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id iso_code type coat_of_arms identifier__freebase identifier__fips identifier__geonames website identifier__tgn start_date identifier__openstreetmap identifier__viaf identifier__lcauth identifier__gnd identifier__britannica name__de name__ace name__an name__bg name__ca name__cs name__da name__en name__eo name__es name__et name__fi name__fr name__gl name__hr name__hu name__id name__it name__ja name__ko name__la name__lt name__nl name__nn name__pl name__pnb name__pt name__ro name__ru name__sk name__sr name__sv name__tg name__tr name__uk name__wa name__war name__zh name__ms name__nb name__ka name__mn name__fa name__sh name__gd name__lad name__ur name__el name__he name__nan name__ceb name__zh_hans name__te name__ar name__hi name__vi name__th name__ta name__mr name__bn name__si name__gu name__kn name__lv name__be name__bar name__hy name__se name__bs name__eu name__cy name__wuu name__frr name__arz flag name__sl name__os name__ba name__vec name__mk identifier__dmoz identifier__quora name__szl name__mi name__lij name__oc name__sw name__sq name__am name__ia name__crh_latn name__ga name__my name__yi name__ckb name__be_tarask name__frp name__sah name__tet name__sco name__roa_tara name__kv name__ne name__rm name__lmo name__nap name__csb name__pms name__udm name__yo name__ie name__hif name__ps name__ml name__hsb name__ht name__ku name__ext name__fo name__rmy name__sgs name__gv name__lb name__bo name__jv name__qu name__rup name__vo name__af name__br name__na name__is name__ast name__ee name__diq name__kl name__stq name__io name__ln name__tl name__kk name__ug name__li name__scn name__nov name__cv name__fy name__co name__vep name__dsb name__vro name__tpi name__zh_cn name__zh_hant name__en_ca name__en_gb name__pt_br name__az name__pa name__so name__uz name__mg name__wo name__ce name__mhr name__yue name__cu name__ky name__tw name__gag name__kaa name__mo name__cdo name__sc name__myv name__lrc name__tk name__tt name__ady name__hak name__kk_cyrl name__zh_tw name__zh_hk name__tg_cyrl name__ay name__gsw name__mt name__crh name__pap name__av name__lzh name__xmf name__azb name__olo name__st name__gn name__mzn name__bcl name__hyw name__nah name__nrm name__nqo name__ha name__ary name__got name__avk name__lfn name__ak name__nv name__ban name__vls name__mdf identifier__bnf name__zh_sg name__tg_latn name__sr_el name__sr_ec name__bjn name__min replaces name__de_ch name__tt_cyrl name__ang
Kreis Satu Mare
Propinsi Satu Mare
Provincia de Satu Mare
Сату Маре
Província de Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Satu Mare County
Distrikto Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Satu Mare maakond
Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Condado de Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Szatmár megye
Provinsi Satu Mare
distretto di Satu Mare
Satu Marės apskritis
District Satu Mare
Satu Mare fylke
Okręg Satu Mare
ساتو مارے کاؤنٹی
Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Сату Маре
Satu Mare
Вилояти Сату Маре
Satu Mare ili
Satu Mare
Kondado han Satu Mare
Wilayah Satu Mare
Satu Mare
სატუ-მარეს ჟუდეცი
Сату-Маре аймаг
شهرستان ساتو ماره
Satu Mare
Satu Mare
Satu Mare
ساتو مارے کاؤنٹی
Τζουντέτς του Σάτου Μάρε
מחוז סאטו מארה
Satu Mare Koān
Satu Mare
సాటు మేర్ కౌంటీ
مقاطعة ساتو ماري
सातू मेअर काउंटी
Hạt Satu Mare
சாட்டு மாறே கவுண்டி
सातू मेअर काउंटी
সাতু মার কাউন্টি
සටුමරේ ප්‍රාන්තය
સતુ મેર કાઉન્ટી
ಸತು ಮೇರ್ ಕೌಂಟಿ
Satumares žudecs
жудзец Сату-Марэ
Kroas Satu Mare
Սատու Մարե
Satu Mare guovlu
Satu Mare (okrug)
Satu Mare konderria
Sir Satu Mare
Satu Mare (Kreis)
ساتو مارى (مقاطعه)
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 01 Alba
Circumscripția electorală nr. 01 Alba
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 03 Argeș
Circumscripția electorală nr. 03 Argeș
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 06 Bistrița-Năsăud
Circumscripția electorală nr. 06 Bistrița-Năsăud
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 09 Brăila
Circumscripția electorală nr.09 Brăila
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 13 Cluj
Circumscripția electorală nr.13 Cluj
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 18 Galați
Circumscripția electorală nr.18 Galați
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 16 Dâmbovița
Circumscripția electorală nr.16 Dâmbovița
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 31 Prahova
Circumscripția electorală nr.31 Prahova
electoral circumscription of Romania
Electoral district no. 32 Satu Mare
Circumscripția electorală nr.32 Satu Mare


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