: Forget CO2 – Here Is the Real Cause of Climate Change Add 10960774: World's Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving Robot [video] Add 10960175: Robot Drinky Add 10959931: What is CS? Art of the Problem (a collision between math and philosophy) Add 10959678: C++ Coroutines – a negative overhead abstraction Add 10959587: Rats show kindness toward strangers, a new study shows Add 10958952: The iPad 1, is it obsolete yet? Add 10958941: Is It Obsolete – The Core Duo MacBook? Add 10958536: The Development of Artifical Skin [video] Add 10958455: Delft Hyperloop – Revealing the Future of Transportation Add 10958117: History of Great Britain in 60 seconds Add 10957779: “Don't shout at your JBODs, they don't like it!” Add 10957506: Preserving the Chrysler Electronic Voice Alert (2015) [video] Add 10957481: Dragon 2 Propulsive Hover Test Add 10957410: TRANSFORM by MIT Add 10957382: Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect Add 10957377: District heating and cooling in Denmark Add 10957218: Understanding e to the pi i [video] Add 10956658: Cord drill and Pump drill [video] Add 10955921: Google Chrome Incognito Mode Leaks Google Search Queries [video] Add 10952964: What is CS? – a collision between math and philosophy (by: artoftheproblem) Add 10952353: Uptime Funk Add 10951926: Tesla Autopilot tried to kill me Add 10951762: The Interplanetary File System Explained Add 10951236: Still Skeptical of V.R. – Five Challenges for Virtual Reality – Extra Credits Add 10949629: What Tech Workers Can Learn from Harry Bridges Add 10949109: How Technology Is Saving Native Tribe Languages Add 10948831: Dragon 2 Propulsive Hover Test Add 10947834: Generic programming for structure-aware algorithms Add 10947344: World Cup ski downhill race Hahnenkamm 360° video  Scanning page #22 for Add 10947116: Saturn's Rings – Sounds from Space [video] Add 10946999: Microsoft Forcing You onto Windows 10 [video] Add 10946115: Show HN: Understand Encryption Quickly for Beginners Add 10946059: Here Comes Another Bubble (YouTube 2007) Add 10946050: Object-Oriented Programming is Bad Add 10945314: Freedom in My Heart and Everywhere: Lessons from a Cyborg Lawyer Add 10944552: CppCon 2015: Michael Wong “C++11/14/17 atomics and memory model” Add 10944527: Davos 2016 – The State of Artificial Intelligence Add 10943643: Buckingham Palace Expedition Add 10943419: BASIC Programming Language in Minecraft Add 10940476: Git from the inside out [video] Add 10940202: Gang of Four: Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google Add 10938519: Mastering the IoT with C++ and JavaScript Add 10937377: How Google sets goals for employees: OKRs Add 10936878: Busting 100+ year legacy of those cursed spring lock washers with a 2 min. demo Add 10936873: Decentralising data distribution [video] Add 10936434: Minecraft: Working Cell Phone with Web Browser and Video Calling Add 10936168: Creating a Node.js Twitter Clone with Nodal Add 10935940: Kim Dotcom shares his *secret* to living a good life Add 10935640: 5 Reasons to Build Decentralized Apps Add 10935348: Art of the Problem's new episode: What is Computer Science? is live Add 10934466: Object-Oriented Programming is Bad Add 10934342: The Clean Architecture in Python Add 10934243: The KGB, the Computer, and Me Add 10934232: R coming to Visual Studio Add 10934138: Stephen Wolfram's Formative Moment Add 10933784: Stephen Wolfram's Formative Moment Add 10932573: How to Hypnotize Yourself in Under 3 Minutes  Scanning page #23 for Add 10932312: Vertikul2: 50% quadcopter 50% blended wing.30km60km/h, soft lands in high winds Add 10932030: Use your domain and your SSL certificate in Bluemix Add 10931360: Show HN: My first offline web app (interactive sheet music and audio and video) Add 10931239: Deeply Embedded C++ Add 10931116: Opportunities and Challenges of WebGL // Tarek Sherif, BioDigital Add 10931000: Bike Draft – 124 km/h Add 10930309: The Lego Monolith [video] Add 10929862: Makke – I Am a Database Add 10929165: Show HN: Using the OS X terminal as a beatbox companion Add 10928869: Introducing the world's first Myo-controlled prosthetic arm [video] Add 10928775: NES Super Mario Bros. 3 “Arbitrary Code Execution” Glitch Gives In-Game 'shell' Add 10928528: Object-Oriented Programming is Bad Add 10928190: HBO documentary: San Francisco 2.0 Add 10928159: Object-Oriented Programming is Bad Add 10927277: RAMCloud: Scalable High-Performance Storage Entirely in DRAM (2011) Add 10927261: Nikola Tesla Statue Unveiling in Silicon Valley Add 10926834: The Rent Is Too Damn High Add 10926105: BASIC in Minecraft Add 10926028: Are You Keeping Up with the Commodore? Add 10925388: C Programming with a Memory Mindset Add 10924771: Introducing the world's first Myo-controlled prosthetic arm Add 10924434: Elon Musk's Vision for the Future [Entire Talk] Add 10923867: Scott Galloway, Gang of Four: Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google Add 10922478: Videos and 3D animations in an augmented reality app [video] Add 10922476: Windows fails while trying to record a tutorial about Augmented Reality Add 10922474: Augmented Reality with Video for the Google Cardboard Using Vuforia SDK Add 10922363: Eurucamp 2015 – Mruby: A Packaging Story Filled with Freedom by Terence Lee Add 10922262: Andrei Alexandrescu – Three Cool Things about D Add 10921930: Overhauling a 747 [video] Add 10921597: Google Indic Keyboard Introduction  Scanning page #24 for Add 10921499: Japan's Independent Kids Add 10920495: HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station (1080p, 60fps) Add 10920387: The Industrialist's Dilemma Session 1: Patrick Collison, Stripe Add 10920244: Livestream of SpaceX's attempt to land on a barge Add 10919943: Demis Hassabis, CEO, DeepMind Technologies – The Theory of Everything Add 10919335: BASIC Programming Language in Minecraft Add 10918665: The Problem with Superluminal Communication Add 10918405: Quick-sort with Hungarian folk dance Add 10918251: The Black Lotus – Rift (Final) Amiga Demo – AGA (HD 50fps) Add 10917672: Aaron Swartz's Top Rules for Success Add 10917283: BASIC Programming Language in Minecraft [video] Add 10916555: Andrei Alexandrescu: Writing Fast Code [video] Add 10916513: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (1-5) Theory Add 10915983: How jumbo jet engines are made [video] Add 10915712: Yet another: Why Meteor is awesome [video 26m23s] Add 10915647: The Philosophy of Fallout Add 10915566: Measuring perceived video quality at Netflix Add 10915529: The Philosophy of Rick and Morty Add 10915321: Why Are Texas Instruments Calculators So Expensive? 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Add 10888417: IBM Bluemix Docs are now open source on GitHub Add 10888329: Joe Armstrong – The Mess We're In Add 10888206: DJI F550 Hexacopter crash after flight above the clouds Add 10887999: FIRST Robotics Competition – Stronghold 2016 Add 10887727: C++ vs. C: the embedded perspective Add 10887654: Apple Signature Add 10887429: Utilize your CPU power – Mario Mulansky – Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10886856: Uptime Funk – (Uptown Funk Parody) [video] Add 10886820: RemixOS howto and preview for PC and Macbook Add 10885892: How I've avoided depression for over 10 years Add 10885646: C++ vs. C the embedded perspective Add 10885526: BBC: Pedigree Dogs Exposed (2008) [video] Add 10885421: The Road to Running Haskell at Facebook Scale [video] Add 10885374: Code Golf and the Bitshift Variations [video] Add 10884919: David Bowie Interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in 2000 Add 10884595: David Bowie about the Internet Add 10884251: Ultimate DOOM Radio Ad (1995) Add 10883075: Building a Node.js API Server with Nodal (Part 3) Add 10880886: Migration of C++ Libraries to C++14 – Joel Falcou Add 10880332: Squirrel, Confused Travolta and Augmented Reality Add 10880194: David Bowie interview at 17 Add 10879953: Sorry PG, the Small Life Is the Epic Life Add 10879722: 3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon – How It's Made Add 10879640: To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This Add 10879584: Original Confused Travolta Add 10879437: The Backwards Brain Bicycle  Scanning page #27 for Add 10878771: What happened when I went from Paleo to Vegan Add 10878697: Baggage Handling System – Schiphol Airport [video] Add 10877411: Are Computers Still Getting Faster? [video] Add 10877282: Silicon Valley: The Invisible Trap (how to beat bureaucracy) Add 10876974: Gamify your population Brilliant Add 10876699: Show HN: My first tutorial video: Hello World C++ in Visual Studio Add 10875857: Line Printer Add 10875275: One year of commit selfies Add 10874934: Parrot DISCO – Drone Prototype Flights – CES 2016 Add 10874101: Production Haskell [video] Add 10874053: The Age of Loneliness Add 10873366: Genze electric scooter at CES review by Verge Add 10873350: $30.000 Gaming PC for 7 Players Add 10873274: What is depression? by Helen M. Farrell and Ted-Ed [video] Add 10873267: Mandrake Linux commercial (1999) [video] Add 10872228: Gamification of citizenship in china Add 10871575: Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera (1957) [video] Add 10871507: Adrian Cockcroft: Systems for Innovation at USI Add 10869675: Ultra-Precision Tops: Engineers vs. Master Machinists Add 10868640: 7 high-end virtual gaming instances on one machine Add 10868208: Telescope Building with John Dobson (2014) [video] Add 10866795: Aipoly – Artificial Intelligence for the Blind Add 10866429: Viral Video About Health Insurance Pokes Fun at SF Tech Add 10865662: Rogue Router – Solar Powered Wifi File Server that is magnetic Add 10865398: What happens when you stand for 5 years Add 10865189: EHANG 184 Launch Video from CES2016 Add 10864591: Graal.js: High-Performance JavaScript on the JVM by Christian Wirth Add 10862716: James Burke at CCF 2009 Sacramento  Scanning page #28 for Add 10859518: The Story of SpaceX – ColdFusion Add 10858551: How Stack Overflow interviews engineers Add 10857370: Romania's tunnel underworld Add 10855337: The Worst-Designed Thing You've Never Noticed – Roman Mars Add 10853932: Copy complete – supercut of computers in films of the 70s/80s/90s Add 10853240: Reforming the Gregorian calendar [video] Add 10852987: Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory Add 10851517: Powers of Ten [video] Add 10851108: Django async and web sockets with Hendrix Add 10850220: Michael Abrash's Oculus Connect 2 Keynote Add 10850137: Gary Vaynerchuk – Online Marketing Rockstars 2015 [video] Add 10849655: How do we detect, trace and verify nuclear explosions? (2015) [video] Add 10849051: Frege, a Haskell for the JVM (2015) Add 10848199: Oculus Rift Game ADR1FT Launches Q1 2016 – Trailer Add 10848186: How to get the attention of important people Add 10846947: My Life in Monsters: Meet the Animator Behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park Add 10846536: Why Britain sucks at product placement (5 min video) Add 10846416: Randall Munroe: Comics that ask “what if?” [video] Add 10845085: FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video Add 10844958: Concurrency in RUST – Steve Klabnik Add 10844173: Making it easier to avoid low-level compromise, and why you'll still lose Add 10843839: The 10,000 Domino Computer Add 10843215: Graph isomorphism in quasipolynomial time (video) Add 10843175: GNU Radio Tools for Radio Wrangling and Spectrum Domination [video] Add 10843081: China has gamified being an obedient citizen [video] Add 10842993: An Artificial Intelligence exploration into the creation of meaning Add 10842570: Theo de Raadt (openbsd) presents new security technology “pledge” at Hackfest 15 Add 10842167: Compilers are databases – Martin Odersky on new Scala compiler Add 10840588: Paul Buchheit – YC Startup School (Europe 2014)  Scanning page #29 for Add 10838585: Craig Venter describes work that Human Longevity Institute is doing [video] Add 10838254: Introducing Emily: Simplifying Functional Programming [video] Add 10838007: Knowledge Navigator by Apple Computer (1987) [video] Add 10837604: An app identifies almost any object and colors without using the internet Add 10837497: Show HN: Nodal – Create a Node.js Twitter Clone in 10 Minutes Add 10837070: Linux Kernel Selftest Framework – Quality Control for New Releases Add 10836847: Holland and Holland Factory Craftsmanship Add 10836284: The case of the missing fractals – TED Ed Add 10836118: Genesis of Chaos Add 10836074: The exhaust emissions scandal („Dieselgate“) [32c3] Add 10835979: Purely Functional Web Apps Using React and PureScript Add 10835958: Tech stack for Muse: open, encrypted social protocol [1:47] Add 10835868: Free SSL for Your App in IBM Bluemix Add 10835341: Yuval Harari: Techno-Religions and Silicon Prophets Add 10835303: Haptoclone – feel a hologram Add 10834728: People in societies without money actually do not barter at all Add 10833967: Roda Viva: Steve Ballmer Interview in Brazil, 2001 [video] Add 10832506: Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices (2010) [video] Add 10832374: BTC Fever by Siraj (A Bitcoin Music Video) Add 10832337: Rebel Geeks – Give Us Back Our Data [Documentary] Add 10832033: TempleOS: Kernel Algorithms Add 10830961: The Making of Perfect Dark Add 10830683: TempleOS: Naughty Fun with OS Internals [video] Add 10830567: After using Linux for 10+ years, I made a video (Chinese with English subtitle) Add 10830252: 7 Gamers, 1 CPU – Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log [video] Add 10830154: Nordic ECommerce Summit Q&A with Gary Vaynerchuk [video] Add 10830106: High/Low Desk or Stand/Sit Desk Add 10830096: Anonymous responds to Communist Party kidnaping Hong Kong publishers [video] Add 10829841: Hard Things Made Easy: Monads • Sadek Drobi Add 10829824: Woz prints $2 bills  Scanning page #30 for Add 10829658: 5 Ways to Use Bitcoin Add 10829571: DeepMind: Breakout [video] Add 10828740: Audi 100 with Wood gas generator Made in LATVIA Add 10828698: This is Not a Propeller Add 10827925: Haunted by [big] Data Add 10827555: Making DIY gecko tape Add 10827169: Lego Mindstorms Wireless Remote Focus Rig for DSLR Lenses Add 10826041: New Year Congratulations by Ethnic Groups of Russian North, Siberia, Far East Add 10825331: The Smallest Distributed System [video] Add 10825304: The price of dissent Add 10825184: Traction Engines – 150th Anniversary Road Run [video] Add 10825035: Healing Autism in Children Through Parasite Treatment (2014) Add 10824628: Libusb: Maintainer fail Add 10824103: The Haptoclone Add 10823135: Electron Orbital Motion [video] Add 10822792: Replication Prohibited – 3D printed key attacks [video] Add 10822501: Why I teach people how to hack (2014) Add 10822056: How a Film Projector Works Add 10821880: Fireworks – as seen from ISS Add 10821796: Net code consumers like BSD, net code contributors like GPL Add 10821570: DDD and Microservices: At Last, Some Boundaries • Eric Evans Add 10819037: Does CO2 really cause global warming? Add 10817427: Hacking the Nintendo 3DS Add 10817134: Symbolic execution (6.858 Fall 2014) Add 10816788: F/A-18 Super Hornet Cockpit View Add 10815910: Migrate your app between Bluemix Regions Add 10815444: Show HN: Core2D – Data driven 2D diagram editor Add 10814892: Spend less and have more freedom Add 10814627: Slack’s New TV Commercial Add 10814225: Fai0verflow: Linux on the PS4 [video]  Scanning page #31 for Add 10813599: VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot Including Ground-Wall Transition Add 10813253: A Practical Introduction to Haskell GADTs by Richard Eisenberg Add 10812891: State of the Onion [32c3] Add 10811466: Mind vs. Brain: Confessions of a Defector (2014) [video] Add 10811207: Diaspora* featured in ZDF Heute at 32c3 Add 10811187: TED Talk (Good V/s Bad Design): The Worst-Designed Thing You've Never Noticed Add 10810000: Florian Grunow, Niklaus Schiess: Lifting the Fog on DRPK's Red Star OS Add 10809878: VertiGo: The Wall-Racing Robot Add 10808655: Building Rapport Part 2: 10 examples of what you can say when meeting new people Add 10808608: Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar (2009) [video] Add 10808217: Computational Meta-Psychology [video] Add 10808133: Silicon Valley: The New Welfare State? Add 10807840: Ling – High level system programming [32c3] Add 10807268: Great, Simple Description of MCMC (Markov Chain Monte Carlo) Add 10806869: BlindTool: Have your phone tell you what it sees in realtime Add 10806643: VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot from Disney Research Add 10806267: Console Hacking – Breaking the 3DS [32c3] [video] Add 10806057: Ling – High level system programming Add 10805826: Pi-Forall: How to use and implement a dependently-typed language [video] Add 10805593: OCaml hip-hop Add 10805479: Please. Stop Using Git. (2011) Add 10805192: The Perl Jam 2: The Camel Strikes Back [32c3] Add 10804780: Fire from ice: lighting methane gas deposits in a lake Add 10804384: Might this even take us beyond “Make something people want”? Add 10802583: CCC censors comments criticising 32c3 talk Add 10801675: What makes a truly great logo Add 10800130: What happened to 3dfx [video]  Scanning page #32 for Add 10799724: Sesame Credit – The True Danger of Gamification Add 10799516: Finger Trees in Clojure (2012) [video] Add 10799230: Red Star OS – A Look at North Korean Computing Add 10798980: I built a working Brainfuck computer in Minecraft [YouTube] Add 10798306: The Python Datamodel: When and how to write objects Add 10798014: Build an App Using Google Sheets as a CMS Add 10796686: Performance audit of Slack using Chrome DevTools [video] Add 10795904: New Visa Waiver Program Hurts America Add 10794890: Nvidia, stop being a D*CK Add 10794785: Open Conversations: An Evening with Union Square Ventures Add 10794341: Understanding Compiler Optimization – Chandler Carruth, Keynote Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10794215: A dutch startup developed a way to generate electricity from living plants [vid] Add 10794182: Hack Your Brain's Default Mode with Meditation Add 10794053: A message from George Orwell – your digital rights Add 10793962: Top 15 Major Scientific Breakthroughs of 2015 Add 10793885: NeXT vs. Sun Add 10792747: Christmas in Los Angeles Add 10791008: Stratvm Terror – Kill Me for an Hour [Video by Manne Tallmarken] Add 10790438: The “Upp” fuel cell charger. A completely pointless product Add 10789665: Animated infographic outlining the Standard Model (5:33) Add 10789445: Flense-nw, a structural code editor for Clojure code Add 10789410: Boston Dynamics Santa Claus Add 10789362: Stabilized Falcon 9 first stage landing footage Add 10789148: Trust in Physics Add 10789110: Fractal Jigsaw Add 10788357: Segregated Witness for Bitcoin Add 10787944: John Baez on the number 24 (2008) [video] Add 10787903: The History Behind NORAD Tracking Santa Claus on Christmas Eve Add 10787878: The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk' Add 10787716: LED vinyl shelf with searchable interface  Scanning page #33 for Add 10785489: The quickest way to build rapport when meeting new people [video] Add 10785201: Gothy holiday dirge for ghosts on Edison wax cylinder Add 10784943: Scott Adams: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big (video, 2014) Add 10784676: Your printer is spying on you Add 10784293: Japanese synthesizer music on a wax cylinder Add 10784029: Freaky Dot Patterns Add 10783990: “Write in Go” Add 10783411: Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume | TED Add 10783282: IBM Watson: How It Works Add 10782930: Ground effect keeps an Airbus a 380 in the Air. -Slow motion- Add 10782788: Happy Holidays from Boston Dynamics Add 10782703: Sesame Credit: China's achievement system for being a good citizen Add 10782630: [video] Amsterdam-Based Startups Sing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Add 10782592: Containerization: The Most Influential Invention That You've Never Heard Of Add 10782393: David Klavins and the world's biggest piano [video] Add 10781554: 80s UseNet ASCII art set to 90s MOD-tracker Christmas suite [Part 1] Add 10781178: Faraday Future: What if? Add 10781047: What Is DevOps? – In Simple English Add 10780377: Learning How to Learn [video] Add 10779616: Why December Has the Longest Days [video] Add 10779066: Documentary on the situation around MH-17 crash in Ukraine Add 10778098: Real-Time Diabetes Management with Node.js and Microsoft Azure Add 10777938: SpaceX: Video of Historic Landing of Falcon 9 Add 10777840: Creating a Virtual Printer Using Node.js [video] Add 10777789: New synthesizer music on Edison wax cylinder Add 10777548: Effects as Data – A Talk by NoRedInk's Richard Feldman Add 10777177: Managing Programmers by Douglas Crockford at Silicon Valley Code Camp Add 10777104: Rails 5: Action Cable demo  Scanning page #34 for Add 10775932: Falcon 9 First Stage Landing – From Helicopter Add 10775806: Christmas Ornaments now cheaper in Mexico than China Add 10775203: Startup holiday video Add 10774954: Recorded webinar: How to engage with your landing page leads with video Add 10774934: SpaceX launch, T-19 minutes Add 10773876: Digital notebook in your browser Add 10773737: Best version of the Monkey Island theme I have heard so far Add 10773351: Blingo: The Big Short Add 10773339: Jerry Kaplan: “Humans Need Not Apply” – Talks at Google Add 10772618: Creating a virtual printer using Node.js [video] Add 10771008: Mathematical gift wrapping [video] Add 10770790: Sesame credits in china Add 10770570: The First Plasma Wayland Live Image Video 1080p Add 10770536: ORBCOMM launch is targeted for an evening launch from Space Launch Complex 40 Add 10769901: How I Won the Lottery (or: Every Talk by Every Successful Creator Ever) Add 10769316: Building your own BB-8 Add 10768952: Doom: Post-Mortem (John Romero and Tom Hall at GDC 2011) Add 10768739: World Without Linux Final Episode: Free Burger [video] Add 10768713: Redis for Everything Add 10768096: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes Add 10767721: Rails 5: Action Cable demo by DHH Add 10767391: Creating Intuitive APIs – Lars Knoll – Closing Keynote Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10767353: Creating Intuitive APIs – Lars Knoll – Closing Keynote Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10766456: Save food from the fridge: Shaping traditional oral knowledge Add 10766421: Billions in change Add 10766073: Playing Amiga Games at Christmas Add 10766025: Deep Dive into Git • Edward Thomson Add 10765969: Live Chiptune Performance with Four Gameboys  Scanning page #35 for Add 10765608: “Why Pi?” – From Donald Knuth's Computer Musings [video] Add 10765461: Murray Gell-Mann talks about Feynman's idiosyncrasies Add 10765231: Teenage cybercrime: Help your child make the right #CyberChoices Add 10765145: Meteor: A Look Forward [video] Add 10765082: The Expert (functional specifications gathering comedy sketch) Add 10763520: Scale Model Hyperloop Magnetic Propulsion Demo Add 10762963: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman with Yvon Chouinard Add 10762915: How to walk through walls using the 4th Dimension[Miegakure:4D platforming game] Add 10762758: Rethinking CS Education (A. Kay) Add 10762262: EEVblog #496 – What Is an FPGA? Add 10762005: Django with websockets and a bolted-on telnet server: a hendrix demo Add 10761986: Martin Shkreli on live stream after resigning as Turing Pharma CEO Add 10761821: Google Pixel C Review Add 10761340: The Prussian Connection to American Schooling Add 10760099: Video: The support chat hack Add 10757548: Propaganda Games: Sesame Credit – The True Danger of Gamification Add 10757512: Stanford's Sapolsky on Depression in U.S. (2009) [video] Add 10757381: Video of BitFury's 40MW Immersion Cooling Data Center Add 10757336: Show HN:, an AI for the home Add 10757333: We should all be using this build system already Add 10755337: Video: the appointment hack to grow sales with video Add 10754259: AI for the home Add 10753336: Trading Bitcoin with Docker [video] Add 10753334: Google Forms hack: How to create a personalized video from every response Add 10752486: Lit anti-séiseme(Anti-EarthQuake Bed) Add 10751317: Understanding Compiler Optimization – Chandler Carruth Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10751289: Construction of Imaging Polarimetric Cameras for Humanitarian Demining Add 10750926: Suspending efforts on my crowdfunding campaign Add 10750811: The un-reached goal (Kickstarter)  Scanning page #36 for Add 10750789: Propaganda Games: Sesame Credit – The True Danger of Gamification [video] Add 10750577: Understanding Compiler Optimization – Chandler Carruth Add 10749834: AI based self driving car Add 10749050: (2001, Full Documentary) Add 10748623: G4v: An Engineering Approach to Gravitation – Carver Mead Add 10748207: Portable Benefits for Independent Workers [video] Add 10748073: CGI Animation Tech Demo Add 10748026: Octobass: The Largest String Instrument Ever Invented Add 10747586: Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Announce Trailer Add 10746983: Unfolding the 8-Bit Era (8 players, 8 projectors, and one NES) Add 10746738: Video: Instagram hack to create personalized videos Add 10746110: Sesame Credit: China Gameification of Obedience Add 10745433: Stanford engineers build a water-droplet based computer that runs like clockwork Add 10745261: How to install Drupal 8 on Windows (step-by-step tutorial for beginners) Add 10745022: How Do Genetic Algorithms Work? [video] Add 10742297: Andrew Sorensen Keynote: “The Concert Programmer” – OSCON 2014 [video] Add 10741257: Video: Typeform's marketing automation hack with video Add 10740950: Black Holes Explained – From Birth to Death Add 10740788: P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo Add 10740748: John Searle: Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence [video] Add 10740590: AMD releases NVidia GameWorks alternative: GPUOpen – 100% open source Add 10740403: Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology Add 10739463: What Was Your First Computer? Add 10738865: Video: Using Ninja Forms hack to create personalized videos for leads Add 10737295: “I Am No Einstein” – Space News Add 10737225: [ISS] Launch of Soyuz TMA-19M with British Astronaut Tim Peake Add 10736968: Ted Nelson on Pernicious Computer Traditions Add 10736698: Emile the Duke – The Business Add 10736636: Shor's factoring algorithm explained by Peter Shor  Scanning page #37 for Add 10734978: It is time to reclaim agility Add 10734899: Bruce Schneier Q&A from DEF CON 23 Add 10734352: Putting the “we” in “We the People” with Google Docs [video] Add 10734334: The Concert Programmer (2014) [video] Add 10733326: Froggen vs. Doublelift 1v1 – Game 2 Add 10732735: Building Graph Databases on AWS [video] Add 10731377: Aircraft SkyDeck Option 2 – Windspeed Technologies [video] Add 10730812: The Case for CSS Modules – Mark Dalgleish Add 10730583: AngularJS App setup Add 10730421: Astroturf and manipulation of media messages – TEDxUniversityofNevada Add 10730370: Save time on Star Wars Binge. Watch all six at once Add 10729792: How a Wind-Up Music Box Works [video] Add 10729618: Physical explanation of Dijkstra's algorithm (2011) [video] Add 10728773: Geoffrey Hinton: Introduction to Deep Learning, Deep Belief Nets (2012) [video] Add 10728655: The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk Add 10728138: Elon Musk: Imperfections Aren't Always Important Add 10727632: LinkedList vs. ArrayList with cute animation :) Add 10726626: Microsoft Windows usage statistics over the years Add 10726536: In Search of Tomorrow: On the Future of Eve IDE [video] Add 10726378: 3D Time-Lapse Reconstruction from Internet Photos Add 10726043: This Video Will Make You Angry Add 10725146: Unfolding the 8-Bit Era: 8 players, 8 projectors, and one NES [video] Add 10724956: Paul McCartney at a computer (1997 or so) Add 10724059: Breakout (Brick Breaker) Created in 60 Minutes with Pygame Add 10723654: Quake on an oscilloscope [video] (2014) Add 10723518: The US wastes 40% of the food produced Add 10723379: Japanese police testing net-equipped drones to protect Tokyo's skies [video] Add 10723132: Anchor chain destroying coral reef [video] Add 10723108: Fisher-Price Logic Levels for the Atari 8-bit Family Add 10722948: MountainWest RubyConf 2015 – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants  Scanning page #38 for Add 10722751: Eric Schmidt talks about scaling and management at Google (Oct 15) Add 10722583: BadUSB – On Accessories That Turn Evil (2014) [video] Add 10722088: Declarative Control Flow Add 10722030: Embracing Secure Boot and Rejecting Restricted Boot: Matthew Garrett [video] Add 10721935: Rabedik created C++ mod, for the VR to modify your virtual surroundings Add 10721748: We need more, not less democracy Add 10721547: Make Printers Great Again: Creating a virtual printer using Node.js [video] Add 10721462: Andrew Ng on What's Next in Deep Learning [video] Add 10721401: Burrows-Wheeler Transform [video] Add 10720498: Node.js Performance Optimization Case Study Add 10720196: How to get your work noticed as an introvert Add 10719075: Seymour Cray: Whats All This about Gallium Arsenide? Add 10719069: Oral History of Robert “Bob” Metcalfe Add 10719053: An optimizing compiler for a purely functional web app language Add 10718208: Uber Drag App Add 10718127: Valve is bonkers Add 10717054: Keep your code sane with clang-tidy – Daniel Jasper Add 10716408: Show HN: An app where you can have fun, and raise money for charity Add 10716351: Introduction to Brigand, boost::mpl replacement – J. Falcou and E. Alligand Add 10716215: Cgroups, namespaces, and beyond: what are containers made from? Add 10716156: Generic Binding – Christoph Wanzke – Lightning Talks Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10715930: Valve's Steam Controller Assembly Line [video] Add 10715748: Two Minute Papers: Deep Neural Network Learns Van Gogh's Art [video] Add 10715550: Valve's Manufacturing Process to Make the Steam Controller Add 10714598: Alton Brown reviews Amazon's dumbest kitchen gadgets Add 10714488: Ben Huckvale – A Perfect Async RPC Framework? – Lightning Talks Meeting C++ 2015 Add 10714433: How Vavle Is Building the Steam Controller Add 10712977: Choosing the correct vectorization method – Nicolai Behmann Add 10711808: John Melas – Boost::string_ref – Meeting C++ 2015 Lightning Talks Add 10710690: Is Your Brain a Computer, or a 'Quantum Orchestra' Tuned to the Universe [video]  Scanning page #39 for Add 10710554: Günter Obiltschnig – 10 years of Poco C++ Libraries Add 10710112: Flight Simulator in Excel 97 (2010) Add 10709735: Meeting C++ Lightning Talks – Odin Holmes – Modern Special Function Register Add 10708405: Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology Add 10707531: 3D printed safe auto-dialer robot Add 10706743: Bitcoin All-star Panel [video] Add 10706285: The Hidden Business of the Internet – Your Data Add 10706222: Indoctrination – Chimpanzee versus Child Add 10706043: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Add 10705866: Airbnb #1 Best Place to Work 2016 Add 10704535: Robert Herjavec's Formative Moment Add 10704463: Arduino-driven orchestra plays TSO: Wizards in Winter (and scanners, floppies..) Add 10703884: Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics [video] Add 10703799: 'Meaningful' casts – Vittorio Romeo Add 10703606: A good summary of the problems with the IARC classification on Glyphosate Add 10702974: 'static_if' in C++14 Add 10702674: The Ascent of Money: Full 4 Hour Documentary Add 10701868: Affinity Designer 1.4 adds Artboards Add 10701761: Learning Simple Algorithms from Examples [video] Add 10699671: The fair sharing sequence (aka Thue-Morse sequence) Add 10699588: Glyphosate – Meahcnisms for Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Krebs Cycle Disruption Add 10698334: IBM Watson 2.0 Is Named CELIA Cognitive Environment Laboratory Intelligent Agent Add 10697294: Robert Herjavec's Formative Moment Add 10697119: Party of One: A Short Film About Eating Alone [video] Add 10696344: Robert Zubrin answers “why should we go to Mars?” in the most eloquent way Add 10695973: Stay private in Dropbox with Skycryptor Add 10695645: Google's Geoffrey Hinton on AI Add 10695622: Meeting C++ 2015: keynote speaker interview Add 10695492: Lets Encrypt Minting Free Certs to Encrypt the Entire Web [video] Add 10695462: We can't use Angular. It will hurt our SEO. [video]  Scanning page #40 for Add 10695244: Experiments to Derail Trains [Archive Footage] Add 10694730: How Cameras in Side-Scrollers Work Add 10691136: Thiefs in the night Add 10690614: Donald Knuth's 21st Annual Christmas Lecture: Universal Commafree Codes [video] Add 10690265: Visualizing Concurrency Bugs on GPUs Add 10689979: Royal Seal of Hezekiah Add 10689607: The Hidden Business of the Internet Add 10689510: SQLite: The Database at the Edge of the Network with Dr. Richard Hipp Add 10688746: Ravens can talk Add 10687788: Google Tech Talk: Object Capabilities for Security Add 10687690: SQLite: The Database at the Edge of the Network with Dr. Richard Hipp Add 10687528: Facebook's Open-Source Hg Extensions Add 10687264: Gunnar Carlsson on the Shape of Data (2012) [video] Add 10687046: Quake II on Amiga: sonnet.library – 640x480 software renderer Add 10686731: John Searle: Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence [video] Add 10686710: Nlogh output sensitive convex hull algorithm Add 10686610: Abstract Algebra: The Definition of a Group [video] Add 10686551: Hunter S. Thompson meets a Hell's Angel (1967) [video] Add 10686093: Swift Development Visualization (2010-2015) Add 10685674: Pong in 30 Minutes with Python Add 10685197: A Simple Platformer is out Add 10684931: Linux Kernel Development, 1991-2015 Add 10684298: Untold History of United States ( a Doc by Oliver Stone ) Add 10684215: Speech on Systems [video] Add 10684138: Auto logger – what a machine [video] Add 10684018: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Face Off Add 10683872: Linux Kernel Development, 1991-2015 Add 10683717: Linux Kernel Development, 1991-2015 [video] Add 10683591: Mac vs. Windows (1996) [video] Add 10683099: World's Worst Tablet Computer Teardown  Scanning page #41 for Add 10682735: London AR/VR Showcase Day Recap Video - 1 Dec 2015 Add 10681482: Drone In-Flight Firmware Upgrade – 2013 [video] Add 10681465: Hitler discussing war strategy with subtitles Add 10681351: Go Proverbs – Rob Pike Add 10681144: An Engineering Approach to Gravitation – C. Mead [video] Add 10680875: “Dawn of a New Sky” Collection Add 10680370: Unfolding the 8-Bit Era Add 10679187: How to tell your boss that they're wrong Add 10678804: Third Latin American Bitcoin Conference Live Streaming [Spanish Audio] Add 10678513: Pedro Domingos: “The Master Algorithm” – Talks at Google Add 10677667: WOOT: an Algorithm for Concurrrent and Collaborative Authoring (2013) [video] Add 10676743: Meet Canny Add 10675580: Gelly: Large-Scale Graph Analysis with Apache Flink [video] Add 10675538: Marin Todorov – What’s in for Us After the Indiepocalypse? Add 10675490: Uncle's Bob Learn Clean Code [video] Add 10675434: “Building high-performance tech teams is difficult emotional work” [video] Add 10675108: This Man Handed Out 520,000 Sandwiches on the Streets of Minneapolis Last Year Add 10674642: React Native Custom Keyboard Add 10674486: Time-lapse of the disassembly of an entire U-2 plane Add 10673859: BathRuby 2015: Here Be Dragons Add 10673821: Elon Musk and Sam Altman on Thinking for the Future Add 10673029: MIT Dropout creating anti-college Add 10672853: Is the internet replacing teachers? Add 10672800: NativeScript Real Time Live Editing [video] Add 10672779: Floppy Disks Are (Sort Of) Still a Thing Add 10671200: Swift on Ubuntu 16.04 Add 10671150: Inside LISA Pathfinder Add 10671090: This is how the Porsche 918 Spyder is built Add 10670694: Prof. Frisby's functional classroom coding vids Add 10670449: Vulkan: Explicit operation and consistent frame times  Scanning page #42 for Add 10670367: Make Nix friendlier for Beginners Add 10669912: What Is Cloud Vision API? Add 10669679: Retired Obama, John Kerry, and Ft President Snowden Add 10669442: Logging in Bluemix Add 10669435: Deploy a Golang (Go) Starter App in Bluemix Using Gin Gonic Add 10668799: Amazing Stop Motion Art, New York Add 10668357: How Men Can Help End Sexism Add 10667925: Parallella vs. Mac in 5 Minutes Add 10667672: Magnus Carlsen vs. Himself at 20 Add 10666241: Chrome DevTools: Device Mode V2 (Sneak Peek) Add 10665752: Secret Society of Soul Painters (neural style applied to video) Add 10665120: Forget Wi-Fi. Meet the New Li-Fi Internet Add 10663607: Massive truck flow through Syrian-Turkish border at Reyhanli checkpoint Add 10663049: A Panoramic Tour Through Combinatorial Optimization Add 10662990: Farmer creates drone tractor Add 10662967: Minecraft: Working Cell Phone with Web Browser and Video Calling Add 10662115: Cryptography for the Internet of Things, Kenny Paterson RHUL Add 10661442: Knuth Reflecting on His School Years Add 10661042: Go Proverbs – Rob Pike – Gopherfest – November 18, 2015 Add 10660880: The 'Save the American Inventor' Campaign Add 10660615: Minecraft: Working Cell Phone with Web Browser and Video Calling Add 10658813: 1998 QNX floppy demo Add 10658706: Web Browser and Video Calling in Minecraft Add 10658077: Go Proverbs (Rob Pike) Add 10657430: Achieving Multiplexing Gain in Distributed Antenna Systems with PCell Add 10657397: Urban Exploration Add 10655876: The poetry of programming Add 10654865: Culture and Ideology Are Not Your Friends (Terence McKenna, 1999) Add 10654839: Visualizing Carbon Consumption Between US, Europe, China and India Add 10653995: Spoof – Shocking interview with AMD about the Crimson drivers [video]  Scanning page #43 for Add 10653901: Data Binding in AngularJS (2012) Add 10653519: Ubuntu hollywood [video] Add 10653334: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can Add 10653263: Best tensor course Add 10653205: Arduino Weather Station – Internet of Things and the Particle Photon Add 10653106: Engaging with the Real World: Web Bluetooth and Physical Web - Video Add 10652957: Speed designing of ToDo list video. #reactjs #redux Add 10652949: [video] Adam Curtis – Bitter Lake Add 10652944: Optimistic View of Feminism Add 10652163: The Exploration and Exploitation of an SD Memory Card [30c3]- Bunnie Huang, Xobs Add 10650811: New Amazon Prime Air Commercial Add 10650339: The Melody of Pi Add 10650092: A Better Default Colormap for Matplotlib [video] Add 10649638: David Byttow tells story of the app Secret [video] Add 10649447: Free as in free time [video] Add 10649050: Fast fuzzy string matching [video] Add 10649006: The Emperor Has No Clothes: Socrates Deconstructs Singularity University Add 10648666: Amazon Prime Air Add 10648079: My Life After 44 Years in Prison Add 10647716: Amazon Prime Air Add 10647642: This awesome logging machine looks like something from a Transformers movie Add 10646844: Fundamentals of 802.11ac Wave 2 [video] Add 10646716: Introduction to Complex Binary Number System: (-1+j)-Base [video] Add 10646344: An Immersive Voyage into Germany’s Energy Revolution Add 10646190: Computational Design of Mechanical Characters Add 10645948: Find out how to rapidly create a Web app with React and Redux in Structor Add 10645944: Americapox: The missing plague [video] Add 10645942: World's Worst Tablet Computer Add 10645857: Ubuntu Unity 8 and Unity 7 Indicators Side-By-Side Comparison Add 10645606: Game of Thrones Curtain Raiser  Scanning page #44 for Add 10645582: Daily Morning Dynamic Stretch and Core Workout Add 10645197: Nvidia : Mythbusters Adam and Jamie draw mona in 80 milliseconds Add 10644611: How to program independent games – developer productivity (2013) Add 10643910: Probabilistic charges, P P Point Add 10643093: Immutable Data Science with Datomic, Spark and Kafka [video] Add 10643003: 1980 – Nobel Winner [Dr. William Lipscomb] Looks at Future of Big Data Add 10642995: The Future of Big Data – Leonard Schaeffer in 1979 Add 10642988: Computer Store Manager Predicts Future (1979) [video] Add 10642878: Dood Jump in Python Add 10642152: Light-field Camera – Computerphile [video] Add 10642006: Amiga – The Deathbed Vigil (1994) [video] Add 10641994: The Rise and Fall of the Commodore Amiga – Kim Justice Add 10641985: Coder crafts his own off-grid smart home Add 10641961: Professor Legutko Confronts Merkel and Hollande about Franco-German Dominance Add 10641871: Building a credit card issuer in Brazil using Clojure and Datomic (2014) [video] Add 10641661: The Never-Ending REST API Design Debate by Guillaume Laforge Add 10641651: Global stock market data visualization – Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2015 Add 10641615: The Silver Bullet Syndrome by Hadi Hariri Add 10640916: Proceed to Checkout: The Unexpected Story of How Ecommerce Started Add 10640426: Shut up about the y-axis. It shouldn’t always start at zero. [video] Add 10640289: Disruption in Med: "We don't have money, but we can't let people die" [Vid] Add 10640139: The Silver Bullet Syndrome Add 10639286: The Magic of the Singing Bowls – Profound Himalayan Sounds Add 10638505: Matthias Wandel Builds a 42“ belt sander Add 10638261: Implementing the Tamagotchi Singularity Add 10637960: Atari 7800 Ninja Golf Add 10637431: Hashing with SL2: Hash Functions as Monoid Homomorphisms by Sam Reis Add 10636928: The challenge of applying copyright to non-exclusive goods(2006) Add 10636442: Voice recognition at a railway station  Scanning page #45 for Add 10635415: How to trace and modify closed-source code Add 10635050: Speaking piano – generating speech with a piano [video] Add 10634425: Body Doubles: A New Way to Work from Home Add 10634383: The Silver Bullet Syndrome Add 10634348: A Flying Drum Machine [video] Add 10633876: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – Major Fraud Add 10633601: SlamBall is Alive in China [video] Add 10632553: The Erlang movie [video] Add 10632392: Software-Defined Networking at the Crossroads (2013) [video] Add 10632376: Mosh: An Interactive Remote Shell for Mobile Clients (2012) Add 10632372: Unfolding the City: Challenges in urban data visualisation [video] Add 10631989: “Smooth Criminal” (M. Jackson) for barrel organ Add 10630745: Europe Is Kaput. Long Live Europe Žižek, Varoufakis and Assange Add 10630709: A Beer Placed on the Gun of a Moving Tank Sits Without Spilling Add 10630391: Martin Andrews – Open Salaries Add 10628664: The Lego Story [video] Add 10628451: Space Invaders Created in 1.5 Hours in Python [Time Lapse] Add 10628389: How to become a Doritohead in 30 seconds Add 10628021: Justice Has Left Chicago Add 10627915: The Riemann Hypothesis: How to Make $1M Witho Getting Out of Bed [video] Add 10627897: Factor: an extensible interactive language Add 10627462: 1959: The Year That Changed Jazz Add 10626822: Man comes out of prison after 44 years. He is shocked by technological progress Add 10626411: Android Studio for Experts Add 10625717: Jeff Bezos on the Future of Amazon and Selling E-Books Online (1999) [video] Add 10625096: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation (2014) [video] Add 10624674: Hayao Miyazaki – The Essence of Humanity Add 10624037: Blue Origin’s New Shepard Space Vehicle Historic Rocket Landing Add 10623734: MagSpoof – magnetic stripe spoofer / credit card magstripe emulator Add 10622835: Hans Rosling on why most of the world is better off than you think  Scanning page #46 for Add 10622694: Europe Is Kaput. Long Live Europe (Žižek, Varoufakis and Assange) [video] Add 10622453: Assange, Žižek, Varoufakis: Europe Is Kaput. Long Live Europe [video] Add 10621961: A-10 documentary Air Force tried to block Add 10621813: The Big Bounce (1960) [video] Add 10621613: The biggest reason why business and technical teams don't see eye to eye Add 10621485: Petit Pierre and his incredible gigantic mechanical contraption Add 10621307: Bottom Up vs. Top Down Design in Clojure [video] Add 10620350: Blue Origin – Historic Rocket Landing Add 10620204: Skype login screen can view images, text files Add 10620000: Quanta, Symmetry, and Topology – Frank Wilczek [video] Add 10618654: Record grandparent oral histories this Thanksgiving with StoryCorps app Add 10617941: Interview with Patrick Collison from Stanford CS183C: Blitzscaling Class [video] Add 10617649: How to Live in a City – 1964 Add 10616217: How to get a job at Google Add 10615656: Shut up about the y-axis. It shouldn’t always start at zero Add 10614507: 1000W (90,000 Lumens) LED Flashlight Add 10613949: Sunday Top Rocking Sensation – Love to All the Rockers Out There Add 10613572: Pinpoint (opensource APM) v1.5.0 is released Add 10612930: It's Not a Phone, It's a Galaxy. Samsung VR Add 10612519: Chris Kelly – From Source to Society Add 10610359: Lecture by Raghuram Rajan: Rules of the Game in the Global Financial System Add 10609386: Learn Basic Personal Finance Add 10609134: Measure the mass of an eyelash with a DIY microbalance (2014) Add 10608600: Flappy Bird Clone in 87 Lines of Python [Time Lapse] Add 10608563: Virtual Reality courses boost student engagement and learning Add 10608321: Tetris: From Russia with Love (BBC Documentary) [video] Add 10607562: Gradient boosting lecture  Scanning page #47 for Add 10607251: Making music with a C compiler (2013) [video] Add 10607246: Bitcoin's Incentive Structure [video] Add 10606872: A Moment in Time: Time capsule found during construction at MIT Add 10606539: Compact Fluorescent vs. LED lights colour spectrum Add 10605836: Applying S.O.L.I.D Principles [video] Add 10605137: NERF Blaster: Air Restriction Mechanism Add 10604426: Show HN: Custom d3.js, dc.js, crossfilter dashboard Add 10603559: SF Treat: Our Changing City Add 10603525: Blitzscaling Playlist: The Art of Creating “Scale-Ups” Add 10602248: ClojureScript and SQL to build apps Add 10602179: Well that was easy: gaming zone12 Add 10601514: Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism Add 10600815: Doom on Ubuntu Phone Add 10600692: Shadows of Evil Super Spooky Jumpscare:gaming Zone12 Add 10600600: Cool Cat Learns Fair Use Add 10600474: How Jupyter and Pandas Can Fast Track Your Analytics Efforts Add 10599352: Daily Fantasy Sports and Gambling in the Lens of John Oliver Add 10597458: 2015 National Book Award Non-Fiction Winner: Ta-Nehisi Coates[video] Add 10596754: Mechanical Techno: A Rube Goldberg Machine for Techno Beats [video] Add 10595199: Trick your brain: black and white photo turns to colour Add 10595195: How to succeed in language design without really trying [video] Add 10594777: From REST to CQRS with Clojure, Samza, Kafka, and Datomic Add 10594745: Clojure Conj 2015: Onyx – Distributed Computing in Clojure Add 10593861: Backyard UNDERGROUND Apocalyptic BUNKER Add 10593808: Break open any Master Combo Lock in 8 tries or less Add 10593590: The Pirate Bay Song Add 10592771: Deploying PHP 7 Add 10592484: Is Spacetime a Quantum Error-Correcting Code? – John Preskill Add 10592335: In-Depth Explanation of Income Inequality (2015-09-14) [video 8:37]  Scanning page #48 for Add 10591795: Bobby Calderwood – From REST to CQRS with Clojure, Kafka, and Datomic Add 10590891: Stephen Wolfram Discussing AI and the Singularity [audio] Add 10590805: Benjamin Pierce – A Deep Specification for Dropbox Fix Add 10590540: Cool Ways of Looking at the Special Theory of Relativity Add 10590372: Progressive Web Apps (Chrome Dev Summit 2015) Add 10589925: Deck Cam: 3D Printed GoPro Mount Add 10589783: Elsevier lobbying politicians that data mining could kill patients Add 10589265: LibreOffice Design Team Add 10588569: Build Code in a Subversion Repository with Visual Studio Team Services Add 10588419: TLU Three Letter Username Obsession [video] Add 10588061: Unexpected Shapes – Cutting Mobius Strip [video] Add 10587935: The Gall--Peters Projection, Explanation Curtesy of the West Wing Add 10587852: NERF Blaster: Air Restriction Mechanism [video] Add 10587675: Putin on ISIS Add 10587597: Tutorial on Geometric Calculus [video] Add 10587493: 7 abandoned technology wonders of the USSR Add 10587396: Maria Geller – The ClojureScript Compiler – A Look Behind the Curtains Add 10587209: SCiO Molecular Scanner Unboxing [video] Add 10587066: Extra dangerous electrocute-o-daptor with lamp test feature Add 10586834: David Nolen on Om Next (Clojure/conj 2015) Add 10586399: The Dynabook Past, Present and Future Part 1 (1986) [video] Add 10586044: How computers translate human language – Ioannis Papachimonas Add 10585804: ClojureScript for Skeptics Add 10585690: Syrian Crisis Explained in 15 Animated Maps Add 10583669: iPad Pro vs. Wacom Cintiq Review Add 10583602: SJW vs. John Carmack (Oculus Connect Keynote) Add 10583537: BIT Plane – A Project by the Bureau of Inverse Technology (1997) Add 10583446: Adafruit Learning System '85 Add 10583427: London Can Take It  Scanning page #49 for Add 10583235: MDB: Now More Than Ever Add 10583013: Nanobox Desktop Demo – Local Dev Done Right Add 10582939: Carl Bender on perturbation methods [video] Add 10582720: Slayer of Empires: How Bitcoin Could Become Far Bigger Than You Think Add 10582353: Jessica Alba 'I don't know how to code, but I know how to put in a JIRA ticket' Add 10581587: Speeding up the Web with PHP 7 [video] Add 10580592: Reviving Smalltalk-78 [video] (2014) Add 10580343: Anonymous – Operation Paris Add 10579756: Derek Slager – ClojureScript for Skeptics Add 10579304: Unconventional Programming with Chemical Computing Add 10578741: Video Overview of Onyx 0.8 – Streaming/Batch Processing Engine Add 10578567: Patrick Hardison's Face Transplant Journey Add 10578360: Meet the Founder, Automate Ads (YC W15) Add 10577899: Differential Topology – Lectures by John W. Milnor Add 10577496: Vulkan: Scaling to multiple threads – Live stream, Thursday Nov 19 @ 4pm GMT Add 10577426: Definitive New Restoration of “Man with a Movie Camera” Add 10577270: How to tell your boss that you're quitting your job Add 10576300: News Analysis at The New York Times with Go and the Python NLTK Add 10575913: Swift's High-Level Intermediate Representation [video] Add 10574995: Motorbikes, Terrorism, Heart Attacks, Sausages Add 10574013: The Way a Sovereign Currency Works [video] Add 10573952: PyCon Brasil: Topics of Interest {AsyncIo In Python} (David Beazley) Add 10573382: These Gears Really Work (2010) [video] Add 10573269: The Thousand Year Roadmap [video] Add 10572880: Bret Victor – The Humane Representation of Thought [video] Add 10572451: Show HN: Camera1 – B&W iOS Camera App for Street Photographers Add 10571722: Wii U – Let's Watch Super Mario Maker Overview Add 10570275: A Few Good Developers  Scanning page #50 for Add 10570253: Cryptography: From Mathematical Magic to Secure Communication [video] Add 10569892: Cling Interactive OpenGL Demo Add 10569642: Let's be mainstream - User focused design in Elm (Curry On Conf) Add 10569505: Show HN: Weekend Project (Dog Ball Fetcher and Feeder with Arduino Controller) Add 10568853: Colors of Math Add 10568705: The Birth of ZFS [video] Add 10568601: EM-Sense: Touch Recognition by Disney Research Add 10568369: Unix Pipeline (Brian Kernighan) – Computerphile Add 10568176: Run containers on bare metal already [video] Add 10567892: Intrusion detection with the BRO framework [video] Add 10567369: LLVM back end for HHVM/PHP Add 10566206: The Coming War on General Computation (2011) Add 10565954: GTK 3.18 apps native on Mir Add 10565852: Opportunity: Doctors Complain About Electronic Health Record Technology Add 10565661: Brian Kernighan on the Unix Pipeline [Computerphile] Add 10565237: The “Forever Lock”. Un-pickable lock with an amazing design [video] Add 10564898: Walt Disney's original E.P.C.O.T film (1966) Add 10564452: Differential Topology – Lecture 1 by John W. Milnor (1965) [video] Add 10564178: Rockwell Retro Encabulator Add 10564050: Discrete Differential Geometry: Helping Machines/People Think Clearly Abt. Shape Add 10562852: The Desktop Computer – Horace Dediu Reviews iPad Pro Add 10562756: Sky News Live Add 10562625: Master Lock opened with a plastic zip tie Add 10562259: The Stirling Cycle Add 10561901: When money isn’t real: the $10,000 experiment Add 10561271: EM-Sense: Touch Recognition of Electromechanical Objects Add 10561125: Real life chaos monkey on a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster Add 10560607: LLVM Meeting: Swift's High-Level IR: A Case Study  Scanning page #51 for Add 10560405: The Road to Running Haskell at Facebook Scale Add 10559847: How to Go to Space Add 10559134: Incredible New Restoration of “the Greatest Documentary of All Time” from 1929 Add 10558941: How to Be an Entrepreneur – The School of Life Add 10558010: #MillionDollarShack: Story of a Middle Class Family Priced Out of the Bay Area Add 10557690: How to Build a Google Analytics Bot for Slack Add 10557431: History of Ideas: The Renaissance [video] Add 10556146: Intellijel Metropolis Eurorack Sequencer [video] Add 10555791: Larry Wall's Perl 6 Release Talk [video] Add 10555248: The Fermi Paradox Add 10554954: The Blue Angels (360-degree video) Add 10554512: Yann LeCun: Teaching Machines to Understand Us Add 10554375: Frege, a Haskell for the JVM by Dierk König Add 10554244: Keynote at PyCon Brasil 2015 by David Beazley on Asyncio and Async/await Add 10553611: Turning the database inside out (Video, 2014) Add 10553122: Delia Derbyshire – Sculptress of Sound [video] Add 10553065: Constraints and Hallucinations: Filling in the Details (2013) [video] Add 10552727: How Facebook Is Stealing Billions of Views Add 10552717: Voice Control Home Automation via Amazon Echo and Siri HomeKit Add 10552631: Creating a Serverless Application Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Add 10552453: Epic diagrams for an epic screen Add 10552416: Matt Raible speaking on JHipster Add 10551590: Cutting a Klein Bottle in Half [video] Add 10550883: DIY emdrive Add 10549176: Open-source engine with realtime GI and AngelScript/Bullet integration  Scanning page #52 for Add 10548949: What the #?* is Bitcoin? Add 10548454: Swift Intermediate Language Presentation Add 10547808: Self-Assembling Table Saw Add 10547740: Video Role Play – How to approach a coworker that's not doing their job Add 10547557: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prisoner Re-Entry Add 10547169: Optimizing LLVM for GPGPU Add 10546252: Transformer home in Hong Kong Add 10546227: How Smart Use of Data Is Transforming Government Add 10546141: Arson Artist sets fire to FSB HQ entrance Add 10545950: How Facebook Is Stealing Billions of Views Add 10544439: How Facebook Is Stealing Billions of Views Add 10543685: Mary Beard on SPQR: The History of Ancient Rome Add 10541984: SpaceX SuperDraco Test Fire Add 10541297: Disney's EM-Sense Smartwatch, contextually determining what you're touching Add 10541193: How Facebook Is Stealing Billions of Views Add 10541130: Ping Pong Amazing [YouTube Video] Add 10540562: Swift's High-Level IR: A Case Study of Complementing LLVM Add 10540284: Backblaze Storage Pod 5.0, the Hardware Behind B2 Cloud Storage [video] Add 10539931: Google Test Automation Conference 2015 Live [video] Add 10539696: World's Only JetPack Flies in New York Add 10539164: The Functional Final Frontier Add 10539119: Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory [video] Add 10538393: EM-Sense: Touch Recognition of Electrical and Electromechanical Objects [video] Add 10538099: How a VCR works (1991) Add 10537885: Jeff Dean explains TensorFlow Add 10537832: WebAssembly: Here Be Dragons [video] Add 10537726: [video] Why Software Engineering Is Engineering  Scanning page #53 for Add 10535454: JetPack Aviation JB-9 JETPACK Add 10535434: Total idiot tries Tesla autopilot without driver on Dutch Highway Add 10534698: A Bakery Run by Autistic Adults in India Add 10534590: Touch Recognition of Electromechanical Objects [video] Add 10534222: How to use Clojure macros to refactor Clojure code in Emacs Add 10534172: Jeff Dean explains TensorFlow [video] Add 10533819: A Short History of Live Programming Add 10533346: How to Be an Entrepreneur by Alain De Botton Add 10533315: How Dart Learned from Past Object-Oriented Systems Add 10533242: Warcraft – Official Trailer (HD) Add 10532547: Moore’s Law in Big Pharma – Or why pharmaceuticals suck (TEDxBerlin talk) Add 10532313: Internet of Programmable Things Add 10531692: Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land (1959) [video] Add 10531256: Impressive Demonstration of Facebook's AI by Yann LeCun Add 10531156: Digital Sundial Add 10530387: Building the World Trade Center and Twin Towers (1983) [video] Add 10529598: Quick recap of Startup Weekend Havana, first ever in Cuba [video] Add 10529244: Insights with Rene Girard Add 10528837: [animation] 9 suggestions to make a tweet more appealing to new users Add 10528800: Free.mp3 Add 10528228: Skyrim in VR – Cyberith Virtualizer and Oculus Rift and Wii Mote = Full Immersion Add 10528039: Richter Scale-Here comes another bubble Add 10527889: Last 48 hours of #TwitchInstalls compressed into 10 minutes Add 10527766: Demonstration of Facebook's AI by Yann LeCun Add 10527117: Wendelstein 7-X – from Concept to Reality (2013) [video] Add 10526796: Micro Men – The Story of Acorn and Sinclair Add 10526327: Why We Can't Afford the Rich [video] Add 10525955: Software developers describing their work in 1973 (Finnish national TV) Add 10525432: Elasticsearch 2.0 Overview and Demo  Scanning page #54 for Add 10525127: Lennart Poettering: Systemd and Control Groups [video] Add 10525087: Machine vs. Machine: Inside DARPA’s Fully Automated CTF Add 10525080: Facebook Digital Assist - M Add 10524604: Windows 3.0 takes on MacOS (1990) Add 10524360: 48 hours of twitch installs linux Add 10523972: Lennart Poettering: Welcome and Systemd Status Report 2015 Add 10523865: Pirate Bay Song by Bosnian Band Add 10523603: Scala.js: Next generation front end development Add 10523471: Border radius trick Add 10523270: The Charming Genius of the Apollo Guidance Computer [video] Add 10522746: HISTORY OF IDEAS: The Renaissance Add 10522636: People in various industries react to being asked for free spec work [video] Add 10522615: See your HTM run – NuPIC's behavior, plotted across time Add 10522096: Working for free Add 10521507: NASA Thermonuclear Art – The Sun in Ultra-HD (4K) [video] Add 10521279: Hacking Roller Coaster Tycoon with Genetic Algorithms and Go – Kevin Burke Add 10520911: Demonstration of Facebook's AI by Yann LeCun Add 10520644: What if Florence Foster Jenkins was a piano? Add 10519578: “Welcome to systemd conference. Lunch is served.”: Lennart Poettering's keynote Add 10519577: Uptime Funk – (Uptown Funk Parody) SUSEcon 2015 Add 10519376: Welcome to VICELAND: A New TV Channel by VICE Add 10518837: Recipe for Disaster: How computers cooking can go terribly wrong Add 10518741: Scala.js: Next-generation front-end development Add 10518411: The Immune System Explained Add 10518188: Why the Dvorak keyboard didn't take over the world (2014) Add 10517920: CSS Icon Tutorial – Draw Icon with Pure Css Add 10517715: Yaybahar [video]  Scanning page #55 for Add 10517292: The Real Opening Chord to a Hard Days Night (Randy Bachman's Guitarology) (2014) Add 10516991: 1990 Computer Trivia with Bill Gates, John Doerr, Stewart Alsop, and More Add 10516904: Spec Work [video] Add 10516226: The Magic Room – Atari Summer Camp Add 10515186: Functional Programming with Kotlin (Mike Hearn) Add 10514432: Emirates #Hellojetman Add 10514118: Wooden Counterweight Desk (Sit/Stand Desk) [video] Add 10513981: You Can Grow New Brain Cells. Here's How Add 10513915: Change your life in 1:10 mins using Benjamin Franklin's formula Add 10513813: Grace Murray Hopper: The Original Pirate Hacker Melissa Pierce CodeMesh Keynote Add 10513496: Tour of Sun Mid-range servers: SunFire 3800, 4800 and 6800 Add 10513273: Thermonuclear Art – The Sun in Ultra-HD (4K) Add 10513143: Software developers describing their work in 1973 Add 10512850: Software developers describing their work in 1973 [video] Add 10512386: Oculus Live Coding Session with John Carmack Add 10512318: Monster Products CEO Noel Lee Is Beefing with Dr Dre and Beats Add 10511979: Blastchat Presents Blast Life Episode 2 Add 10509714: Haunted by Data – Maciej Ceglowski Add 10509070: F#$K the “Yes Man Society” and Walk “The Narrow Road” Add 10508764: Preview of archery game by Sixense, VR controller maker [video] Add 10508411: Full body and hand detail motion capture Add 10507988: Video Footage recovered from a Polaroid Cube submerged in water after 5 months Add 10507957: NASA: Thermonuclear Art – The Sun in Ultra-HD Add 10507138: Bootstrapping a Spring Boot Application Project Add 10505908: CompCon 2015 – Daniel Axtens – Being a kernel hacker Add 10504946: Elon Musk and Y Combinator President on Thinking for the Future [video] Add 10504560: Streaming Multiple Data Loads with IBM LinuxONE Add 10503508: Inside an Artificial Brain (HD) Add 10503496: The Next Generation of Neural Networks (2007)  Scanning page #56 for Add 10503442: How to Live on $3 a Day – Day One Add 10503064: Converting a site to an app: DrudgeTV Add 10502890: The beauty of Terminology terminal emulator Add 10502384: Using Topological Data Analysis to Solve Complex Problems – Part 2 [video] Add 10501288: Jet Fuel vs. Diesel vs. Gasoline – How they burn and what color they are Add 10500841: The Statistics Identity Crisis Add 10500535: TransferWise Clever Video Explanation Add 10500440: A Mathematical Mystery Tour (1985) Add 10499628: Yann LeCun Keynote – Obstacles on the Path to AI Add 10499576: Fedora 23 Released - See What's New Add 10499565: Why I REALLY am quitting social media [video] Add 10499038: Using Graphene to Transfer Heat – you should watch this Add 10498904: Niaki: A New Kind of Puzzle Game, by a Bioinformaticien Add 10498785: Watch live stream from Reactive Conf Add 10498704: Chrome 47 will not allow getUserMedia() on http:// Add 10498627: Yann LeCun BayLearn keynote: Obstacles on the path to AI (slides in comments) Add 10498262: 20kLOC projectional editor demo: one document mixing html,css,js,json,lisp,etc Add 10498027: NASA – Thermonuclear Art – The Sun in Ultra HD Add 10497976: Steven Roman – Introduction to Category Theory 3 [video] Add 10497798: Ambulance Drone Add 10497796: The Iranian Drones That Save Lives Add 10497742: Everything's Amazing but Nobody's Happy Add 10497356: “I See What You Mean” by Peter Alvaro Add 10496970: Show HN: eeZee is a dev productivity tool Add 10496754: Alan Kay at MIT Media Lab 30 [video] Add 10495021: Drone Autonomously Avoiding Obstacles at 30 MPH Add 10494935: How not to measure latency (updated) Add 10493577: Miyamoto on World 1-1: How Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level [video] Add 10492893: Thermonuclear Art – The Sun in Ultra-HD (4K)  Scanning page #57 for Add 10492056: Effective Bisection and Bibisection (Matthew Francis) Add 10491039: The Gender Equality Paradox – Documentary NRK – 2011 Add 10490474: Reactable, an electronic musical instrument with a tabletop tangible UI Add 10489476: Codegirl Add 10489427: Using Topological Data Analysis to Solve Complex Problems (2013) [video] Add 10489299: Discussing self-promotion and exposure as an independent musician Add 10489150: Apparatus: A Hybrid Graphics Editor / Programming Environment [video] Add 10489004: Connecting an USB Mouse to Ubuntu Phone Add 10488884: Juvenoia Add 10488648: Why cities in the US are so ugly Add 10487150: In the UK in 1962 smokers, are not worried by cancer (YouTube) Add 10486899: Neural Network-Based Autonomous Driving Add 10486422: Harvard lecture: The moral side of a murder Add 10486055: Lawrence Lessig: Fixing the Republic (10/29/2015) Add 10485786: This Dutch master builder creates the most wonderful devices Add 10484579: Building native mobile apps with Angular 2.0 and NativeScript Add 10483903: Levitating Pumpkins – Halloween Science [video] Add 10483530: Tea and Consent Add 10483443: Java-LinkedList Data Structure Add 10483438: Keynote: Dan Geer, “Dark Matter: Driven by Data” Add 10482722: Real Life First Person Shooter: Level 2 (Chatroulette Version) Add 10482080: AngularConnect 2015 Keynote Add 10481783: ATtiny Controlled LED Tail Lights for a 1976 Mazda Cosmo Add 10481470: TBM Bertha repair update Add 10480897: The Ambassador went to the Snake River and he couldn't believe Add 10480762: The Not-A-Wat in Haskell Add 10480550: Introducing and Launching Jekyll 3.0 [video] Add 10477562: Tesla autopilot stops a collision [video] Add 10477140: Realtime ClojureScript Add 10476989: Ryan Dahl: Original Node.js Presentation [YouTube]  Scanning page #58 for Add 10475709: 2015 New Yamaha MotoBot Concept Add 10475331: Fluentd V/s Logstash at OpenStack Summit Add 10475046: This is how every technical session should start Add 10474538: Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong Add 10474358: Kropotechev and Zeus, This marvelous time-sharing system. 1967 Add 10474338: Dave Snowden: Making Sense of Complexity – Cynefin Framework [video] Add 10474272: MythBusters' Adam Savage on Problem Solving: How I Do It [video] Add 10473971: Douglas Crockford: The Seif Project Add 10473700: Alex at Umbra Ignite 2015: Learning from Failure Add 10473399: The Drill we sent to Mars Add 10472304: Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong Add 10471478: Rust in Theory: The Stack and Stack Frames Add 10470241: Umbra Demoing Google Earth's Boston in VR Add 10469978: Tesla Autopilot saves the day [video] Add 10469922: Google's zombie themed Android Studio tutorial Add 10469834: Douglas Crockford Introduces the Seif Project Add 10469652: Mark Shuttleworth – Big Data for Human Beings Add 10469598: This Video Will Make You Angry Add 10468563: GoPro: Sneak Peek of GoPro Quadcopter Footage Add 10468345: Shitty first startups (Justin Kan) Add 10467215: IBM Watson at Jeopardy (2011) [video] Add 10466942: Googles New UPD Protocol: QUIC Add 10466295: OpenStack Summit Tokyo – Demo Theater: ZeroStack Add 10465769: Game Maker's Toolkit – Why Nathan Drake Doesn't Need a Compass Add 10465687: ChatOps Using Hipchat and Flint IT Automation Platform Add 10464617: Unleash Your IoT Device Add 10463817: Great visualisation of agile software development Add 10463183: Dating Kinda Sucks for Indians  Scanning page #59 for Add 10463018: Tools for Entrepreneurs: Making Something People Love Add 10462625: My miserable experience pre-ordering a Surface Book Add 10462359: Map of all nuclear bombs ever exploded Add 10462346: Why Some of Us Don't Have One True Calling Add 10461437: Bootstrapping a Business Around Open Source – Ninh Bui and Hongli Lai Add 10461394: Prison: Breaking the Cycle [The Economist] [video] Add 10460200: This JSConf talk is very funny, and a little bit interesting Add 10459417: How to Create a Lean iOS App – Part 1 – Creating a Mockup Add 10459233: Motorola announces shatterproof display with a 4 year warranty against cracking Add 10459017: VR Lan Party Add 10456930: How secure is your (backdoored) hotel safe? [video] Add 10454798: Riding Light – Traversing the Solar System at the Speed of Light Add 10454684: Protopiper: Physically Sketching Room-Sized Objects at Actual Scale [video] Add 10454336: Pythagorean theorem water demo Add 10451634: What Drives You? George Varghese and Hari Balakrishnan at MIT Add 10451399: Magic Leap Demo Add 10449722: Richard Feynman on fire Add 10449440: AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other [video] Add 10448960: CppCon 2015: Greg Law “Give me 15 minutes and I'll change your view of GDB” Add 10448629: Android, 3D force touch simulated using barometer Add 10448090: Hendo Hoverboard 2.0 – now with steering Add 10447977: PostgreSQL Basics 101 – YouTube Add 10447842: Expansion to Air Power 1944 US Army Air Forces; World War II Add 10447828: Haskell Stack Mega-Tutorial Add 10447600: Room 8 – Short film on Recursion (BAFTA '14 winner) Add 10447240: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes Add 10447143: Open Science: Michael Nielsen TED Talk Add 10447019: Mitch Wainer of Digital Ocean Explains Early Days  Scanning page #60 for Add 10446562: Colibri: an organic motion sculpture Add 10445282: Magic Leap Demo Add 10444893: Famous last words of first time founders Add 10444781: [video]Pearl Linux 2.5 Review – Linux with OS X Interface: Fantastic Stylization Add 10444257: Using Google Cloud Shell Add 10444217: How Betamax Was First to Market But Lost to VHS Add 10444024: Magenta is not a real color Add 10443446: The Automoton Table Add 10443213: Mocks and stubs Add 10443189: Senators protest CISA as bill advances in Senate Add 10442530: Eric Schmidt CS183C Blitzscaling Video Add 10442314: Watch the Very First Episode of Bob Ross’ “The Joy of Painting” Add 10442019: Jiří Pírko – Hardware switches – the opensource approach Add 10441997: Elon Musk and Y Combinator President on Thinking for the Future Add 10441375: Richard Feynman on magnets, and why “why” is so hard to answer Add 10441045: Python in a hacker's toolbox Add 10440395: Video of Material Design in Desktop Apps with WPF Add 10440242: Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment Explained [video] Add 10439525: React, Angular and the Front End Landscape Add 10439405: “You Won't Believe Your Eyes” [video] Add 10439377: What is SteamOS video Add 10439157: Free to Play Business Model Debate with Casey Muratori and Shawn McGrath [video] Add 10438713: Show HN: A.I assisted code generation for React Add 10438170: Bitcoin payment channels explained Add 10438042: Stanford – The Magic of Bird Flight Add 10436793: Magic Leap Demo Add 10436694: Google Dataflow: A Unified Model for Batch and Streaming Data Processing [video] Add 10436617: How to Spot an All-Star Founding Team with Kevin Hale Add 10436324: The Oldest Known Melody (c. 1400 B.C.) Add 10435994: HP's CTO Martin Fink talks about licensing and copyleft (28min)  Scanning page #61 for Add 10435731: Jonathan Blow – Video Games and the Human Condition Add 10434959: The Lambda Calculus for Fun and Factorials [video] Add 10434470: Elliptic Curve Cryptography for those who are afraid of maths Add 10434270: First Magic Leap demo without special effects Add 10434174: “Eve” by Chris Granger Add 10434111: The Front End Landscape – Art History and Choosing a JavaScript Framework Add 10433594: The Weeknd and Eminem released a virtual reality music video Add 10432984: AI-assisted code generation for React Add 10432240: Unleash Your IoT Device Add 10431722: D3 in Angular, Angular in D3 – Tim Ruffles Add 10431477: How to Pitch Y Combinator Add 10430957: American Chemical Society – What Is the Blackest Black? [video] Add 10430625: One Hacker Way – Erik Meijer – 2015 Edition Add 10430571: The Birth of ZFS [video] Add 10430021: Keynote: Decentralise Everything [video] Add 10429597: Magic Leap Demo [video] Add 10428957: Magic Leap Demo Add 10428737: Elon Musk and YC's Sam Altman on Thinking for the Future [video] Add 10428695: Backblaze B2 Update [video] Add 10428650: Stealing Profits from Spammers-How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spam Add 10428614: Chip and PIN Fraud Explained – Computerphile [video] Add 10428166: Self-driving drifting electric DeLorean from Stanford Add 10427316: CppCon 2015: Emacs as a C++ IDE Add 10426935: Evolving Complex Systems Incrementally Add 10426499: BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11 Add 10426380: Make Something People Want Add 10426274: Ubuntu Phone File Manager Add 10424917: Magic Leap shows off new demo Add 10424314: How Jony Ive Remembers Steve Jobs  Scanning page #62 for Add 10424227: The IKEA Effect, by Dan Ariely Add 10423736: The New Literacy (1984 VHS) Add 10423686: Magic Leap Demo [video] Add 10423494: Jason Fried – Executing the Basics Brilliantly Add 10423400: Magic Leap Demo [video] Add 10423285: C++ Metaprogramming: Journey from simple to insanity and back [video] Add 10423195: Hot Chip – Dancing in the Dark (Official Video) [80's and Computer References] Add 10423098: JAWS: The Monstrously Scalable Serverless Framework Add 10421281: Show HN: Intake for Apple Watch- track meals as easy as ordering at a restaurant Add 10420127: Embedded Elixir in Action [video] Add 10419649: Why Is the Democratic Party Afraid of Larry Lessig? Add 10419465: Autocomplete hand-drawn animations [video] Add 10419071: Microsoft Visual Studio Online Sign Up Tutorial ( VS Community 2015 ) Add 10419008: Founders' Stories with Basecamp's Jason Fried Add 10418151: Billions in Change: A documentary on inventions being designed to save the world Add 10417856: Million Dollar Shack: Trapped in Silicon Valley's Housing Bubble Add 10417841: Python Defusing Bombs Add 10417049: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer #3 Add 10416754: 8088 MPH, partially working under emulation Add 10415975: How we build disposable clusters using Go and Kubernetes on AWS [video] Add 10415824: Segway technology for wheelchairs Add 10415691: Ninja Monkey Training (YouTube) Add 10414896: Behind the Scenes: The Daring – Steve Wozniak Add 10414817: Tesla “autopilot” real world test Add 10414553: Contact Lenses (1948) Add 10413574: Declarative Control Flow Add 10413193: Building a Robust WYSIWYG Editor [video] Add 10412763: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment  Scanning page #63 for Add 10412451: CppCon 2015: Kate Gregory “Stop Teaching C” [when you teach C++] Add 10410986: Voxel Quest Draw Distance Improved [video] Add 10410892: RoboRoach Surgery Instructions Add 10410432: So, how does the browser actually render a website? [video] Add 10409448: Team and Execution (Sam Altman) Add 10409381: Introducing Canon's ultra-high sensitivity 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor [video] Add 10409269: AWS Re:Inven – From Local Docker Development to Production Deployments Add 10408022: CS183C: Blitzscaling-9/24/2015; Guest Speaker: Sam Altman Add 10407746: Video: Document Storage Techniques with PostgreSQL and JSONB Add 10407663: Procedural Level Generation with the Houdini Engine for Unreal Add 10407644: TEDx talk: Art meets tech to make creative cities Add 10407537: Quasicrystals in Medieval Islamic Architecture, Harvard Physics Lecture [video] Add 10407161: Einstein Documentary by Neil DeGrasse Tyson Add 10407055: The Infinite Hotel Paradox Add 10406955: Fish drives his own little electric car around the room Add 10406104: Earvin “Magic” Johnson: Understand Your Customers and Over-Deliver Add 10405974: SIGGRAPH: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment Add 10405336: Learn JQuery in One Video [video] Add 10405256: Introducing the Steam Link Add 10405209: Show HN: Javascript Visual Source Code Dependency Analysis with Chord Diagrams Add 10405025: A Better Scala REPL? [video] Add 10403835: FarmBot plants seeds for the first time Add 10403650: A Better Scala REPL? [video] Add 10403417: How to launch a nuclear missile Add 10402905: Interaction Design in VR: Valve's Lessons (GDC Europe 2015) Add 10402874: Blitzscaling – Lecture 3 (Michael Dearing) Add 10402436: The Speed of Light Is Not About Light  Scanning page #64 for Add 10402331: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment [video] Add 10401613: Demystifying Floating Point [video] Add 10401571: Elon Musk and Sam Altman on Thinking for the Future [Video] Add 10400849: VR in a Sensory Deprivation Tank Add 10400053: How we use GitHub to continuously integrate GitHub (2014) Add 10399125: Rami Ismail to Indie Startups: You Don't Stand a Chance Add 10399076: Distributed Teams and Successful Remote Engineering Add 10399063: DeepMind's Demis Hassabis Royal Society Talk: “General Learning Algorithms” Add 10399033: How React literally waters my lawn – Dave Smith [video] Add 10398801: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment Add 10397732: Where ideas come from and what comes next (ElixirConf 2015 Keynote) Add 10397431: Elon Musk and Sam Altman on Thinking for the Future Add 10397410: C++ programming pioneer hacks off-grid, DIY, smart home Add 10396656: How Oldschool Sound/Music worked [video] Add 10396479: Tesla's Autopilot System Is Creepy and Wonderful Add 10396465: The Quietest Place on Earth? Add 10394633: ElixirConf 2015 Keynote by José Valim [video] Add 10394608: Thinking in Polymer (The Polymer Summit 2015) [video] Add 10394039: Some Examples of Chip and Pin Fraud [video] Add 10393432: Elon Musk and Y Combinator President on Thinking for the Future Add 10393238: Demis Hassabis -“General Learning Algorithms” Talk at the Royal Society Add 10392965: Jordan Hubbard on How to Monetize Open Source Add 10391630: A brief summary of exception handling in Swift2.0 Add 10390826: Video: Tesla's Autopilot System Is Creepy and Wonderful Add 10390235: Skarp shave demo [video] Add 10390020: Capability vs. Suitability (2012) Add 10389978: Mad Max: Fury Road – 8 Bit Cinema Add 10388348: Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker (2007) – Genetic Algorithm Evolves Clocks  Scanning page #65 for Add 10388022: Real Mjolnir (Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner) Add 10387529: “How we built” [video] Add 10385558: MH17 Crash Explained Add 10384503: Amiga Walker Prototype Add 10384318: Video: Big ships first launch into water Add 10383646: Jony Ive, J.J. Abrams, and Brian Grazer on Inventing Worlds in a Changing One Add 10383555: Tips on journalism from Soledad O'Brien Add 10382686: ElixirConf 2015 – What's Next for Phoenix by Chris McCord Add 10382557: Musical Phonology with Bernstein (on the word "mom") Add 10382411: Show HN: 3D Printed Robot Controlled via Arduino (Demo, Printing, Assembly) Add 10382273: BruCON 0x07 – Advanced WiFi Attacks Using Commodity Hardware – Mathy Vanhoef Add 10381554: Million Dollar Shack: Trapped Inside Silicon Valley's Housing Bubble Add 10380149: Trigger your IFTTT recipes by voice command Add 10380044: A simple ultrasonic detection and ranging. Arduino+Unity Add 10378885: The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) Add 10378510: Boeing: Lightest. Metal. Ever Add 10378162: Google Adsense Introduces Full Screen Mobile Ads Add 10375539: Large Scale C++ with Modules: What You Should Know [video] Add 10375228: The Thors Hammer Experiment – Potassium vs. Ice Add 10374284: Preparing for a Python Interview: Things You Should Know Add 10374225: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health Add 10373870: How to make a really simple motor [VIDEO] Add 10373845: Introduction to Offline Web Applications with ServiceWorker Add 10370974: The mess we're in - Joe Armstrong Add 10370231: Adobe's Monument Mode, eliminates moving people or objects from pictures Add 10370215: Mark Zuckerberg and Oculus’s Michael Abrash – On Virtual Reality [video] Add 10370202: Elon Musk and Sam Altman's Interview at the Vanity Fair Tech Summit [video] Add 10369409: Adobe Sneak Peek: Audio Retargeting [video] Add 10369369: Teradeep general object classifier  Scanning page #66 for Add 10368278: I opened my garage door from inside Minecraft with LittleBits Add 10368121: Google Cloud BigTable [video] Add 10367903: Squadron 42: Facial Animation Technology Add 10367473: Sam Altman and Elon Musk Talk about the Future [video] Add 10367326: Extract Shading [video] Add 10367230: Forget “Steve Jobs,” Get Ready for “Michael Dell” Add 10366584: Hayao Miyazaki – The Essence of Humanity Add 10366244: Ideas about a new programming language for games [video] (2014) Add 10365627: If Game of Thrones Was Set in Silicon Valley Add 10365453: The Problems with Mario Maker's Metagame Add 10365452: Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry [video] Add 10365164: F-16 flying low through Trollfjorden [5:17] Add 10364289: Elon Musk and Y Combinator President on Thinking for the Future Add 10364098: Elon Musk and Y Combinator President on Thinking for the Future Add 10362958: Blind Programmers and Computer Language [video] Add 10361740: Keynote Larry Wall: Get Ready to Party Add 10360302: What do you think Solu Machines will present 15/10 2015? Add 10360087: Incident Management from the Future [video] Add 10360081: OpenChatOps: Programming language agnostic ChatOps [video] Add 10359472: Mind-blowing Muse guitar cover Add 10359145: How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio [video] Add 10359020: Crazily awesome talk – “I see what you mean” Add 10358917: The myth of the genius programmer, a video (55mins) Add 10358865: Harmful Opinion – The Linux Kernel Crybaby Add 10358864: Elon Musk and Sam Altman on Thinking for the Future Add 10358783: Star-Shaped Droplet Levitated by Sound Add 10358752: Dynamic Compilation (Graal tutorial, demos and benchmarks) Add 10357982: Mesos: The Operating System for Your Cluster  Scanning page #67 for Add 10357617: Data Center Computers: Modern Challenges in CPU Design [video] Add 10356347: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 mins [video] Add 10354502: Nick Schrock – GraphQL Servers Add 10354425: CppCon 2015: What's New in Visual C++ 2015 (does include C99/11 support info) Add 10354262: How Oldschool Sound/Music worked Add 10353410: OnHub rooted Add 10352780: How to Make a Portfolio Website from Scratch (One Hour Tutorial) Add 10352260: The best startup headquarters money CAN'T buy Add 10351393: Using Tech Tools and Competitors in the Market Add 10351054: C++ Expression Templates – Past, Present, Future Add 10350686: Things you can do with ZFS [video] Add 10349914: Matt Drudge: I don't need to be 'liked' Add 10349890: Memory and C++ Debugging at Electronic Arts [video] Add 10348657: ASTRONEER – Official Reveal Trailer Add 10348635: The machine that never was [video] - the Analytical Engine Add 10347734: AMP HTML (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Demo Add 10347346: Russian cruise missiles fly over Iran and Iraq to hit targets in Syria (VIDEO) Add 10347098: Hakeem Oluseyi: What I learned from teaching physics in Africa Add 10347097: Persistent Networking with Irmin and MirageOS [video] Add 10346534: Leslie Lamport: Programming Should Be More Than Coding Add 10346167: Genome Engineering with CRISPR-Cas9 [video] Add 10345024: Minecraft Scientific/Graphing Calculator – Sin Cos Tan Log Square Root Add 10344238: Erlang: The Awesome Movie [video] Add 10343963: Homer Sarasohn 1988 Interview Add 10343605: STEM Education Da Vinci Style Add 10343430: How many chess games are possible? Add 10343381: What Happens at the Edge of the Universe? Add 10342978: Relay Episode IV: Joe Savona [video]  Scanning page #68 for Add 10342640: Dan Abramov: Redux talk at react-europe 2015 Add 10342623: Procedural vs. Functional Rendering Add 10342380: The Problem with Time and Timezones [video] Add 10341494: [video] Anna's Story Add 10340747: Unusual entry phone hack Add 10340296: Show HN: New app for viewing YouTube videos on the watch Add 10339893: Java and the Shadow of Sun Add 10339839: Collaborative Navigation for Flying and Walking Robots Add 10339759: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Add 10339603: Microsoft Surface Book Add 10339599: How Oldschool Sound/Music worked Add 10338627: In the City Add 10337749: Simulating quantum physics in less than 20 lines of pure Python Add 10336925: Pluto the “Dwarf Planet” HD Add 10336716: John Oliver Segment on Peeple Social Media App Add 10336560: Adobe Comet [video] Add 10336511: Binary Half-Adder in Mario Maker Add 10335726: HardenedBSD Internals [video] Add 10335253: Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings [video] Add 10334680: Apparatus: A hybrid graphics editor and programming environment [video] Add 10334421: Do It* for Denmark. Do It for Mom [* make babies] Add 10333755: Alan Kay: Computer Applications – A Medium for Creative Thought (1972) [video] Add 10333674: Meet Project Comet Add 10333436: Meet Project Comet, by Adobe Add 10332587: Volvo Cars reveals user interface for self-driving cars Add 10332448: A Half-Adder Implemented in Super Mario Maker Add 10332054: PageCloud at TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 Add 10331951: Disney researchers made an app that turn drawings into 3D characters  Scanning page #69 for Add 10331844: Drone drops leaflets over NSA facility in Germany [video] Add 10331184: John Oliver Comments on a Social Media App Add 10330913: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Min Add 10330892: Real-Time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment Add 10330817: [video] Legacy of Computers by Gerry Sussman Add 10330183: The House Is on Fire, the Fire Trucks Are on Fire, the Fire Is on Fire Add 10329425: In Praise of Boredom – Maria Konnikova (Strata Video) Add 10329305: Why you should write buggy software with as few features as possible(2013 video) Add 10329252: Autonomy Without Chaos, by Google Engineering Director David Singleton [video] Add 10328857: 0-day documentary by vpro [video] Add 10328768: Edward R. Murrow Interviews Robert Oppenheimer (1955) [video] Add 10328589: F-14 Tomcat RC Jet – Awesomely Engineered Add 10328352: Morten Lund on the life of an entrepreneur Add 10328327: Only Amiga Song Add 10328295: 3D-printed Micro RC Truck “Unimog” and Transmitter Add 10328222: View of Kobani from a drone Add 10327979: John Carmack Talk at Oculus Connect 2 Add 10327878: Visualization and Comparison of Sorting Algorithms Add 10327532: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes Add 10327257: Oculus Connect 2 Keynote with John Carmack [video] Add 10326597: Is Glass a Liquid? Add 10326593: What's New in Chrome Dev Tools Add 10326322: How to Uninstall Internet Explorer Add 10325547: LSRepeater: an NSTimer block based replacement for Swift Add 10325081: Is Glass a Liquid? [video] Add 10325041: Segmented Wood Turned Bamboo Bowl (YouTube 360° Video) Add 10324566: 'The Godfather' of Adsense Drops Product Management Knowledge Add 10324466: Doom on the Apple Watch – WatchOS2  Scanning page #70 for Add 10323878: Steve Jobs talks marketing strategy in an internal NeXT video (1991) Add 10323292: Rewriting a Ruby C Extension in Rust: How a Naive One-Liner Beats C Add 10322452: Alan Kay: Power of Simplicity [video] Add 10322107: Segmented Wood Turned Bamboo Bowl 360° Video Add 10321408: Ubuntu phone in desktop mode Add 10321378: Lost, then returned two years later: Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere Add 10321060: A Better Scala REPL Add 10320995: José Mujica, president of Uruguay, interviewed for the Human film [video] Add 10320913: Help Send Richard Feynman's Van to the Smithsonian Add 10320860: To Scale: The Solar System Add 10320795: CCTV footage of Detroit police station shooting Add 10319970: Unix: Making Computers Easier to Use (1982) [video] Add 10319660: “Pixie – A Lightweight Lisp with 'Magical' Powers” by Timothy Baldridge Add 10317943: Deep Grocery Shopping Add 10317509: Shark detection sonar system from Australia Add 10317457: Estimating Pi with the Mandelbrot Set [video] Add 10316795: “Propositions as Types” by Philip Wadler Add 10315707: The Uber-ization of everything: these guys make $1000 a week standing in line Add 10315462: Peter Thiel: You Are Not a Lottery Ticket (2013) Add 10314468: Rethinking NoSQL: Four and a Half Reasons Why RethinkDB Is Worth a Look [video] Add 10314182: Inside a Google data center Add 10311545: How the black swan attacked the black scholes algorithm [video] Add 10310223: Brian Kernighan on Unix, Bell Labs, and his career [video] Add 10309582: Interview with Sam Altman from Stanford CS183C: Blitzscaling Class [video] Add 10309324: Visualization and “audibilization” of 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes Add 10309001: Alan Kay: Computer Applications: A Dynamic Medium for Creative Thought Add 10308904: VICE Special Report: Fixing the System Add 10308311: AT&T “You Will” (1993)  Scanning page #71 for Add 10308035: Unix Special: Profs Kernighan and Brailsford – Computerphile Add 10306747: How Much C4 Will a Mac Pro Hold? Add 10306058: A Day with Danny – Technology and Cerebral Palsy Add 10306043: Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on Git (2007) Add 10305249: Nvidia CEO demos DirectStylus capacitive pen tech (Computex 2013) Add 10304644: Simon Peyton Jones – Haskell is useless [video] Add 10304584: Object Oriented JavaScript[video] Add 10304073: Chat about Unix and Bell Labs with Brian Kernighan Add 10303863: Android Marshmallow videos Add 10303090: Broken GPS track recording? Add 10302326: Using Rust with Ruby, a Deep Dive with Yehuda Katz Add 10301831: Orange – Renato Add 10301398: “Make the Back-End Team Jealous: Elm in Production” by Richard Feldman Add 10300354: Addy Osmani – What’s New in Chrome DevTools Add 10299245: “From Protesting to Programming: Becoming a Tech Activist” by Abby Bobé Add 10298727: Musk Says Tesla Cars Will Go 620 Miles per Charge in 2 Years, Autonomous in 3 Add 10298697: A peek in our computer vision project [fixed] Add 10298249: Affdex SDK Meets BB-8 [video] Add 10297550: Some of the challenges that international entrepreneurs face in NYC Add 10297515: Google Nexus / Android Marshmallow Event Live Stream Add 10297315: You're dereferencing a null pointer Add 10297233: Google Press Event – 2015 Add 10297167: CS183C: Blitzscaling – Lecture 1 Add 10296792: Architecture without Architects Add 10296404: Using Rust with Ruby, a Deep Dive with Yehuda Katz Add 10296243: The Revolution in Violence in World War I  Scanning page #72 for Add 10294721: Kolmogorov Music Add 10294663: The Programming Language Called Classical Chinese [video] Add 10293925: History of the Commodore Amiga Part 1 Add 10293855: Vi Hart: Happy “Happy Birthday” Day [video] Add 10293780: Jonathan Blow: How Mainstream Devs Are Getting It Wrong [video] Add 10293247: Interview with Jim Simons, the Mathematician Who Cracked Wall Street [video] Add 10292585: Writing Good C++14 by Default – Video – Strict ownership, memory bounds Add 10292115: Intercepting a Method in .NET in less than 3 minutes with JSON Add 10292019: Into the Night with Garry Kasparov and Peter Thiel Add 10291937: A History of Programming Languages for 2 Voices [video] Add 10291542: How Uber uses your phone as a backup data centre [video] Add 10291516: Vaclav Smil: “Energy revolution? More like a crawl” Add 10290974: Contagious Subway Laughter Add 10290379: How false news can spread Add 10290367: “Eve” by Chris Granger [video] Add 10290144: Make the Back-End Team Jealous: Elm in Production Add 10289997: Visualising program execution [video] Add 10289806: JSConf EU 2015 Opening Performance Add 10289362: SIGGRAPH 2015 – Technical Papers Trailer Add 10289194: Secret life of Japan Add 10289147: “Propositions as Types” by Philip Wadler [video] Add 10289146: Hacking the Amazon Dash button to cool the interior of Tesla car Add 10288961: This picture got painted by a computer – Open Source #1 Add 10288814: Pixie – A Lightweight Lisp with 'Magical' Powers Add 10288796: Townhall Q&A with PM Modi and Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ Add 10288772: Specter: overcoming your fear of nested Clojure data Add 10288650: Another Go at Language Design [video] (2010) Add 10288437: Transactions: myths, surprises and opportunities [video] Add 10288332: The Cog – 2003  Scanning page #73 for Add 10287787: A History of Programming Languages for 2 Voices [video] Add 10287715: Hacked Amazon Dash Button Cools Down Tesla Add 10286745: Surya Ganguli: The statistical physics of deep learning Add 10286671: Visualising program execution [video] Add 10286363: Epic Games and VR: From Past to Present and Beyond with Tim Sweeney Add 10286095: Unconventional Programming with Chemical Computing [video] Add 10285894: Dan Geer on the Future of Security [video] Add 10285545: JavaFX Game Minesweeper in 30 minutes Add 10285477: PM Narendra Modi's Talk at Digital Technology Dinner in San Jose Add 10285253: How a Driverless Car Sees the Road (Google Self-Driving Car) Add 10285221: Indian PM in Silicon Valley: Digital India and Digital Technology Dinner Add 10285150: iPhone 6s waterproof [video] Add 10285040: TempleOS: x86_64 HolyC Compiler/Assembler/Unassembler [video] Add 10284811: Global Citizen Festival (live video) Add 10284700: Some Quick PgAdmin Tricks Add 10284278: Valve: The Year Ahead in VR [video] Add 10283939: Clay Shirky on Love, Internet Style Add 10283542: The Art of the Bodge: How I Made the Emoji Keyboard Add 10283529: In Search of Moebius (BBC 4 Documentary) – Comics Add 10283291: Free to Play Add 10282665: Intro to Spark Streaming [video] Add 10282509: Steve Jobs on Joseph Juran and Quality Add 10281148: Happy “Happy Birthday” Day [video] Add 10280471: Elon Musk Talkes to Sigmar Gabriel Add 10280129: John Carmack on VR at UT Dallas (2015) Add 10280067: REST API Design – Nouns vs. Verbs Add 10279888: Dave McClure – Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR (2007) Add 10279564: Particle Filter Explained Without Equations Add 10279385: John Carmack's VR Script Live Coding Session at Oculus Connect [video]  Scanning page #74 for Add 10279248: Learning Algorithm Beats Ninentdo's Ninja Gaiden Boss by Trial and Error Add 10277691: Forensic Imager Tools: You Don't Have the Evidence (2014) Add 10277288: (1960) Frames of Reference Educational Film Add 10276689: Living as Designed Thanks to Ruby, Alan Kay, and Galileo Galilei Add 10276477: iOS 9 and iOS 9.0.1 – Security Flaw – Passcode Bypass [video] Add 10276227: Is Your Code Too Solid? – Forward 3 Web Summit Add 10275987: Sentry cofounder lecture on bootstrapping an open source startup Add 10275824: Nicolas Cannasse (Haxe author) about his game Evoland 2 Add 10275767: VR Daily News Show Add 10275392: CppCon 2015: Herb Sutter “Writing Good C++14 by Default” Add 10275277: Sundar Pichai's Welcome to Prime Minister Modi on His Visit to Silicon Valley Add 10274756: iOS9 Lock Screen Bypass Add 10274004: Super fast camera captures light movement Add 10273582: Introducing Oculus Medium Add 10273023: iOS 9 and iOS 9.0.1 Security Flaw, Passcode Bypass Add 10272070: Rewriting a Ruby application in Elixir Add 10271371: How to End Poverty in 15 Years [video] Add 10271240: CppCon 2015: Bjarne Stroustrup “Writing Good C++14” [video] Add 10271143: Introducing Gnome 3.18 [video] Add 10270846: Juju: Service Modeling Made Simple Add 10270776: FACEBOOK: IPv6 is here and You're Hurting your Users [video] Add 10270694: This is Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet Add 10270375: Japan's Yakuza: Inside the syndicate Add 10270342: A certain kind of death: what happens to people who die with no kin Add 10270237: iOS 9 Lockscreen Bypass Add 10269830: Building a rope bridge with flying machines Add 10269736: Full Stack Fest 2015: Ruby 3.0, by Yukihiro Matsumoto Add 10269735: Martin Hellman: The Wisdom of Foolishness Add 10269517: Gnome 3.18 Full and Detailed Review on Fedora 23 Beta Add 10268347: Aerial Timelapse taken by drone  Scanning page #75 for Add 10267393: Panel: State of OSS .NET [video] Add 10265806: Cable Robot Simulator [video] Add 10265562: Control a Lamp Remotely Using the ESP8266 WiFi Chip Add 10265194: Hoplon and Javelin, WebDev Alternate Reality Add 10264221: CppCon 2015: Bjarne Stroustrup “Writing Good C++14” Add 10264144: Megabots – Real Life, Full Scale Fighting Mechs [Interview] Add 10263718: Building a rope bridge with flying machines[video] Add 10263087: Steve Jobs talk on Apple product line, marketing, (think different) 1997 Add 10262710: Introducing Gnome 3.18 Add 10262333: Real-Time (Not Turn-Based) Chess Add 10261721: Hardest Super Mario Maker level ever Made cleared by the creator only so far Add 10261050: How to undetectably remove and replace Warranty Void stickers Add 10260589: Pocket Kanye App (Ye.i.) – Siri Meets Swaghili Add 10260579: Why It's Impossible to Tune a Piano Add 10260189: Maciej Ceglowski – Barely succeed It's easier (2013) Add 10260026: Oculus Rift Ready Enterprise-D Virtual Tour in Unreal Engine Add 10259661: Hoplon – ClojureScript Framework [video] Add 10258096: Flying Robot Rockstars Add 10257956: The Fantoni / Nunes Bridge Cheating Scandal Add 10257412: Building a rope bridge with drones Add 10256926: How to break the Internet, destroy democracy and enslave the human race Add 10256640: Mobile VR via browser Add 10256489: Artificial Creativity with Markov Constraints (F. Pachet, Director of Sony CSL) Add 10256355: The Motivation for a Monolithic Codebase Add 10256257: This is Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet Add 10256123: Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet Add 10255782: Building a rope bridge with quadcopter drones Add 10255577: Reality TV Show “Bazillion Dollar Club” Starring Dave McClure Add 10255531: The Zipf Mystery Add 10253959: Git from the Bits UP  Scanning page #76 for Add 10253907: The pretentious approach to analytic number theory Add 10252496: Content Blockers Comparison – improve privacy, speed, data and battery life Add 10252383: Autonomous quadcopters build a rope bridge [video] Add 10252231: Nobel Physicist Frank Wilczek on Finding Nature's Deep Design Add 10251682: The Backwards Brain Bicycle [video] Add 10250969: Building a rope bridge with flying machines Add 10250635: Birchbark Canoe Add 10250127: Talk: Going functional with JS Add 10250110: Show HN: Luka EV, an open source electric car Add 10249900: Rethinking Scale at Hackathons Add 10249506: This is cool-retro-term for mac and linux Add 10248116: Super Fast Cameras (2013) [video] Add 10247361: Java: Past, Present, and Future – Brian Goetz Add 10246701: Play PC Games in a Chrome Browser (Nvidia Sharing) Add 10246178: Flying robots making a rope bridge [video] Add 10246155: Take a sneak peek at Billme – invoices on the go Add 10245734: Basic Getting Started Ionic Framework App – HU-1 Add 10245538: Frank Zappa explains the decline of the music business (1980s) Add 10245259: The Witness release date trailer Add 10244729: Hack the North YC Panel – Do Things That Don't Scale Add 10244602: Ahmed Mohammed Clock Is a FRAUD Add 10244088: Andy Weir: “The Martian” – Talks at Google Add 10243796: Animated map shows the undersea cables that power the internet [video] Add 10243762: The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained Add 10243003: JSON API Automated Testing Tutorial Video Add 10243000: Building a rope bridge with flying machines [video] Add 10242870: Agile Africa 2015: Managing by the 'Book – Kent Beck Add 10242288: FREE FOOD FOR THE HOMELESS  Scanning page #77 for Add 10242240: Pluto aerial tour [video] Add 10241719: Naturals, a parlor trick (Church Numbers) Add 10241542: CEO Satya Nadella Embarrassed by Cortana Epic Fail on Stage Add 10240681: BBC Documentary about Ada Lovelace “Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computting” Add 10240096: Immediate Railways – 256 byte demo Add 10239414: 3 dancers and 24 drones Add 10239020: Data Center Computers: Modern Challenges in CPU Design Add 10238931: Stop the Mini Intruders: GoBox for Raspberry Pi Add 10238563: Introduction to Hyperloop Technologies Inc Add 10238521: AMD will release Vulkan Open Source graphic driver for Linux Add 10238363: Pure Data [Functional Meetup Recording] Add 10238154: A Wishlist for Verifiable Computation: An Applied CS Perspective Add 10237504: Rewardle “Internal” Demo Add 10236471: Collaborative live coding in VR with three.js Add 10236243: The Rise of the Private IPO Add 10235946: 256 byte DOS program Add 10235251: Grantophone Add 10233884: New Steve Jobs Trailer Add 10233040: The theory of six degrees of separation Add 10232993: Learned to skydive so I could jump into Burning Man... from the sky Add 10232130: The Motivation for a Monolithic Codebase Why Google Stores Billions of L Add 10231799: FantaVision, Apple II Add 10231639: Stack Overflow logo update Add 10231354: How Automatic Transmissions Work (YouTube) Add 10230402: What's the Deal with Classroom Trigger Warnings? Add 10230285: Do Makers Propose a More Open Source Future? Add 10228578: To Scale: The Solar System Add 10228142: 14yr old arrested for a clock, Dad ran for president in Sudan (finished 4th)  Scanning page #78 for Add 10226260: Oiler not Euler Add 10226166: Sergey Brin on taking moonshots and the value of failing Add 10225993: 3 min summary of The Empire Strikes Back (using automatic text summarization) Add 10225927: The Zipf Mystery Add 10225535: Crystal: a programming language for humans and computers Add 10225287: Drawing in VR [video] Add 10224730: Google Dataflow a Unified Model for Batch and Streaming Data Processing Add 10224614: How to Make a $1500 Sandwich in Only 6 Months Add 10223737: How to Explore the Surface of a Comet or Asteroid: The Hedgehog Rover Add 10223116: Stack Overflow Logo Update Add 10222492: Inside the EDSAC computer [video] Add 10222274: Joe Rogan Podcast – Alex Winter (Downloaded, DeepWeb) Add 10221905: Motivation for Monolithic Codebase: how to manage 2B LoC in a single repo Add 10221823: How an Software Engineer Used Open Source to Make a Bestselling Novel and Movie Add 10221738: The Motivation for a Monolithic Codebase Add 10221460: Ubuntu Q&A, all you need to know about Unity8/Mir Add 10221439: Color blind guitarist sees color for the First time via light show via his guitar Add 10221044: Show HN: Colosseum VR – Explore the ancient Rome through virtual reality Add 10220662: 360 take on YouTube with embedded controls Add 10220642: The Thorium Dream (Documentary) Add 10220641: Intercom's Des Traynor on Product Strategy in a Growing Company [video] Add 10220277: Hacking Roller Coaster Tycoon YouTube Add 10219560: Building and Deploying Relay with Facebook Add 10219405: The Motivation for a Monolithic Codebase [video] Add 10218744: Porsche Mission E – an electric sports sedan that charges faster than a Tesla Add 10218645: Machine learning best practices we've learned from hundreds of competitions Add 10218588: Hang-glider landscape mountains in Unreal Engine 4 Add 10218567: Amazing Fire and Water Effects in Unreal Engine 4 Add 10217849: Diet and Climate Change: Cooking Up a Storm Add 10217214: Welcome to Project Soli [video]  Scanning page #79 for Add 10217061: Stephen Colbert's Best Interview with Vice President Joe Biden Add 10216990: Wherefore art though LFE? [video] Add 10214795: Ubuntu convergence: tablet in desktop mode Add 10214698: Robotic Landing Gear for Helicopters Add 10214319: Autonomous drifting using machine learning Add 10214056: The Monster Group [video] Add 10213402: Bo Ewald Presents: D-Wave Quantum Computing [video] Add 10213194: Taming Latency Variability and Scaling Deep Learning (2013) Add 10211043: Tributes to Steve Goodman Add 10210582: Moving online webserver using public transport [video] Add 10210538: How to do action comedy, Jackie Chan Add 10210288: Uber Founder Interview Late Show Colbert Add 10208853: Moving to Wyoming: Dependency Injection in Python Add 10208804: Google's Project Soli [video] Add 10208668: Crew Dragon – Interior Add 10208385: Donald Knuth asked, “Do you read Hacker News?” (2011) Add 10208093: Eric Niebler, Ranges for the Standard Library at C++ Siberia 2015 Add 10207996: What Happens to Your Checked Luggage at the Airport Add 10207394: Amount of ink wasted in Epson 9900 Add 10206709: Elon Musk on Stephen Colbert Tonight Show (09/09) Add 10206291: Small Pleasures [inspirational – short movie] (2008) Add 10206243: Man who speaks 19 languages – 15 minutes video Add 10206106: Elon Musk Might Be a Super Villain [video] Add 10205806: The World's Fastest Concert Add 10205643: Truffle Debugging Demo: Debugging multi-language applications [video] Add 10205457: Dry erase board lined with IR sensors to record pen strokes [video] Add 10205041: Burn Trials- Out of the Maze and into the Playa Add 10203630: How much ink does your Epson 9900 waste? [video]  Scanning page #80 for Add 10203502: US government blocks release of new CIA torture details Add 10203089: Glen Keane – Step into the Page (Disney Animator in Virtual Reality) [video] Add 10202873: 360° interactive video of Airbus A320 takeoff and landing Add 10202457: Critical Realism and Mathematics vs. Mythematics in Economics – Kingston University Add 10202376: Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes [video] Add 10201915: Selenium QA automation for non-developers Add 10201839: Disney Animator animating in 3D with Virtual Reality [video] Add 10201441: You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky Add 10200979: Using Python to Code by Voice Add 10200520: Arthur C. Clarke predicts the future.. in 1976 Add 10200489: [video] the science behind reading speed Add 10199895: Google's project Soli is developing a new human interaction sensor (YouTube) Add 10199859: Bill Burr Destroyed Steve Jobs Add 10199804: JavaScript ES6 Cheatsheet – The Best of JavaScript ES6 (YouTube) Add 10199302: Elon Musk: Fastest Way to Heat Up Mars Is to Nuke Its Poles Add 10198990: The Soul of Software and the Legacy of Ruby Add 10198435: Introducing Replays in Super Smash Brothers Melee Add 10197994: Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO Add 10197917: Google' Project Soli is developing a new sensor using radar technology Add 10197604: How to use Rake in build pipeline automation Add 10197580: Design Insights with Ben Brode: The dark side of releasing new content Add 10197569: Real Time Robot Dance Party Emacs Control Add 10197520: Inside the Rising Star Cave Add 10197465: Cognition, Creativity, and Behavior - Epstein & Skinner Add 10197449: The Last Audio Cassette Factory [video] Add 10197398: PlentyOfFish (Markus Frind) on Spilt Testing Add 10196195: Linux Kernel Developer Workspaces: Hans Verkuil [video] Add 10196105: Inside the EDSAC computer  Scanning page #81 for Add 10195267: Google – Lovefield: A JavaScript Relational Database Add 10194401: Building a low-latency WAF inside NGINX using Lua nginxconf 2014 Add 10193369: Optimization-related projects in Julia v2 [video] Add 10192082: The 2000 Year-Old Computer – Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism (2012) [video] Add 10191909: Wisdom of the ancients vs. antibiotic resistance Add 10191153: The Incredible Machine (1968) [video] Add 10190805: PRIMER-V2 robot rides a bike just like a man Add 10190722: Evolution of node-postgres (Gource Visualization) Add 10190667: Brendan O'Neill – Freedom of Speech and Right to Offend Add 10190599: How to Get Prepared for AWS Certifications (Webinar) Add 10190516: Liquid Gravity Engine Add 10189415: Lovefield: A JavaScript Relational Database [video] Add 10188606: Feather and Hammer drop on the Moon Add 10188544: Making things with maths [video] Add 10188358: You Suck at Excel with Joel Spolsky [video] Add 10187112: CSS at Stripe Add 10187076: How “oldschool” games graphics worked Add 10185978: Miyamoto on World 1-1: How Nintendo made Mario's most iconic level [video] Add 10185758: Steve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985) Add 10185519: “These Are the Gothic Cathedrals of the 21st Century”-Lawrence Krauss on the LHC Add 10185446: What is school for? [video] Add 10185278: Greenwald VS NSA debate Add 10184784: C++ Source Code Tools – Oovcde Add 10184729: Tech Talk: How Google Backs Up the Internet Add 10183860: Noam Chomsky on Science and The Dangers of Postmodernism Add 10183326: Your the Product Add 10183256: Glenn Greenwald Debates Keith Alexander Add 10183209: Show HN: I'm building an AR/VR glove (inertial tracking, no cameras) Add 10183193: Japan's independent kids [video] Add 10183098: [screencast] Functional Programming in Python by Caleb Smith  Scanning page #82 for Add 10182779: Challenges in Implementing Microservices [video] Add 10182635: The Sound of Code [video] Add 10182562: Literate Devops with Emacs [video] Add 10182363: Ubuntu convergence: X apps on Unity 8 and Mir Add 10181935: Hacking a House for Yourself Add 10181585: Apple campus construction drone footage Add 10181558: The Case for the 32-Hour Workweek Add 10181236: AMD Simplified: Asynchronous Shaders Add 10181101: A place where all fictional characters meet. Outside of time and logic Add 10180963: Future of Bitcoin Add 10179912: Learn Dart in One Video Add 10179867: Installing Arch Linux in 15 Minutes: Graphical Desktop Add 10179589: You're the Product – Aral Balkan Add 10179501: Nano bug as seen on IBM 3161 terminal Add 10179443: Mike Acton – “Data-Oriented Design and C++” – CppCon 2014 [repost] Add 10179439: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (CC Available) Add 10178438: Show HN: I made a program that generates music Add 10178049: Interactively Develop a Reactjs Application [video] Add 10177550: Imagine a world without mocks Add 10177172: Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign (1969) [video] Add 10176536: Wil Wheaton Introduces Valkana – Chapter 0 – TITANSGRAVE Add 10176266: The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone Flying Add 10176197: The Common Lisp Language in Molecular Metaprogramming Add 10175946: Coca cola and butane (not mentos) Add 10175779: Death by Twitter ( Stromae – carmen ) Add 10175741: Elementary OS 3.1: How to Make OS X from Linux Add 10175720: Blackwake, a multiplayer pirate FPS, funny game play trailer Add 10174304: How to Speed up a Python Program 114,000 times Add 10174173: Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub Add 10173090: The Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone Flying  Scanning page #83 for Add 10173064: Adobe CEO avoids a question about why its priced $1400 more in Australia Add 10172488: FaceShift Add 10172008: Drone crash-lands at US Open Add 10170534: Hans Rosling: Don't use news media to understand the world (english subtitles) Add 10170011: Why are refugees drowning Add 10169934: Adobe CEO desperately tries to avoid answering a simple question (2013) Add 10169448: 3-D Projection Mapping Add 10169009: The last audio cassette factory [video] Add 10168132: Introduction to Pop11, a stack-based language (2011) [video] Add 10168106: Building a hut completely from scratch Add 10167938: 4K Time Lapse of a Container Ship at Sea [video] Add 10167557: Good video for newbies: Installing Arch Linux in 15 minutes Add 10167357: Simple, Efficient and Neural Algorithms for Sparse Coding (YouTube) Add 10167177: The Resistance: TableTop SE2E02 Add 10167148: The Greatest Speech Ever Made by Bonzi Buddy Add 10165982: The Star Wars BB-8 droid can now patrol your home Add 10165423: Building web powered applications in Julia Add 10164894: BrokenChain: Mac OS X Keychain Vulnerability – 1st sept 2015 Add 10164794: BB-8 App-Enabled Droid Add 10163610: Simon Peyton Jones – Haskell is useless (2011) Add 10162921: The problem with projects. (humor) Add 10162538: An Open Letter to Clayton Jenning Add 10162452: The last audio cassette factory [video] Add 10161086: Ubuntu Phone in Desktop Mode Add 10160555: The Road to 5G, Matt Grob, CTO, Qualcomm (Hot Chips 27) Add 10160543: Convolutional Neural Networks: Yann LeCun, Facebook (Hot Chips 27) Add 10159904: Eliezer Yudkowsky on Intelligence Explosion [video] Add 10158428: (2014) Government programmer testifies voting machines are rigged Add 10158157: EevBLAB #13 – Batteriser dislikes me Add 10158080: The globalisation of talent hunting  Scanning page #84 for Add 10157490: Video: Live stock market hedge powered by machine learning algorithms Add 10157365: Things I Will Tell My Kids If They Become Entrepreneurs Add 10154825: How to Transition into Product Management Webinar Recording Add 10154488: Personal efficiency: desirable and achievable – Jean-Luc Doumont – TEDxGhent Add 10153277: Guy Steele: Growing a Language (1998) Add 10151743: Julia – The base language, future directions and speculations [video] Add 10151301: Home-Brew Oculus Rift Using Blender, 3D Printer and TrackIR Add 10151006: Richard Stallman never installed GNU/Linux Add 10150256: Live stock market hedge powered by Machine Learning algos Add 10149810: Hacker plays a full motion video on a Gameboy Color Add 10149354: Let's Play Half-Life Upside Down [video] Add 10149302: Scene from Jesse Eisenberg and Kunal Nayyar's Off-Broadway Play “The Spoils” Add 10149066: N.I.G.E. Machine Design – Forth on FPGA [video] Add 10148998: How “oldschool” graphics work, part 2 – Apple and Atari Add 10148072: Opening a Bottle of Wine with Port Tongs Add 10147909: Video – Model of Sol's Movement in the Milky Way Add 10147711: How “oldschool” graphics work, part 2 – Apple and Atari [video] Add 10146848: Explore the U.S. Army's Treasure-Filled Warehouse Add 10146674: Winsongs 95 is surreal after 20 years Add 10146671: Fibonacci Sequence in Music (2009) Add 10146280: Drill Bit in Electron Microscope Add 10146217: Patent-free open source MRSA Superbug treatment method Add 10146139: The Dark Art of Container Monitoring (CoreOS Fest 2015) [video] Add 10146129: Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle Add 10146087: Video: this algae based gel stops bleeding in seconds Add 10145793: TempleOS is fully open source Add 10145529: The Science of Six Degrees of Separation [video] Add 10145272: Adapting Morphology to Multiple Tasks in Evolved Virtual Creatures [video]  Scanning page #85 for Add 10144603: Fully Functional 3D Printed Boeing-787 Jet Engine (with Thrust Reverser) Add 10144399: High speed dynamic tracking camera [video] Add 10144319: Eadweard Muybridge's 1887 Animation Horse in Motion, Recreated in Lego Add 10143929: Two Minute Papers – Deep Neural Network Learns Van Gogh's Art Add 10143771: Introduction to Quantum Computing Add 10143385: Mark Shuttleworth at ContainerCon Add 10143011: Tux Racer Ubuntu Phone Port Add 10142930: Larry Wall: How to Code Like Larry Wall Add 10142919: Larry Wall: 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know Add 10142042: D-Wave's Approach to Quantum Computing [video] Add 10142002: Deep Neural Network Learns Van Gogh's Art Add 10141968: Threat Modeling Lessons from Star Wars Add 10141448: Zach Tellman – Always Be Composing Add 10141429: Self-absorption in programmer culture Add 10141200: All you need to know about Big Data Add 10140790: The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) [video] Add 10140013: “Lies, damned lies and scans” – Fascinating talk about the xerox bug [video] Add 10139420: Number Munchers ( for young desperadoes) Add 10138756: ALL of Wikipedia in One QR Code? Add 10138656: MobileFusion: Research project that turns mobile phone into a 3D scanner [video] Add 10138378: Why Don Knuth Doesn't Use Email [video] Add 10138333: Profiling and Optimizing in Go (Live Coding) Brad Fitzpatrick Add 10138266: Parallelism, Concurrency, and Asynchrony in Perl 6 [video] Add 10138007: Pixar Lamp Robot [video] Add 10137997: First demo of Code Lauren, a programming environment for beginners [video] Add 10137312: Meteor: Superpowers for JavaScript Developers Add 10136263: Simplicity Matters – Rich Hickey (2012) [video] Add 10136106: Are we alive or dead? Add 10135729: Integrated Live Fire Exercise (US/South Korea) [video]  Scanning page #86 for Add 10135475: Imaginary Numbers Are Real Add 10135163: Dame Stephanie Shirley: Why do ambitious women have flat heads? Add 10134807: JSON Graph: Reactive REST at Netflix Add 10133822: Video: Introduction to Quantum Computers and How to Grow Diamonds Add 10133682: Slow Motion Contact Explosive – Nitrogen Triiodide [video] Add 10132365: The Invisible Universe Add 10131453: Meet the Mobile Virtual Player, a Robotic Practice Dummy Add 10131443: Retired Ohio State University microbiologist comments on my MRSA treatment Add 10131381: Programming Challenge: spreadsheets vs. code. Which is faster? Add 10131341: Can You Solve This? [video] Add 10130541: GraphQL on Drupal 8 Add 10129915: VODER: A speech synthesizer from 1939 [video] Add 10129866: Songbird, quadcopter with wings Add 10129693: Migrating Over 1,000 Production Components to a Mesos-Based PaaS Add 10129484: AI Startup Demo One-Ups DeepMind Add 10128803: Learn Lisp in One Video Add 10128647: Searching the Internet – Gopher – The Internet Revealed (1995) Add 10128176: Revolution in Minecraft Command Blocks, computing fractals 40 times faster Add 10127943: LG Rolly – a keyboard that rolls up into a stick Add 10127030: Evil Mode: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Emacs Add 10126849: Protecting the Net from Advanced Persistent Threats Add 10126683: Student-built tree-planing robot prototype [video] Add 10126443: How Wolves Change Rivers Add 10126231: Concept for an Oculus Rift user interface (2013) Add 10126196: The problem with JPEG Add 10125317: Introducing YouTube Gaming Add 10124692: Why the US Dollar Will Collapse  Scanning page #87 for Add 10124287: Defcon 23 Dan Kaminsky – Killing Clickjacking for Good Add 10124277: Learn the Go language in one video Add 10123665: Show HN: We got the rapper Mike Jones to rap about our startup Add 10122681: Play Half-Life on Android Wear [video] Add 10122662: Learn Scala in one video Add 10122342: 500,000 volt electrical arc Add 10122198: A neural network tries to identify objects in ST:TNG intro Add 10122168: [YouTube] Robotics with Python Raspberry Pi and GoPiGo Introduction Add 10121966: 360 degree interactive video of London's Crossrail Tunnel Add 10120940: Categorification of Fourier Theory Add 10120722: Firefox OS: New Design Add 10120675: Let Vim Do the Typing Add 10120567: Dismaland (Banksy's theme park unsuitable for children) Add 10120536: Lexus Hoverboard: The Science Add 10120431: Deadly Truth of General AI Add 10120235: Sony’s First Aerosense Drone Add 10119793: All You Can App Add 10119770: Making a dictionary server in Rust Add 10118825: WebRTC Support for IE and Safari: Plugins Required Add 10118744: Stagefright: Scary Code in the Heart of Android (Black Hat 2015) [video] Add 10118640: Are You Living in a Simulation? – Silas Beane, SETI Talks [video] Add 10118604: Remember everything you browse Add 10118507: Silicon Brain: 100,000 ARM cores [video] Add 10118421: Hawking presents new idea on how information could escape black holes Add 10118407: Ted Nelson's Eulogy for Douglas Engelbart Add 10116698: Ecosystem Threats to Python [video] – Van Lindberg Add 10116278: Building our own browser with CSS⁄HTML and Node.js Add 10115997: Humans Need Not Apply Add 10115965: George Carlin – I gave up on my species Add 10115131: World record: P85D driving 728.7 km, 452.8 mi on a single charge  Scanning page #88 for Add 10114738: Mario Skate uses Boosted boards to bring Mario Kart to life at 60fps Add 10114445: Rocketry and Aviation Lessons for Software [video] Add 10114425: Analyzing the Privacy of Android Apps Add 10113457: How to Destroy a Laptop with Top Secrets [video] Add 10113080: Demonstration of Acceleration Inside the International Space Station Add 10112765: Pre 2000 internet commercials Add 10111991: LLVM Meets the Truly Alien: Mill CPU Architecture [video] Add 10110598: Video: Recursion – Part 6 of Functional Programming in JavaScript Add 10109643: Introducing IBM LinuxONE: Linux Without Limits Add 10108928: Twenty years ago today, Windows 95 was released. Here's the ad that was used Add 10108720: Mortal Kombat 1 Behind the Scenes Add 10108707: Michael Mauboussin: The Success Equation:Untangling Skill and Luck Add 10108706: Hacking Conway's Law [video] Add 10107847: 3D Robotics stepping up their advertising Add 10107294: Automated Web UI Testing Tutorial Add 10106950: Jack Ma's Original Sales Pitch in 1999 Add 10106858: Bjorn Freeman-Benson – Airplanes, Spaceships, and Missiles Add 10106742: IBM Manufacturing Systems – Keyboard Assembly (1983) [video] Add 10106031: How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine – BBC, Rolls-Royce Add 10105713: HackerSpace Design Patterns 2.0 [cccamp15] Add 10105384: Windows 10 Is a Tool to Spy on Everything You Do Add 10105363: Reid Hoffman on best strategies, valuable lessons, the PayPal mafia [video] Add 10105225: [video]KDE Plasma 5.4 and KDE Apps on Wayland Demo Add 10104614: Famous White House performance given by Vladimir Horowitz in 1978 [video] Add 10104224: THE FIRST HALF-MILLION VOLT D.C. TRANSMISSION LINE (1965) Add 10103985: Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel in China [video] Add 10103916: Stop Writing JavaScript Frameworks – Joe Gregorio – OSCON 2015 Add 10103732: US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA Add 10103342: What's Behind BLAST(Bioinformatics) – Gene Myers  Scanning page #89 for Add 10103141: John Oliver on Online Harassment [video] Add 10103017: Orange Matchbox: Ubuntu Core and Snappy Scope Demo Add 10102519: Why People Can't Get Enough Candy Crush Add 10102516: Ubuntu Phone keyboard, mouse, gamepad test Add 10102461: Defcon23-Remote Exploitation of Unaltered passenger vehicle Add 10101900: Ray tracing with perspective camera in Minecraft Add 10101530: Gian Giudice: Why our universe might exist on a knife-edge [video] Add 10101474: Laso Schaller's Insane 59 Meter Cliff Jump Add 10101350: VR News Show Add 10100260: Lessons Learned the Hard Way: Data Science Interviews Add 10099274: LibreOffice Viewer for Android Full Test Drive -Mobile Expansion of LibreOffice Add 10098234: Why Don Knuth Doesn't Use Email – Computerphile Add 10097552: Deus Ex: Human Revolution played by its developers Add 10096419: 100x Faster 3D Printing Tech Add 10096351: Lawrence Lessig Talks About Presidency and Policies Add 10095792: Allen Newell: Desires and Diversions (1991) [video] Add 10095463: Real Life First Person Shooter, Chatroulette Version [video] Add 10095372: “Metroid U” Created with Super Mario Maker Add 10095313: Code Rush – The Beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla (2000) [video] Add 10095087: Davos 2008 – Bill Gates: “We need a system innovation” Add 10094897: The Mother of All Demos, Presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968) Add 10094766: SVG is for Everybody [video] Add 10094019: 18 Years of Gnome Evolution in One Video Add 10093908: Git from the inside out [video] Add 10092845: Wat by Gary Bernhardt Add 10092532: John Cleese (Monty Python) – On Creativity Add 10092081: World Science Festival: Infinity  Scanning page #90 for Add 10090696: Why the Insecurities? (Internet of Things IoT) [video] Add 10090451: Codename One – Target iOS, Android, Windows with Java Code Base [video] Add 10090444: Making Robots [video] Add 10090395: GeForce-Powered Augmented Reality Sandbox [video] Add 10090308: [video]LG Unveils New Paper Thin OLED TV Add 10090016: iPhone 6S Aluminum Bend Test Add 10089334: Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tested Outside Add 10088775: Secure Your Native Code [video] Add 10088273: A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography (YouTube Video) Add 10088205: How to Prepare Your Family for Y2K (1999) Add 10088086: How to fix yellowed plastics on old computers [video] Add 10087897: The Eyes of Nye – Cloning (Season 1, Episode 4) Add 10087880: Tour of 1985 Home Automation System with Touchscreen Add 10087766: The little-known “Soundblaster” Keyboards [video] Add 10087601: [video] Nutanix Community Edition Nested Install Add 10086968: Darpa robotics challenge winner [video] Add 10086491: Parens of the Dead – Episode 1 (Clojure Emacs Workflow) [video] Add 10085004: John Carmack – GDC 2015 Add 10084757: The music you sleep to Add 10084589: Bjarne Stroustrup – Object Oriented Programming Without Inheritance – ECOOP 2015 Add 10082989: IBM LinuxONE Financial Trading Demo Using Open Source Add 10082550: Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tested Outside Add 10082517: How “oldschool” graphics worked [video] Add 10082296: Pentaquarks explained Add 10081861: Team USA Kickstarter for Giant Robot Duel Add 10081795: Tangible Holographic Plasma (SIGGRAPH) Add 10080956: Brian Kernighan on C [video] Add 10080870: Pistol Shot Recorded at 73,000 FPS [video]  Scanning page #91 for Add 10080693: A neural network tries to identify objects in ST:TNG intro [video] Add 10080589: Why I Don't Use the GPL Add 10080071: Drones for Whale Research Add 10079669: Microsoft wants your babies Add 10079651: The Politics of Internet Software: 'Geeks Bearing Gifts' Add 10079547: A Video Game That Teaches You How to Code Add 10079442: Packaging in packaging: dh-virtualenv (2014) Add 10079027: Frames of Reference Add 10078783: How to Launch a Nuclear Missile Add 10078582: [video] Static Analysis of Source Code After 200 Open-Source Projects Add 10078480: Cdak Best 4k Demo 2010 Add 10078433: Televangelists Add 10078198: Leaping the chasm from proprietary to open source: A survivor's guide Add 10078194: Introducing Project Sunroof Add 10077668: How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking Add 10077650: What Other Languages Can Learn from Rust by Yehuda Katz Add 10077381: RiftSketch: live coding in virtual reality Add 10076918: How “oldschool” graphics worked [video] Add 10076581: Trying to Become an Expert as an Intermediate Developer (2013) Add 10076443: How I built Project Sunroof before Google did Add 10076401: A neural network tries to identify objects in ST:TNG intro [video] Add 10076393: Craig Armstrong – Waltz Add 10076311: MX3D to 3D print a steel bridge in Amsterdam Add 10076018: Demo of Neural Network trained on 10M images Add 10075018: A Film Crew Unleashes 40,000 Killer Bees on Itself [video] Add 10074815: How I become a better Front End Developer [video] Add 10074720: What happens if you fall into a black hole? Add 10074510: [video] Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”  Scanning page #92 for Add 10073031: Life is easy Add 10072354: Real Mr.Robot, he stole $100.000 and bought a sport car Add 10071983: Crossing the Chasm – Mark Madsen (Ignite OSCON 2015) Add 10070959: Moleman 2 – Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms [video] Add 10069995: Tales of Gorluth II – New Amiga Game – Official Trailer Add 10069991: Konami's Terrible Work Culture Add 10069740: Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tested Outside [video] Add 10069454: Relic Hunting in Western Australia Add 10069366: Old phones are a gold mine [video] Add 10069310: BBC Horizon: 1977-1978 Now the Chips Are Down Add 10068182: CS50 Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg Add 10068073: Jeff Bezos 1997 Interview Add 10067860: I made a cell phone [video] Add 10067651: Will Unix become the next MS-DOS? (1985) [video] Add 10067005: ERNIE computer: lotto in 1973 Great Britain [video] Add 10066964: Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tested Outside [video] Add 10066368: Skill-based space shooter – created with libGDX and Blender Add 10066325: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education (NSFW) Add 10065983: Michael Mauboussin: “The Success Equation:Untangling Skill and Luck” [video] Add 10065684: JVMLS 2015 – Multi-Language Runtime VM, Mark Stoodley IBM Add 10065566: Knitting for Javascripters Add 10065526: Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle. Official Blender Foundation Release Add 10065511: Stuart Russell on “The Long-Term Future of (Artificial) Intelligence” Add 10064632: Problem with Big Data (2013) Add 10064075: Matt Might on Patient-Driven Precision Medicine Add 10063659: I Will Kill You [video] Add 10062521: Google Code Jam 2015 World Finals Live Stream Add 10061475: Review: NOTE 5 vs. NOTE 4  Scanning page #93 for Add 10061352: Building CircleCI's Front End with Om [video] Add 10061184: Flying Drones in Your Browser – Jan Jongboom on Physical Web and WebBluetooth Add 10061009: Skynet v0.1 at Amazon Add 10060769: Digital “organism” learning to jump over the ball Add 10060726: Agency Invents GPS That Switches to a Child's Voice Around Schools Add 10060616: Show HN: VR Dinos – Unimersiv's new VR educational experience Add 10059866: Shaving the Yak: Why Julia now has one of the best C++ FFIs Add 10059279: What does it feel like to invent math? Add 10058877: Angular 2 Talk at SwissJS Add 10058508: Self-learning Pendulum on a cart Add 10058143: A look inside the lab 3D printing Rhino Horns Add 10057230: Jan Jongboom, OS Contributor at Firefox Talks at Add 10057050: Category Theory: The Beginner’s Introduction (a YouTube Series) Add 10057018: A robot will do your job one day. You should start building it Add 10056757: Stagefright Demo by zLabs Add 10056461: JVMLS 2015 – Java Goes AOT Add 10056357: DPOW: Stock options Explained [video] Add 10055609: NASA Documentary: Suit Up – 50 Years of Spacewalks [video] Add 10055355: KDE Plasma 5.4 Beta Test Drive – Can KDE Replace Windows Desktop? Add 10055262: The Story of M-Pesa Add 10054074: Billion Dollar Bully Add 10053921: Io.js and the future of server side JavaScript Add 10053775: JVMLS 2015 – New Bytecodes, New Objects Add 10053074: WikiLeaks offers €100000 for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Add 10051331: Laravel Spark Add 10051083: Game idea: modify/destroy procedural generated city of your choice Add 10050994: So Pitted – Wingsuit Terrain Flying – Brendan Weinstein Add 10050230: Netflix – Chasing 60fps [video] Add 10050216: Releasing Shade Balls Add 10050086: Monolith – ASD – Assembly 2015 [video]  Scanning page #94 for Add 10049575: KQED Neighborhoods – The Hidden Cities of San Francisco: The Mission (1994) Add 10048407: Raw, Unedited Wingsuit Terrain Flying in Bussalp, Switzerland Add 10048118: New Release Kali Linux 2.0 and Hacking Tools Full Review 1080p Add 10047579: The Secret History and Tragic Fate of Sun.misc.Unsafe Add 10047265: JVMLS 2015 – Multi-Language Runtime [video] Add 10046071: The Next Chapter in Human Computation Add 10045828: Tour of 1985 Home Automation System with Touchscreen Add 10045802: New recording of MLK 'Dream' speech released Add 10045724: Lawrence Lessig: Hack the System Add 10045448: Official Trailer for Billions Add 10042315: Video of a neural network learning Add 10041269: Feynman and a great analogy (The inconceivable nature of nature) Add 10040632: The Lifecycle of a Revolution [video] Add 10039171: Inside websockets [video] Add 10038929: High precision air bearing CNC lathe and grinder [video] Add 10038565: The F-35's Vertical Landing – 60 Minutes Add 10038426: The Impact of MINIX (2014) [video] Add 10038377: Google currency hedging Add 10037971: Compilers Are Databases [video] Add 10037867: TempleOS: Version 3.09 Release News Add 10036971: MaterialUI: Google's Material Design Implemented in Unity Add 10036702: Ice cooled MacBook Pro to avoid overheating problems Add 10036350: Evolution of LLVM Visualized [video] Add 10034906: Ferroflection Pool, magnetically responsive liquid Add 10034877: PJON Arduino communication protocol working example Add 10033533: Martin Fowler on Microservices Add 10032942: NSA Whistleblower William Binney: The Future of Freedom [video] Add 10032603: The Universe Death Clock  Scanning page #95 for Add 10032589: Master Penman Jake Weidmann [video] Add 10032036: Mum Tries Out Unixware 7.1.3 Add 10031965: How to do backpropagation in a brain [video] Add 10031429: Show HN: Simulating Reality Add 10031401: – Identify music used in YouTube videos Add 10031289: Liberating the Smalltalk lurking in C and Unix Add 10031210: Good Talk by Martin Odersky, “Working Hard to Keep It Simple” – OSCON Java 2011 Add 10030993: Delve into Go: Creating a Debugger for Go [video] Add 10030587: The World's Largest Tuned Mass Damper in Taipei 101 [video] Add 10030581: Multiplying monkeys and parabolic primes Add 10030514: Turn Your Smartphone into a 3D Holographic Projector Add 10030299: Go on Mobile (video) Add 10030196: SIGGRAPH 2015: Dynamic 3D Avatar Creation from Hand-Held Video Input Add 10030006: Fallout 4 – Why Details Matter Add 10029764: Fear of Programming – Part 2 (Beginner's Guide) Add 10029663: Vilém Flusser: interview about technical revolution (1988) Add 10029611: 2+2=5 – Two and Two Add 10029077: Mig-29OVT (Mig 35) Thrust vectoring demo with graphical illustration Add 10028635: Scalability Meetup Whitepages – Erlang VM Add 10028430: Monolith by Andromeda Software Development Add 10028388: Hold-And-Modify by CNCD and Fairlight Add 10028087: Rust Development (0.1 to 1.1.0) Add 10027687: Using two soundcards at once: AdLib, Gravis Ultrasound Add 10026950: Lessons from film-making about working with different ego personalities Add 10026842: Microsofts assistant Clippy gets a music video Add 10026742: Japanese mini Segway “WalkCar” [video] Add 10026390: Geoffrey Hinton: Dark Knowledge Add 10026156: Can the Navier-Stokes Equations Blow Up in Finite Time? Terence Tao [video] Add 10026025: Windows startup/shutdown sounds from 1985  Scanning page #96 for Add 10025959: Making Architecture Matter [video] Add 10025881: The Inner Life of a Cell (2011) Add 10025799: 8800 Jobs on 7000 Acres New Orleans Regional Business Park Is an Economic Engine Add 10024828: Philae's approach to 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, 30FPS Add 10024446: German cranes showing off Add 10024235: Robot Tries to Escape from Children's Abuse [IEEE] Add 10023818: Beyond PEP 8 – Best practices for beautiful intelligible code [video] Add 10023648: John Oliver 0 50 State Song Add 10023364: Focus and Drive, episode 3 Add 10023266: This Web App Best Viewed by Someone Else – Eric Meyer Add 10023087: AeroMobil 3.0 Add 10022188: Boosting Brown Fat Through Diet [video] Add 10021307: Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data Add 10021111: First video of defcon 23(2015) conferance Add 10020894: Secrets of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs [video] Add 10020034: Fed case study: Fantastic profit at the expense of the public Add 10018191: Breaking Down Apache Mesos with David Greenberg Add 10017505: “Founder Ladies – Better Put a (Term) Sheet on It” – VC 'Single Ladies' Parody Add 10017365: Tesla Demonstrates Snake-Like Self-Deploying Charger Prototype Add 10016604: MRI magnet quench Add 10015226: Race Baiting 101 Add 10014736: How Google's driverless car sees the road Add 10014580: How to build, launch, and market a tech product Add 10014543: Chip Fab Without a Clean Room Precursor: Electroplate and Lift Lithography Add 10014310: Gig City Sandy: Home of the $60 Gig[abit Internet] Add 10012944: FlawCheck Checking Docker Containers [Video] Add 10012827: Ocean drift modeling showing potential path of MH370 debris Add 10012362: Components and Modules (Edge Conference 2015) Add 10011834: A small python utility to read Firefox and chrome's bookmarks and history Add 10010951: A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography  Scanning page #97 for Add 10010936: LibreOffice 5.0 Released! Full Review 1080p – Real Microsoft Office Alternative Add 10009964: The Mother of All Demos (1968) Add 10009906: How is the trailer of new advance wikipedia? Add 10008999: 11 New Features of iTerm 3 – Terminal emulation rejoice Add 10008131: $1000 reward for a Mario 64 glitch Add 10007691: Skylight – A Window on Shingled Disk Operation [video] Add 10007607: The Lexus Hoverboard: The Story Add 10007539: The Lexus Hoverboard Add 10007291: Why CG Sucks (Except It Doesn't) Add 10006611: Lexus Hoverboard: It's here [video] Add 10006048: World's Smallest Digital Dosimeter [video] Add 10006003: Lexus hoverboard in motion Add 10005935: FalcorJS (Netflix deleted 90% of their REST code when switching) Add 10005792: How a Watch Works (1949) [video] Add 10005635: Thunderstrike 2 “firmworm” for MacBooks Preview Video Add 10005375: Sidescroller Tutorial – Overlap2D, LibGDX, Ashley – Part1 Add 10005280: Force Touch on iPhone Add 10004807: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Add 10004110: What Killed Smalltalk Could Kill Ruby (2009) Add 10003752: Rules as a Control Structure (2014) [video] Add 10003616: Eric Jorgensen Simulation Projects 2015 Add 10003546: New Release Adobe Brackets 1.4 Test Drive – Modern and Open Source Text Editor Add 10002753: Why are polyelectrolytes so important? Add 10002184: Alan Kay – Normal Considered Harmful (2009) [video] Add 10001955: Two Legends in Conversation: Reid Hoffman and Joichi Ito Add 10001793: Cascading Shit Show by fat Add 10001700: Why are modern game engines missing decent level design tools? Add 10000632: Create your own 3D printed Super Mario Möbius strip [video] Add 10000628: Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet Add 10000509: Alan Watts { re:TODAY }  Scanning page #98 for Add 10000416: Eli the Computer Guy Says YC Needs to Teach Better Business Communication Skills Add 9999871: Self-Balancing Electric Scooter (mini-segway) Add 9999685: Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News (2010) Add 9998727: YouTube player control bar style update today (random link included) Add 9998453: Blender's “Cycles” Renderer Demo Reel [video] Add 9997356: Best Meme Generator Android App: Instameme Add 9995632: Best Meme Generator Android App: Instameme Add 9995131: Demonstration of Reversibility of Laminar Flow [video] Add 9993953: Jacquard Loom: Early Computer Programing (2011) [video] Add 9993370: Verlet physics and time travel Add 9993248: LHC Computing [video] Add 9993004: Holacracy (Zappos organization structure) talk and Q/A Add 9992777: Embedding 2D Desktops into VR [video] Add 9992643: GMO – Seeds of Destruction – Lecture by F. William Engdahl Add 9992563: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange [video] Add 9991865: Fermat's Little Theorem (2013) [video] Add 9991061: ZorinOS 10 ReleasedAtypical Design and Nice Effects in Ubuntu-Based Distro Add 9991016: Destroying Samsung Galaxy S2 4g Epic Add 9990992: The Banach–Tarski Paradox [video] Add 9990486: Monolith by ASD wins the Assembly 2015 real time demo competition Add 9990217: Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram Add 9990117: Christian Slater and Sam Esmail: “USA's Mr. Robot” Add 9989428: Table Saw called SawStop (won't cut your finger off) Add 9989415: BlockSeer – new tool for visualizing and graphing Bitcoin transactions [video] Add 9989187: 1 – How to make an operating system from scratch Add 9989097: Litvinenko's murder: The inside story [20min BBC video] Add 9988711: Medical care is 3rd leading cause of death in U.S Add 9988701: The Most Complex International Borders in the World [video] Add 9988535: Using Ionic Framework with Angular-Formly – DatePicker Plugin Add 9988073: Disney's Practical Guide to Path Tracing [video]  Scanning page #99 for Add 9987788: Copyright: Forever Less One Day Add 9987503: If You Could See All the Asteroids, What Would the Sky Look Like? Add 9986735: LXQt 0.9.0 Full Review 1080p-Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment and RazorQt&LXDE Add 9986178: SICP Lecture 7A: The Metacircular Evaluator (1986) Add 9986146: Voxel-Based game engine supporting soft bodies and animation Add 9986143: Google Talk: Uber Co-Founder and CEO Travis Kalanick (2013) Add 9986009: Pulsejet-powered bicycle [video] Add 9984871: Frank Zappa Playing the Bicycle for Steve Allen (1963) Add 9983802: Focus and Drive, Episode 2 [video] Add 9983249: Star Wars Episode IV Extended Version in Console 1080p Full Video Add 9982306: KDE 4 on Microsoft Windows Test Drive – Better Than Windows Desktop Add 9981606: 15min Video: Securing ChatOps at Add 9981052: The Art of Bug Tracking Add 9980237: Coding for Types: The Universe Patern in Idris [video] Add 9979848: Feynman explains why mirrors only reverse left and right Add 9979415: GoCircuit: Towards Elastic Computation with No Failures Add 9979308: Computer Science 61A, Fall 2010 Taught by Brian Harvey at UC Berkeley Add 9978501: Robot exoskeleton remote control Add 9977889: This scary machine will play ping pong with you forever Add 9977876: The many ways of parallel computing with Julia [video] Add 9977507: Writing Beautiful Code Add 9977460: OwnStar – hacking cars with OnStar to locate, unlock and remote start vehicles Add 9976576: Sometimes a Controller Is Just a Controller [video] Add 9975890: CBTC: Communications-Based Train Control [video] Add 9974000: DIY Razor Blade Diode Add 9973722: Upgrading from Windows 1.0 to Windows 8 on actual hardware Add 9973530: Fantastic Beauty from Code Galaxies Visualizer: Go Search, RubyGems, Homebrew Add 9972890: How to Make a Tuning Capacitor Out of a Roll of Toilet Paper (2014) [video]  Scanning page #100 for Add 9972844: DynaFlash: High-speed 8-bit image projector at 1,000fps with 3ms delay [video] Add 9972654: Focus and Drive, episode 1 Add 9972083: Humane Development – Agile. Scrum. Kanban. TDD.? [video] Add 9971668: Live programming from Sean McDirmid Add 9970427: “How I moved from finance to engineering in a year at AirBNB” Add 9970163: Post to your Slack channels by voice command Add 9969952: “Computing Professionalism: Do Good and Avoid Evil” Donald Gotterbarn (2014) Add 9969860: Google Translate vs. “La Bamba” Add 9969142: For the last year I've been working on an iOS game. Here’s a preview Add 9968909: The Factory of Ideas: Working at Bell Labs [video] Add 9968834: GoPro Spherical: The Future of Virtual Reality Add 9968481: Building a Distributed Hypervisor on FreeBSD [video] Add 9966682: 3D Cellular Automata in Minecraft (2011) [video] Add 9966057: “Let's get a Textr going” Add 9966002: “How I moved from finance to engineering I. A Add 9965686: Focus and Drive, episode 1 Add 9965393: Robust-First Computing: Announcing ULAM at ECAL 2015 Add 9965050: Alan Kay on Getting a CS Degree [video] Add 9964900: OnePlus 2: Product Launch in VR Add 9964471: What Do Programmers Care About – Joel Spolsky, Stack Overflow (2014) Add 9964250: How Microsoft Records Holographic Video/models for the HoloLens Add 9963874: An Overview of Online Learning Resources [video] Add 9963703: Brendan Eich – JavaScript at 20 - Curry On! Add 9963488: Frida: a deep dive from UI instrumentation to instruction-level tracing [video] Add 9963343: Designing and Implementing a Modern Monitoring Solution in Go [video] Add 9963090: Rapper Who Is Very Concerned with Password Security Add 9962455: How to Launch a Nuclear Missile Add 9962266: Firefox Nightly GTK+ 3 on Wayland Test Drive  Scanning page #101 for Add 9962194: What happens when you put an antacid tablet in a water bubble in space in 4K Add 9962122: How Microsoft records Holographic video content for the HoloLens Add 9961910: Find your favorite SoundCloud tracks by voice command Add 9961359: 2 mins video explaining Summarizy Add 9961247: How to Hack *TIME* Add 9960918: A series of short videos on functional programming in JavaScript Add 9960876: Carbon Nanotube Muscle #3 Add 9960625: OnePlus 2 Add 9960335: FPV Quadcopter Racing at the Drone Nationals [video] Add 9960244: Edward Snowden at IETF93 Add 9959717: Visualization of the frequency of English words [video] Add 9959648: How Titan II nuclear missiles were launched Add 9959036: Jsmpeg-vnc – Stream Windows games to your browser Add 9958992: Microservices: Notes from the Field Add 9958672: History of the Amiga (1992) [video] Add 9957950: enables White people to help non-Whites to succeed in life Add 9957814: Techniques for better spontaneous speaking Add 9957571: Improving Vim Speed Add 9957355: Nginx Load Balancer Visualization on a Raspberry Pi Cluster Add 9956715: Icaros Desktop Demo – Open Source Realization of AmigaOS Add 9956430: Change-Making at the Largest Public Interest Startup [video] Add 9955771: TXJS 2015 Add 9955671: Tic Tac Toe in 30 Minutes with JavaFX Add 9955383: The Evolution of V8 and the Challenges of Research in a Billion User VM [video] Add 9955314: Show HN: React UI Builder video tutorial: how to create component Add 9955178: World's First Smartphone Wireless Charging Monitor, SE370 Add 9954818: Arithmetic, Population and Energy – Al Bartlett [video] Add 9954727: How Gravity Makes Things Fall Add 9953175: Liquid Nitrogen Generator - Applied Science [video]  Scanning page #102 for Add 9952831: Bionic Boots Add 9952640: Richard Feynman's Actual Last Words Add 9952573: Plasma Mobile, KDE Based Mobile OS Add 9952040: The Internet of Things That Do What You Tell Them Add 9951887: Neptune 4.4 Demo – Great Debian-Based Linux Distro with Nice Design Add 9951493: The Five Worst Weapons Still in Use [video] Add 9950414: The Repugnant Conclusion Add 9950404: Steam allowed password reset without token from email, producing mass hacking Add 9949575: Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them (2014) [video] Add 9949450: DeepStereo: Learning to Predict New Views from the World’s Imagery [video] Add 9947808: Are crows the ultimate problem solvers? [video] Add 9947740: Awesome illusions within regular photographs Add 9947644: Programming as Performance – Sam Aaron, TEDxNewcastle Add 9947521: China's Web Junkies: Internet Addiction (NYT 2014) Add 9947186: KDE Plasma Mobile Prototype [video] Add 9947179: Opening Kenya Trip, Obama Supports Enterpreneurs Add 9947088: Should a Person Touch 200,000 Volts? Add 9947039: Topology and Geometry – Lecture 01 – By Dr Tadashi Tokieda Add 9946394: Half-Life 3 Will Never Release, Here's Why Add 9946344: Neil Gaiman – Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts (2012) [video] Add 9945603: Using Ionic Framework with Angular-Formly Add 9945572: Angular Componentization Talk Add 9944536: Richard Feynman – Problem Solving Add 9943795: Marshall Mcluhan: The medium is the message (1977) [video] Add 9942541: MobileFusion: 3D scanning using mobile phones Add 9942044: Free is a Lie [video] Add 9941969: TEDX – Making technology disappear using Artificial Intelligence Add 9941753: Elon Musk Talks about Tesla, SpaceX and the Ad Astra School  Scanning page #103 for Add 9941287: Kurt Vonnegut on how to write a short story Add 9941274: Sander van Der Leeuw: Origin of Cities Add 9941176: The Power of Immutability: Talk on the Design of Git, Clojure, and Docker Add 9941098: La Ferrari – 0-60 2.4 sec, Quarter Mile: 9.7 sec Add 9940268: De-Anonymizing Alt.Anonymous.Messages (2013) [video] Add 9940071: YouTube launched its first 360-degree video ad Add 9939934: What if anything have we learned from C++? [video] Add 9939392: Wearality Sky smartphone HMD review Add 9939077: Change-Making at the Largest Public Interest Startup [video] Add 9938400: An intuitive introduction to motivic homotopy theory – Vladimir Voevodsky (2002) Add 9937648: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Gear VR Add 9937310: How Facebook Open Sources at Scale [video] Add 9937283: Deepmind and the “Theory of Everything” Add 9937140: Benjamin Pierce – Software Foundations Add 9937055: Mark Spencer pulled off Asterisk; now sets sights on avionics hardware/software Add 9936977: ZuriHac 2015 – Discrimination Is Wrong: Improving Productivity Add 9935406: Civilizing the Barbarians Lecture 1: Introduction [video] Add 9934920: The hack NASA used to produce the first Mars image from Mariner 4 Add 9934781: Sea of Faith – Don Cupitt – Documentary Add 9933668: The Science of Insecurity Add 9932943: Retro Arcade Game Room – Unreal 4 Engine Add 9932764: W3Schools is just... Better Add 9931811: Connecticut students build handgun firing flying drone Add 9931585: Amazing visualization of asteroid discovery over last 30 years Add 9929718: Burn your select tags – EpicFEL 2014 [video] Add 9929450: How programming might would look like Add 9929311: LibreOffice on Wayland 1.8 Test Drive-New Generation of Linux Graphics Is Coming Add 9929277: Kids Cover 46 and 2 by Tool Add 9928470: Explaining the Space X CRS7 Launch Failure  Scanning page #104 for Add 9927608: Zero days – security leaks for sale [video] Add 9927594: Competing On The Basis Of Speed (2006) [video] Add 9926541: Apache Zeppelin: Web-based collaborative visualization notebook Add 9926203: Counter-intuitive geometry problem: attaching a tetrahedron to a square pyramid Add 9926009: Flying Gun Add 9925576: 2048 Reborn by Estoty Lab – wondering if 2048 game can be even better? Sure Add 9924801: Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth (360˚ teaser) Add 9922883: An 80's Commodore PC, running 24/7 for 30 years, controlling the a/c for schools Add 9922855: BreathTaking Video of Skiing in Kashmir Add 9920560: Breakthrough Initiatives Introduced by Seth MacFarlane Add 9920533: Andrew Shafer at devopsdays Minneapolis 2015 – not all devops luminaries Add 9920503: A Brief History of Everything, Feat. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Add 9920487: Amiga Top Music Tracks Add 9920400: Winsongs 95 (1995) Add 9919784: Video: What happens when you fall into a black hole? Add 9919285: Pioneer's Laserdisk in-store informational video (1980) Add 9918832: Wunderlist CTO Chad Fowler on Microservice Architecture Add 9918702: Accelerating Deep Learning at Facebook [video] Add 9918532: Tech TopX: Theory of Networking with Nutanix Acropolis Add 9918476: Part 1: building a traffic simulator with d3+angular Add 9918402: Let's be mainstream – user focused design in Elm Add 9918286: Growing a Language (1998) [video] Add 9915197: Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect Add 9914705: 2040 Ate Pi – 2048 on Raspberry Pi in Bare-Metal ARM Assembly Add 9914023: The scalable commutativity rule: designing scalable software for multicores Add 9913920: Richard Feynman on the Challenger disaster (1986) [video] Add 9913841: Historical how and why of hash tables [video] Add 9913785: Cascading Shit Show by fat [video] Add 9913431: Doom Inside a GZDoom Arcade Machine [video]  Scanning page #105 for Add 9913367: Using Appcelerator Titanium Alloy with CLI Tutorial Add 9913110: Show HN: Engineering Entrepreneurship – Tic Tac Toe Add 9911987: Flirtey making history with the first US drone delivery (video, 6 min) Add 9911785: 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee Add 9911346: What happens if you replace a parachute with a rotor wing Add 9909344: Intro to Meteor Revision 1.0 Add 9908877: Self Consciousness with NAO Bots Add 9908525: Indepth overview of tesla drivetrain Add 9908485: George Carlin on Global Warming (Warning: Highly Controversial) Add 9907972: Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect [video] Add 9907646: Types for an Untyped World: Bracha vs. Felleisen [video] Add 9907616: Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman Add 9907382: John Cleese – How to Be Creative Add 9907297: Lena Reinhard: Keynote at ScotlandJS 2015 Add 9906371: Let's talk about money – PewDiePie Add 9906315: Let's be mainstream – User focused design in Elm [video] Add 9906209: Nintendo 3DS Automatic Puzzle Swap Robot [video] Add 9906202: Sam Altman's Keynote at Startup Voodoo Add 9905583: Bitcoin transactions – 1 hour time-lapse Add 9905568: Why Groupon Uses FreeBSD [video] Add 9905186: Animated Flyover of Pluto Add 9904912: Demo of Web Bluetooth Add 9903848: Bitcoin is the real disruptor Add 9903833: Go Behind the Scenes at Google with Nat and Lo's 20% Project Add 9903033: What if there was a black hole in your pocket? Add 9902716: Quad 204 oilfield upgrade in the North Sea Add 9902641: Frida: Putting the open back into closed software Add 9902372: Meet Beme Add 9901912: How to Scale: Lessons from Stripe CEO  Scanning page #106 for Add 9901413: Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect Add 9901124: CMR Demos Its Printed Polarity Magnets Add 9900715: Let's Play Deus Ex with Warren Spector, Sheldon Pacotti and Chris Norden Add 9900305: MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games Add 9899424: Doom Inside a GZDoom Arcade Machine Add 9899418: Xiaomi's Hugo Barra Responds to Apple Copycat 'Melodrama' Add 9898557: Flash authoring tool now exports to HTML5/Native via OpenFL (video demo) Add 9898368: Cars, chickens and a distracted Android Colonel Add 9897368: Emulating a BBC Micro in JavaScript (1h20 Video) Add 9897332: Bjarne Stroustrup – What – if anything – have we learned from C++? [video] Add 9897044: Drone with real gun Add 9896796: Elliptical Pool Table Add 9896131: Bjarne Stroustrup: What – if anything – have we learned from C++? CURRY ON 2015 Add 9896126: Rust: A type system you didn't know you wanted [video] Add 9895888: How Secure Are Electronic Safe Locks? [video] Add 9895872: Ben Christensen: Applying Reactive Programming with Rx Add 9895834: Comparing the hallucinations of four similarly trained neural nets [video] Add 9895308: Philosophy – Sartre (2014) [video] Add 9895273: Why the Django LazySettings object sucks Add 9894024: Make School – a college replacement for founders and developers Add 9893684: Vinay Gupta – Transparent Society – Crowdfunding on Blockchains/Ethereum [video] Add 9892429: What has New Horizons discovered during its flyby of the dwarf planet? Add 9892325: Bits of Advice for VM Writers [video] Add 9891615: Ansible 101 – On a Cluster of Raspberry Pi 2s Add 9891363: Neural Networks Demystified [video] Add 9890805: Google's DeepStereo: Learning to Predict New Views from the World’s Imagery Add 9890694: Estonian startup wants to bring back the privacy.Launching skype competitor Add 9890432: Elon Musk – Starting a Business Add 9889797: My Fuel Book – Turn Any Car into a Smart Car  Scanning page #107 for Add 9889328: Microsoft Origami (2006) [video] Add 9889103: Lambda Calculus Madness Add 9888103: Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie Add 9885932: PolyConf 15: Unikernels [video] Add 9885502: Fat Gives His First Talk Since “What Is Open Source and Why Do I Feel So Guilty?” Add 9885093: Escaping from a North Korean Concentration Camp Add 9884953: Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth – 360 video Add 9883341: VR Researcher Doc OK creates simulation of Hololens' actual field of view Add 9882942: The Systems Story – Social Security Add 9882939: New Horizons Mission Update – July 13, 2015 [video] Add 9882875: Organizing Scientific Information by Date and Author Is Making Earth Sick [2011] Add 9881677: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Full Movie (Official) Add 9881653: How to do good pushups with an iPhone? Add 9879087: 2040 Ate Pi – 2048 on Raspberry Pi in Bare-Metal ARM Assembly Add 9879008: Arctic Emergency: Scientists Speak Add 9878955: Planet Earth Time Lapse – a new 4K video every day Add 9877760: Satoru Iwata 2005 GDC Keynote Add 9877709: Elon Musk: The Case for Mars Add 9877420: Kai Fu Lee: Being-towards-death Add 9876802: Behaviour-Driven Development with D and Cucumber (DConf 2015) Add 9873523: I, pencil Add 9873515: A starting guide to contributing to the GNU Hurd [video] Add 9873387: The Expert (Comedy sketch about business people and engineers) Add 9873057: Incredible Historic Photos Colorized Add 9872499: Dematerializing Auto Manufacturing – Kevin Czinger Keynote Add 9872423: Steam powered machine shop Add 9872248: Musk: PayPal spent 60-70M on their referral program just after launching [video] Add 9872009: Everything You Know About Addiction Is Wrong Add 9871538: David Beazley: Python Concurrency from the Ground Up [video]  Scanning page #108 for Add 9870698: TED Talk – Debunking Paleolithic Diet Fads Add 9869149: Fallout Terminal on Linux Demo Add 9868779: High Speed Touch Screen Testing Robot Add 9868694: A year offline, what I have learned Add 9868625: The key to success? Grit Add 9868153: Open Data is preventing NY city from giving some parking tickets (right at Add 9866551: Frida: Putting the open back into closed software [video] Add 9866520: Auto contact dedupe for Nimble Add 9865296: Mouse Pointers and Fitts's Law Add 9865249: Neutron bomb in Yemen? Add 9864902: Michael Porter Visits Cray Research (1988) [video] Add 9863846: If it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone Add 9863432: What the Brain Says about Machine Intelligence by Numenta Add 9863192: Maze generation in 3D with Maya [video] Add 9862962: Ubuntu Web Browser convergence demo Add 9862887: Microsoft Shows the Augmented Future of HoloLens Add 9862491: Mexican journalist assaulted while live streaming on Periscope Add 9862478: Portmantout: A portmanteau of every English word Add 9862047: Interview with Gil Tene, CTO Azul Systems and JavaOne Rock Star GOTO Chicago Add 9861560: The Promise of Relational Programming [video] Add 9860955: Intro to Functional Reactive Programming with Cycle.js Add 9859251: Frida: The engineering behind the reverse-engineering [video] Add 9859195: State, Immutability, and Persistent Data Structures [video] Add 9858899: Go with the Flow: A Reactive State of Mind [video] Add 9857785: Owncloud 8.1 New Release Test Drive – Free Cloud Under Your Control Add 9857763: The Death of Bees Explained – Kurz Gesagt – In a Nutshell Add 9857202: Intro to Functional Reactive Programming with Cycle.js Add 9857174: WordPress web design developed just for you Add 9856334: The Mill CPU Architecture – The Compiler [video]  Scanning page #109 for Add 9856249: No Man's Sky: How the Economy Works (YT Video) Add 9855177: A Chat with the Magic Leap team [video] Add 9854870: Rover's-Eye View of Marathon on Mars [video] Add 9854046: Joseph Savona – Relay: An Application Framework for React at React-Europe 2015 Add 9854043: Ryan Florence – Don't Rewrite, React at React-Europe 2015 Add 9853828: EU Parliament Speech by Guy Verhofstadt to Alexis Tsipras Add 9853789: Double Lifespan [Video] Add 9853782: Guy Verhofstadt Plenary Speech on Greece with Alexis Tsipras 8-7-2015 Add 9853693: Deep Visualization Toolbox [video] Add 9852488: Elon Musk Says Explosion a Huge Blow to SpaceX Add 9852390: Mining Huge Software Repositories with Clojure Add 9852361: The Fermi Paradox – Where Are All the Aliens? (1/2) Add 9851997: Unity 10 Year Anniversary Retrospective Highlight Reel Add 9851664: How to read Big documents Add 9851510: Regret Minimization Framework Add 9851431: Generic Programming Must Go Add 9850956: The Mechanics of the Film Projector Add 9850955: Rover's-Eye View of Marathon on Mars Add 9850882: Videographic: Which country has the biggest economy? (The Economist) Add 9849856: An Actual Playable Tortilla Record Etched with a Laser Cutter Add 9849789: Reddit comments history – from 2007 until today [01:39] Add 9849381: The Long-Term Future of Artificial Intelligence [video] Add 9848602: Om Next – David Nolen [video] Add 9848025: Tim O'Reilly Talks with Astro Teller about Moonshots [Video, 23 Mins] Add 9847529: AR Screen with Leap and Oculus DK2 Add 9847364: Google AI creates 3D models from Street Viewvideo Add 9847150: Greece situation visualized Add 9846456: Om Next Add 9846373: Environment Management for Development [video] Add 9845926: Performance Optimization, SIMD and Cache [video]  Scanning page #110 for Add 9845093: Distinguished Lecture Series – A Conversation with Donald Knuth Add 9844754: Deep Dreaming 2001: A Space Odyssey #deepdream Add 9843238: Material Design Add 9842830: Wicked Good Ember 2015 – Keynote: The End of Single Page Apps by Chris Tse Add 9842694: Inline Styles: themes, media queries, contexts,&when it's best to use CSS[React] Add 9842085: TED talk about NBA analytics – this software was used by most playoff teams Add 9841788: Primrose – WebGL VR framework [video] Add 9841447: Shooting Off Fireworks with Amazon Echo Add 9841178: Armitage: Playful approach to Pentesting Add 9840760: Inline Styles: themes, media queries, contexts, and when it's best to use CSS Add 9840012: “Mazes for Programmers” – code your own twisty little passages Add 9839425: John Mayer: My Friendship with Steve Jobs Add 9838877: Russia: Meet HEAD TRANSPLANT Volunteer Valeri Spiridonov Add 9838679: Bio is the new digital – Solid Conference keynote Add 9838595: Creating a Chip8 interpreter/emulator in C++14 [video] Add 9837657: Christopher Chedeau – Keynote at react-europe 2015 Add 9837390: We Need a Marshall Plan for Victims of the War on Drugs [video] Add 9837370: A smaller, faster, cheaper route to fusion energy? [video] Add 9837244: SVG and CSS transforms inconsistencies across browsers (2014) Add 9836996: Liquid fluoride thorium reactor Add 9836899: F/A-18C breaks the speed of sound, leaving behind the tell tale and Sonic Boom Add 9836719: Frames of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” Fed Through Google Inceptionism [video] Add 9835089: The European Debt Crisis Visualized Add 9834540: TCP and the Lower Bound of Web Performance [video] Add 9834372: How to Figure Out What to Do with Your Life // ALPHA MINDSET (YouTube) Add 9834158: Be human Add 9834023: Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel at ReactEurope Add 9834002: The Makers of Things Feature 1: Uncover, Arvind Gupta[video] Add 9833669: How CodePen handles 32M page views and 3.4M uniques a month  Scanning page #111 for Add 9833534: Git Large File Storage on GitHub (Early Access) – Test Drive Add 9833205: Extreme micro soldering at home(Apple 5s long screw screwup fix) Add 9833084: Behind the Scenes with Good Game Pocket – EP100 Add 9832782: 8K 360 degree video Add 9832655: James Simons – Mathematics, Common Sense, and Good Luck Add 9831557: Channel 4 (UK) Interview with Yanis Varoufakis Add 9831498: Deadly bot fights Add 9831316: Lee Byron – Exploring GraphQL at React-Europe 2015 Add 9831179: Brian Greene: Why is our universe fine-tuned for life? (video) Add 9830783: YouTube video 360 degrees: Bjork – Stonemilker Add 9830741: The physics of floating screwdrivers [video] Add 9830310: Ubuntu Snappy in Action – New Generation of Software Management in Linux Add 9829873: In Search of the Valley documentary now streaming free Add 9829838: The MIT Coffee Can Radar Optimized Add 9829625: Trust me, you can't handle this bike Add 9829462: Pebble Time Smartwatch Teardown Add 9829440: Rick Hickey: Clojure, Made Simple (JavaOne 2015 Talk) Add 9828431: Tektronix persistent graphic display from 1968 Add 9828384: Ukraine's Crowdfunded Military Drone [video] Add 9828148: Set Theory and Haskell (part 1) Add 9827963: Clojure on Android – Alexander Yakushev Add 9827824: Show HN: PLEENQ – Give context to images (using Reddit as an example) Add 9827745: Nuking Users with Dan Huard (reddit's newest community admin) on diggnation Add 9827501: Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? Add 9827475: Shotcut – Open Source Video Editor with 4K Video Support Add 9827317: Bias in data science (2014) Add 9827308: Megyn Kelly Talks to Smart-Ass, One-Eyed Satanist “Lucien” Greaves Add 9827022: How To Turn A Sphere Inside Out Add 9826921: The Value of Values (Rich Hickey) Add 9826867: Fireside Chat with Paul Graham [video]  Scanning page #112 for Add 9826864: John Oliver on Online Harrassment Add 9826470: Cell Phone Repair via Drone Delivery Add 9826458: Norton Documentary Profiling Romanian “Hackerville” Add 9825564: Stephen Bourne: Early days of Unix and design of sh [video] Add 9825319: Video of Jessie Frazelles Talk at Dockercon: Container Hacks and Fun Images Add 9824787: Sir Nicholas Winton, Saved 600 People(YouTube) Add 9824635: Tangible Holographic Plasma Add 9824547: A Hacker who likes to makes music Add 9824310: Americans work more hours than any other people on earth: B. Sanders (36') Add 9823384: If You Could See All the Asteroids, What Would the Sky Look Like? Add 9821876: AWS Summit Chicago 2015 keynote Add 9820503: 23 Vine Marketing Tips for Building a Brand Add 9817447: ReactEurope Day 1 – Live on YouTube Add 9817046: Stabilized and Aligned Footage of SpaceX CRS-7 Launch Vehicle Failure Add 9816804: Panel on Language Design Featuring PG (2001) [video] Add 9816480: Inflatable Robots of Pneubotics Add 9816069: NewSQL vs. NoSQL for New OLTP (2011) [video] Add 9815948: Perpetual Motion Machines Part 1 Add 9815945: Perpetual Motion Machines Part 2 Add 9814990: The Brain of John Conway Add 9814307: Every startup launch video ever Add 9814148: Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Add 9813246: How CodePen handles 32M page views and 3.4M uniques a month [video] Add 9813180: Steve Jobs on Object-Oriented Cake Add 9812915: FlashRelate: program synthesis in a spreadsheet (similar to FlashFill) Add 9812380: Steve Jobs – Official Trailer Add 9812348: Learning to Learn: Art of Doing Science and Engineering (Richard Hamming) (1995) Add 9812004: “Snowden” Movie Official Trailer Add 9811488: Kubernetes, the Road to 1.0  Scanning page #113 for Add 9811233: Susan Athey: The Economics of Bitcoin and Virtual Currency Add 9811163: NASA: Bill Cooke Speaking About the Bright Event in Southeast [video] Add 9811003: Gello, a chromium-based browser for CyanogenMod Add 9810659: Doom on Arduino(86Duino Zero) Add 9810467: Tim Ferriss's Top Rules for Success Add 9810437: MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games Add 9808308: Giant Ant Hill Excavated Add 9807928: Computational Interlocking Furniture [video] Add 9807614: Networking tutorial from wire transmission to TCP Add 9807488: Giant American robot wants to lay the smackdown on Japanese rival Add 9807294: Official Movie Trailer for Oliver Stone's: “Snowden” Add 9807121: Computer Color is Broken [video] Add 9807097: Linux Mint 17.2 “Rafaela” Released Complete Test Drive 1080p Add 9806742: MAGI Synthavision Demo Reel (1980) [video] Add 9806584: How Do Bikes Stay Up? Add 9806286: If You Could See All the Asteroids (Best Viewed on Mobile Devives) Add 9804698: Clojure Made Simple Add 9804438: A Casual Introduction to VIM on Windows Add 9802439: Basic Saucer Physics Add 9802205: Networking tutorial from wire transmission to TCP Add 9802058: Nikon coolpix P900 83x optical zoom world record – video test on moon Add 9801848: Beyond Containers: Agility and Security in Docker Delivery Add 9801762: MAGI Synthavision Demo Reel (1980) [video] Add 9801326: A Walk Around Chernobyl [video] Add 9801135: Disney's Magic Highway USA (1958) Add 9800638: Microsoft Visual Studio Code Test Drive – Open Source Editor Editor for Web Add 9800609: The WETA Effect, Or, Why Special Effects Peaked in the 90's [StoryBrain] Add 9800552: Why Is Modern Art So Bad? Add 9800489: Doom on Raspberry Pi (bare metal assembly)  Scanning page #114 for Add 9800340: LibreOffice: Online and the Cloud Add 9800313: Self-similar Quine by Yusuke Endou [0:48] Add 9799495: The European Debt Crisis Visualized Add 9799370: Facebook Messenger as Native Application for Windows/Linux/OS X: Test Drive Add 9798251: MarI/O - Machine Learning for Video Games Add 9797570: 3 minutes with Ubuntu Next 15.10 Add 9797342: Highly inspirational quotes Add 9797306: Working Lego Printer – Printing the Lego Logo Add 9797112: SpaceX – CRS-7 Launch explosion Add 9797006: 10 Freakiest Coincidences in History Add 9796789: Voice Controlled Hearthstone Add 9796763: Doom (1993) on the Raspberry Pi – 9800 lines of bare metal assembly Add 9796735: Fun Stuff with Lens Add 9796276: Horizontal barking dog experiment [video] Add 9796254: Fred Dibnah – Steeplejack (1979) [video] Add 9795407: Blind Dog Plays Fetch Add 9795302: Intelligent analysis of a deeply flawed Daily Show interview about Islam Add 9795292: First ever official ReactOS laptop Add 9795038: Steve Blackburn – Why languages suck and what we might do about it (2013) Add 9794716: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Paid Family Leave – [video] Add 9794440: Adobe Brackets Test Drive – Modern and Open Source Editor for Web Add 9794223: Go the Fuck Home: Engineering Work/Life Balance Add 9794134: Windows 10 Hero Desktop Image – Behind the Scenes Add 9793826: The Real'Wolf of Wall Street'?[video] Add 9793821: What are the largest causes of economic inequality in America today? Add 9793512: SpaceX CRS-7 Launch Add 9792708: Netumo Add 9792649: Hacking Super Mario World to Warp to the Credits [video] Add 9792526: Autonomous human transport project [video]  Scanning page #115 for Add 9792405: AI “Emmy” composed classical music in the style of Vivaldi (2012) [video] Add 9791997: Mario running in Unreal Engine 4 [video] Add 9791891: What do you want? – Alan Watts Add 9791519: Samsung See-through trucks help save lives in Argentina Add 9791271: Nova OS 4.0 Action – Cuban National OS (Linux) Add 9791109: Reinventing Organizations Add 9790952: Christian Heilmann's Opening Keynote at JSOpenDay2015 – Innovation vs. Impatience Add 9789502: Atom 1.0 Test Drive – Open Source IDE from GitHub Add 9789300: 360° 4k – kpop korean dancers (require Google Chrome or a smartphone) Add 9788261: Fairy Lights in Femtoseconds: Tangible Holographic Plasma (SIGGRAPH) Add 9787325: TEDxNewHaven – Steli Efti – Entrepreneurial Happiness Add 9786366: All 6 Star Wars at Once Add 9786067: What Elixir Is about Add 9785878: It's Important to Be a Full Stack Developer Add 9784601: MHealth Startup DigitalMedLab Health 2.0 Barcelona Add 9784432: How to Subtract by Adding Add 9782884: Introducing Atom 1.0 (GitHub release video) Add 9782664: Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is? Add 9781982: Skybox Tutorial – How to Generate Sky Visuals in Unity 5 Add 9781546: 2.0 (tech talk) Add 9781521: Taxi drivers violence against UberPop Add 9780709: 154 Add 9780459: Purify for iOS, an adblocker from uBlock co-developer Add 9780176: CCloud – Free&OpenSource TV Streaming with ~500 Channels[video] Add 9779439: Why ARM Owes Apple Add 9778861: Atom 1.0 Promo Video Add 9778158: Fighting Harassment with Open Source Tools Add 9777064: HP OmniGO 700LX and Nokia 2110 Add 9777003: Teardown reveals 30% of Beats headphones is metal that makes people insufferable  Scanning page #116 for Add 9776009: Surgical Procedure- Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement [video] Add 9775675: Background Sync in Chrome [video] Add 9775539: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment Add 9775360: Unlearning how to ride a bike [video] Add 9775128: An Introduction to Browser Rendering [video] Add 9775111: 10 Minutes of Me Playing with Ubuntu Phone (Meizu MX4) Add 9774513: The Dollar Shave Club Has Met Their Enemy Dollar Beard Club Add 9774364: Building a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch Add 9773414: DeepStereo: Learning to Predict New Views from the World’s Imagery [video] Add 9771588: Virtual platform for safety crossing Add 9771017: CERN: Stepping into the unknown #13TeV Add 9770227: Lexus has created a real, rideable hoverboard Add 9770159: Bill Maher Editorial: Learn How to Take a Joke Add 9769680: Algorithmic Music Generation With Recurrent Neural Networks [video] Add 9769356: Mac OS 7.5.5 running on Apple Watch [video] Add 9769152: Building a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch Add 9769117: Making A Celt Stone Axe From Scratch, including handle [video] Add 9768722: The KGB, the Computer, and Me (1990) Add 9768657: A song about agile software development Add 9768347: Road to the Stars: Speculative 1957 Soviet documentary depicting life in space Add 9768098: “Bitcoin is bigger than Google” – Bilaji Srinivasan Add 9767096: Running Mac OS 7.5.5 on Apple Watch Add 9766823: Living in the Future with ChatOps Add 9766660: Millennials Trust Bitcoin More Than Fiat – NYSE Chairman [video] Add 9764793: Interview with James Simons, Billionaire Mathematician [video] Add 9762773: Nick Sibicky Go Lecture #28 – What I REALLY Like About Go Add 9762373: The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry [video] Add 9762331: The man with 1,000 klein bottles under his house [video] Add 9762072: Mark Gold: “Water Water Everywhere nor Any Drop to Drink” Add 9761978: EDSAC is being rebuilt at Bletchley Park [video]  Scanning page #117 for Add 9761334: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment (HBO) Add 9761291: Oliver Sacks: on Amphetamines [video] Add 9761268: Telling the Functional Programming Story Add 9760927: For the Love of Physics (Walter Lewin's Last Lecture) Add 9760593: The Story of Airbus Add 9759752: Welcome to Life: the singularity, ruined by lawyers Add 9758795: Samsung unveils “Safety Truck” technology to help drivers over-take safely Add 9758596: Kevin Spacey's persona controls CGI face Add 9756698: PAPIs ’15: come meet the makers of Predictive APIs and apps Add 9755892: JavaScript: The Good Parts, 2009 – Google Tech Talk Add 9755772: Hamming, “You and Your Research” (June 6, 1995) Add 9755613: Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms (2012) Add 9754793: 3D-printed steel bridge Add 9754539: Guido van Rossum Talk on Type Hints in Python 3.5 [video] Add 9754155: Road to the Stars: Speculative 1957 Soviet documentary depicting life in space Add 9754072: ISS Symphony – Timelapse of Earth from International Space Station in 4K Add 9753801: Building a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch [video] Add 9753780: This dry erase board automatically saves your notes Add 9753191: Syllable OS Action -x86/32MB RAM/50 MB HDD/USB/Video/Audio Card/multimedia/GNUut Add 9752771: MarI/O Followup: Super Mario Bros, Donut Plains 4, and Yoshi's Island 1 Add 9752179: Candy box transformer [YouTube] Add 9751596: Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals and Society Add 9751503: In the Name of the People: El Salvador's Civil War Documentary (1985) Add 9751335: Regular expressions to finite automaton [video] Add 9751210: Software-designed molecular machines (Lisp, C++, LLVM) Add 9750903: ProjecturEd: Projectional editor in Lisp [video] Add 9750825: Red Star OS 3.0 Action – North Korean Communist Linux in OS X Style  Scanning page #118 for Add 9750252: Building a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch (YouTube Video) Add 9750054: GORUCO 2015 live stream Add 9750018: Kolmogorov complexity and bacis things – Alexander Shen – 1'st day (2013) Add 9749898: The World Wide What? Add 9749319: Robert Scoble on Online Curation (2011) [video] Add 9749136: Seeing the Secret State: Six Landscapes of the Surveillance State Add 9749025: Paul Graham Interview (2005) Add 9748941: Going Big with React – How to build Facebook scale web apps Add 9746911: Bare Metal Doom on Raspberry Pie Add 9746901: DynamicFusion: Reconstruction and Tracking of Non-Rigid Scenes in Real-Time Add 9746475: Tracker FM Alpha – First Look Add 9744998: The Rise of ChatOps Add 9744464: Keep JavaScript Small [video] Add 9744228: Erlang Master Class: Video 1 - Introduction to language processing Add 9744184: Parov Stelar dancing video Add 9743902: Half-Life 1 Maps on a 16Mhz Atari Falcon Add 9743889: Lenskart First Frame Free TVC Add 9743690: Why Did Steve Jobs Die? Add 9743420: Robert Solow in Conversation with Paul Krugman: “Inequality: What Can Be Done?” Add 9743234: If you have the skills, Australia has the lifestyle Add 9743187: Building a Billion User Load Balancer [video] Add 9743126: Star Wars Wars: All 6 Films at Once Add 9742762: Lies and Hype: The E3 2015 Story Add 9742663: What if the World Wide Web hadn't happened? Add 9742177: Machine Learning for Video Games Add 9741964: Hoverboard Night Flight [video] Add 9741760: TCP and the Lower Bound of Web Performance Add 9740991: Projectional editor in Lisp Add 9740938: Why 82,000 is an extraordinary number – Numberphile Add 9740880: 12 YouTube Ranking Factors in 2015 for Video SEO  Scanning page #119 for Add 9740609: How dads are helping their kids learn to code Add 9740320: Snake in ARM Assembly on Raspberry Pi Add 9740209: The Mighty J58 – The SR-71's Secret Powerhouse Add 9739804: Pitfall Classic with David Crane Add 9739374: Ukraine's Crowdfunded Military Drone Add 9739370: MarI/O: machine learning Super Mario Add 9738585: Robot and Nailgun: Completely Autonomous Assembly Add 9738476: Programming to Cure Cancer Add 9738244: What happens if you push the Big Red Button on an MRI scanner? Add 9737189: Jupiter at Google: 40 Gbit Full-Bijection Bandwidth in Google Data Centers Add 9737184: Fighting Harassment with Open Source Tools Add 9737041: C++ on Mars: Incorporating C++ into Mars Rover Flight Software Add 9735792: Offline Wikipedia with official dumps download Add 9735358: A reimplementation of NetBSD using a Microkernel [video] Add 9734773: Asynchronous Web Development with Python 3 by Anton Caceres [video] Add 9734655: Something Ventured (video documentary) Add 9731778: Show HN: Generating music from fish using computer vision and harmony Add 9730664: Microsoft Hololens New Minecraft [video] Add 9730562: Elementary OS Freya Review – Linux Distro Reviews Add 9730516: RubyC 2015 Bozhidar Batsov: “Ruby: The Bad Parts” [video] Add 9730300: A conversation with Nassim Taleb Add 9729904: HoloLens Minecraft Demo – E3 2015 Microsoft Press Conference Add 9729861: Isaac Asimov interview (1988) [video] Add 9729255: AMD Project Quantum: The Enthusiast PC Form Factor (video 2:52) Add 9729147: VC Panel – Wenger, Feld, McClure, Dixon, Graham (2010) Add 9728690: 3D scan a face with an iOS app Add 9727015: Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine Add 9726854: TEDx: Get ready for the new Alphas, the next generation of leadership Add 9726832: Mallborg – Telepresence robot plays rock show Add 9726112: Probably the best game trailer of all time  Scanning page #120 for Add 9725498: Minecraft Hololens Gameplay Demo [video] Add 9725140: A BitCoin powered BitTorrent client Add 9724857: Understanding Euler's identity Add 9724449: Welcome to Project Soli - Google ATAP Team Add 9723646: Hololens Looks Amazing Add 9722851: Minecraft and Hololens = Whoa Add 9722431: Minecraft Hololens demo at E3 2015 Add 9722360: Globe Making (1955) Add 9721801: Clasp: Common Lisp Using LLVM and C++ for Molecular Metaprogramming [video] Add 9721699: Minecraft Hololens Demonstration video Add 9721377: Microsoft HoloLens – E3 2015 Minecraft Gameplay [video] Add 9721241: Playing Minecraft with the Microsoft HoloLens Add 9721165: I don't give a shit Add 9720467: Samsung Safety Truck [video] Add 9719435: Jacob Lurie – Abstraction and Analogy in Mathematics Add 9718815: Native Plasma Shell on Wayland Tech Demo Add 9718652: The weird virtual reality of Project Tango Add 9718026: Fallout 4 gameplay video Add 9717248: Adam Savage Interviews 'The Martian' Author Andy Weir Add 9716263: The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence (2008) [video] Add 9715501: Le Mans 360° Lap Add 9715318: Signed Distance Field Text Rendering Add 9714748: Front End Performance: Beginner to Expert to Crazy Person – Philip Tellis Add 9714629: 360 Degree GT-R Race (Chrome, iOS, Android) Add 9714465: Cinema 4d neon sign ‪tutorial‬ Add 9713843: Haiku OS Action – From BeOS compatible to Desktop [video] Add 9713802: MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games Add 9713790: This Land is Mine Add 9713687: Using JavaScript to Teach JavaScript [video]  Scanning page #121 for Add 9713666: Björk: stonemilker (360 degree virtual reality) [Watch it on mobile YouTube app] Add 9713512: This Video is a Universe Add 9712428: MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games Add 9712359: Video showing how to solve the connect the towns problems with soap+water Add 9712057: Ways of Seeing (1971) [video] Add 9711162: Vectrix Computer Graphics Demo Add 9710189: The Code: Story of Linux Documentary[video] Add 9708558: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook Add 9708390: Life-sized X-Wing in Lego time-lapse Add 9707849: Skype Web Test Drive Add 9706991: ULSee Inc Facial Tracking SDK Demo (Virtual Glasses Try-On) Add 9706892: Wat Add 9706733: Terence Mckenna: Know Your History [video] Add 9706203: Rob Pike: Go in Go [video] Add 9706026: The Philippines' child miners risking their lives for gold [VIDEO] Add 9706015: Real GTA Add 9705595: I give permission for IBM to use JSLint for evil Add 9705398: Boeing, please don't do it with passengers on board Add 9704880: Oistrakh plays the Vitali Chaconne Add 9704314: Apple Backstage Add 9704309: Island of Kesmai (1988) [video] Add 9704053: A streaming reduce in 3 lines of code Add 9703662: TempleOS: Grand Tour (video) Add 9703388: DEAR Sega // Sonic Re-Design Add 9702720: Why You Want Voice-Driven Shopping on Mobile Add 9701875: World's first 8K 360 degree video Add 9701661: Going Somewhere? (Mozilla Firefox) Add 9699677: Demystifying Apple Pay (sec. Analysis on Apple Pay and Touch ID)  Scanning page #122 for Add 9699409: Introducing Falcor Add 9697619: Robots vs. Door at Darpa Robotics Challenge Add 9697268: The Matrix Trilogy Decoded Add 9696719: C# Is the Future [video] Add 9696519: Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn – PyCon 2015 Add 9695938: Here's definitive proof that Apple is no longer an innovator Add 9695004: ASP.NET Community Standup: Renewed Focus on Performance Add 9693771: Single biggest reason why startups succeed [video] Add 9693555: Cloudhead: Valve/HTC Vive Dev Kit Unboxing Add 9693527: Fury Road: Even the B-ROLL Is Awesome Add 9693150: People and Power – The Tech Threat (2015, Al Jazeera) Add 9693075: GPUs to Mars: Full-Scale Simulation of SpaceX's Mars Rocket Engine Add 9692226: It's a bike, and a desk Add 9692214: EYE FOR AN EYE Lenskart Gave the 3rd Gender a Platform to Celebrate SC's Verdict Add 9692094: What's so tricky about arrows? Add 9691085: Andy Zitzmann Endorsing Cloudways Add 9690505: Project Soli – A radar technology from Google Add 9690439: Rubik's Cube World Record Add 9690331: Hitler on C++17 Add 9690199: Magnetic Computer Uses Water Droplets Add 9689998: A Casual Introduction to Vim Add 9689978: The Futurama Theorem Add 9689625: Steve Jobs comments on music subscription model Add 9689558: Always Be Clicking Add 9688206: Diagrams: Composition, Envelopes and Alignment Part 1 Add 9687447: Chess grandmaster gets tricked into a checkmate Add 9686815: Skin Microstructure Deformation with Displacement Map Convolution Add 9686794: Why Django Sucks(PyCon 2015) Add 9686733: Brazilian developers, learn about Mindfulness [video] Add 9686081: Ubuntu Startup on XPS 13  Scanning page #123 for Add 9684875: Basic Mechanisms in Fire Control Computers (1953) Add 9684153: Wayland&Weston 1.8 Test Drive and Benchmarks: The Future of Linux Graphics Add 9683600: How they solder at NASA Add 9683500: Robots Falling Down at Darpa Robotics Challenge Add 9683489: Apple Knowledge Navigator (1987) Add 9683477: “Still Alive” running on two networked Sega Genesis consoles Add 9683414: Niki Lauda Explains Formula 1 (1985) Add 9682782: Oscilloscope Music Add 9682242: Drunken Robots at DARPA Add 9682117: Robots Falling Over Add 9682106: 8K resolution video on YouTube Add 9681688: After Sunset – Modern Laser Art Add 9681522: Intro to Deep Learning with Theano and OpenDeep [video] Add 9681443: I spent a week looking for the steepest streets in SF to make this Add 9680893: NASA/JPL LDSD Mars Landing Technology Flight Test [Live] Add 9680803: GTA in real life Add 9680321: “fuck you all” – Uwe Boll Add 9680036: The Martian – Official Trailer Add 9679544: Compass – The real estate experience redefined Add 9679532: Using Mobile App for the Management of Chronic Wounds Add 9679514: Play Assassin's Creed on an MSI GT72 with Your Eyes. Sick Add 9679429: How Not to Die Hard with Math Add 9678830: How Steve Jobs pitches a startup Add 9678788: Naval Ravikant Talks Entrepreneurship Add 9678716: Meet John Romero: One of the Godfathers of the First-Person Shooter Add 9677910: Beautiful Large Scale Time-Lapse Mining from Internet Photos Add 9677511: Turn any text into a task with just one right click – Review by Francesco Add 9677499: Gattaca – Alternative Ending (1997) Add 9676381: Watch man playing guitar while undergoing brain surgery Add 9676344: Superb 3D Effects of KDE Plasma 5.3 – Serious Reason for Switch to KDE/Linux  Scanning page #124 for Add 9676222: Pixel City – Procedurally generated city (2009) [video] Add 9675438: CODE GENIUS – 5 Minute Physics by David DeSandro Add 9675364: Robots falling to Benny Hill music Add 9674825: TedTalk: Don't eat the marshmallows Add 9674530: How PouchDB Works Add 9673554: TempleOS: FlightSim and FirstPersonShooter [video] Add 9671865: A GoPro inside a Falcon 9 fairing captured some spectacular views as it fell Add 9671644: Overview of Alpha WatchBench (Build Apple Watch Prototypes with JavaScript) Add 9670967: ReactOS Action -Free and Open Source Windows for All: 64MB RAM, WINE, Networking Add 9670956: NASA Mission to Europa Unveiled Add 9670521: Yaskawa Bushido Project: Industrial Robot vs. Sword Master Add 9669423: What Is Wrong About NULL in OOP? (webinar Recorded) Add 9668949: YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs. sword master Add 9668780: “Science, Technology, and Exaltation,” Keynote Speech by Ralph Merkle Add 9668412: Knowledge ≠ Understanding Add 9668387: EEVblog #751 – How to Debunk a Product (The Batteriser) Add 9668291: New technology enables 3d Display of images in air Add 9668196: Terraform and Ansible Add 9668189: Building and Testing Docker Containers Add 9668100: Performance Profiling Node Apps Add 9668048: Node.js and Docker [video] Add 9667015: Darpa Robotics Challenge: Finals Add 9666521: Mercury Astronaut Gimbal Rig Add 9666305: Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed Add 9665931: The cURL project – from hobby to world domination Add 9665930: Think Complexity Add 9665739: OpenWrt 15.05 Action -3 MB Linux Distro for Your Router: Package Manager, USB Add 9665264: The Safety of Heme vs. Nonheme Iron [Video] Add 9664876: Elon Musk talks about a new type of school he created for his kids  Scanning page #125 for Add 9664133: 5 minutes to build your video capture and processing app Add 9663921: Oscillofun (2008) [video] Add 9663721: What is EcoCAR 3? (2014) [video] Add 9663346: Hound voice recognition Add 9662654: Making material design [video] Add 9661581: First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy Add 9661534: Getresponse vs. Aweber Comparison of Email Marketing Services Add 9661090: JSON Graph: Reactive REST at Netflix [video] Add 9660547: Vinod Khosla: Failure does not matter. Success matters Add 9660466: God Wrote in Lisp Code Add 9659904: Live WebGL/GammaGL tutorials & self-embedded code, with Om/Figwheel Add 9659896: What if the user was a function? Add 9659768: PostgreSQL 9.5's Upsert Feature Explained [video] Add 9659751: Hacking garages in seconds using a Mattel toy Add 9659309: The Fermi Paradox II – Where Are All the Aliens? – Kurz Gesagt – In a Nutshell Add 9659220: Must-watch Webinar replay of a guy that makes iPhone games every 1.5 hour Add 9658672: Adam Curtis' Politics of Confusion Add 9658335: Honk: mind blowing Speech-to-Meaning engine show impressive speed and accuracy Add 9658120: Fallout 4 – Official Trailer Add 9657894: Interview with James Simons [video] Add 9657622: Demo of the Hound Personal Assistant from SoundHound [video] Add 9657185: Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing [TED Talk] Add 9656527: 9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry) Add 9656410: Remote Control System (RCS) Galileo Add 9656171: Stupidity vs. Failure, Pendulums, and Ego Chasing: Chamath Palihapitiya Add 9655960: Embedding a Torus (John Nash) video Add 9655633: 5 Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube Add 9655287: Website Conversion Tips – Increase Conversion Rate by 30% Add 9655070: Jim Carrey's Commencement Address at the 2014 MUM Graduation  Scanning page #126 for Add 9655035: Preview the FarmBot latest software and a tour of the hardware Add 9654870: Soundhound's crazy new demo in sentence understanding Add 9654819: LHC animation – The path of the protons [video] Add 9654818: Professor Stuart Russell – The Long-Term Future of (Artificial) Intelligence Add 9654771: SF Startup bringing Chinese mobile games to US market Add 9653581: How Uber and Other Innovations Undermine the State Add 9652950: Mobifile launches Tags Add 9652577: Fallout 4 trailer Add 9651449: Lego WORLDS Trailer (1080p HD) 2015 (Lego Minecraft) Add 9650748: Hound voice search NLP demo [video] Add 9650397: Are 'manspreading' arrests just police abusing the broken windows theory [video] Add 9650371: World's Most Expensive Hard Drive Teardown Add 9649552: Kung Fury Official Movie [HD] Add 9649181: Raymarched bouncing game using same distance field for display AND collision Add 9648708: Bluehost vs. HostGator Comparison of Hosting Services Add 9648569: Alan Kay's Talk (2015) Add 9648302: 5 Best Social Media Sites for Increasing Blog Traffic 2015 Add 9648226: Polymer and modern web APIs: In production at Google scale Add 9647038: Your zipcode is more important than your genes in determining your health Add 9646742: Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed Add 9646274: Edward W. Felten – Debugging D.C. [video] Add 9645905: Live Programming Quartz with Objective-Smalltalk Add 9645902: Objective Smalltalk Add 9644503: PyData Berlin 2015: Probabilistic Programming and Sports Analytics Add 9644490: Suit Up – 50 Years of Spacewalks Add 9644478: Supercharging page load (100 Days of Google Dev) Add 9643793: Lego Worlds Trailer Add 9643264: Google ATAP - Welcome to Project Soli Add 9643158: World War II: Loss of Life Visualized [video]  Scanning page #127 for Add 9642752: What is SteamOS? Add 9642563: Michael Dell on the Trillion Dollar Opportunity Add 9642166: Pinterest Cinematic Pins Add 9640922: Poor journalism or political activism? Journalist confronts Robert Mugabe Add 9640753: Warning: This Video Contains SaaS Language Add 9640619: Are build tools making the web too complicated for beginners? Add 9639992: Windows 10 is coming July 29th, 2015 Add 9639808: Telescope Time Without Tears – Borda Count Peer Review Add 9639165: What Bill Gates is afraid of Add 9638886: General Purpose, Low Power Supercomputing Using Reconfiguration (2006) Add 9638648: Show HN: Autism Simulator JMonkey Video Add 9638118: Steve Jobs talks about the future of microcomputing (1980) Add 9637952: A Little Bit of Forth [video] Add 9637854: Shia LeBoeuf's motivational speech Add 9637738: Streaming XBOX games to your PC with Windows 10 Add 9637301: A Subway Delay Story [video] Add 9637197: KolibriOS in Action. A Free, 1.4 MB Drive/8MB RAM Assembly OS Add 9636343: Arcades in Shanghai Add 9636309: Altius Space Machines “Prospector” Demonstration [video] Add 9636169: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against the Patriot Act – May 31, 2015 Add 9635642: Use effectivepower bug to stop iPhones using maps or navigation Add 9634429: Android TV Games Add 9634317: The weird virtual reality of Project Tango Add 9634121: Japan's Automated Car Parks [video] Add 9633251: Japan Bicycle Parking Technology [video] Add 9633038: JetBrains' MPS Projectional Editor [video] Add 9632335: Miniature Origami Robot Self-Folds, Walks, Swims, and Degrades Add 9632152: The Backwards Brain Bicycle – Smarter Every Day 133  Scanning page #128 for Add 9631967: SpaceX Testing – Merlin Engine Starts Up Add 9631809: Elixir and the Internet of Things (2014) [video] Add 9631718: Man breaks Guinness hoverboard record after standing on a drone Add 9631344: EEVblog #746 – Sharp X68000 Retro Computer Teardown Add 9631042: Project Soli; Google's new interaction sensor using radar Add 9630677: 3D Mapping and Navigation Using Octrees on a Quadrotor Add 9630199: President Obama Weekly Address: Pass the USA Freedom Act Add 9629896: MIT Cheetah robot learned the running jump Add 9629674: Color Changing Hair Add 9628844: The Muppet Show Pitch Reel [video] Add 9628708: Google IO: A Little Badass. Beautiful. Tech and Human. Work and Love. ATAP Add 9628578: The Archer's Paradox in SLOW MOTION Add 9628575: Meet the Unsung Female Programmer Behind Atari’s Centipede Add 9628291: The future of tech fashion. we will merge. project jacquard Add 9628089: Bill Burr harsh standup sketch about Steve Jobs Add 9627977: Time-Lapse Mining from Internet Photos Add 9627346: Deep Sensorimotor Learning Add 9627327: Sarah Haider: Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique Add 9626644: CERN Enigma [video] Add 9626198: Bjarne Stroustrup the Essence of C++ (evolution) [video] Add 9625908: Spyin' NSA – Cryptographers Sing Surfin' USA Parody Add 9625786: Google ATAP: Welcome to Project Soli [video] Add 9625741: The Effective Power Bug: Why Can Weird Text Crash Your iPhone? Add 9625290: Kung Fury – a comedy funded through Kickstarter [video] Add 9623726: Wonderful Add 9623657: HFT in Europe by vpro international Add 9623587: Enonic XP Platform Overview Add 9623494: Rocket Science Feedback Control in a Video Game Add 9623281: MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump [video] Add 9622673: Google I/O 2015 – What's New in Android Development Tools  Scanning page #129 for Add 9622671: Google I/O 2015 – The next generation mobile web Add 9622478: Kung Fury (Official Movie) Add 9621484: Casey Neistat builds his own Google Glass Add 9621424: Mr Robot – Full pilot episode Add 9620889: YouTube: 10 years Add 9620798: An Energy Efficient and Massively Parallel Approach to Valid Numerics Add 9620546: Making Material Design [video] Add 9619481: Bryan Lewis using R, NASA data, and mushroom forums to map Morel growth [video] Add 9619342: Google I/O 2015 – Streaming Keynote Add 9619273: Google I/O 2015 – Keynote Add 9619267: Google I/O Live keynote stream Add 9619061: Google I/O 2015 – Keynote Add 9618528: Vortex Bladeless, wind turbine without blades Add 9618090: Lena Reinhard – “A Talk About Nothing” – .concat() 2015 Add 9617777: University Rover Challenge – World's Premier Robotics Competition Starts Today Add 9617760: 2001 Howard High Student Address Add 9617314: Natalie Portman Harvard Commencement Speech 2015 Add 9616906: Google Developers – Dart for IoT Add 9616814: PostgreSQL 9.5's Upsert Feature Explained Add 9616505: Coolest Animation on Adobe Flash Add 9616088: [2015] Interview: Bill Gates and Elon Musk Add 9615858: Bringing 2D characters to life with Adobe Character Animator [video] Add 9615684: Billionaire Mathematician – Numberphile Add 9615322: Motivation to Continue a Project Without Seeing Significant Growth Add 9615146: What Bill Gates is afraid of? Add 9614861: How to make personalized videos from form submissions using Zapier Add 9614860: Mark Shuttleworth Interview OpenStack Summit 2015 Add 9614578: First 3 online video tutorials for “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python”  Scanning page #130 for Add 9614547: HACKERMAN'S HACKING TUTORIALS – How to Hack Time Add 9614385: How DDP helps improve iOS application architecture Add 9611328: What Killed Smalltalk Could Kill Ruby (2009) Add 9610906: Why Learn Basic Electronics? Add 9610887: IBM Watson TED application demo Add 9610539: When you in depression Add 9610503: Show HN: Hyperaudio – Mixing Audio and Video from an Interactive Transcript Add 9610284: Gopher Fest (Live Feed) Add 9610222: Jamie xx – Gosh Add 9610173: Interesting Carsharing Timelapse in Berlin Add 9609671: Computability – Philip Wadler [video] Add 9609663: GopherFest 2015 (Actual Live Feed) Add 9608385: GopherFest 2015 will livestream on YouTube tonight Add 9607006: Heartography, or, Grizzler, the first phodogropher Add 9605320: Quake 3 on a 16Mhz Atari Falcon Add 9603160: I hope you don't develop your product like this – Bradley Fighting Vehicle Add 9601817: Steve Jobs and Woz Recalling Apple's Early Days Video Add 9600553: Zapier Tutorial: automatically create personalized videos from a spreadsheet Add 9597764: Farthest Journey by Hoverboard – Guinness World Records Add 9596496: P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo (2014) [video] Add 9595809: Rust (the game, not the language) Raid: World War Rustopia Add 9595766: DeNa is GREEDY Add 9595760: How do they make Silicon Wafers and Computer Chips? (2008) Add 9595507: MenuetOS 1.0 – 1.5 MB OS written entirely in assembly [video] Add 9595360: Levitating Superconductor on a Möbius strip (2013) [video] Add 9595336: The Williams WASP X-Jet (1974) Add 9594014: Functional Geekery for an Imperative Mind Add 9593128: Arduino-based backyard aquaponics (2013) [video]  Scanning page #131 for Add 9592590: How Japan Cleans Its Bullet Trains in 7 Minutes Flat [video] Add 9592503: JPEG DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) Add 9591928: TeraDeep: 10M images deep neural network Add 9591848: 10 Lessons for Foreign Entrepreneurs in Sillicon Valley by Tytus Cytowski Add 9591369: An Evening at Erlang Factory: Joe Armstrong, Mike Williams, Robert Virding Add 9591180: The First Hoverboard Flight (1'02") Add 9590814: How to generate personalized videos for your Unbounce leads Add 9590806: Erlang the Movie II: The Sequel [video] Add 9589542: The Speed of Outrage: Tom Scott at Thinking Digital 2015 (YouTube) Add 9587267: Software Memories, Simulated Machines – Google Tech Talk Meetup Stockholm Add 9586765: A week in the life of a Tokyo salary man【字幕付き】[video] Add 9586658: What happens to boiling water at -41C? Add 9586594: Python and MongoDB as a Platform for Financial Market Data (2014) [video] Add 9586553: Lazy Loading with PHP HTML and JavaScript Add 9586235: Magnetic Logic – Forgotten Technology [video] Add 9585302: The Terminator Gene Add 9585181: REVIEW: Samsung Gear VR S6 V. Gear VR Note 4 Add 9585097: Emdrive Test No 3.1 Frustum upside down position [video] Add 9584356: The Future: Elon Musk Debuts The Tesla Power Wall Add 9584237: [video] The Soul of Software – Avdi Grimm Add 9583250: First 13TeV (tuning) collisions seen by CMS Add 9581791: Start saving your time and money now Add 9581422: John Resig – Analyzing Art Data for Fun and Profit Add 9581371: Harvard CS50 Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg (2005) Add 9580482: World Battleground, 1000 years of war in 5 minutes Add 9580269: Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes [video] Add 9580188: Show HN: Our app makes 100x faster calls than Google Hangouts Add 9580057: Jeri Ellsworth, self-taught engineer, talks about her career (2011) [video]  Scanning page #132 for Add 9579962: The Backwards Brain Bicycle Add 9579800: LXD vs. KVM Add 9579752: Google Rebrands Google Web Master Tools as Google Search Console Add 9579559: The uselessness of Apple Watch seems to be a thing Add 9579253: How Augur (Decentralized Prediction Market) Works – Narrated by Shooter Jennings Add 9577897: Qt 20 years in: A perpetually compelling tech fold Add 9577668: Why Raindrops Are Mathematically Impossible Add 9577365: Polite Russian teenagers fight rude drivers withstickers(desktop has english caps) Add 9577096: Homebrew – The Good, Bad and Ugly of OS X Packaging Add 9576147: CD Shattering at 170,000FPS Add 9575949: D-Wave Lab Tour Part 3 (of 3) – The D-Wave Processor [video] Add 9574955: created this visually stunning realtime-animation Add 9574504: The Backwards Brain Bicycle Add 9573824: Ember's New Glimmer Engine, and Chrome Dev Ships on Android – LazyWeb #6 Add 9573682: Andrew Hessel – The Internet of Living Things (2010) Add 9573640: Bob Hoffman – The Golden Age of Bullshit(2014) Add 9572497: A Subway Delay Story Add 9572495: Google Tone – share websites over sound Add 9571976: Encryption vs. Censorship, Round 2 – Tom Shrimpton – TEDxMtHood Add 9571953: ACLU and Tea Party TV ad opposing mass surveillance Add 9571297: Moonwalk Add 9570992: Elora Hardy: Magical houses, made of bamboo Add 9570947: Sandwich video uses #slack too (2014)[video] Add 9569950: Black Mirror: Fifteen Million Merits (2012) Add 9569857: Angular and Rails: Marriage or Divorce? Add 9569643: Jack Ma's Original Sales Pitch in 1999 [VIDEO] Add 9569562: Google goes open source with a Google App Engine clone Add 9569554: 7 Minutes of Pharo Smalltalk for Rubyists Add 9569216: The Canonical Stack Add 9568641: David Hasselhoff – True Survivor  Scanning page #133 for Add 9568424: Scientists create timelapses by pulling data from Internet photos Add 9568270: Anil Madhavapeddy – Unikernels: Functional Infrastructure with Mirage OS Add 9567909: 100 Years of Beauty Add 9567622: Vince Gilligan, Creator of Breaking Bad Interview with Adam Spencer (2014) Add 9567249: Hubble: Timelapse of V838 Monocerotis (2002-2006) Add 9567191: Show HN: Rewinding NES emulator that also reverses sound Add 9566938: CppCon2014: Hyrum Wright "Large-Scale Refactoring Google" (2014) Add 9566925: Lessons from Erlang VM [video] Add 9566787: First drone footage of Tesla's Gigafactory Add 9566423: A brief history of fighting spam at Pinterest Add 9565678: Open-Source as a Project Model for Internal Work Add 9565637: Mining Time-Lapse Videos from Internet Photos – Video from SIGGRAPH 2015 Add 9564970: Ubuntu convergence demo Add 9564209: 15ft tall paintball robot makerfaire Add 9564158: Cling – An Interactive C++ Interpreter Add 9564062: First self-driving car in traffic in Sweden Add 9564055: BeeCanvas: Share information visually Add 9563965: Code Complex Animations within seconds Add 9563754: What Object-Oriented Programming Should Be Add 9563275: Stephen Hawking – Origin and destiny of intelligence in our Universe [video] Add 9562961: 1-hour interview with the CEO of Doomlaser. sentient AI discussed. Talk: 4m50s Add 9562191: YOW Lambda Jam 2014 Videos (Functional Programming Conference) Add 9562189: Tom Hall – What Do We Have in Computers (SICM) Add 9562182: GM Motorama Exhibit 1956 Add 9561617: Neural plasticity or How to ride a backward-bike Add 9561277: Two people fly jetpacks over Dubai [direct link] Add 9561241: Meteor Is the Best/Easiest Reactive Back End for React Add 9560833: Infinite Worlds: A Journey Through Parallel Universes Add 9559701: Create a simple WordPress plugin in 2 minutes Add 9558965: Cyberhijacking Airplanes: Truth or Fiction? [video]  Scanning page #134 for Add 9558925: Ultimate Workstation Build Log Add 9558379: Inside world's largest caves Add 9557766: UAE mission to Mars Add 9557650: Grand Theft Uber – The Story of Celluride Add 9557443: The Billionaire Mathematician Add 9556940: How Sauna Use May Boost Longevity [Video] Add 9556804: SIGGRAPH 2015 – Technical Papers Trailer Add 9555643: Warren Buffett on Bubbles and Excess Leverage Add 9555424: My Python's a Little Rust-Y – PyCon 2015 Add 9555401: A screencast series on taking an iPhone app from nothing to submitting to Apple Add 9555342: SIGGRAPH 2015 - Technical Papers Trailer [video] Add 9555062: Optimizing WebGL Applications Add 9554439: Google Car – Ready for the Road Add 9553052: Simon Sinek: First Why Then Trust [video] Add 9552331: SIGGRAPH 2015 – Technical Papers Trailer Add 9551930: Atari's Cyan Engineering – Splendor in the Grass (1982) Add 9551660: What's New in PyCharm 4.5 Add 9551454: Five points you need to know about Verizon's plan to buy AOL for $4.4B Add 9551134: Video of Google FOAM Add 9551126: Speed Up Your JavaScripts ( Old but Gold. Kind of Useful to New Guys ) Add 9550231: Simultaneity Add 9549822: Integrating Video Game Mechanics and Meditation Principles Add 9549001: Squarepusher virtual reality music video – WASD to look around Add 9548242: Australian data retention regime already expanding Add 9548114: 100 Years of Beauty: Aging Add 9548005: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26… [video] Add 9547910: Feynman Lecture – Los Alamos from Below Add 9547666: Moving online webserver using public transport Add 9546474: Samy K's 3D printed master lock cracking device (howto) Add 9546457: New App and Video from Thalmic: Myo for Presentations  Scanning page #135 for Add 9546175: The New Postmodern Illness Add 9546073: Facebook's Open-Source Hg Extensions Add 9545324: James Simons (full length interview) – Numberphile Add 9544269: Walt Disney Recycled Animation Scenes Add 9544236: My Python is a little Rust-y (PyCon 2015) Add 9543939: A Free Nuclear Economy Add 9543689: Growth Is Good, but Retention Is Forever [video] Add 9543412: Inside the D-Wave Fridge [video] Add 9543081: Peru: Civil Society Raises Concern on Internet Transparency Add 9542777: Here's my jetpack Add 9542695: How to control someone else's arm with your brain Add 9542035: ASP.NET 5 Blink tag Add 9541445: Building a low-latency WAF inside NGINX using Lua Add 9541435: Insanely fast quadcopter Add 9540170: Why do you forget their names?? Add 9539644: SpaceX First Stage Landing Video Add 9538854: BBC Radio 1 Stories – Roland TR-808 TR-909 TB-303 Documentary Add 9538624: Gene Cernan, Apollo 17 Pre Flight Interview Add 9538586: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett [YouTube] Add 9537888: Facebook's Open-Source Hg Extensions Add 9537726: The Free Money Experiment Add 9537262: “I'm a Mac I'm a PC” AD Add 9536628: Transpile and View React components in a single command Add 9536267: Think with Paper and Pencil (Full Film) Add 9536064: Amen break Add 9535984: AT&T Archives: Similiarities of Wave Behavior (Bonus Edition) Add 9535903: Can Drones Deliver Hope to War-Torn Syria? [video] Add 9535240: Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers [video] Add 9535088: Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome – This Quote by Steve Jobs Really Helped  Scanning page #136 for Add 9534665: UK politics – how does it all work? Add 9534460: Computational Hydrographic Printing Add 9533614: Microsoft is one step closer to making human beings a truly global community Add 9532593: Robotics startup starts a kids show to help users use their product Add 9531801: Think with Paper and Pencil / FiftyThree Add 9530583: [video] Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam Add 9530143: Jetman Dubai: Young Feathers 4K Add 9530016: Mikko Hypponen: Is our online future worth sacrificing our privacy and security? Add 9529746: VMWare Project Enzo Demo Add 9529438: Hackers and Phreakers (1994) [video] Add 9529257: Beyond the Camera Panopticon Add 9528236: What even IS Software? By Mike McNeil at Platzi (YC W15) Add 9528015: Insemination process for queen bees Add 9527926: Baby X: a virtual baby that laughs, cries, and learns [video] Add 9526762: Using Go at The New York Times [video] Add 9526668: Under the Influence: 2 Tone Ska [video] Add 9526469: Seymour Cray: Cray-1 Introduction (1976) [video] Add 9526255: UberCOPTER: Reach the Sky (Festival de Cannes/France) Add 9525898: Introduction to Type Inference Add 9525662: The Wonderful and Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn Add 9524886: Smartpipe Add 9524165: Richard Feynman Playing Bongos Add 9523583: Wayland on Gnome 3.16: New generation of desktop Add 9523537: The dangers of SSH tunnel nesting: Generating 200MB of traffic from 1 byte Add 9523336: Weirdest Windows ad you'll ever see – starring Steve Ballmer Add 9523202: Computational Design of Twisty Joints and Puzzles (SIGGRAPH 2015) Add 9522783: How the Blockchain and P2P Technology can empower the world [video] Add 9522588: Facebook Freebooting – Smarter Every Day 128 Add 9522086: Building Prototypes Dan Gelbart part 1 of 18 Introduction [video] Add 9521867: BBS the Documentary (2013) [video]  Scanning page #137 for Add 9521232: Matthias Troyer: “High Performance Quantum Computing” [video] Add 9521187: The Infinite Hotel Paradox [video] Add 9521116: Solar bike path – the smart way Add 9520974: Robot Stitches a Grape Back Together Add 9520689: Our devs field test the app they built for Mother's Day shopping Add 9520401: The mystery of motion sickness (UNSOLVED) Add 9519380: Timothy Gowers: The Importance of Mathematics (video, multiple parts) Add 9519316: Robot stitches a grape back together Add 9518579: The Infrastructure of the D-Wave Quantum Computer [video] Add 9518060: Apple Watch Review by The Verge Add 9518009: IKEA concept kitchen Add 9517989: E-ink Really Real Time Shopping List Add 9517813: Human-controlled robot arms stitch a grape back together Add 9517767: José Valim: What's Ahead for Elixir? Add 9517358: Facial Performance Sensing Head-Mounted Display (Oculus) Add 9516807: Future (present?) of the wearables?? Add 9516613: Computational Hydrographic Printing [video] Add 9516286: The New Guy season final (startup vs. big company) Add 9515932: Internet of Living Things – DNA sequencing on your toothbrush? Add 9515453: Running Kubernetes at Scale with Mesos and the Mesosphere DCOS Add 9514947: They're Made Out of Meat Add 9514488: SuperTuxCart 0.9 – Mario Kart Mac/Win/Linux Clone Add 9514350: Donald Knuth – “I was scared and wanted to prove myself” Add 9514033: Macintosh II on Android Wear Add 9513775: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage Author Sydney Padua Add 9512962: Don Knuth – Constraint Based Music Composition Add 9512334: A Plea for All You Lang Progg'n Hobbyists to Unify the Web Add 9512118: CEO of Bitsapphire Is Attending DBS Blockchain Hackathon in Singapore Add 9511953: How to Define Data Types  Scanning page #138 for Add 9511260: Next Thing Co. Releases “World's First” $9 Computer Add 9511041: Ever wondered what happens to your luggage after you check it in? Add 9510955: Mark Zuckerberg guest lecturing for a Harvard computer science class in 2005 Add 9510951: Kids hack their Dad's computer on her Raspberry Pi [video] Add 9510926: The Hotline Miami Story Add 9510167: Reagent Reactive ClojureScript Add 9508872: ARM Processor – Sowing the Seeds of Success [video] Add 9508407: Mikko Hypponen: Is our online future worth sacrificing our privacy and security? Add 9508124: 30 Minutes to Mars by NASA Add 9506905: Making Badass Developers – Kathy Sierra Add 9506808: D-Wave Lab Tour Add 9506483: The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Discusses Encryption Add 9505950: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing Add 9505094: THE VOID - VR Over physical structures Add 9503158: Strategic Cyber Defense: DARPA's 2001 vision of cyber attacks Add 9503077: Predicting a Billboard Music Hit with Shazam Data Add 9502375: The Void – Virtual worlds built over physical environments Add 9501824: Why start a Startup by Sam Altman Add 9501647: SpaceX Pad Abort Test Add 9499053: Yanis Varoufakis Critiques Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century Add 9498691: SpaceX – Video of Pad Abort Test Add 9498567: SpaceX:Pad Abort Test Add 9496636: CppCon 2014:Herb Sutter: Lock-Free Programming (or, Juggling Razor Blades) Add 9495413: John Carmack technical talk on rendering techniques for the Gear VR Add 9495052: Promo video to become a German baker Add 9494414: Bruce Schneier – Data and Goliath talk at Google about surveillance [video] Add 9494271: MS Windows 95 Video Guide with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry from Friends Add 9494256: Super Mario World Credits Warp Explained Add 9494021: World's Smallest Computer: A New Way of Surveillance Add 9493006: Hi, I am medicore programmer - talk by Jacob Kaplan-Moss  Scanning page #139 for Add 9492304: Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall Add 9492037: What do I get for my donation? Add 9491115: Edsger Dijkstra on Dutch TV (2000) Add 9490763: A Day in the Life of a Vision Critical Software Engineer [video] Add 9490752: Zach Tellman About Queues Add 9490402: A spot on (but unexpected) answer to, “How should I learn to code?” Add 9489909: The Making of Star Wars – 1977 Documentary Add 9489428: Hydrocopter: it swims and flies Add 9489199: Color footage of Berlin in July 1945 Add 9487642: EEVblog #127 – PCB Design for Manufacture Tutorial – Part 1 (2010) Add 9486128: LED blink using the programmable logic inside a 70¢ pencil tip sized μController Add 9485625: Tesla introduces Tesla Energy Add 9485576: Mark Shuttleworth Keynote and Q&A Add 9485529: Everything you wanted to know about Mithila Paintings Add 9485093: Mikko Hyppönen:state malware, ransomware and how we keep signing away our rights Add 9485080: How to Learn to Code Add 9484388: The Rubber Duck Story Add 9484257: Break open any Master Combo Lock in 8 tries or less [video] Add 9483766: I2C/TWI (Two Wire Interface) Tutorial – Part 1 [video] Add 9454156: Crimes of the Educators: Why Education Is More Screwed Up Than You Think Add 9453550: ΜTug: Micro robot pulls 2000 times its weight on glass Add 9453507: AeroMobil flying car prototype [video] Add 9453426: The Backwards Brain Bicycle Add 9453405: 3DS Emulator – Play your favourite 3DS games on your PC Add 9453006: Dart Developer Summit 2015 Live Stream Add 9452811: IIS Resuply mission spinning at 1000 RPH Add 9452177: Edward Snowden on Passwords [video] Add 9451000: Are you ready to release the Kraken with itemz? Add 9450838: Mark Williams on Mindfulness  Scanning page #140 for Add 9450773: UNIQUE ONE-The world’s first custom-design 3D printer with 3D interface Add 9450609: Cracking the Maya Code (2012) [video] Add 9449458: “The Dawn of Mobile VR” Keynote by John Carmack [video] Add 9449114: TED: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? (YouTube) Add 9447298: Video Review: Samsung Gear VR vs. Oculus Rift DK2 Add 9447090: Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting in a Room Add 9446592: How to interpret your own genome using (mostly) Python. – PyCon 2015 Add 9445557: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Computer Teardown Add 9445535: Samsung: From a grocery shop to the largest company, a story Add 9445411: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Fashion (HBO) Add 9444941: No Misbehaving / No Eve Teasing (Stripped) Add 9444833: My friend survived the Everest avalanche. And posted this video Add 9444689: Rubiks cube record beaten by a highschool student Add 9444124: The Exploding Whale Add 9443733: The Mahler Project – The ZX Spectrum Orchestra [video] Add 9442744: How Agile Is Destroying Management Add 9442667: AI for the Threes game Add 9441572: Debian 8 Full Review 1080p and Mini Howto Add 9441102: Stylebook – explore and shop for clothing collections Add 9441066: Driving React Native with ClojureScript / Om Add 9440832: Plain Threads are the GOTO of todays computing [video] Add 9440594: The Making of Jurassic Park Add 9439982: Crashing 3 quadcopters at once Add 9439739: Dr. Henry Kissinger Fireside Chat with Eric Schmidt Add 9439454: A piano made of Clojure, Arduino, and bananas Add 9438584: ARM Processor – Sowing the Seeds of Success Add 9438258: Dynamic Porting of Dying Light on SteamOS/Linux Add 9438254: The Oldest Song in the World Add 9437961: The 30 Minute Mobile SEO Audit [video]  Scanning page #141 for Add 9437911: Using Machine Learning Solutions to Solve Serious Security Problems [video] Add 9437761: Mattt Thompson AltConf Swift Reaction (Jun 5, 2014) Add 9437417: DConf 2014: The Last Thing D Needs (Scott Meyers) Add 9436716: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can Add 9436599: How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold by Casey Neistat Add 9436519: Forgetting and Learning to Ride a Bicycle Again Add 9435747: ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie Add 9435504: How the Japanese solve 4 multiplication problems using a single diagram Add 9435436: First WATCH unboxing at offices Add 9435114: Programming for Recruiters Add 9434573: Under the Influence: New York Hardcore Add 9433834: Powers of Ten Add 9432876: Andy Mendelsohn, Tom Kyte, and others share thoughts on why SQL is here to stay Add 9432870: Kuku kube variant Add 9432344: Steredenn – 14 sec gameplay video of intense arcade shoot them up Add 9432176: Live – Code Dojo: Game Grid Add 9431977: Kubuntu 15.04. Full Review 1080p with KDE effects Add 9431819: WebTV / MSNTV Music Playlist Add 9431351: The plot of a formula is the formula itself Add 9431053: What if Man of Steel was in color? Add 9430780: Galaxy S6 Unboxing – Escape Alert Add 9430761: ECMAScript Harmony: Rise of the Compilers Add 9430287: Startup Community the Film – A Documentary About Startups in Kitchener-Waterloo Add 9430073: RailsConf 2015 Videos Add 9429461: JB Straubel – The Future of Transportation [video] Add 9429397: Fixing, One Test at a Time Add 9428689: Ten years ago today, the first video was uploaded to YouTube Add 9428476: RailsConf livestream Add 9427722: YouTube Community Celebrates YouTube's 10th Birthday Add 9427237: Ubuntu 15.04 Released! Full Review 1080p  Scanning page #142 for Add 9426151: Melanie Mitchell – Visual Situation Recognition Add 9424842: SMS Protocol Vulnerability That Affects All Verizon Phones Add 9424826: DIY Solar Sail Boat. Solar Punk Style [video] Add 9424613: Everything Will Flow: A Talk on Applied Queueing Theory Add 9424434: Ubuntu 15.04 Remix Add 9423894: A conversation with William Gibson about the internet, fiction, and the future Add 9423772: AT&T Archives: The Unix Operating System (1982) [video] Add 9423020: NASA TV Add 9422184: Conway's Game of Life in APL Add 9421169: OTCA metapixel Add 9419673: How HTTP/2 impacts web performance ' Add 9419657: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes [Visualisation] Add 9419476: The 100th anniversary of the first user of Chlorine (Cl) in warfare Add 9419101: Domino Assembly Line Add 9419096: Virtuix Omni – Grand Theft Auto V [video] Add 9418619: Why are manhole covers round? TED-ED video Add 9418453: Running all the desktop applications in docker containers [video] Add 9416995: 5 years of three.js Add 9416383: Are You Lightest in the Morning? [video] Add 9416262: DEF CON 13 – Paul Graham, Inequality and Risk (2005) [video] Add 9415693: AT&T's “You Will” (1993) Add 9415363: The World's Largest USB Thumb Drive Add 9415339: Epic NHL goal celebration hack with hue light show and realtime machine learning Add 9415237: Music from very short programs [video] Add 9413412: Well I Wouldn't Want to Make a *Dys*functional Game – Clojure/West Add 9413153: The Great Railway Caper: Big Data in 1955 Add 9412924: Release the Kraken of your productivity – trailer Add 9412158: Ryan Dahl – the history of node  Scanning page #143 for Add 9411437: Better Starts Here – Apple Add 9411323: Elon Musk Announces Plan for Internet Satellite Network Add 9410899: London taxi driver dash cam Add 9410877: DeferPanic Integration for a Go HTTP Application Add 9410794: Historic First 3D printed rocket engine flight by Bagaveev Corporation [Video] Add 9409498: Show HN: Open science, easy collaboration, free data and code sharing Add 9408816: How Mars might hold the secret to the origin of life Add 9407745: Rainworks – Rain-Activated Art Add 9407048: TimeBuddy Video App Review Add 9406740: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Patents [video] Add 9405876: Quantum Key Distribution and the Future of Encryption Add 9405813: How to Thoroughly Insult and Offend People – Gina Likins Add 9405053: Nuclear propulsion Add 9405014: React.js: The Front End Framework of the Future Add 9404501: BBC: Audio Spotlight Add 9404250: This is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Massage (1967) [video] Add 9403449: Building Rust programs with Docker – ad-hoc talk Add 9403176: Gordon Moore on 50th Anniversary of Moore's Law Add 9403107: How to pronounce entrepreneurship Add 9402582: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can Add 9402399: Demystifying Docker – PyCon 2015 [video] Add 9401679: How to build a brain with Python Add 9401582: How “Warcraft Legends” Became Hearthstone Add 9401448: Adobe: Empowered to Innovate Add 9400776: Hartverdrahtet by Akronyme Analogiker Add 9400766: Brian Callahan's OpenBSD Talk at RPI RCOS Add 9400658: Offscreen Colonies Add 9400077: Gnome Builder 3.16.2 – Features Review and Coding Practice  Scanning page #144 for Add 9400047: Confronting Russia's Weaponization of Information Add 9399270: Dance of the p Values Add 9399248: Choo choo All aboard Linux train Add 9399021: Bind to the Cloud: AsyncMVC with FalcorJS (by Netflix) Add 9398782: Steve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985) Add 9398414: Informal talk on upcoming dependent types in Typed Racket Add 9398185: Twelve Tones Add 9398171: Pete Hunt: React vs. The World Add 9397895: Small Company Makes Dreadful Apple Watch Video Add 9397638: How BIG is Google? Add 9397479: Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud Computing [funny] English Subtitles Add 9397466: On Guard – 1956 – IBM film about military computers Add 9397445: Reactive REST: Jafar Husain Explores Falcor, Netflix's Data Transport Framework Add 9397282: The Dawn of Mobile VR – John Carmack [video] Add 9397258: Robust-First Computing: Demon Horde Sort Add 9396387: Lars Andersen: Questions, Answers and New Archery Add 9395674: That Amazing New Star Wars Droid 'BB-8' [video] Add 9394375: Systems at Facebook Scale (Applicative 2015 Keynote) Add 9394341: Star Wars' new robot BB-8 on the stage Add 9393892: 1+2+3+4+ . . . = -1/12 Add 9393236: The Fan Bridge and the Rolling Bridge Add 9392055: CRS-6 landing, drone ship perspective Add 9391609: Computer Chronicles C64 GEOS GUI in 64KB (1988) Add 9391172: True Survivor (Kung Fury Theme) Add 9390536: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2 Add 9390057: #TBT Sam Altman HELLA excited about un-boxing an iPhone 4 Add 9389737: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2 Add 9389710: Finding your Twin Stranger Add 9389429: Bruce Eckel: Rethinking Scala Add 9389261: The 'Everything' Formula – Numberphile  Scanning page #145 for Add 9389246: Whatsapp Macbook unlocker Add 9388805: Polymer Gopher: Building Google App Engine Apps with Go Add 9388680: CRS-6 First Stage Landing Add 9388403: Hackers Wizards of the Electronic Age Add 9388052: Turkish Airlines Presents Startup Class Add 9387832: The design and implementation of the Meteor platform [video] Add 9386063: Bell Labs Song Add 9385928: This guy just burned .25BTC in lava inside Bitcoin Minecraft server Add 9385926: The sound of 15 sorting algorithms Add 9385660: Y combinator Office Hours Add 9385534: Touch the Sky with Alex Zanardi Add 9385454: How computer memory works – Computerphile Add 9384013: Space X CR6 First stage landing Add 9383993: LOCUST: Autonomous, Swarming UAVs Fly into the Future Add 9383950: SpaceX Launch You Up (Uptown Funk Parody) Add 9383376: On Rockstar and Ninja Programmers Add 9382445: The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can Add 9382422: Building a Knowledge Graph for Mobile Apps (VIDEO) Add 9382155: Super Mario World Credits Warp Explained [video] Add 9382095: Modular Robotic Vehicle Add 9380997: VIDEO: Gabriel's Traction Interview with Eric Ries, Author of the Lean Startup Add 9380913: Mario Draghi Attacked by Protester at ECB Press Conference Add 9380512: Xenophobia in South Africa 2015 (Graphic) Add 9380453: Brian Greene: Quantum Physics and Reality Add 9380089: How you can call Rust functions from Python Add 9379990: The Science and Engineering of Sound Add 9378152: Music engraving on metal plates (2011) [video] Add 9377883: Super Mario World Arbitrary Code Execution Explained Add 9377684: V20 – VR D&D Prototype  Scanning page #146 for Add 9377246: Elon Musk US Senate Hearing on National Security Space Launch Programs – SpaceX Add 9376643: Humans Need Not Apply Add 9376038: Using Python to Code by Voice [PyCon 2013] Add 9375024: Why India is Most Interesting country in the world? Add 9374202: Engineering Concurrent Library Components Add 9373820: The Tiny Bike Lavaux Downhill Race Add 9373461: Video: The Ingenious design of an aluminum beverage can Add 9373448: Beaker Ball Balance Problem Add 9372860: Counting down with the microwave in 360° Add 9371179: 6 years ago today, Adam Lisagor uploaded his first product video Add 9370960: Amok – No Reload Live Code Editing for JavaScript (Showcase Video) Add 9370102: Technical Debt – The code monster in everyone's closet – PyCon 2015 Add 9369992: Do Federal Taxes Reduce Income Inequality? Add 9369418: In Soviet Russia Siri Questions You Add 9368548: Inspiring Speech from Jack Dorsey at Startup School 2013 Add 9368153: Oral History of Bjarne Stroustrup [video] Add 9367128: On Mediocre Programmers (Pycon 2015 Keynote) Add 9366583: Raymond Hettinger – Beyond PEP 8 – PyCon 2015 Add 9366559: Guido van Rossum's PyCon talk on type hinting in Python Add 9365980: The Rust Programming Language Add 9365859: Made By: Chris Coyier (CodePen) Add 9365665: John Carmack's First Games Add 9365637: Learn Lua in an Hour Add 9365555: The Millionaire Pitcher That Lives in a Van Add 9365272: BPM 2 Rocket Engine Test Firing Add 9364869: 5 years since Adobe's response to Steve Jobs' regarding Flash on iPad Add 9364471: NASA GoPro footage from EVA 30 Add 9364292: Hofstadter's Triangles-in-Squares Sequence [video] Add 9364280: Police Abuse of Uber Driver in New York City  Scanning page #147 for Add 9363856: Pycon Keynote on Being Average in Programming [video] Add 9363555: How to build a brain with Python Add 9362967: Facts and Myths about Names and Values in Python [video] Add 9362818: Cat Petting Machine Add 9362757: Imperial College Hackathon – Hosted at GoCardless (YC S11) Add 9362650: Varoufakis and Stiglitz [video] Add 9362308: How Julia implements Fast and Flexible Linear Algebra Add 9361559: ISS Expedition 42: US EVA #2 GoPro footage [video] Add 9361207: How our engineering environments are killing diversity (and how we can fix it) Add 9360122: Lessons learned from the early days of Google [video] Add 9359746: Think Different by Dave Thomas [video] Add 9359695: Special Announcement Add 9359648: A Brief History of Graphics Add 9359640: Introduction to AGDA [video] Add 9359613: David Beazley's PyCon 2015 Talk – Python Concurrency from the Ground Up: Live Add 9359224: Save the Internet Add 9358919: Restoring a CNC Machine Add 9358806: What smiling does for the universe Add 9358652: Baidu CEO Robin Li Interviews Bill Gates and Elon Musk Add 9358552: Late April Fools Add 9358246: University of Michigan made a World’s Smallest Computer Add 9357524: The Cooke Passage: The longest land to land, straight line ocean route on Earth Add 9357138: Deep Learning for Decision Making and Control [video] Add 9356913: Programming should be more than coding (Leslie Lamport talk at Stanford) Add 9355988: Who moved my cheese? Add 9355825: “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Played on HDD and Floppy Drives Add 9355715: How to donate to our fundraising campaign Add 9355121: Former Quake 3 world champion gives in-depth explanation of game strategy (2010)  Scanning page #148 for Add 9354193: The New Bing Image Search Experience Add 9353975: TDD with Django – Pycon 2015 3-hour tutorial by Harry Percival Add 9353357: How YouTube Is Like a Potato Add 9351089: Ember at Netflix – Ben Lesh [video] Add 9348494: Iran's Rouhani: Saudi led airstrikes in Yemen a 'mistake' Add 9347127: Video: Norwegian hackers make $100,000 in one week Add 9346764: The World of dBase Add 9344643: Vintage Electronics – The Tefifon Add 9343421: What a normal day activity at work looks like Add 9343235: Quadcopter Stabilization with Onboard Image Analysis Add 9343174: Why Kina Grannis Chose YouTube Over Record Label Add 9342931: Bitcoin Is Not a Honey Badger Add 9342846: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Announcement Trailer Add 9342739: BBC Mechanical Marvels Clockwork Dreams Add 9341646: The Problem with Time and Timezones [video] Add 9340936: Great promo video for SoGrid Add 9340315: The Verge's Apple Watch Review [video] Add 9339543: High performance Aluminium-ion batteries, much quicker charging than Lithium Ion Add 9338836: Email in Real Life Add 9338694: This is the real composite output of an IBM CGA card and 4.77MHz 8088 PC Add 9338246: BeOS Demo Video (1998) [video] Add 9338059: Bobby Holley on Mozilla and the Open Web Add 9337528: 10 Places Google Maps Is Hiding Due to Security or Unknown Reasons (6mins) Add 9337025: 8088 MPH: first time showing 1024 colors on the 1981 IBM PC and CGA Add 9336048: Amazing Underground Parking System for Bikes in Japan [video] Add 9336045: IBM Watson Is Fueling a New Era of Cognitive Apps Add 9335828: Reflex: Practical FRP (part 2) Add 9335712: Rebuilding Boost Date-Time for C++11 [video]  Scanning page #149 for Add 9334766: Reflex: Practical Functional Reactive Programming (part 1) Add 9333842: 8088 MPH Add 9333841: MoonStone. The Application layer built on the BitShares protocol arrives. Add 9333383: Game Development with Unity 2D: Sport Game Prototype Add 9333100: Windows 95 Welcome Videos Add 9332741: How the Hippies Saved Physics (2012) [video] Add 9331761: CEO Patrick Byrne on Liberty Add 9331655: MF119: Mathematics without real numbers Add 9331229: Lennart Poettering interview on systemd [video] Add 9330334: Linus Torvalds – Nvidia F_ck You Add 9330322: Rúnar Bjarnason on functional programming in Scala Add 9328265: USS Enterprise Wi-Fi AP [video] Add 9328220: Moonstone UI demo early prototype Add 9327900: Making Microchips at Home Add 9327690: Show HN: “Why Using Jsdoced JavaScript?” – Test Your JavaScript with Jsdoc Add 9327457: John Cleese on Creativity [video] Add 9327414: Cracking Windows passwords the easy way Add 9327324: Now the chips are down (BBC, 1978) Add 9327115: Hacking a 1980's game show. Press your luck. Add 9327096: Windows 3.11 running in DosBox while running on ReactOS Add 9327077: Government Surveillance (including an Edward Snowden Interview) Add 9327003: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance [ft. Edward Snowden] Add 9326788: SOSventures partner Arvind Gupta: “Money is like alcohol” Add 9326787: John Oliver's Interview of Edward Snowden Add 9326766: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – Edward Snowden Interview Add 9326614: Make this the year YOU discover a new destination Add 9326057: Computer Chronicles – The Internet (1995) Add 9325093: 8088 MPH – CGA DOS Demo Add 9324768: Offscreen Colonies by Conspiracy – Demo [video] Add 9324201: Personal Security for Programmers with Security Through Obscurity [video]  Scanning page #150 for Add 9323566: Show HN: Here is what can be done in 64kb (Amazing intro) Add 9323331: The TPP & ISDS explained Add 9323098: Roger Scruton: “Architecture and Aesthetic Education” Add 9323050: Deep Learning for Dummies (Stanford Seminar) Add 9322650: Technical Explanation of the Super Mario World Credits Warp Exploit Add 9322624: pCell – 35 times more efficient than LTE Add 9322372: GTK apps on Mir 0.12.1 (native) Ubuntu 15.04 Add 9322083: John McGuinness breaks the TT Zero (electric motorcycle) lap record – TT 2014 Add 9321581: If Math Was a Sport Add 9320991: Detroit: Urban Farming Documentary Add 9320895: How to correctly average colors Add 9320710: Challenges of the Shared Economy – Yochai Benkler Add 9319052: Emuception Add 9318969: CNC Wire Bending Machine. 3D Wire Forms. 14 Axes Add 9318427: John Myles White on Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages Add 9317814: Silicon Valley Season 2 trailer Add 9317368: Prostitution Busts in Chicago – Which Hotels do They Happen At? (dataviz) Add 9314161: Grace Hopper on Letterman Show (1986) Add 9314102: A Brief History of Graphics [video] Add 9314079: 30c3: Hardware Attacks, Advanced ARM Exploitation, and Android Hacking Add 9313503: Geoengineering and Climate Intervention: What We Need to Know Add 9312254: Stanford University Employee Travels 80 Miles to Work Add 9311486: Conversations with Tyler Cowen: Peter Thiel on the Future of Innovation Add 9310924: How did you become homeless? Add 9310909: The homeless read mean tweets Add 9308291: Terminal Whispering: how terminals work [livestreamed talk] Add 9308079: Debugging Backwards in Time (2012) [video] Add 9307654: LSZH Crosswind Landings (2015-3-31) Add 9305731: Google hide controls from video player on YouTube and Embedded Players  Scanning page #151 for Add 9305712: Y Combinator W15 March Madness Bracket Add 9305708: SHEP the Drone – Worlds First Drone Sheepdog Add 9304030: Get a Branded Adult Video Produced Anywhere Add 9303544: Introducing PlayStation Flow Add 9303330: Google Actual Cloud Platform [video] Add 9302856: Eddy: an IntelliJ plugin that autocorrects Java Add 9302505: Introducing the new Microsoft Surface 3 Add 9302405: New stb graphics library Add 9302218: DocSend Dachshund Delivery Service (Warning: Cuteness) Add 9302160: Super Mario World credits warp explained Add 9301851: Selfie Shoes by Miz Mooz Add 9301821: Google Panda Add 9301481: Google Tap (2012) Add 9300258: Amos Yee: Lee Kuan Yew Is Finally Dead [video] Add 9300154: How do modern websites work? (video and slides) Add 9299805: Real Software Engineering [video] Add 9299681: [video] Startup's Social Experiment Highlights Knowledge Gap in Women's Health Add 9299421: Quantitative and Social Theories for Programming Language Adoption Add 9298707: Ferranti Atlas: Britain's first supercomputer Add 9297856: Eddy – autocorrect for Java inside IntelliJ Add 9297665: Shen: A Sufficiently Advanced Lisp [video] (2014) Add 9295793: The Demo – Live Excerpts [video] Add 9295072: Tutorial of Testing on Android Wearables with Appium Add 9292769: MonetDB with R Add 9292558: 7 things prohibited in a British Election (3 min video) Add 9290630: Studying the World by Mining Photo-Sharing Websites Add 9288762: Must Watch for Every Programmer – Andy Hunt on Thinking and Programming Add 9288448: Personal Time Management Add 9288351: Mozilla's experimental browser built in HTML  Scanning page #152 for Add 9288215: 5 Reasons Why Accountants Should Use Cloud Computing Add 9288038: Elon Musk getting a new car after he sold Zip2 Add 9287738: USB Type-C: Explained Add 9287290: The Strange Location of Your Second Brain [video] Add 9286849: Sketchpad Demo (1963) Add 9286555: Dot matrix printer playing “Eye of the Tiger” [video] Add 9286551: Milton friedman predicts Bitcoin in 1999 Add 9286502: Snake Robot Climbs a Tree [video] (2010) Add 9286409: Robotic Butterflies Add 9286276: How YouTube Is Like a Potato Add 9284296: The hard thing about hard things (A talk on InfoSec problems) Add 9283990: Linus Torvalds Guided Tour of His Home Office Add 9283206: Extra History – England: The South Sea Bubble – Ch.3: Buying Out Britain Add 9283082: OS/2: Heir to the DOS Throne Add 9282516: England: The South Sea Bubble – The Sharp Mind of John Blunt Add 9282444: Developer Infrastructure at Facebook's Scale Add 9281889: Senate Hearing on National Security Space Launch Programs with Elon Musk (2014) Add 9281808: History of LinkedIn in Video Add 9281449: AT&T Archives: The Unix Operating System Add 9281305: [TED] What if 3d printing were 100x faster? Add 9281282: Vero Pro: 3D VR Hands in Oculus Rift Add 9281114: Guy Kawasaki: The Top Mistakes of Entrepreneurs Add 9280861: A Conversation with President Obama and the Wire Creator David Simon Add 9279201: What Makes 'Reagent' Special: Presentation [video] Add 9278163: CD shattering at 170,000 frames per second – The Slow Mo Guys Add 9278020: The Theoretical Minimum [Susskind's Video Lectures] Add 9277482: Peter Norvig: How Computers Learn (without math) [YouTube]  Scanning page #153 for Add 9277202: German singer performs mathematical logic excerpt Add 9276716: Show HN: cool visualization using export data and Google sheets and wiki Add 9276102: Check This Wrath of the Titans VFX Breakdown Add 9276020: 2015 Facebook F8 Michael Abrash 'Why Virtual Reality Will Matter to You' Add 9275523: 3D modeller written in Codea (Lua-based coding app for iPad) Add 9275196: Android Performance Patterns: Rendering Performance 101 Add 9274952: Peter Norvig: How Computers Learn [video] Add 9273837: Airbus Reinforced Cockpit Door Description and Procedure Add 9273697: Spark Meetup: Spark Data Sources: Overview of API+HBase Data Source from Huawei Add 9273216: An entrepreneur's realization after selling her first company Add 9272973: Made By: Chris Coyier (Codepen, CSS-Tricks) Add 9272634: Intro to Auto Layout in Storyboards Add 9272192: Inside Google's wildly ambitious Internet balloon project Add 9271897: Early Facebook Interview with Mark Zuckerberg (2005) Add 9271489: [video] Grow your business via social media (research by Linkedin and Altimeter) Add 9271419: What's in My Pockets with Scott Jordan and Robert Scoble Add 9270865: Funny Kids Compilation 2015 Add 9269740: AirHopper: leak sensitive data from an air-gapped computer Add 9269733: Pebble app tracks seizures for World Epilepsy Day [that's today] Add 9268719: How to Lock and Unlock Airbus A320 Cockpit Door (2002) Add 9268666: Help LibreOffice infra team by hacking on their SaltStack Add 9268154: HOME Add 9268050: The Recipe for the Worlds Largest Rails Monolith -Ruby on Ales 2015 Add 9267896: Interesting (heated) Debate Between Eric Schmidt and Peter Thiel (2012) Add 9267775: Homoiconic Deployments (2014) [video] Add 9267052: How ATMs worked in 1977 [video] Add 9267009: Augur: Introducing the Team Building a Decentralized Prediction Market Add 9266811: Do Upvotes Show Democracy's Flaws?  Scanning page #154 for Add 9263832: Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School 2013 Add 9262788: What does Silicon Valley know about membership? Add 9262401: Fixing the bugged music in the NES game StarTropics Add 9262137: Pixar's 'UP' recut as a horror film – trailer Add 9261686: Mason Students' Invented a device that uses sound waves to extinguish fires Add 9259703: Show HN: – your company's idea box (demo video) Add 9259626: Kuhcoon (YC W15) Demo Day Pitch Add 9258753: GLAVE: A debugger for the Vulkan API Add 9258010: Show HN: Webrtc-Explorer Talk Video(29:20) P2P Browser DHT Add 9257086: A behind the scenes look at the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse Add 9256622: “Haskell is useless” Add 9256216: Science of Persuasion – Video by Robert Cialdini Add 9255508: Sidewinding Circular Skates – Skateboards Without Boards Add 9255477: Scrolling a bazillion items at 60fps with Polymer's core-list Add 9254623: IO.js vs. Node.js – Differences and Comparison Add 9253498: Square $Cashtags Add 9253409: Larry Ellison: Billionaire Samurai Warrior of Silicon Valley Add 9252479: ThinkSuite: Mood and Focus Monitoring Product Demo [video] Add 9252034: Server-Side Rendering Explaination Add 9251490: Graal Tutorial (next-gen, user-controlled JIT for the JVM) Add 9250480: Still – coronoid / nvscene 2015 Add 9249466: Sometimes you don't need planes: Japanese Fire Balloons Add 9249229: elm-d3: Front-End Development Without Frameworks Add 9249090: NASA – SDO: Year 5 (time-lapse of the sun) [video] Add 9248626: Show HN: Trailer to the game I've been working on for past year Add 9248599: Atari 8-bit – Project-M (game Wolfenstein 3D) Add 9247889: “Ludicrous Speed: Designing for Performance on the JVM” by Cliff Moon Add 9247647: Device Tree for Dummies [video]  Scanning page #155 for Add 9247505: What happens to your knuckles when you crack them Add 9247476: Evolution of computer games (1958-2015) in 7mins Add 9247242: Graal Tutorial at CGO 2015 [video] Add 9247021: Polymath Projects: Massively Collaborative Online Mathematics Add 9246911: The website in 1998 April Add 9246466: Brilliant presentation on the Ackermann function [video] Add 9245515: Airbus A380 Emergency Evacuation Test (2007) [video] Add 9245432: Apple seemingly attempts to determine location when location services turned off Add 9244410: Thiel Interviews World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Add 9243891: Introducing the Moonstone Wallet Add 9243860: Carver Mead Presents: An Integrated Theory of Electromagnetics and Gravitation Add 9243845: TED – Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame Add 9243748: Steve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985) Add 9243547: Clojure Screencast: Refactoring Repetition into Data Add 9243318: Around the Corner: How Differential Steering Works (1937) [video] Add 9242970: Computer Color Is Broken – MinutePhysics Add 9242705: Pete Hunt: React vs. The World Add 9242172: Computer Color is Broken Add 9241893: Project Groundhog – A social network built on the ethereum platform Add 9241499: Henry Reich explains why computer color is broken Add 9241460: Andy Keep – Writing a Nanopass Compiler Add 9240956: Computer Color is Broken Add 9239931: Dawn of Orion Add 9236871: The Universe and Us: An Integrated Theory of Electromagnetics and Gravitation Add 9236497: Steve Jobs: Lead with customer need, not engineers and new technologies (1997) Add 9235656: Eve Valkyrie VR Space Battle  Scanning page #156 for Add 9235108: Show HN: Improving Facebook Paper Add 9234844: Vine Compilation March 2015 ep.7 Add 9234382: Proving Things About Biology with F# Add 9234304: Magic Leap Demo: Just Another Day in the Office at Magic Leap Add 9234196: Live coding with VR. using three.js, the oculus rift, leap motion Add 9233966: Etcd based PostgreSQL HA cluster Add 9232871: Bruteforcing the iOS Screenlock Add 9232246: Write in go Add 9231575: Extending telco identity to gMail with WebRTC Add 9231251: Ruby on Rails Technology Stack Add 9230999: Show HN: MindMup Storyboards Add 9230762: Most realistic computer hacking scenes in Movies Add 9230725: Varoufakis and the fake finger [video] Add 9230519: Greece (not) sticking the finger to Germany Add 9229882: Naja Pitches on Shark Tank Add 9229781: Why the Gold Apple Watch Costs $10,000 Add 9229371: Virtual Database on Top of MongoDB and PostgreSQL Add 9228683: Interview with Michael Klishin about development Add 9227160: Understanding Latency (Gil Tene) Add 9226938: Astro Teller(GoogleX) giving the closing keynote at sxsw 2015 Add 9226594: How China Fooled the World Add 9226118: The Fastest Secure Linux Cloud Add 9225472: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook Add 9225114: Nvidia CEO Jen Hsun Huang Interviews Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk Add 9224569: Pixels Movie – Summer 2015 Add 9223655: Show HN: Order an Uber with Your Voice and Amazon Echo Add 9223594: Ideas are germs – how extreme viewpoints feed off each other Add 9223440: Playing the Game 'Snake' on London's Granary Square Fountains Add 9223083: Bicycle wheel on car  Scanning page #157 for Add 9222507: Hans Rosling: Pre-Conceived Notions - can you beat the chimps? Add 9221656: Payments in Facebook Messenger Add 9221541: Spaniards launch a campaign against blackstone [video] Add 9220487: Change How You Type Forever Add 9220080: The Enigma Machine Explained (2013) [video] Add 9219052: Amazing unedited 2005 interview from Paul Graham Add 9218589: Ionic and Angular Superpowers for Mobile App Development Add 9218169: Swedish guy sign language interprets song from the “Swedish Song Contest” Add 9217858: Animation Timeline in Chrome DevTools – Coming Soon Add 9217340: Systemd vs. upstart boot on Ubuntu 15.04 Add 9217137: [video] Consistency without consensus in production systems Add 9216777: Keeping Secrets: Cryptography in a Connected World Add 9216758: Nintendo and DeNA Partnership Announcement Add 9216659: T-Mobile gives a 20% bonus to Bitcoin customers Add 9215847: Carbon3d printing in action Add 9215543: YC15 App Vid-1969 VW Van Dorothy Seeks Tesla Transplant to Aid YC Alums [video] Add 9213702: Father uses virtual reality to watch live birth of his child from 4000km away Add 9213322: Lessons JavaScript developers should learn from Game developers Add 9213100: John Carmack on Mobile VR – 2015 GDC Add 9213005: Silicon valley owns your data Add 9212095: Functional Programming at Bloomberg Add 9211939: State of Angular 1 – Pawel Kozlowski and Lucas Galfaso Add 9211723: This Is Water – Full Version-David Foster Wallace Commencement Speech Add 9211305: What Unites Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Y Combinator? #Bitcoin (VIDEO) Add 9211251: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The NCAA Add 9211140: Learning How to Learn – Barbara Oakley Add 9208931: Let's Make a Song in SunVox [video] Add 9208837: PhonoPaper: Play Music from Paper [video] Add 9208444: A New Way to Look at Networking (2006) [video]  Scanning page #158 for Add 9208261: The real story behind Wayland and X (2013) Add 9208211: Entrepreneurship, Austrian Economics, and the Cryptorevolution – Patrick Byrne Add 9208110: Valve – Virtual Reality in 2015 Add 9207800: Effective Analytics for Start Ups [video] Add 9207245: Programming is terrible – Lessons learned from a life wasted (2013) [video] Add 9206914: What Satoshi Didn't Know [video] Add 9206794: How to Make an Attractive City Add 9205549: The Computer Chronicles – The Internet Add 9205298: RIM's contribution to the Apple Watch Add 9205131: The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook/Google Add 9205101: Flow Bee Hive Add 9205014: [video] Scaling Bitcoin to Billion and Billions of Transactions per Day Add 9204841: Techno-Religions and Silicon Prophets (Yuval Harari) Add 9204653: CCJS, C-compiler written in JavaScript Add 9204632: Making Sense of Your FB Ad Performance with Kuhcoon (YC W15) Add 9204530: The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook and Google--Who Wins/Loses Add 9204314: What do you think of my demo video? Add 9204146: Introduction to Arduino for Lego 9V Trains [video] Add 9204085: A brief history of rhyme in rap Add 9203830: Pi is Wrong Add 9203119: This site makes networking less painful Add 9202993: Vi Hart's Anti-Pi Rant, 3/14/15 Add 9202678: How to give a Pythonic Talk Add 9202292: The Y Combinator Application Song Add 9201696: Ioerror responds to NSA employee's question. Should NSA be defunded? Add 9201086: Top Bitcoin News: China, Satellites and IBM Add 9200716: Hallucination with Recurrent Neural Networks (Alex Graves) Add 9200643: YouTube now supports 360° video View on android or chrome to see effects Add 9199843: Cybertopia – Dreams of Silicon Valley Add 9199791: 360 degree video playback in YouTube  Scanning page #159 for Add 9199679: Learn a Language in VR: Middlebury Language Immersion Meets World of Warcraft Add 9198305: IEEE Award Winner Spells Out Future of Supercomputing Add 9198105: Microsoft's HoloLens Live Demonstration Add 9197978: Self-fuelled liquid metal motor Add 9197464: The Art of Making a Book Add 9197305: Taking a step into the imaginary future of space Add 9197169: 8bit music from one-line C programs Add 9196670: WellDeserved: A Marketplace for Privilege Add 9196390: Threads are an illusion – asynchronous programming with boost::asio Add 9195927: NavLab 1984 – 1994 (2007) [video] Add 9193807: 'Well Deserved' Parody Video Add 9193570: Photoshop experts try to use Photoshop 1.0 Add 9192913: Game Theory: Are GTA V Cops Racist? (Grand Theft Auto V) Add 9192606: Creating the open world “Kite” real-time demo in Unreal Engine 4 Add 9191433: Flying a drone through Crossrail tunnels [video] Add 9189800: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook (Spanish Parody) Add 9189751: Show HN: Swipe Your iPhone and Burn Calories Instantly (Dull's App Update) Add 9189735: Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook Add 9189706: Julian Barbour on Does Time Exist? Add 9189244: Humans Need Not Apply Add 9187959: Kuka robot plays music on water glasses with Timo Boll Add 9187762: SLS Qualification Booster Test at Orbital ATK Add 9186702: Silicon valley startup takes the elevator pitch to a whole new level Add 9186577: WellDeserved: A Marketplace for Privilege Add 9185768: Managing Bioinformatics Pipelines with OCaml [video] Add 9184855: Tor Project Loves and Thanks Reddit Add 9184582: A Deep Dive into LibBitcoin, BX, and Obelisk Add 9183826: Phoenix 0.10 screencast: asset compilation, live-reload, and generators Add 9182213: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz Add 9182003: Go and the Modern Enterprise – Peter Bourgon – London Go Gathering 2015  Scanning page #160 for Add 9180972: POOR,CHRISTIANS AND DISABLED Not WANTED ON THIS EARTH? Add 9180622: Show HN: Learn Java Game Dev (FREE) Add 9178382: Parkinson Society Canada's “The Struggle” Add 9178342: How Viral Thoughts Infect Your Brain [video] Add 9178201: Collaborative Music Composition in the Browser Add 9177589: CGP Grey: The “Thought Germs” [video] Add 9176375: The Visual Effects of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” [video] Add 9176120: Java Game Programming Tutorials (Free) Add 9174519: Dealing with Entrepreneur Depression Add 9173376: HYPR Biometric Bitcoin Wallet – TheProtocol.TV [video] Add 9171727: Bitcoin MOOC Lecture: How to Store and Use Bitcoins Add 9171705: Minutes before apple event Add 9171536: Video: NuoDB's No Knobs Administration Demo Add 9170988: Microsoft: Girls Do Science Add 9170947: 3D Printing a Raspberry Pi Driven RC Car Part 1 Add 9170834: “Titanic: Honor and Glory” Indiegogo Pitch 2015 Add 9170393: Simplicity and ideas that Go left behind: GopherConIndia closing keynote by Dave Add 9169318: The key to unraveling Alzheimer's may not lie in the brain, but rather in space Add 9169177: LIVE: Solar Impulse's Plane Takes Off Add 9167189: Computer program that learns to play classic NES games Add 9166546: Will you let your school to decide your life? Add 9166530: Nobody Tells This to Beginners Add 9166219: Vivid: Sound Synthesis in Haskell [video] Add 9166180: President Obama Selma Speech 2015 on 50th 'Bloody Sunday' Edmond Pettus Bridge Add 9165782: Demo of and Slack integration with Treeline and Sails.js [video] Add 9165669: MIT Bitcoin Expo 2015 Day 2 Add 9165388: Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Smog [video] Add 9165121: Computer program that learns to play classic NES games Add 9163367: Igor Minar over mindfullness meditaion  Scanning page #161 for Add 9163234: Angular + React = Speed – Dave Smith (ng-conf) Add 9163021: IBM Selectric typewriter and its digital-to-analogue converter (2010) [video] Add 9162841: MIT Bitcoin Expo Livestream Add 9162757: Denmark holds contest to encourage more sex and babies Add 9162754: Ableton Live Developers at Work [video] Add 9161597: Evolution of a Gopher Keynote by Francesc (GopherConIndia 2015) Add 9161185: Humans need not apply Add 9161153: Change Detection Reinvented (Angular 2) Add 9160723: Carver Mead: An Integrated Theory of Electromagnetics and Gravitation Add 9160694: Easily Learn Rails Routing Add 9160644: Next Level Standing Desk Add 9160583: EmberConf 2015 – Opening Keynote Add 9160285: How I: Find, screen, and hire developers – Google Developers Add 9160213: Angular, React, Angular 2.0 Speed Comparison Add 9160132: EmberConf 2015 Keynote, Glimmer rendering engine announced Add 9159892: FCC Commissioner on Why He Opposes Net Neutrality Add 9158910: Zach Tellman – Always Be Composing Add 9158144: CEO of NY-based Bitcoin exchange talks price, regulation, and more [video] Add 9157723: ISIS WARNING Add 9156941: Ultimate QA training Add 9156903: Generating a JavaScript SDK Add 9156274: Ng-wat Add 9156201: BBC Documentary “Nirbhaya” India's Daughter Add 9155640: ASCII fluid dynamics (2013) [video] Add 9155000: Singularity 1on1: Marc Goodman on Future Crimes [video] Add 9154382: Ng-wat  Scanning page #162 for Add 9154146: The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook and Google – Who Wins/Loses Add 9154019: WORLD NEWS AND RUNCORN CHIMNEY Add 9152218: Ng-conf Live Stream Add 9151975: Richard Feynman's Computer Heuristics Lecture Add 9151029: John Carmack: The Dawn of Mobile VR Add 9150479: Is college worth the cost? (Thiel/ 2012) Add 9150429: I came for the easy concurrency I stayed for the easy composition Add 9150296: Andrei Alexandrescu – best text editor Add 9148991: Magic in 10 minutes Add 9148975: Unreal Engine 4 Kite Open World Cinematic Add 9148785: John Carmack's Mobile VR Talk from GDC 2015 Add 9148086: Go and the Modern Enterprise Add 9147757: Programming is terrible – Lessons learned from a life wasted Add 9147330: Kite, a short film animated in real time with Unreal Engine 4 Add 9146769: RDJ wants you to donate money to charity for chance to watch Avengers 2 with him Add 9146043: Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Hands-On MWC2015 Add 9144925: Using ECMAScript 6 today Add 9144728: Pete Hunt: Secrets of the Virtual DOM – 2014 Add 9144602: Machine Learning Coming to Your Mac OS X Add 9144272: Perl 6 for Mere Mortals – FOSDEM Video Add 9144020: MIT: Persistent Data Structures Add 9144003: WebRTC Panel Discussion with Uberti, Lachapelle, Dutton from Google Add 9143993: Meet the Makers: Ableton Developers at Work Add 9143084: What happens when you outsource testing to India Add 9142159: iOS 8 vs. iOS 3: Allowing Touch Input During Animations Add 9140704: Apache Aurora and Mesos at TellApart Add 9140556: Visualizing Persistent Datastructures Add 9139948: Video: Inside Google's wildly ambitious Internet balloon project Add 9139838: Another effort getting Android Wear and iOS connected  Scanning page #163 for Add 9139827: What the JavaScript? Add 9139393: Turning the database inside out Add 9139300: AutoScaling RestComm and Clearwater IMS with Zabbix and Juju Subs Add 9138974: The Bad Economics of Net Neutrality Add 9138291: Will Electric Unicycle Work in India? Add 9138168: Microsoft Spartan browser UI demonstrated Add 9137969: Unity3D about to announce “game-changing technologies” at GDC Add 9137268: High Res Wifi Signal Mapping [video] Add 9136986: Inside DeepMind Add 9136934: Chai Jing's Review: Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Smog Add 9135436: Guy wants job at Snapchat – Submits resume in story form Add 9134750: The Lumia 640 Add 9134455: Binary Made Easy – A Tutorial Series Add 9133650: Baidu DuBike Add 9133597: The F# Path to Relaxation [video] Add 9133445: What Is Software Testing? Add 9132090: Pete Hunt: Secrets of the Virtual DOM Add 9131492: What is life? Are viruses alive? Add 9131381: Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned – SciPy 2014 – Greg Wilson Add 9131266: NASA Shows Five Months of Global Weather in Just Two Minutes Add 9130958: A Few Improvements to Erlang – Joe Armstrong Add 9130517: Emacs running in Neovim [video] Add 9130416: H1B – the super secret weapon Add 9130404: Interactive Topographic Map Using a Projector and Kinect [video] Add 9130385: Brendan Gregg – Performance Analysis Add 9129547: Immutable.js and React Add 9128651: Nanoinjector: Gene Therapy Advance from BYU [video] Add 9128473: Taking apart a 1930s Adding Machine Add 9128309: Rails for Front-End Developers  Scanning page #164 for Add 9127747: Hands on with the Huawei Watch Add 9126805: The sorry state of Indian IT industry Add 9126693: On-die GaAs LED matrix made by hand (1969) Add 9125603: Kent Beck’s Making Making CoffeeScript Add 9125368: HACKED TO DEATH Add 9125319: Emacs running in Neovim Add 9124754: Vice Special Report: Killing Cancer Full Episode (HBO) Add 9123811: Alan Kay: Is it really “Complex”? Or did we just make it “Complicated”? Add 9123502: Comparing AngularJS and React Using DOMListener [video] Add 9123365: Save the planet you wankers! Add 9122693: Computing: The Human Experience-Anarchy and Order with IBM Fellow Grady Booch Add 9122638: New Social Media Not So New Add 9122538: "I've Pair Programmed for 27,000 Hours. Ask Me Anything" Add 9121572: Leonard Nimoy – The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins Add 9121506: Introduction to Computer Architecture Add 9121288: Deepmind artificial intelligence at FDOT14 Add 9121088: Sane – Ember on Sails Demo Add 9120754: R&D at Bloomberg Add 9120653: Google's Proposal for North Bayshore Add 9120576: Google's Proposal for North Bayshore Add 9120307: Chris Anderson Talks about Open Collaboration and the Hardware Renaissance Add 9119913: Electronic Reservation System – 1952 Add 9119029: Silicon Valley Season 2 Trailer Add 9118624: Strategy or not? Netflix gives life membership to Brazilian TV Program host Add 9118430: Drone surveillance is increasing rapidly. Unplug is a device that stops it Add 9118413: Building a working adding calculator using dominos [video] Add 9116869: The Truth About Net Neutrality Add 9116464: Convergence in action on Ubuntu  Scanning page #165 for Add 9116270: Stephen Wolfram – Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered? Add 9116016: V for Varoufakis Add 9115901: Browsing the web with an Atari ST Add 9114676: Designing for Humans Add 9114563: Clojure's Sequence Abstraction Add 9112594: The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn Add 9112344: Hacking with Andrew and Brad: an HTTP/2 client in Go [video] Add 9112077: You and Your Research (1995) [video] Add 9111491: How to Reduce E-Mail Input Errors [Short Video] Add 9111415: Vocaloid 4 demo Add 9111298: Intro to Deep Learning with Python Add 9110654: Deepmind office interview Add 9110002: Compilation video of entrepreneurial advice from Musk et al Add 9109915: Jeff Bezos talk on the founding of Amazon (2001) Add 9109607: Journalist confronts makers of impersonating Twitter bot Add 9108639: Microsoft's Productivity future vision Add 9108320: Show HN: SuperTCP – upload/share/backup faster Add 9108213: The meaning of life in a pixel art cartoon Add 9106431: Brain controlled drone shown off by Tekever in Lisbon Add 9106241: Show HN: Text your mom you're home with a physical button Add 9106229: The Psychology of Human Misjudgement – Charlie Munger Full Speech (1995) Add 9105281: What Colleges and Graduate Schools Don't Want You to Know [video] Add 9105249: Why are flowers beautiful? (2007) Add 9105178: Can Maths Predict the Future? Add 9105015: NASA – Satellite Tracks Saharan Dust to Amazon in 3-D Add 9104130: Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life  Scanning page #166 for Add 9104077: Drone Rescue Mission Add 9103833: Tensegrity Robot Add 9103046: I hacked a flyswatter and made a tutorial[video] Add 9102973: Design and implementation of the MeteorJS platform Add 9102852: Compose Conference – Modularity and Abstraction in Functional Programming Add 9101890: Market Type and Revenue. 2 Minutes to See Why by Steve Blank Add 9101444: Your First Rails App in 10 Minutes Add 9100517: Shoot a teammate in the back with a paintball gunto win a trip to costa rica Add 9100496: App that generates Yelp reviews based on the rating and business type Add 9100141: The Future of Practicing Your Musical Instrument Add 9100019: Meet Tomatan Add 9099424: “OK Google, Open Sesame” opens apartment door Add 9099329: Super Mario Bros. Programmed into Super Mario World via Glitch Add 9099310: Preserving arcade games Add 9098675: Harvard Unleashes Swarm of Self Organising Robots Add 9098120: Robots organizing batteries [video] Add 9097991: FFC: Adora Cheung of Homejoy (YC S10) on Scaling Your Company Add 9097951: YC backed rocket company test video Add 9096446: Computer program that learns to play classic NES games (2013) Add 9096401: Show HN: High Torque Movement + Invisible Bookshelves = Book Clock Add 9093803: Charles Babbage's Anticipating Carriage Add 9092875: The Daring: Steve Wozniak Add 9092508: The Psychology of Doing Nothing [video] Add 9092256: Tracking Point: The Gun That Aims Itself (Documentary)(2013) Add 9092237: Learn Rails for Free  Scanning page #167 for Add 9091821: The Making of Neon Signs [video] Add 9091140: RO-BOW – A Kinetic Sculpture That Plays a Violin by Seth Goldstein Add 9091103: Apple's new iPad ad, filmed on an iPad Air 2 Add 9090543: The Food Porn Superstars of South Korea: Mukbang Add 9090133: From Zero to One – Peter Thiel [video] Add 9090048: MIT Physics PhD student stand-up routine Add 9089799: Application that measures your heart rate during a cinema session Add 9089509: Oldest Footage of New York Add 9089043: Photoshop v1.0's debut on the Today Show in 1990 Add 9088726: Clay Shirky on Love, Internet Style (2007) Add 9088429: “Math does not bow to guns.” -Bryan Micon on events of 2/11/15 Add 9088373: How not to talk about design Add 9088274: Chinese Farmer Builds His Own Bionic Arms YouTube Add 9087741: Mastering the Pixel: 25 Years of Photoshop Add 9087639: Shark Tank View on Venture Investing with Coffee Meets Bagel Add 9086416: iRobot CEO Colin Angle on lessons learned and the future [video] Add 9086172: David Nolen: Refracting React.js [video] Add 9085626: Barak Weichselbaum, Komodia SSL Redirector founder, tells his story Add 9084272: Learn Lua in One Hour Add 9082580: Erlang – Building Blocks for Global Distributed Systems [video] Add 9080304: How to stop screwing yourself over [video] Add 9080211: New Invention – Flow: Honey on Tap Directly from Your Beehive Add 9079932: 25 Years of Photoshop – Dream On Add 9078976: Onevest Startup Fundraising Q&A Panel [video] Add 9076756: Facebook Freebooting Add 9076755: Terry White Demonstrates Photoshop 1.0 [video] Add 9074875: Prime Minister of Estonia explains how fast, simple and safe is e-voting  Scanning page #168 for Add 9074647: Executors in C++ Add 9074531: Amazing One-Man-Band Street Performer in Croatia ( Add 9074067: 25 Years of Photoshop – Dream On Add 9073554: Early Touch Screen Technology – Tomorrow's World – BRITLAB – BBC Add 9073418: 2015 Analysis and Predictions for Facebook, AWS, Google and Apple Add 9073117: Secure Alternative to Skype Based on WebRTC Add 9072825: See Jonathan Bush (CEO of Athenahealth) Explaining Software a a Service (SaaS) Add 9072757: Sandi Metz: All the Little Things Add 9072475: SideProjects Are How You Train for a Startup Add 9070965: GNU Parallel script processing and execution Add 9069984: Stranded Deep God Mode Leaked? Add 9069844: Nobody Tells This to Beginners Add 9069090: Show HN: UI Widget to access graphically represented data Add 9069018: Kyle Johnson, 'Inception and Philosophy' – Talks at Google Add 9068834: JavaScript PDP-11 Emulator Running Unix V6 Add 9068751: Hard disks: More than just block devices Add 9068678: Saudi cleric rejects that Earth revolves around the Sun Add 9068523: The guy who is saving the world – Elon Musk Add 9068386: Bitcoin Core 0.10.0 – The New Features with Peter Wuille Add 9067781: “True Augmented Reality” Add 9067701: Department of the Internet: Installation Add 9067694: Rewiring the Brain [video] Add 9067371: VoxLords – trailer for upcoming Indie WebGL game Add 9067238: Human White Blood cells attacking a parasite Add 9066897: Win at Connect Four Every Time – The World's First Online Connect 4 Solver Add 9066867: Elon Musk on why hydrogen fuel cell is dumb Add 9066690: Git Annex integration in GitLab Shell code [video] Add 9066035: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO) Add 9065963: Introduction to Deep Learning with Python  Scanning page #169 for Add 9065224: Imagining the Tenth Dimension (2012) Add 9065129: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones [video] Add 9064507: When dependency hell freezes over Add 9063500: Telegram for PC Add 9062847: An Angular2 Todo App: First Look at App Development in Angular 2 Add 9061625: The 100 Thousand Workhours Wristwatch – Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Add 9059619: Type Providers and Error Reflection in Idris Add 9059095: Greek FinMin Varoufakis speaks after talks failure [video] Add 9058693: A Crucial Flaw in Democracy and a Five Dollar Solution [1:02:37] Add 9057600: Jacques Fresco Future by Design Full Documentary Add 9057532: Miniature W-32 Engine Add 9057530: Frozen Cortex developer discusses the game's AI implementation Add 9057285: Video: NuoDB Scale-Out Performance Demo Add 9057246: Keys to SRE at Google [video] Add 9057073: Intro to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies [video] Add 9056364: How are images represented in a computer? Add 9055886: Spot – Boston Dynamics newest robot Add 9055313: An insect-like, crash-happy flying robot Add 9055154: Narrative Legos with Ken Levine – GDC 2014 Add 9054295: High Res Wifi Signal Mapping [video] Add 9054063: This guy challanged the police officers big time Add 9053359: Show HN: JavaScript Injection in Chrome Add 9052759: The artificial skylight that you won't believe isn't real Add 9052746: Resplendent Deep House Music for Hustlers and Hackers Add 9052544: After Effects smoke ray intro tutorial Add 9052177: NH Bitcoiners Testify to State House Committee Day 1/2 Add 9051661: We are a tiny part of this universe Add 9051626: Creativity in Mathematics: Inquiry-Based Learning and the Moore Method  Scanning page #170 for Add 9051209: A Gentle Intro to Unit Testing in Clojure Add 9050917: Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur Add 9050739: Where's the Money in Free Software? Add 9050497: Lens Diffraction and Its Practical Application to Photography Add 9050445: The Psychology of Doing Nothing – Professor Helga Drummond Add 9049867: Don't Stay in School [video] Add 9049706: Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine Add 9049374: How Does the MaidSafe-Routing DHT Compare to the BitTorrent Mainline DHT? Add 9049280: (2006) Surprising history of copyright Add 9049128: Ubuntu demo in Minecraft Add 9048754: Kara Swisher Interviews President Obama Add 9048442: Ideas are Opportunities Add 9048079: Interview with Bill Nguyen, Co-Founder of Color (2011) Add 9047830: How to become fluent in any language in six months – TEDxLingnanUniversity Add 9046789: Pokémon Crystal: Remote Code Execution Through the Link Cable Add 9046685: White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection – Live Add 9045552: Recording of Albert Einstein talking about the common language of science Add 9044866: Video: NuoDB Continuous Availability Demo Add 9044705: MeteorJS: Super fast end-to-end testing with Velocity Add 9044338: Zero to One: A Discussion with Peter Thiel Add 9043740: Indie Games and the Fourth Dimension Add 9043416: There are 0x0a videos of me working on my app Add 9043142: A.I to fight loneliness [video] Add 9042705: Journey Arcade Gameplay Review with Cassette Player Add 9042450: Paradox of the Cloud Add 9042202: Show HN: Android Chorus Add 9042021: A better agile workflow in 7 minutes with Git reflow Add 9041969: Live-edit Browserify modules (without page reload or losing DOM state) Add 9041682: Ubuntu Touch running on a x86 Tablet  Scanning page #171 for Add 9041502: Run-Time and Compile-Time Type Information of Jon Blow's New Language Add 9041156: Hackernews website slower for logged in users. [video] Add 9040989: Introducing Phorm, the world's first morphing touchscreen Add 9039644: Drone racing in the snow Add 9039301: Behind the Scenes: Design Sprint with Gimlet Media Add 9039295: People Are Awesome Add 9038945: Thinking Above the Code Add 9038917: NASA – SDO: Year 5 Add 9038814: Ranges and Iterators for numerical problems Add 9038418: A video preview auf our new question and answer app. Feedback appreciated Add 9037329: An Angular2 Todo App: First Look at App Development in Angular2 Add 9036912: The “mathemagician” Arthur Benjamin Add 9036652: Put That in Monterey/Electronic Agent/ Phone Slave '82 (VPRI 275) Add 9034690: Titanic: Engineering Facts [video] Add 9034282: How HHVM Uses Modern C++ for Fun and Profit (2014) [video] Add 9034276: SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: Using Serpent on Augur to Build Prediction Marketsa Add 9034133: Trailer for Alto's Adventure, an indie iOS game 2 years in the making Add 9033587: New startup video by Coub Add 9032988: C++11 Multithreading done right? Add 9032619: Show HN: Emojis must die – ClipDis App's Valentine's day campaign Add 9032352: A Revolutionary Water Printing Technology on Wheels Add 9032292: Unikernels: Who, What, Where, When, Why – Adam Wick, Galois Add 9032156: Left Shark appears as easter egg for GoogleIO 2015 website Add 9032073: He artificial skylight that you won't believe isn't real Add 9030432: SpaceX DSCOVR Launch Add 9029910: Introducing Flipboard for the Web Add 9029190: Web Accessibility Talk Add 9029001: Top 3 Photo Editors for Android Add 9028721: What's the best paper size? US Letter vs. A4 Add 9028703: Preserving arcade games [video]  Scanning page #172 for Add 9028089: Goodbye, RadioShack Add 9026245: Automatic Water Transfer Printing from Underwater Cam Add 9025514: Boston Dynamics' New Robot – Spot Add 9025249: Robots on Haskell Add 9025162: Find out if your doctor has taken money from pharmaceutical companies Add 9024997: Show HN: Making of an HTML5 cube timelapse Add 9024814: Can You Solve This? Add 9024642: Introducing Spot the Robot Dog from Boston Dynamics Add 9023500: Unboxing bq AQUARIS E4.5 Ubuntu edition (black) Add 9022893: Uber for Drones: Consumer Drone Tech Future Add 9022075: Video: Disadvantaged Youth Headed to Startup Institute Add 9021958: The asynchronous library – Christophe Henry Meeting C++ 2014 Add 9020491: Introduction to Git (2011) [video] Add 9020406: Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors? Add 9019888: How Zute SIP Dialer Works Add 9019558: The Real Story Behind Wayland and X (2013) [video] Add 9019458: What the Future Sounded Like (Video 2006) Add 9019318: Recognise Report – Cyber Security Awareness [video] Add 9018865: DSCOVR Launch Add 9018057: #PrivacyProject Add 9017815: Young Elon Musk featured in documentary about millionaires (1999) Add 9017454: Emacs hydra.el: a new way of creating key bindings Add 9017072: Internet of Short Circuits Add 9016848: The World's Poorest President: Jose Mujica Add 9016632: Nasa: A view from the other side Add 9016444: Symphony of Science Add 9016230: Secure JavaScript [video] Add 9016017: Rick Roderick on Socrates and the Life of Inquiry [full Length] Add 9015293: Growing a Language, by Guy Steele Add 9015248: Life inside a secret Chinese Bitcoin mine  Scanning page #173 for Add 9014993: The Future of Work – Robert Skidelsky (2014) [video] Add 9014616: 1996 Flashback: AOL goes down for 19 hours Add 9014058: Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine (In China) Add 9012744: Inside a massive Chinese Bitcoin mine [video] Add 9012678: Debunking the paleo diet Add 9012093: Silicon Valley Returns for Season 2 Add 9012018: Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Interview Add 9011863: Video Overview of Shooting Flipped Icebergs in Antarctica Add 9011626: Linus Torvalds and Git [video] Add 9011416: Life Inside a Secret Chinese Bitcoin Mine Add 9010739: What Is the Business Model for Mars? Elon Musk Add 9010424: Singular: Reimagining AngularJS in Java Add 9009692: [Documentary] Code Rush: Living and Working in Silicon Valley at Netscape (2000) Add 9009323: Make C++ Programs in Android Phones Add 9009235: Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans [video] Add 9009160: Developer Spotlight – Eve Virtual World Operations Add 9008534: Immutable Data and React [video] Add 9008319: Programming in Interesting Times – Russ Olsen (2014) Add 9008198: Indistinguishable from Magic, Modern Day Semiconductor Manufacture Add 9008109: How to make Graphics in Dev c++ Add 9007532: Would There Be an Internet Without the State? Add 9007298: Beyond the DOM: How Netflix plans to enhance your television experience Add 9004994: A magnetic oddity [video] Add 9004704: Cross platform apps at Dropbox – libdropbox Add 9004491: Designing value classes for modern C++ [video] Add 9003664: React beyond the DOM – how Netflix plans to enhance your TV experience Add 9003127: Confessions of an Erratic Marxist (2013) Add 9002987: TouPtiTrain: An electric train for Playmobil kids Add 9002126: KSP Special Relativity (1 of 9) Introduction  Scanning page #174 for Add 9001536: Indistinguishable from Magic: Manufacturing Modern Computer Chips Add 9000662: Behind the Scenes: MyFitnessPal Merges with Under Armour Add 9000455: A Presentation on the SAFE / MaidSafe Ecosystem Livestream Add 8999129: Pi-Forall: How to use and implement a dependently-typed language Add 8999083: Sqlpp11, an EDSL for Type-Safe SQL in C++11 Add 8998792: Is This the Real Roswell Alien Footage? Add 8998430: How Green Screen Worked Before Computers Add 8996405: Objects? No Thanks, Using C++ on Microcontrollers Add 8996085: TransAsia GE235 crashes in Taiwan river Add 8995793: Crypto Won't Save You Either (2015) Add 8995591: Dashcam captures crash of ATR72 in Taipei Add 8995104: Jonathan Rosenberg: Rules to Success (Video) Add 8994722: Paul Levinson Keynote Address: McLuhan 50 Years After Understanding Media Add 8994718: LFTR Chemical Processing and Power Conversion – Kirk Sorensen Add 8994083: Immutable Data and React [video] Add 8994057: Why you should be using ImmutableJS Add 8994023: Simpsons Pixels Add 8992460: GoPros and Drones in a Volcano = Awesome Add 8992301: Web WhatsApp-How to Setup Add 8991593: A way to visualize how Artificial Intelligence can evolve from simple rules Add 8991557: Coney Island in 4K Add 8991527: Clojure for Rubyists (Live-coding screencast) Add 8991440: 28msec – Virtual Databases (alchemist demo day) Add 8991219: Silk Road founder's parents: Evidence suppressed Add 8991103: Silk Road founder's parents speak out Add 8990837: Ubuntu Phone, Desktop, Tablet Add 8990531: Details on the Reddit cryptocurrency project from the ultimate insider [video] Add 8989791: Vaskduellen – The Waste Battle  Scanning page #175 for Add 8989771: GWT.create 2015: Keynote Add 8989625: Python Design Patterns (2007) [video] Add 8989329: Mapping, Localization, and Self-Driving Vehicles [video] Add 8989290: Programming your mind for success Add 8987689: Clayton Christensen on Religion and Capitalism (2012) Add 8987359: Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism (2012 documentary) Add 8987086: Why Is Google Making Human Skin? [video] Add 8985613: Are CSS Frameworks Bad? Add 8985559: Practicing a Foreign Language with Bots Using Speech Recognition Add 8985315: Darude’s Sandstorm Goes Classical with Epic Cover Add 8985300: Objects? No Thanks Add 8983113: Deep Learning for NLP – Introduction Add 8982873: Alleged Tesla-style cannon recreated from 19th century schematics Add 8982476: Deepwater drilling – How it's done Add 8981923: VR Porn Reactions on Oculus from First-Time Virtual Reality Viewers Add 8981637: [video] New Adam Curtis (The Century of the Self) Documentary – Bitter Lake Add 8980093: How I'm watching the Superbowl with netcat, ffmpeg, mplayer, stdin and stdout Add 8979495: Tendermint: Consensus without Mining Add 8979212: How an enigma machine works and the math behind it Add 8978993: Stochastic Optimization for x86 Binaries Add 8978899: Marketing Automation via the Printchomp Print API Add 8978359: Data fetching for React applications at Facebook Add 8977974: Stanford student develops drug to improve brain plasticity in mice Add 8977468: After Effects Smoke Ray Intro Add 8976237: Deep Web documentary trailer Add 8975542: Quantum theory: it's unreal (Imperial College London) Add 8975042: The Self-Destructing DVD That Failed Add 8974808: Aerial Art Using Cows and a Drone  Scanning page #176 for Add 8973909: Nvidias engineer comments on the vram issue of the gtx 970 Add 8973394: DLD14 – Learn Chinese in 10 Minutes Add 8973269: Web WhatsApp-How to Setup Add 8973010: Introducing React Native Add 8972465: Mind Controlled Dildo Add 8972061: What if a giant banana orbitted the earth at the same distance as the ISS? Add 8971496: 3D video conferencing is now possible with Add 8971325: Keylogger without malware (café scenario) Add 8970953: “I Work Online” Hilarious Digital Nomad Parody Music Video Add 8970767: Robot jazz band freestyles with a human Add 8970465: From JavaScript to ClojureScript [video] Add 8970433: That Sly MINIX – BSD Now 74 Add 8970264: A Deep Dive into React Native Add 8970250: Graphql and Relay from Facebook Add 8970064: A Deep Dive into React Native Add 8970030: New Data fetching framework for React Add 8969972: Peter Sunde at Transmediale 2015 Opening Ceremony Add 8969900: Youtuber reveals why sodium explodes in water Add 8969805: Inside a Camera at 10,000 fps Add 8969792: GraphQL - Data Fetching for React Applications [video] Add 8969699: A Deep Dive on React Native [video] Add 8969581: OS X offline DNS bug: no local DNS server when disconnected from networks Add 8968739: The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook and Google--Who Wins/Loses Add 8968221: FAA public service announcement, “No Drone Zone” Add 8968011: Install Wechat on pc without Bluestacks Add 8967225: Electronic supermarket checkout terminals (1978) [video] Add 8967175: Adaptive Tearing and Cracking of Thin Sheets, SIGGRAPH 2014 Add 8967077: Grace Hopper on Letterman Add 8966186: The GoDaddy Ad That Has Been Pulled from SuperBowl  Scanning page #177 for Add 8965798: Breast Mastectomy – Touch Surgery Surgical Simulation – Free on iOS and Android Add 8964950: Google XPrize Add 8964948: KevinDDR Is the First Tetris Grand Master 3 TGM3 Outside of Japan Add 8964930: Wireless Spray on Antenna:Solve for X [YouTube] Add 8964714: Falcon Heavy – Flight Animation Add 8964141: Scientists are now beating cancer with the HIV virus Add 8963710: Introducing React Native [video] Add 8963705: React.js Conf 2015 Keynote (introducing React Native) Add 8963288: Bruce Schneier and Edward Snowden Interview [video] Add 8963101: Interactive C++ Metaprogramming Shell based on Clang [video] Add 8962749: “Nobody knows where Apple’s tax is paid” Add 8962110: Gizmo: Inventors and their strange creations (1977) [video] Add 8961803: The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made (YouTube) Add 8961306: Show HN: Modular and Live-Reloading Shaders in WebGL Add 8961117: How to write like Warren Buffett Add 8961093: Self-Driving Tractor (1978) [video] Add 8961084: (1986)Challenger Disaster Live Coverage Add 8960215: SpaceX Falcon Heavy – Flight Animation Add 8958982: Tesla P85D Insane Mode Launch Reactions Compilation[video] Add 8958951: Expression Templates Revisited Add 8958145: Language Learning Obstacle Course in Virtual Reality Add 8957937: Presentation on Crafting Experiences with Data Visualization Add 8957882: Back to the Moon for Good – The New Space Race Add 8957867: Back to the Moon for Good – The New Space Race Add 8957214: Gabe Newell: On Productivity, Economics, and the Future of Corporations (2013) Add 8956811: Tesla “insane mode” Add 8956717: Ubuntu Phone in Desktop mode Add 8955888: Parisian apartment built with Unreal Engine 4 Add 8953913: Miguel Nicolelis: Brain-to-brain communication has arrived. How we did it  Scanning page #178 for Add 8953890: Evaluating and ranking genome assemblers using Docker containers Add 8953684: P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo [video] Add 8953303: Why Li-Ion Batteries Fail Add 8953203: Playing Mario Kart 8 to a live orchestra Add 8953094: What is Math? Add 8952956: Introduction to the dualo: a new digital instrument with logical key positioning Add 8952268: Introduction to Julia Internals [video] Add 8951939: Self-driving tractor in 1978 Add 8950707: How to Make an Attractive City Add 8949575: Are You an Efficient Multitasker? Add 8948881: The Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20 Year-old Vulnerability [31c3] Add 8948841: Davos 2015 – The Human Brain Deconstructing Mindfulness Add 8948336: C++ SIMD Parallelism with Intel Cilk Plus and OpenMP 4.0 Add 8947715: Thoughts on motion driven UI Add 8946973: Life after Microsoft (2004) Add 8946159: Bruce Schneier and Edward Snowden Harvard Data Privacy Symposium Add 8945680: What happens when you randomly corrupt Donkey Kong? [video] Add 8945588: Alan Turing, Father of Computer Science – Eduardo Galeano Add 8945129: 1957 worlds first Drone Add 8944345: #Equality Add 8943838: VR Interface Design Manifesto [video] Add 8943764: Make C++ Programs in Android Phones Add 8943148: Why Electronic Voting Is a Bad Idea [video] Add 8943097: Handmade Hero – Looped Live Code Editing Add 8941893: Smart Pipe – Informercial Add 8941874: New Cheerson CX-10A flight test Add 8941802: The Calorie Myth Add 8941728: MarkTwain on Lies and Slavery Add 8940866: Why the Cool Kids Don't Use Erlang [video] Add 8940534: Red Star OS 3.0 (DPRK/North Korea Linux) Overview  Scanning page #179 for Add 8940473: Liberating the Smalltalk lurking in C and Unix [video] Add 8940263: Lars Andersen: a new level of archery [video] Add 8940054: Ubuntu Phone apps running on Ubuntu desktop Add 8939589: Virtual sphere is new ”touch-free keyboard” Add 8939544: Charlie Brooker's Wipe 2014 – Adam Curtis [5m] Add 8938892: Notch Implements Rule 110 in Infinifactory Add 8938569: Bruce Schneier and Edward Snowden at Harvard Data Privacy Symposium 1/23/15 Add 8938202: Scott Hanselman shows you how to use Word Add 8937860: Keira on Hoodies and Crocs. And Spaceships Add 8937306: Bill and Melinda Gates: Our Big Bet [video] Add 8937129: New animation inspector panel in Firefox 37 Add 8936767: NASA's Largest Picture Ever Taken Add 8936636: Awesome video about the life of an undergrad programmer. [In HINDI] Add 8936597: The vision for Oculus and Microsoft HoloLens from a 1993 rock music video Add 8935994: Livestream of moot's final 4chan Q&A begins 11am PST/2pm ET Add 8935992: Shareboard: Indian startup aims to solve file sharing for students Add 8935438: Interfacing D to Legacy C++ Code [video] Add 8935011: Lars Andersen: a new level of archery [video] Add 8934771: Top startup success stories from Stockholm 2014 Add 8934758: Generic Parallel Programming in C++14 Add 8934545: Ynet Interview: An Israeli startup addressing the passenger problem Add 8934130: Functional Web Development – An Introduction to React.js Add 8933569: Computer Entrepreneurs (1984) [video] Add 8933270: Super Mario World – Credits Warp in 5:59.6 Add 8933049: Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms Add 8932919: Crazy Engineering: Mars Helicopter Add 8932581: Bill Gates interview: How the world will change by 2030 Add 8932530: Apple Store, West Lake – About the Artist Add 8932203: Why Poor Places Are More Diverse [video] Add 8932181: Super Mario World – Credits Warp in 5:59.6 (Non-Emulator World Record)  Scanning page #180 for Add 8932017: YouTube Creators Interview Obama (Live) Add 8930572: REST API Design: Avoid Future Proofing with the JSON Junk Drawer on API Workshop Add 8930016: Religious Cult Leader Makes An Action Movie About Himself Add 8929956: A flying robot that can walk [video] Add 8929632: John Romero and JP LeBreton about Doom1 and Game Design Add 8929568: Emacs – The editor of a lifetime Add 8928843: Unilever does the worlds first physical retargeting campaign using iBeacons Add 8928745: Why glasses are so expensive? The Luxottica monopoly Add 8928524: John Romero & JP LeBreton play Doom 1 for ~2.5h, discuss the games' development. Add 8928485: Bug in windows calculator (10 * 10 + 10 * 10 = 1100) Add 8928446: Testdriven C++ with Catch Add 8927257: Super Mario World Credits Warp Add 8926579: 2001 a Space Odyssey – A Look Behind the Future (1968) Add 8926235: The craziest ski [video] ever: “One of those days 2” Add 8925699: Data-Oriented Demo: SOA, composition via crazy 'using' [video] Add 8925476: Live Q&A with Uncle Bob Martin #NoCapes Add 8924305: Six Months at Sea in the Merchant Marine Add 8923462: SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: A Deep Dive on Tendermint. Consensus Without Mining Add 8922812: Mario Lives [YouTube] Add 8922674: Putin looks at hilariously fake Russian combat robot avatar Add 8921747: Unlock MacBook Air Using WhatsApp Add 8920890: Stan. – Australian video streaming service video walkthrough Add 8920581: Creating a Doom-style 3D engine in C [video] Add 8919492: Tesla Model S P85D Smokes Dodge Challenger Hellcat in 1/4 Mile Add 8919172: The Verge Super Bowl Ad Add 8919010: A Hurricane Without Water: How a Property Tax System Powered Detroit's Decline Add 8918561: Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd Reunion on Unaired MJ Fox Show Add 8918542: Presentation about Daala video codec at 2015  Scanning page #181 for Add 8918516: Facebook Freebooting Add 8915514: Creating a Doom-style 3D engine in C [video] Add 8915189: Andrew Keen: Uber's Behavior Is Untenable and Morally Suspect Add 8915124: Rich Sutton: “Myths of Representation Learning” [video] Add 8914940: Facebook Freebooting [video] Add 8914866: Self-Improving Artificial Intelligence [video] (2008) Add 8914409: Creating a Doom-style 3D engine in C Add 8914287: Gigapixels of Andromeda Add 8913558: Trogir – not your usual HN post, but I'd like to code in this city Add 8912653: Titanic used the wrong sky Add 8912093: Example of a good YC application video Add 8911973: Type driven code generation for Go Add 8911474: Towards Your Personal Service Robot Add 8911190: The Original Apple Watch Add 8909239: Isaac Asimov – Visions of the Future (1992) Add 8909053: Red Adair Add 8908573: Teens React to Oculus Add 8908446: Show HN: Closing Tabs, a Song Parody to 'Closing Time' by Semisonic Add 8908284: How Government Can Prepare for and Respond to Social Media Hacks Add 8907501: What a privacy intrusion feels (and sounds) like Add 8907441: Considering the Future of Copyleft: How Will the Next Generation Perceive GPL? Add 8907435: Hans Rosling: The River of Myths (2013) Add 8906989: Ask the EFF – The Year in Digital Civil Liberties [DEF CON 22 panel] Add 8906745: What really happened with the Boeing 787 Add 8906505: Mario Lives: An AI for creating a living and conversing agent [video] Add 8905927: Everybody talks about capitalism – but what is it? Kajsa Ekis Ekman TEDxAthens Add 8905317: Demo of neovim mode for atom Add 8905154: Computer Chronicles – The Internet (1995) Add 8905092: 10,000 Joule RailGun  Scanning page #182 for Add 8905056: How to mod a toaster to control PC games [video] Add 8904642: Film Chemistry: “The Alchemist in Hollywood” (1940) Add 8904313: Elementary Cellular Automaton in Logisim – Wolfram Code Add 8904083: C++11 library components to make a programming scientist happy Add 8903721: What is your password? Add 8903585: Humans Need Not Apply Add 8902945: Best Lecture on Programming Paradigms Iv'e seen so far, any recommendations? Add 8902868: Tattoo camouflages scars and burns Add 8901994: Five Things to Know About Retention Hacking Add 8901974: “Hack N' Slash” Creator Hacks “Legend of Zelda” for NES [video] Add 8901554: 2015 Keynote: Eben Moglen Add 8901018: Back to the Future of Software Development 4/23/2003 (VPRI 785) Add 8900070: Vision Test – Video teaser Add 8899812: Servo: Building a Parallel Browser [video] Add 8899350: PlayBox: Xbox One/PS4 Combo Laptop Add 8898546: CHI 2014 Talk FaBrickation: Fast 3D Printing Using Lego Bricks Add 8898133: Recruiters Gone Wild: The fake resume experiment Add 8897668: The swiss have effectively left the eurozone Add 8897560: Telepresence in Dataspace (VPRI 165a) Add 8897408: Node + JS, not Node.js Add 8897297: The Forecaster – Official Trailer Add 8896763: Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space Add 8896364: Photoshop fail in scientific publication (min 2:50) Add 8896155: Theresa May on the proposed encryption ban Add 8896029: Double Fine “Devs Play” – Legend of Zelda (Hacking the ROM) [video] Add 8896010: The Other Silicon Valley Add 8895824: How to Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours Add 8895728: The C++ Memory Model [video] Add 8895361: Dawn Wall Climber Kevin Jorgeson: “The Fun Scale”, Authors at Google  Scanning page #183 for Add 8894787: Fun with Filesystems 2015 – Darrick Wong Add 8892834: Forget compilers and interpreters. Create a consistent experience Add 8891806: The C++ Memory Model Add 8890991: Machine learning best practices [video] Add 8890252: Punch cards reader with Arduino interface Add 8890183: Project Ara Module Developers Conference (Live) Add 8889114: The latest Project Ara video spot Add 8888692: Automation, Minimum Wage, & Unemployment: Jon Stewart & Marco Rubio Discuss Add 8888562: "What you say" – A robot and human musical performance [video] Add 8888424: What's coming up for RethinkDB in 2015 [video] Add 8888389: The Golden Gate Bridge's 'Zipper Truck' in Action Add 8888215: Devs Play – Hacking a Legend of Zelda ROM [video] Add 8888102: The beaver slayers of Patagonia Add 8887996: Project Ara Module Developers Conference Live Stream Add 8887021: Binary Full Adder Using Trains in OpenTTD Add 8886618: Have you ever wondered how inbox (new gmail) tutorial effects are made? [css] Add 8886536: Stochastic Optimization for x86 Binaries [video] Add 8886384: Toy Story 3D Animation Zoetrope [video] Add 8885957: With the Marines at Tarawa (1943 documentary) Add 8884294: Store as Global Variable Option in Chrome Developer Tools Add 8884252: Police pepper spray, tear gas hundreds of college students in Ohio Add 8883616: Affordable High-Speed Broadband for All Americans [video] Add 8883146: Matthias Troyer: “High Performance Quantum Computing” [video] Add 8882788: Fight for Space Add 8882607: Xiki: Can your shell console do this? Add 8881995: AWS Innovation at Scale [video] Add 8881137: Twiddler 3: Chording one-handed keyboard Add 8880276: SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: SkuChains and Supply Chain Authentication Add 8879312: David Cameron Threatens to Ban Snapchat Add 8879253: Learning how to learn [video]  Scanning page #184 for Add 8878793: Pruning Error Messages from C++ Template Code – Roland Bock Meeting C++ 2014 Add 8878501: Quantum Entanglement and Spooky Action at a Distance – Video Explanation Add 8878259: Alexa Home ( control your home with your voice Add 8876470: The Only Thing We Know About Cyberspace Is That It's 640x480 [31c3] Add 8875625: Scott Meyers: Support for Embedded Programming in C++11 and C++14 Add 8875434: Top Gear is finally back, soon Add 8875295: Elon Musk – Work Ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure – Pearls of Advice Add 8874835: SF Bitcoin Devs Seminar: A Special Presentation by Matt Corallo of Blockstream Add 8873614: Black Light Machine – Sega Genesis Chiptune Cover Add 8873539: How to Improve Capitalism Add 8872946: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under ActiveRecord Add 8872323: Anonymous declares war on terrorists – #OpCharlieHebdo Add 8872305: Lit Motors latest gyro balanced motorcycle prototype Add 8872246: How Amstrad bought Sinclair, in one minute [video] Add 8872157: StrangeLoop: Exploring four hidden superpowers of Datomic Add 8871975: Yann Lecun, Facebook // Data Driven #32 // Dec 2014 Add 8871780: Change Giving to Going Add 8871048: Industrial One Armed Bandit (1968) Add 8870836: Coral: Integrating Pharo with the Shell Add 8870614: Penalty Kicks from FIFA 94 to 15 (2014) Add 8870351: 1950's LSD Experiment – Artist Add 8869471: PolyConf 14: Immutability, or Putting the Dream Machine to Work Add 8869220: Afghanistan: What We're Leaving Behind Add 8869044: Raspberry Pi Engine Control with Real-Time Adaptive Learning Machine [video] Add 8868751: 257 CES gadgets in 3 minutes – CES 2015 [YouTube] Add 8868678: New visualization idea: simultaneously scrolling score in sync with music Add 8868672: CES 2015 BMW Audi Laser Headlights Add 8867818: Milton Friedman predicts Bitcoin and the Internet reducing government (1999) Add 8867054: Spacx CSR5 mission launch Add 8866993: SpaceChem Brainfuck Interpreter (2012)  Scanning page #185 for Add 8866984: Lambdas in Java: A peek under the hood (2013) [video] Add 8866892: [video] the speech that was prepared if the moon landing failed Add 8866568: Isomorphic App Development with Ruby and Volt (2014) [video] Add 8866545: Indian Science Congress: Science and Anti Science Add 8864406: Why Learn to Code Add 8863903: Global responses to An Era Of Conscience movement Add 8863716: Rocket science – how hard can it be? [video] Add 8863394: A gentle introduction to elliptic-curve cryptography Add 8863333: British Electric Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, and Here's Why Add 8862561: Hacking with Andrew and Brad: Add 8862548: Video Tags – A Way to Leave Notes for Editing Later Add 8862360: Computer Science in the DPRK Add 8862278: Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clarke (1988) [YouTube] Add 8862248: Scala Typeclassopedia Add 8861476: Generating OpenCL/CUDA source code from C++ expressions in VexCL Add 8861264: A Look inside Google's North Carolina Data Center Add 8860861: The Geometry of Linear Equations [Video – 2005] Add 8860270: TempleOS: The Grand Vision Add 8860182: App devs and marketers: learn about Analytics iOS install campaign attribution Add 8858734: A repo to quickly pivot startup ideas Add 8857541: Orchestrating Docker with Terraform and Consul by Mitchell Hashimoto Add 8857488: Redstone Word Processor in Minecraft [video] Add 8857113: Is it really 'Complex'? Or did we just make it 'Complicated'? [video] Add 8856761: Amazing video: ReactOS boots through network by PXE and works on real H/W Add 8856351: Building a Theme with the PencilBlue Node.js CMS Add 8856093: K'nex Mechanical Computer (2011) [video] Add 8855982: Tetris TI Master M Add 8855867: Multiplatform C++ Add 8855670: Interview about what is a browser Add 8855382: Make C++ Programs in Android Phones  Scanning page #186 for Add 8854608: Nvidia's demo of real-time object recognition using deep learning [video] Add 8854556: This is what a brazilian “prison” looks like Add 8854178: Insert +1B records in windows like a boss Add 8854098: Music video made with iPhone6 Add 8854023: A Tale of Two MVC's by Yehuda Katz (2013) Add 8853747: Docker at Shopify: From This-Looks-Fun to Production Add 8853629: An Internationalization Tool I Created and Launched in JSConf Add 8853507: How does hardware and software communicate? [video] Add 8853439: Is it really “Complex”? Or did we just make it “Complicated”? Add 8853376: Alan Kay's Tribute to Ted Nelson at “Intertwingled” Fest [video] Add 8852372: CS50 Lecture by Steve Ballmer Add 8850145: Livestream about Paris shooting (YouTube) Add 8850076: World's loudest alarm clock Add 8849746: Would You Take This Bet? Add 8849695: Highly Entertaining talk about the infamous Xerox scanning bug [YouTube] Add 8848455: Must-have gear/apps to get you through CES Add 8847360: What is OSVR (Razer) Add 8846654: Kalimah Priforce and Lance Knobel: Why Isn’t Silicon Valley Diverse? Add 8846268: Open Source Virtual Reality Add 8844276: Meet “ELO”, a Special Teddy Bear from Amaral Carvalho Hospital in Brazil Add 8843533: Educate Yourself Add 8843264: Last speech of an astronaut Add 8843227: CES 2015: Lenovo ThinkPad Stack (Video: stackable desktop components) Add 8843150: Don Knuth on the Dragon Curve and Learning from His Mistakes – Numberphile Add 8842849: GoPro footage of fighting Adelaide's bushfires at the weekend Add 8842779: Robert Goddard – Development of High Altitude Rockets (1935) [video] Add 8842425: Show HN: Swift Playgrounds on steroids Add 8841868: Aerial footage of new Apple campus Add 8841748: Voxel8: The World's First 3D Electronics Printer  Scanning page #187 for Add 8841003: 2015: The year of the decentralized Bitcoin exchange [video] Add 8840709: Mathematics without real numbers Add 8840679: What does the storied city of San Francisco look like in 2259? Add 8840374: Richard Hipp – Checklists for Better Software [video] (2013) Add 8840142: Onewheel [video] Add 8839436: How to solve 17x17x17 Rubik's Cube Add 8839005: Steve Wozniak Debunks One of Apple's Biggest Myths Add 8838942: Gogoro electric scooters and battery network Add 8838890: Jar Invention Lifts It All (Narrated) Add 8838702: Nutanix – First Customer Add 8838080: AGDQ2015: TASbot uses arbitrary code execution exploit to reprogram Pokemon Red Add 8838018: First Ubuntu Touch Phone Released 2.2 Ghz Quad Core, 2GB Ram,20MP Camera Add 8837687: Flappy Bird on Android Wear Add 8837427: A Pretty Good Introduction to Pretty Good Privacy Add 8837247: Inside: Undercover in North Korea (Documentary) Add 8837244: Powers of Ten: Adventure in magnitudes (1977) [video] Add 8837204: Deep Space – A Simulation Drama [video] Add 8836246: First 3DS Emulator (Citra) to Run Zelda OOT Add 8836030: Inside a Google data center [video] Add 8834548: Nobody Tells This to Beginners Add 8834300: E-Dreams (2001) full documentary – The rise and fall of Add 8834048: Wire for Sound (1962 Western Electric Video) Add 8833971: Billionaire Elon Musk: How I Became the Real 'Iron Man' Add 8833858: Poems for bugs Add 8833609: Fordson Snowmobile 1929 Concept Reel [video] Add 8832763: SpaceX, year in review 2014 Add 8832734: Seth Raphael Claims Randi's $1M Challenge at MIT Media Lab (2008) [video] Add 8832573: DEF CON 22 How to Disclose an Exploit Without Getting in Trouble [video] Add 8831612: Deep Learning – Yoshua Bengio (Part 1)[video] Add 8831230: Hands-on Scala.js  Scanning page #188 for Add 8830905: Adam Curtis on why 2014 has left us feeling confused and apathetic Add 8830416: Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation [video] Add 8829929: Make C++ Programs in Android Phones Add 8829109: ReactOS network PXE-boot with 3rd party driver and RDP-connection to Windows 7 Add 8828268: Principles of Lighting and Rendering with John Carmack at QuakeCon 2013 Add 8828142: EFI bootkits for Apple MacBooks [31c3] Add 8827755: Why are computers so #*? [31c3] Add 8827733: “Portable 2 Compared to This Fish” – JOHN CLEESE Compaq Ad Add 8827457: The Cloud Conspiracy 2008-2014 [31c3] Add 8827089: Attacks on UEFI Security [31c3] Add 8826538: The President in 3D Add 8826415: Telescope Making [video] Add 8826333: Windows 10 Best New Feature #6: Updated Command Prompt Add 8826147: Nazis – Louis Theroux BBC Documentary [video] Add 8825947: Digital Clock built using 7400 series TTL ICs Add 8825575: Performance curve of a 1,000 mph run Add 8825535: 2014 – SpaceX Year in Review Add 8823394: Getting It Done Regardless Mentality Add 8822294: Monads in Chains [video] Add 8821699: The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama [video] Add 8821478: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out – Richard Feynman Interview (1981) [video] Add 8820469: MagicTime (2006) Add 8819614: Junction design in the Netherlands [video] Add 8819329: An Astronaut's Guide to Optimism Add 8819176: YouTube Video Quality 101 [video] Add 8818292: Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight Add 8817903: Introducing Crystal Code-As-A-Service Platform [video] Add 8817772: Cybernetics for the masses – electronic body modification Add 8816432: Persistent, Stealthy, Remote-controlled Dedicated Hardware Malware [30c3]  Scanning page #189 for Add 8816018: EFI Bootkits via Thunderbolt for MacBook Pro, or How you no longer own your MBP Add 8816001: Richard Feynman – The World from another point of view Add 8815734: Veteran's Hospital LSD Testing (1956) [video] Add 8815268: What is a DAC (distributed autonomous corporation)? [video] Add 8814906: 31C3: The Perl Jam: Exploiting a 20 Year-old Vulnerability [video] Add 8814667: Laser pointer Lissajous curve display machine [video] Add 8814642: Building the Golden Gate Bridge Add 8814328: The Mother of All Demos, Wolfram Edition Add 8814149: Wrong Turn on the Dragon – Numberphile (featuring Don Knuth) Add 8814092: [31c3] Internet of toilets Add 8811681: Programming with dependent types in Idris [video] Add 8811549: A Behind-The-Scenes Tour of No Man's Sky's Technology Add 8811296: Funky File Formats (31c3) Add 8810991: How the new EU VAT rules will affect UK businesses (6 min video explanation) Add 8810490: Jacob Appelbaum – Reconstructing narratives Add 8810299: From Computation to Consciousness (talk by Joscha Bach) Add 8810174: Testing Apple's Touch ID with Fake Fingerprints Add 8810147: Quake on an oscilloscope Add 8810000: Samsung App for Kids with Autism Add 8809780: Boston startup makes beer pong robot [video] Add 8809665: 6 Children Including 2 Year Old Showing Their Computing Skills Add 8809025: Don't Do This (PyCon Australia) [YouTube] Add 8808910: Yves Rossy, the Jetman Add 8808393: Secret of Snapping Spaghetti in SLOW MOTION – Smarter Every Day 127 Add 8807960: Bubble-sort with Hungarian (“Csángó”) folk dance [video] Add 8807817: Cuba's DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation Add 8807551: Interview with Finest Squad, Lizard Squard, Anonymous and KimDotCom Add 8807473: Behind the Scenes with Linus Torvalds on His Birthday Add 8807403: Running a startup on Haskell  Scanning page #190 for Add 8806669: Biohacking: growing bones in a lab [video] Add 8806497: Alexander Gerst's Earth Time Lapses Add 8806494: “Family flight” – Five A350 XWBs together in flight Add 8806276: How to Debug Anything by James Golick (GoGuCo '14) Add 8805871: RiSC 16 CPU implemented in Minecraft Add 8805846: Merge Sort vs. Quick Sort [video] Add 8805803: Visualization with sound of Sorting Algorithms Add 8805421: Idris: Type safe printf [video] Add 8805039: Redesiging a Broken Internet: Cory Doctorow [video] Add 8804856: The Great Filter: What the absence of alien life means for human survival Add 8804824: Jeff Hawkins: Brains, Data, and Machine Intelligence [video] Add 8803382: Where can blockchain technology take us? [video] Add 8802938: How the Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio Add 8802001: Python 3.3 vs. PyParallel 0.1-ish; uses all your cores, then crashes Add 8801860: Install Wechat on pc without Bluestacks Add 8801748: Jeff Larson – On the resemblance and containment of documents Add 8801231: Meteor: Exploring Reactive MySQL Add 8800309: Quantum Mechanics and the Geometry of Spacetime – Talk by Maldacena at NYU Add 8799659: Calculate the Day of the Week for Any Date Until 2099 Add 8799418: JavaScript Frameworks Bring Additonal Barriers to Web Accessibility [video] Add 8798573: Honest University Commercial Add 8798480: Steve Gibson Introduces SQRL Add 8798124: An Eye Opening Perspective Add 8798064: Richard Feynman – The Last Journey of a Genius Add 8796548: Commercial for IBM's Selectric “golf Ball” Typewriter Add 8796203: Hilarious Debate on SQL vs. MongoDB (Warning: Profanities) Add 8794374: Computational Phenomena in Physics – Scott Aaronson [video] Add 8794222: Mentally Calculate the Day New Years Occurs Until 2099 Add 8794047: The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans  Scanning page #191 for Add 8793773: The Interview on YouTube Add 8793023: We made a super heroes video for our startup Add 8792880: What the Brain Says about Machine Intelligence Add 8792548: Happy Holidays Dancing with tferriss noahkagan chrisguillebeau rolfpotts Add 8792148: Server-less applications powered by Web Components Add 8791492: We Are Built to Be Kind [video] Add 8791155: SOFT, Not SOLID: Beyond Traditional Hardware Engineering [video] Add 8791098: Objective-C, not just for Macs and iPhones (2011) Add 8790798: Screencast: Learn Swift in 40 Minutes Add 8789274: Einstein's General Relativity, from 1905 to 2005 – Kip Thorne [video] Add 8788515: World's smallest christmas tree Add 8788330: Handmade Hero Day 026 – Introduction to Game Architecture [video] Add 8788287: The Real Voice of Siri Add 8787613: Interview with Boost VC, the Bitcoin Accelerator Add 8787229: How to Learn Anything Fast Add 8787094: An Artificial Biological Leaf [video] Add 8783204: The Art of Stillness Add 8783044: The Most Important Word Ever Add 8782984: The Most Radioactive Places on Earth Add 8782911: Talk about how important it is to know how to name variables in the right way Add 8781822: Making Microchips at Home – Cooking with Jeri (Part 1) Add 8781557: Astronaut’s-Eye View of NASA’s Orion Re-entry Add 8781226: Blockchain User Issued Assets Will Change Everything [video] Add 8780489: Death and the Present Moment – Sam Harris [video] Add 8779821: Why Davis' TempleOS is better than Torvald's Linux Add 8779441: “Apple's Broken Promises” by BBC One – Panorama [HD-Video] Add 8779331: Astronaut-Eye View of Orion Spacecraft Atmospheric Re-entry Add 8779268: The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch: When there's only one engineer in the room) Add 8779122: Hands-on Scala.js Add 8778370: Mark Tilden – Applied Examples of Analog Biomorphic Design  Scanning page #192 for Add 8778285: Can you trust what your brain tells you? Add 8777598: Magnus Carlsen Reviews His World Championship Game [video] Add 8776604: Telegram for PC Add 8776395: A Day in the Life of a Kiva Robot (2011) [video] Add 8775860: Write in Go (2014) Add 8775669: BBC Panorama Documentary: Apple's Broken Promises [video] Add 8774588: A Verizon Billing Classic: $0.002 = 0.002c Add 8774211: Brian Beckman: Don't fear the monad Add 8773872: Return to Civilization Add 8773816: Elm on the Functional Front End Frontier Add 8773178: Write in Go Add 8773032: Rosetta: Science Mag's breakthrough of the year, and 9 runner ups [video] Add 8772415: Introducing Mobifile Video – A New Kind of Inbox Add 8771698: An “Organic” label for technology that respects our attention [video] Add 8771680: Plain threads are the GOTO of todays computing Add 8771422: Implementing a bignum calculator – Rob Pike [video] Add 8771400: Additive and Subtractive Milling Add 8771097: The Ornette Coleman Trio recording a soundtrack (1966) [video] Add 8771069: Michael W Lucas presentation on sudo based on book Sudo Mastery [video] Add 8770965: Video: Linus Torvalds Guided Tour of His Home Office Add 8770907: Amputee controls prosthetic arms by thinking about them [video] Add 8769493: Floating Point Numbers – Computerphile Add 8768876: All About Burn Rate: First Round's (awesome) 2014 Holiday Video Add 8767953: Microsoft Is Irrelevant Add 8767911: Drone with xmass tree as payload Add 8767595: Affects Performance in AngularJS Directives Add 8767177: Lotus 1-2-3 Rocks (1983) [video]  Scanning page #193 for Add 8767130: (FutureJS) a Language in 20 Minutes Add 8766890: Handmade Hero Day 023 – Looped Live Code Editing [video] Add 8766662: Scott Meyers – The evolving search for effective C++ [video] Add 8766593: A Humble Thank You – $50MM for Charity Add 8764585: [video] Hello World with Smartface App Studio Add 8764328: Mashup: Darlene Love Singing “Christmas(Baby Please Come Home)” on the Late Show Add 8763431: Practical Hardware Forking – Cameron Adamez [video] Add 8762275: Frankfurt Airport in 200 years time Add 8761946: Basic Emacs Tutorial Add 8761845: Terry Davis' (TempleOS) Brutal Take-Down of Linus Torvalds Add 8761694: Measure the Speed of Light – With Chocolate [video] Add 8761317: The End of Crypto Add 8761028: Made with Code – Holiday Lights Add 8760381: Favorize – Content you care about Add 8760177: Inventing to Nowhere Add 8759458: The Unix System: Making Computers More Productive (1982) Add 8759016: Philip Krim Interview on Casper: Innovating on the Sleep Industry Add 8758751: Hustle hard – get your startup sales game to the next level Add 8758465: Hacking the Raspberry Pi's VideoCore IV GPU – Louis Howe [video] Add 8758051: Millennium Falcon's SFX Demonstrated by Sound Designer Ben Burtt (1980) [video] Add 8757532: Google Zeitgeist – Year in Search 2014 Add 8757216: A Time-Lapse Map of Nuclear Explosions Since 1945 – By Isao Hashimoto Add 8756967: Handmade Hero Day 021 – Loading Game Code Dynamically [video] Add 8756641: Bill Gates: Best Books of 2014 [video] Add 8756224: Raghuram Rajan on the New World Order Add 8755928: What Is Sway – Office Sway Vision Video  Scanning page #194 for Add 8755199: The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance and walk [video] Add 8755129: Slow Motion of Crude Oil's 1/2 Second, 90 Cent Rally Add 8754938: PyData talk: Python2 and Python3 working together in the same notebook Add 8754724: A Beretta shotgun being made. It's a commercial but amazing Add 8754482: Only Persistant Determination can make you reach Greatness Add 8754046: The Amazing Street Food of India Add 8753960: What is life-lecture: Jeremy England Add 8753024: A new way for kids to play Add 8752896: Top gifts ideas for all tech/gadget fans – comprehensive guide Add 8752626: The Hello Machine (1974) [video] Add 8752498: How to Detect an Exoplanet with a DSLR Add 8752392: Skype Translator preview opens the classroom to the world Add 8752178: Facebook's hilarious "How to" videos Add 8752050: How to Detect an Exoplanet with a DSLR Add 8751451: Protean Code: A Leap Forward in Compiler Technology Add 8750511: The Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan Add 8750454: Jaron Lanier on Big Data Add 8750072: It's not too late to make a difference Add 8749269: Telegram for PC Add 8748544: Google: Introducing Route 85 [Video] Add 8748454: Self-Hosted JS Add 8747821: What are the best tools for estimating crowd size in a timelapse video? Add 8747418: Did you know about the experimental layer panel in chrome dev tools? Add 8746326: Science vs. Music Add 8745634: Scott Meyers – CPU caches and why you care Add 8744683: Ralph Baer, the Father of Video Games Add 8744168: Yehuda Katz on Endurance [video] Add 8744098: Google Plans to Build Office in This Area of Los Angeles Add 8743988: Let’s Build Some Apps with Polymer – Chrome Dev Summit 2014 (Rob Dodson) Add 8743528: Arcade Games: Hacking, Emulation, Preservation  Scanning page #195 for Add 8743488: Kenneth Reitz: Python 2.7 and Python 3: A Sacred Love Story Add 8743285: Cicret Bracelet Add 8742935: How to program computers (kOS) Add 8742703: “A Programming Language for Games” Part 4 by Jonathan Blow [video] Add 8742070: Richard Feynman – Fixing Radios Add 8741203: What Is Life? Is Death Real? Add 8740441: Unveiling the Birdbox Christmas card Add 8739735: How to program computers (kos) – Add 8739018: A female documentary maker visits Indian village, exposes the feminist media Add 8738470: The Making of Tron (2002) Add 8738294: Laser Weapon Demonstration Aboard USS Ponce Add 8738167: Nir Eyal – Creating Habit-Forming Products Add 8738053: The Internet Archive Telethon and Power Resumption Add 8737973: Super Mario Bay Area Rapid Transit Map Add 8737326: A New Way to Look at Networking (2006) Add 8736620: Black Hole Size Visualization [video] Add 8736584: How to Pitch VC's [video] Add 8736330: Zerocash: improving Bitcoin using SNARKs Add 8736175: Ceylon language at the virtual JUG Add 8735648: Show HN: “Black and White”-style Game Prototype for the Leap Motion Add 8735070: Access all your files seamlessly from your iOS device Add 8734725: Jetpacks have arrived Add 8732952: VICE News Exclusive:Architect of the CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Program[video] Add 8732331: Category Theory by Tom LaGatta Add 8732321: Show HN: DesktopDrummer- An animated avatar that can drum along to any song Add 8732274: How India's Silicon Valley Became Its Suicide Capital Add 8731220: US Navy Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Live Firing Onboard USS Ponce AFSB(I) Add 8729905: Yesterday was Grace Hoppers Birthday (remembering nanoseconds)  Scanning page #196 for Add 8729105: The Kids' Guide to the Internet Add 8727751: Animating Animal Motion from Still [YouTube] Add 8727646: The current state of Gsick Add 8727570: What is the factorial of 1/2? The surprising answer is (√π)/2 Add 8727163: Interview with Charles Nutter aka the JRuby Guy at GOTO Night Chicago 2015 Add 8727011: Disney's Magic Highway – 1958 Add 8726774: Binary Metal – fairly servicable song composed out of coded binary messages Add 8726473: Soyuz rendezvous and docking explained [video] Add 8725861: Aza Raskin on hidden bias in Science and on Science corps Add 8724493: Should apps unbundle or roll up like this one? Add 8723211: The Language of the System (2012) Add 8722901: An Ad which is fun to watch but create brand awareness Add 8722467: Bill Gates: Best book I read in 2014 [video] Add 8722432: Meeting C++ 2014 – An Interview with Hartmut Kaiser and Scott Meyers Add 8722053: IBM show POC of social login attack [video] Add 8721583: Netflix JavaScript Talks – Version 7: The Evolution of JavaScript Add 8721181: Amputee with robotic prosthetic can walk at normal speed on a treadmill Add 8721167: International Space Station Assembly (2011) [video] Add 8720988: XOR Distance and Basic Routing (excerpt) [video] Add 8720965: Eliot Horowitz: Advances in MongoDB Scalability [video] Add 8720796: Lego Logic Gates – Half Adder [video] Add 8720359: ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie [Full Movie] Add 8720107: The Internet in 1998 (Netscape, animgifs, .mid, framesets, mIRC) Add 8720085: Steve Wozniak Debunks One of Apple's Biggest Myths [video] Add 8719759: Steve Wozniak Debunks One of Apple's Biggest Myths Add 8719453: High Speed Robot Hand Dexterity [video] Add 8719039: Google Play Services 6.5 Add 8718875: Donald Knuth's 20th Annual Christmas Tree Lecture: (3/2)-ary Trees [video]  Scanning page #197 for Add 8718407: Failed body armour test by pro-Russian rebels Add 8718201: What would Crockford do? [2012] Add 8717692: Corporate Open Source Anti-patterns Add 8717565: Interface Technologies That Have Not yet Left the Lab (2012) [video] Add 8716941: Cortana protocol reversed Add 8716858: The Fantastic Mr. Feynman (2013 Documentary) Add 8716361: Erlang – The Movie Add 8716112: The Infamous Spanish Pink Pigeon Add 8715898: The Internet is on Fire [video] Add 8715779: A 32 year old BASIC programming challenge, solved Add 8715605: Seam Carving – Content-aware image resizing (2007) Add 8715533: Mark Hughes – Marketing Director for – Author of BuzzMarketing [video] Add 8715283: President Obama kicks off the Hour of Code 2014 Add 8714727: Scaling Deep Learning, by Jeff Dean, Google, 20131016 Add 8714539: Schlieren Optics – Air Movement Demo Add 8714321: The Terrifying Implications of Computers That Can Learn [video] Add 8714296: Light bouncing off a mirror at 100B frames per second Add 8714001: Quick Search – UI redesign to facilitate sharing links and quick Google searches Add 8713894: Ethereum/Tual: The web, without servers (14:09 min) Add 8713753: William Trubridge's breathtaking world record freediving attempt Add 8713624: Colonel John Boyd on Designing the F-15 Add 8713620: How the A-10 Warthog became 'the most survivable plane ever built', Pierre Sprey Add 8713426: Immutable Infrastructure and Disposable Components at Hack.summit() Add 8713417: Creative Spark: John August – “Sometimes you just need to make a big mess” Add 8712988: Sony Alpha A7s sample video – moonlight Add 8712335: TEDx: It's not too late to make a difference (Age is an Advantage) Add 8712177: Watch ALGORITHM for free Add 8711715: Rick Reed – WhatsApp: Half a billion unsuspecting FreeBSD users [video] Add 8711250: Emojli: Why You Should Never Build an App  Scanning page #198 for Add 8710740: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Add 8710327: Disney Research on High-Quality Capture of Eyes Add 8709969: Ghostbuster's Theme on eight floppy drives Add 8709700: The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn Add 8709580: MLH Local Hackday (worldwide hackday) Add 8709517: Brian Goetz – Stewardship: The Sobering Parts Add 8709169: From a $4.95 ebook to a $12,000 course Add 8707393: How an engineer uses Tinder [video] Add 8707311: Noah Kagan Interview on Reverse Engineering Success Add 8706010: Crazy Pool Vortex Add 8705523: Brian Goetz – Java Stewardship: The Sobering Parts Add 8705326: The Future Will Be Decentralized (13 min) Add 8705071: Deep Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation (2010) Add 8704873: He sold potato peelers for $5 each and became a millionaire Add 8704371: Orion Trial by Fire (7 min) [video] Add 8703247: The Animated Adventures of Firefly: Production Diary Add 8702995: Playing Snake with Hacked Coolermaster Rapid-I Firmware Add 8702813: Terence Tao on Massively Collaborative Online Mathematics [video] Add 8702573: Ubuntu Causes Girl to Drop Out of College Add 8702185: The Secrets of React's Virtual DOM (FutureJS 2014) Add 8701544: The Mystery of the Missing Martins [video] Add 8701349: Writing a Game in Haskell, by Elise Huard (Strange Loop '14) Add 8701336: CoreOS: Rocket Tutorial and Demo Add 8701087: Inside a Saturn I fuel tank during flight [video] Add 8700893: Firmware: hiding it behind the curtain and telling no one to look is doomed Add 8700030: Car engine stripped down and rebuilt – in stop motion Add 8699799: I used this app to propose to my girlfriend. (actual review) Add 8698490: Evolving JavaScript with TypeScript Add 8698083: “This Will Revolutionize Education”  Scanning page #199 for Add 8698021: H̶a̶l̶f̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶i̶l̶l̶i̶o̶n̶ 600M unsuspecting FreeBSD users Add 8697778: Corning Glass Ad Add 8697455: Python Metaprogramming for Mad Scientists and Evil Geniuses Add 8697367: UltraHaptics: Multi-Point Mid-Air Haptic Feedback for Touch Surfaces Add 8697006: Rendering Volumetric Haptic Shapes in Mid-Air Using Ultrasound Add 8696971: CoreOS: Rocket Tutorial and Demo Add 8696789: [TED Talk] Ditch Your Dis Add 8696198: Armin van Buuren on stage with Myo – behind the scenes Add 8696177: How to Make a Hit App Add 8695776: Siggraph 2014: Tangible and Modular Input Device for Character Articulation Add 8695649: My Demo Video for Faysee, a Reaction Capture Messaging App Add 8695100: Stellar Panel: Building a Common Financial Platform (2014) Add 8694708: Is Mongo DB Web Scale? Add 8694034: Your first reservation into Base7booking Add 8693968: VIDEO: Your Last Line of Defense Should Be Your Strongest Add 8693933: Introducing the no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA Add 8693728: Evolving JavaScript with TypeScript Add 8693009: Combine Tessel, Adafruit NeoPixel, Node.js and Web Audio API to Visualize Music Add 8692907: World's Simplest Electric Train Add 8692611: Hebocon: Celebrating Crappy Robotics Add 8692385: Donald Sherman orders a pizza using a talking computer (1974) [video] Add 8692220: World's Simplest Electric Train [video] Add 8692011: Crazy Pool Vortex [video] Add 8691748: Why Group Texts Are Annoying and Wasteful- a Mathematical Argument Add 8691742: MacPaint Interview and Demonstration, with Bill Atkinson and Andy Herzfeld Add 8691701: The 3D scanning of Obama Add 8691590: Steve Jobs on the Megahertz Myth Add 8691584: Hover over the counter in PSY's video to see a little math magic Add 8691373: A timelapse of the Sun in 4K [video]  Scanning page #200 for Add 8691081: Eastern Philosophy – The Buddha [video] Add 8690712: Greg from Stripe and Stellar at Future of Money Add 8690539: Meteor First Impressions Add 8690535: Crash course in world history Add 8689753: MULTI – world’s first rope-free elevator system Add 8689701: Popcount as an Example of Microbenchmarking in C [video] Add 8689519: NASA’s Journey to Mars News Briefing Add 8689348: Common Craft: Net Neutrality [video] Add 8688629: Neo900: Crafting the Private Phone Add 8687178: Sinking of USS America(CV-66) in 2005 Add 8686882: Stop thinking and start sharing Add 8686839: Pledge 1% Add 8685319: TRS-80 Model 4p movie streaming from floppies Add 8685219: Offline Bitcoin wallet completing a payment via NFC and Bluetooth [video] Add 8685075: The Worst Product Ever Made (from a 1M+ Kickstarter) Add 8684936: Creating Hollywood effects with simple household items Add 8684793: The Random Show Episode 26 (ft Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss) Add 8684689: IBM and Samsung: Next Generation IoT Technologies Using the Block Chain Add 8683960: Ubuntu NEXT, QML windowing system + rotation Add 8683444: Build your own exobrain Add 8683411: Show HN: My 8th grade documentary on cryptography (2005) Add 8683322: What Does an Open Source Microsoft Web Platform Look Like? – Hack Summit Add 8683104: Opening remarks, introducing hack.summit() – video Add 8682971: Neo900: Crafting the Private Phone [video] Add 8682878: Install Wechat on pc without Bluestacks Add 8681396: Spanish Android Phones Advertisement. Must See Add 8680918: These Cool Robots Are Processing Your Amazon Orders Add 8680623: The Top Special FX of 2014 Add 8680510: How Jake Learned to Improve Technology [video]  Scanning page #201 for Add 8679861: Detailed explanation of WWII era mechanical fire control computer Add 8679535: Chandler Carruth “Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures” Add 8678936: How Microsoft Uses C++ to Deliver Office Applications Across Multiple Platforms Add 8678772: A fish with arms and legs Add 8678698: Nitinol Heat Machines [video] Add 8678260: Feynman: Jiggling Atoms [video] Add 8678087: Android/Replicant on GTA04 Add 8676852: Lego Antikythera Mechanism Add 8676273: Google Glass App a Finalist in Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge [video] Add 8675252: Speech by Adrian Tan at NTU Convocation Ceremony Add 8674935: Titanic, created with Unreal Engine 4 Add 8674885: Body language, the power is in the palm of your hands Add 8674345: Mozilla Releases Open Web Music Video Add 8674231: Functional DOM Programming Add 8674010: AI and Fractal Thinking Add 8673779: Dissapearing into the Fire: Surviving the Startup Life Add 8673434: Learn from the masters: The secrets of Steve Jobs' presenting style Add 8673108: Why not use .Net Add 8673081: Functional Reactive Programming Add 8672913: Turing's Enigma Problem Add 8672899: Star Wars Visual Effects, from AT-ATs to Tauntauns Add 8672894: React animations screencast (react-tween-state) Add 8672720: You only need 100 lines of JavaScript Add 8672413: Ursula K. Le Guin Accepts the National Book Foundation's Medal Add 8672391: The Making Of: ROM City Rampage Add 8672084: Man frees robot trapped in room Add 8671244: Star Wars: The Force Awakens UK Teaser Add 8671230: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Add 8671202: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Add 8671160: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #1  Scanning page #202 for Add 8670342: Using the web for music production and for live performances Add 8670228: How to become a better designer Add 8669805: Interactive Christmas tree made of strains of LED strips in Fukuoka, Japan Add 8669531: The Potential of Blockchain Technology Add 8668843: Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet and PC (1974) Add 8668604: NeXT vs. Sun (development tools comparison) Add 8667584: How to build a mmorpg Add 8667245: German Net Neutrality [video with subtitles] Add 8666802: DJ Glove Demo Add 8666671: Vi Hart: How I Feel About Logarithms [video] Add 8666118: Smart Pipe: IoT toilet pipe, bring your toilet to the social revolution Add 8666101: Sequoia Capital's Doug Leone on Luck and Taking Risks Add 8665978: Silk Road and online freedom: Mother of Ross Ulbricht speaks out Add 8665844: Atom as a NeoVim client Add 8665355: Steve Balmer on KLOCs Add 8665348: Asynchronous Programming (in .NET) Deep-Dive [video] Add 8665213: Homemade, Bond-inspired LaserWatch Add 8664977: Dependent Types in Haskell: Present and Future Add 8664559: MIT 8.04 Quantum Physics I, Lecture 1: Introduction to Superposition Add 8663927: Amazon the Truth Behind the Click Documentary 2013 Add 8663923: 1983 Apple Event Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Add 8663652: Matt Ellsworth Interview on Growth Hacking and Standup Comedy Add 8663384: TempleOS: StdIn and StdOut Add 8662889: Arduino combination lock hacking device Add 8662689: React.js: Be Predictable, Not Correct Add 8662516: Show HN: Italian EXPO 2015 Add 8661867: Incredible Footage of NASA's Antares Spacecraft Explosion in HD and 4K [video] Add 8661243: Pathological Physics: Tales from “The Box” (2012) [video] Add 8661070: Rob Pike: Concurrency is not Parallelism [video]  Scanning page #203 for Add 8660925: Bill Gates – Deposition Part 4 of 12 Add 8660619: Live ClojureScript Game Editor Add 8660131: Curious about the Moto 360? So were we. Add 8659590: Types and Testing in Haskell Add 8659250: History of programming languages leading up to JavaScript Add 8659185: Real-time magnet position detection using an iPhone Add 8659009: Jurassic World – Official Trailer (HD) Add 8657915: Introducing themes by Cyanogen Add 8657139: Spoken Word of a Feminist Add 8657033: Gyroscope – Spacecraft control Add 8655831: Growing a Language, by Guy Steele (1998) Add 8655241: We Are All Smart People Working on Dumb Problems Add 8654798: History of MOS 6502 [video] Add 8653952: iOS game teaching you math without you knowing it Add 8653477: Chrome Dev Summit 2014: Web Components Add 8653406: Mistakes Angular Developer Make Add 8653397: The Greatest Holiday on Earth Add 8652992: Polymer: State of the Union Add 8652833: TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard Add 8652824: DEFCON – The Full Documentary Add 8652817: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz Add 8650773: Piano stairs Add 8650600: Imagining the Fifth Dimension Add 8650585: The Dancing Traffic Light [video] Add 8650549: RMS on Emacs, Symbolics, Lisp Machines, MIT, and GNU (2002) [video] Add 8650528: Ubiquitous Computing – Xerox PARC Circa 1991 Add 8650519: 1999 A.D.: prescient forecast of our present from 1965 Add 8650401: Native Integer support in Lua 5.3 by Lua creator R. Ierusalimschy, Moscow 2014 Add 8650241: Jibo: Cool or Creepy? Add 8649678: Excursions in Mathematics using Lisp (2012) [video]  Scanning page #204 for Add 8649130: 68Katy – a 68000 based computer on a solderless breadboard Add 8649110: UDIRC 818A quadcopter aerial video Add 8648954: Brian Goetz – Stewardship: the Sobering Parts (on designing languages that last) Add 8648917: Watching the air flow with Schlieren photography Add 8648739: How I built a nuclear reactor at the age of 13 [video] Add 8648606: [video] What Is Web-scale IT? Add 8648527: Brian Goetz – Stewardship: The Sobering Parts [video] Add 8648462: Schlieren Optics – See small changes in the index of refraction in air Add 8647877: Applying the paradigms of core.async in ClojureScript (presentation) Add 8647705: How to love uncertainty in climate science (TEDxCERN) [video] Add 8647006: Ex-Apple Evangelist about our Visual Collab platform Add 8646902: Defcon 21 – Noise Floor: Exploring the World of Unintentional Radio Emissions Add 8646644: Pixel Pioneers: A Brief History of Game-Graphics [YouTube] Add 8646483: Ideas About a New Programming Language for Games Add 8646258: The Voder – Bell Labs (1939) Add 8646131: Lattice Multiplication – An Easy Way to Multiply Numbers or Polynomials Add 8645829: UDIRC 818A quadcopter height test Add 8645748: How to Make Pattern in C++ Add 8645647: The Art of Writing Software [video] Add 8644991: “This is EVE” – Uncensored (2014) Add 8644496: National Medals of Science and Technology Add 8644239: DJ Glove Prototype Add 8644140: Coordination Avoidance in Database Systems [video] Add 8643937: Animation: Submarine cable repair Add 8642553: With tech opportunities like this, what are our governments doing? Add 8642335: Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – Teaser Trailer Add 8642174: Microsoft IllumiRoom Living Room Add 8641705: A better shift key for iPhone Add 8641557: JavaScript Promises and Generators: Great Talk to Help Understand This Add 8640902: The Glass Age, Part 2: Strong, Durable Glass  Scanning page #205 for Add 8640741: Sparks from Falling Water: Kelvin's Thunderstorm [video] Add 8640526: Cursive – a different kind of IDE [video] Add 8640513: Polymer Report Card: Chrome Dev Summit 2014 Add 8640444: Schlieren Optics [video] Add 8639820: Barack Obama Lays Out Immigration Plan Add 8639561: Rich Hickey – Inside Transducers [video] Add 8639042: How to Draw Mushrooms on an Oscilloscope with Sound Add 8638898: The Least Free Place in America [video] Add 8638136: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Node Authentication Add 8637444: Giant Earth Scanner: What would you do with its data? Add 8637308: Drone Footage of Storm West Seneca NY 4K Aerial Add 8636704: Albert Michelson's 100yr Old Mechanical Fourier Analysis Machine Add 8636164: Jeff Hawkins – “Computing like the brain: the path to machine intelligence” Add 8634922: Smart Pipe: No pipe is smarter Add 8633755: Autonomous Taxi Service in Germany (2010) Add 8633288: Golang vs. JavaScript rap video Add 8633079: AWS Innovation at Scale – James Hamilton [video] Add 8632877: Hackers Can Steal Data Wirelessly from PCs That Aren't Even Online Add 8632792: Verve – A New Digital Painting Tool Based on Fluid Dynamics Add 8632051: DeepMind co-founder Shane Legg on unsafe AIs [video] Add 8631547: Douglas Crockford Speaks on “The Better Parts” Add 8631272: Smart Pipe Add 8630843: Category Theory by Tom LaGatta Add 8630712: Building a maintainable bi-directional cross platform protocol Add 8630019: Slush 2014 – Cybersecurity Hour – Mikko Hyppönen: R.I.P. Internet Add 8629993: Untethered iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Add 8629862: Writing “social network” in go lang, part 1 Add 8629744: Save time Add 8629556: Handmade Hero - Day 001 [video] Add 8629436: OMG Bitcoin needs more videos like this  Scanning page #206 for Add 8628685: A Day with IBM Verse Add 8628248: Chelyabinsk meteor #2? Add 8628136: How closing roads could speed up traffic – The Braess Paradox Explained [video] Add 8627965: GitHub Omnibox Chrome Extension Add 8627827: Best salesman ever on Shark Tank Add 8627216: Lecture 17 – How to Design Hardware Products Add 8627200: How to Start a Startup: Lecture 17 – How to Design Hardware Products Add 8627195: Jeff Dean, Hinton, Ray Kurzweill: The Science of Talking with Computers Add 8626744: The Millennial Rebuttal Add 8626738: SparkFun Live AMA on YouTube Add 8625939: Livestream: Open edX developer conference Add 8625714: RI Seminar: Wojciech Matusik: Abstractions for Multi-Material 3D Printing Add 8625616: Alan Kay at Computerland October '91 (VPRI 0629) Add 8625329: Tony Hawk Rides World's First Overboard Add 8625241: Show HN: npm spaceship Add 8624870: Ben Heck's Apple 1 Replica Part 1 Add 8624753: Interstellar - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer Add 8624542: C++ on Mars: Incorporating C++ into Mars Rover Flight Software [video] Add 8623753: The Android brand is alive and kicking Add 8622857: Monzy performs at Stanford Univ Add 8622832: Video/demo of new SWI distributed prolog work Add 8622379: Kirk McKusick – A Narrative History of BSD Add 8620824: RubyConf 2014 live stream Add 8620400: Toyota Mirai; Fuelcell for the masses Add 8619796: AWS Re:Invent 2014 – Performance Tuning Amazon EC2 Instances (video) Add 8619782: Rosetta: close orbits to lander deployment (annotated) (video) Add 8619268: Connecting Things Together (Joe Armstrong). [CodeMesh Video]  Scanning page #207 for Add 8618616: TempleOS: Demands on Microsoft, VMware and Linux Add 8618522: Gilbert Gottfried playing “Twitter” Add 8617957: Ikea: Experience the power of a bookbook Add 8617861: It's more important to know what NOT to eat Add 8617612: Show HN: Go Song really Add 8617535: Speed up your Ray Tracing using a browser distributed platform Add 8615583: What are McRib patties made of? [video] Add 8615570: Startup dilemmas – Strategic problems of early-stage platforms on the Internet Add 8615012: Reinventing Organizations – Frederic Laloux [video] Add 8614613: Ana Kasparian: If a shirt offends women working in STEM they don't deserve it Add 8613687: Page Rank Add 8613611: Neighborhoods in Boston, lower life expectancy than Ethiopia and Sudan Add 8612927: Wernher von Braun: A space station, and a trip around the Moon (1955) [video] Add 8612840: Open Data, Salmonella, the DMV and Naval Weapons Add 8612186: Allen and Alinea: One Man’s Odyssey Through an Iconic Cookbook Add 8611551: Ben Heck's Apple 1 Replica Add 8611529: Unikernels: Who, What, Where, When, Why [video] Add 8611453: Saving lifes with Ambulance Drones Add 8610724: Elevator Pitch for Looking Closer at Cellular Ageing Add 8610626: Math and Movies (Animation at Pixar) Add 8610173: Theo Jansen’s wind-powered sculptures Add 8609801: Lantern One Device = Free Data Forever Add 8608690: EBay designed fitting rooms for Rebecca Minkoff Add 8606892: Rosetta mission: Results from comet landing [live/hangout] Add 8605573: Cross-platform development with Scala.js Add 8604859: Lecture 16 – How to Run a User Interview Add 8604554: How to See Without Glasses Add 8602399: Steve Ballmer's Harvard CS50 Lecture Yesterday Add 8602148: This technology shows nurses where your veins are  Scanning page #208 for Add 8601272: Upgrading from Windows 1.0 to Windows 8 on actual hardware Add 8599990: How to Shut Down Tolkien Add 8599634: Doron Zeilberger – Experimental Mathematics (Computers vs. Humans). 2009 Add 8599450: NASA Space Sounds Add 8598112: Can Psychedelics Help You Expand Your Mind? [Video. 8:59] Add 8597662: Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta Add 8597655: ESA Singing Comet Song rendered with my visualizer Add 8597532: HealthSherpa Launches 2 Minute Obamacare Signup Add 8597464: Steve Jobs rare footage conducting a presentation on 1980 Add 8596967: Introducing AWS CodeDeploy Add 8595526: “Small Empires” feat. ATL part recognition startup “PartPic”/TechCrunch Winner Add 8595495: Bitbite Add 8595227: Details on Silk Road 2.0 [video] Add 8595205: OpenStack Swift Enterprise File Share and Sync Demo by Storage Made Easy Add 8594728: AlgTop0: Introduction to Algebraic Topology Add 8594438: Mark Cuban's 12 Rules for Startups Add 8594264: Session Hijacking Vulnerability in Digicom Router Add 8593912: President Obama's Statement on Keeping the Internet Open and Free Add 8593815: How to Orbit a Comet Add 8593732: Sergii Iefremov: Runtime.JS: V8 JavaScript Kernel – JSConf EU 2014 Add 8593719: Demonstrating Rosetta’s Philae Lander on the Space Station Add 8592971: Introducing the ULLtraDIMM SSD (Sandisk) Add 8592707: City of Imagination: Kowloon Walled City 20 Years Later Add 8591866: Aeron: Open-source high-performance messaging [video] Add 8591733: Defibrillator Drone may increase survival from 8 to 80 percent Add 8591635: Introducing a 100-year-old mechanical computer [video] Add 8589672: Docker Clustering on Mesos with Marathon Add 8589468: Storage Made Easy OpenStack Paris 2014 Presentation and Demo  Scanning page #209 for Add 8589295: Erlang:The Movie Add 8589133: Have you ever been as excited as this? They've launched and Indiegogo campaign Add 8588805: The Lottery Add 8588791: Montage of every surviving photograph from 1826 to 1853 Add 8588625: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wealth Gap Add 8588248: The crane, by Google Add 8587851: UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski III: An educator focused on math and science Add 8587841: Facebook's badly received Japanese TV comercial Add 8587718: How the ebola attacks the body and your body's response Add 8587077: Firefox 33.1 intro video: Choose Independent Add 8586711: Animation explaining quantum physics Add 8586234: Dolphin travels through space and time Add 8585001: Robot beating 2048 game Add 8584936: 31 years after windows 1.0 (Nov 10, 1983) [Video] Add 8583704: HEAT2X Engine closeup at 240fps Add 8583591: Nobel laureate Martti Ahtisaari negotiates a historic truce in Angry Birds world Add 8583398: Motivational video for creative people and startups Add 8582722: How Jerome Friedman Discovered Decision Trees Add 8582688: Real Life Batmobile Add 8581397: SpaceX First Flight Test Add 8581215: Theo de Raadt (ruBSD 2013) [interview on code quality, funding and more] Add 8580862: I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World) Add 8580740: Performing with Emacs as a musical instrument (2013) [video] Add 8580721: Rebels using RC drone for fire correction in the fight for Donetsk airport Add 8580640: Jonathan Blow talks about his new language's compiler implementation [video] Add 8580279: Pilot Wave – subtitled silent film of droplet physics Add 8580223: Emacs: The Editor of a Lifetime [video] Add 8580013: What the Heck Is the Event Loop Anyway? Add 8579804: Star Wars-Like Drone Racing  Scanning page #210 for Add 8579543: Interview with Stefan Karpinski on Julia (Oredev 2014) Add 8579253: Show HN: Swift Optionals in 3.5 minutes Add 8579248: An auditable random noise generator [video] Add 8578899: Sixsense solves positional tracking for Mobile VR [video] Add 8578846: Don't Talk to Police (2008) Add 8578714: Black Wednesday (BBC 1997) Add 8578527: Control your drones like a Jedi Add 8578052: Space Filling Curves (1972) [video] Add 8577947: The “No” (c) (Military Parade Thessaloniki Greece) Add 8577126: Buster Keaton – The Greatest Stuntman Ever? Add 8576641: Alayne Fleischmann and Matt Taibbi on How JPMorgan Chase Helped Wreck the Economy Add 8576507: Painting in VR – Tilt Brush Add 8576403: Geoffrey Hinton: Dark Knowledge [video] Add 8576346: The rise and fall of (2001) [video] Add 8576041: UDI U818A Quadcopter video Add 8575662: Write in Go Add 8575391: Uber – Nothing is free Add 8575280: Functional Options for Friendly APIs by Dave Cheney – Design Patterns in Go Add 8574521: Spotify Connect Add 8573815: Understand Swift Optionals in under 4 minutes Add 8573709: Vyacheslav Egorov: Invokedynamic.js – JSConf EU 2014 Add 8573484: Emotion is necessary for reason Add 8572354: Deep Learning: Intelligence from Big Data Add 8572189: Astronauts put GoPro into a floating ball of water Add 8572182: Computers Are People, Too (1982) Add 8571868: Demonstrating Rosetta’s Philae Lander on the Space Station [video] Add 8571524: Programming and Science: Part 4 of 4 – 2011 Add 8571270: Could we take over the world? Add 8571225: How the CURTA mechanical calculator works Add 8571065: Amigarolled  Scanning page #211 for Add 8571045: Why is India so filthy? Add 8570751: Screencast of Joyent SmartDataCenter Install Add 8570611: The Dark Net: What happens under the conditions of anonymity? [video] Add 8570465: South Park Accurately Sums Up Freemium Games – (Freemium Isn't Free) Add 8570134: New Georgia Tech Library [video] Add 8569728: The Day Israel Attacked America Add 8569544: Weather Advice for Bill Belichick Add 8569037: Docker/LXC live DOOM migration using CRIU Add 8568751: 3D display projects images in mid-air Add 8568363: Flying Over Paris – The Eagle POV Add 8567372: Show HN: Amazing iPhone 6 stand for free Add 8567069: Fear your subconscious, not tech: WIRED2014 talk Add 8566398: CSduino – ruggedized Arduino computer used in a space rocket Add 8566000: Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger) promotes Rosetta mission in sci-fi short “Ambition” Add 8564814: The Rosetta Mission: Landing on a Comet (10min documentary, October 23rd 2014) Add 8563737: Pulling Back the Curtain on Airport Security (Black Hat 2014 Presentation) Add 8563293: The Bradford Watermelon Story – Mind of a Chef Add 8562938: ESA Rosetta Preparing for Landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko Add 8561113: What about binary manager that supports FTS and MSBuild plugin without NuGet? Add 8560807: Think Distributed Panel, Recorded at RICON 2014 Add 8560310: Characteristics of Transonic Flight Add 8559929: 2006 Startup Success panel with Joe Kraus and Reid Hoffman Add 8559897: IMAX Interstellar Print Assembly Add 8559833: Lecture 13 – How to Be a Great Founder Add 8559729: Web Summit 2014 – Stewart Baker, Matthew Prince and James Ball Add 8559678: Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience Add 8558681: Help Save 100K American Puppies and Watch This Video Add 8558577: How Wolves Change Rivers Add 8558070: DotGo 2014 – John Graham-Cumming – Interview  Scanning page #212 for Add 8557892: The Cardboard Box Reform – A Crucial Flaw in Democracy [video] Add 8557585: “Spreadsheets for developers” by Felienne Hermans Add 8557569: “Shenandoah: An Open Source Pauseless GC for OpenJDK.” by Christine Flood Add 8556997: World map without distortion Add 8556496: “Perspectives matter:Deliver value with hypermedia” from Nordic API conference Add 8556200: How Copywriting and Food Porn Fuel Kickstarter Craze Add 8555463: “Dancing Iridescence” Lian Li PC-Q30 by Mosquito, PART 3, Final Add 8555142: How to Make Pattern in C++ Add 8555060: Voice Recognition Elevator – ELEVEN Add 8553652: Five Easy Steps to Secure Your Startup Add 8553036: Adventures in Analyzing the Stuxnet Malware [Bruce Dang, Microsoft] Add 8552938: Emulating an era, not just the video game (In VR) Add 8552675: Jepsen II: Linearizable Boogaloo [video] Add 8552534: The Art of Video Games[video] Add 8552082: Show HN: Improvisation with Fiddlewax Pro Add 8552081: Non-US Startups – How to avoid paying US tax Add 8551526: 50 founders sharing the origins of their groundbreaking startups Add 8550137: Steve Jobs about how sales-driven companies naturally lose their product sense Add 8549489: Steve Jobs Foretold the Downfall of Apple Add 8549298: CNNMoney: Where did Bitcoin go wrong? Add 8548824: Y Combinator Panel – Hack the North Add 8548679: Landing on Titan Add 8548446: North Korea Software Contest and Exhibition Add 8548423: The Myth of the Genius Programmer (2009) [video] Add 8548070: Steve Ballmer on Amazon: “They Make No Money.” Add 8547959: Be Predictable, Not Correct (Functional DOM Programming) Add 8547106: The Genius Sperm Bank Add 8546849: Facebook: JavaScript Testing and Static Type Systems at Scale Add 8546513: Alan Kay's Tribute to Ted Nelson at “Intertwingled” Fest [video]  Scanning page #213 for Add 8546392: The Actual Secret to Scramble Eggs Add 8546169: Digital stitch of 5,000+ photographs with ffmpeg Add 8546139: Live Coding in VR – Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Birds, Tress, and Tweets Add 8546135: Controlling Time and Space: understanding the many formulations of FRP Add 8545841: Outstanding marble machine Add 8545018: Great Advice, Insight, and Performance Tips for JavaScript Add 8544095: Punch Card Programming (2013) [video] Add 8544001: The illusion of time: past, present and future all exist together [video] Add 8543779: Welcome to Baghdad: How Iraq Used to Be in the 1950s Add 8543447: SyncFree: Large-Scale Computation Without Synchronization [video] Add 8543444: “Eventually Consistent Computations with CRDTs”, Christopher Meiklejohn, Basho Add 8543240: RoomAlive: The Other Resident Add 8542816: [video] Poems for bugs (2013) Add 8542621: Introduction to Fig Add 8542291: What if Computers Disappeared? Add 8542244: Gravity visualized (2012) [video] Add 8542044: The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk (2008) [video] Add 8541509: A Programming Language for Games: Demo [video] Add 8540117: Steve J. Martin: “The Small Big” – Talks at Google Add 8539942: Designing the Pinterest Mobile Apps – Mobile Scale Add 8539715: Show HN: Augmented Reality Zombies in Our Office Happy Halloween Add 8539611: Invasion of the Data Snatchers Add 8539273: Former Lockheed Martin Engineer Boyd Bushman Describes Aliens at Area 51 [video] Add 8539210: How to Get Rid of Old Code Without Breaking Stuff. (5min Video) Add 8539096: Interview with Lytro's Ariel Braunstein Add 8538434: Cooking Food from Anime Curry of Life Add 8537704: The Ambulance Drone Add 8536416: Restangular 2.0: to deal with REST APIs in AngularJS Add 8536151: What Is a Field? [video]  Scanning page #214 for Add 8535624: Happy Halloween from HipChat Add 8535300: 2D Flammable Pyro Board Add 8535112: Sense Mother Keeps You Busy Add 8534773: Show HN: Pearltrees – organize + manipulate your files and bookmarks w drag and drop Add 8534508: Add 8534367: Nestle CEO: Water Is Not a Human Right, Should Be Privatized Add 8534314: Objects ∩ Concurrency “state tends to make concurrency hard” [video] Add 8534305: Epic Unveils Real-time Lighting with Enlighten and UE4 Add 8534166: Draw in 3d – A unique app where you can draw in 3d Add 8533163: Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield Add 8532891: Python/Flask – unit testing user login and logout functionality Add 8532674: Apple Watch to iPhone home screen prototype Add 8531011: The Internet is Awesome Add 8530407: 10 hours walking in NYC as a woman Add 8529787: AeroMobil 3.0 Add 8529698: Have you been flying BLAH Airlines? Add 8529352: Lawrence Lessig on Institutional Corruption–Congress: The Paradigm Case Add 8529227: PayPal Allowing Me To Use Two Different Passwords To Login Add 8529036: Every time you make popcorn, you are listening to the normal distribution Add 8529031: Six Murderous Beliefs (1955) Add 8528877: Project Ara video update Add 8527986: Season II of my show Small Empires just launched Add 8526839: 100,000 Add 8526829: AeroMobil 3.0 – Flying car [video] Add 8526672: Rakudo Perl 6 and MoarVM Performance Advances Add 8526602: Seven Mutally Touching Infinite Cylinders by Sándor Bozóki [video] Add 8526480: Cellular network location data used to track holiday population shifts in France Add 8526113: How to make Graphics in Dev C++ Add 8525721: AT&T Archives: the Unix operating system  Scanning page #215 for Add 8524678: Kim Kardashian Loves Her Blackberry Talk at Recode Add 8524515: NASA – Antares Explosion Video Add 8524486: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters (2013) [video] Add 8524075: Video of Antares rocket exploding 4 seconds after liftoff Add 8524043: Video of Antares rocket explosion during liftoff Add 8523704: Angular 2.0 Core by Igor Minar and Tobias Bosch at Ng-europe 2014 Add 8523542: The Latest and Greatest from Ngx_lua: New Features and Tools [video] Add 8523407: Classic 90's – The Kids Guide to the Internet Add 8523355: Ludicrous Speed: Designing for Performance on the JVM [video] Add 8523304: Turing Machine Add 8523119: Does the Browser Have a Future? Add 8522430: Embrace the Grind Add 8522338: Orchard Supply Announces Retail Robots Add 8521781: Bill Gates – Deposition Part 5 of 12 Add 8521662: The First Phone Jony Ive Ever Designed Add 8521619: Angular: Keynote on AtScript Add 8521578: I came for the easy concurrency; I stayed for the easy composition Add 8521499: Angular 2.0 Core by Igor Minar and Tobias Bosch at Ng-europe 2014 Add 8520811: Miško Hevery – Angular.js keynote at ng-europe 2014 Add 8520096: Why More High-Tech Companies Are Doing Without Managers [video] Add 8519860: The most stunning explosion on Mars that nobody noticed Add 8519772: The Rotary Engine [video] Add 8519695: Apple Watch to iPhone home screen prototype Add 8519440: The Knack [video] Add 8519130: Frucket – the bucket list app for friends Add 8519111: Sen. Byron Dorgan Speaks Against the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (1999)[video] Add 8517904: Elon Musk Compares Building AI to “Summoning the Demon” [video] Add 8517898: Drones and Cool Transportation Concept in Ok Go's “I Won't Let You Down”  Scanning page #216 for Add 8517883: Statistics without the agonizing pain Add 8517796: Stolen Tesla Tracked with Phone App Add 8517617: Automated layout testing for responsive websites Add 8517182: DotGo 2014: I came for the easy concurrency I stayed for the easy composition Add 8516736: OK Go Makes Lib Dubs Back Add 8516160: CppCon 2014: Howard Hinnant “Types Don't Know #” Add 8515319: Hack in the Box 2007: Mark Abene Keynote Address Add 8514871: Procedural vs. Functional Rendering Add 8514692: Making a Binary Computer with 10,000 Dominoes by Matt Parker Add 8514528: Dolphins trained to make choice to choose their meal Add 8514106: Conway's Game of Life mutated significantly, acts like atoms and forms molecules Add 8513641: Nordic.js 2014 • Douglas Crockford – The Better Parts Add 8513209: How a differential gear works (1937) [video] Add 8513198: Expert to Expert: Rich Hickey and Brian Beckman – Inside Clojure Add 8512859: Demolishing Hungarian ruling party HQ with monitors and keyboards [video] Add 8511970: Steve Jobs on privacy Add 8511918: Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden [video] Add 8511712: Bill Gates answers questions about Java during a deposition (1998) [video] Add 8511506: Ambition – brilliant short film about the Rosetta mission [video] Add 8511480: Eric Schmidt Public Speaking Class Add 8510654: Mick Ebeling Interview – Open Source Tech and Changing Healthcare [2013] Add 8510545: Our Startup's Experience Visiting “Planet Customer” Add 8510463: Startup Weekend 2014 Brisbane Australia Live Stream Pitches Add 8510427: How Kevin Vickers Subdued the Ottawa Gunman Add 8510409: Plover: Thought to Text at 240 WPM (2013) [video] Add 8510186: TempleOS: RedSea Direct Disk Cluster Fun Add 8510098: RC fighter model UAV build in Jet engine 360+mph [video] Add 8509412: Larry King explains how to get honest answers from people Add 8508924: SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters [video] Add 8508641: Wolfenstein 3D Soundtrack – Main Menu Theme  Scanning page #217 for Add 8508109: [video] One-on-One with Elon Musk – MIT AeroAstro Centennial Symposium Add 8507914: Ambition the film - Putting the Rosetta mission in context. Add 8507555: Write in Go (Fall 2014) Add 8507541: Jessica Livingston at Female Founders Conference 2014 Add 8507445: Mark Engelberg – Instaparse Add 8507257: HOPE X: A Conversation with Edward Snowden Add 8507221: #Octothorpe (Hashtag) – A Symbolistic Journey [video] Add 8507134: Fighting the 2014 Ebola Virus Outbreak Street by Street Add 8507074: Write in Go (Music Video) Add 8507041: Alan Eustace's Record-Breaking Near-Space Dive [video] Add 8504979: Ambition – sci-fi short promoting the Rosetta mission by ESA Add 8504706: iPad Air 2 Bend Test Add 8504195: NPMe Official Tutorial – How to manage private modules [video] Add 8504153: DotGo 2014 – Keith Rarick – Vendoring and Import Path Add 8502824: Startup Weekend 2014 Brisbane Australia Live Add 8502695: New MinuteSort World Record Add 8502149: CppCon 2014: Gor Nishanov “await 2.0: Stackless Resumable Functions” Add 8501723: 7“ tablet reload race – $200 Nexus 7 vs. $70 no-name Add 8501130: Poul-Henning Kamp on ways the NSA might affect the world of CS [video] Add 8500647: Google GLASS, my favorite video camera by Casey Neistat [video] Add 8500320: Elon Musk Speaks About Tesla and SpaceX at Vanity Fair’s Summit [video] Add 8499970: Why we should give everyone a basic income Add 8499697: Zuck speaking Chinese Add 8499652: The 80/20 rule explained by an experiment on 100 paper clips Add 8499531: BFQ-v7r6 versus CFQ, DEADLINE and NOOP on an SSD Add 8499389: Guy flies drone over volcano, camera melts Add 8499350: TED Talk: Predictable Passwords and the Internet Add 8498275: Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers Add 8497894: Alon Zakai – Emscripten and asm.js: C++'s role in the modern web [video] Add 8497251: How the Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime Is Made  Scanning page #218 for Add 8497103: Bret Taylor of Quip Interview Add 8497070: Instagram Albums Add 8496940: This is a butterfly Add 8496682: BBC Horizon: The Man Who Lost His Body [video] Add 8496380: Marvel's “Avengers: Age of Ultron” – Teaser Trailer Add 8496104: How HHVM Uses Modern C++ for Fun and Profit Add 8495845: Cool laser based audio visualization I hacked together for my Halloween party Add 8495050: Mile of Pi [video] Add 8494937: “The Mess We're In” by Joe Armstrong Add 8494203: Functional Programming in Dart Add 8493805: Show HN: 90 Seconds for Snippets in Xcode Add 8493739: How to think, not what to think [video] Add 8493649: Climate change is pseudo-science, says Peter Thiel [video] Add 8493422: Getting professional coaching, feedback, and advice Add 8493144: Fukushima’s Radioactive Contamination Three Years On Add 8493062: How a T-shirt Printing Company Uses Google Glass Add 8492026: Discontiguous Data Structures are the Root of all (performance) Evil [video] Add 8491780: PBS News:When to pull the plug on a dying startup company [Y Combinator mention] Add 8491669: How I Won the Lottery Add 8491103: The DevOps Transformation (2011) Add 8490832: The Secret Life of SIM Cards [video] – Defcon 21 Add 8490651: Lecture 9: How to Raise Money (Horowitz & Conway) Add 8489576: Cryptography Methods to Guarantee Payment Anonymity Add 8487984: Kevin Systrom: From Stanford to Startup Add 8487851: Feynman on how magnets work, and the problem with “Why?” questions Add 8487566: A CouchDB replication endpoint in PHP Add 8487282: Causal understanding of water displacement by a crow [video] Add 8486792: Kik for Pc Without bluestacks Add 8486627: Microsoft Office Cross-Platform Architecture – Scale 2014  Scanning page #219 for Add 8486165: Virtual Reality with Firefox and Leap Motion Add 8486068: Unconscious Bias Work – Google Ventures Add 8486067: Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept Hockenheim – The highlights Add 8485824: Using the power of Katy Perry to help launch our beta Add 8484144: Easter Egg in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel – Claptrap as a Game Developer Add 8482874: The History and Future of Everything Add 8482323: Sincerity Machine: The Comic Sans Typewriter Add 8481406: What Narcolepsy Really Looks Like Add 8481369: Bjarne Stroustrup(creator of C++) – The Essence of C++ Add 8481330: CppCon 2014: Bjarne Stroustrup “Make Simple Tasks Simple” Add 8481023: Using Better Stock Photography for Web Design Add 8480944: “1984” by George Orwell (Audiobook) Part 1 [video] Add 8480936: Lenses, Folds, and Traversals Add 8480868: Singularity University gives a talk at Google Add 8480510: Behind the Mic: the science of talking to computers Add 8480459: “Controlling Time and Space: understanding the many formulations of FRP” Add 8480321: Glenn Greenwald: Why privacy matters Add 8480047: Entry for the 2014 Gallery of Fluid Motion of the APS-DFD Conference [video] Add 8479352: The Physics of Light and Rendering – A Talk by John Carmack (2013) Add 8478278: Seat as Lock for bicycles Add 8478246: Illumos day 2014: The Dream is Alive Linux containers on an illumos kernel Add 8477696: User Interface Algorithms [video] Add 8477504: RedDotRuby 2014 – Shipping Ruby Apps with Docker by Bryan Helmkamp Add 8477334: Is War Over? – A Paradox Explained Add 8477307: Consciousness is a Mathematical Pattern Add 8477115: How not to write big apps [video] [volume warning] Add 8477013: 2011 Jack Ma Interview (Founder of Alibaba) by Charlie Rose Add 8476826: I am Bread Add 8475545: Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers Add 8475350: A difficult lock to pick [video]  Scanning page #220 for Add 8475317: Nodejs + arduino real time “Hello World” application Add 8475302: Voxel Quest: Soft Spherical Brush Add 8474075: The Full Video of Jony Ive Talking to Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter Add 8473852: technoLOGIC – A 1:1 iPad Education Revolution Add 8473688: Hans Dockter on Gradle and the Road Ahead Add 8473623: Google explains language understanding Add 8472872: Macintosh 1984 Promotional Video – With Bill Gates Add 8472779: NASA IR video of SpaceX's CRS-4 first stage re-entry Add 8472645: Star Trek Enterprise Model with Ion Propulsion Added [video] Add 8472132: Titan City: Created Using Minecraft [video] Add 8471400: Circuit Scribe: Draw Circuits Instantly Add 8471056: Doitlive: shell demo magic for the masses Add 8470253: Watchmaker Craftsmanship Deluxe Add 8470142: [DemoVideo] LastRoom is Concur travel expense management for SMBs for FREE Add 8470017: Statistics Without the Agonizing Pain [video] Add 8469733: The 10,000 Calorie Sumo Wrestler Diet Add 8469054: Coinbase founders live AMA Add 8468946: Tim Bray Talk on Privacy and Security Add 8468020: Steve Sisler Interview on Unleashing the Power of Self-Understanding Add 8467559: Fighting the 2014 Ebola Virus Outbreak Street by Street Add 8465368: Don Valentine – “Target Big Markets” Add 8465136: The real value of Bitcoin and crypto currency technology – Bitcoin Properly Add 8465094: An Experimentally Produced “Social Problem” in Rats (1939) [video] Add 8464302: Control house with phone: Let's see some hard devs dance Add 8464269: John Gruber at XOXO Festival 2014 Add 8463934: Watching DOS 6.22 boot (video of hard drive) Add 8463388: Compact Fusion Research and Development at Lockheed Martin Add 8463293: Stanford lecture on the current state of machine learning applications in law Add 8462552: Need to hire fast? Try Speed Interviews [video] Add 8461087: Show HN: Vocaltext syllabic YouTube caption sync  Scanning page #221 for Add 8460570: A promo video for my startup that cost $6k Add 8460144: DOM Mutation Observers Add 8459290: Nexus 6 presentation video Add 8459123: Type Systems – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly [video] Add 8459098: What the heck is the event loop anyway Add 8458868: How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator Add 8458673: [video] WAT – Strangely defined behavior (2012) Add 8458570: Android L Teaser Video (Casting for L) Add 8458129: I'm a sexy woman, so stop objectifying me! Add 8457548: Text to movieclip messaging – ClipDis Add 8456710: The U.S. Town with No Cell Phones or Wi-Fi Add 8455973: part 1: Cryptographic primitives and the proof of work blockchain Add 8455959: Drone used to start mass brawl Add 8455210: A Primer on Contextual Computing Add 8454616: Ephemeralization – Doing more with less – Buckminster Fuller (animated clip) Add 8454483: Michelle Zatlyn and Matthew Prince at Startup School SV 2014 Add 8453866: Git workflows for SaaS teams [video] Add 8453531: Snapchat murders Facebook Add 8453461: Using python to force-choke your desktop Add 8452137: All About Om – Introduction to Mantra Add 8451746: Nvidia 's Light-field Glasses Prototype (Like Magic Leap) Add 8451723: The Synthesis of Imagination: Rony Abovitz and Magic Leap at TEDxSarasota Add 8451229: Andreas Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada about Bitcoin Add 8450779: Peter Thiel Q&A at Wharton Add 8450157: Linus Torvalds 1995 Lecture in Japan [video] Add 8449118: Facebook's iOS Infrastructure Add 8449089: The man who set up his own toll road, without permission Add 8448631: C++ on Mars: Incorporating C++ into Mars Rover Flight Software [video]  Scanning page #222 for Add 8448563: PennApps Hackathon Flow-based Programming Tech Talk Add 8448299: Radio interview: Peter Thiel talks valuations, investing, economics (10/13/2014) Add 8447994: World Builder – An inspirational 3D UI in a wonderful story Add 8447835: The Clean Code Talks – Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Testing Add 8447364: Camel Captures Google Street View of Liwa Desert Add 8447152: Cool music track for coding Add 8446976: Do Designers Make Good Startup Founders/CEO? Add 8446909: Rasmus Lerdorf on the origins of, and rationale behind PHP (2013 video) Add 8446732: New Video: Check out our new promo video we shot on Ibiza Add 8446116: Nomie. The world's easiest life tracker Add 8445373: Kevin Hale (Wufoo) – How to Design Software Users Love (2012) Add 8445153: Drone racing with POV cameras Add 8444949: Joe Armstrong: Faults, Scaling and Erlang Concurrency [video] Add 8444804: Audi Matrix LED technology Add 8444723: Lecture 5 – How to Start a Startup Add 8443812: SF Gentrification/DropBox Community Service – Mission Playground Is Not for Sale Add 8443766: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey [Animated] Add 8443640: NSA Surveillance Debate: Cindy Cohn vs. Ronald Sievert Add 8443225: FlexSense: A Transparent Self-Sensing Deformable Surface Add 8442588: Elephant spear hunting of the Mundari tribe Add 8441984: VMUG Benefits Video Add 8441959: Massscanning the Internet – Defcon 22 [video] Add 8441539: How India used an old rocket and a lot of free gravity to send a satellite to Mars Add 8441296: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut (made by fans in 15 second pieces) Add 8441260: President Obama says he opposes Internet fast lanes Add 8440698: What's up Hong Kong? Add 8440077: Dr. Paul Farmer and Ebola – Beyond the Headlines Add 8439969: Tesla P85D – 3,5s acceleration and autopilot demo Add 8439793: History of PostgreSQL + PGConf NYC Add 8439438: Watch the Self-driving Tesla Drive  Scanning page #223 for Add 8439400: (HOPE09 Talk) Indistinguishable from Magic: Manufacturing Modern Computer Chips Add 8439380: How to Read a Dependency Structure Matrix Add 8439326: Dave McClure Interviews PG and Jessica Livingston (2008) Add 8439276: Thug Notes: Dune Add 8438828: Tesla Test Drive with Elon Musk – Zero to 60 [video] Add 8438788: WASP-43b: Weather map for a planet 260 light years away Add 8438595: Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Motors Unveils Dual Motor and Autopilot Add 8438320: VIDEO: Beyond DDoS: Protect Your Website from Holiday Disruptions Add 8438142: Tesla Unveils Dual Motor and Autopilot [video] Add 8437684: Stallman – My Lisp experiences [video] Add 8437658: Encryption should be within reach of law enforcement says cyber czar Add 8437414: CppCon2014: Vittorio Romeo “Quick Game Development with C++11 / C++14” Add 8436786: Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Could Wipe Out Humanity [video] Add 8436658: Tesla Autopilot demo [video] Add 8436321: Tesla Model S Autopilot Demo (Video) Add 8436283: Apple's Jony Ive on the Lessons He Learned from Steve Jobs Add 8436175: JavaScript the better parts – by Doulas Crockford[video] Add 8435771: Andreas M. Antonopoulos Educates Senate of Canada about Bitcoin (Oct 8, ENG) Add 8435470: Simple and Full-text Search with PostgreSQL [video] Add 8435465: Picking up girls using Instagram data [Video] Add 8435446: Lecture 6 – How to Start a Startup Add 8435158: Me, a feminist? No way Add 8434849: Behind the Scenes of Emojli and Why You Should Never Build an App Add 8433511: From the Creator: On the History of Comic Sans Add 8433439: The Impact of Mass Surveillance on the Digital Economy (roundtable) Add 8432588: Our Responsibility to Defeat Mass Surveillance (Martin Fowler) Add 8432366: Put Down Your Phone Add 8432238: Cutting Out SDK Complexity Add 8431426: Andreas M. Antonopoulos educates Senate of Canada about Bitcoin [video]  Scanning page #224 for Add 8430422: PrintScreen: Fabricating Highly Customizable Thin-film Touch-Displays [video] Add 8429561: A Programming Language for Games, Talk #2 [video] Add 8429201: X-ray film of speech organs in action (1962) Add 8428984: Sen. Wyden: Tech companies shouldn't be req'd to build backdoors into products Add 8428957: Martin Seligman 'Flourishing – a new understanding of happiness and wellbeing Add 8428901: The self-folding paper airplane machine gun Add 8428726: Show HN: Code Michigan Grand Prize Winner: SnowFi Add 8428311: VBrownBag VeeamOn Josh Atwell – Designing Past Day Zero Add 8427696: CS50 Guest Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg (2005, Posted 2014) Add 8427130: HTTP APIs: Cutting Out SDK Complexity Add 8427081: Nobel winner left sci. b/c was “sick of the whole structure of academic science” Add 8426712: Eric Betzig and Harald Hess: Developing PALM Microscopy (2011) Add 8426467: Infected ATMs give away millions of dollars without credit cards Add 8426450: How Online Product Stores Are Beneficial? Add 8426191: "Make Simple Tasks Simple!" – Bjarne Stroustrup's CppCon2014 Keynote Add 8426023: The future of Adobe creative applications Add 8425588: What It's Like to Be a Woman Online Add 8424388: Lecture 5: How to Start a Startup [video] Add 8424176: Men not marrying? How deep does the problem go? Add 8423719: Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency – XOXO Festival (2014) Add 8422372: Interview with the Founders of Vimeo, College Humor (2005) Add 8421442: CppCon 2014: Data-Oriented Design and C++ [video] Add 8421061: Microsoft creates room-based gaming technology [video] Add 8420491: CppCon 2014: Titus Winters “The Philosophy of Google's C++ Code” Add 8419395: Microsoft Research's FlexSense: transparent self-sensing surface Add 8419038: Show HN: The most realistically rendered 3D face ever? Add 8419011: Elon Musk Tour of SpaceX Add 8418509: Adobe and Microsoft Partner at Adobe MAX Add 8418447: Jay Austin's Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House  Scanning page #225 for Add 8417784: Dan Crow: Journey into a Sci-Fi Future Add 8416937: Douglas Crockford Presents the Better Parts at Nordis.js 2014 Add 8416055: Polyphonic overtone singing Add 8415131: Majority of Apple Campus 2 foundation laid according to latest drone video Add 8415115: FlexSense: A Transparent Self-Sensing Deformable Surface (Microsoft Research) Add 8415107: The slaying of bearwhale. 30k BTC sell order being chewed through Add 8414088: Handpose: Fully Articulated Hand Tracking by Microsoft Research Add 8413998: Euclideon Makes World’s Most Realistic Graphics Add 8413975: Humans Need Not Apply Add 8413906: Windows 95 on Android Wear Add 8413804: Reddit, Redditors and Self-Promotion Add 8413685: Timelapse video of a sunspot Add 8413169: Personal Finance Wisdom Add 8412695: Windows 95 on Android Wear [video] Add 8412283: Did the World’s Most Popular Camera Get Even Better? Add 8412015: A table of electric clay (2013) [video] Add 8411846: The Star7 PDA Prototype, Genesis of Java [video] (1992) Add 8411638: Live Coding in VR with Oculus Rift, Firefox WebVR, JavaScript, Three.js [video] Add 8410964: Marketing for Startups Is Not Easy Add 8409900: The Engines That Came in from the Cold: How the NK-33 and RD-180 Came to the USA Add 8408142: Searching for Neutrinos with the NOvA Detector Add 8407875: Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum – the robot that sees all around the room at once Add 8407753: Oculus and diversity on BlinkPopShift Add 8407306: Awesome URX wearable tech demo with in app searching Add 8406980: What Writing Fiction Taught Me About Writing Software Add 8406341: Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold, with Wences Casares Add 8406222: Commitment rewards: From hundreds to millions views in 5 years Add 8405774: Mark Blyth: Austerity – The History of a Dangerous Idea Add 8405167: Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi Point and Shoot Camera – RT Disassembly/reassembly  Scanning page #226 for Add 8404496: Danny Macaskill: The Ridge Add 8404205: The Apollo Guidance Computer, Part I: Eldon Hall Add 8404170: Geometric Madness: Implementation of computational geometry algorithms [video] Add 8403907: Statement and Poem by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Climate Summit 2014 Add 8403509: Lecture 4: Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing Add 8403261: The Kids' Guide to the Internet (1997) Add 8403077: DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Keynote: Cory Doctorow Add 8403039: Free Docker Based Linux Containers(LXC) For Learning Purpose Add 8402888: Elon Musk: Tesla 90% autonomous in 2015 Add 8402778: Call to put an end to Halal Add 8402414: David Fincher – And the Other Way Is Wrong Add 8400808: HHVM: PHP++ Add 8400344: My Bracelet Plays Tetris Add 8400342: Brushless DC Motors and Brushed DC Motors Explained Add 8400312: JavaScript, the real bad parts Add 8399696: A Visual Tour of Erlang (2012) [video] Add 8399558: Violinist Joshua Bell turns train station into concert hall Add 8399279: Lincoln assassination eyewitness (1956) Add 8398516: Steve Jobs introduces WiFi to the masses with a hula hoop [video] Add 8398488: Chagan – Atomic Lake [video] Add 8397814: Startup Community the Film – A Documentary About Startups in Kitchener-Waterloo Add 8397041: Show HN: A tool for planning and monitoring financial performance Add 8395489: Canadian Space technology used to help breast cancer patients Add 8394234: [video] WebGL multi-devices ( Add 8393029: Apple iPhone 5 Ad: Thumb Add 8392966: Jake Archibald: The ServiceWorker is coming, look busy – JSConf EU 2014 Add 8392623: Windows 10 – They've Finally Added Workspaces / Desktops Add 8392610: Introduction to Low Level Haskell Optimization  Scanning page #227 for Add 8392558: Show HN: Clock140, a clock for Twitter and time Add 8392331: Drone Shows Thousands Filling Hong Kong Streets Add 8391711: Configure D3.js visualization Add 8391464: CppCon 2014: Mike Acton “Data-Oriented Design and C++” Add 8390833: Lessons on the art of war from Eve online Add 8390268: Blit – The first Unix graphical multi-programming terminal (1982) [video] Add 8389086: Bintray Premium – World's 1st Software Distribution as a Service Add 8388863: How to transform a stadium into a concert hall. [video] Add 8388506: Gil Kalai Illustrates Parallel Transport [video] Add 8388458: Bryan Vu's Deep Dive into Bitcoin Coinshuffle and Decentralized Coinjoin Add 8388153: Inside Apple's Test Labs Add 8387845: Startup Hacking with Steve Blank at Igniters Meetup Event Add 8387682: Mining Bitcoin with pencil and paper Add 8387597: The Mill CPU Architecture – Prediction Add 8387545: CppCon 2014: Thomas Rodgers “Implementing Wire Protocols with Boost Fusion” Add 8387490: Steve Jobs – The Lost Interview Add 8387083: 4DSOUND evolving changes in three-dimensional positioning of sound Add 8386889: Last Week Tonight: Drones [video] Add 8386739: Blackhat: CloudBots Harvesting Crypto Coins Like a Botnet Farmer Add 8386487: T-Mobile sends its customers a free Wi-Fi router… see what happens next Add 8386409: Drone Shows Thousands Filling Hong Kong Streets [video] Add 8386374: Bill Clinton at Google Zeitgeist 2014 Add 8384764: [RacketCon]Sound: why is it so darn imperative?[video] Add 8384301: Kids film themselves bending the iPhone 6 in Apple Store Add 8383945: 1987 – Infomercial – The Old West from Time Life Books Add 8383332: Make It Wearable Finalists – Meet Team Nixie  Scanning page #228 for Add 8382923: Waterdrop shot in 10000 frames a second Add 8382876: Onyx: Distributed Workflows for Dynamic Systems [StrangLoop Video] Add 8382207: How a weighing scale works Add 8381800: Electric robotic cheetah Add 8381683: Purely Functional 3D in Typed Racket [video] Add 8381392: Meta One: Ultimate AR Glasses? Add 8381274: Infinite Functional Entertainment at 60 FPS! [video] Add 8380821: Hong Kong's Chinese Communist Protests – Live Video Feed Add 8379815: Hong Kong protest livestream Add 8379774: MLG Web Development Add 8379296: Estonias mayday call part 1 of 5 Add 8379259: The first wearable drone camera Add 8379079: Insights with Rene Girard [video] Add 8379040: Show HN: Torque Burnout – Our first iOS game Add 8378250: Shellshock: All You Need to Know About the Bash Bug Vulnerability Add 8377547: The Physics of Space Battles Add 8377503: Functional Programming in Swift Add 8376625: The great porn experiment: Gary Wilson at TEDxGlasgow Add 8376493: American Polyglot Practicing 20 Languages Add 8376482: Sitka High School District's Design and Fabrication Lab [video] Add 8376465: How Giving Thanks Can Backfire Add 8376191: “All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” (Strange Loop) Add 8376164: Ideas about a new programming language for games Add 8376149: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz Add 8376119: Using Python, LXC and Linux to Create a Mass VM Hosting Add 8375924: Hash Tables Add 8374675: Working at Dropbox Add 8373707: Douglas Crockford: JavaScript the Better Parts  Scanning page #229 for Add 8373245: Offline-First lands in Chrome Canary Add 8372812: You can hear Big Ben chime on an FM radio before you hear it in real life Add 8372681: Crazy Guy on YouTube Does 170 Consecutive Pushups Add 8372390: #TrashBucketChallenge Add 8372099: A documentary series about Japanese video games music Add 8371378: How the Vanadium Redox Battery Works Add 8371232: VPRI-0843 Alan Kay Segment Add 8371032: Buying a computer in China Add 8370817: Unconscious bias is why we don't have a diverse workplace, says Google Add 8370542: Running a startup on Haskell Add 8370444: U.S. Military's 21st Century Robots of War (2013) Add 8369805: The Shellshock Bug in About Four Minutes Add 8369793: How to prevent iPhone ATM PIN code hack Add 8368004: Expert Systems in the Right Hands – “Retaking Rules for Developers” [video] Add 8367875: Watch what happens when you drop a 55-lb safe on top of an iPhone Add 8366809: How people are going online in Africa now [video] Add 8366504: Unladen Swallow? Add 8365477: The Algebra of Algebraic Data Types Add 8365133: MIT 6.858: Computer Systems Security (Lectures on YouTube) Add 8364958: 3D Print with Sand (2011) [video] Add 8364591: Shen: A Sufficiently Advanced Lisp (Strange Loop Conf) Add 8364441: Euclideon SOLIDSCAN – Capture Reality Add 8363196: Liberation and modernization of government legacy data using Django Add 8363078: Cap'n Proto and Rust: Type Systems for Sharing (Strangeloop Talk) Add 8362735: Ted Selker and the IBM TrackPoint: From Research to Market in the 90s Add 8361328: Really good music composed from snippets of unrelated YouTube videos Add 8361250: Show HN: App for Buying Sandwiches for Homeless Add 8361076: The Rocket Internet Movie  Scanning page #230 for Add 8360423: How to Start a Startup by Y Combinator Add 8360317: Apple fans' tight pants are bending the iPhone 6 Plus Add 8360216: YC Startup Course in Stanford – Lecture 1 [video] Add 8360213: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters [video] Add 8359887: ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission in a Nutshell [video] Add 8359796: Shen – A Sufficiently Advanced Lisp [video] Add 8359461: India's Mars mission Add 8359150: Lecture 1 – How to Start a Startup Add 8358462: Apple Think Different Ad – Muhammad Ali (1997) Add 8358291: iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test Add 8357765: Feedback – Startup to Help Robots Learn to Paint [video] Add 8357579: [TED Talk] Grit, Trust and Not Putting Things Off (useful for Entrepreneurs) Add 8357124: Do you want to be a marketing head for this game? 5-10% on total sales Add 8357054: Functional Programming in Swift Add 8356894: The Difference Between CMEs and Solar Flares Add 8356744: This is why you sanitize your inputs Add 8356453: iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3Gs, 3G, 2G Speed Comparison Test Add 8356087: An incredible song made out of YouTube videos Add 8355063: Onyx: Distributed Workflows for Dynamic Systems Add 8354526: Interesting advice on applying to an accelerator program Add 8354396: 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming Add 8354364: 8 traits of successful people by Richard St. John Add 8354203: Is Deep Learning the Final Frontier and the End of Signal Processing? Add 8353936: Hubspot's INBOUND 2014 Keynote – Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah Add 8352705: Knock Knock – Music Video on 14 Screens Add 8351798: Aphyr at Strangeloop: “Jepsen II: Linearizable Boogaloo” Add 8351612: Using Om/React/ClojureScript in Production [Strange Loop] Add 8351532: BEKANT – New IKEA electric adjustable height desk  Scanning page #231 for Add 8350594: “You can be a kernel hacker” by Julia Evans at Strange Loop [video] Add 8350400: Strange Loop: “Fast, secure, safe: the web that can still be” Add 8350328: Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines Add 8350082: Spreadsheets for Developers (Felienne Hermans talk at strangeloop) [video] Add 8350076: Strange Loop: “Clojure in Unity 3D: Functional Video Game Development” Add 8350055: Clojure in Unity3D: Functional Video Game Programming Add 8350008: Strange Loop: Towards “annex”, a Fact Based Dependency System Add 8349998: Emmanuel Candès Lecture on Mathematics of Sparsity Add 8349780: Bjarne Stroustrup: Why the Programming Language C Is Obsolete Add 8349724: Clojure in Unity 3D: Functional Video Game Development Add 8349470: Emma Watson Introduces to the UN, HeForShe, a Movement for Gender Equality Add 8349311: The Story of Linux Add 8349260: Quantum Computers Animated Add 8349104: Famine Footage 1984 – Ethiopia Add 8348982: “Jepsen II: Linearizable Boogaloo” by Kyle Kingsbury Add 8348896: Jepsen II: Linearizable Boogaloo [video] Add 8348805: Controlling Time and Space – The Many Forms of Functional Reactive Programming Add 8348314: What Your Visual System Sees Where You Are Not Looking (2011) [video] Add 8347226: Vulpes: A functional approach to deep machine learning on the GPU [video] Add 8347221: Pauseless GC for OpenJDK [video] Add 8347143: LG 34UC97 Add 8346949: The Emergence of Life on Earth by Robert Hazen Add 8346847: Inside the Wolfram Language Add 8346844: Our Shared Joy of Programming Add 8346843: Type Systems: The Good, Bad and Ugly Add 8346841: StrangeLoop: Typed Clojure in Practice Add 8346840: Clojure: A core.async Debugging Toolkit Add 8346837: Nashorn: Implementing a JavaScript Runtime on JVM in 2014 Add 8346832: Web Apps Without Web Servers  Scanning page #232 for Add 8346831: Analyzing Rap Lyrics Using Python Add 8346830: Democratizing Hardware Add 8346828: Liberating the lurking Smalltalk in Unix Add 8346826: “Production Prolog” by Michael Hendricks – Strange Loop 2014 Add 8346819: Web Apps Without Web Servers Add 8346688: Alexander Stepanov Introduces Bjarne Stroustrup Add 8346677: How Facebook's iOS is Made Add 8346349: SpaceX CRS-4 Launch Add 8346286: Unlimited Detail Update [video] Add 8345652: Keynote by John Carmack at Oculus Connect 2014 [video] Add 8345114: A VR tool for painting in any plane of the 3D space around you Add 8345032: The Sociology of Programming Languages [video] Add 8345030: Testing Distributed Systems with Deterministic Simulation [video] Add 8345029: Consistency without consensus in production systems Add 8345027: Write the other half of your program Add 8345022: React: Restful UI Rendering Add 8344927: 6 Steps to a Lovegasm – Noah Kagan breaks down growing your business Add 8344844: Jonathan Blow ideas on a new programming language for Games Add 8344830: iPhone 6 Lines and the Chinese Mafia Add 8344814: DMS Software – A system for handling large legacy code bases (2010) Add 8344480: Jonathan Blow – Ideas about a new programming language for games Add 8344445: MIT's Startup Bootcamp Add 8344290: Jon Blow wants to design a programming language for video games Add 8344170: Man races London Underground train Add 8343933: Making Music with Plants (Motherboard) Add 8343929: Ideas about a New Programming Language for Games (ft. John Blow) Add 8343845: Calvertr Smart Unit Converter and Calculator – Coming Soon to App Store Add 8343618: Inside the Wolfram Language by Stephen Wolfram at Strange Loop [video] Add 8342755: “The Mess We're In” by Joe Armstrong at Strange Loop [video] Add 8342718: “Transducers” by Rich Hickey at Strange Loop [video]  Scanning page #233 for Add 8342699: Tony gets a white package in the mail, guess what happens next :) Add 8342697: Ideas about a new programming language for games [video] [Jonathan Blow] Add 8342165: Nada Amin – Programming Should Eat Itself Add 8341548: Touch ID on iPhone 6 remains vulnerable to spoofs despite Apple Pay Add 8341210: Nino the Neutrino Add 8341146: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test Add 8340913: Touch ID on iPhone 6 remains vulnerable to spoofs despite Apple Pay Add 8340168: Show HN: STEM Premier's new product video Add 8340051: Coder Girl Add 8339884: Show HN: I couldn't hire map designers, so I made these procedural worlds Add 8339274: Elon Musk – Post NASA Contract Interview Add 8338530: The Computer Chronicles – Programming Languages (1990) Add 8337982: Are you down to chill? Add 8337940: Oracle's Larry Ellison on CNN Fortune Add 8336357: Lost footage: Steve Jobs takes a jab at Michael Dell (1997) [video] Add 8335883: You'll Never Believe Which Web Framework Powers Upworthy [video] Add 8335290: If iPhone 6 Were Actually Better Add 8333819: Build an RFID Tag Detector [video] Add 8332632: Nice introduction to NoSQL [video] Add 8331640: Scaling Redis at Twitter Add 8331637: Stephen Hawking and the Intel Connected Wheelchair Project [video] Add 8331080: Next Future Terrifying Technology Will Blow Your Mind (feat Bruce Schneier) Add 8330568: Andrew Ng: Deep Learning [video] Add 8330486: Breadwallet for iOS. A beautiful and intuitive user experience for Bitcoin Add 8330115: ClojureScript, Lisp's Revenge [video] Add 8330097: Cross-Platform Development in Scala.js Add 8329979: Rabbits, Faces and Hyperspaces [video] Add 8329486: Rich Hickey: Clojure Data Structures Add 8329222: Why we should care about DevOps  Scanning page #234 for Add 8329197: Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Add 8328847: Practical Cross-Platform Mobile C++ Development at Dropbox (YouTube) Add 8328598: The Tim Cook Interview (with Charlie Rose) Add 8328281: The Magic of Consciousness [video] Add 8326468: NPH: Choose your own autobiography book trailer Add 8326148: Clojure Conf: Functional Data Structures in Scala Add 8325979: StartX (Stanford's Accelerator) Demo Day Live Stream Add 8324035: [video] Rust Demo at ML Family Workshop 2014 Add 8323278: IBM WatchPad, smart watch with “digital crown” from 2001 Add 8323148: Dmitry Baranovskiy – You Don't Know SVG Add 8323019: Your destiny in your hand: Android One's TV commercial in India Add 8322088: Ng-conf 2015 announcement Add 8321679: How do you like our first promotional video? Leave comments Add 8321403: Believe in the gift of vision: Glass app converts images to speech for blind Add 8321121: They Still Haven't Found What They're Looking For Add 8320292: Greenwald, Snowden, Assange, and Kim.Com in NZ (reopened) Add 8320093: The seminar every entrepreneur should watch: Bob Proctor – Born Rich Add 8319964: Grigori Perelman documentary (with English subtitles) Add 8319672: Edward Snowden and Julian Assange Discuss Mass Surveillance with Kim Dotcom Add 8319614: Watch new Windows 9 features in action with these leaked videos Add 8318185: How Works Add 8318069: 23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health? Add 8317786: King DotCom Home Raid Video Add 8317554: Harlem Shake Getting Viral in Indian IT Employees Add 8317533: The Moment of Truth: Kim Dotcom, Glenn Grenwald, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange Add 8316898: Elon Musk: How to Be a Billionaire That Saves Our Planet Add 8316757: QCraft: A Beginner's Guide to Quantum Physics in Minecraft [video] Add 8315821: PennApps X Award Ceremony Live Stream Add 8314930: No Man's Sky programmer interview  Scanning page #235 for Add 8314850: 2030: Privacy's Dead. What happens next? [video] Add 8314808: Show HN: Drug Test APP Add 8314675: Tim Cook Interview on Charlie Rose Add 8314652: Lincoln Assassination Eyewitness (Feb 9, 1956) Add 8314352: The primes decoded Add 8314037: The Typewriter Artist (2004) [video] Add 8313871: To Engineer Is Human – A Film for the National Academy of Engineering Add 8313187: Boston Data-Con live stream Add 8312904: Autism:acceptance not just awareness Add 8312653: Enemy of the State: Handling State and Events in a Scalable and Maintainable Fashion Add 8312291: The Geopolitics of World War III Add 8310867: PennApps Hackathon Live Stream Add 8310663: Al Jazeera Investigates – Broken Dreams: The Boeing 787 Add 8310296: Flir attachment for iPhone to get heat signature Add 8310114: How Twitter Handles Data – Interview with J Mannix, Machine Learning Engineer Add 8308223: A Journey Around the Earth in 4K Add 8308010: Lego Tilted Rotors Add 8307729: Windows 9 Start Menu Add 8307659: Apple campus from above [video] Add 8307104: The Care and Feeding of Weird Machines Found in Executable Metadata Add 8306781: The Application/Storage Interface: We're Still Doing It Wrong Add 8306694: Open-source Android library to add touch-free interactions in your apps Add 8306663: Install Android L on Ubuntu Pc Add 8306144: [video] Alibaba IPO: Jack Ma's Original Sales Pitch in 1999 Add 8305161: Effective ML by Yaron Minsky Add 8305016: Intel Quantified Self/Connected Wheelchair Add 8304949: The most important investment is in our kids Add 8304700: Bank of England on Digital currencies [video] Add 8302688: Merged LTC Doge Mining TODAY and Multipool Launches New Merged Mining Pool [video]  Scanning page #236 for Add 8302494: Total Moving Face Reconstruction [video] Add 8301031: Google Wallet (2012) Add 8300741: Java Classloaders: The good, the bad and the WTF [Jun 19, 2014] Add 8300530: Harvard Lectures on Abstract Algebra Add 8300343: Remember when Apple made fun of big screens with the iPhone 5 ad? Add 8299620: Can Apple change an industry once again like they did with the iPhone? (2007) Add 8299157: Facial Recognition just got a lot better Add 8298383: Let's all remember we are just a pale blue dot Add 8298290: How to Land a Plane in an Emergency Add 8298253: Tesla Gigafactory Announcement Add 8297309: Phonebloks shows working prototype in new video Add 8292955: Hill Climbing Algorithm and Artificial Intelligence Add 8289626: 3 different strategies to get business referrals Add 8289011: RobusTest – One Click Automation Add 8287625: MesosCon – Running YARN Alongside Mesos [video] Add 8287032: The West African Dogon: Tracking the Pale Fox Add 8286293: Edwin Brady – Idris: Programming with Dependent Types Add 8285868: New Paypal video could hint about definitive Bitcoin integration Add 8285162: PayPal video featuring Bitcoin Add 8284727: Charting Culture [video] Add 8284718: Living in the Fantasy Land by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto Add 8284671: Stephen Hawking a Personal Journey PBS Add 8283997: The Fire Box – Rhythmic Fire Waves Add 8283792: The Computer Chronicles – The Internet (1993) [video] Add 8283678: Live Coding Scala.js Add 8283574: World's first manned flight with an electric multicopter[video] Add 8283381: 2030: Privacy's Dead. What Happens Next? Add 8283065: Inventor profile: “The Wilcraft” amphibious ice fishing vehicle Add 8282861: The Next Generation of Neural Networks (2007)  Scanning page #237 for Add 8282812: Piano Tuner Shows Classical Repertoire Performed in Historical Tunings Add 8282626: Emacs with HTML, Zencoding and YASnippet Add 8282161: Unite 2014 – 2D Best Practices in Unity Add 8281847: Live Stream – MHacks Fall 2014 Final Demos Add 8281766: DAQRI Smart Helmet Add 8281638: Show HN: Design UI animations in real time then export them to code Add 8281587: GitHub Tutorial for Beginners Add 8281446: Scala: Purely Functional Data Structures Add 8281042: The Man Behind the World's Smallest V-12 Engine [video] Add 8280902: BBC Horizon Inside the Dark Web Add 8280872: Building Legos with excavator Add 8280467: Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino [video] Add 8280197: Arbitrary Code Execution in Symphony of the Night Add 8280005: Content marketing tutorial Add 8279537: Quantum Computers Animated Add 8279326: Chef Thomas Keller: Bouncing Back from Setbacks Add 8279227: Haskell 2014: Reflection without Remorse Add 8279140: Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea Add 8278879: Freeing the Elwha: Glines Canyon Dam Removal [video] Add 8278596: Toy language with the Python, LLVM Add 8278478: Pricing theory: how to price your product Add 8278351: Eric Schmidt on building culture Add 8278021: The OCaml Platform v1.0, by Anil Madhavapeddy Add 8277729: Ice shaving that looks like velvet [video] Add 8277699: OSCON 2014 – How works [video] Add 8277610: The eruption of Mount Tavurvur – 8/29/14 Add 8277310: MHacks Fall 2014 Opening Ceremony (Livestream) Add 8277008: Tutorial on making money with ads. Also pros and cons Add 8276947: Crash Course Big History: The Big Bang Add 8276900: Scala, we're doing it all wrong (2013)  Scanning page #238 for Add 8276046: Who Am I – No System Is Safe Add 8275820: What a business model really is. Many people get this wrong Add 8275587: Scaling Redis at Twitter [video] Add 8274884: The Wild West of Unix IO Add 8274146: Ikea's (Apple inspired) marketing ad for the BookBook. [video] Add 8273906: Search Google for “Popunder” automatically closes the new tab in Google Chrome Add 8273831: Top 3 C++ Software Add 8273576: White Knight and Spaceship 2 Virgin Galactic and Virgin America [video] Add 8273404: Spider-Woman's Big Ass Is a Big Deal Add 8273295: The smallest thermal imager Add 8273256: Laniakea: Our home supercluster Add 8272614: Hitler Creates Standard^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H COMMON MARKDOWN Add 8272543: Why a Dead Alkaline Battery Bounces[video] Add 8272317: Lev Vaidman – Can Future Measurements Affect the Present Add 8272023: Why a Dead Alkaline Battery Bounces [video] Add 8271025: Artificial Snowflakes Add 8270761: Talk from Justine Barber of Poppy Barley on Starting a Product Company Add 8270349: 2 minute introduction to Category Theory [video] Add 8269962: Aphex Twin releases first new track in 13 years Add 8269427: Stable Marriage Problem Add 8269306: Cluster Management at Google (via MesosCon 2014) Add 8269127: What can python learn from Haskell? Add 8268858: The man behind the smallest V-12 engine Add 8268402: If Police Come to Your Door Without a Warrant, Shut Them Down Like This Guy Add 8267815: Why Is Modern Art So Bad? Add 8267542: Unicode in C++ (YouTube) Add 8267539: C++ in Space Plasma Model Development (YouTube) Add 8267249: Openstreetmap 10 years anniversary timelapse video Add 8266686: Show HN: My bro and I are a highshool dev duo, we’d love input on our game  Scanning page #239 for Add 8265969: John Carmack Discusses Samsung Gear VR Which Uses Oculus and Note 4 Add 8265745: Samsung Unpacked – Gear VR and Oculus with John Carmack Add 8265590: Hacking Scene from the Social Network Add 8264819: Experience the power of a bookbook (IKEA) Add 8262155: Visual Programming Learning Add 8261785: How Bitcoin Actually Works (Computers for Cynics #7) Add 8260311: Transmediale 2014 Keynote: Art as Evidence [video] Add 8259395: Physical Law and the Future of Nanotechnology [video] Add 8259331: Distributed Computing with Apache Mesos Add 8259240: State of Mesos 2014 Add 8258868: A Space Company You Haven't Heard of Worth Billions Add 8258851: Gigantic 70-video playlist on growth hacking and promoting your business Add 8258631: A Boy and His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie (IBM) Add 8258616: Show HN: My DIY-science attempt at the (literally) coolest ice bucket challenge Add 8257427: Upgrading from Windows 1.0 to Windows 8 on Actual Hardware [2013] Add 8257209: Instagram with Material Design – concept Add 8256770: real iPhone 6 Add 8256346: How to play fishboom game like a boss , video Add 8256153: How a Blind Person Uses a Computer Add 8255121: OSCON 2014 – React's Architecture Add 8254262: Sibyl: A System for Large Scale Machine Learning at Google Add 8254040: What the Tech Industry Has Learned from Linus Torvalds Add 8253970: Dr. Fill computer solver at 2014 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament [video] Add 8253671: Apple Campus 2 construction video – August 2014 – shot with GoPro Add 8252677: Show HN: Make games with our game editor, Construct 2 Add 8252455: Sharpen Your Hacking Tools. Hattrick Is Coming This October Add 8251461: Apple Campus 2 construction video – shot with GoPro [video] Add 8251390: Superwoman Montessori was already here  Scanning page #240 for Add 8250260: Creating angular.js single page web apps using Powder.js (screencast) Add 8249658: RAYA – realtime game audio engine in Quake 3 Add 8249578: Is this the new iPhone 6? Add 8249401: How to make Graphics in Dev C++ Add 8249394: Flatland: the film (2007) Add 8249010: Craig Venter: life at the speed of light Add 8248472: Concurrency in Rust [video] Add 8248383: Project 6014: A Fan-made Sequel to Star Control 2: The Ur Quan Masters Add 8248256: Disruptive Innovation Explained [video] Add 8248190: Brain: Searching for the First PC Virus in Pakistan (2011) [video] Add 8248183: Emojli – Why You Should Never Build an App Add 8248036: Presentation of Dark Mail at Def Con by Ladar Levison Add 8247225: Feynman on the Scientific Method [video] Add 8246896: Beautiful online voxel MMO game powered by WebGL / HTML5 Add 8246366: Install Wechat on pc without Bluestacks Add 8245995: What is Static Analysis? [video] Add 8245613: John Conway Teaches Calendar Calculation Add 8245378: WTF? Bypass Mac password with two taps Add 8245348: Linkedin Security Challenges Google Security for Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8243912: P vs. NP and the Computational Complexity Zoo - Video Add 8243907: Bio Optical Organized Knowledge Add 8243077: Move over Amazon, Google reveals it's own delivery drones Add 8242906: 12 graph drawing libraries render the same graphs side by side Add 8242368: Augmented Thrill Ride Project – Oculus Rift Ride on Real Roller Coasters Add 8241784: Oculus Rift VR rides on real roller coasters Add 8240599: Why Sociomantic uses D [video] Add 8240343: Introducing Project Wing [video] Add 8240250: Google's Project Wing Add 8239737: Is this the new iPhone 6?  Scanning page #241 for Add 8238757: Live coding a mobile graphics app with Gideros SDK and ZeroBrane Studio Add 8238374: Coolhouse Labs Accelerator Demo Day 1PM ET Add 8238186: Every TED Talk Ever, in 99 Seconds Add 8237709: Payment startup in Middle East pitching to angels Add 8236320: Physically processing zillions of rebates Add 8236084: Gamer gets swatted live, on stream Add 8235669: Impress Your Girlfriend with HTML Add 8233998: Why are Stars Star-Shaped? [video] Add 8233397: Java Bytecode for Dummies Add 8232250: Daum-Kakao merger approved Add 8231878: Does John Conway Hate His Game of Life? [video] Add 8231611: Kyle Kastner: A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning; SciPy 2013 Presentation Add 8231224: VMware, Google and Nvidia Partnership Video- Day Two Keynote VMworld 2014 Add 8229330: VoLumen volumetric 3D display Add 8228877: Click baiting click bait Add 8228694: Rare Feynman Video: QED in Flip-flops Add 8227906: Show HN: Setting Up a Development Environment in Python Add 8227500: [Success Story]- How Did Kriesi Sell Over $1M on Envato MarketPlace? Add 8227432: Erik Meijer and Gilad Bracha: Dart, Monads, Continuations, and More Add 8227316: Laura Deming: Making a business out of fighting the ills of aging Add 8226635: Noncontact Orientation Using Magnetic Levitation Add 8226503: Asset Management Video Guide for Overlap2D LibGDX Runtime Add 8226488: Compressorhead: band of robots playing Ace of Spades Add 8225880: Cheapest Smartphone in India Add 8225817: The future of Ethereum: “DΞV and Beyond” Add 8225562: Turn database table into a CRUD documentation API application with one line Add 8222238: Show HN: A simple side scrolling game demo developed in Playcanvas engine Add 8221931: Humans need not apply  Scanning page #242 for Add 8220672: The Mill CPU Architecture – Software Pipelining (9 of 10) Add 8219054: Hook and Moor Add 8218316: Emacs, the editor of a lifetime [video] Add 8218282: AT&T Archives: The Unix Operating System Add 8217580: Announcing API for Everyday Image of Earth Add 8216832: SpaceX F9R Dev1 [moment of explosion] Add 8216689: Unorthodox Performance: Lo-Dash creator on JavaScript performance tricks [video] Add 8216198: Kik for pc without Bluestacks Add 8216151: SpaceX Falcon 9-R Dev1 Explosion Add 8216090: Patch Adams: A smile is not enough for saving the world Add 8215910: Writing a Thumbdrive from Scratch [29c3] Add 8215250: The first 20 hours – how to learn anything: Josh Kaufman at TEDxCSU [video] Add 8213869: Is America Dreaming?: Understanding Social Mobility Add 8213702: Electric skateboard's torque can push a car Add 8213499: Samsung Galaxy S5 Nominates iPhone 5s for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8213259: User Interface Algorithms Add 8213244: DEF CON 22 – Weaponizing Your Pets – Gene Bransfield Add 8213083: Fail and fail often Add 8212746: Sam Harris on Meditation and Perception Shifts [video] Add 8212481: [video] Discover Flask, Part 16 – Database Downgrades with Flask-Migrate/Alembic Add 8211937: Oculus + Hydra in Half-Life = Awesomeness Add 8211528: Matt Cutts Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8211514: Visual Microphone Add 8211499: Minecraft IN Minecraft aka “mineception” Add 8210789: Life in Life (2012) Add 8210669: MeteorJS DevShop – August 2014 – Live Add 8210664: Twelve Go Best Practices [video]  Scanning page #243 for Add 8209999: Jodorowsky's Dune (2014) Add 8209952: How to fix a wobbly table Add 8209173: Does YouTube allow this? Add 8208922: How to fix a wobbly table (with Math) Add 8207201: HTML5 and CSS – The Love Song Add 8206526: [SL]AppsReview – GUI Comparison to File Manager Apps Add 8206435: Mike Rowe: Learning from Dirty Jobs Add 8206092: JavaZone 2014: Game of Codes Add 8206014: What are computers? Add 8205852: Sutro Tower: From Eyesore to Icon Add 8205577: From Console to Chrome (2012) Add 8205445: A New Theory of Time – Lee Smolin (2013) [video] Add 8205263: A Thousand Micro Robots Self-Assemble Into Wild Shapes [video] Add 8202601: The Trouble with Statistical Story Telling Add 8202288: Stay Out of Debt-Warren Buffett, Financial Future of American Youth (1999) Add 8202011: Screencast: SEO, SPAs and PhantomJS Add 8201183: Quinnspiracy Theory: The Five Guys Saga Add 8201156: How Ethiopians are working to improve health outcomes with minimal resources Add 8200844: Limit Theory's scripting language: LTSL Add 8200482: #infinitegiraffe Add 8199492: Stuart Hameroff: Consciousness is More than Computation [video] Add 8196680: JFDI Asia (GAN) 2014A Demo Day Videos Add 8195768: Eric Elliott Fluent 2014 JavaScript Talk – Static Types are Overrated Add 8194003: Audi Hacked YouTube Advertising with free 5 Second Ad Add 8193652: BlueStacks vs. Andy – The best Android emulator on PC Add 8193625: Five Balls, Two Hands: The Patterns of Juggling – Colin Wright [video] (2012) Add 8193366: Screencast: Search Engine Optimization and SPAs withPhantomJS Add 8192942: Whitepages Practical Experience Converting from Ruby to Reactive Add 8192885: MX System ICBM basing mode Add 8192445: Julian Assange set to leave Ecuadorian Embassy soon  Scanning page #244 for Add 8191793: Look-and-Say Numbers featuring John Conway [video] Add 8191734: PARC Movies [video] Add 8190670: Show HN: Interactive code tracer for reverse-engineering proprietary software Add 8190502: Ten Mistakes Team Leaders Make (2011) Add 8189920: Jeff Bezos accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8189332: Entrepreneurship Through the Lens of Venture Capital: Jessica Livingston [video] Add 8189279: Please. Stop Using Git Add 8187752: Objectified (2009): A documentary on the design of everyday objects Add 8187652: Extempore: Cyberphysical programming [video] Add 8187608: Spray Cake, a Harvard Startup Add 8187486: Understanding Bitcoinj and Married Wallets with 37Coins Add 8186241: Against Solutionism (Evgeny Morozov) Add 8186236: Web Security in Node.js and JavaScript Apps Add 8186012: Why you will fail to have a great career: Larry Smith at TEDxUW Add 8185765: If Quake was done today Add 8185479: Bill Gates geeks out on the Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8184925: How a CPU Works [video] Add 8183742: Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8183673: Show HN: Python and Flask: Managing Database Migrations with Flask-Migrate Add 8183382: Humans Need Not Apply Add 8183350: “Humans Need Not Apply” Add 8183330: Bill Gates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Add 8183280: The Search at San Jose (1958) [video] Add 8182790: George Gilder: Bitcoin is the Libertarian Solution to the Money Enigma [video] Add 8182575: Vectrex 3D Imager Add 8181942: Kissing Hatsune Miku in Augmented Reality environment Add 8181663: Google container data center tour Add 8181631: A Haskell programmer: Python can't do functional programming [video] Add 8181242: Chase plane filming falcon 9 reentry  Scanning page #245 for Add 8181170: Bay Bubble Add 8181022: Prison [video] Add 8180433: Lessons learned from engineering execs at Nest, Flipboard, and Pinterest. (Vid) Add 8180213: Falling water as a clock display (Osaka) Add 8180139: Falcon 9 First Stage Reentry Footage from Plane Add 8179908: Cybersecurity as Realpolitik Add 8178779: Novena: Building a laptop from scratch [video] Add 8178479: Invasive Roots of Anti-Cheat Software [video] Add 8178396: Cybersecurity as Realpolitik by Dan Geer presented at Black Hat USA 2014 Add 8177306: How a CPU is made Add 8176826: Machine Learning Hard Way [video] Add 8176292: Drone will become mainstream soon. Add 8176129: How the Sun Sees You [video] Add 8175687: Police dispatch records for Michael Brown shooting Add 8174418: UI usage of cluster of virtual machines built with pure JavaScript Add 8174155: The Declaration Of Bitcoin's Independence Add 8173972: Humans Need Not Apply Add 8173676: Impress Your Girlfriend with HTML Add 8173384: Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River 1975 Add 8173334: Bret Tobey (Carvoyant) at Startup Grind Tampa Add 8172461: Humans Need Not Apply Add 8172019: Introducing Amazon Local Register Add 8171663: Performance Bugs (2011) [video] Add 8171093: Interactive Design and Optimization of Free-formed Free-flight Model Airplanes Add 8170407: Privacy and Surveillance PSAs from the New Mexico Civil Liberties Union (1974) Add 8170088: Displaced Dynamic Expression Regression for Real-time Facial Tracking, Animation Add 8169953: Apple – Diversity – Inclusion inspires innovation  Scanning page #246 for Add 8169811: Dr. Ivar Jacobson – The Essence of Software Engineering: the SEMAT Approach Add 8169575: FIRST Robotics • Presented by GitHub Add 8169488: Neovim plugin prototype: compile Go code on-the-fly Add 8169475: Accelerate your Mobile Application with the GPU Add 8169215: Microsoft Research: Real-Time Non-Rigid Reconstruction Using an RGB-D Camera Add 8168985: Deis: Paas on CoreOS [video] Add 8168487: Granular Eruption Add 8167786: My Diablo 3 Inferno Tactic Add 8167727: You too have permission to make things better Add 8167419: First-person Hyperlapse Videos Add 8167148: Scientists create a Tractor Beam on water [video] Add 8166817: Third Person Driving with a Drone Add 8166769: Third person driving with a drone Add 8165022: PC vs. Mac. By Microsoft Add 8163988: Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess Add 8163856: Just update my first iOS game (Orbit Birds) and would appreciate some advices Add 8163811: Punchr: The social network that gets people punched in the face Add 8163586: Oculus Rift DK2 Social VR Experiment #1 Add 8162600: High-contrast Computational Caustic Design (SIGGRAPH 2014) Add 8162102: Tegra K1 Glass Fracture Demo [video] Add 8162069: Undefined Behavior in C++: What is it, and why do you care? [video] Add 8161951: Building Node.js applications with App Engine and Custom Runtimes Add 8160906: Austin coder builds timeless cob home using precise patterns Add 8160322: Born intersex: no rights, no help, just a medical experiment Add 8160285: A Spacecraft for All: The ISEE-3 Live Lunar Flyby Add 8158807: “No Maps for These Territories” – Documentary on William Gibson Add 8158580: Advanced procedural world generator tool for Oort Online demonstrated Add 8158530: Surveillance, Sousveillance and Anti-Surveillance Artistic Responses To Watching Add 8157727: Sesame Street – What is a computer? Add 8157358: REST + JSON API Design – Best Practices  Scanning page #247 for Add 8157328: Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator: Supersonic Test Flight (HD) Add 8157037: Jay Rockefeller: Internet should have never existed (2009) Add 8156242: Ask HN: What is this user saying in German? Add 8155826: John Carmack SMU Talk Add 8155702: Are There Internet Dialects? [video] Add 8155266: Cybersecurity as Realpolitik by Dan Geer presented at Black Hat USA 2014 Add 8154169: What Investors Look For – [Webinar] Add 8154121: How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too) Add 8153463: NASA switches off ISS camera stream when UFO appears, again Add 8153263: What's The Deal With Metal In The Microwave? Add 8152053: What Happens to China's Western Copycat Developments Add 8151666: Project Code Rush – The Beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla Documentary Add 8151326: Jay Austin's Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House Add 8151093: Four Bit Maze Add 8150986: OwnPhones: 3D printed wireless earbuds perfectly fitted to your ear shape Add 8149760: GoPro on a lobster Add 8149456: Excavator mulchers – Land clearing equipment Add 8148943: How animations can help scientists test a hypothesis [video] Add 8148716: Raya – Real-time sound simulation library for games [video] Add 8148549: The Death of MVC – Alex Gaynor [video] Add 8148423: Google Glass From Real Life Perspective – Is it useful? Add 8148327: Alex Gaynor – The end of MVC Add 8144456: Astronomer Seth Shostak: We'll find ET by 2037 [video] Add 8144288: 2048 in Swift – Video Presentation Add 8143994: Sal Khan year 2060 education predictions [video] Add 8143857: NDTV: Hamas assembles and launches rocket from dense residential area Add 8143512: Interview with Travis Spencer from Twobo Technologies Add 8143224: MIT: Magnetic Hair [video] Add 8142674: Amazing Deaf Communication Tool Add 8142561: L0pht testimony before United States Senate (1998)  Scanning page #248 for Add 8140988: Chase-plane view of SpaceX Falcon 9R soft landing in the Atlantic Add 8140721: Aubrey de Grey, 'The Science of Ending Aging' | Talks at Google (2014) Add 8140281: Show HN: Browse GitHub code like an IDE (Chrome extension screencast) Add 8140188: Activists Fly Anti-Surveillance Airship over NSA's Utah Data Center [video] Add 8139265: Sound reconstructed from vibrations of a potato-chip bag Add 8139205: Milton Friedman – The Negative Income Tax (1968) [video] Add 8138826: How has Vladimir Putin made his $40B fortune? Add 8138132: How Twitter uses Finagle, protocol-agnostic RPC framework built on Netty [video] Add 8137320: Falcon 9 first stage propulsive landing sneak peak – footage from chase plane Add 8136065: Eulerian Video Magnification Add 8133980: A cube that can balance on a corner Add 8133884: DEFCON – The Full Documentary Add 8133166: Recovering speech from vibrations in simple objects Add 8130889: Fabien Potencier – My Take on PHP [video] Add 8130780: Beware of C++ (vidio) Add 8129558: YC Hacks Live Add 8129322: No More Unicorns – CascadiaJS Keynote CJ Silverio Add 8128801: Fix your PC with a crystal pendulum Add 8128514: Proposed Seattle Bored Tunnel Underground Simulation (2010) Add 8127994: How Magnets Produce Electricity (1954) [video] Add 8127884: Ep. 1: What is Real? (Plato) - 8-Bit Philosophy Add 8127729: Compare Healthcare costs, watch the demo Add 8127588: Show HN: Watch young people present their hacks. YRS Add 8127253: A video showing sophisticated rocket attacks by Palestinian Islamic Jihad Add 8126985: The Quick Sort algorithm expressed as a Hungarian folk dance Add 8126947: Grace Hopper on nanoseconds Add 8126773: #BetterTogether – Think Different Part Deux Add 8125709: Restaurant in Toronto opens with deaf waiters Add 8125659: Vision-Correcting Displays [video] Add 8125047: Hey Underscore, You're Doing It Wrong – Brian Lonsdorf  Scanning page #249 for Add 8124956: Kids' guide to the Internet from the 90s Add 8124938: Show HN: Flask Development Part 13 – Heroku Postres Setup [video] Add 8124868: Alfred Lin and Justin Kan – YC Startup School Europe Add 8124806: How does this have anything to do with sel4? Add 8124733: VirtualDesignMaster Season 2 – Challenge 4 (Teaser Trailer) Add 8124686: Robot Learns To “Walk Off” An Injury Add 8124499: Commented speedrun of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Add 8124487: Kids react to the Apple ][ Add 8123599: Senegal invents “Rapped News” Add 8122926: Vadim Ogievetsky on Developing in D3 Add 8122655: Practical PyBuilder on EuroPython2014 Add 8122605: Carmack's “20 Years after Doom:The Future of Engineering Virtual Worlds” Add 8122520: I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass Add 8122516: Reef – Towards a Big Data StdLib Add 8122354: Revel: Programming the Sense of Touch Add 8122207: “Weird Al” Yankovic – Mission Statement Add 8122052: Kids Room Spacecraft (video) Add 8121399: Twenty years after doom: John Carmack on the future of virtual worlds Add 8119847: Square gears [video] Add 8119820: Google under CSS3 animation's attack(javascript, chrome) Add 8119677: Haskell Amuse-Bouche (Google Tech Talk) [video] Add 8118838: Paul Buchheit: The Technology [video] Add 8118827: Paul Buchheit – The Technology (Talk at Startup School Europe 2014) Add 8117862: John Carmack: 20 years after Doom Add 8117005: Documentary about astronaut Story Musgrave Add 8116412: Staff throw greatest retirement party of all time for outgoing CEO Add 8114654: Best talk from YC Europe event (P. Buchheit) Add 8113431: Scala Collections: Why Not?  Scanning page #250 for Add 8112723: Elon Musk (2013) – Solicit negative feedback from friends Add 8112671: Startup School Europe 2014 Videos Add 8112651: The Known Universe by AMNH Add 8111925: Bill Nye: We May Discover Life on Europa Add 8111140: Mo Mobile Mo Problems Add 8111128: Music and visualization of 15 sorting algorithms Add 8110539: What is Fast IT? Add 8109771: Alan Kay – The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet Add 8109293: The Expert [the best example of a developer/marketing meeting] Add 8108193: Web Performance Testing at YouTube Add 8108066: Visual Design Basics for Engineers Add 8107408: How to Create New Markets: Bridge the Gap Between Growth and Need Add 8107086: Implicit Skinning: Real-Time Skin Deformation with Contact Modeling (2013) Add 8106816: The Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube – Waves Under Flames Add 8106550: Marc Andreessen on Breakthrough Ideas and Courageous Entrepreneurs Add 8105656: Evolved Electrophysiological Soft Robots Add 8104979: Converting Bitcoin Market Prices to Music with Ableton Live Add 8104600: Jurvetson interviews Musk Add 8104487: IBM introduces “Pointing Stick” (TrackPoint) (1990) Add 8104444: 3D Printed Kayak Add 8104130: Just Yo'd my Hue Add 8103104: Feynman Technique (for learning) Add 8102706: Teen Coder rants about Acronyms Add 8102582: The Imitation Game Trailer Add 8102461: Elon Musk The Future of Energy and Transport Shortened [video] Add 8101885: How to add CSS3 animations to my WordPress Blog in less than 10 minutes? Add 8101236: CSS3 animations + WordPress Blog design + AniJS Studio  Scanning page #251 for Add 8100960: Extracting musical information from sound (Python and Echo Nest) (2012) Add 8100300: Jarvis, An API Connecting Multiple Home Automation Systems Together Using Voice Add 8100105: Bruce Sterling on Smart Cities Add 8099036: Soft water landing of Falcon 9 rocket booster Add 8096459: The web design of Apple´s site was invaded with CSS3 animations Add 8096338: Fly with the Red Arrows [video] Add 8095696: GopherCon 2014 A Channel Compendium by John Graham-Cumming Add 8095243: What can Python learn from Haskell? Add 8093959: iOS Backdoor Services Proof of Concept Add 8093206: Bubble-sort with Hungarian folk dance Add 8092794: HOPE X: You've Lost Privacy, Now They're Taking Anonymity Add 8092570: HOPE X – Snowden Add 8089820: Extracting private data from iOS devices Add 8089701: Interview with TechCrunch writer who wrote 'The Problem with Founders' Add 8088655: Experimental music from very short C programs Add 8088477: 80's Hacking Supercut Add 8088234: NYCBSDCon 2014: Serving one-third of the Internet via FreeBSD Add 8087506: That's 'Billion' with a 'B': Scaling to the Next Level at WhatsApp Add 8086976: SysAdmin day song Add 8086198: EuroPython Lightning Talks Add 8086183: Techquickie video: IPv4 vs. IPv6 as Fast As Possible Add 8086031: InFORM is a surface that three-dimensionally changes shape Add 8085816: If Airbnb Home Dining (Eat With Locals) may be illegal, what about Housetaurant? Add 8085543: Introducing Adtile Touch Experience Add 8084734: Andrew Sorensen live coding music at OSCON Add 8084558: RedDotRuby 2014 – Ruby.inspect by Koichi Sasada Add 8084129: June interview with Twitch's Justin Kan Add 8083944: The Concert Programmer Add 8083915: The Ultimate Commodore 64 Talk  Scanning page #252 for Add 8083880: The Atari 2600 Video Computer System: The Ultimate Talk Add 8083864: Probabilistic Programming in Python Add 8083628: Mind Control Cults Add 8083000: Is TLS Fast Yet? Velocity Conference session Add 8082878: A Data Science Chat with Kevin Novak from Uber Add 8082587: Quantum Computing 101 Add 8082290: Doug Rauch: Conscious Capitalism – A New Way of Doing Business (51 mins) Add 8081510: What Do You Think of Apple’s New iTime Smart Watch? Add 8080096: Pinned Recipe Add 8079493: Get Me A Data Scientist Add 8079388: Elite Institution Cognitive Disorder Add 8079288: Ask HN: What do you think of my game trailer? Add 8079148: The Lego Great Ball Contraption Add 8079125: EuroPython 2014: How Pony ORM translates Python generators to SQL queries Add 8079035: Pathfinding Algorithms Add 8078967: Cool VMware Video – Nights Kilby's Episode 1: Hives Add 8077303: Vint Cerf explains...Who runs the Internet's address book? Add 8077292: Documentary: Resonance – Beings of frequency Add 8077139: Brothers In Arms: Bank Job (Charity has 'innovative' for corporate sponsors) Add 8076829: Watch 130 Simpsons episodes. All at once Add 8076397: Silicon Valley Gold Rush Circa 1999 Add 8075445: A New Digital Tattoo for Moto X Add 8075226: Interview Ron Kaplan of Nuance Add 8075092: DConf 2014: SDC, a D Compiler as a Library Add 8075029: Look over the watchmakers' shoulders Add 8074941: Using All These Cores: Transactional Memory in PyPy Add 8074045: Determining what part of a finger is touching a screen Add 8073915: Microsoft laid me off after 15 years of service. Life after Microsoft? Add 8072997: A New Digital Tattoo for Moto X  Scanning page #253 for Add 8072689: Formulanimations tutorial: the principles of painting with maths Add 8072016: Will I still be able to get a job if I don't do TDD? [video] Add 8071158: SpaceX: ORBCOMM Soft Water Landing Video Add 8070967: Demystifying encodes and decodes of WebM – talk by a Chrome developer Add 8070194: BFQ I/O scheduler demo on an SSD Add 8069970: World's first holographic 3D smartphone? Add 8069903: Microsoft laid me off after 15 years of service. Life after Microsoft? Add 8069672: Big Switch releases a Cloud Fabric based on OpenFlow and Bare Metal switches! Add 8069000: In the '70s, Coca-Cola made a motivational film for its drivers Add 8068980: What can Python learn from Haskell? Add 8068600: RoboCup – Robot soccer livestream Add 8067428: Alan Turing Biopic, “The Imitation Game” Add 8067378: 2014 – Mission Critical Innovation – Dr. Jeff Norris [52:02] Add 8067131: You Can Trap A Bug Just By Drawing Lines Add 8066412: NOWHERE [video] Add 8066295: Geopolitical view on the conflict in Ukraine Add 8066219: First trailer for “The Imitation Game”, a biopic about mathematician Alan Turing Add 8065439: DConf 2014 Lightning Talks Add 8065266: [video] Russ Olsen – To the Moon Add 8065235: The Imitation Game: A Movie on Alan Turing Add 8065155: Thank Goodness It's Monday Add 8064745: Rosetta's journey to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by ESA Add 8064707: Idea + Camera = A video for my Android App Add 8063902: J.S. Bach – Crab Canon on a Mebius Strip Add 8063587: Ancient programming competition: NeXT vs. Sun Add 8062777: Donald Knuth: My advice to young people Add 8062450: NASA Space Sounds Add 8061947: Frank Lloyd Wright on incompetent engineers Add 8061748: Mean Jerk Time  Scanning page #254 for Add 8061616: Virtual Design Master – Challenge 1 Judgement Day Add 8060189: Autobit, new kind of puzzle game. Suggestions are needed for improvement Add 8059983: Germany: “NSA in da house” illuminates U.S. embassy spying Add 8059331: [Not Tech] Current Events – Gaza Mushroom Cloud Add 8059282: “Logic By Machine” – feat. a very young Richard Hamming Add 8059035: Freeman Dyson Predicts the Future: Interactive Video Add 8059031: Never understimate power of a great story Add 8058863: 1964 Antique MODEM Live Demo, connecting to Internet Add 8058702: Sillycon Valley Add 8058636: A platform for large-scale neuroscience [video] Add 8058353: RevolutionOS – The Linux story in detail Add 8058000: “Weird Al” Yankovic: “Mandatory Fun”, Talks at Google Add 8057903: Lets make space personal Fatima Dyczynski at TEDxGroningen Add 8057748: Rediscovering a technique to shoot 10 arrows in 4.9 seconds Add 8057439: Depth-first search in APL Add 8057182: Linus Torvalds gives a tour of his home office Add 8057022: The Mill CPU Architecture – Specification (8 of 9) Add 8056556: Moonwalk One Add 8056448: Life in the Trenches of Add 8055943: ANNIE – Official Trailer Add 8055229: Peter Thiel on Financial Markets and the Singularity Add 8053301: Forest Man Add 8052773: A tutorial/essay video on how to && why leave Facebook without deleting ur account Add 8052269: Cyber Security Expert – Job Interview Add 8051792: Soviet Fighter – Shot Down Commerical Airline Add 8051355: DotScale 2014 – Robert Kennedy – Life in the Trenches of Add 8051311: Creating a NES emulator in C++11 Add 8050809: A bunch of new shell commands that will rock your world Add 8050549: Bret Victor The Future of Programming  Scanning page #255 for Add 8050215: Linus Torvalds Guided Tour of His Home Office [video] Add 8050006: Show HN: Send Bitcoin with your fingerprint via Touch ID Add 8049723: Hands-On with Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit Add 8049705: Take Pictures and Messages with Jibo the First Family Robot Add 8049636: GoRuCo 2014 – How to Debug Anything by James Golick Add 8048107: A Song About The New Airbnb Logo Add 8047825: Flying eagle point of view Add 8046135: YouTube Product Manager making an epic marriage proposal goes viral Add 8044802: Show HN: Finding live usage examples of Python and Django functions Add 8043689: FYN-FYTN protocol Add 8043085: Weird Al fears conspiracies in his new Lorde parody, “Foil” Add 8042409: “Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes Add 8042339: IReddit (2009) Add 8041902: Jibo: The World's First Family Robot Add 8041590: Google Now and Youtube Add 8041258: Secrets of a World Memory Champion by Chris Hunt [video] Add 8040016: Marines field test the Boston Dynamics robot LS3 Add 8037119: Delta Innovation Class Add 8036213: Does a heavier boat require greater effort for this to operate? Add 8035870: Key Considerations for best user experience in enterprise mobile apps Add 8035144: Detroit Rising Add 8033758: Darpa Legged Squad Support System (LS3) Demonstrates New Capabilities Add 8033197: George Steiner – Vienna at the turn of the century (The South Bank Show) Add 8032571: Blaze – Meteor Reactive Templating witho Meteor (HTML5DevConf) Add 8032386: Aaron Swartz documentary now available for full on Youtube Add 8031166: The Sony Walkman: 1990 Design Documentary Add 8029961: Wunderlist 3 – amazing teaser video Add 8029694: Please help me identify this physical phenomenon [video] Add 8029480: Reverse Engineering Vendor Firmware [video] Add 8029395: Billionaire Elon Musk: How I Became The Real 'Iron Man'  Scanning page #256 for Add 8028920: Tracking everything about myself: 104 days, 1280 commits and 14 burritos later Add 8028851: Regret Minimization Framework by Jeff Bezos Add 8028410: GET LAMP: The Text Adventure Documentary [video] Add 8028378: Pizza vending machine Add 8027661: Atari speech synthesis Add 8026852: Origami in Space[video] Add 8025609: Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned Add 8024944: Distortion of Sound [Autoplaying Video] Add 8024520: Douglas Crockford: Software Crisis Add 8024371: Iron Dome Stops a Rocket With a Rocket Add 8024218: Auroro Demo from Strangeloop 2013 [video] Add 8023631: AT&T Archives: Seeing the Digital Future (1961) Add 8023625: AT&T 1993-1994 'You Will' Ad Campaign Add 8023253: Raw WebGL [video] Add 8022507: Raw WebGL Add 8022109: Claude Lévi-Strauss In His Own Worlds (2008) [video] Add 8022092: The Secret History Of Hacking [video] Add 8020928: The Pizza Vending Machine Add 8019518: Envato Stories Trailer Add 8019150: How to Build a SQL-based Data Warehouse for 100+ Billion Rows in Python Add 8019101: Sorting in job interviews (CMU ML Summer School 2014) Add 8018922: Richard Stallman (as St IGNUcius) : Emacs vs. Vi (2006) Add 8018884: Visit of a Shenzhen factory making smartwatches Add 8018509: Hanging up on Callbacks in JS Add 8017946: New Google Drive design Add 8017873: RailsConf 2014: Let Me Code by Liana Leahy Add 8017716: AWS Summit 2014 - Keynote on Youtube Add 8016554: Person Swap Experiment (video)  Scanning page #257 for Add 8016196: Write upto 50% Faster Add 8016153: Wunderlist 3 is coming Add 8014605: Natural Language Programmer with AI Engine for Rails Apps [video] Add 8014560: Water Dog – The Springkler Bites – High Classes Add 8012807: 4th Dimension Explained Add 8011874: Unmonday Model 4.3 [video] Add 8009821: British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why Add 8008775: A Fireside Chat with Dick Costolo Add 8005118: Chilean skies in ultra HD Add 8005098: Creating the World of "Oblivion" Add 8004917: Muscle-Powered Bio-Bots: Soft biological machines take a step forward Add 8003725: Fireworks filmed with a drone Add 8003038: It's Confirmed, NSA Has Your X-Rated Information [video] Add 8003020: Apple – Pride Add 8002870: Future Concepts – The Transformer Add 8002826: Strive to be Comfortably Confused, with Peter Baumann Add 8002821: Maker Camp: Blasting Off with Buzz Aldrin and NASA Add 8002742: iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display Add 8001972: Why Haskell is Great [video] Add 8001516: Graphite Monitoring & Alerting @ Full Stack Engineering Meetup [video] Add 8001414: Duolingo - Improve your Product with A/B Testing & Data Focus Add 8000898: Orrery Construction Time Lapse Add 8000444: Free software, free society: Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva Add 7998217: The astounding athletic power of quadcopters Add 7997284: Analysis of the 'I' or What inspired the movie 'Inception' Add 7997207: Quick-sort as Hungarian folk dance  Scanning page #258 for Add 7996941: Adaptive Tearing and Cracking of Thin Sheets (SIGGRAPH 2014) [video] Add 7996448: Rich Hickey: The Value of Values Add 7995667: Near-miss incident at Barcelona Airport caught on video Add 7995602: Mark DiMarco: User Interface Algorithms [JSConf2014] [video] Add 7994735: Inverse-Foley Animation: Synchronizing rigid-body motions to sound Add 7994438: Live coding an Ember app in 45 minutes Add 7994295: Quantum trapping, UFO levitation Add 7993981: User Interface Algorithms [video] Add 7993629: Live-editing React app without refresh Add 7993400: Reactive Programming in Perl 6 Add 7993376: Java Forever And Ever Movie (JAVA vs Windows .Net) Add 7993279: Drew Houston on the Hacker News response to Dropbox demo Add 7992838: Piaget on Piaget - Genetic epistemology (1977) [video] Add 7992795: Larry Page and Sergey Brin with Vinod Khosla [video] Add 7991842: Fireworks filmed with a drone Add 7991736: Web Applications that Scale Forever and Upgrade Seamlessly [video] Add 7991444: How to Build a Virtual Machine - Terence Parr building one live Add 7990557: Alan Kay shows the Rand tablet Add 7989869: Fireworks filmed with a drone Add 7988313: Blocking Operations, Exceptions and Logging in Async Servers [Doug Hoyte] Add 7988303: Show HN: A spherical user interface Add 7987647: Show HN: MVP: Personal Knowledge Management Application World War 2 Case Study Add 7987187: Real World Third Person Perspective with Oculus Rift Add 7987034: PS3 emulator boots the first comercial game Add 7986232: Show HN: Relink - smart digital frame for alzheimer [video] Add 7985514: Guido Van Rossum - PyCon 2014 Add 7984930: Stop Writing Classes Add 7984480: Matt Coffin on this week in venture capital [video]  Scanning page #259 for Add 7983581: This is iran's message Add 7983203: TrackingPoint AR Series Precision Guided Firearm Add 7982925: Sheryl Sandberg praised this company on national television. Add 7982854: Configure the Grunt Watch plugin (screencast) Add 7982841: Starting a new Ember.js app (screencast) Add 7982426: [Recommend HN:] Affordable startup videos: Add 7981847: Drive-by download that turns on LCD test pattern - anyone know what this is? Add 7981656: The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz [video] Add 7981643: The Nothing App Add 7981114: Guy goes around New York putting up signs with 'Rap quotes' Add 7980509: "Linux Sucks" – 2014 [video] Add 7979938: Build a Custom Query with AREL Add 7978217: How Ink Is Made (2010) Add 7977226: API (REST) and Application Internationalization Talk [video] Add 7976870: Flying Robot Rockstars Add 7976793: Apple 2014: Dawn of a New Era? A Conversation With Analyst Horace Dediu [video] Add 7975886: Python 2.7 and Python 3: A Sacred Love Story Add 7975636: How Google sets goals: OKRs Add 7975622: Bill and Melinda Gates' inspiring commencement speech to Stanford's class of 2014 Add 7975550: The Most Difficult Program to Compute? Add 7975404: Windows XP commericial starring Steve Ballmer Add 7975147: Linux Architecture Overview Add 7974663: Sibyl: A System for Large Scale Machine Learning at Google Add 7974372: 'We Code Hard' ... words fail me Add 7973791: 3D Operating System Add 7973558: Product Management 101 Add 7973511: Aerofex's Aero-X Hoverbike Add 7972629: Google I/O 2014 – HTTPS Everywhere Add 7972343: An Optimal Bitcoin Mining Strategy: Proof of Idle  Scanning page #260 for Add 7972251: JSConf2014 - David Nolen: Immutability: Putting The Dream Machine To Work Add 7971587: A focus group critiquing Apple's "1984" TV ad Add 7971283: Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development Add 7970705: Shouting in the Datacenter Add 7969991: Amazing illusions: Water, Sine wave and 24 hertz Add 7969172: The Sound of Old School Formula 1 Mapped in London Add 7968799: 500 Yard No-Look Rifle Shot With Android Using TrackingPoint Shotview Add 7968597: Just how many kinds of infinity are there? [video] Add 7968030: Communicating with a Space Probe using SDR – The ISEE-3 Reboot Project Add 7967770: Palo Alto Tech Nerds Create the Ultimate Dance Proposal Video for a Hot Girl. Add 7967253: The Best Salesman [video] Add 7966875: Reactive Game Development For The Discerning Hipster Add 7966871: Odysseys in Technology: Research and Fun, lecture by Ivan Sutherland Add 7966753: Mark Cuban: How I Became a Billionaire Add 7965617: Setting up Grunt for Ember.js applications Add 7965386: Emojli: the emoji-only network Add 7963742: Show HN : Pride Parade San Francisco 06/29/14 [video] Add 7963451: Security at scale at Google [video] Add 7962434: The One Square Meter House Add 7962396: Haskell Is Useless – Simon Peyton Jones (2011) Add 7962246: Connecting Cloud and Web: Deploying end-to-end apps with Dart – Google I/O 2014 Add 7962065: N+1 Problem: Eager Loading with Active Record Add 7961476: Super Mario Bros. Time and Place Add 7960614: Ross Anderson: Safety And Privacy Health Systems In The Age Of Biodata [video] Add 7959493: Sergey Brin on "How the failure of a single fax allowed Google to be born" Add 7958763: Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook Add 7958609: Duet, a new animated short by Disney legend Glen Keane Add 7958569: DevOps at the speed of Google Add 7958353: Autonomous Cars 101, with Brad Templeton  Scanning page #261 for Add 7958185: The Inspiring Story of Hello Games | No Man's Sky PS4 Add 7958180: Official Rock Simulator 2014 Trailer Add 7957906: Ultrasonic Networking using the Web Audio API Add 7957421: Boeing unveils "space taxi" Add 7956550: EFF, Greenpeace and 10th Amendment Ctr fly blimp over NSA Utah Data Center Add 7956376: Xiki: Can your shell console do this? Add 7956354: Google I/O 2014 – The ART runtime session video Add 7955765: CNBC accidentally outs Apple CEO Tim Cook Add 7955648: PDF secrets Add 7954719: Unshackling JavaScript with Macros Add 7954218: "Algorithms" is Not a Four-Letter Word (Jamis Buck) Add 7954204: Aaron Swartz clip from 'America' the movie Add 7953934: Rodney Mullen: "Build on a Bedrock of Failure" Add 7953897: Cuba's DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation Add 7953571: Perfectly executing the wrong plan Add 7952888: Nuclear Reactor start up Add 7952448: Service Workers Add 7951470: Sacramento is using crowdsourced analytics for their 2014 NBA draft pick Add 7950985: Android team refuses to answer about Java 8 (first fireside question) Add 7950654: Google I/O 2014 – Keynote Add 7949602: Google Android Auto Add 7949580: Game Networking in Bare Metal Assembly – Multiplayer Tetris for Raspberry Pi Add 7949227: Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU Add 7949140: Biologically inspired models of intelligence Add 7948301: Red Dragon: Low Cost Access to the Surface of Mars Add 7948131: Google I/O: Ray Kurzweil – Biologically inspired models of intelligence Add 7946693: PNaCl SIMD: Speed on the Web Add 7946681: Chinese phone maker to release first mainstream holographic smartphone.  Scanning page #262 for Add 7946323: The ServiceWorker: The network layer is yours to own Add 7945180: The Black Sheep strategy – CD Projekt Red tedx talk about being different Add 7944760: Google I/O 2014 – Keynote (live) Add 7944611: Google I/O Keynote Livestream Add 7944265: What's on your mind? Add 7943558: Bibblio. A new social learning platform. Add 7943366: MEQRU: Digital Business Card Holder With Scanner Add 7943229: Multiplayer Tetris in Bare Metal Assembly for Raspberry Pi Add 7942903: Charlie Stross Keynote Add 7942044: CSS for Grownups Add 7941094: Stross keynote on Perl in 2034 at YAPC::NA (youtube) Add 7941045: Game Demo: Multiplayer Tetris in bare metal assembly for Raspberry Pi Add 7940754: Seeing The Secret State: Six Landscapes Add 7940178: People React to iPhone 6 Mock-Up Add 7940157: Nobel Laureate: You are a simulation and physics can prove it. Add 7937991: Jumping Crocodiles in Slow Motion Add 7937319: Perl is Awesome: the death and life of Perl Add 7937092: Y Not: Adventures in Functional Programming in Ruby Add 7936380: Intro to Deep Learning on Hadoop Add 7935338: Plato's "What is real?" explained by a 8-bit Zelda animation Add 7934769: How War Can Bring Peace Add 7934700: The Computer Chronicles – Portable Computers (1987) Add 7934576: Liquid Helium – 1963 video Add 7934224: [video] Getting Started with Hamlet Add 7933482: James Webb Space Telescope deployment sequence Add 7932184: TEDx: Hackschooling makes me happy Add 7932141: Apple's website on crack  Scanning page #263 for Add 7932107: Show HN: Animated video I made for my app Brainbean Add 7931074: Google Gesture – Translating Sign Language into Speech (A Concept) Add 7930552: Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy Add 7929218: Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire [video] Add 7929128: Soylent: How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days Add 7928320: Instacart story Startup School NY 2014 Add 7927899: Bill and Melinda Gates' 2014 Stanford Commencement Speech Add 7927147: 8088 Domination: Video capture from an IBM PC 5160 Add 7926818: The Atari Lynx Shaped Gamecube Portable Add 7926004: Bare Metal Assembly Raspberry Pi Starfox Tribute Add 7925496: A 128 bytes interactive Wolfenstein 3D maze textured mouse controlled intro Add 7925452: Bad As I Wanna Be: Coordination and Consistency in Distributed Databases Add 7925212: The psychology of your future self Add 7925105: Compost-Fueled Cars: Wouldn't That Be Great? Add 7924097: Interview with Alan Kay [video] Add 7923792: How does a dishwasher work? GoPro goes for a spin Add 7922887: The Truth About Central Banking and Business Cycles (in 6 minutes) Add 7921679: Fun with a few 9V batteries (244 of them) Add 7921608: Edge-Evolve Monitor Arm Add 7921247: What You Could Expect from Google I/O Add 7921221: The Startup School NYC 2014 Talks Add 7920781: Cord from plastic bottles [video] Add 7920772: X-Rays from Adhesive Tape (VIDEO) Add 7920020: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Amazing Motivational Story  Scanning page #264 for Add 7919586: The Internet's Missing Link: Tools for Turning Talk Into Action. Add 7919444: Solar Roadways Are BULLSHIT [video] Add 7919188: Falcon 9 Reusable 1000m Fin Flight Add 7918811: Scala: The Movie. Add 7918004: F9R 1000m Fin Flight | Onboard Cam and Wide Shot Add 7917112: What Will Happen If You Boil Coke? Add 7917093: The Writing's on the Wall Add 7916797: Facebook being massive DDOS attack by China showed on Norse Attack Timeline Add 7914782: The Game That Time Forgot - Why making an indie game took 13 years Add 7914760: Bangalore through the eyes of Swiss interns Add 7914581: It's Like This, Kid Add 7914387: The terrible Yook monster Slayed by the grandson of Master Prolog Add 7913828: The Game That Time Forgot Add 7912401: Tortured by Experts – New kind of Wire from D'Addario Add 7912330: An Introduction to Android Wear Add 7910702: The Ketogenic "Advantage" Add 7910582: [video] 1 Minute Crash Course: How a Compiler Works Add 7909210: This is Phil Fish Add 7909167: Carbon and Oxygen and You: Explained Add 7909126: Hard Drive Tear Down Add 7908385: Show HN: How to deploy a Flask app on Heroku [video] Add 7907201: Love shell commands? See specifically how Xiki is a better way to run them. Add 7906501: Pierre Sprey on the F-35 [video] Add 7905711: How Sony's Betamax lost to JVC's VHS Cassette Recorder Add 7905621: Deconstructing the Bitcoin API Add 7905550: Show HN: Building a Solar Powered Raspberry Pi Add 7904929: Video: Driving Sustainable and Scalable Growth from Airbnb, Box, and Homejoy Add 7904513: Making things with maths – Steven Wittens [video]  Scanning page #265 for Add 7904469: FPGAs in the datacenter : using fpgas to offload Bing ranking algo computations Add 7904464: The First Android Demo - from 2007 Add 7904286: Beams of Light – Oscilloscope Demo Add 7903185: Computer Capable Of Calculating 640TBs Of Data In One Billionth Of A Second Add 7902796: Al Gore on privacy and cleantech at Southland Add 7902645: Is HP actually going to revolutionize computing? Add 7902627: When God tells you about IT automation, you listen! Intently. Add 7902480: Net Neutrality – Rap News 25 [video] Add 7902001: "The F-35 is a lemon" Pierre Sprey Add 7901756: Cryptiv: a multi-cryptocurrency tipping app for Twitch and Twitter. Add 7901643: Shit Entrepreneurs Say Add 7900159: 3D Doodler – Pen that writes in three dimensions Add 7899102: The Thinking Machine (Artificial Intelligence in the 1960s) Add 7898714: Trevor Paglen - Seeing the Secret State: Six Landscapes Add 7897694: Richard Feynman – The World from another point of view Add 7896773: Wayland 3D Compositor with Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra [video] Add 7896619: User Interface Algorithms Add 7896198: The perfect tool to help you study? PerfectLearn: the World War 2 case study Add 7895879: Rails 4.1 Message Verifier (11 minute video) Add 7894110: Reid Hoffman and Joi Ito at The Churchill Club Add 7893521: Lab-Tools FPGA Binning Co-processor for APL (2012) [video] Add 7893481: Walking in Telepresence: Motion Compression (2013) [video] Add 7893070: GOCE Geoid, Earth's gravity revealed in unprecedented detail Add 7893053: A game created by a small Palestinian startup, what do you think? Add 7892985: Math Genius Ramanujan's biopic movie ( in his native language Tamil ) Add 7892631: [FREE][Android and PC] Splash Up – Cool game for hot summer Add 7892322: The Simpsons and Mathematics Add 7892076: "Why Pi?" – from Donald Knuth's Computer Musings  Scanning page #266 for Add 7892037: NSA controlling Youtube... Comments? Add 7890827: A real-life hoverboard Add 7888992: Double Your Internet Speed for Free Add 7888823: Senate hearing on National Security Space Launch Programs with Elon Musk Add 7888581: Balaji Srinivasan on Pareto Optimal Solutions at Startup School 2013 Add 7887706: Hand Made Vacuum Tubes [video] Add 7887683: Optimizing the Read Path of the Hadoop Distributed Filesystem [video] Add 7886912: Intro to Flask, Part 5 – Databases Add 7885862: Dissecting Stuxnet Add 7884230: Ubuntu Causes Girl To Drop Out of College Add 7884078: Split-screen functionality in iOS 8 Add 7884005: Startup theme song Add 7883217: How The Self-Retweeting Tweet Worked Add 7882528: Astronauts Perform 'Bicycle' Soccer Kick In Space [video] Add 7881524: Intro to Flask, Part 4 – Template Inheritance Add 7880678: Composing frontend Web applications with MontageJS [JSConf2014] Add 7880645: Peter Thiel at The Veritas Forum [video] Add 7880027: Burroughs B6500 Status Report (1968) [video] Add 7877471: BeamJIT – A LLVM based just-in-time compiler for Erlang Add 7877104: [FREE][Android and PC] Splash Up – Cool game for hot summer Add 7877076: Top (Practical) Movie SFX of all time Add 7876687: How Twitter uses Apache Mesos Add 7876651: TED Talks – Keren Elazari: Hackers: the Internet's immune system Add 7876591: Rolling Around In Public Add 7876574: My advice to young people – Donald Knuth Add 7876499: Somali Minister for Information talking about a post-anarchic techno economy. Add 7876208: Intro to Flask, Part 3 – User Authentication  Scanning page #267 for Add 7875909: Pigeons In Space [video] Add 7875259: Mario Maker for Wii U Add 7875056: Elon's tour of SpaceX Add 7874442: Ultraskiff (a personal boat with a circular hull) Add 7874111: Last Week Tonight: FIFA and the World Cup Add 7872960: The BRAiVE autonomous and driverless vehicle test drive Add 7872702: Video: The dangers of relying on user feedback Add 7872274: Writing Idiomatic Python Video One – Jeff Knupp's Kickstarer delivering Add 7872103: How they do that? SMS brodacast in one room Add 7870061: Attune: Impressive student-made app for syncing your life on android Add 7869761: Fukushima VICE Add 7869649: Glowing foam swords that keep score wirelessly Add 7869639: WarGames: The Two-Factor Edit Add 7869104: Haskell Development Workflow Demo (Youtube video) Add 7868814: Solar Roadways, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Thunderf00t Add 7868623: A Glove and Boots HP 3PAR StoreServ Commercial Add 7868227: MAYDAY.US Add 7867390: How to do a job interview on Skype – Tips for success Add 7867269: Brianna Wu – Nine ways to stop hurting and start helping women in tech Add 7866557: AngularJS Fundamentals In 60-ish Minutes (2013) Add 7865195: The Legacy of Gary Kildall: The IEEE Milestone Plaque Add 7864874: Open Source Basics [youtube] Add 7864791: Swift – Core Data with Custom Data Classes Add 7864487: The Story of Maths – The Rap Summary Add 7863999: TrackingPoint Labs Uses Google Glass for Firing Rifles Add 7862746: One of the most realistic "hacking" scenes in a movie.  Scanning page #268 for Add 7862687: Elm Debugger: Stamps [video] Add 7862571: Peter Thiel: You are not a lottery ticket (2013) Add 7862448: The NSA knew our secrets. One year later, we know theirs. Add 7862374: Brianna Wu – Nine ways to stop hurting and start helping women in tech Add 7862258: Ray Kurzweil's 2014 TED Talk: "Get Ready for Hybrid Thinking" Add 7861819: How to save a sinking canoe Add 7861768: I'm Brazilian and I won't go to the world cup, here is why [video] Add 7861167: Behind the scenes of The Price is Right Add 7860926: Samsung 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive Add 7860441: Wondlan Wireless Follow Focus Add 7860045: Rob Pike, "Public Static Void" (2010) Add 7858998: Game of Thrones played using Keytar made from NES Add 7858795: Latest SpaceX Landing Restoration Video Add 7858586: Show HN: Take picture and get movie description with Android Add 7857412: Building a remote control with Lively Add 7856755: Project Tango Tablet Development Kit [video] Add 7856353: In case you've missed Apple WWDC 14, here's the management summary Add 7856272: Using Python to Code by Voice (2013) [video] Add 7855684: The Day TDD Died Add 7854641: Amazing Magnetic Levitation Device! Add 7854208: Airbnb's Nathan Blecharczyk interviews PG about how to make startups succeed Add 7853064: Seth Lloyd: A Turing Test for Free Will [9:15] Add 7852130: Swift Playground: UIKit Controls Add 7852004: CS50 Guest Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg (2005) [video] Add 7850669: Should I Learn Scala or Groovy? Add 7850599: Twitter-Scale Computing with OpenJDK Add 7850499: Rackspace President "Open Source a great destination but not sufficient" Add 7850366: Show HN: Oculus Rift + Wii-mote Hoverboard Game  Scanning page #269 for Add 7850271: Show HN: Play TV Game using Smartphone without installation Add 7849654: New amazon product teaser Add 7849093: 3D Video Capture With Three Kinects (& Oculus Rift) Add 7848642: Did Johnny Lee's Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays ever get used? Add 7848320: Swift Programming Language Video Part 1 Add 7847430: Intro to Flask, Part 1 – Setting up a static site, hello world Add 7847341: Live Berkman Center talk on Internet governance with Jonathan Zittrain Add 7846271: Swift Tutorial, Creating a to-do list. Add 7845802: Twitter-Scale Computing with OpenJDK Add 7845716: Richard Feynman Computer Heuristics Lecture Add 7844232: Webdriver Torso, I'm never gonna give you up Add 7843980: Cool TEDx Video on Student Businesses Add 7843663: The Fractal Brain Theory and the Unification of Neuroscience with AI and Psychology Add 7843154: ThinkSwift: Discussion on the future of iOS [Live] Add 7842716: Dominik Zynis – Mastercoin Protocol – CEBEXPO2014 – Add 7842704: Convolutional Network Demo from 1993 [video] Add 7842571: ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically Add 7842169: Design is a Search Problem Add 7842083: [video] Apps We Can't Live Without Add 7841346: Top Hacker Shows Us How It's Done: Pablos Holman at TEDx Add 7841339: Flight into the Washington DC P-56 Restricted Airspace Add 7841162: John Oliver: Net Neutrality [video] Add 7840955: Dance Everywhere Add 7840768: The Nurse and the Muslim Add 7840459: MIT designs small, completely autonomous fixed wing plane Add 7839300: World Time Zones explained [video] Add 7838506: World's 1st Crowd-Sourced 3D Printed QR Code Delivery Ticket System Add 7838251: Microsoft Smart Home (1999) Add 7838217: "Uncanny valley just got its ass kicked"  Scanning page #270 for Add 7837490: Apple's WWDC 2014 keynote in 10 minutes Add 7836196: Can text messages be both complete and correct, simultaneously? Add 7834900: Let It Go [Software Edition] Add 7834663: Moishe Lettvin – What I Learned Doing 250 Interviews at Google Add 7834371: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Net Neutrality Add 7834277: Wrapping a jQuery plugin in a Ember.js component Add 7833975: Snowden's Cryptographer on the NSA and Defending the Internet Add 7833496: Coca-Cola introduces new caps to re-purpose bottles [video] Add 7833135: Math Trick Multiply Using Lines [video] Add 7832944: Introducing the iOS Block | Pushing iOS Add 7832640: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Detail Internal walkthrough [video] Add 7832311: The First 5 Minutes of 10,000 Movies Add 7832076: Bjarne Stroustroup: Why you should avoid Linked Lists [YouTube] Add 7831923: Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers (1953) [video] Add 7830540: SF Scala: Martin Odersky, Scala – the Simple Parts Add 7830478: AT&T Archives: The Unix Operating System Add 7830473: Consumer Reports on Self-Driving Cars Add 7830294: Rust: Safe Systems Programming with the Fun of FP – video talk Add 7830241: The 10,000 Domino Computer Add 7830043: Basic Mechanisms In Fire Control Computers Add 7830024: Keeping Ruby Reasonable (2011) Add 7828892: Happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking Add 7828622: Oral History of Paul Laughton: Apple II DOS Add 7828091: Robotic Raptor at 40km/h Add 7827832: How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out Add 7827405: Misconceptions About the Universe Add 7827400: Why Solar (Freakin) Roadways will never exist Add 7825905: Ford Motor's new generation of steering technology Add 7825809: Michael Bloomberg Harvard Commencement Speech 2014  Scanning page #271 for Add 7825658: Static Test of Copenhagen Suborbitals HEAT-2X Rocket [Live video] Add 7825065: Design is a Search Problem [video] Add 7824601: Linus Torvalds Reads Your Mean Tweets Add 7824590: Hackers Testifying at the United States Senate (1998) [video] Add 7824395: Intro to Linux on edX Add 7824293: EdX | LinuxFoundationX: Introduction to Linux: XLFS101x About Video Add 7824286: Harvard Business School 2014 Commencement: Salman Khan Add 7823899: How To Design A Good API and Why it Matters (Joshua Bloch, 2007) Add 7823851: LibreSSL presentation by Bob Beck Add 7823578: Sergey Brin speaking at Wireless World 2000 Add 7823215: English: A Stress-Timed Language Add 7823212: The Unix operating system Add 7823174: I gave a Syracuse University commencement address, talked about entrepreneurship Add 7822940: AudioSight – 3D Audio/Vision on Mobile Devices Add 7822608: BBC documentary on the microprocessor (1978) Add 7822435: Yehuda Katz – Endurance – La Conf Paris 2013 Add 7821949: Capsicum and Casper talk – new sandboxing technology Add 7821874: tpope's Vim Config and Plugins — NYC Vim Meetup Add 7821360: Show HN: MMO in Go with Conway's Life as an Area Attack (Work in Progress) Add 7821340: K Things I Know About Building Reactive Systems (Joe Armstrong) Add 7821183: Status board for shorter meetings Add 7820433: The Four-Winged Dinosaur Add 7820246: FULL – Edward Snowden Exclusive Interview with NBC Brian Williams Add 7819946: 3D Printing: Titanium, Carbon Fiber, and The One:1 – /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG Add 7819816: Dragon V2 Unveil (Live Feed) Add 7819298: Inventing the Unix "sudo" command [video] Add 7818739: The Pyed Piper (pyp) Tutorial Add 7818113: American held captive in Egyptian prisons leaks video Add 7817593: APL Demonstration From 1975 [video] Add 7816794: Great Dr Hawking discusses how England can win Worldcup  Scanning page #272 for Add 7816257: Leap Motion V2 Tracking Developer Beta Add 7816176: Dr. Hans Rosling: Facts and Fiction on Global Health Add 7815513: DIY 5 DoF robot arm with visual servoing and pressure control Add 7814806: Reverse engineering the Linotron 202 typography [video] Add 7814763: NBC News Edward Snowden Interview Add 7813592: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick at Code Conference 2014 "We Take 20 Percent" Add 7813463: Sam Altman admits Y Combinator gets over 90% of quality startups Add 7813332: Yesterday's Toronto Add 7812946: Mindblowing Zach King work Add 7812488: Is TDD dead? [part IV] Add 7811419: Google's Prototypical Self-Driving Car Add 7810852: NixOS containers [video] Add 7810210: Using Ember.js without Ember Data [Screencast] (24:25) Add 7810079: Bill Gates: Don't tax my income, tax my consumption [video] Add 7809409: Skype Translator: Breaking down language barriers Add 7808630: Dave Aucsmith: Rethinking Cyber Defense and Lessons Learned [video] Add 7807875: 2048 in minecraft Add 7807608: 3dfx Oral History Panel [video] Add 7807454: Effective Copywriting (with TechCrunch Editor Josh Constine) Add 7806354: What if I told you: you don't have free will? Add 7806252: JavaZone X : The Streaming Add 7806116: Acceleron V – A two stage water rocket Add 7805566: A Polyglot's Daily Workout Add 7805496: Free standing metal 3D printing Add 7804983: SAP and Vuzix bring you the future of Field Service Add 7804867: Children reacting to a computer from the 1970s Add 7804213: 1 Minute video explaining Bitcoin digital signatures Add 7803547: Once Again, i know this is not related to tech, but u gota c this guy Add 7802808: World's Most Expensive Hard Drive Teardown [video]  Scanning page #273 for Add 7802554: Norcal coder's automated off-grid home Add 7800696: Altair 8800 – Loading 4K BASIC with a Teletype [video] Add 7799615: KAIST Raptor Robot runs at 28.6 mph and jumps over obstacles Add 7798427: APL demonstration 1975 [video] Add 7798216: New Republic – The Brutal Ageism of Tech Add 7798044: Best prank commercial ever, for watch_dogs Add 7797837: Protogrid – Rapid Application Development in the Browser [6:57] Add 7797777: Kids (6-13) React to an old Apple II Computer Add 7797755: Discovery Channel – The Secret History Of Hacking Add 7797723: Compressor Head – Episode 1 (Variable Length Codes) Add 7797613: Watching 'Serpico' With Frank Serpico (NYPD Whistleblower) Add 7797401: Wall Street Money gets involved in Bitcoin Trading: Add 7797032: Alexis Ohanian's Carthage College Commencement Address Live ~2:40pm EDT Add 7796844: Create bookmarks by voice – Google Chrome speech API demo [video] Add 7796617: Bar Mixvah, the 3d printed robot bartender, makes a drink (MEAN stack + Arduino) Add 7796256: Let's take a look at Obscure Operating Systems: HaikuOS R1 Alpha v4.1 Add 7796083: Rails Legacy Applications – Q&A Michael Feathers, Adam Hawkins, Andrzej Krzywda Add 7796052: Alan Kay on Dijkstra (1997) Add 7795408: Making Ideas Real – TEDxUQ [video] Add 7795349: Computer Pioneers – Pioneer Computers Part 1 Add 7794999: Interpreters vs. Compilers Add 7794474: Solar Roadways – Turning roads into solar panels. Add 7794361: Dijkstra on Dutch TV (2000) Add 7794242: Ember at Scale Add 7794035: Solar FREAKIN' Roadways Add 7793948: Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera [1957] Add 7793861: Free is a lie Add 7793564: Solar FREAKIN' Roadways  Scanning page #274 for Add 7793399: Dutch Rail: Where will the train stop? Where can I find an empty seat? Add 7792418: We Brake for Mars Add 7790684: Pizza delivered by drone Add 7790477: Geek Couple Surprises Ignite Seattle Audience with Actual Wedding Add 7790298: Neil Gaiman on Writing Add 7789599: GopherCon 2014 Writing High Performance Databases in Go by Ben Johnson [video] Add 7789405: UberX Training Video Add 7789392: Net Neutrality Rap from Rap News Add 7789135: Dying is Funny, Comedy is Easy Add 7788897: Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! Add 7788543: The Science of Laziness Add 7786240: Large-scale Video Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks Add 7784774: The Strange Scourge of Light Pollution Add 7784501: Control VR with Oculus DK1 in Tuscany Add 7783694: Street view from 1981 – Aspen Interactive Movie Map Add 7783130: Integrating a Mobile UI Framework into Rails (13:28 minutes) Add 7783049: Star Wars: Force for Change – A Message from J.J. Abrams Add 7781169: Playing with d3 in the cloud Add 7780978: Charlie Day's Merrimack College Commencement Address Add 7780773: an Open Collection of GLSL Transitions Add 7779964: What I Learned Doing 250 Interviews at Google Add 7777663: Japan in HD from 1992 Add 7777632: How Differential Steering Works Add 7777348: Another release of Google Play services is out – version 4.4 Add 7776964: Is TDD dead? [Part III] (video) Add 7776596: Airbnb conversation with Paul Graham Add 7775849: Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb Add 7775826: Paul Rand vs. Steve Jobs: "No, I'll solve your problem, and you pay me." Add 7775348: Glenn Greenwald live tonight in Amsterdam  Scanning page #275 for Add 7775261: Discrete Math You Need to Know – Tim Berglund Add 7774167: Amazon's Retail Revolution – BBC Documentary Add 7774009: Rails 4.1 Variants (3:28 minutes) Add 7773331: ShowHN: Integrating PubNub with freeboard Add 7773291: Adventure with Types in Haskell – Simon Peyton Jones (Lecture 1) Add 7773115: LibreSSL with Bob Beck (BSDCan 2014) Add 7772932: Video: Elon Musk's USC Marshall Commencement Speech (2014) Add 7772842: David Nolen makes core.async a fun way to spend an hour learning CSP (2013) Add 7771155: Bjarne Stroustrup: Why you should avoid Linked Lists Add 7771132: China publishes latest data detailing US cyber attacks Add 7771128: Teaching Creative Computer Science | Simon Peyton Jones Add 7770486: Octopus Walks on Land at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (Video) Add 7770376: The Divided Brain Add 7769758: Linux Sucks Add 7769133: Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal [video] Add 7768297: XMission ISP Pete Ashdown on warrant requests and Internet privacy Add 7767495: 3D Video Capture With Three Kinects Add 7766707: Agostino Sibillo Cloud Inventor at the University of New Hampshire USA Add 7765706: David Rees and Blackwing Pencils: Artisanal Pencil Sharpening Add 7765160: Richard Stallman dances with a laptop at MIT Add 7765091: An Experiment on The Power of Negative Expectations Add 7764915: Adventure with Types in Haskell [video] Add 7764509: Wearable Commerce – Put Your Store on Wearable Devices Add 7763495: Show HN: Enterprise group text messaging for communities Add 7762918: Dane Maxwell on Idea Extraction Add 7762903: The Myth of the Genius Programmer (2009) Add 7762719: The evolution of visual effects Add 7760230: Demo of Lucid's advanced C/C++ programming system (1993) Add 7759883: In Tech We Trust? A Debate with Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen Add 7759587: Floating Cities: The Future of Governments  Scanning page #276 for Add 7759284: Altair 8800 – Loading 4K BASIC with a Teletype Add 7758783: Physics and Chemistry Professors React to 2048 (youtube) Add 7758317: Nissan ZEOD RC Crash Test in Slow Motion (Graphite/CF Bodyshell) Add 7757749: Nick Bostrom's -The Fable of the Dragon Tyrant Add 7757306: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes Add 7756700: CEO Jeremy Allaire leads users through Circle Add 7756601: Is TDD dead? (part ii) Add 7756050: Every mention of the cloud during the ABC v. Aereo Supreme Court case Add 7755076: Steve Jobs rare footage conducting a presentation on 1980 Add 7754939: Going with the flow of ideas Add 7754579: Left for America Add 7754485: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes – visualized, with sound Add 7754254: Tachymetric Anti-Aircraft systems in WW2 Add 7753943: Computing Document Similarity with nltk Add 7753680: The Smash Brothers (Episode 1 – Show Me Your Moves) Add 7753203: Math Trick to Multiply By Lines (aka how the Japanese multiply/Vedic math) Add 7752427: Machine Learning A Cappella – Overfitting Thriller Add 7752350: Ruby web programming (without Rails) Add 7751931: Simon Peyton Jones – Haskell is useless Add 7751864: The Dirichlet Distribution Add 7751306: CollegeHumor presents "Hardly Working: Start-up Guys" [video] Add 7751278: Original Apple 1 setup – demo of a working piece of history (2012) [video] Add 7750991: Wocket Wallet Add 7750306: Brian Greene and Amir D. Aczel debate parallel universes (2011) Add 7748592: Show HN: Turkish Prime Minister manhandles citizen @Soma @Turkey Add 7748448: Show HN: My MVP, PerfectLearn – personal knowledge management for web and mobile Add 7748336: Edward Snowden: Here's how we take back the Internet Add 7747796: Live coding ScalaJS Add 7747487: A Conversation with Turing Award Winner Leslie Lamport [video] Add 7745731: Is TDD dead?  Scanning page #277 for Add 7745019: 3D Video Capture With Three Kinects Add 7744602: SIGGRAPH 2014 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer Add 7743651: George R. R. Martin Still Uses A DOS Word Processor Add 7743152: Alan Kay on Dijkstra [1997] Add 7743043: SIGGRAPH 2014 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer [video] Add 7742770: Expanding the Input Expressivity of Smartwatches Add 7742684: On building reactive systems by Erlang creator Joe Armstrong [video] Add 7742550: Authors At Google Talk: David Graeber, DEBT: The First 5,000 Years (2012) Add 7742127: Programming for Social Impact Add 7742117: The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk' Add 7742066: SIGGRAPH 2014 : Technical Papers Preview Trailer Add 7741226: Show HN: Gamertopia – Your game library reborn Add 7740299: Scala Collections: Why Not? Add 7738584: Meet Moto E Add 7738527: A Epice Selfie, that spanned 36 countries and 600 days Add 7738024: Quickcheck Add 7737615: A Practical Example of Testing and Re-Factoring code (ruby) Add 7737571: Want to Learn to Code? This is your Solution Add 7736816: I am not a data point Add 7736331: Steve Jobs plays FDR in Apple internal sales video (1984) Add 7736054: Blending Liquids (SIGGRAPH 2014) Add 7735836: Tesla arcs playing Mario Bros (2007) Add 7735233: Ted Talk: How Sampling Transformed Music Add 7734529: World in Transition II (Albert Wenger) Add 7734525: A language in 20 minutes Add 7734504: Getting started with the Pants Build System Add 7734245: Optimize Your Front-End Workflow Add 7733560: What happens when you leave your phone in a cab overnight Add 7733191: The London Evolution Animation Add 7732441: SEO for Business Explained: A Conversation With Rand Fishkin [video]  Scanning page #278 for Add 7731059: Beego framework tutorials_1_introduction to beego Add 7730843: Tom Mitchell: Never Ending Language Learning (2012) Add 7730643: Pay with your hand using vein scanning Add 7730322: Flappy Fang available now Add 7729501: Jailbreak-Tweak brings multi-window multitasking to the iPad [video] Add 7728858: GopherCon 2014: Go for Sysadmins by Kelsey Hightower [video] Add 7728795: Accelerated Learning: How To Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours Add 7728700: Octopus Opens Jar From the Inside Add 7728686: World's Toughest Job Add 7728445: 7 Simple Photography Hacks That You Should Know Add 7728267: Famious language hacker vlogs a monoglot's language learning progress Add 7727753: Steve Perlman discussing pCells at Stanford [video] Add 7727716: Steve Jobs: Music streaming is too expensive at $10/month Add 7727684: Polaroid SX-71 ad Add 7727311: Rolls Royce – How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine (2012) [video] Add 7726948: Grace Hopper on Letterman Add 7725590: Dr. Dre confirms Apple buying Beats [video] Add 7725067: Danny Hillis: Seven Wonders of the World (1995) Add 7724576: Why Virtual Reality Isn't (just) the Next Big Platform Add 7724345: Is TDD dead? – Heinemeier Hansson, Martin Fowler Kent and Beck David Add 7723607: Seymour Cray: "Cray-1 Introduction" (1976) [video] Add 7723320: Vi Hart's net neutrality video Add 7722599: VCs discuss Investing in Sports Tech Ventures Add 7722356: Dr. Dre's Reaction to the Beats Acquisition Rumors Add 7722078: "Is TDD dead?" talk between Martin Fowler, Kent Beck and DHH Add 7721956: Steve Jobs calls up Dr. Dre about iTunes Add 7721830: Dr. Dre confirms Apple is buying beats for $3.2 billion; he is now a billionaire Add 7721826: Steve Jobs' relationship with Dr. Dre spans back to iTunes release Add 7721740: First solid PC/CGA 3d game with a mouse interface? Add 7721577: Seeds [through Google Glass]  Scanning page #279 for Add 7721459: Crowds 2.0 – Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing Conference NYU – Livestream Add 7721414: Hip Hop First Billionaire Dr.Dre Announce Apple Buying Beats For $3.2 Billion Add 7720883: Interview with a VC, Rafael Corrales from CRV Add 7720796: Dr Dre confirms $3.2 billion Apple acquisition Add 7720613: Is TDD dead? Add 7720227: Python vs. Lisp readability (video, edit from Pycon 2009) Add 7720180: SmartCollar: Wearable Tech for Dogs Add 7719202: Guido van Rossum on the History of Python Add 7717752: Unicode ♥ JavaScript Add 7717300: You are what you share. Add 7717084: Super Mariachi playing Mario Bros Meddley Add 7716594: Randall Munroe of XKCD: Comics That Ask "What If?" Add 7714819: Simon Peyton Jones: How to Write a Great Research Paper [video] Add 7714612: James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with Failure [video] Add 7714317: Opera 21 (And other blink based Opera versions) ReviewithRant. Add 7714299: Interactive Browser Visualizations from Python with Bokeh (PyData 2014) Add 7713461: Solution to "The Expert" (draw 7 red lines, all strictly perpendicular...) Add 7712775: The Bible of Barbecue – Tramontina Add 7711635: Vi Hart explains network neutrality in the US Add 7711059: Meerkats cheated by a clever bird Add 7710881: Peter Thiel Interviews Magnus Carlsen Add 7710356: A comic engraved on a hair using a ion beam Add 7709937: What Does Sound Look Like? Add 7709596: Introducing Synth – A new Node.js web framework designed just for AngularJS Add 7709506: F8 Keynote Add 7709001: Chui – the smartest doorbell demo Add 7708701: Soylent – Official Broadcast Quality Promo (Video) Add 7705572: How to avoid going to jail as a Bitcoin developer Add 7705156: What Is The Cloud – By AT&T [1993]  Scanning page #280 for Add 7704906: Why Tomorrow Won't Look Like Today: Things that Will Blow Your Mind [video] Add 7704615: Invent the future, don't recreate the past Add 7704216: OpenWRT and 10 Years of Fun with Embedded Devices [30c3] Add 7703432: Flying Robot Rockstars Add 7703260: Head Gestures to Control Google Glass for Surgeons Add 7703089: The Random Show // Episode 24 Add 7702814: Elon Musk and SpaceX’s Hand Gesture Holographic Interface Add 7702656: The cloud in 1993 Add 7702515: Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality Add 7701720: Splicious sharing Add 7701478: Tangible and Modular Input Device for Character Articulation Add 7701429: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out [video] Add 7701332: Custom d3 template clone Add 7701102: A.I constructs argument in real time Add 7700746: How to add an automatic update check into your software Add 7700592: Nothing to Sneeze At Add 7698037: Teaching kids how capacitors work [video] Add 7697677: Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook Add 7697513: The World's Smallest Comic – fake or not? Add 7696966: A Brief History of Kickstarter Add 7696669: Shakespeare: Original pronunciation Add 7696551: Giving and Receiving Feedback – It's harder than you think Add 7696550: Here Comes Another Bubble Add 7696490: The Game of Hangman, Decision Theory and Delivering Software Add 7695042: Hunger and Learning Potential [video] Add 7694663: Cubic Curve Calculator [video] Add 7693397: Look Up [VIDEO] Add 7693197: Getting started with Pharo 3.0 (SmallTalk) [video] Add 7693015: The Drinkable Book  Scanning page #281 for Add 7692913: Edward Snowden Statement Munk Debate on State Surveillance Add 7692855: IFlix – like popcorntime but better Add 7692619: When IPhone was first launched (2007) Add 7692568: Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation [video] Add 7691471: Look Up Add 7691292: Solar Roadway Handicapped Parking Demo [Dynamically Determined] Add 7690873: Hamming, "Mathematics" (May 18, 1995) Add 7690700: Neat Cider Advert Mocks Apple Stores Add 7690237: Amazon Gift Card Codes Add 7689604: Clojure Compiler progress report "Data All The ASTs" Add 7689450: SpaceX – 1,000m F9R Flight Test Add 7688376: Shields Up The Physics of Star Wars Add 7688015: GENDERED MARKETING | The Checkout Add 7687442: Barcode Scanning on Google Glass [video] Add 7686980: The Future of Hardware: Nahid Alam at TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool Add 7686871: Pact pays you to live healthy, from members who don't. Add 7686529: SkyRunner: The dune buggy that can fly [video] Add 7686502: Recreating Facebook UI with HTML and CSS (live coding screencast) Add 7685461: SpaceX's second F9-R test, 1,000m Add 7684512: Second flight of Falcon 9-R. 1000m, hover and land (with cows) Add 7684435: Flight of Falcon 9-R 1000m (SpaceX) Add 7684375: SpaceX: 1,000m F9R hover test Add 7683916: Professors React to 2048 – Numberphile Add 7683840: Show HN: Cost Price Calculator: Restaurant Menu Engineering Add 7683711: Hamming, "You and Your Research" (1995) [video] Add 7683392: RSA Replay: Free is a Lie [video] Add 7683004: Supporting Millions of Concurrent Sessions with Distributed Session Clusters Add 7682796: Enlightenment Engineering: Tech as Catalyst for Inner and Outer Peace Add 7681847: Google's 8 Innovation Principles – Peter Diamandis Add 7680317: Steve Jobs as... Teddy Roosevelt? [video]  Scanning page #282 for Add 7680265: Bob Hoffman – The Golden Age of Bullshit Add 7678391: How we integrated Cortana with our music app Add 7677954: Legendary VC Tim Draper dances to Pharrell's "Happy" [video] Add 7677127: A Youtube Phishing Attack You Need to Watch Out For Add 7677114: Software is eating Rutgers Add 7676674: Easy and quick way to add search to a site with Denote Add 7676621: How we integrated Cortana with our music app Add 7676618: Veritasium. Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube Add 7674994: How BIG Is Google? Add 7672577: Running a Startup on Haskell Add 7672161: What it's like to have Asperger's Syndrome Add 7671946: Virtual Shoe fitting Add 7671907: Instaparse: What if Context-Free Grammars Were as Easy to Use as Regex? Add 7671905: Bone-driven image distortion in the open source 2D animation tool Synfig Add 7670342: SkyNet Operating System? Drag and drop Chrome app? Internet of Things? Add 7670197: Weev starts TRO LLC to short companies based on security vulnerabilities Add 7668232: Awesöme Orchestra: bossless (+beer) comes to music Add 7667854: Rewriting each other's commits with Mercurial Evolve Add 7667805: Docker-based platform managed with Netflix's Asgard Add 7667456: 8 bit Philosophy Add 7666288: Amazing automation from the early 1800's – You won't make these with a RepRap Add 7666147: Build an Analytics System with Redis Add 7665851: Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal's TED Talk Add 7665832: A Brief History of Kickstarter Add 7664922: Bulletball Add 7664871: Elon Musk Talks About Getting The Job Done Add 7664757: Linux Sucks – 2014 Add 7664488: Aaron Swartz: The Documentary – Teaser Add 7664441: Living with lag – an Oculus Rift experiment Add 7664225: Idris: Type safe printf  Scanning page #283 for Add 7664092: How important is a co-founder? Add 7663781: British politician arrested for reading Churchill in public Add 7661889: Google Self-Driving Car on City Streets Add 7661846: During Elon Musk's Dark Days Add 7661778: Startup founder films her struggles Add 7661452: Printing Teddy Bears: A Technique for 3D Printing of Soft Interactive Objects Add 7661169: Windows Web Server Management with ASP.NET using Chef Add 7660913: Living with lag – an oculus rift experiment Add 7660575: Interview with Sony Computer Entertainment's Shuhei Yoshida Add 7659726: Nissan's ‘Self-Cleaning’ Car Prototype [video] Add 7658927: Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (1940) Add 7658672: Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: General Keith Alexander Extended Interview Add 7658562: Elon Musk questions the use of Russian engines in Air Force rockets Add 7658422: We're doing it all wrong Add 7658131: World's First RAM Chip [video] Add 7657324: JavaScript Unit Testing Practices and Horrible Mistakes (2013 Video) Add 7657132: Devs and Depression Add 7656713: PhonoPaper: Play Music from Paper Add 7656282: Software of the Apollo guidance computer was hand-woven into rope core memory Add 7656219: Controlled Demolition of El Paso City Hall Add 7656053: The Book of Sands Add 7655502: Jeremy Rifkin talk: "The Zero Marginal Cost Society" Add 7655281: The user is drunk (2013) [video] Add 7655146: Battling the Invisible Monsters in Tech – PyCon 2014 Add 7654796: US Government Killed Our Internet Add 7654724: IBM Invents ’3D Nanoprinter’ for Microscopic Objects [video] Add 7654127: Go Home – Engineering Work/Life Balance Add 7653959: Racket on the Playstation 3? It's Not What you Think [video] Add 7653492: An incredible robotic baby dinosaur for kids. Add 7653233: Hexacopters Playing Instruments  Scanning page #284 for Add 7653137: Exoplanet fly-by – Tom Hands Add 7652830: Hans Rosling's Demographic Party Trick #1, with Bill Gates (Video) Add 7652467: Go the Fuck Home Add 7651710: Elon Musk on soft landing and lawsuit against ULA monopoly Add 7651592: American Sufi Mystic talks about the coming new global civilization Add 7650913: Monument Valley – 'making of' video Add 7650715: Anonymous is back... with music? [video] Add 7650600: Script writer, Esther Wouda, talks about writing script for a "Open" movie Add 7650360: Robot Orders a Scone in Mountain View (2011) Add 7650357: Gofor: Drones on Demand Concept [video] Add 7649797: Yoshimoto Cube Add 7649152: Q&A on data privacy with White House Deputy CTO Add 7649054: The Social Consqeuences of Everything Add 7648796: UX How-To with Luke Wroblewski Add 7648597: How the DoD created Wikileaks Add 7647527: Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots for Advanced Manipulation [video] Add 7647372: How To Build Amazing JavaScript Static Analysis Tools – Video Add 7646431: GDC 2014: Growth Hacking with (Google) Play Games Add 7646202: Traces of Errors: Getting Better JavaScript Stacktraces [video] Add 7645929: Bjarne Stroustrup: Why the Programming Language C Is Obsolete Add 7645844: Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last Add 7645429: Bubble-sort with Hungarian ("Csángó") folk dance Add 7644421: Why isnt this by default with OpenSSH? Add 7643966: Meet Boomer [video] Add 7642970: Deluxe Paint III (1989) Add 7642448: 5 Machine Learning Techniques That You Can Use in Your Ruby Apps Add 7642420: YouTube's Secret Algorithm Add 7641950: Animated spoof video of Y Combinator Add 7641626: Martin Odersky: Scala with Style [video]  Scanning page #285 for Add 7640923: Darkmarket is coming Add 7640819: "Judge a Developer by the Size of their Bin Directory" Add 7640334: British Airways have 3600 pilots (video about A320 Simulator) Add 7640292: 30 for 30: Broke Add 7639294: Chris Sievey - Camouflage - Sinclair ZX81 pop video (1983) Add 7638845: Introducing Amazon Prime Pantry Add 7638807: Stephan Wolfram Stanford Seminar Add 7638174: Bruce Schneier: "NSA Surveillance and What To Do About It" (talk) Add 7638147: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... = -1/12 Add 7637657: Not Just Code Monkeys by Martin Fowler at OOP2014 Add 7637517: Workflows of Refactoring by Martin Fowler at OOP2014 Add 7636887: TechCrunch Hands-On: Lytro Illum Camera Add 7636838: The flower-shaped starshade that might help us detect Earth-like planets [video] Add 7636550: Fallout Classic Revisited [video] Add 7635416: How Pixar Almost Deleted Toy Story 2 Add 7635111: How to Build a Killer Node.js Client for Your REST API [video] Add 7635021: To The Fair (1964) | New York World's Fair Add 7634998: Ember js – An Application Framework For The Future Add 7633995: Phiber Optik – Last Interview Before 1 Year In Prison (1993) Add 7633885: Growing a Language, by Guy Steele [video] Add 7633357: Cascaded Displays: Spatiotemporal Superresolution using Offset Pixel Layers Add 7632871: Never Settle Add 7632758: OnePlus One Revealed Add 7631267: April 29th: Next NuoDB Unplugged Add 7630901: Building Paper [video] Add 7630871: Introducing Perfect Audience Connect Add 7630716: Un-Bullshit-able Questions Add 7630293: East London from the air Add 7630115: Dorian Nakamoto – Thank you Bitcoin Community [video] Add 7630055: EmberConf 2014 Convergent/Divergent by Christopher Meiklejohn  Scanning page #286 for Add 7629747: Building Paper Add 7628590: Balaji Srinivasan at Startup School 2013: Voice vs Exit Add 7628235: Facebook Releases Paper Tech Talk Video Add 7627839: A teddy bear with Whatsapp audio messages to hospitalized children [video] Add 7627255: Lamb-leap project, happy easter Add 7627128: ECMAScript 6 at Facebook Add 7627063: New Apple campus [Official Video] Add 7626171: What's Happening in Mexico? A global call for freedom #EPNvsInternet Add 7625689: Our loss of wisdom – Barry Schwartz Add 7624622: How Monkeys React to Unequal Payments Add 7624093: PAGS – Programming Assignment Grading System Add 7622366: Now more than ever, we will work to leave the world better than we found it. Add 7622053: Velocity 2012: Richard Cook, "How Complex Systems Fail" Add 7620792: Volumetric 3D Display Add 7620790: Impressive free hand street writing in London Add 7619114: Show HN: SkyRunner, my submission to the 'Kii to Unity' game contest. Add 7618538: The timeless: 64K demo [video] Add 7618479: Slow-mo technical video of first seconds of space shuttle engines firing Add 7617608: The story behind 'Bliss', Windows XP's famous default wallpaper Add 7617041: What happens when a magnets meets a computer Add 7616640: SpaceX Dragon CRS-3 Grappled by Robotic Arm on ISS Add 7616462: The story behind the wallpaper we'll never forget Add 7616228: MountainWest Devops 2014 – Introduction to Docker (Video) Add 7616135: "Building Paper" by Facebook Developers Add 7614461: Watch two chatbots talking to each other Add 7613813: Facebook: Building Paper Add 7613648: Revision 2014 live coding round one Add 7613645: Commodore C64 [1982]  Scanning page #287 for Add 7613235: Full video of SpaceX-3 launch Add 7613196: Single Point of Failure: The Day Google Forgot To Check Passwords Add 7613075: Computerphile on Heartbleed Add 7612730: Show HN: Videos from React Conf 2014 [London] Add 7612442: A GIF Odyssey by Glen Maddern Add 7612019: Video Game Designer "Lord British" Goes to Space Add 7611312: Video of Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) taking its first test flight Add 7610957: The Scienctific Approach to Dominating a Pinewood Derby Add 7610878: Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots for Advanced Manipulation Applications Add 7610459: Epic Circles Add 7610408: Google's Project Tango: NASA SPHERES Add 7610397: [video] Sliding Pi – a 2048 game calculates Pi like an ancient mathematician Add 7610275: F9R First Flight Test Add 7610200: F9R-Dev First Flight (SpaceX) Add 7609712: 21 Hours: How a shorter work week can make our future societies happier Add 7609378: Music Sounds Better When It's on Fire Add 7609200: How To Build A Super Car (McLaren Documentary) Add 7608285: Most A/B test results are illusory [video] Add 7607545: Fairchild Briefing on Integrated Circuits Add 7606476: The William Tell Overture as performed by an Epson Equity I+ Computer Add 7606475: United States v. Microsoft: Deposition by Bill Gates Add 7606430: Pyro Board: 2D Ruben's Tube Add 7605521: Light Speed: From Minecraft to Reality Add 7605335: Ken Auletta: The Future of Online Original Content Add 7605267: Our never-watched, ridiculous 500Startup Application Video Add 7605216: Java 8 Lambda Expressions and Streams Add 7604112: Oculus Rollercoaster Add 7603899: Google declares war on vertical videos [video] Add 7603431: Snowden asks Putin about surveillance Add 7602894: [LIVE]SNOWDEN TO PUTIN: Does Russia intercept comms of millions of individuals?  Scanning page #288 for Add 7602698: No one should have to do work that can be done by a machine Add 7602317: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... = -1/12 Add 7602199: Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots for Advanced Manipulation Add 7602067: Machine Learning Gremlins Add 7601455: The Color of Fear [video] Add 7601238: Computer simulations teaching themselves to walk Add 7599144: Apple – Making the all-new Mac Pro Add 7599132: General Purpose Programming with Dependent Types [video] Add 7598933: How Koenigsegg uses 3D printing and scanning for designing The One:1 Add 7598782: Computer simulations teaching themselves to walk Add 7596969: Copy-me: A Webseries About Copying Add 7596746: Welcome the Polish Ambassador Add 7595107: Show HN: Measuring day to day improvements doing push-ups for 100 days Add 7593547: Death dancing to the beats of the Mask Add 7593197: Project Ara Developers Conference Day 1 Add 7593073: HTML has to be one of the worst ideas since MS-DOS – Alan Kay Add 7592576: The delusion of Free Will Add 7592574: Setup payment server and do purchase in 5 minutes. Add 7592568: F1 pit stop comparison between the 1950s and today. Add 7592520: Project Ara Developers Conference Day live stream Add 7592409: VP of Activision likens piracy to stealing a Porsche (1985) Add 7591609: Worlds Toughest Job Add 7591529: Load your favorite SoundCloud tracks by voice Add 7591160: InFORM – a tangible display from the MIT Media Lab Add 7590249: Experimental music from very short C programs Add 7589571: Have you maxed out your IRA before tax day? Add 7589380: How Bitcoin Works (Video) Add 7589304: The 64-Bit Temple Operating System Add 7588365: Demo of Graphine Battery Charging in 30 Seconds  Scanning page #289 for Add 7587031: Microsoft's Bliss: The story behind the wallpaper we'll never forget [video] Add 7586981: Front Foot – Short film on eve teasing Add 7586789: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity : David Allen Add 7586671: How and Why Spotify Uses Storm (Tech Talk) Add 7586426: Perl-Operated Boy Add 7585660: Understanding Scope in JavaScript Add 7583322:'s Justin Kan: The story of a serial entrepreneur Add 7583311: Half-Life in 20:41 Add 7583299: Tristan O'Tierney – Co-founder of Square Talking about Programmer Burnout Add 7582601: The HTML5 Skills Employers Are Looking For Add 7581896: Controlled Quantum Levitation on a Wipe'Out Track Add 7580813: Interactive live tiles on Windows Next by Microsoft Research Add 7580647: Ruby author 'Matz' does television ad for his Mormon faith Add 7579070: Watch Dogs featuring Nvidia Technologies Add 7578861: Super trippy intro to Cadejo, a MIDI mapping tool for Overtone. Add 7577790: Joe Armstrong – K things I know about building Resilient Reactive Systems Add 7577346: Bill Gates' Farewell – Microsoft at CES 2008 Add 7576883: WebRTC Update 2014 by Sam Dutton, Justin Uberti, and Serge Lachapelle Add 7575726: Navy powers model plane using fuel made from sea water Add 7575476: PHK predicted Heartbleed? – (FOSDEM 2014 Keynote) Add 7574452: Real-Time Ray Tracing for Motion Capture Add 7573353: Small startup soccer team goes on to win big Add 7573064: Convergence: solving the CA trust issue of SSL Add 7571242: Giving Soylent to People on the Street [video] Add 7571029: Foundation 37 – David Byttow [video] Add 7570692: Free Is A Lie Add 7569007: Fin : Wearable Ring Make your Palm as Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface Add 7568961: Free is a lie Add 7568940: Fireside chat – Jeff Dean, Urs Holzle, Eric Brewer Add 7568147: Seth Lloyd: Quantum Machine Learning  Scanning page #290 for Add 7567450: Snowden to EU: No legal means challenge mass surveillance [video] Add 7566954: Fuck The Poor Add 7566886: Thank God It's Monday at TEDxUGA Add 7565824: Land Rover debuts invisible car technology Add 7564951: Stockholm – it's not a coincidence Add 7563809: Launch Event Live Stream Add 7563754: Land Rover's transparent car bonnet prototype Add 7562975: Eric Ladizinsky: Evolving Scalable Quantum Computers (Google Tech Talk) Add 7562882: Land Rover’s transparent bonnet concept lets you see what’s under the car Add 7562576: Improving Resource Efficiency with Apache Mesos Add 7561943: Chomsky Q&A at Google Add 7561129: Samsung Galaxy S5 Crash Test Epic Fail Add 7560940: OneNote Mac – The Song [Parody of One Day More from Les Misérables] Add 7560073: Web UI will never be the same after tonight Add 7558636: David Nolen – The Functional Final Frontier Add 7558044: Silicon Studio New Rendering Engine Add 7557806: Bluehost 70% off discount Coupon Code Add 7557544: StoreDot Demo Video: Recharges Battery in 30 seconds Add 7556618: Keynote by Poul-Henning Kamp at FOSDEM '14 Add 7556247: Rise of the Patent Troll: An "Everything is a Remix" Special Presentation Add 7555906: Shit Hackers Say Add 7555623: Successfully Establishing and Representing DevOps in an Audit by James DeLuccia Add 7554757: The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) Add 7554070: – A Typical Premium Domain Name Inquiry Add 7552354: demo – Yahoo weather Add 7551354: Chemists talk about the most dangerous chemical they've handled. Add 7550368: Microsoft aims to extend .net framework to embedded evices Add 7550195: HBO put the full first episode of Silicon Valley on Youtube for free.  Scanning page #291 for Add 7549474: 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON Add 7548804: Rise of the Patent Troll Add 7548713: CS50 Guest Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg Add 7548523: Mockup Monday #9: Emacs on the iPhone Add 7548284: How Googlebot handles AJAX loaded content Add 7548114: Silicon Valley Episode 1: Free to stream on Youtube (US Only) Add 7547831: Show HN: Live Coding Mandelbrot Set Add 7547141: Silicon Valley Episode 1 Add 7544986: Sintel is back on YT after being wrongly blocked by Sony for copyright claim Add 7544335: Fast Image Processing Using Halide Add 7544034: Michael Parkinson interviews Dr Jacob Bronowski Add 7542986: Edward Snowden / ACLU interview from SXSW is available with good audio quality Add 7542600: Stephen Wolfram demos Wolfram Language Add 7541522: Npackd 1.18 functionality (screencast) Add 7541469: Making a Programming Language that can Think for You Add 7540942: Installing iOS Integration Testing framework Subliminal using Cocoapods Add 7540183: Building an App with Meteor Add 7539986: Turing's Curse – John Graham-Cumming (2013) Add 7539358: Unix: Making Computers Easier To Use (1982) Add 7538613: CNBC Debate on HFT: Michael Lewis, Brad Katsuyama et al [video] Add 7538564: Tour of the next version of Elementary OS Add 7538063: Alan Kay at Demo: The Future Doesn't Have to Be Incremental Add 7538023: Google App Engine adds support for any language Add 7537778: Neil Armstrong on Being a Nerd Add 7537524: If Wal-Mart paid a living wage, how much would their prices increase? Add 7537186: Bitcoin, the organism: Jeff Garzik speaking at TedxBinghamton Add 7537053: Should You Use The Snooze Button? Add 7535778: CS50 Guest Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg [2005] Add 7535258: Will.I.Am's Smart Watch Add 7534730: Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television  Scanning page #292 for Add 7534674: Vint Cerf On How NSA Stood In The Way Of Early TCP/IP Security Add 7534184: CS50 Guest Lecture by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University, December 7, 2005 Add 7533279: Ruby VM in Bhyve on FreeBSD Add 7533016: Introduction to Mininet – Testing for Software Defined Networking Add 7532833: The Greatest Ever Infographic Add 7532327: Phonebloks update – The team behind Ara Add 7531687: Phonebloks update – The team behind Ara [video] Add 7531572: Domino Addition – Numberphile Add 7530551: The Greatest Ever Infographic [video] Add 7530546: Domino Addition [video] Add 7529994: Human price of making billions of "n-hexane"smartphones:Benzene poising and cancer Add 7528042: [video] How MySQL is used at Dropbox Add 7527198: 60 MINUTES – The market is rigged Add 7523180: Erlang Factory 2014 – That's 'Billion' with a 'B': Scaling at WhatsApp Add 7521919: Cube Drone – Bloom Filters Add 7520844: Festo's BionicKangaroo Robot Add 7520136: How to build a Bitcoin client from scratch with Go Add 7519844: Hacking Leidenfrost Add 7519567: Tsunami Waves Animation: Northern Chile, 1 April 2014 Add 7518758: The World's First Airborne Wind Turbine Add 7518160: Cortana vs Siri commercials from Microsoft Add 7517122: Japanese PSA on Public Smartphone Use Add 7516955: has fullstack module support Add 7513847: What's it like to be an engineer? Add 7512336: MARS Lab, "Project Tango First Flight", March 2014, Demo at Walter Library Add 7512055: The Reason why Facebook bought the Oculus Rift Add 7511422: Kepler's Planetary Bonanza [video] Add 7510540: Finally. WestJet switches to Metric Time.  Scanning page #293 for Add 7510353: USB mouse man in the middle attack to emulate sticky mechanical mouse Add 7509818: Glass app for geek's dating. Add 7507020: Apple Siri sings Notorious BIG Add 7506540: The Expert – Being the Only Engineer in a Business Meeting Add 7506468: Sniff HTTPS traffic of any device on your network Add 7506321: 16-line KASLR defeat in Linux 3.14 Add 7506278: Google Maps – Pokemon Challenge Add 7505162: Google Japanese Input with Magic Hand Add 7505050: Google Play Signature Edition Leaves Beta Add 7504994: The Worst Hacking Scenes in Movies Add 7504976: Google Magic Hand Add 7504832: 2045: A New Era for Humanity [video] Add 7504504: Genetic algorithm simulation exploits a bug in it's own physics engine Add 7504149: Wil Wheatons response to a little girl on how to deal with being called a nerd. Add 7503552: Learning to restore Rubik's Cube: Steps 0, 1 and 2 [video] Add 7503391: TED Talk Controversies Add 7503390: Virgin America's New Feature: Total Temperature Control By Nest Add 7502759: Some Idiot is trying to build an OS on top of GitHub Pages Add 7502255: Google Maps Pokemon Challenge Add 7502108: The Amazing Do Nothing Machine Add 7501006: On CBS Blowing Hot Air (Aereo) [video] Add 7500482: Bret Victor: The Future of Programming Add 7499865: Darth Vader runs for Ukraine president (for real) Add 7499146: Superfluid helium Add 7499050: John Hughes – Testing the Hard Stuff and Staying Sane [video] Add 7497314: Myths, misfits and masks: Sana Amanat at TEDxTeen 2014 Add 7497237: Bret Victor: The Future of Programming (Video) Add 7496689: Hugh Herr (MIT Media Lab) on Advanced Bionics Add 7495460: Starlings murmuration Add 7494947: Ze Frank on Running Out of Ideas (2006)  Scanning page #294 for Add 7494771: WTF Happened to Movie Posters? [video] Add 7494668: Demonstration of DSP for Musical Applications from the 1980s Add 7494371: David Nolen – The Functional Final Frontier (Video) Add 7494319: "it could be the beginning of a second industrial revolution" Add 7494021: Minecraft: The Story of Mojang (2013) Add 7492585: Conway's Game Of Life in APL Add 7492572: The Problem With Facebook [YouTube] Add 7491988: Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word? Add 7491556: Larry Page: Where's Google going next? (TED) Add 7491392: Brigade 3.0 preview – Real-time path tracing Add 7491352: The new bionics that let us run, climb and dance Add 7490577: The Expert: how hard it's for an engineer to fit into corporate world [video] Add 7490051: Epic Halloween Prank by Tom Mabe Add 7489827: Learn Bitcore: How to use Bitpay's Opensource Bitcoin platform Add 7489814: Aurora (StrangeLoop 2013 demo) Add 7489357: Getting Sassy with ZURB Foundation 5 Add 7489328: Show HN: Automatically adjust monitor color temp with hardware. Add 7489147: Media Buries Bombshell Turkey False Flag Attack Add 7488721: Googlezon EPIC2014 [video] Add 7488505: Should Everybody Learn to Code? Add 7487815: Embedding 2D Desktops into VR Add 7487054: The Most Hilariously Accurate Representation of a Client Meeting Ever Add 7486433: Secret History Of Silicon Valley Add 7486034: People are awesome 2014 Add 7485508: Gravitational Wave Discovery Explained [video] Add 7485060: Way of a Warrant Add 7484805: Rap Genius founder Mahbod Moghadam gives interview while apparently stoned Add 7484090: How Google responds to U.S. Search Warrants  Scanning page #295 for Add 7483717: Demo of Kernel Upgrade without Downtime [youtube] Add 7483229: Way of a Warrant – How Google Responds to US Search Warrants Add 7482392: Vitalik Buterin: Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency Add 7482055: Serious question: Is this RapGenius founder high/drunk during this interview? Add 7481640: Henrique Bastos (henriquebastos) talks about « Community Autonomy » Add 7481477: Explained: Quantum Computing (Scott Aaronson) Add 7481377: The Expert Add 7481086: Genesis: A futuristic 3D printed car body at Geneva Motor Show 2014 Add 7481053: Yelpulus Rift Add 7479838: Show HN: How to load your Box files by voice Add 7479772: Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction (2006) Add 7479508: 1966 prediction of the home computer Add 7479393: The Making of Grand Theft Auto (Video) Add 7479384: How to report problems with web sites. Not. Add 7479294: Feynman and Computation Add 7477808: Fireside Chat with Marc Andreessen and Balaji Srinivasan about Bitcoin Add 7477309: Our startup Vorkspace song Add 7475740: This Is a Generic Brand Video Add 7475352: God is in the Neurons Add 7474566: App Turns Photos into Music If You Want to Do That For Some Reason Add 7474006: The Long Walk Add 7472635: MagicShifter – open source hardware gadget for lighting Add 7472491: Create your estore, sell on Marketplaces using Paxcom Add 7471626: Motion Ads Add 7471605: Cloud Platform Live: Keynote from Urs Hölzle Add 7468899: Windows 9 Design Concept Add 7468137: Search Operation of Malaysia Airlines MH370 in Indian Ocean [video] Add 7467962: The Making of Neon Signs In Hong Kong  Scanning page #296 for Add 7467453: Clojure.web/with-security Add 7466935: Google Cloud Platform Live streaming now Add 7466538: Urs Hölzle Keynote at Google Cloud Platform Live, 9:30am PST Add 7466402: The Plane that Dreams are Made Of: The SR-71 Blackbird Add 7465962: BASE jumpers gain access to Freedom Tower roof - first-person video of jump Add 7465274: The Functional Final Frontier: client-side programming Add 7465133: Edward Snowden TED 2014 – How to Take Back the Internet Add 7464980: The Mill CPU Architecture – Security (7 of 9) Add 7464870: Getting Started with the Wolfram Programming Cloud Add 7464794: Why Every Snowflake is Not Unique Add 7464697: Coder girl Add 7463738: First game running in the xenia Xbox 360 emulator Add 7462979: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen: The Impact of Internet and Technology Add 7462883: HTC M8 leaked – comparison video Add 7462106: In defense of frameworks Add 7460182: Load your Dropbox files by voice Add 7459750: MySQL vs PostgreSQL – Why you shouldn't use MySQL (Video) Add 7459514: 10 Presentation Tips in under 10 Minutes from Presentation Hero Add 7458846: Universe Death Clock in Minecraft Add 7458352: The future of AngularJS [video] Add 7458072: Scala.js, workbench, scalatags, scala.rx Add 7457411: The Maggie Sort Algorithm Add 7456559: Glenn Greenwald on The Next 4 Years with Obama and Journalism (2012) Add 7455466: Grammar's great divide: The Oxford comma Add 7455273: Molecular Visualizations of DNA [video] Add 7455050: The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot Add 7454298: Cube Drone – Bloom Filters Add 7454279: How to ensure your server's software stays secure  Scanning page #297 for Add 7454254: In Conversation with Ben Horowitz at Columbia – The Hard Thing About Hard Things Add 7453826: Robotics at its best (Real life Transformers) Add 7452816: Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden's TED Talk Add 7452814: This guy wants to row across the Pacific Ocean Add 7451977: Rights and Income Security: A Debate Between Walter Block and James Rice Add 7451719: "Hack and Slash" game – like Zelda of reverse engineering Add 7451666: Larry Page: Where's Google going next? Add 7451450: Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama Add 7451432: MIT tangible media group expands notion of interface Add 7450945: How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio Add 7450918: Conan O'Brien: "Bitcoin's COO Explains What Bitcoin Is" [video] Add 7450692: Acoustic Levitation: Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation Add 7450651: Functional Composition – Chris Ford Add 7450531: Developing Nuclear Fusion in a Basement with a Reclusive Gunsmith [video] Add 7450235: Ben Kamens: Khan Academy Wants To Be The Game Engine of Online Education Content Add 7450128: Randomized ensemble reinforcement learning in Mario AI Add 7449955: The real first Microsoft Surface (2008) Add 7449445: Steve Wozniak Explains His Tetris Mastery Add 7449182: The Cubli: a cube that can jump up, balance, and 'walk' Add 7448815: Larry Page: Where's Google going next? [23 min video] Add 7448629: 15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes Add 7448528: Snowden Makes Appearance At TED: “The Biggest Revelations Are Yet To Come” Add 7448397: Carin Meier – Learning to Talk to Machines with Speech Acts Add 7448158: Drone video of UK storm damaged rail repairs Add 7447261: Why is it Dark at Night? Add 7445980: This Goblin 630 RC Helicopter will blow your mind Add 7445680: Schizophrenia – How it Feels Add 7445325: 2048 in Minecraft Add 7445105: Studying the World by Mining Photo-Sharing Websites Add 7443876: Docker 1 year: Solomon and Ben speech  Scanning page #298 for Add 7443497: EMC Powered HIPAA Compliant Backup as a Service [video] Add 7443363: Show HN: 2048 Hardware Prototype Add 7442985: DHL Trojan Mailing [video] Add 7442665: If Bitcoin was around in the '90s... Add 7441327: Spreadsheets: The Dark Matter of IT Add 7441226: Unifying Structured Recursion Schemes Add 7441165: Richard Ledgett: The NSA responds to Edward Snowden's TED Talk Add 7439828: Please. Stop Using Git – Matthew McCullough Add 7439800: An Honest Kickstarter Video Add 7439762: Show HN: Link Bubble – a browser designed specifically for mobile devices Add 7438722: HealthGoogle: Deskbound by Kelly Starrett Add 7438545: How closing roads could speed up traffic: the Braess Paradox [video] Add 7437239: The #1 song in Zambia right now is called "Google" Add 7434077: Slooh Live 01:45 EDT: Bright Star Regulus Eclipsed by Asteroid 163 Erigone Add 7433393: Unreal Engine 4 Features Trailer – GDC 2014 Add 7432990: The Rise of Videogame Economies [video] Add 7432967: Feedback on our zero budget explainer video Add 7431580: Edward Snowden Ted Talk: Here's how we take back the Internet [video] Add 7431246: Free to Play – A Valve documentary about E-Sports Add 7430859: It's Time: Meet Moto 360 Add 7430770: Selective attention test Add 7430459: We Vape for Life [video] Add 7429637: Free To Play: The movie Add 7428486: Unity 5 Feature Preview Add 7427970: Firefox OS 1.5 on the Nexus 4 Add 7427142: Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 Add 7426998: Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 about surveillance and Internet freedom Add 7426538: Edward Snowden at TED  Scanning page #299 for Add 7426506: Cleveland Cavaliers game intro 3D projection onto court Add 7425883: How Stats Fool Juries Add 7425141: Introduction to GOV.UK Add 7424947: InstaBuster: JavaScript testing with LightTable and Buster.JS [video] Add 7423901: Unity 5 Preview Add 7423812: TEDx – Citizen science explained Add 7423589: NewME and The Changing Face of Entrepreneurship Add 7422148: The Rise of Videogame Economies Add 7421680: Stanford Physics Breakthrough gets 600k views in 1 day Add 7421389: When Superman has a GoPro in action... Add 7421303: Deconstructing the Database Add 7419724: Shit Bitcoin Fanatics Say, Part 1 Add 7419514: Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug: Usability Demo (2010) Add 7419487: Unnumbered Sparks Add 7418541: Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller demo AirPort (1999) Add 7417573: F-Zero GX on Oculus Rift Add 7417455: DEF CON 16 – Anton Kapela and Alex Pilosov: Stealing The Internet Add 7417270: Stanford Professor Andrei Linde celebrates physics breakthrough Add 7414992: What is the resolution of the eye? [video] Add 7414605: Waze, Lyft and Sidecar team up for a don't drink and drive video Add 7412589: Carl Sagan – 4th Dimension (Cosmos) Add 7411779: The Simulation Argument explained [video] Add 7411474: Why do we hold the door [video] Add 7410371: Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale interviewed at Fluent 2014 Add 7410254: The Myth of Common Sense: Why Everything that Seems Obvious Isn't [video] Add 7409697: Fluent 2014: Brendan Eich Keynote Add 7409409: Live Android Class in Bahasa Indonesia on Hangout Air happening now Add 7408122: IETF Technical Plenary: Bitcoin and Internet-Scale Payment Systems  Scanning page #300 for Add 7407818: Case History : Passivhaus Add 7405614: JavaScript Taking Both the High and Low Roads Add 7404677: Why Do we still use Imperial measurements? Add 7404576: New Record Mandelbrot Set Zoom – 10^275 in 5 mins (video) Add 7404518: GreenAddress It Bitcoin Wallet Infographics Add 7404030: Unreal Engine 4 In-Browser Demo at Fluent 2014 Add 7403036: Creating an Android App on your Android Phone Add 7401111: Show HN: 37 second video that explains our new startup Globality Add 7401039: The Attack That Could Disrupt The Whole Internet – Computerphile Add 7400837: Node.js song by Code School Add 7400142: How to use Angel List Add 7400104: UserConf 2012 – Kevin Hale (Wufoo) – How to Design Software Users Love Add 7399723: Which is the Killer, Current or Voltage? Add 7399442: So Long Microsoft, Asshole Add 7399243: Paper Generators Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing and Sliding Add 7398839: Show HN: Gmail Extensions like Dev Platform for Mobile Email [video] Add 7398628: Testdriving Plasma Next (KDE Desktop evolution) Add 7398053: Anti-Pi Rant, 3/14/14 Add 7397602: Ember.js – An Application Framework For The Future (Screencast) Add 7397544: The Humble Border-Radius Add 7397414: Autonomous, self-contained soft robotic fish at MIT Add 7396811: Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess (FOSDEM 2014) Add 7396630: Space: Durham University fly through of all the known galaxies Add 7396164: Show HN: My friend made this video ad for Tesla (34K views so far) Add 7395365: Automated Video Looping Add 7394800: "Shit Startups Say To Get Into Tech Incubators" Add 7394610: Famous Predictions That Were Proven To Be Horribly Wrong  Scanning page #301 for Add 7394476: Simple web application for team management Add 7394077: Show HN: How to solve any problem... Add 7393962: My fireside chat with pg Add 7393742: Hollywood Pitches: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Add 7393176: Ballad of a WiFi Hero Add 7392819: CGI video breakdown of new F1 rules Add 7392784: Watch this Porsche 991 Turbo S Use Launch Control 50 Times Add 7390811: 5 key concepts of A/B tests video Add 7390217: AlleyNYC Community NYC Entrepreneurs Building Things :) Add 7389517: User level threads – with threads Add 7389281: Top human ping-pong player playing against industrial robot [video] Add 7389189: Table Tennis Robot Add 7388045: Breathtaking UX for new Project Management app Add 7387111: Millenials Guide To Baby Boomers – Workplace Add 7386907: Richard Stallman on The Alex Jones Show Add 7386755: Wafty Man (Flappy like) Prank Mode – More frustrating Add 7385967: YouTube started appending a closing parenthesis in their oembed implementation Add 7381754: Elektrosluch 2 – a device for listening to environmental EM Add 7381453: Professor Robert Sapolsky Human Biology 160 lecture 25 – Individual Differences. Add 7381102: Inventing Game of Life [video] Add 7380305: Immigration Facts the Republicans Don't Want You to Know Add 7379049: Racket on the Playstation 3? It's Not What you Think Add 7377805: Timo Boll vs KUKA Robot (Table Tennis) Add 7377507: University of Alabama's Offseason Football Workout Program [60 minutes report]  Scanning page #302 for Add 7377428: Snowden SXSW Video Recording Add 7376787: A word game to communicate in any language Add 7376502: High Quality Snowden Q&A video(Without the echo) Add 7375058: Edward Snowden and ACLU at SXSW Add 7374326: Snowden Speaks at SXSW (Complete Raw Video from ACLU) Add 7373615: Academese to English: Scala's Type System and What It Means To You Add 7372943: IPhone Air concept Add 7372623: Full video of Julian Assange's Saturday address to SXSW Add 7371901: President Barack Obama's Intro to COSMOS on FOX Add 7371751: Wello – Health tracker in an iPhone case Add 7370574: Oculus Rift for First Person 3D Flappy Bird(HackSC First Place Winners) Add 7370557: Authoring Tools Framework Add 7369366: Open Source Explained In Lego Add 7369337: Brussels Sprouts (video) Add 7369178: Skybox Imaging Captures First High-Res, HD Video of Earth from Space Add 7366745: DOOM under the hood (BSP traversal) Add 7365903: Manu Prakash: A 50-cent microscope that folds like origami Add 7365841: Interview with Adele Goldberg Add 7365786: International Women's Day through Google Glass Add 7365750: AIRR Tablet: Floating Display with High-Speed Gesture UI [video] Add 7364600: First Animal to Survive in Space Add 7364551: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Live Add 7364378: Text Fighter (Bret Victor) Add 7363751: Programming an Industrial Robot using the Oculus Rift Add 7363694: 10 Billion a Day, 100 Milliseconds Per: Monitoring Real-Time Bidding at AdRoll Add 7363262: Raspberry Pi FM Transmitter Add 7363190: Nakamoto: I Have Nothing to Do With Bitcoin Add 7362635: Steve Ballmer's advice to young entrepreneurs Add 7361876: Will you help me study Computer Science?  Scanning page #303 for Add 7361303: Does Cosmology Hint At How To Build Artificial Minds? Add 7360725: Unrideable bricycle Add 7360111: Breathtaking UI Interactions with Ember.js Add 7359197: The Life and Death of the Sega Saturn Add 7358748: Dorian Nakamoto denies he's Satoshi in front of AP Add 7358670: Man Denies He's Bitcoin Founder Add 7358660: Kusköy, Turkey – The Whistling Village (2010) Add 7358621: Man Denies He's Bitcoin Founder Add 7358540: Who Pays the Price? The Human Cost of Electronics Add 7357883: Understanding Ukraine: The Problems Today and Some Historical Context Add 7357424: Fireside Chat with Ben Horowitz Add 7356799: Inventing the Game of Life Add 7355641: NASA tests Morpheus landing craft, new planetary lander for future mission Add 7355354: I need Agile [video] Add 7353120: This song sums up life in a startup, we are all pirates and SV is the city Add 7352258: Subaru WRX vs Stick Bomb (Video) Add 7352001: Steve Ballmer gives advice at Oxford Add 7351844: Listen about Advance Git Tips from Linus Torvalds(2009) Add 7351121: Leaked: Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - Estonian FM to EU's Ashton Add 7350401: NSA/Snowden scandal reenacted by Primary School Add 7349694: Hover Boards are real Add 7349685: Bob Keiller's - Safety Message - Safe Home Add 7349615: Deldo - Vibration Control and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs Add 7348573: This App Detects Awkward Motion/Gesture, Calls Your Phone Add 7348097: What Languages Sound Like Add 7347221: Are Stand Up Desks The Solution? Add 7346858: Programming A Chess Engine in C Add 7346719: NPR news apps developer (mostly) describes the entire Internet in 5 minutes. Add 7346142: Elon Musk explains Tesla's use of cylindrical cell batteries over pouch cells Add 7345629: How LinkedIn Uses Crowdsourcing to Build Data Products  Scanning page #304 for Add 7345065: A Quick Peek with Myo Devs (Video) Add 7343659: 1980: Oil Driller Breaches Salt Mine Under Louisana Lake Add 7343387: How Bitcoin works Add 7343226: The Bystander Effect [video] Add 7342455: A Quick Peek with Myo Devs Add 7341997: Greg Franko Showing Off AMDClean.js - Video Add 7341047: The Myth of the Genius Programmer (2009) Add 7341016: The World in 2050 [video] Add 7340985: RT's Abby Martin speaks out against Russian invasion of Crimea 3/3/2014 Add 7337577: Chainphoria v2.0 released and is free for a limited time. [iOS universal] Add 7337511: Obama Bubble Sort. Wait, what does he say at 1:01? Add 7335560: EVidence in action – Test Case Generation Add 7335438: Stephen Cobert at RSA conference Add 7335217: What is a 'Paid Link'? Add 7334699: The McGurk effect Add 7334440: OpenStack Is More Than Just OpenStack ~ 5minute intro to main components Add 7334250: Kill -9 Add 7333744: Welcome to Macintosh – The Documentary for the Rest of Us Add 7333646: Install Android 4.4 Kitkat on PC or Virtualbox Add 7332651: Can You Solve This? Add 7332211: Matrix Singular Value Decomposition Film (1976) Add 7332058: New York Hearings Talking About Taxing Cryptocurrency Miners Add 7331771: Using Python to Code by Voice Add 7329321: Inside the Bank of England Gold Bullion Vault Add 7328766: Y Combinator Female Founders (complete video) Add 7328218: Responsive Design View (Firefox DevTools) Add 7327950: Tech Report: Google Glass User Gets Unwanted Attention Add 7327835: 3d Metal Printing Add 7327295: PyJARVIS: Ubuntu voice control with python  Scanning page #305 for Add 7326836: Life After Pi Add 7326418: Y Combinator Female Founders Conference LiveStream Add 7325211: Egyptian Army Medical Research: AIDS in a Kebab Skewer Add 7324006: What comes after 2, 4, 8? a math riddle that doesn't add up Add 7323910: Download Youtube Video Without Any Software Add 7323243: Colbert on Snowden: "The logical end is that [Snowden] eventually comes home." Add 7323113: Project Ara prototype [youtube] Add 7322694: The sound of Quicksort Add 7321289: Project Ara Interview at Launch Festival Add 7318873: Building a Robot that can ride a bike Add 7318458: Transform Windows 7, 8 To Android 4.4 Kitkat Add 7317969: BreathTaking Video Of Heliskiing in Kashmir [YouTube] Add 7317791: Collaborative coding with Hackify Add 7317534: Google: "We strongly disagree with this copyright ruling and will fight it." Add 7317064: Lawrence Lessig – Only You Can Get This, So Where Are You? Add 7316978: Show DN: Robots Playing Motorhead's Ace of Spades Add 7316536: Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language [video] Add 7315323: ClearView walkthrough 1440x900) Add 7314560: Qt on QNX demo assembly Add 7314276: MWC 2014 The Mozilla Booth Add 7313584: Simon Ritter talks Project Lambda in Java 8 Add 7313323: Trustycon LiveStream: Starts at 9:30am Pacific Time Add 7311881: 3:13 Add 7311716: First impressions about Atom, GitHub's new text editor Add 7310947: Norwegian Gender Equality Study (2010) Add 7310581: Death By Black Hole – Neil DeGrasse Tyson Add 7309491: Demo of the new SkyNet Gateway controlling Hue lightbulb behind a firewall #IoT Add 7308452: Does the News Do Us Any Good? [23:47] Add 7305254: The 25$ Firefox OS phone Add 7304284: Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language  Scanning page #306 for Add 7304018: Did Netflix Make This Parody Ad? Add 7303946: Watch Online Live TV on Your PC or Mobile Free Add 7303812: Wolfram Language: The next game changer Add 7303374: Steve Jobs at WWDC 1997 Add 7303331: Developer proposes to his girlfriend with a custom iOS app. Watch her reaction. Add 7302578: Chinese Robot Plays Flappy Bird Add 7302094: RSA Keynote:The Next World War Will be Fought in Silicon Valley Add 7300856: Catherine Bracy: Why good hackers make good citizens Add 7299898: CSS Diff – easily compare elements on the website [2:59] Add 7298876: Fireside Chat with Marc Andreessen and Andy Bechtolsheim (Jan. 29, 2014) Add 7297475: Egyptian military lies on national TV about finding a cure for cancer. Add 7296850: Explaining the problem under that "Wikipedia sized proof" – with a puzzle Add 7296820: Introduction to the Wolfram Language Add 7296683: Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language Add 7296173: Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language Add 7295905: Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language Add 7294792: Paul Graham Keynote at Launch Add 7293908: Silicon Valley: Mike Judge's new HBO series Add 7293884: Scaling with Go: YouTube's Vitess (2014) Add 7293753: Stephen Wolfram's Introduction to the Wolfram Language Add 7293595: PG at Launch [video] Add 7293239: New Wikipedia-sized proof explained with a puzzle Add 7292990: Intro to Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB for Beginners [1080p] Add 7292622: HBO's new show Silicon Valley Add 7292482: Visualization and "audibilization" of 15 Sorting Algorithms Add 7292104: Live coding in Lua through emacs with my game engine project 'cgame' Add 7291605: Can You Solve This? [video] Add 7291571: Mathematical Equations That Changed The World Add 7291481: Chris Dixon at Startup School 2013 Add 7291287: Pivotal  Scanning page #307 for Add 7291148: Solving mobile connectivity: Artemis pCell demonstration video Add 7290892: Interview with WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum (April 2013) Add 7290296: Show HN: Computational math on the cloud made more flexible. Add 7289675: Nokia releases three Android smartphones Add 7289254: Trailer for new HBO Series "Silicon Valley" Add 7289242: Silicon Valley (HBO) Season 1 – Long Trailer Add 7288974: Do You Want to Rule the World? – Gabe Leydon Add 7288262: Meet Jack. Or, What The Government Could Do With That Location Data Add 7287607: Racist Scumbags in Glasgow Attacking a Busker Add 7287387: Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle Add 7287281: Coca-Cola Social Media Guard Add 7286717: Outlet: Smartphone Photo Licensing Platform Video Add 7286487: There is No Ghost in the Shell: GITS Movie Analysis (2013)[video] Add 7286097: "Ancient" Chinese Instrument Sounds Like 8-Bit Mario Add 7285861: Show HN: How to load SoundCloud tracks by voice Add 7283762: Haptic Knob Add 7282855: Alan Watts: A conversation with myself Add 7282645: A fish that can steer its tank around the room Add 7280117: In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 Add 7280000: IHMC Robotics at the DRC. Small documentary, behind the scene Add 7279633: What's New in the JVM Add 7279417: Project Tango seems awesome Add 7278802: Advanced History manipulation in Bash Add 7278051: He Walked Into A Segregated Library. He Wanted To Be An Astronaut. Add 7276800: Happy Kyiv Add 7276720: Ultra-MMO? 6M messages per sec at 1% load Add 7276179: Trojan Mailing – How UPS, TNT and DPD advertised for DHL. Add 7274897: Project Tango in action [video]  Scanning page #308 for Add 7274288: PCell technology demonstration at Columbia by Steve Perlman Add 7274001: DHL advertising hack against UPS [video] Add 7273934: Ubuntu Unity Locally Integrated Menus(LIM) Add 7273792: Google's Project Tango Add 7273058: What most SaaS marketers miss when split testing Add 7270473: Flappy Bird playing robot Add 7270248: Voynich – a provisional, partial decoding of the Voynich script Add 7270180: [2012, Video] Metrics, metrics everywhere Add 7267941: 5 Biggest Legal Mistakes That Startups Make Add 7267522: I Am a Ukrainian Add 7267391: Espreso TV – LIVE (Ukraine) Add 7266544: [video] California State Assembly passes law making cryptocurrencies legal Add 7266165: Quantum Levitation (2011) Add 7264897: Show HN: Citra – The communication app for the connected caregiver [video] Add 7263522: How To Download And Play Youtube Videos Using VLC Media Player Add 7263119: Sir Michael Gove has been hijacked. Add 7262882: I Am a Ukrainian[video] Add 7262367: [video] 30 years of Mac Add 7262267: Javapocalypse THE JAVA dooms day Add 7261675: Harvard's swarm-like robotic construction crew needs no foreman Add 7261597: Rinspeed XchangE concept video presentation Add 7259347: Flappy Bird in a Box Hack (In Real Life Version) Add 7258825: Go + QML + OpenGL Add 7258600: C64 Scenedemo: We Are All Connected (Datastrom 2014) Add 7257050: Walmart intros diesel-electric hybrid truck, drops 4k lbs using carbon fiber Add 7256636: Drone in flight firmware update Add 7256344: Android mirroring to Chromecast [video] Add 7256174: Flappy Bit (Flappy Bird on Arduino) Add 7255914: MetaPro: 15 times the screen of Google Glass  Scanning page #309 for Add 7255733: Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Zipping by Earth on Close Add 7255675: Watch: Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Zipping by Earth on Close Approach Add 7255323: Metallica: Master of Floppies Add 7255256: Star Wars Imperial March with Floppy and Arduino Add 7254446: TB-303 Documentary – Bassline Baseline (2005) Add 7253977: Jessica Livingston (Y Combinator) at Startup Grind 2014 Add 7253877: [video] developing for lenovo horizon using c++ and visual basic Add 7253545: Building for Cross Platform Apps at Dropbox Add 7252677: NBA All-Star 2014: Best of Free-D Angles Add 7252663: 1982 Bell Labs Film: Ritchie, Thompson explain the Unix Operating System Add 7251989: Peter Higgs explains "his" boson in 120 seconds (video) Add 7250824: Interrupting Google's Wisdom 2.0 on "Mindfulness" Add 7249734: Why robotics should include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Add 7249598: How fear works Add 7248892: PennApps Final Demos Spring 2014 Add 7248881: We made a Venmo vending machine for PennApps Spring 2014 Add 7247613: Reveal Hidden Password on Any Login Page: DIY Add 7247558: A quick intro to Go's flavor of OOP Add 7247137: Running CoreOS and Docker using Vagrant [video] Add 7247082: Tainted Love/Floppy Drives now with Vocals by Marc Almond Add 7246884: A Slower Speed of Light Official Trailer – MIT Game Lab Add 7245627: To ride the Moscow subway for free, do 30 squats Add 7245359: Ellen Page Becomes Open at Time to Thrive Conference Add 7244646: Why JavaScript Programmers Hate You (2013) Add 7243758: Social Network Analysis (Facebook) with Titan, Sigma.js, and Elasticsearch Add 7243349: Video: A secret climb to the top of the World's Tallest Building Add 7242743: A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie [video] Add 7242393: Indigenous Love Words Project Add 7242100: Get Konnected with The Kronies Action Figures [video]  Scanning page #310 for Add 7242037: Critique my pitch Add 7241755: iPad Magician Add 7241555: Facebook Fraud Add 7240176: Rails Flash Partials Add 7239621: This American Laugh: Ira Glass Sex Tape Add 7239573: A Billion Rows per Second: Metaprogramming Python for Big Data Add 7239527: Facebook Paper in Add 7239405: Demographics, Robots, and AI | Elon Musk Add 7239208: Systemd, beyond init (2011) Add 7237304: Catherine Engelbrecht's Testimony on IRS Targeting Add 7236760: Man Showing Off Compacting Physics of Hay Add 7236429: Minecraft clone in Haskell Add 7233979: Nothing To Hide: Gameplay Trailer, I Guess Add 7233923: Steve Jobs rare footage conducting presentation (1980) Add 7233530: Bitcoin vs. Apple – Here's to the real crazy ones Add 7233243: "The Lean Startup" talk by Eric Ries (Authors at Google, 2011) Add 7232746: Stripe: Detailed walkthrough of the CTF3 levels Add 7232474: James Burke's predictions for life in 2100 Add 7230420: Nodebp February 2014: ES6 – The Awesome Parts Add 7230418: Nodebp February 2014: Flat math code for speed Add 7229963: This is why they still call Oakland the Wild Wild West Add 7229920: Richard Stallman Talks About Ubuntu Add 7228215: Climbing on second tallest building in the world (Shanghai Tower, China) Add 7228148: Erlang The Movie II: The Sequel Add 7228067: March 27, 2014 Reset the Net Add 7227835: Making things with maths [video] Add 7227692: Girls, alone this valentines? Meet your new AI boyfriend 'him' Add 7227549: Should You Comment Your Code? This is why I say "no" Add 7227313: The Maggie Sort Algorithm Add 7227117: The Law You Won't Be Told  Scanning page #311 for Add 7225804: Dumb Starbucks Founder Nathan Fielder on Jimmy Kimmel Live Add 7225200: The Law You Won't Be Told Add 7223647: Let's Stop Hating Math Add 7223146: The Genius Sperm Bank Add 7222784: Robert Monroe and his team developed a technique to leave your physical body Add 7222461: Looking Down From 600 km Above The Earth's Surface (HD) (video) Add 7222252: In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 Add 7221931: Minecraft Universe Death Clock Add 7221615: Camera, while recording, falls from airplane and lands in pig pen Add 7220897: Linus Torvalds presents git at Google in 2007 Add 7220235: I recorded my call to sen. boxer's office and they were uncomfortable Add 7218628: Fish on Wheels Add 7217423: Play PS2 Games on Your PC Add 7217068: Illegal Numbers (video) Add 7216871: Mythbuster's Jamie Hyneman talking about non-linear thinking in problem solving Add 7216383: Skycall – Rook Island Preview Add 7215845: Crows are amazing Add 7215572: Modeling curiosity in a mobile robot Add 7215385: Quantum Entanglement Add 7213842: The Problem With Facebook Add 7213294: Will This Go Faster Than Light? Add 7213076: Unedited footage of the bombing of Nagasaki (silent) Add 7212948: How BIG is Google? Add 7212737: Why should we all STOP watching porn? The bad influence of porn Add 7212599: FlappyBot turns Flappy Bird into a driving game. Add 7212567: Evolution Door [video] Add 7212554: Fish on Wheels Add 7211514: Facebook Fraud [video] Add 7211437: Disease Don't Care  Scanning page #312 for Add 7211388: The Facebook Fraud, by Veritasium Add 7210520: Objective-Smalltalk talk at FOSDEM 2014 [video] Add 7208447: GUI interface using visual basic to track the killers IP address CSI Add 7208200: Citizen Cloud: a personal data backup solution from the NSA Add 7206772: The Mill CPU Architecture – Instruction Execution Add 7206547: Video: In-depth introduction to Orbit.js by dgeb Add 7206376: Faster than Light: Warp Drive – SpaceVision 2013 Add 7206241: Andy Keep – Writing a Nanopass Compiler – Clojure TV Add 7206130: (AWESOME VIDEO) 6 Rules to become successful by Arnold Schwarzenegger Add 7205756: Beautiful 3-D Brain Scans Show Every Synapse Add 7205611: What Computer Scientists Know: Recursion Add 7205468: It's Not Information Overload. It's Filter Failure. Add 7205397: Hexaflexagons Add 7205012: Free air (A spoken word poetry on Vipassana meditation by Buddy Wakefield) Add 7204494: Show HN: DIY Air Hockey Robot with 3D printer parts Add 7203939: LEICA M9-P Hermès – How it's made Add 7203817: Air Hockey Robot Project (a 3D printer hack) Add 7203341: Air Hockey Robot Add 7202212: Air Hockey Robot Project (a 3D printer hack) Add 7202036: Air Hockey Robot Opponent (a 3D printer hack) [video] Add 7199913: How to get more than 150 points on Flappy Bird Add 7199779: Borderline BBS – the only dial-up BBS in the world running on a Commodore 64 Add 7198864: ExtraKey – Secondary Input Device using NodeJS and Tablet/Smartphone Add 7198708: Beats Music- prime example of a pitch perfect visioning video Add 7198462: Steve Wozniak: Creativity in the 21st Century Add 7198456: Live Programming Quartz with Objective-Smalltalk Add 7197963: BitCoin Users Upset With Apple Destroy Their iPhones [video] Add 7195652: Player Piano Emulating Human Speech Add 7195558: Don't get Scroogled: Comparing a Chromebook to Windows [video]  Scanning page #313 for Add 7194921: How To Block Facebook Games, Invites Notification Add 7194743: Why you need a standing desk Add 7194392: Stallman: Stalling Democracy Add 7193838: Tesla Model S Cross Country Rally – Los Angeles to New York [video] Add 7189468: Performance Testing a Cloud-hosted Android App using JMeter and BlazeMeter Add 7188703: Steve Ballmer Laughs at iPhone (2007) Add 7188548: Live coding of a DCPU-16 Emulator – this is strangely entertaining Add 7188443: Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last Add 7187539: An appeal to Facebook Add 7187412: Why don't major browsers ship with jQuery? Add 7186518: Use selenium to extract text from a site which loads content using JS Add 7185918: Aero-Gear's Flight Glass SX (Sapphire Crystal) vs. a brick of concrete Add 7185033: Concurrent DOS 1988 Add 7184914: Real time iOS and Android updates; stop wasting weeks – do it in minutes [video] Add 7184792: Jamie Hyneman: "Innovation, Explosions, and the Benefit of Adolescent Behavior" Add 7184582: JavaScript Puzzlers – Puzzles to Make You Think (and write fewer bugs) [video] Add 7183884: Play to Cure: Genes in Space – How it was developed Add 7183833: Bookmarking in Firefox (Video) Add 7183709: Fashion designer tries to be an IT manager, fails spectacularly [video] Add 7183644: NBC News: All Visitors to Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked Add 7183542: Show HN: Create Natural Language Forms using Add 7183118: Idris: General Purpose Programming with Dependent Types Add 7183106: Linus Torvalds: How can we encourage kids to learn how to code? (video) Add 7182134: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham Add 7181928: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham Live (Evolution v Creationism debate) Add 7181631: What happens when you drop a magnet inside a copper tube Add 7181354: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham Add 7181338: Ember App Kit Rails by Brian Cardarella at Ember Boston Add 7181202: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham Add 7181017: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham  Scanning page #314 for Add 7180317: Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong Add 7179917: Elon Musk on state of U.S. space exploration Add 7179576: Develop and run C++ in your browser Add 7177920: First Interview with the new CEO of Microsoft Add 7177892: Cloud Odyssey, a science fiction movie by Oracle ??? Add 7177885: Satya Nadella: His first interview as CEO of Microsoft Add 7177801: Show HN: My First [video] iPhone Application Development Tutorial Add 7177769: Programming with On-Line Graphics – Bert Sutherland's Thesis – 1966 Add 7177333: "[The Mars Colonial Transporter] will make the Apollo moon rocket look small" Add 7177001: Free VPS Server: DIY Add 7176436: Christopher Domas: The future of RE Dynamic Binary Visualization Add 7174865: Behind the scenes: Apple's recent iPhone-shot video Add 7174704: Five Minutes on Configuring Total Commander Late at Night (video) Add 7174363: Students build auto-tracking Nerf turret with Arduino and Kinect Add 7171095: How will nanobots change medicine? Add 7169278: A World Without Shadows: new lighting technology removes shadows (video) Add 7169015: Effectiveness of punishment vs Reward: a statistical analysis Add 7168925: GoldieBlox rocks the superbowl with classic metal. Add 7168290: Don McCullin – Doesn't want to be remembered as a war photographer. Add 7167805: How Google Backs Up the Internet [video] Add 7167556: Microsoft's Superbowl commercial Add 7166046: Why Rent Control Hurts Renters Add 7164721: Ethereum: programmable cryptocurrency, just launched Add 7164684: Download All Your Facebook Data Add 7164628: Vitalik Buterin reveals Ethereum at Bitcoin Miami 2014 Add 7164608: Shop [x] for Glass Add 7164262: My journey into FM-RDS [30c3] [video] Add 7162269: Marco Cecconi – "The Architecture of StackOverflow" Add 7160681: We are developing a smooth voxel tech demo and are looking for alpha testers.  Scanning page #315 for Add 7160640: Beauty of keeping it simple Add 7160220: Responsive Web Design and FROONT Add 7159964: Steam In Home Streaming Explained and Tested Add 7159800: Felix Baumgartner – The Full Story New footage Add 7159590: Delete your code Add 7159429: New YouTube Network Add 7159157: Fifteen year old guy creates a website from scratch Add 7158942: Video: VC A Bad Lip Reading Add 7158580: President Obama answers America's questions live now Add 7158173: Travis Kalanick Startup Lessons from the Jam Pad Add 7158169: The Bulletin – Motorola, Better Call Saul and Gears Of War Add 7157792: GoPro: Red Bull Stratos – The Full Story Add 7157288: GoPro Footage From Stratos Jump Add 7156988: The Life Of A Young Entrepreneur – Documentary Add 7156764: Magnus Brading on Phantom Protocol (DEFCON16 video) Add 7155990: Foundation 36 // Tony Fadell Add 7155273: Make Your Hidden Encrypted Drive Add 7155087: State of the Union (2014 Political Remix Video) Add 7154942: I Jammer Add 7154031: European Startups Documentary Trailer: Add 7153703: Characters, Symbols and the Unicode Miracle Add 7153024: Alf in Delta's 80's Themed In-Flight Safety Video Add 7149893: Finnish way of IT ads: Heavy metal video filmed in 4K Add 7149848: Scala Collections: Why Not? Add 7149437: Coinbase Co-founder Fred Ehrsam speaking at New York Bitcoin Hearing Add 7148783: Future By Design [Documentary] Add 7148596: Footage from the Titanic Struggle of B-R Add 7148127: Visualization Of An F3 Tornado Within A Supercell Thunderstorm Simulation Add 7146221: Adobe Marketing Cloud Commercial Add 7145876: Orbit 64 bytes intro  Scanning page #316 for Add 7145870: Anne Milgram: Why smart statistics are the key to fighting crime Add 7144088: Grade 10 Student Wins Hackathon and Launches Company Add 7142930: Wrecking Crew Orchestra, Phantom Add 7142168: Dave McClure: The Gospel of a Lean VC [Entire Talk] Add 7140131: IOS in the car; 7.0.3 Add 7139299: Software Engineering Middle Management: Toxin or Cancer? Add 7139285: SpaceX Mission Overview | THAICOM 6 Launch Add 7138013: Lyft – Please hire me, here's a song. Add 7137691: I walked around NYC and asked people to explain what a meme is Add 7137309: Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson and More Talking About Unix in 1982 Add 7136539: DotJS 2013 – Sync HTML5 audio with CSS3 animation Add 7136410: Reproducible research with emacs, orgmode and python [video] Add 7135164: Andreas M. Antonopoulos on the Joe Rogan Experience Add 7133580: Snowden-Interview in English | NDR Add 7133179: Squarespace at the Super Bowl: A Better Web Awaits Add 7131630: Getting Started with IPython Notebook in the SageMathCloud Add 7131220: How to take a Screenshot. Not Add 7130594: HTTP/2.0 And You Add 7130438: Snowden-Interview in English (German TV) Add 7129572: Useless machine advanced edition Add 7129228: How our money system works (common myths dispelled) Add 7129083: Rails Deployment with Mina Add 7128488: How to Memorise a Language Effectively (Spaced Repetition / Anki) Add 7128295: The Computer Chronicles: Unix (1985) [video] Add 7127684: Ted Nelson: I think I now who Satoshi Is Add 7127612: Productivity: Where are you in the four quadrants? Add 7127414: Snowden Exlusive Interview Jan 26 (blocked in US) Add 7127056: Create a Bitcoin price iOS app using Coinbase API - Tutorial Add 7127028: Twitter Follower Hack Add 7126802: Ted Nelson: It All Went Wrong at Xerox PARC  Scanning page #317 for Add 7126296: How and why for indie game designers Add 7126269: What We Still Don't Know: "Are We Real?" Add 7125592: The coming war on general computation [2011] Add 7125068: A tour of ZD Labs in 1993 Add 7124102: why some pioneer useful games with purpose such as ESP and Peekaboom are gone? Add 7124093: Riot Squad using Ancient Roman techniques Add 7123594: A world of cars that drive themselves Add 7123532: Google Shuts Down Gmail For Two Hours To Show Its Immense Power [video] Add 7123298: Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft. Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science) Add 7122676: Magnus Carlsen playing chess vs Bill Gates Add 7122624: DEFCON 19: SSL And The Future Of Authenticity Add 7121936: Stephen King's terrifying new techno-totalitarian series. Oh, wait, no. Disney. Add 7121563: 3D Wikipedia (SIGGRAPH Asia 2013) Add 7121375: Brain Crack – ZeFrank on never executing on ideas Add 7121167: Automatically generating and annotating 3D models of famous tourist sites Add 7120592: The monkey trap isn't just a myth Add 7120406: FaBrickation: Fast 3D Printing Using Lego Bricks Add 7119210: How to Build an Audi R8 V10 Plus (Inside the factory from start to finish) Add 7118766: Single Point of Failure: The Day Google Forgot To Check Passwords Add 7116586: A Conference Call in Real Life Add 7115966: Comcast: view your monthly bill as a narrated movie, with motion graphics Add 7115517: Magnus Carlsen VS Bill Gates Add 7115360: We made Bitcoin this easy to use.[2:04] Add 7115244: Microsoft resorts to tugging nostalgia strings rather than tout IE features Add 7114375: 'What is a Raspberry Pi?' Animation Add 7113199: Reporter interrupts congressional NSA report Add 7112924: Google: We Don’t Use Twitter Or Facebook Social Signals To Rank Pages Add 7112444: Steve Jobs - Keeper of the Vision (1986) Add 7111914: The problem with "Don't feed the trolls" [video] Add 7111418: Real estate developer wants to sell his $7.85 million mansion in Bitcoin  Scanning page #318 for Add 7111370: AngularJS & D3: Directives for Visualizations Add 7111045: Bill Bye the Science Guy on World Poverty Add 7110811: The Real Rain Man - Documentary Add 7110531: How to Make a Phone or Tablet Stand Add 7110257: A Conference Call in Real Life Add 7110203: How the sweet potato brought down the Chinese empire Add 7109988: Google Street View Car vs The Stig Add 7109308: Stripe CEO Patrick Collison 'In The Studio' (2012) Add 7109209: Police Brutality in Ukraine:Undressing protesters and taking pictures with them Add 7108663: 13-year-old filmmaker's documentary on NSA spying Add 7107569: Side by side rendering of 2D and 3D graph Add 7107294: PRESS START - 3 hour video of every nintendo game start screen Add 7106295: DLD14 Towards a transparent society Add 7106195: TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluation Add 7105557: Building Real-time Apps with AngularJS and Firebase [video] Add 7104801: How Internet Addiction is Treated in China Add 7103301: Accelerate Your Java Development on AWS (TLS301) | AWS re:Invent 2013 Add 7101745: Building desktop applications with node.js Add 7101744: Async 201 Add 7101743: Async 101 Add 7101151: Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Megaupload [video] Add 7100848: The Steve Jobs 95 Interview unabridged Add 7100677: Don't Copy That Floppy (1992) Add 7100544: A Sudoku Solver in APL in 10 minutes [video] Add 7100443: Why Is Cosmos Blocked in the US on Youtube? Add 7100314: Keynote: Architecture the Lost Years Add 7099840: Intuitive location-based search allows you to easily find relevant information Add 7099519: Kevin O'Leary says 3.5 billion ppl living in poverty is 'fantastic news'. Add 7099155: Against Solutionism (Evgeny Morozov)  Scanning page #319 for Add 7098590: Minuum keyboard on a Smart Watch Add 7098097: Sapeurs Add 7097619: [video] Adsense Direct - a simple way to manage direct ad deals Add 7097370: Creating art using only circles in CSS Add 7096812: Skydock: Service discovery for Docker via DNS Add 7095632: Computer Associates promo video from 1992 Add 7094931: Introduction to Git with Scott Chacon of GitHub Add 7094712: Product Strategy in a Startup Add 7094616: Boggie - Nouveau Parfum Add 7094603: Leaving the Nest - Tony Fadell on Google/Nest at DLD conference Add 7094159: TEDx: Sean Gourley - HFT and the new algorithmic ecosystem (2012) Add 7093165: Introducing Snapchat Stories Add 7092869: Paul Buchheit talks at Stanford (2012) Add 7092608: Orson Welles on Cold Reading Add 7091987: The NSA, Snowden, and Surveillance Add 7091705: Steve Wozniak Talks Video Games [video] Add 7091060: MantaRay Prototype 1230 Variable Pitch Quadrotor (video) Add 7089542: A Sudoku Solver in APL Add 7089310: Protesters clash with riot police in Kiev, Ukraine Add 7089189: Obama's interview with German TV: "It'll take time to win back trust" [video] Add 7088865: Numberphile: Why do people hate mathematics? Add 7088252: What is DevOps? - In Simple English Add 7087565: Milton Friedman predicts the rise of Bitcoin in 1999 Add 7087107: The Geigenwerk/"Leonardo's piano" reinvented in the '70s—as a guitar accessory Add 7086956: The Problem With Facebook Add 7086609: Magnus Carlsen in conversation with Peter Thiel  Scanning page #320 for Add 7086501: Cities of the Future: Songdo, South Korea Add 7085907: Anyone know who Tim Ferriss is talking about? Add 7085612: Programming Style and Your Brain (2011) Add 7084858: How to knock off a bag Add 7084638: Censorship on China's Sina Weibo: VICE Podcast with Reihan Salam [video] Add 7084471: Go Right Add 7083981: The Rules Add 7083766: A young Andrew Mason pitches an early iteration of Groupon Add 7082079: Everything is a remix Add 7081914: 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON Add 7080671: Codeless testing Add 7079908: Cookie Perfection Machine [video] Add 7079299: Prototyping a $3.2B business in 20 minutes: ng-conf 2014 Add 7079193: Brian Ford - Zones - NG-Conf 2014 Add 7077797: A safer classifieds website. My new startup's first promo vid Add 7077794: "What's wrong with TED talks?" Benjamin Bratton Add 7077733: Google Drive Android API Add 7076024: News report from 1981 about the Internet Add 7074881: Show HN: OpenERP launches a new eCommerce in Python/Bootstrap [video] Add 7074745: Single Point of Failure: The Day Google Forgot To Check Passwords Add 7073603: The House on Wade Avenue Add 7073558: Understanding DevOps Add 7073296: About the (fictional) day that Google forgot to check passwords Add 7073055: Riak Community Hangout with Stuard Halloway of Datomic Add 7072545: Hangout with Jeff Atwood Add 7072509: Miško Hevery and Brad Green - Keynote - NG-Conf 2014 Add 7072137: "Must-Have" mobile experience design [15-min video] Add 7071534: Jason Pontin: Can technology solve our big problems? Add 7070540: Alan Watts, Music and Life [video] Add 7069507: Strive to Remain Agile - Tom Conrad (Pandora)  Scanning page #321 for Add 7069075: Leap motion controller for interactive analytics [video] Add 7068931: Football Manager gets fired and protest for his job back outside stadium Add 7068220: Zach King's 'Magic' Vine Compilation Add 7067718: [video] The Problem With Facebook Add 7067644: The Penguin Barcode - Computerphile Add 7066970: A bass guitar made from a Commodore 64 Add 7066814: Thalmic Labs MYO Alpha Demo at CES Add 7066088: My philosophy for a happy life: Sam Berns at TEDxMidAtlantic 2013 Add 7065704: Keep NSA out with Black Phone Add 7065476: Accenture takes over Add 7065233: The Lego Story Add 7063290: How to change an airliner's tire Add 7063180: How did NSA Hack our emails? Math behind the NSA Surveillance Add 7063014: Mark Zuckerberg in Conversation with Stanford President John Hennessy [video] Add 7062981: Glimpses on a Changing Scenery - New Book Add 7062444: Demo:) (d)iskette (O)rgan Add 7062168: Hacker + Airplanes = [video] [DEFCON] Add 7061482: Fermat's Last Theorem [Documentary] Add 7060435: How to Knock Off a Bag Add 7059648: Growing a Language, by Guy Steele Add 7059282: Music Video: Hand Painted, Frame by Frame Add 7058896: I taught my 5 year old to search Youtube with Google Speak Now [video] Add 7057954: Polaroid SX-70 by Charles & Ray Eames Add 7057635: Amstrad PDA600 Penpad Add 7055773: Hitler Uses Git Add 7055346: Using Python to Code by Voice [video] Add 7055209: Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing Add 7054789: Illuminated Macros in Clojure Add 7054307: Lecture about OOP given by Dan Ingalls in 1989 Add 7054298: Three Secrets To Happiness  Scanning page #322 for Add 7054058: Google Analytics of being featured on Shark Tank Add 7053261: Google Authentication is Always Broken Add 7053052: I have never been able to touch my toes... until today (quantified self) Add 7052843: How the Japanese did to their love industry what the Internet did to Print. Add 7052650: Super Mario World "Executes Arbitrary Code" [video] Add 7052615: Lee moet blijven/Lee must stay - This is the story of Lee Add 7052548: NES AI Playing old NES games Add 7052362: T8 3D Printed Octoped Robot - Spider Salsa Rumba Halloween 2013 Add 7051767: NES Game Playing Artificial Intelligence Update Add 7049602: (Italian) pro-freelancer video campaign Add 7049341: The Cove (the secret behind Japan's dolphins) Add 7049074: LynxFit + Google Glass + Chromecast = Fitness with sensors on your TV Add 7048932: Can plants think? Add 7048813: No Tech Co-founder, No Cry - video by You Chews to find co-founder Add 7048201: The Curve - Nicholas Lovell Add 7047522: New Apple Ad Featuring Robin Williams Add 7046384: An engineer's guide to cats Add 7045559: MAN Add 7045385: The architecture of StackOverflow Add 7045344: Predicting Vehicle Usage with Clojure Add 7044794: Using soap to find a minimum solution to the Steiner tree problem Add 7042961: Aaron Swartz - SOPA and The Day We Fight Back Add 7042905: The Rust language: memory, ownership and lifetimes Add 7042519: The Rust language: memory, ownership and lifetimes - Nicholas Matsakis Add 7042117: Xiki: Can your shell console do this? Add 7041963: Clojure Conj 2013 Keynote: Russ Olsen - To the Moon [video] Add 7041838: How an Xbox One owner trolls using his clever nickname Add 7041807: The NSA 6 Years Ago: Already Listening Add 7041194: Bitcoin ATM from Lamassu  Scanning page #323 for Add 7040541: TSA Strip-Search Guide Add 7040253: Tim Ewald: Programming with Hand Tools Add 7038809: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... = -1/12 Add 7037243: Apocalyptic Ice Tsunami Rips Through House In Minnesota Add 7037237: Hacking education Add 7036845: Understanding DevOps by Sanjeev Sharma (author: "DevOps For Dummies") Add 7035325: Williams WASP X-Jet - Single Person Flying Machine Add 7034564: Another "no-bug" from Facebook Add 7034149: Infinity is less than you think Add 7033962: Why Shouldn't I Work For The NSA? Add 7033587: Larry Ellison on in-memory databases (2000) Add 7033276: Video interview with Oliver Samwer - Building Global Companies - NOAH13 Add 7032864: The rapid container Add 7032785: Seaside: The Heretic Web Framework Add 7032257: Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 7 years ago today Add 7031767: Silent City short film Add 7031668: Tech Demo for Pillow Castle's First Person Puzzler [video] Add 7031195: Go Offline Add 7030005: [social venture] The Wello Water Wheel Story : Cynthia Koenig Add 7029406: Web Performance and Tech Evolution at the NYT Add 7029276: Sam Ritchie - Cascalog 2- Streaming MapReduce in Clojure Add 7029238: Can you walk on water? (Non-Newtonian fluid pool) [video] Add 7028867: Model Simulation Of Long-Term Dispersal, Fukushima Add 7027895: Generative Testing in Clojure Add 7027826: Illuminated Macros Add 7027782: What's wrong with TED talks? Benjamin Bratton at TEDxSanDiego 2013 Add 7027158: Buddhify - Use your smartphone to meditate? Add 7025436: Julian Assange: Sysadmins of the world, unite [30c3] Add 7024943: I built with Maven... evermore  Scanning page #324 for Add 7024924: [Portal game] Tech Demo for Pillow Castle's First Person Puzzler Add 7024744: Intro to R (by Google) Add 7023758: Hardware hangout with Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D robotics (video) Add 7023682: Cubli - a cube that can jump, balance, and walk Add 7023195: Oral History of Adele Goldberg [2010] Add 7023170: India's Surveillance State Add 7022766: Consistent Hashing, Danny Lewin, and the Creation of Akamai Add 7021342: Super Mario World re-programmed in-game Add 7021075: TED: Body parts on a chip Add 7019633: Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco (Dec 2013) Add 7019047: Drug dealers in Brazil, real pure cocaine for the World Cup Add 7017629: Driverless in Texas: Why? Add 7017048: Boiling water & water gun in extreme cold (Northern Ontario) Add 7017014: I Threw Boiling Water into -14 Degrees F Air Add 7016474: Weinersmith's Infantapaulting Hypothesis Add 7016336: Kim Dotcom: The Man Behind Megaupload Add 7016268: ASK HN: Price for an inifiing slideshow remote control Add 7015112: Chris Hayes of MSNBC Caught Bringing Weed into 2000 Republican Convention Add 7014606: Why Not ditch bosses and distribute power: Brian Robertson at TEDxDrexelU Add 7013069: An Indian video on entrepreneurship Add 7012421: Electronic Bank Robberies - Stealing Money from ATMs with Malware Add 7012356: Science teacher gets surprising results from McDonald's diet Add 7012242: Nice draw Add 7011933: Technology creates options for blind in India Add 7011928: 3D Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation Add 7010888: #CodeOnTheRoad - Young Rewired State 2013 Add 7010577: Rich Hickey - Harmonikit Add 7010402: One of the earliest appearances of Duke, Java's mascot, 1992. 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Modular arithmetic and elliptic curves (video) Add 6998811: Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation [Acoustic Levitation] Add 6998735: Video of a Bitcoin point of sale solution using NFC for contactless payment Add 6998537: The new Core.Async library in Clojure - Timothy Baldridge Add 6998482: Geoff Hinton - Recent Developments in Deep Learning Add 6998378: How I Hacked Online Dating Add 6997857: AT&T Archives: The Unix Operating System (1982 Video) Add 6997510: Starting-Up in America Add 6997313: 100,000 New North Korean Apartments Add 6996558: Back streets of the Internet Add 6996216: Prime spirals Add 6996046: Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco Add 6995673: How Github No Longer Works Add 6995291: Data Mining for Good (30c3) Add 6993215: Eric Schmidt's 2014 Predictions (2 min video)  Scanning page #326 for Add 6991175: The Problem With Time & Timezones - Computerphile Add 6990952: The most fascinating space event of 2013 - Meteor Russia Add 6990438: Paradigms of Computer Programming by Peter Van Roy - EdX videos Add 6990002: India's Surveillance State Add 6989860: Ralph Langner: Cracking Stuxnet, a 21st-century cyber weapon (2011) Add 6989819: PhantomL0rd's response to being hacked and "arrested" Add 6989634: India's Surveillance State Add 6988084: Hacking a toy robot to add a 2 watt blue laser Add 6987872: The Problem with Time & Timezones Add 6987043: Quantum Craziness Add 6986826: Jacob Applebaum's 30C3 Talk about the recent NSA Revelations Add 6986357: The Problem with Time & Timezones [video] Add 6985969: Eric Schmidt's 2014 Predictions (Video) Add 6985706: I placed my bets on fitness and wearables this year Add 6985687: "The final moments of Karl Brant": a short film on brain uploading Add 6984397: 30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2 (New Snowden revelations from Applebaum) Add 6984266: Jacob Appelbaum: NSA's FoxAcid/Quantum Programs Add 6984062: [30C3] Six Landscapes - Amazing talk, uncovering secret CIA prisons, agents, ... 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