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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... Traceback (most recent call last): File "scraper.py", line 25, in <module> print a.text_content() UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u041e' in position 0: ordinal not in range(128) [<Element a at 0x7fa67c5865d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5866d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5867e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5868e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5869f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586a48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586aa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586af8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586b50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586ba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586c00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586c58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586cb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586d08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586d60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586db8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586e10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586e68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586ec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586f18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586f70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c586fc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d0a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d1b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d2b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d3c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d4c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d5d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d6d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d7e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d8e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58d9f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58da48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58daa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58daf8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58db50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dc00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dc58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dcb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dd08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dd60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ddb8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58de10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58de68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58df18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58df70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58dfc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e0a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e1b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e2b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e3c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e4c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e5d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e6d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e7e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e8e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58e9f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ea48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58eaa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58eaf8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58eb50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58eba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ec00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ec58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ecb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ed08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ed60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58edb8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ee10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ee68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58eec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ef18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ef70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58efc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f0a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f1b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f2b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f3c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f4c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f5d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f6d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f7e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f8e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58f9f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fa48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58faa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58faf8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fb50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fc00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fc58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fcb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fd08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fd60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fdb8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fe10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fe68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58fec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ff18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ff70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c58ffc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5900a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5901b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5902b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5903c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5904c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5905d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5906d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5907e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5908e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5909f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590a48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590aa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590af8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590b50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590ba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590c00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590c58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590cb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590d08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590d60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590db8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590e10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590e68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590ec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590f18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590f70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c590fc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5910a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5911b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5912b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5913c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5914c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5915d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5916d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5917e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5918e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5919f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591a48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591aa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591af8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591b50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591ba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591c00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591c58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591cb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591d08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591d60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591db8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591e10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591e68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591ec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591f18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591f70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c591fc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5920a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5921b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5922b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5923c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5924c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5925d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5926d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5927e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592890>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5928e8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592940>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592998>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5929f0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592a48>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592aa0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592af8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592b50>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592ba8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592c00>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592c58>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592cb0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592d08>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592d60>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592db8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592e10>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592e68>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592ec0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592f18>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592f70>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c592fc8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593050>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5930a8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593100>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593158>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5931b0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593208>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593260>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5932b8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593310>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593368>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5933c0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593418>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593470>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5934c8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593520>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593578>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5935d0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593628>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593680>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5936d8>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593730>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593788>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c5937e0>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593838>, <Element a at 0x7fa67c593890>] <a id="logo" href="http://www.acas.rs" title="&#1040;&#1075;&#1077;&#1085;&#1094;&#1080;&#1112;&#1072; &#1079;&#1072; &#1073;&#1086;&#1088;&#1073;&#1091; &#1087;&#1088;&#1086;&#1090;&#1080;&#1074; &#1082;&#1086;&#1088;&#1091;&#1087;&#1094;&#1080;&#1112;&#1077;"><img class="logo-main scale-with-grid" src="http://www.acas.rs/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/logo_acas_cir.png" alt="logo_acas_cir"><img class="logo-sticky scale-with-grid" 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