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info_url comment_url council_reference address on_notice_to description date_scraped
5/31 - 39 North View Drive Sunshine West, VIC
Buildings and works to an existing industrial premises (mezzanine) and reduction to the standard car parking requirement
34 Yallourn Street, Ardeer, VIC
Construction of two (2)double storey dwellings
22 Chatsworth Avenue, Derrimut, VIC
Construction of two (2) double storey dwellings
17 McLean Street, Albion, VIC
Revised proposal for the construction of three (3) dwellings (two double storey and one single storey)
76 Walmer Avenue, St Albans, VIC
Variation of restrictive covenant contained in transfer 2015379 as it applies to volume 07403 folio 592 to remove the restriction relating to single dwelling
9,11 & 13 Withers Street and 10,12 & 14 Clarke Street, Sunshine, VIC
Use and development of the land as an office and reduction in the standard car parking requirements
4/8 - 10 Tullamarine Park Road, Tullamarine, VIC
Use of the land for motor vehicle repairs and a reduction of the parking requirement
7 Boisdale Avenue, Sunshine North, VIC
Construction of four (4) dwellings (three double storey and one single storey)
6 Daley Street, Sunshine West, VIC
Amendment to alter the building envelopes of unit 1 and 2 and internally reconfigure the dwellings
40 Sanford Avenue, Sunshine North, VIC
Construction of additions (garage/carport) to the existing dwelling and construction of a single storey dwelling to the rear


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