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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... scraping http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84c00> /media/1166/Nicola-Burbidge-2-.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Nicola Burbidge ', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1166/Nicola-Burbidge-2-.jpg', 'img': '/media/1166/Nicola-Burbidge-2-.jpg', 'Description': u'Dr Burbidge is the Chair of Hounslow CCG and has been a GP in Chiswick for over 20 years. She has taken an active lead in the redesign of local and north west London patient pathways and services including the referral facilitation service, the urgent care centre, community services for dermatology, ophthalmology and pulmonary rehabilitation (COPD).\xa0 At a London level, Dr Burbidge is the GP representative on the London Acute medical and surgical paediatrics standards committee.', 'Title': 'Chair'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd849f0> /media/1168/Paul-Shenton-3-.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Paul Shenton', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1168/Paul-Shenton-3-.jpg', 'img': '/media/1168/Paul-Shenton-3-.jpg', 'Description': 'Dr Shenton has been a full time Hounslow GP for over 30 years and the vice- chair of Hounslow CCG (and its predecessor, Hounslow PCT) for the past three. He has been involved in commissioning services for several years, including the urgent care centre and the referral facilitation service. Dr Shenton represents the board on the Hounslow CCG finance subcommittee and joint commissioning board and is the clinical lead for musculoskeletal conditions and urgent care.', 'Title': 'Vice Chair'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84a48> /media/1170/Prashant-Gupta-3-.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Prashant Gupta', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1170/Prashant-Gupta-3-.jpg', 'img': '/media/1170/Prashant-Gupta-3-.jpg', 'Description': u'Dr Prashant Gupta has been a\xa0Hounslow (Brentford)\xa0GP for 12 yrs. He chairs the CCG Finance and Performance sub-committee. He was involved in the procurement of the Referral Facilitation Service and The Urgent Care Centre. He is joint clinical lead for Urgent Care and Pathology.\xa0', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84aa0> /media/1167/Parvinder-Garcha.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Parvinder Garcha', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1167/Parvinder-Garcha.jpg', 'img': '/media/1167/Parvinder-Garcha.jpg', 'Description': u'Dr Garcha has been a GP in central Hounslow for over 20 years. Over the last five years he has taken a lead on commissioning new community dermatology, alcohol and substance misuse and COPD services including pulmonary rehab and home oxygen review. He works with Dr Annabel Crowe as a GP mental health lead for the CCG.\xa0Dr Garcha is the clinical lead for quality, engagement and equalities.', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84af8> /media/1163/Indervir-Dhandee-1-.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Indervir Dhandee', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1163/Indervir-Dhandee-1-.jpg', 'img': '/media/1163/Indervir-Dhandee-1-.jpg', 'Description': 'Dr Dhandee works in a practice in Bedfont and prior to this worked for several years in Feltham. Dr Dhandee is a GP lead for prescribing, working with colleagues and the Medicines Management team, working on sharing based best practices throughout Hounslow. He is working with a colleague as the GP lead for Ashford and St Peters and has recently taken on a lead role for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84b50> /media/1172/Shantha-Sethurajan-1-.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Shantha Sethurajan', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1172/Shantha-Sethurajan-1-.jpg', 'img': '/media/1172/Shantha-Sethurajan-1-.jpg', 'Description': 'Dr Sethurajan has been a full time GP in Chiswick for 11 years, and has been a member of the commissioning board since 2011. He has contributed to the assessment and negotiation of many contracts with both hospital and out of hospital providers, including new community dermatology and ophthalmology clinics for the borough.', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84ba8> /media/1159/Brigitte-Unger-Graeber-1-.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Brigitte Unger-Graeber ', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1159/Brigitte-Unger-Graeber-1-.jpg', 'img': '/media/1159/Brigitte-Unger-Graeber-1-.jpg', 'Description': 'Dr Unger-Graeber has been a GP in Chiswick for the last 10 years. She has been a member of the Professional Executive, Clinical Executive and Joint Commissioning Executive Committees over the past six years. Dr Unger-Graeber has a special interest in cardiology services and chairs the Hounslow Cardiac Network as well as representing Hounslow as the clinical governance lead for NHS 111, chairing the ONWL clinical governance meeting.', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84c58> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/17528/dr-richard-baxter.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Richard Baxter', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/17528/dr-richard-baxter.jpg', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/17528/dr-richard-baxter.jpg', 'Description': u'Richard has served as a GP in Brentford for 13 years, and been involved with commissioning services in Hounslow over the last four years. He has contributed significantly to the roll out of a single clinical system in primary care across the CWHHE collaborative. He chairs the \xa0information technology sub-committee and is clinical lead for cancer.', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84cb0> /images/genericBoardPhoto.gif {'Name': 'Dr Ashok Gorasia', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/images/genericBoardPhoto.gif', 'img': '/images/genericBoardPhoto.gif', 'Description': '', 'Title': 'GP member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84d08> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/89994/Mary-Clegg-MD-hounslow.jpg {'Name': 'Mary Clegg ', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/89994/Mary-Clegg-MD-hounslow.jpg', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/89994/Mary-Clegg-MD-hounslow.jpg', 'Description': u'Mary is joining us from NEL CSU Healthcare Consulting Team which is an NHS \u201cin-house\u201d transformation team. Whilst at the CSU she has led the transition of the Cancer Drugs Fund for NHS England and worked with the Better Care Fund Support Team. She has also supported the development of joint Commissioning and an Urgent and Emergency Care review for east London CCGs.\xa0', 'Title': 'Managing Director '} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84d60> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/1187/Javed-Khan.JPG {'Name': 'Javed Khan', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1187/Javed-Khan.JPG', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1187/Javed-Khan.JPG', 'Description': u'Javed began his career in education as a mathematics teacher and an assistant principal in the further education sector. He is currently chief executive of Barnardo\u2019s, the leading children\u2019s charity. Prior to this he was chief executive of Victim Support, and he also worked for the Government office for London as the executive director to the London Serious Youth Board. He has a wealth of experience of working with local government, politicians and community representatives at Birmingham City Council and the London Borough of Harrow.', 'Title': 'Lay member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84db8> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/1190/Trevor-Woolley.JPG {'Name': 'Trevor Woolley', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1190/Trevor-Woolley.JPG', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1190/Trevor-Woolley.JPG', 'Description': u'Trevor spent the majority of his career in the Civil Service, principally in the Ministry of Defence, where he served in a number of senior positions, including as director general finance. He retired in 2012, since when he has\xa0been a non-executive director and chair of audit for the Oil and Pipelines Agency. As well as serving on the governing body at Hounslow CCG, he chairs the collaborative performance committee.', 'Title': 'Lay member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84e10> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/1189/Philip-Young.jpg {'Name': 'Philip Young ', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1189/Philip-Young.jpg', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1189/Philip-Young.jpg', 'Description': 'Philip has a background as a chartered accountant and management consultant with 20 years senior experience within the financial services sector. Philip retired nine years ago and now holds a range of Non-executive and trustee roles in the public and voluntary sector. Philip is chair of the Audit Committee for Central London, Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow and West London CCGs.', 'Title': 'Lay member'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84e68> /media/73754/Photo-Clare-Parker.jpg {'Name': 'Clare Parker', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/73754/Photo-Clare-Parker.jpg', 'img': '/media/73754/Photo-Clare-Parker.jpg', 'Description': u'Clare Parker is a CIPFA qualified accountant who trained with the Audit Commission before moving into the NHS 13 years ago.\xa0 Clare was Director of Finance of NHS Barnet for\xa0four\xa0years until April 2011, when she moved into the role of Associate Director of Finance at the North Central London PCT cluster.\xa0 Clare has successfully led change in financially challenged environments and brings both acute and commissioning experience to the role.', 'Title': 'Chief officer'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84ec0> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/1185/dr_alan_hakim_web.jpg {'Name': 'Dr Alan Hakim', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1185/dr_alan_hakim_web.jpg', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/1185/dr_alan_hakim_web.jpg', 'Description': u'A Rheumatologist and Acute Physician, Alan is the Chief Medical Advisor and Trustee to a UK Charity, and the UK Chief Investigator to several international Clinical Trials.\xa0As a clinical director for A&E, Medical Staff Chair, and most recently Director of Strategy and Business Improvement, he has worked regionally in north east London in service redesign, and brings\xa0considerable experience of working with many hospital specialties,\xa0and in particular in emergency access and community specialty services.', 'Title': 'Secondary care consultant'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84f18> /CropUp/memberphoto/media/79797/jonathan-webster-3-.jpg {'Name': 'Jonathan Webster', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/CropUp/memberphoto/media/79797/jonathan-webster-3-.jpg', 'img': '/CropUp/memberphoto/media/79797/jonathan-webster-3-.jpg', 'Description': u'Qualifying as a Registered General Nurse in 1990, Jonathan has worked in both secondary and primary care in the UK and Australia.\xa0 Jonathan has held two Consultant Nurse for Older People posts, which reflect his area of clinical practice. Starting his first commissioning role in 2009, Jonathan moved to the NW London Cluster in 2011 as Deputy Director for Quality & Clinical Assurance and subsequently Cluster Acting Director of Nursing and Quality in 2012.', 'Title': 'Nurse member, director of nursing, quality & safety'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84f70> /media/1158/Ben-Westmancott1.jpg {'Name': 'Ben Westmancott', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/1158/Ben-Westmancott1.jpg', 'img': '/media/1158/Ben-Westmancott1.jpg', 'Description': u"Since joining the NHS in 1998, Ben has worked in a variety of managerial roles including performance management, strategy and planning, corporate governance and programme management, initially in accute hospitals, before moving to commissioning in\xa0North West London in 2008.\xa0 Ben is an\xa0associate of member of the\xa0Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and, as a qualified coach, is on the NHS's coaching register supporting the development of\xa0the NHS workforce in London.\xa0", 'Title': 'Director of compliance (adviser in attendance)'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd84fc8> /media/60203/clivechalk.jpg {'Name': 'Clive Chalk', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/media/60203/clivechalk.jpg', 'img': '/media/60203/clivechalk.jpg', 'Description': u'He is currently the lay chair within the General Dental Council\u2019s (GDC) Investigating Committee. The primary purpose of the committee is to ensure patient and public safety and uphold the high standards of the profession. He has also been selected as a Lay Person for the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.', 'Title': 'Lay Member and Lead for PPE'} ------------ <Element li at 0x7f8abfd91050> /images/genericBoardPhoto.gif {'Name': 'Keith Edmunds ', 'URL': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx', 'fullimg': 'http://www.hounslowccg.nhs.uk/images/genericBoardPhoto.gif', 'img': '/images/genericBoardPhoto.gif', 'Description': '', 'Title': 'Chief Finance Officer'} ------------ scraping http://www.centrallondonccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx scraping http://www.hammersmithfulhamccg.nhs.uk/about-us/our-governing-body.aspx


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Neville is the Chair of NHS Central London CCG and a GP Partner at Paddington Green Health Centre. He has been a GP in Westminster since 1992 and has been involved in GP education since 1997, and is a GP trainer. 
Dr Neville Purssell
Vice Chair
A GP at King's College Health Centre, Mona completed her medical training in India, as well as doing clinical internships at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago and Salmaniya Medical Center, Bahrain. Experience of healthcare from a multicultural and international perspective enabled her to pursue interests in health economics, service redesign and innovation. She pioneered the CCG's Wellwatch programme which embodies integrated healthcare. Special interests include family planning, women's health, minor surgery and aesthetic medicine.
Dr Mona Vaidya
GP member
Paul is a GP at the Dr Hickey Surgery for homeless people and brings to the Board a specific concern for the needs of the very many homeless people in Westminster. He is also chair of the Local Medical Committee. Prior to this work, he spent five years working with Amerindian peoples in South America.
Dr Paul O'Reilly
GP member
Dr Afsana Safa has been a salaried GP at the Marylebone Health Centre since 2011. She trained locally having graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine and worked in North West London Trusts as a junior doctor. After completion of her GP training she undertook a year as a Darzi Fellow - gaining experience and a qualification in healthcare management and leadership from the Kings Fund and Manchester Business School. She is also a GP lead with Transforming Cancer Services for London (TCST) working on local and London wide projects, and is a Macmillan GP for Central London CCG too.
Dr Afsana Safa
GP member
Dr Niamh McLaughlin
GP member
Dr Simon Gordon
GP member
Dr Adel Baluch
Lay member
In 2008 he became a founding member of Central London Healthcare’s User Panel, where he was elected deputy chair in 2011.  He is vice chair of the CCG’s Finance & Performance Committee.
Michael Morton
Lay member for co-commissioning
A founding member of the User Panel for Central London CCG, Dominique has served as Vice-Chair, Deputy Chair and now Chair. She has been particularly engaged in planning and commissioning services as a volunteer member of the Transformational Redesign Group since 2011, on special interest groups for Adult Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Services and a lay member of the procurement team. In business she manages commercial development for a small biotech firm.
Dominique Kleyn
Chair of the User Panel
Nafsika Thalassis


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