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Oh hi! This is the code for a scraper that runs daily on It finds all of the sash windows available for sale at and, and sends an email (via Sendgrid) to a nominated email address if any new windows are found.

If that sounds incredibly niche and not very interesting, that's because it is!

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name description price url
Pair of Victorian Single Sash Windows.
1185 wide x 2060 high.
Pair of Victorian Sidelight Sash Windows.
2 @ 2220 wide x 2145 high. Both centre sashes + smaller sidelight sashes open + close on each window. All the architrave ( internal + external sides ) is also included.
Obscure Etched Glass Single Sash Window.
1110 wide x 1935 high.
House Lot of 3 Single Sash Windows.
3 @ 930 wide x 2145 high.
$690 each
Victorian Federation Single Sash Window.
900 wide x 1340 high.
Sandblasted Obscure Glass Single Sash Window.
1025 wide x 1510 high.
8 Light Colonial Single Sash Window.
1040 wide x 1550 high.
Colonial Single Sash Window with Opening Fanlight.
995 wide x 2440 high.
Cricket Bat Victorian Single Sash Window.
1110 wide x 1995 high.
4 Light Colonial Single Sash Window.
1100 wide x 1400 high.


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