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info_url comment_url council_reference address description date_scraped
77 Allambee Childers Road, Yarragon, VIC
Development of the Land with a Dwelling
19 Main Neerim Road, Drouin, VIC
Development of the Land with Three (3) Dwellings
281 Armours Road, Warragul, VIC
2 lot Subdivision
10 Bella Vista Drive, warragul, VIC
2 Lot Subdivision
23 Affleck Street, Warragul, VIC
2 Lot Subdivision
1750 Westernport Road, Heath Hill, VIC
Use Land for Retail Sales in Association with Existing Wholesale Nursery
PLA0076/12 D
44 Palmerston Street, Warragul, VIC
Amend permit to increase patron numbers and change hours of operation
15 Gloucester Place, Warragul, VIC
Development of the Land with a Second Dwelling
20 Newell Road, Longwarry, VIC
Development of an Outbuilding 
67 Princes Highway, Yarragon, VIC
Application to Amend a Planning Permit:  Use of Land as a Cafe and Waiver of Car Parking (8 spaces) - Amendment to include Waiver of additional Car Parking (4 spaces), Liquor Licence and Display Illuminated Signage


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