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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... B.A No. 65-P of 2018 Bhai Jan VS State B.A No. 188-P of 2018 Awrangzeb VS State W.P No. 232-M of 2018 Sarzamin Khan & others VS Dilawar Khan & others W.P No.2479-P of 2017 Arbab Muhammad Usman Khan Vs Govt Cr.M BA No. 123-P of 2018 Shoaib VS The State W.P No. 780-P of 2015 Murad Saeed VS University of Peshawar W.P No. 3839-P of 2017 Muhammad Khurshid Khan VS Govt W.P No. 4182-P of 2017 Shah Saud VS KP Public Service Commission Cr.M No. 228-P of 2018 Syed Nauman Bacha etc VS state W.P No. 4448-P of 2017 with C.M. No.2323-P of 2017 Zia-ur-Rehman and others VS Federation of Pakistan through Secretary Pakistan Railway & others Cr.A No. 21-M of 2014 Muhammadullah & another VS The State & another C.R No 241-M of 2016 Samiullah & others VS Mistri Umara khan Cr.M.BCA No. 2118-P of 2017 State through AG Vs Aqeel Khan etc Cr.M.B.A 136-P of 2018 Kiramat ullah Vs The State C.M 15-P of 2018 with CM 47-P of 2018 in C.R 1288-Pof 2012 Mozam Khan Vs Sher Afsar C.R 27-P of 2018 Nadeem Ilyas Vs Country Director etc Cr.A No. 72-M of 2017 Fazal Jameel VS The State Cr.M.B.A No. 28-B of 2018 Ismail Khan VS The State W.P No. 2181-P of 207 Alamzeb Vs Jahanzeb etc Cr.M.BCA No. 67-M of 2017 Zaiwar Khan VS Malak Sarwar Khan & another W.P No. 970-B of 2017 Nisab Ullah Vs State ICA No.3 of 2005 Haji Abdur Rehman VS Umar Farooq Miankhel and others R.F.A No. 78-M of 2012 Liaqat Ali khan Vs District Collector/District Revenue Officer Buner & others. W.P No. 152-P of 2017 Seyar Zeb Vs State W.P No. 656-M of 2017 Al-Fatah Cricket Club VS Pakistan Cricket Board & others. W.P No. 2872-P of 2016 Amjad Pervez Vs KPK Ehtisab W.P No. 927-P of 2015 Akhter Kamal VS Mst. Samreen Akhter Cr.M No. 76-M of 2016 Muhammad Faisal Shah VS State & another W.P. No. 183-D of 2015 Mst. Zakiya Bibi etc Vs Murtaza Shah etc W.P No.2132-P of 2015 Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue VS M/S Cherat Cement Company Ltd Cr. A No. 213-M of 2013 Sultan-e-Rome VS State & another. Cr. A No. 170-M of 2016 Sherin Zada VS Bakht Biland & others. Cr.A No. 280-M of 2014 Hazrat Ali VS The State Cr.A 279-M of 2014 Hazrat Ali VS The State etc W.P No. 264-D of 2016 Said Rahman Vs Govt of KPK and others Cr. A No. 37-M of 2017 The State Vs Ihsanullah C.R No. 57-B of 2016 Musa Khan Vs Ahmad Jan and another C.R No. 305-M of 2014 Mst. Bahr-e-Falak VS Fazal Subhan & another. W.P No. 302- M of 2015 Sher Zada VS Dsitrict Collector etc. Cr.A No. 159-B of 2017 Noor Alam Vs The State Cr. M No. 592-M of 2017 Saeed Akbar VS the State. W.P No. 2734-P of 2017 alongwith W.P No. 2959-P of 2017 & W.P No. 3157-P of 2017 Abdul Wadood VS Additional Secretary FATA etc Cr.M B.A No. 584-M of 2017 Irfan ullah VS the State. W.P No. 147-M of 2017 Aamir Muhammad shah Khan & another Vs Haji Abdur Rahman & others R.F.A No.34-M of 2015 Dr.Khurshid Ali Vs Ihsan Ali R.F.A No.393-P of 2012 Saleem Dad Vs Collector Acquisition, NHA, Peshawar and others. Cr.M B.A No. 535-M of 2017 Azmat Khan VS the State. Eh.Cr.A No. 48/2011 Ajmal Khan VS State W.P No. 481-D of 2015 Iqbal Hussan etc Vs Member Board of Revenue Cr.M B.A No. 2648-P of 2017 Umar Taj Vs State Cr.M B.A No. 2638-P of 2017 Muhammad Idrees Vs State W.P No. 749-M of 2016 Faizullah ect VS Barkatullah Cr. MBA No. 364-D of 2017 Inamullah VS The State and another Cr.A No. 241-M of 2017 All Swat Papar Chips and Pops Owners Association Vs Bakht Afsar etc C.R No. 91-B of 2015 Taj Muhammad VS Munir Khan W.P No. 4546-P of 2017 Mehwish Khan Vs Khyber Medical University etc C.R No. 63-B of 2013 Qutab-ud-din VS Mutabar Khan C.R No. 58-B of 2013 Qutab-ud-din VS Mutabar Khan Cr.M.B.A No. 407-B of 2017 Muhammad Nawaz Vs The State etc Cr. A No. 98-M of 2015 Said Wahab VS State etc Cr.R No. 01-M of 2014 Ali Muhammad VS Nazir-ul-Islam C.M 12(2) No. 1-M of 2015 in C.R No. 199 of 2005 Syed Bareek Jan & others Vs Saeed Jan & others C.R No. 672-P of 2006 Ahmadullah and others Vs Govt. etc C.R 197-B of 2013 Raheem Shah VS Momin Khan etc W.P No. 856-M of 2017 Muhammad Iqbal Vs Mst. Nazia Iqbal etc C.R No 36 -M of 2016 Muhammad Sadiq VS Mst. Bibi Salima W.P No.4217-P/2017 With C.M.Nos.2153, 2188, 2203 and 2244-P of 2017 Maulana Aman Ullah Haqani and another Vs Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through Secretary Transport and Mass Transit Department, Peshawar and others W.P No. 3005-P of 2014 Zahid Khan Vs K.T.H Civil Misc. No.27-P of 2017 with C.M. No.01-P of 2017 In Sales Tax Reference No.20-P of 2010 Pakistan Match Industries, Pvt Ltd Vs Collector of Sales Tax & Federal Excise, Peshawar W.P No. 640-D of 2014 Muhammad Rizwan Vs Mst Robina Kanwal C.R No. 616-P of 2017 Muhammad Hamad Ahmad Vs Muhammad Younas Utman Khel W.P No. 869-P of 2017 Pir Ishaq Ahmad Vs Deputy Commissioner Land Acquisition W.P no. 531-M of 2017 Buzarg Khan Vs Mst. Jabin etc. W.P No. 4180-P of 2015 Muhammad Iqbal Vs SHO P.S Lund Khwar etc W.P No. 867-P of 2011 Nooral Khan Vs Govt of KPK etc J.Cr.A No. 233-M of 2016 with M.R No. 08-M of 2016 Sultanat Khan Vs The State & one other. J.Cr.A No. 233-M of 2016 with M.R No. 08-M of 2016 Sultanat Khan Vs The State & one other. Cr.M.B.A No. 2288-P of 2017 Jehan Sharif Vs The State Cr.R No. 26-M of 2016 Muhammad Saeed & others Vs Haider Ali & others. W.P No.4508-P/2017 With Interim Relief Abid Zareef Khan Vs Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through Secretary Transport and Mass Transit Department, Peshawar and others W.P NO. 1522 of 2015 University of Swat Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 645-A of 2017 Muhammad Uzair Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 4708-P of 2017 with IR Sharifan Bibi through her mother Khurshid Bibi VS Govt of KP and others W.P No. 740-M of 2017 Bakht Muhammad Khan & others Vs Secretary Water & power Development Authority (WAPDA) at Islamabad & others W.P No. 347 of 2016 Muhammad Younas Vs Federation of Pakistan etc C.R No. 201-M of 2016 Mst. Samina Bibi Vs Abdur Rahman & others. W.P No. 183-A of 2017 Mst. Mehreen Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No. 58-M of 2016 with M.R Nos. 2 & 2-A of 2016 sangeen Khan & another Vs State & another. W.P No. 2478-P of 2017 Khalid Khan Vs Fazal Riaz C.R No. 348-P of 2009 Latifullah Khan etc Vs Mst Sakeena etc Cr.A No. 634-P of 2016 Hikmat Shah Vs The State etc W.P No. 412-A of 2014 Muhammad Naveed Akhtar Vs I.G Prisons etc W.P No. 856-B of 2017 Mir Jawaz Khan Vs Gulabat Khan R.F.A No. 46 of 2011 Habib Ullah Vs Sakhawat Shah & others. W.P No. 66-B of 2011 Sahib shah VS Member Board of Revenue etc Cr.A No. 268-P of 2016 Ihsanullah Vs The State. Cr.M.B.A No. 308-D of 2017 Saleemullah Vs Asmatullah and anothers Cr.M.B.A No. 337-D of 2017 Rahmatullah Vs The State Cr.M B.A No.469-M of 217 Izat khan Vs the State Cr.A No. 196-P of 2014 Imran Vs The State etc Cr.A No. 204-P of 2015 with M.R No. 07 of 2015 Azmatullah etc Vs The State etc W.P No. 663-M of 2016 Khurshid Khan Vs Mst. Asia & others. Cr.M B.A No. 495 -M of 2017 Zia talab Vs the State Cr.A No. 192-M of 2014 Israr Khan VS the State W.P No. 2682-P of 2017 Attaullah Jan Vs KPK Ehtisab Commission etc W.P No. 3801-P of 2016 Capt: Zahoor Ahmad Khan Khalil Vs Govt. of Pakistan etc Cr.A No. 281-B of 2016 Jawad ul Haq Vs State F.A.B NO. 59 of 2009 Sikandar Sher Vs The Branch Manager ZTBL W.P No. 2748-P of 2013 M/s Ashraf Flour Mills Vs Federation of Pakistan etc W.P No. 240-A of 2011 M/s Dewan Salman Fiber Vs Govt. etc Cr.M B.A No. 661-A of 2017 Mazhar Vs State. W.P No. 3204-P of 2017 Muhammad Nasim Vs Kashif Nasim W.P No. 08-A of 2016 Liaqat Khan Vs Bakht Bibi etc W.P No. 1167-A of 2017 Sajjad Khan Vs Momana Urooj W.P No. 189-P of 2016 Muhammad Jalalud Din Vs Federation of Pakistan etc CM No.19-P of 2015 in CC No. 05 of 2005 Imran Amjid Khan Vs Islamic Investment Bank Limited (IIBL), cantonment Plaza, Peshawar Cantt: through Official Liquidator W.P No. 3879-P of 2015 Yousaf Hayat Vs Addl: Chief Secratory C.R No. 52-P of 2015 Noor-ul-Basar Vs Sher Ali Shah Transfer Application No. 14-M of 2017 Mst. Bibi Halima VS The State W.P No. 1074-P of 2014 Aminullah Vs Mst. Robina Pervaiz & others Cr.A No. 306-P of 2015 Askar Abbas Vs State etc Cr.R No. 73-M of 2017 Said Zamin & others Vs State & another Cr.M No. 443-M of 2017 Nasir Iqbal VS The State Cr.M B.A No. 465-M of 2017 Mst. Samina VS The State C.R No. 54-M of 2015 with C.M No. 115-M of 2015 Sarzamin Khan & others Vs Wali Muhammad W.P No. 387-P of 2017 Saifullah Muhib Kakakhel Vs Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa W.P No. 3117-P of 2017 Anwer Ali Vs Govt of KP and others Cr.A No. 559-P of 2013 Imran Khan Vs State Cr.A No. 495-p of 2014 sardar Vs State etc Cr.M B.A No. 453-M of 2017 Sharafat Ali Vs the State W.P No. 670-P of 2016 Saminullah Vs KPK Public Service Commission etc J.Cr.A No. 641-P of 2014 Tasir Ullah Vs State Cr.A No. 314-P of 2013 Shah Room Vs Mst Nehar Begum etc Cr.A No. 289-P of 2016 Khan Munir Vs The State Cr.A No. 131-m of 2015 alongwith Cr.R No. 30-M of 2015 Zahid Rahman Vs State & Mujahid Khan RFA No 155-P of 2016 Riaz Ahmad Vs Dist: Land Acqasition RSA No. 04-M of 2016 Malak Abdullah Khan Vs Muhammad Rasool Khan Cr.A No. 378-P of 2017 Syed Zahir Hussain etc Vs State Cr.M B.A No 425-M of 2017 Salim etc Vs the State W.P No. 330-M of 2015 Said Badshah Vs Islamic Republic of Pakistan etc Cr.A No. 318-P of 2016 Mst saira Khan Vs State Cr.A No. 607-P of 2017 Imran Dilawar Vs State W.P No. 3846-P of 2017 Behram Khan Vs Govt of Pakistan Cr.A No 253-P of 2017 Said Afzal etc Vs The State Cr.A No. 692 of 2011 Riaz Vs The State etc C.R no. 479-P of 2016 Umar Farooq etc Vs Hamid Ali W.P No. 493-M of 2013 Sher Rahman VS Mst. Kharo & others Cr.A No 151-P of 2013 Noor Muhammad Vs Gul Muhammad etc Cr.A No. 664-P of 2014 Hidayat Ullah Vs State Cr.A No. 677-P of 2014 Mehraz Khan Vs The State etc C.R No 220-P of 2016 Syed Sardar Ali Vs Said Ali etc W.P No. 640-P of 2008 Azizul Haq etc Vs Govt of NWFP etc Cr.A No. 837-P of 2016 imtiaz Ali Vs State Cr.A No. 131-P of 2016 Dawlat Khan Vs State Cr.A No. 408-B of 2016 Abdul Kamal Vs The State Cr.A No. 537-P of 2013 Abid Khan Vs State Cr.A No. 68-B of 2015 Afzal Khan VS The State F.A.B No. 49-P of 2016 Askari Bank (Ltd) Vs Panther CNG Station etc Cr.A No. 88-P of 2017 State through AG Vs Sarfaraz W.P No. 1269-P of 2017 Dr. Arshad Rashid Vs Chief Information Commissioner etc Cr.A No. 399-P of 2014 Munsif Ali Vs State etc Cr.A No. 564-P of 2014 Khyal Mir Vs The State J.Cr.A No. 179-M of 2014 with M.R No. 7-M of 2014 Suleman Vs State & another. Cr.A No, 32-B of 2014 Shahid Amir VS The State W.P No. 73-D of 2016 Salahuddin and others Vs Govt of KPK etc W.P No. 323-M of 2014 Muhammad Arshad Khan VS Mst Kulsoom Riaz & others. Cr.M.B.A. No. 2083-P of 2017 Haider Zaman Vs State Cr. A No. 304-P of 2017 Sher Rehman Vs State W.P No. 6-D of 2017 Muhammad Muzamil Khan Vs Govt of KPK etc Review Petitiopn No. 103-P of 2017 in RFA No. 23 of 2017 Govt Vs Nizam Gul W.P No. 371-P of 2011 M/s Habib Hotel etc Vs Abdul Rashid etc W.Ps. Nos. 1392-P & others of 2013 Naimatullah VS Chairman Worker Welfare Board & others W.P No. 55-D of 2017 Muhammad Irfan Vs DPO, etc C.R.No.27 of 2015 Headmaster GHS Reshun VS Akbaruddin W.P No. 189-P of 2017 Ziaullah Afridi Vs Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cr Appeal No. 540-P of 2016 with Murder Reference No. 14-P of 2016 Aitabar Shah Vs The State Cr. Appeal No. 138-P of 2014 Waisal Vs The State C.R.No.69 of 2013 Muhammad Nasir VS Muhammad Nawaz W.P No. 3446-P of 2017 Mian Sibghatullah Vs Registrar Peshawar High Court. W.P No. 624-M of 2014 Tariq Shah VS Provincial Police officer KPK Cr.A No. 84-P of 2014 Mehboobullah VS The State SAO No. 1 of 2012 SardarHussain& others VS ZafarHussain Cr.M.BA 1797-P of 2017 Mursaleen Vs The State F.A.O No. 28-P of 2017 Land Acquisition Vs Khana Gul C.R.No.801 of 2007 Panin Muhammad & others VS Mst. SafiaBibi C.R.No.801 of 2007 Panin Muhammad & others VS Mst. SafiaBibi Cr.M.(BA) No. 2025 of 2017 Muhammad Ali Shah Akhtar alias Ali Vs State Cr. Appeal No. 233-P of 2017 Shan VS The State Cr. Appeal No. 410-P of 2015 Bazar Gul Vs Balqiyas Khan etc Cr.A No. 666-P of 2013 Muhammad Asif VS The State Cr.A ppeal No. 677-P of 2016 with Murder Reference No. 17-P of 2016 Shehriyar Vs 1.Zahirullah 2. State Cr.A No. 184-M of 2017 Haider Ali Vs The State & another Cr.M.B.A No. 344-B of 2017 Fawad Vs The State Cr.A No. 386-P of 2013 Amanullah VS The state W.P No. 833-D of 2017 Rehmatullah alias Rematoli Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 3499-P of 2016 M/s Majid Book Dep: Vs Govt of KPK etc Cr.A No. 273-P of 2012 Shahzeb VS The State W.P No. 534-B of 2017 Aslam Khan Vs Mst. Atia Gul Cr.Appeal No, 81-P of 2013 Shan Muhammad Vs State Cr.A No. 22-P of 2014 Haroon Rashid Vs The State W.P No. 2577-P of 2017 Firdos Aziz Vs Asif Aziz etc Cr.M B.A No. 351-M of 2017 Nakaf alias Naqab Khan Vs the state. C.R No. 246-M of 2015 Said Ghani VS Sher Rahman R.F.A No. 60-M of 2016 Muhammad Jan VS Mst. Bacha Begum Cr.Appeal No. 507-P with Murder Reference No. 11-P of 2016 Sher Ali Vs State Cr. M.B.C.A No. 22-B of 2017 Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman Vs The State Cr.M.B.A No 339-B of 2017 Mehmood Zaman Vs The State W.P No. 1087-P of 2013 Allied bank Ltd VS Anti corruption establishment govt of KPK etc W.P No. 2888-P of 2017 Muhammad Saleem Hussan Wattoo Vs Chairman NAB Cr.A No. 684-P of 2014 Wazirzada etc VS The State Cr.A No. 194-P of 2016 Nihar Alam Vs State Cr.MBA No. 1434-P of 2017 Bakhtiar Khan Vs The State Cr.Appeal No. 680-P of 2014 Tariq Mehmood Vs State Cr.M B.A No. 387-M of 2017 Muhammad Ibrahim Vs The State. W.P No. 1166-P of 2017 Ghazi Khan Vs Director General W.P. No. 1487-P of 2015 Muhammad Kashif Jamil Vs Govt Cr.M(BA) No. 1515-P of 2017 Ashfaq Ahmad Vs State Cr Appeal No. 582-P of 2016 with Murder Reference No. 15-P of 2016 Arbab Shah Vs State tec Cr.M BA No. 398-M of 2017 Salah -ud-Din VS the State W.P No. 514-M 0f 2016 Ibrar Hussain & others Vs Govt of KP & others Cr.M.B.A No 1883-P of 2017 Azam Khan VS The State Cr.M No. 368-M of 2017 Muhammad Bilal VS The State. Cr Appeal No. 561-P of 2015 with Murder Reference No. 13-P of 2015 Naseer Ahmad Vs State etc Cr.M.B.A No. 286-B of 2017 Muhammad Jamil VS The State Cr.A No. 289-P of 2013 Saddar Khan etc VS The State C.R No 100-M of 20174 Muhammad Shoaib VS Muhammad Auyb Cr.Appeal No. 766-P of 2016 with Murder Reference No. 19-A of 2016 Basit Vs State etc W.P. No. 593-A of 2017 Muhammad Shafiq Vs State W.P No. 3676-P of 2012 Muhammad Azim Khan Afridi VS The Presedent of pakistan through the princpal secretary Cr.A No. 671-P of 2016 Raza Khan Vs Razeem etc Cr.M.B.A No. 292-B of 2017 Shehzad Khan Vs The State Cr.M.B.A No 263-D of 2017 Muhammad Awais Vs The State W.P No. 3203-P of 2017 Kausar Shabir VS S.H.O chamkani etc Cr.M.BCA No 46-B of 2017 Hikmatullah VS The State W.P No. 3126-P of 2017 Muhammad Usman and others Vs Secretart Home etc Writ Petition No.1769-P/2017 Frontier Mine Owners Association Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M.B.A No. 52-B of 2017 Muhammad Ayaz Vs Muhammad Sajjad Cr.M B.A No. 336-M of 2017 Shams-ur-Rahman Vs the State Cr.A No. 32-D of 2017 Kifayat Ullah Vs Gul Alias Gulli etc Cr.A No. 31-D of 2017 Kifayat Ullah Vs Ibrahim etc Cr.M.B.A No. 1563-P of 2017 Khalid Vs The State Cr.A No. 257-M of 2016 XEN PESCO sub Division II Daggar Bunir & others Vs Sher Afzal Khan W.P No. 609-M of 2016 Mst. Rasheeda Begum Vs Habib ur Rehman etc Cr.M B.A No. 325-M of 2017 bakhti Amin VS The State. Cr.M B A No 315-M of 2017 Umar Zeb VS the State. Cr.A No. 222-M of 2016 with Cr.A No 260-M of 2016 Raees Khan VS The state Cr.M.B.A. No. 1564-P of 2017 Saifullah Vs The State Cr Misc B.A. No. 1574-P of 2017 Ghulam Nabi VS The State W.P No. 469-M of 2017 with CM No. 825-M of 2017 Muhammad Karim Vs Ghulam Rasool Cr.A No. 259-P of 2017 Genral Manager SNGPL VS Safeer Ullah Khan & others Cr M.B.A. No. 1322-P of 2017 Zahid Ali Vs State Cr.R No. 19-P of 2017 Arbab Tehsinullah VS Riaz & others W.P. No. 2998-P of 2017 Muhammad Iqbal Vs Election Commission of Pakistan W,P No. 590-A of 2017 Mst. Saira Bano Vs Syed Saqi Hussain Shah Cr.M.B.A No. 1413-P of 2017 Jalal Shah Vs The State W.P No. 39-A of 2017 M.Azeem Vs Nasreen Bibi Cr. M.B.A No. 1313-P of 2017 Sabir Khan Vs The state CM No. 66-D of 2017 Muhammad VS Sheikh Taj Muhammad etc W.P No 733-A of 2017 Dolat Khan Vs Mst. Bakht Nisa W.P No. 754-A of 2017 Qaumi Islamic Public School Vs BISE Abattabad W.P No. 356-A of 2017 Noor Muhammad Vs Govt. etc W.P No. 2094-P of 2017 Sabz Ali Vs Govt of KPK W.P No. 1019-P of 2017 Sheikh Arif ur Rehman Vs SHO P.S Khuram Karak Cr.MBA No. 1473-P of 2017 Jawad Khan Vs State W.P No. 825-A of 2016 Riaz Muhammad Khan Vs State W.P No. 490-A of 2017 Mst. Robina etc Vs DPO etc Cr.R.No 69-P of 2016 Kifayat Vs Samiullah Cr.M.B.A No.423-A of 2017 Abdul Hameed Vs State Cr.MBA No. 395-A of 2017 Abdul Khanan VS State CR No. 54-B of 2016 District Education Officer Vs Nazish Eman W.P No. 2797-P of 2017 Ateeb Ali Vs IM Sciences through its director etc Cr. A. No. 487-P of 2016 Afsar Khan Vs The State C.R. No. 98-D / 2016 Lateef Anwar Vs Khalid Mahmood Khattak WP No. 778-P of 2013 Society for access to quality education Vs the Govt of KPK W.P No. 850-A of 2012 Farhana Sidiq Vs Director Comsats etc Cr.M.B.A No. 417-A of 2017 Robina Bibi Vs State Cr.M.Q.P No 22-A of 2017 Ahmad Shah Vs Inspectior Agriculture C.R No.498-P of 2016 Govt Vs Haji Safirullah Cr.M.B.A. No.299-M of 2017 Zar Nasib Khan & Israr Uddin Vs State Cr.M.Q No. 27-A of 2017 Syed Asghar Shah Vs State W.P No. 727-B of 2016 Shafiullah Jan Vs Provincial Govt W.P No. 1367-P of 2017 with Interim Relief. The Contractors Association KPK Vs Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and others Cr.MBA No. 438-A of 2017 M.Afzaal Vs State Cr.MQ No. 13-D of 2017 Azad Khan Vs The State Cr.M.B.A No. 405-A of 2017 Zaheer Ahamad Vs State W.P. No. 495-M of 2015 Resident of Raghan & others Vs Resident of Reshun Goal Paeen & others W.P No. 429-A of 2012 Mehboob Sultan Vs Managing Director W.P No. 110-B of 2016 Yar Muhammad Vs Pakistan telecommunication etc Cr. MBA No. 325-A of 2017 M. Dilar Vs State Cr.MBCA No. 863-A of 2016 Gul Muhammad Vs State W.P No. 463-M of 2016 Ghani Khan Vs Inamullah & others W.P No. 137-M of 2016 Mohammad Raziq Vs Mst. Farhana Bibi W.P No. 606-A of 2017 Naeem Akhter Vs Ambreen Bibi W.P No. 325-D of 2017 Haji Rauf Ali Vs D.P.O D.I Khan etc W.P No. 643-B of 2015 Basmina Bibi Vs Imran etc Cr. J.A No. 28-D of 2017 Nazir Ahmad Vs The State W.P No. 1022-P of 2014 Haseeb Ahmad Vs Mst Wajiha Wakeel W.P No. 54-B of 2017 Muhammad Saleem Vs SNGPL etc Cr. M. B.A. No. 1067-P of 2017 Yasir Vs State Cr.A No. 4-P of 2017 State Vs Nazim Ali CR.No 200-M of 2015 Fazal-e-Karim Vs Anwar Zeb etc Cr.M.B.A No. 1044-P of 2017 Muhammad Ishaq Vs state W.P No. 1241-P of 2017 Abdul Wahid Khan Vs NAB W.P No. 3779 of 2016 Aurangzeb Khan Vs Civil Secretariat W.P No. 4985-P of 2016 Shahid Khan Vs State & other W.P No. 2684-P of 2016 Khan Gul Vs Govt of KPK Cr.M.B.A. No. 231-B of 2017 Niaz Ali Vs State W.P No. 3245-P of 2015 Muhammad Israr etc Vs DEO (M) etc W.P No. 602-P of 2015 Behramand etc Vs Govt of KPK Cr.M.B.A. No. 1085-P of 2017 Hassan Shah VS State Cr.M.B.A No. 926-P of 2017 Khaista Gul Vs state C.R No. 224-P of 2016 Jan Noor Vs Hidayat shah W.P No. 2507-P of 2017 Mst Tahira Vs Muhammad Irfan W.P No. 19-A of 2014 Abdul Khaliq VS Govt of KPK Cr.M.B.A No. 253-M of 2017 Rahim Said Vs The State & one another W. P No.703-B of 2016 with Interim Relief with C.Ms.No.16-B/2017 and 94-B/2017, with C.O.C.No.558-B/2016. Abdul Wahab Khattak and others Vs Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and others W.P. No. 3391-P of 2016 William Maseh Vs Bacha Khan University Cr.A No. 77-D of 2015 Muhammad Naeem Vs The state and another. W.P No. 4001-P of 2016 Astaghfirullah Vs Secretary Irrigation Civil Secretariat etc W.P. No. 463-P of 2017 Sahibzada Sanaullah MPA VS Govt.of KPK Cr.M.B.A No. 754-P of 2017 Iftikhar Ahmad Vs State Cr.M No. 1069-P of 2017 Zahid Hussain Vs State W. P No. 16-M/2017 Ameer Jan & others VS Project Manger GRC & others. W.P No. 2466-P of 2017 Muhammad Azim Khab Afridi Vs The Registrar Peshawar High Court Peshawar etc Cr.M.B.A No. 795-P of 2017 Mosam Khan Vs The State Cr.M.B No. 172-D of 2017 Faheemullah Vs The State. Cr.R. No. 27-B of 2017 Kaleemullah Vs The Syaye W.P No. 4846-P of 2016 Sabir Khan Govt of KPK etc W.P No. 913-P of 2014 Muhammad Iqbal etc Vs Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa W.P 394-M of 2013 Shafiullah Vs Saifullah Khan & others Cr. M.B.A. No. 326-A of 2017 Zakir Qureshi VS The State W.P No. 1850-P of 2013 Cheif Land Commissioner,KPK, peshawar etc Vs Chairman Federal Land Commission etc W.P No. 3206-P of 2015 Fazal Rahim Vs akbar Ayub etc W.P No. 213-M of 2016 Zahid Saeed Lecturer & other Vs Director General technical education & others Cr.R. No. 05-D of 2017 Gul Noora VS The State Cr.M.B.A. No. 1023-P of 2017 Shahnaz VS State W.P No. 758-P of 2017 M/S vincrift (PVT) LTD etc Vs Federal Board of Revenue etc Cr.M.B.A No. 195-B of 2017 Ghulam Ali Vs The State Cr.M.B.A No. 172-B of 2017 Eid Badshah Vs State Cr.M.B.A. No.131-M of 2017 Muhsin Islam & salih Islam Vs the State & others B.A No. 101-B of 2017 Habibullah Vs The State W. P No. 536-M of 2016 MCB bank ltd. VS the Labour Appellate Tribunal C.R No. 521-P of 2005 Sultan Jamil Vs Rahman Ghani W.P. No. 1706-P of 2016 Muhammad Ayaz Vs The Superintendent District Jail, Timergara etc W.P. No. 2609-P of 2016 Abdul Jalal Vs Federation of Pakistan etc Cr.M.B.A. No.199-M of 2017 Inamullah VS State one another W. P No. 621-M of 2016 Shah Hussain VS Mst. Nadia W.P No. 529-M of 2016 & W.P No. 593-M of 2016 & W.P No. 4039-P of 2016 & W.P No. 280-M of 2017 & W.P No. 281-M of 2017 Subedar Major Maqbool Ali Khan and others Vs The Government of Pakistan through secetary SAFRON Civil secretariat Islamabad and others W.P No. 288-P of 2016 Naqeeb Khan VS Federal Ombusdsman (Wafaqi muhtasib) etc W.P. No. 1706-P of 2016 Muhammad Ayaz Vs The Superintendent District Jail, Timergara etc TR No. 33-P of 2014 Commissioner Inland Revenue Vs Dr. Ghulam Rasool W.P No. 580-D of 2016 Mst. Farhat Afza Vs Government of Pakistan etc W.P No. 3011-P of 2016 Ahmad Danyal Vs Islamia College, Peshawar etc W.P No. 25-B of 2015 Gul Zarif etc Vs Govt of KP Cr.A. No. 393-P of 2016 with M.Ref: No 9 of 2016 Rahat Ali Vs The State etc Cr.M.B.A. No. 160-A of 2017 Sher Afzal etc Vs The State W.P No. 4128-P of 2016 Yaqoob Vs P.A Khyber Agency Writ Petition No. 4684-P of 2016 Wali Muhammad Vs Govt of KPK etc W.P No. 277-B of 2012 Hafiz Sadiq Khan Vs UST. Bannu Cr.M. B.A. No. 706-P of 2017 Nawas Khan Vs The State Cr.A No. 33-M of 2011 Haji Qasim Khan Vs State & one another Cr.A No. 206-M of 2013 Mst Bano Vs Mst Rubina & State W.P No. 1036-P of 2017 M/s Bloom Pharmaceutical (Pvt.) Ltd VS The State etc Cr.M.B.A. No. 828-P of 2017 Riaz-ur-Rehman VS The State Cr.M.B.A. No.188-M of 2017 Bacha Khan VS State & anothers Cr. R. No. 55-M of 2016 Pervaiz Khan Vs The State W.P. No. 1685-P of 2017 Dr. Khushnood Ali Baz VS Govt of KPK etc Cr.M.B.A.No. 57-A of 2017 Chan Zeb Vs The State C.R. No. 147-A of 2017 Mumtaz Ali Shah Vs Pir Afzal Shah W.P No. 781-P of 2016 Faraz Ahmad Vs Pakistan Medical & Dental Council etc W.P. No. 153 of 2017 Aman Ullah Vs SHO P.S Munda & other Cr.M.B.A. No.91-M of 2017 Tariq Vs State & 1 another CrA.No.49-A/2016 Amjid Rehman vs Fahad Ali RFA No. 91-P of 2016 Khalid Aziz Vs PTV W.P No. 1510-P of 2017 Alam Sher VS Muhammad Usman Khan etc W.P. No. 427-M of 2016 Dost Muhammad & 1 another Vs Fazal Sultan W.P No. 678-M of 2016 Mst. Asmat Begum Vs Muhammad Yousaf Cr.M.B.A. No.160-M of 2017 Mst Rehanan & Dawood Vs State & another Cr.M.B.A. No. 147-A of 2017 Kamran Mukhtyar Qureshi VS The State W.P No. 250-D of 2014 Shah Jehan and others Vs Govt of KPK and others. Cr.M. No. 163-M of 2017 Bakht Zaman VS State W.P No. 502-M of 2016 Mst. Shahida Vs Sardar Shah & others W.P No. 318-B of 2015 Kashif Khan Vs Govt. and others W.P. No. 1199-P of 2017 Javed Khan Vs Pakistan through Secty. Interior C.R No.22-M of 2017 with C.M 48-M of 2017 Fazal Sultan Vs Chamnay W.P No. 646-B of 2016 Muhammad Imran Vs Govt of KPK etc W.P No. 2175-P of 2016 Sher Zaman Vs Mst Mahzari W.P. No. 205-M of 2015 Noorullah Khan Vs Govt of KPK W.P. No. 1242-A of 2016 Raheel Vs The Staste Cr.A No. 195-M of 2014 Mir Waiz Vs State W.P No. 895-D / 2016 Malik Tausif Rafique Vs Chairman WAPDA W.P No. 506-M of 2016 Messers Jawad Filling Station VS SECP W.P. No. 320-D of 2014 Farmanullah Khan VS Gomal University etc Cr.Misc. No. 12-A of 2017 Seerdad etc Vs The State Cr.R. No. 03-B of 2017 Shabbir Hussain Vs the State W.P No. 865-D of 2015 Sanaullah Vs Govt of KPK etc W.P No. 514-B of 2015 Mufti Iftikharud Din VS Chairman EVACUE Trust properties Board Cr.M B.A No. 580-P of 2017 Zubair etc Vs State Cr.M.B.A. No.88-M of 2017 Saif ur Rahman Vs State & another Eh. Cr.A No. 24-P of 2016 Muhammad Israr Khan Vs NAB W.P No. 1528-P of 2017 Mosam Khan Vs Pakistan Atomic Energy W.P. No. 4690-P of 2016 Dr. Mehfooz Hussain Vs The Govt. of KPK etc W.P. No. 107-M of 2017 Muhammad Avais Khan Vs Govt of KPK & others Cr.A No. 381-P of 2015 with M.Reference No. 10-P of 2015 Rehmat alias Kaku Vs State Eh.Cr.A No. 02-P of 2016 Rajab Ali Vs State Cr.A No. 51-B of 2015 Abdur Rehman Vs The State Cr.A No. 23-B of 2015 Farid Khan Vs State Cr.A No. 63-B of 2014 Shamroz Khan Vs The State W.P NO. 580-M of 2016 Shaukat Ali Vs Chairman PSC KPk Cr.A. No. 167-B of 2012 Hayatullah Vs Ali Abbas etc C.R. No. 411-P of 2014 Saddat Khan etc Vs Shashid-ur-Rehman etc C.R No. 328-A of 2011 Muhammad Sabir Vs Sardar Ali etc W.P No. 958-A of 2015 Sardar Sher Bahadur Vs Govt. W.P No. 4696-P of 2016 Munawar Khan Vs Govt of KPK Cr.A No. 35-D of 2016 with M.Ref No. 05-D of 2016 Nazak Vs State C.R No. 446-A of 2011 Jan Baz etc Vs Shah Nawaz etc C.R No. 527-A of 2011 Naseeb Gul Vs Hayat Mir etc W.P No. 183-P of 2016 Dr. Shama Hidayat Vs Chairman PSC W.P No. 1388-P of 2016 Akbar Ali Vs Govt. COC No. 437-P of 2016 in W.P No. 629-P of 2014 Masood-ur-Rehman Vs Govt. W.P No. 2585-P of 2014 Dr. Habib ur Rehman Vs Secretary to Govt of KPK etc Cr.M B.A 184-P of 2017 Sifat Ullah Vs State C.R. No. 55-B of 2016 Housing Officer Bannu Township etc Vs Aziz-ur-Rehman etc CrM.B.A. No. 99-D of 2017 Rafiq-ur-Rehman Vs The State W.P No. 832-P of 2017 Sahibzada Alamgir Shah Vs NAB W.P No. 2792-P of 2014 Zaki Ullah Vs NAB W.P NO. 1046-P of 2016 Noor Shad Vs NAB Cr.A No. 14-A of 2014 Mukhtasar Vs State Cr.M No. 109-A of 2017 Faisal Khan Vs State C.R No. 76-P of 2013 Mumtaz Muhammad Vs Khurshid Cr.A No 90-A of 2013 Abdullah Nasir alias Junejo Vs The State W.P No. 2825-P of 2015 Syed Ghazanfar Kazmi Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M B.A No. 197-P of 2017 Akbar Said Vs State Cr.A No. 12-P of 2016 with M.Ref No. 2 of 2016 Said Umar Vs State W.P. No. 1115 of 2007 Chairman Evacue Trust Property Board etc Vs Mst: Rubina Ibad etc Cr.M.B No.75-D of 2017 Malik and Another Vs State. C.R No. 169-B of 2016 Matiullah Vs Mst. Saddiqa C.R. No. 169-B of 2016 Matiullah VS Mst Sadiq W.P No. 2084-P of 2016 Shakeel Ahmad Vs Govt. W.P. No. 4332-P of 2016 Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah Vs Chairman NAB etc Cr.A No. 62-B of 2016 State Vs Anwar-ul-Haq W.P. No. 1068-P of 2015 Dr. Akbar Shah VS Govt. of KPk eyc FAb No. 77-P of 2009 Fayaz Ali VS Dr. Ahmad Khan Hoti etc W.P No. 526-A of 20113 Syed Nadir Ali Shah Vs Mohtamim Cr.A No. 263-P of 2015 with M.Ref: No. 8 of 2015 Zuhrab Gul Vs State Cr.A NO 07-A with M.Reference No. 01-A of 2013 Rafaqat Hussain Vs State W.P. No. 394-P of 2016 with connected W.P. No. 472-P of 2016 & W.P No. 486-P of 2016 Muhmmad Iqbal VS Nabi Ahmad Cr.M No. 94-A of 2017 Niaz Khan Vs State Cr.M.B.A. No. 31-M of 2017 Muhammad Saad Naseem Vs State W.P No. 4087-P of 2016 Muhammad Zubair Vs The Govt. of KPK W.P No. 361-P of 20116 Sheema Akhtar Vs Govt. of KPK Review Petition No 442-D of 2016 Mst. Parveen Bibi Vs Zulqarnain Cr.M B.A No. 249-P of 2017 Asim Raziq Vs State B.A. No. 53-M of 2017 Muhammad Islam Vs State Cr.A. No. 85-M of 2016 Abdul Haq Vs The State FAO No. 26-P of 2014 Muhammad Ilyas Vs Muhammad Waseem Cr.M No. 152-P of 2017 Khalid Khan etc Vs State etc W.P No. 2692-P of 2013 Tahir Vs Jehangir Khan ( Late) etc Cr.M.B.A. No. 546-M of 2016 Raweed Shah Vs The State Q.P. No. 63-M of 2016 Ihsan-ul-Haq Vs The State Cr.A.No. 76-M of 2016 Sabir Shah Vs State C. R No. 155-M of 2015 Project Director, S.D.D.A & others VS Ghafoor khan Cr. Appeal No. 31-D of 2016 with M.R. No. 4-D of 2016 Haq Nawaz Vs The State Cr. R No. 01 of 2017 Sanobar khan VS The State. W.P No. 3548-P of 2015 Noor Hussain Shah Vs Asma Bibi etc W.P No. 845-D of 2016 Said Akber Vs The State W.P No. 2624-P of 2016 Arshad Khan Vs N.A.B W.P. No. 2963-P of 2014 Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd Vs Government of KPK through Secretary Law etc Cr.A No. 323-B of 2016 Bad Shah Jamil Vs The State W.P NO. 799-P of 2014 Hafeez Institution of Medical Sciences Vs V.C KMU Cr.A No. 120-B of 2015 Karim Khan Vs State CR No. 269-P of 2015 Zar Farosh Khan etc Vs Muqarab Khan W.P No. 403-M of 2015 Civil Aviation authority Vs Govt. of KPK etc Q.P No. 61-M of 2016 Rahmat Bar Khan Vs Daulat Khan C.R NO. 898 of 2009 Qazi Salah-ud-Din Vs Roman W.P No. 211-P of 2017 Muhammad Waseem Vs NAB C.R No. 202-A of 2014 Phool Zaib Khan Vs D.C C.R No. 211-M of 2015 Mst. Tahira Bibi Vs Mst. Pakmin Taj W.P No. 20-M of 2014 Muhammad Rasool Vs Malik Nadir Khan Cr.A No. 181-B of 2016 Tariq Zaman Vs The State C.R 587-M of 2007 Main Said Wahid Vs Nazir Mian C.R No 110-D of 2016 Nasir Ali Shah Vs Kabir Hussain Shah Cr.A. No. 215-M of 2015 Mst. Ulfat Bibi Vs The State W.P No. 3834-P of 2015 Gul Faraz Vs Muhammad Faraz Cr.M BCA No. 172-B of 2016 State Vs Zahoor-ur-Rehman W.P No. 847-P of 2012 Irfan Younas Vs Akhtar Ali W. P No. 673-M of 2016 Moulana Naeem khan VS Chief Election Commissioner etc. W.P NO. 1212-P of 2016 Shah Zameen Vs Govt. W.P No. 1823-P of 2016 Burhanullah Vs Govt. Review Petition No. 19-A of 2016 Dr. Farhat Naz Vs Chairman A.T.H Cr. A No.26-D of 2016 Rehmatullah Vs The State FAO No. 03 of 2016 Lutfullah Vs Shahid Inayat W.P No. 4515-P of 2015 Zeenat Bibi Vs Fazal Haq C.R. No. 1493 of 2005 Said Jabar VS Habib-ur-Rehman Cr.M B.A No. 489-B of 2016 Sadique Zaman Vs State B.A No. 571-M of 2016 Rahmat Razaq VS The State W.P No. 635-P of 2016 Muthahir Vs Govt. W.P No. 685-P of 2012 Saidan Shah Vs PTCL Cr.A No. 314-P of 2016 Amjid Ali Vs State B.C.A. No. 92-M of 2016 Amir Baz Khan Vs The State Customs Ref No. 28-P of 2014 Collector Customs Vs Lucky Cement Cr.A.No. 200-P of 2014 Ihsanullah Vs The state RFA No. 285-P of 2015 Raidullah Khan Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 3309-P of 2015 Fida Muhammad Vs Govt. Cr.A No. 422-B of 2016 Sadiq Ali Vs The State Cr.A No. 01-B of 2015 Noor Adam Vs The State CR No. 508-P of 2013 Ghulam Sher etc Vs Mst. Bibi Shan etc Cr.M BA No.892-A of 2016 Syed Yasir Shah vs State Cr.A No. 22-B of 2015 connected Cr. A No. 37-B of 2015 Rahamzad Khan Vs State W.P No. 714-P of 2012 Mehboob Ali Shah VS Arbab Athar Khan Cr.A No. 89-B of 2014 Alam Zar Vs The State W.P. No. 2264-P of 2016 Amshid Ali Vs Govt of KPK etc Cr.A No. 84-P of 2012 Khushdil VS State B.A. No. 509-M of 2016 Bahadar Zeb Vs The State C.R. No. 745 of 2007 Abdul Mateen Vs Gharib Shah etc C.R. No. 449 of 2005 Khaliq Said Vs Mst. Mina Bacha Cr.M BA No.886-A of 2016 Muhammad Naseem Khan vs State W.P No. 3075-P of 2015 Arshad Khan Vs NAB B.A No. 517-M of 2016 Bacha Zeb VS The State W.P No. 487-A of 2012 Dr. Farhat Naz Vs Chairman A.T.H W.P No. 3578-P of 2016 Mst. Madina Vs D.I.G Police Mardan etc W.P No.1376-P of 2014 Hasanat Gul VS CM kpk etc Cr. A. No. 465-P of 2013 Pir Badshah Vs Adnan C.R No. 1124 & C.R No.1605 of 2004 , G.M Defunt Govt. Transport Service(GTS) Vs Mian Gul Aurangzeb W. P No. 3739-P of 2015 Sadaqat Ali etc VS DG FIA. Eh. Cr. A No. 05 of 2016 Bashir Khan VS The State Cr.M B.A 514-M of 2016 Dr. Anwar Zada Vs The State C.R No. 212-D of 2014 PESCO etc Vs Rabnawaz Cr.R No. 32-M of 2016 Dr. Mukhtiar Ali Shah Vs Ahmad Shah W.P No. 190-B of 2015 Jehangir Khan Vs Govt. of KPK C.M 12(2) No. 563-D of 2016 Pakistan Telecommunication etc Vs Imtiaz Ahmad C.R No. 494 of 2005 Haji Mir Ilyas Vs Haji Gul Badshah Cr.M B.A No. 577-A of 2016 Bakht Zada Vs State Cr.M Q.P NO. 28-B of 2016 Barkat Ullah Vs State Q.P. No. 129-P of 2016 Qasim Mahmood Vs The State Cr.M.B.A.No.1944-P/2016 Nasir alias Imran Nasir VS The State CoC .No.244-P/2016 The State VS Ali Amin Gandapur etc Cr.M B.A No. 379-B of 2016 Sherin Vs The State Cr.M Q.P No. 107-P & 118-P of 2016 Dubai Islamic Bank Vs State & Taj Muhammad Vs State Cr.A No. 509 of 2011 Ghaffar Ali VS State etc R.F.A No. 53-M of 2016 Govt. of KPK Vs Nawabzada M. Shahabuddin W.P No. 3253-P of 2016 Sana-ur-Rehman Vs Secretary Secondary & Elementary Education etc W.P No. 466-A of 2016 Jehangir Khan Vs Muhammad Asif Awan CC No. 3-P of 2016 with C.M No. 12-P of 2016 Mst. Hijab Fatima Vs Kohat Cement etc C.R No. 923-M of 2007 Govt. of NWFP etc Vs Muhammad Raziq etc W.P No. 3094 of 2015 M//S Telephone Industries of Pakistan Pvt. Vs TIP Employees Cr.A. No. 117-B of 2016 State Vs Haji Rehman J.Cr.A No. 188-P of 2013 Ziarat Gul Vs State Election Appeal No.04-P/2014 Air Marshall(R) Syed Qaiser Hussain VS Sajid Hussain Tori etc W.P No. 3751-P of 2016 Ahmad Ali Vs The State J.Cr.A No. 51-P of 2014 Khawas Khan Vs State W.P No. 2477-P and 3075-P of 2016 Zahir Gul Vs Govt. C.R No. 538-P of 2012 Mst. Gula Jana VS Banaras W.P No. 3897-P of 2016 Shafiq Vs The State W.P No. 3253-P of 2014 Sher Badshah V s Govt. of Pakistan etc W.P No. 4100-P of 2015 Malik Fawad Ahmad Vs Govt. W.P No. 2254-P of 2013 Shakeel Khan VS Govt C.R No. 116-M of 2014 Umar Ayar Vs Abdul Sattar Khan E.P No. 05 of 2014 Nasir Khan Vs Hamid Ullah Jan etc B.A No. 353-B/2016 Bakhtiar Vs The State RFA No. 33-M of 2015 Azhar Sultan alias Tipu Khan Vs Yousaf Khan Cr.A No. 65-B of 2016 Akhtar Nawaz Vs State etc C.R. No. 206-A of 2012 Ghazi Khan Vs Aziz-ur-Rehman etc W. P No. 3784-P of 2016 Wasim Shahzad VS Govt. of KPK etc. W.P No. 2893 of 2016 Sajahid Gul Vs Chairman NAB etc Cr.A No. 416 of 2016 Shasim Khan Vs State C.R 227-P of 2014 Bakht Afsar Vs Raj Bahadur C.R No. 646-M of 2011 Mst. Soocha etc Vs Mst. Khazuna Bibi etc Cr.M B.A No. 1404-P of 2016 Lal Zada Vs State C.R No. 300 of 2014 Fazal Zada & others VS Nazir Muhammad Cr.R No. 49-P of 2015 Luqman Ali Vs State Cr.A 258-P of 2016 Niamat Khan Vs State WP No.3331-P/2016 Malik Bilal Ahmad Khan VS Chairman Gandhara Uni etc W.P. No. 3509-P of 2014 Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No. 310-P of 2016 State Vs Gulfam Hussain Cr.A No. 372-P of 2016 State Vs Saqlain etc W.P No. 1541-P of 2016 Iftikhar Ahmad Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 2701-P of 2015 Khan Javed Khan Vs State Cr.M B.A No. 1693-P of 2016 Noor Ullah Vs The State Cr.A No. 545-P of 2014 Muhammad Fayaz Vs The State Cr.M B.A No. 1934-P of 2016 M.Yasir Vs The State C.R No. 681-P of 2014 Mohammad Shoaib Vs Zaman Khan etc W.P No. 2376-P of 2016 Atta-ur-Rehman Vs The State W.P No. 2710-P of 015 Haji Rooh-ul-Amin Vs Saeed etc Cr.M B.A No. 1774-P of 2016 Naseem Vs State WP NO.2119-P/2016 Mst: Raheesa Zeb Vs KMU etc Cr.M.No. 652-A of 2016 Syed Kamal Shah Vs State J.Cr.Misc(Q),No.86-P/2016 Dilbar Khan VS State Cr.M BCA No. 774-A of 2015 Ashia Bibi Vs Talhat Mehmood etc Cr.A No. 24-A of 2016 Imtiaz Vs State CR No. 198-A of 2008 Habib Akbar Vs Pir Azam Syed Cr.M BA No.1904-P/2016 Jihad Ali VS State C.M No. 726-M/2016 (N) in C.R No. 242-M/2016 Tehsil Municipal Officer Gagra at Swari VS Syed Salar Jehan etc. CR No.66-M of 2012 Zahir Shah vs Abdul Ghafrfar etc Cr.M.BA.No.1741-P/2016 Zikriya VS State Cr.M BA No.353-M/2016 Tahir Azam VS State Cr.M B.A No. 311-M/2016 Saeed Ahmad VS State etc. Cr.M BA.NO. 314-M/2016 Salim Malik etc VS State etc. CrA No.74-M of 2016 Chairman CBR etc VS GM SNGPL etc W.P No. 592-D of 2016 Haji Rabnawaz Vs Chief Engineer PESCO etc W.P No. 426-D of 2015 Mst. Hameeda Bibi Vs Public at Large etc Cr.A No.33-P of 2014 Mishal Khan Vs The State RFA No. 186-P of 2015 Liaqat Ali Khan Vs Mst. Shafaq Urooj W.P No. 2531-P of 2016 Sajid Khan Jadoon Vs KPK Ehtesab Commission Cr.A No. 96-P of 2016 Atta Ullah Vs State Q.P No. 137-P of 2015 NIB Bank Ltd Vs Mian Wisal Shah Bacha Cr.M No. 1338-P of 2016 Mir Dil Khan Vs State W.P No. 2202-P of 2016 Ghafoor Khan Vs Secretary Education etc Cr.M B.A No. 1371-P of 2016 Farid Ullah Vs The State Cr.M T.A No. 3-D of 2016 Abdul Qayum alias Bhutto Vs The State C.R No.695-M of 2012 Wazir etc vs Haji Dilbar etc W.P No. 3210 of 2011 M/S Abasyn University Vs Federation of Pakistan C.R No. 332-M of 2015 Hazrat Jamal Vs Muhammad Ishaq etc Cr.A No. 636-P of 2013 Muhammad Jamal etc Vs State Cr. Misc.Q. No. 40-A of 2015 Aqeel Khan VS State W.P No. 529-D of 2015 Syed Agha Hussain Shah Vs Mst. Deena Bibi etc W.P No. 2519-P of 2014 Muhammad Javaid Khan Vs Govt. of KPK C.R. No. 636-M of 2012 Ubaidullah etc VS Khadim Jan etc WP No.291-M of 2015 Shaukat Ali Vs Chairman KPK PSC W.P No. 840-D of 2015 Unzala Zaffar Vs Govt. of Pakistan BA No.1334-P/2016 Jehangir vs State Rev:Pett:No.209-P/2015 in WP No.1368-P/2013 Engineer Raz Muhammad vs Govt of KPK etc Cr.A. No. 19-D of 2016 Muhammad Noman VS The State WP.No.372-A/2016 District Nazim Torghar etc vs Govt.KPK W.P No. 380-B of 2015 Muhammad Shafique etc Vs Secretary Industries etc W.P No. 468-B of 2016 Malik Riaz Khan Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M BCA No.30-M/2016 Nisar Ahmad vs Altaf Hussain & State RFA No. 95-A/2011 Imran Orakzai VS Sami Ul Haq W.P No.593-M/2014 & W.P No. 192-M/2016 Haji Amir Rahman etc VS Govt. of KPK etc & Aurang Zeb etc VS Govt. of KPK etc. CR. No.32-M/2016 & CM No.136,137/2016 Govt of KPK etc vs Fateh ur Rahman etc C.R No.165-B Asghar Ali Khan Vs Janan etc W.P No.535-A/2016 Fiaz VS State W.P No. 1973-P of 2016 Kamran Ullah Khan Vs The Vice Chancellor Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan W.P No.307-A of 2015 Muhammad Ismail Vs Govt. of KPK C.R No. 63-D of 2016 Muhammad Abbas Vs Saifullah etc WP No.902-P/2016 Mirza Fazal Ghani vs Bahadar Khan etc CR.No.349-A/2009 Taj Muhammad VS Mubashir Ahmed W.P No. 3150-P of 2016 Khateeb-ur-Rehman Qureshi Vs Divisional Forest Officer etc W.P No. 3564-P of 2015 M/s Cherat Packaging Vs Federation W.P No. 1802-P of 2016 Himayatullah Mayar etc Vs Chief Minister W.P No. 838-D of 2015 Iqbal Hussain etc Vs PD, KP SADP etc Service Appeal No.39/2011 Muhammad Ayaz Khan VS Registrar Peshawar High Court Peshawar Cr.M BA.No.948-P/2016 Abdul Sattar vs State Cr.M.BA No.878-P/2016 Bakht Alam vs State Cr.M.BA No.732-P/2016 Alif Ali vs State WP No.352-M/2015 Shah Karim Bakht etc vs Mst:Jehan Zeba etc Cr.A.No.138-A/2013 with MR.No.09-A/2014 Shareef vs State W.P No. 119-A/2015 State VS Nazakat Cr.A No.138-A/2013, M.Ref No.09-A/2014 Shareef VS State WP.No.94-A/2011 Muhammad Iqbal etc vs State WP.No.117-A/2013 Muhammad Naheem vs Collector Cr.M.B.A No.953-P/2016 Mst.Shah Sanam alias Shema vs State C.R.No. 416-M of 2014 Mian Gul Wahid VS Mian Bacha etc W.P No. 397-A of 2016 Tahir Javed Khan Vs State Cr.R No.10-A/2016 M. Fareed vs M. Amir C.R No.83-M/2014 Umara Khan Vs Mst. Rekham Zarina through LRs & others CR.No.157-A/2007 Syed Naimat Shah vs Mushtaq Ali Tahir kheli W.P No. 73-A of 2015 Gul Faraz Khan Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No.686-A/2015 Abdul Baseer VS Govt of KPK WP.No.1180-A/2015 Muhammad Rustam vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M BA No.148-A/2016 Waseem Ahmad Khan vs State CR.No.779/2008 Haji Muhammad Yaqoob etc vs Muhammad Riaz etc FAO No. 75-P /2012 Aamir Masood Khan vs Ellahi Bakhsh etc CR No. 898-P/2012 Younas Khan vs DOR etc Cr.M BCA No.355-A/2014 Muhammad Shakil vs Chanzeb etc Cr.M.QP.No.28-A/2015 Masood Anwar vs State Cr.M BA No.185-A/2016 Ali Asghar vs State W.P No. 478-B of 2012 Abdul Rauf Vs Abdul Qayum Cr No 117-M of 2014 Mst: Babi Sabala Vs Alamgir etc Cr No.1274-P of 2005 Govt of KPK VS Marroang etc W.P No. 945-A of 2014 Daud Vs Maroof Cr.A No.319-P/2015,M.Ref 09/20115 Hussain Shah vs State Cr.Misc No.208-A2016 Batoor VS State Cr.M QP No.04-M/2016 Barkat Hayat vs State etc CR.No.20-A/2010 Abdul Qayum etc vs Abdul Salam C.R No. 15-A of 2013 Mst. Kareem Jan Vs Muhammad Iqbal etc Cr.A No.89-A/2013 Noor Ahmad etc vs State Cr.A No. 72-A of 2013 Abid Aziz Vs State Cr.A.No.126-A/2012 Shakeel Khan vs State Civil Revision No. 287-P of 1998. Raza Quli Khan Vs Mehmood Jan WP.No.547-A/2009 Pakwal/Sarban CNG vs Govt etc C.R No. 213-P of 2015 Dr. Saira Shah Vs Director PDA CR.No.54-P/2014 Mehmood Khalid vs Muhammad Iqbal W.P No. 307-D of 2015 Muhammad Ramzan etc Vs Nasrullah etc Cr.R No. 66-P/2015 Basheer etc vs Muhammad Iltaf Khan Cr.M B.A No. 123-B of 2016 Qazi Fida-ur-Rehman Vs The State CR No. 42-B/2010 Mst.Janat Bibi vs Aslam Khan etc WP.No.3151-P/2014 Muhammad Zafar Ali etc vs Federation WP.No.3151-P/2014 Muhammad Zafar Ali etc vs Federation Cr.A.No.120-A/2012 Khaliq Dad etc vs State W.P No. 566-A of 2014 Ejaz Ahmad Amjad Vs President/CEO PTCL W.P No. 226-B of 2013 Muhammad Asif Vs Federation W.P No.2389-P of 2015 Muhammad Ashfaq Vs Cantonment Board WP.No.219-M/2015 Mst.Nosheen Bibi vs Zia Ullah etc W.P No 318-M/2012 Tribe of Utrore Vs Tribe of Kalam Cr.M Q.P. No.64-M/2015 Mukhteyar Alam vs State etc CR No.248-A/2009 Muhammad Waris vs Malik Abdul Ghaffar RFA No.10-M/2014 Jadoon Khan vs Abdul karam etc WP No.505-M of 2015 Torab Khan vs Govt KPK etc RFA No.59-P of 2010 Jan Sher etc vs Mst: Zarmina etc Cr.M B.A No.729-P/2016 Adnan vs State Cr.M BA.No. 669-P/2016 Tariq Jan vs State Cr.A No.151-A/2013 Babar Naseem vs State C.R No. 387-B of 2012 Mst. Sardara Vs ZTBL Cr.A No. 16-D of 2016 Muhammad Shakeel Vs The State Cr.A No.15-M of 2013 Muhammad Wali Shah etc VS State etc C.R No. 387-P/2015 M/S Green Group of Hotels VS Municipal Corporation WP.No.169-P/2016 Yousaf Khan vs Radat Khan etc Cr.A No.30-D/2014 Muhammad Bilal etc vs State W.P No. 266-A of 2016 Nazakat Vs Deputy Commissioner Cr.A No.216-M/2015 Muhammad Riaz vs State C.R No. 1593 of 2010 and C.R No. 1740 of 2010 Khalid Shah Vs Jamal Shah W.P No. 2012-P of 2013 Khan Asghar Vs Federation of Pakistan R.F.A No. 196 of 2011 Haji Bakhtiar etc Vs Syed Munawar Shah Bacha Cr.M.BA.No.356-P/2016 Imran Khan Orakazi vs State etc Cr.M BA.No.91-P/2016 Aziz-ur-Rehman vs State etc RFA No.433/2010 Inam Ullah etc vs M.D PHA etc RFA No. 105-P of 2013 with Cross Objection No. 05-P of 2014 Jamil Ahmad etc VS Chairman WAPDA etc WP.No.105-P/2015 Malik Naz vs Edwards College Peshawar Cr.M.BA No.191-P/2016 Ghazi Khan vs State etc Cr.M.BA No.379-P/2016 Saddique vs State etc W.P No. 125-M of 2012 Riaz Ahmed Vs Chairman Public Service Commission. Cr.A No. 60-D of 2015 Qudratullah Vs The State CR No.387-P/2014 Gul Badan etc vs Rasheed -ur-Rehman etc RFA No.11/2007 Saifullah Khan Bangash vs Jaseem Khan Revision Petition NO.829-P/2002 Col. Amir Khan etc vs Custodians of Evacuee property etc RFA No. 139-P of 2015 Wali Khan Vs Ali Muhammad Cr.M.BA No.4-P/ 2016 Wazir Gul vs State W.P No. 1480 of 2015 Sarhad Development Authority Vs Govt. Cr.M.BA.No.62-M/2016 Muhammad Ahmad vs State etc W.P. No. 774-P of 2016 Majid Ali VS Public Service Commission C.R No. 1416-P of 2006 Muhammad Rashid Vs Bakhtiyar WP No.3016-P of 2014 Mst: Hilal Murad VS Haji Amir Zaman etc Cr.M BCA No.01-M/2016 Salim Khan vs Pir Zada etc W.P No. 2178-P of 2013 Mst. Bakht Haram Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No.399-P/2015 Anas Khalil vs state etc C.R No. 27-D of 2016 WAPDA Vs Nasrullah Khan Cr No.350-P of 2016 Mashooq Ali VS Shah Zaman C.R No. 145-D of 2015 Muhammad Nawaz Vs Muhammad Ramzan FAO No.01-P/2016 Abdul Qayum vs Govt.of Pakistan through Collector Cr.M BA No.262-P/2016 Gul Wali vs umar etc Cr.A 56-P/2014 Munawar Bacha vs Mst.Basraja Bibi etc RFA No.92-P/2004 Abdul Latif etc Vs Sec:WWB etc W.P No.421-M of 2015 Gul Muhammad etc Vs Muhammad Zahir Shah RFA No.96-P/2014 Sher Shah vs Alam Sher RFA No.224/2007 Haji Bahadar Hilal VS MD F.D.C etc W.P No. 177-A of 2015 Muhammad Zaheer Vs Saima Bibi WP No.1126-P/2015 Shah Wazir Khan vs Govt.of KPK Cr.M BA No 2500-P/2015 Mst Javeria vs State CR.No.07-P/2015 & CM No.14-P/2015 Noor Rehman vs Akram Khan C.R No. 872-P of 2010 Nadir Khan etc Vs Muqadar Khan CM.No 6 & 8 -P/2015 in C.C No.08/1999. HBL vs M/s. Summifo Medical Ltd. R.F.A NO. 49-D of 2011 Muhammad Idrees Vs Hafiz Muhammad Yaqoob etc Custom Ref.No.32-P/2015 Khan Wali vs Collector Customs Peshawar etc W.P No. 1006-A of 2015 Usman Ali Vs KPK Bar Council W.P No. 669-A of 2015 Gul Shereen Bibi Vs Federal Govt. WP.No.1186-P/2014 Ahmad Saeed Shah vs Govt. of Pak. Cr.M.QP No.59-M/2015 Shahab Ali VS State W.P No. 1067-A of 2015. Samina Bukhari Vs Muhammad Javed Abbasi. W.P No. 453-A of 2013 Lat. Col (R) Abdul Quddus Vs Govt. of KPK. W.P No. 1147-A of 2015 Mehmoona Rashid Vs Women Medical College J.Cr.A No.559-P/2015 Faqir Khan vs State Cr.A No.83-P/2015 Zeeshan vs State etc Cr.A No.47/2007 Hazrat Salam vs Mian Jan etc Cr.M BA No185-P/2016 Imran vs state etc Cr.M BA.No.192-P/2016 Hayat Muhammad Khan vs State Cr.A.No.153-M & MR.No.6/2014 Sonaber vs State etc. W.P No. 118-A of 2016 Muhammad Atif Vs Govt. W.P No. 2080-P of 2015 Aizaz-ul-Mulk Vs Election Commission of Pakistan. WP No.3015-P/2015 Romana Muqarrab etc Khyber Medical University Pesh.etc WP No.2741-P/2015 Dr. Farhad Ali etc vs KPK PSC Cr.A No.111-A/2013 Sharafat Khan vs State W.P No. 113-A of 2016 Talha Baig Vs Ayub Medical College W.P No. 1026-A of 2015 Lubna Hameed Vs Controller of examination KMU W.P No. 587-M of 2014 Muhammad Imran etc Vs Deputy Commissioner Cr.M BA No.111-P/2016 Shams ur Rehman vs State Cr.M BA.No.1485-P/2015 Haji Sardar Ali vs Yar Muhammad Cr.R No. 08-D of 2015 Haji Arshad Mehmood Vs Azmat Hayat C.R No. 127-D of 2015 Barmala Khan Vs Usman Ghani C.R No. 21-M with C.M No. 72/2016 Aziz-ur-Rehman Vs Atiq-ur-Rehman ICA No.06/2012 Securities Exchange Commission of Pak vs Official Liquidator Islamic Investment Bank Ltd. WP.No.918-P/2015 M/S Rahman Cotton Mills vs Federation of Pakistan. WP No.1770-P of 2013 Dr.Nasidar VS Govt of KPK Cr.A.No.159-A/2012 Hassan Rahim etc vs State WP.No.91-A/2016 Syed Salim Shah vs Governor KPK W.P No. 2471 of 2015 Zahid Arif Vs Chairman NAB W.P No. 1135-P of 2014 Muhammad Aziz Ullah Vs Islamia College, University etc Cr.M BCA No.416-D/2015 Hussaid vs State etc Cr.M BA No.168-P/2016 Naseer Khan vs Nadir etc Cr.M BA No.2482/2015 Khail Khan vs State etc CR.No.146/2008 Haji Rustam vs Abdul Sattar Cr.A No.55-M/2015 State VS Anwar Zeb etc Cr.M BA No 88-P/2016 Ahmad Ullah vs State RFA No.174/2008 Muzaffar Khan etc vs Govt. of KPK etc W.P No. 4441-P of 2015 Abdul Nasir etc Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No. 28-B of 2014 with J.Cr.A No. 26-B of 2014 Aqal Zameer Vs Mohi-ud-Din & The State Cr.A No 135-M/2015 Mian gul Rehman vs State Cr.A No.725-P/2015 Saif ur Rehman vs State etc Cr.M BA No.2235-P/2015 Sajjad vs Asghar etc Cr.A No.537-P/2015 Tehseen Ullah vs State etc C.R No. 72-B of 2014 Sadeeq Khan etc Vs Govt. of KPK C.R No. 87 of 2011 Noor Ali Shah Vs Baidullah Cr.M BA No.2456-P/2015 Adam Khan vs State etc CR.No.235/2008 Said Mashal vs Said Muhammad W.P No.01-D of 2015 Mst Jehan Ara Vs Gomal University, DIkhan WP.No.381-D/2015 Aziz-ur-Rahman vs KPK Cr.A No.70-A/2014 Nizam Udin vs State Cr.A No.76-M/2013 Bakht Shad vs State W.P. No. 2485-P of 2014 Haji Ameer Zada etc VS Secretary Govt. of KPK W.P No. 266-M of 2013 Sohrab Khan etc Vs Noor Muhammad Cr.A No. 338-P/2015 Zeeshan vs State Cr.A No.384-P/2014 Mst:Zainab vs State etc Cr.A No.466-P/2015 Rafi Ullah vs Stated etc CR.No.403-M/2014 Mst.Najma Bibi vs Hakim Khan RFA No.58/2011 Zahid Khan vs Shoaib Ahmad C.R No. 138-B of 2011 Dilawar Khan (Deceased) through L.Rs. etc Vs Mir Qadam Jan W.P No. 4176-P of 2015 Imran Sajid Vs Mst. Sania etc Cr.A No.339-P/2009 Himayat Ullah vs Muhammad Iqbal etc W,P No.170-M of 2015 Farmanullah and others Vs State and others Tax.Ref. No.49/2008 Collector Sales Tax vs M/S Army Welfare Trust Cr.M QP No.211-P/2014 Mst:Bibi Roza vs State C.R No. 218-D of 2015 Haji Jhangi Khan Vs Ghulam Muhammad etc C.R No. 255-B of 2011 Muhammad Zaman Vs Daraz Khan etc Cr.M B.A No. 323-B of 2015 Nasir Khan Vs The State C.R No. 132-B of 2015 with C.M No. 319-B of 2015 Shoaib-ur-Rehman etc Vs Abdul Hadi etc EP No.03/2014 Qaiser Jamal Khan vs Haji Abid Afridi W.P No. 3982-P of 2015 Agritec Limited etc Vs Federation of Pakistan etc W.P No. 420-P of 2015 Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 1352-P of 2015 Noor Daraz Khan Vs Federation of Pakistan Cr.A No. 200-P of 2008 Mohammad Iqbal Vs Mohammad Anwar etc CR.No.500-P/2014 Zar Wali Khan vs Saddique Akbar etc Cr.A No. 647-P of 2014 Saeedullah Vs State C.R No. 589-P of 2013 Asif Shah Vs Mst. Attar Bibi Cr.M/B.a No. 2064-P of 2015 Peer Wahid Shah Vs State etc CR.No.144-M/2014 Muhammad Khan vs Mst.Jehan Zeba etc Cr.A No. 158-M of 2015 Ajab Khan etc Vs State etc WP No.1173-P/2015 Zakir Ali vs State W.P No. 1584-P of 2015 Dr. Jehanzeb Khan Vs Anti Corruption Nowshera etc Cr.M/ Q.P No. 159-P of 2015 Yar Mohammad Vs State Cr.A No.540-P/2014 &MR.No.14/2014 Fazal Majeed vs State WP.No.284-P /2014 Torsam etc vs Ibrahim Khan etc W.P No. 398-D of 2012 Naik Muhammad Vs Allah Diwaya etc WP No. 661/2015 Zia Ullah vs DPO Nowshera FAO No. 78-P of 2014 Ishfaq Khan Vs Chairman PEMRA B.A No. 291-B of 2015 Murad Ali Vs The State WP No.353-M/2015 Jehanzeb Khan vs Govt. of KPK WP No.2546-P of 2015 Muhammad Aqil VS KPk Texbook Board etc R.F.A No. 56-P of 2015 Incharge Sui Gas Vs M/S Sawabi CNG Cr.R No.06-B of 2015 Mir Qad Ayaz Vs The State Cr.R.No.24-B/2015 Wasi Ullah vs State W.P No. 2868-P of 2015 Toyota Frontier Motors (pvt) Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M/B.A No. 1706-P of 2015 Raees Khan Vs State WP No.3862-P/2015 Shamshad Alam Shah vs SHO etc RFA.No.154-P/2010 Behram Khan vs DOR etc W.P No. 2334-P of 2014 Niaz Muhammad Vs Chief Executive LRH WP No.54-P/2015 Prof:Dr. Munir Khan Khattak vs V.C University of Agriculture KPK Cr.M/B.A No. 2059-P of 2015 Mohammad Suleman Vs State Cr.M/ B.A No. 2152-P of 2015 Ikhtiar etc Vs State Cr.M/B.A No.2061-P of 2015 Afridi Khan Vs State etc CR.No.120-A/2013 Mohabbat Khan vs Abdul Hameed W.P No. 1796-P of 2015 PESCO Vs Wafaqi Mohtasib etc Cr.A 568-P of 2013 Usman Ghani Vs Owais Rehman RFA No. 28-D of 2010 Abdur Rashid Vs Fida-ur-Rehman Cr.R No.37-A/2015 Najab Nawaz Khan vs State W.P No.1058-P of 2015 Fakheryar Khan Vs Agriculture University, Peshawar. Cr.A No. 46-D of 2015 Muhammad Hanif Vs Muhammad Shehzad etc Cr.A.No.97-M/2015 Ghulam Murtaza VS State Cr.A NO. 341-P of 2013 Akhtar Muhammad Vs State Cr.M B.A No.1864-P/2015 Shah Pur vs State J.Criminal Appeal No. 37-A of 2012 Muhammad Khalid VS State Cr.A No. 560-P of 2015 Abdur Rauf Vs State WP.No.3113-P of 2015 Muhammad Israr etc vs Government of KPK Cr.M/B.A No. 2121-P of 2015 Faiz ur Rehman Vs State Cr.M /B.A No. 1878-P of 2015 Aurangzeb Vs State etc CR.No.133-A/2007 Mohabat Khan vs Muhammad Fareed CR. No.224-P/2005 Syed Zahir Shah VS Syed Muhammad Ali Shah B.A. No. 275-B of 2015 Zahir Shah VS The State Cr.M /B.A No. 2027-P of 2015 Abdullah Khan Vs State etc Cr.A. no. 483-P of 2015 Imran Ali VS The State Cr.M/B.A No. 1791-P of 2015 Nazir Ahmad Vs State Cr.M /B.A 1901-P of 2015 Waqif Vs State WP.No.405-M/2013 Shaliar etc VS Said Rafiq W.P. No. 185-M of 2011 Bakht Zada VS Shah Tamash etc CrA No.451-P of 2014 Abdul Samad alias Samad Vs State W.P No. 508-D of 2015 Zahid Mohibullah Vs Govt. of KPK etc Cr.A No. 639-P of 2013 Zakirullah Vs State W.P No. 1887-P of 2015 Govt. of KPK etc Vs Muhammad Inam Khan B.A No. 946-P of 2015 Noor-ul-Qamar Vs State etc Cr.A. No. 646-P of 2012 Nabi Gul VS The State Cr.M/B.A No. 1814-P of 2015 Banaras Shah Vs State etc BA Cr. M. No 1867-P of 2015 Arbab VS The State BA. Cr.M No. 2004-P of 2015 Asghar SV The State Cr. M. BA. No. 1783-P of 2015 Noor Muhammad Shah VS The State Cr.A No. 607-P of 2009 Usmanullah Vs Sharafat Khan etc CR.No.98-B /2011 Gul Rashid etc vs Israr Khan etc WP.No.1280-P/2013 Saeed Muhammad Zai vs ESSI KPK B.A. Cr. M No. 1988 of 2015 Nehar Ali Vs Mohammad Hayat etc CR.No.357-B/2011 Abdullah Jan vs Hussain etc CR.No.58-B/2011 Ajmal Khan Vs Miro W.P No. 2926-P & 3000-P of 2012 Dr. Mehmood-ul-Hassan Vs Chief Executive LRH WP No.225-M/2012 Jehani Rome etc VS Secretary Environment etc Cr.M B.A No. 420-M of 2015 Aziz Ullah Vs State etc Cr.M /B.A 1915-P of 2015 Naseeb Khan Vs State etc Cr.M B.A No. 356-D of 2015 Abdul Wahid Vs The State W.P No. 3782-P of 2015 Dost Muhammad Vs Chairman NAB etc Cr.A No. 25-A, 24-A, 31-A & 50-A of 2015 & Cr.R No. 6-A of 2016 Muhammad Faizan Vs The State BA Cr.M. No. 1831-P of 2015 Jehangir Vs The State Cr.A No. 128-A of 2009 Tahir Khan Vs State etc CrA No.281-M/2014 Stat VS Muhammad Rehman WP No.143-M/2012 Zarmenosh VS Siraj Khan etc Cr. M. BA. No. 1744-P of 2015 Akber Vs The State Cr.M/B.A 1843-P of 2015 Wajahat Vs State C.R No.469-P/ 2015 Ahmad Hassan Vs Muhammad Arshad WP No.2291-P of 2014 Azam Khan VS Chairman TBC Pesh etc W.P No. 130-P of 2009 Umar Khan VS Federation of Pakistan etc. Cr.A No. 108-M of 2015 Muhammad Shah Khesro etc Vs State etc CR.No 647 /2013 &C.M.No.781/2013 Taslim Shah vs Hokhiar Shah etc CR.No.348-B/2011 Haji Malik Zakeem vs Mira Band Khan Cr.M B.A No. 1751-P of 2015 Jamal Shah Vs State Cr.M.Q.P. No. 62-P of 2015 Rahat Zaman VS The State Cr.M. No. 1601-P of 2015 Muhammad Irfan VS The State etc, Cr. A. No. 101-P of 2015 Zeeshan etc Vs The State CR.No.358-A/2014 Nadeem Khan vs Naureen Sultan etc CR.No.846-P/2014 Fahad Iqbal vs BISE, Kohat. C.R No. 537-P of 2014 Sher Afzal Vs Sher Bahadar etc Cr.A No. 84-A of 2015 Muhammad Akbar Vs State Cr.A No. 321-P of 2007 Abdul Karim Vs Khaliq Jan etc W.P No. 2885-P of 2014 Abdul Latif Vs Director General Inteligence Cr.M B.A No. 390-M of 2015 Muhammad Irshad etc Vs The State etc Cr.A. No. 111-P of 2015 H. Bashir Khan Vs Rehmat Gul Cr.A. No. 554-P of 2014 Mohammad Khan etc VS State etc. B.A No. 1637-P of 2015 Sabir Shah Vs Muhammad Usman etc Cr.M Q No. 69-D of 2015 Allauddin etc Vs The State CR No.1395/2011 Nanu Ram Vs Javed etc C.R No. 201-D of 2012 Abdul Hakeem Khan Vs Habibullah etc Cr.A. No. 654-P of 2014 Abdul Khaliq VS State Cr.A No. 163-P of 2015 Sameen Khan Vs The State RFA No.13-P /2014 Mian Mujahidullah vs Sabir Ali etc Cr.A No. 348-P of 2014 Qudrat Shah Vs Mst. Mumtaz etc Cr.M (B.A) No 1691-P of 2015. Asmat Ali alias Mattay Vs State etc Cr. M. B.A. No. 1702-P of 2015 Hakeem Khan Vs The State Cr.M. BA. No. 1931-P of 20154 Ahmedullah Vs The State Cr.M. BA. No. 1833-P of 2015 Gul Muhammad etc VS Abdur Rashid CR No. 204 /2006 Mst. Tajrian vs Zarshaid Khan CR.No.15-B /2011 Amir Shah vs Mehr Janan CR.No.864 & 1260 of 2005 Mussarat Begum vs Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gillani Cr.A. No. 142-P of 2012 Abdur Rehman Vs The State Cr.M BA No 1619-P/2015 Abdur Rehman vs State etc Cr.M. No. 1677 of 2015 Manzoor Hussain Vs Bukhari Shah Cr.A No. 361-P of 2014 Ijaz Khan etc Vs State Cr.A No. 406-P of 2014 Fazal-Ur-Rehman Vs State W.P. No. 931-A of 2015 Kiran Ayub Tanoli VS Registrar Peshawar High Court etc WP.No.618-A/2013 Malik Muhammad Asif vs Secretary Irrigation Cr.A. No. 64-A of 2012 Mohammad Alam Vs The state W.P No. 959-A of 2015 Waqas Hussain Vs Govt. of KPK etc W.P No. 187-A of 2011 Manzoor Elahi Vs Muhammad Akram J. Cr.A No. 62-B of 2013 Shamim Khan Vs State Cr.A No.45-D/2015 Gul Rehman vs State etc Cr.A. No. 584-P of 2014 with M.Ref. No. 16/2014 Mustaqeem Vs Nawab Khan CR.No.56-P of 2009 Zahir Shah etc vs Shtamand etc CR.No.463-M/2014 Shafiullah vs Secretary School & literacy etc Cr.M (B.A) No. 1556-P of 2015 Imdad Vs State etc Cr.M. No. 1559-P of 2015 Abubakar etc The State CR.No.878 /2012 Fayyaz Muhammad vs Kifayatullah etc CR.No.328-P /2013 &703 /2014 Khan Baz vs Ranra Baz W.P No. 911-A of 2014 Muhammad Yasin Kalwar Vs Alamzeb W.P No. 955-A of 2015 Mian Khan Vs D.C Haripur Cr.A No. 466-P of 2014 Abdul Hameed Vs State Cr.A. No. 364-P of 2012 Habib Khan VS Sajid Mehmood Cr.M No. 437-A of 2015 Farhat Naseem Vs State Cr.M No. 499-A of 2015 Sardar Sameer Asmat Vs State Cr.M No.477-A of 2015 Saleem Khan Vs State Cr.M No. 398-A of 2015 Ahsan Bashir Vs The State C.R No.236-B/2011 Izzat Shah VS Intizar Gul Cr.M/B.A No. 1373-P of 2015 Mohsin Gul Vs The State CR.No.30-B/2010 Habibullah Khan vs Mst. Bibi Amina C.R No. 292-B of 2013 Najib-ur-Rehman Vs Qazi Laiq Cr.A. No. 363-P of 2013 Bakht Munir VS The State CR.No.158-D/2014 Muhammad Ismail vs Mst.Waheedan CR.No.368-B/2011 Mir Zali vs Cheif Executive PESCO Cr.A No. 40-P of 2015 Khurram Qazafi Mansoor Vs State W.P No. 861-A of 2015 Safeer Shah Vs Deputy Commissioner Cr.M (BCA) 303-A of 2014 Muhammad Irshad Vs The State C.R No. 16-B of 2007 Abdul Haleem Vs Habibullah etc C.R No. 277-B of 2013 Tariq Mehmood Vs Ghulam Muhammad B.A Cr.M No. 1385-P of 2015 Mst. Shakeela Vs State etc Cr.A No. 490 of 2011 Islam Gul Vs Sajjad etc CR.No.141-D/2014 Miran Bakhsh vs Muhammad Ismail etc W.P NO. 2744-P of 2015 Ali Steel Industry Vs Govt. of KPK CR No.60-D/2014 Mst. Dilshad Bibi vs Amir Nawaz etc Custom Ref.No.11-P/2015 Wali Shah vs Collector Customs etc T.R.No.40-P / 2014 Commissioner Inland Revenue vs Khalid Umar Khan W.P. No. 3673 of 2012 Muhammad Amin Vs Govt W.P. No. 2514 / 2014 Shahzada Mustafa VS Govt W.P No. 836-A of 2015 Asad Khan Vs Deputy Commissioner CR No.15-D /2014 S.Rahmat Khan etc vs Malik Ashiq W.P. No. 2403 of 2013 Hayat Ullah VS Chief Secretry W.P. No. 867-P of 2015 Gul Akber etc VS Jameela Afridi etc Cr.M No. 1501 of 2015 Muhammad Usman Raees Vs State CR No.94-D /2014 Ashiq Hussain vs Shah Nawaz etc Cr.M BA No. 1498-P of 2015 Zazai Vs State Cr.M 1382-P of 2015 Sahil Mohammad Vs State Cr.M No. 1293-P of 2015 Sultan Zeb Vs MCB Cr.M No. 404-A of 2015 Waseem Bashir Vs The State Cr.M BA No.399-A /2015 Habib-ur-Rehman vs State Cr.M BA No.967-P/2015 Riazullah etc vs State Cr.M BA No. 1230-P/2015 Muhammad Rafiq Vs State B.A/Cr.M No. 1243-P of 2015 Hakim Khan Vs State Cr.M BCA No.118-A /2015 Mst.Nagina Gul Ali vs Tariq etc Cr.M BA No.1368/2015 Faqir Hussain vs State Cr.M B.A No.1311-P/2015 Assadullah vs State Cr.M BA No. 1343-P of 2014 Khalid Vs State CR No.355-D /2012 Rajab Ali Shah vs Revenue Officer etc Cr.M B.A No. 1450-P of 2015 Abdul Wahab Vs State Cr.M B.A No. 1366 of 2015 Sher Zaman Vs State B.A Cr.M No. 1365-P of 2015 Javed Miandad Vs Naveed Shah Cr.M No.1426 /2015 Muhammad Munir vs State Cr.M 371-A of 2015 M. Fayaz Vs State CR.No.03-B /2012 Feroz Khan vs Mst. Malik Zaro CR.No.04-B/2012 Feroz Khan vs Mst. Malik Zaro Cr.M No. 377-A of 2015 with Cr.M 386-A of 2015 Sana-ur-Rehman Vs State CR.No.53-B/2014 Gul Alam Zar Khan vs Haider Ali CR.No.25-B/2012 Miro Khan vs Muhammad Khalil Cr.M QP.No.11-M/2015 Rafiullah vs State etc CR.No.359/2007 Suba etc vs Malik Falaksher CR.No.93/2009 Haji Khizan Khan vs Abdul Qayyum Khan C.M No. 868-P of 2015 in W.P No. 3876 of 2014 Khazana Sugar Mills Vs Federation of Pakistan C.M No. 868-P of 2015 in W.P No. 3876 of 2014 Khazana Sugar Mills Vs Federation of Pakistan FAB No.60 /2006 HBFC vs Muhammad Asif Cr.M B.A No.1236-P/2015 Wazir Gul vs State E.Appeal No.03 /2014 Qaiser Jamal Khan Vs Haji Abid Afridi Custom Ref. No. 49-P/2013 M/S Al-Khair Traders vs Collector Customs B.A No. 1058-P of 2015 Nazar Gul Vs The State etc CR.No.48-B /2009 Rahim Ud Din vs Sher Khan etc B.A No. 1189-P of 2015 Naik Mal Vs The State etc Cr.M.No.122 in Cr.A.No.138-M/2015 Muhammad Arif vs State etc C.R No.1239/2012 Ali Muhammad etc vs Romal B.A. Cr.M. No. 1121/2015 Dr Younas VS State tec Cr.A. No. 135-P / 2015 Ayaz VS State WP.No.542-A/2014 Women Medical College Abbotabad vs NAB etc Cr. Misc. BA No. 1116-P of 2015 Mst. Sheerina Vs State Cr.Misc.Q.P. No. 32-D of 2015 Sher Afzal VS State CR.No.167-B/2012 Shah Alam Khan vs Malik Zaman CR.No.122-D/2015 Chairman BISE Peshawar vs Muhammad jaarullah W.P No. 249-A of 2015 Mujahid Oil Refinary Vs Director CR.No.127-B/2010 Mehboob Khan etc vs Collector Revenue CR.No.300-B /2011 Maseed Khan vs Gulzar Ahmad Khan WP.No.09-P/2015 Umair Khan ete vs Principle Kabir Medical College etc W.P No. 532-A of 2014 Muhammad Afzal Vs Govt. of KPK WP. No.1251-P/2015 Abdul Jabbar vs Federation of Pak RFA No.62-A/2014 Muhammad Akhan vs M.Sultan Khan C.R No.2052 /2010 Khan Sher etc vs Israil Shah etc Cr.A 461-P of 2012 Amanullah etc Vs State E.Appeal No.01/2014 Syed Ghazi Ghulab Jamal vs Jawad Hussain etc W.P No. 480-M of 2014 Inamullah vs Govt. of KPK etc Rev:P.No.114-P/2015 Mst.Gul Safia vs Alhaj M.Nazir etc RFA No.83-A/2009 Wadood Shah va WAPDA Tax Ref.No.46/2010 Commissioner Inland Revenue vs Sher Akbar Khan Tax Reference No. 46 of 2010 Commissioner Inland Revenue Vs Sher Akbar Khan RFA No.140 /2011 Ministry of Defence vs Muhammad Junaid Khan etc J.Cr.A No. 275-P of 2015 Majid Sarwar Vs State (ANF) Cr.A No. 22-A of 2012 Khawas Rasool Vs State WP.No.1252-P/2013 Mst.Kalsoom Bibi vs Muhammad Waseem CR.No.69-B/2010 Mumtaz Khan vs Ihsanullah Custom Ref.No.53-P/2013 Aqil Khan vs Customs appellate Tribunal etc Cr.A No. 166-P of 2015 Mera Khan etc Vs State etc Cr.M No. 221-A of 2015 Mir Afzal Vs State CR.No.29-B/2013 Haji Akbar Hayat vs WAPDA etc CR.No.46-B/2015 Mst.Zar Taja Bibi vs Manager MCB etc WP.No.781-P/2013 Muhammad Rehman Zeb vs Sardar Khan and others FAB No.30-A/2014 M/S Ali Match vs Abdul Rauf W.P No. 563 of 2011 Chan Shah Vs General Manager NHA Cr.Misc. BCA No. 16-B of 2015 Muhammad Shaafiq Vs The State Cr.A No. 30-A of 2009 Abdul Hameed Vs State WP.No.634-P/2015 President Meezan Bank etc vs Nasir Jalal Awan etc RFA.No.174/2010 M/S Pharmatec Pakistan Ltd etc vs Amjad Ali Shah WP.No.3032-P/2014 Abdul Haseeb vs Principal Karnal Sher Khan Cadet College etc CR.No.311/2014 Riaz Ahmad etc vs Faqir Ahmad CR.No.19-B/2015 Sher Khan vs Gulzar Khan Cr.A No. 657-P of 2013 and M. Ref. No. 13 of 2013 Rehmanullah Vs State W.P No. 1261-P of 2015 Pir Muhammad Azam VS NAB W.P No.807-P/2014 Mst.Hina Rukhsana vs IGP KPK etc Cr.A.No115-B &M.R No.3-B/2011 Shamsullah vs State RFA No.66-D/2011 Muhammad Jamil vs Irfan Ellahi Cr.A No. 94-P of 2012 Hasham Ali Vs State Cr.A No. 191-P of 2012 Muhammad Karim vs State CR.NO.715-M/2005 Mst.Khandana Bibi etc vs Khaista Rehman etc Cr.A No. 156-A of 2010 M. Nisar Ahmad vs State W.P No. 1762-P of 2015 Muhammad Irshad Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No. 30-A of 2012 Abdul Latif vs State Cr.A No. 597 of 2011 Faqir Said etc vs State etc Cr.M B.A No.178-A /2015 Mohsin Javed vs State Cr.A No. 618-P of 2012 AJmal vs State etc W.P. No.385-A/2011 Sheikh Wajahat vs Govt KPK W.P No. 2185-P of 2014 M/S One 2 One Solutionz Pvt. Ltd Vs Post Master General KPK Cr.M B.A No. 596-P of 2015 Jan Muhammad vs State etc CR No.86-A/2013 Zafar Hameed vs NESCOM CR.No.267-A/2012 Sohail Afsar vs Abdul Rehman Cr.A.No.77-B /2013 Muhammad Ameer alias Merry vs Qadeem Gul J.Cr.A No.152-A /2010 Abdul Wahab vs State Cr.A No. 71-M /2015 Ihsan Ullah vs State etc W.P No. 1818-P of 2008 Sultanat Khan etc Vs Asfandyar Khan etc WP No. 2950-P / 2014 Rashid Gul Vs Govt Cr.A No. 616-P /2014 Mohabat Khan vs State etc W.P No.100 of 2014 Sardar Hussain Babak Vs Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cr.M B.A No.195-A /2015 Miskeen vs State CR.No. 557/2005 Mst.Razia Begum vs Adam Khan etc FAO.No.16-A/2014 Rab Nawaz etc vs Civil Judge etc RFA.No.05-B/2010 Rustam Khan vs Khalid Rehman CR No.593-D/2011 Niamatullah vs Haji Muhammad Mehmood CR No.318-D/2012 Shah Jahan vs Mst.Sadu Bibi W.P No. 595-A of 2010 Ghulam Khan Vs DCO WP.No.76-A/2014 Mushtaq Hussain vs Chief Executive Ayub Teaching Hospital WP.No.2393/2013 Mst.Rashida Khatoon vs DEO W.P No. 233-M of 2015 Aurangzeb Khan Vs Returning Officer and another. Cr.M BCA No. 157-P /2015 Kifayatullah vs Sanaullah etc CR No.147/2012 Rahim-ul-Wahab etc vs H.Mir Ghalib Khan CR.No.105-A/2015 Matee-ur-Rehman vs Muhammad Haroon CR No.115-B/2011 Muhammad Nawaz etc vs Akram Khan CR.NO.606-M/2013 Dawa Khan etc vs Secretary SAFRON etc CR.No.06-B/2008 Muhammad Nazir through LR vs Ameer Jan etc W.P No.252-P/2015 Khalid Khan vs State WP.No.916-P/2013 M/S Taj Packages vs Govt of Pakistan etc W.P No. 2874 of 2009 Yousaf Ayub Vs Government W.P No. 1160-P of 2015 Yousaf Ali Vs Election Commission of Pakistan CR No.45-D/2015 Muhammad Rauf vs Saeed Ahmad CR.No.366/2007 Atta-ur-Rehman etc vs Abdur Rashid CR.No.52-B/2011 Zafrullah vs Khan Bahadur CR.No.552/2011 Haji Nek Amal vs Dr.Suhail Baluch etc FAO.No.10-B/2015 Akos Grosz vs Saidullah Shah Cr. A. No. 182-P/ 2015 State through AG N.W.F.P. vs Khalil CR.No.154/2011 Mst. Shamshad Akhtar vs Muhammad Anwar Cr.M B.A No. 90-B /2015 Khadim Ali Shah vs The State CR.No.228-B/2011 Rajan Shah vs Sardar Khan CR.No.21-B/2010 Dilawar Khan vs Sanaullah etc W.P No. 2232-P of 2014 Muhammad Waseemullah Awan Vs Govt. Cr.M B.A No. 587-P /2015 Jamal Faiq vs State etc Cr.M B.A No. 285-P /2015 Shams-ur-Rehman vs State Cr.M B.A No. 531-P /2015 Haroon vs The State CR.No.735-P/2012 Farmanullah vs Ghulam Habib CR.No.12-B/2010 Khan Wali vs Rozi khan CR.No.747-P/2014 Shakir Ullah Khan etc vs KMU CR No.165-B/2013 Salar Khan vs Umer Riaz W.P No. 1420-P of 2014 Fateh-ul-Mulk Ali Nasir etc Vs Govt. of KPK etc Cr.M No.13-A /2015 Al-Haj Sardar Mohazam Khan vs State W.P No.881-A/2012 Faridoon Khan etc vs State etc Cr.A No.78-A /2011 Abdul Waheed vs State B.A No.611-P/2015 Inamullah vs State W.P No. 68-P of 2015 Irfan Aman Yousafzai Vs Federation of Pakistan. WP.No.68-P/2015 Irfan Aman Yousafzai vs Federation of Pakistan. C.R No.66-A/2012 Khan Zaib vs Central Govt. CR No.263/2008 PESCO WAPDA vs Ali Match Ltd CR.No.80-A/2007 Rouh Afza etc vs Ayub etc CR.No.367-M/2014 Bakht Zada vs Saifur etc Cr.A No.277-P /2012 Muhammad Noor vs Riaz Shah etc Cr.A No.61 /2007 State vs Waris Khan W.P No.3361-P/2013 Hamid vs Syed Sikandar Shah Cr.A No.33-A/ 2013 Yousaf vs State etc W.P No.258-P/2015 Amir Ghazan vs Chairman NAB etc W.P No. 128-A of 2015 Touqir Vs Muhammad Afzal WP No.480/2014 Syed Azhar Hussain vs MBR etc FAO No.74-P/2012 Malik Tilla Muhammad vs DG Excise & Taxation etc W.P No. 2414-P of 2013 Shakeel Ahmad Vs Govt. etc W.P No. 480 of 2014 Syed Azhar Hussain Vs MBR etc Cr.A No.05-B/2013 Habibullah vs Bilal Khan etc CR No.617-M/2012 Zarkhwound vs Imdad Ullah CR.No.201/2012 Govt. of KPK vs Asif Ali etc CR No.750-P/2014 Haji Fazal Ghafoor vs Hazir Dad Cr.M BA.No.130 /2015 Qazi Mubashar Saeed vs State. Cr.M BA No.359-P/2015 Bakht Zada vs State etc Cr.M B.A No.540-P/2015 Muhammad Usman vs State CR.No.138-A/2009 Muhammad Aslam vs Muhammad Nawaz etc CR No.79/2010 Safdar Shah vs Mehboob ur rehman WP No.1975/2010 Habib gul vs Mst. Shaheen etc RFA No.159-A/2013 Jamal Khan etc vs Govt. FAO No.54-P/2013 Shaukat Javed vs Shamsher Ali Khan Cr.A No.20-A/2014 Farooq vs State Cr.A No.730 /2011 Ismail vs State etc WP No.1811/2009 Mst. Bilqees Begum vs Arbab Hidayat Ullah Khan W.P No. 426-D of 2014 Sheheryar Gul Vs Mst. Sadaf Bibi Cr.A No.476 /2012 Riaz vs State W.P No.1275-P/2014 Asghar Saeed vs Justice of Peace etc WP No.3787-P/2014 Mst. Farida Bano vs Hazrat Muhammad Cr.A No.583-P/2014 Rozi Khan etc vs Waqas Bacha Cr.M BA No.84-P/2015 Bacha Gul vs State Cr.R No.35-P/2014 Tariq Ali vs State Cr.M B.A No.376-P/2015 Abu Bakar vs State etc CR No.616-P/2014 Arbab Munir Ahmad vs Pak Electric Power Company FAO.No. 03-P/2012 Multan Khan vs Ghazni Khan etc CR.No.349-A/2014 Irfan Jamil Eshai vs Haji Banaras Khan etc CR.No.115-A/2007 Muhammad Gulzar vs Muhammad Ayaz etc CR.No.312/2009 Wali Dad Khan vs Mst. Bilqees Labour Appeal No.03 & 04/2013 Regional Chief Executive vs Habib-ul-Hassan CR.No.1106 /2012 Muhammad Ayaz vs Malik Zareef Khan CR No. 549-P/2012 Muhammad Jan vs Mst. Nihara W.P No. 3441-P of 2014 Rahim-ud-Din etc Vs Govt. of KPK RFA No.63/2000 with R.P No.53/2006 Shah Rasool etc vs Maulana Ghulam Rahim etc WP.No.3949-P/2014 Jehan Roz vs Auditor General etc B.A No.506-P/2015 Falak Naz vs State Cr.A No.603-P /2012 Shujahat Ali vs State WP.No.1963-P/2013 Mst.Shahana Bibi vs Nadeem Shah etc Custom Ref.No.75/2011 Collector Customs vs Salman Khan etc W.P No. 08-A of 2015 Mutahida Transport Association Vs Govt. W.P No. 887-A of 2012 Ghulam Sarwar Vs Muhammad Javed W.P No.1013-P/2014 Abdul Qayum vs NAB etc W.P. No. 312-B of 2014 Hamayun Khan Vs Govt. Cr.M BA No.84-A /2015 Sabir Hussain vs State CR.266-D/2011 Samiullah vs Shekh Taj Muhammad RFA No.212/2009 Fazal Moula etc vs Land Acquisition Collector RFA No.25/2010 Fazal Rahim Khan vs Land Acquisition Collector W.P No. 516 of 2015 Jawad Ali etc Vs Supdt: Jail etc WP.No. 516 of 2015 Jawad Ali etc vs Supdt: Jail etc CR.No.237-M/2013 Khalid Khan vs Haji Muhammad Anwar W.P No. 433-P of 2014 Amin-ur-Rehman etc Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No.685-P/2014 Zahir Rehman vs State C.R No.88-M of 2012 Amir Zada through LRs and others Vs Haji Ahamd Noor and others J.Cr.A.No.569 /2011 Zarif Khan vs State CR.No.358-D/2012 Fida Hussain etc vs DOR/Collector etc W.P No. 223-M of 2011 Abdul Ghaffar etc Vs Sultanat Khan etc Cr.A No.506-P/2014 Manzoor vs State Cr.A No.251-M/2014 Ghani-ur-Rehman vs State Cr.A No. 166-B of 2012 Nazar Muhammad Vs The State CR.No.491-M/2014 Provincial Govt.etc vs Akhtar Hussain etc WP.No.41-B/2010 Muhammad Munir Qureshi vs Abdul Qadir Shah W.P No.07-B of 2009 Malik Khanzada Khan Vs Govt. W.P No. 290-B 2014 Saifullah etc vs Govt Cr.A No.107-A/2013 & Cr.A No.108-A/2013 Adeel Abbas vs State &Etisam vsState Cr.A.No.35-B /2009 Riaz Ahmad vsState WP No. 2635 of 2013 Dr. Zahoor ul Haq Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 329-B of 2013 Azam Khan Durrani Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M B.A No.350-P/2015 Riaz vs State Cr.Misc.No.204 /2015 Umar Gul vs State Cr.M BA No. 391/2015 Sajid Ali Khan vsState Cr.M BA No.115 /2015 Abdul Basit vs State Cr.M BA No.316/2015 Haji Rafeed Gul vs State B.A.No.374-P/2015 Ahmad Ali Yousafzai vs State CR.No.775-P/2014 Saeed Anwar vs Khursheed Anwar CR.No.126-P/2013 Syed Shah Miran vsGovt. CR.No.296/2011 Jamshed Khan vs Mst. Shujaat Begum CR.No.233/2010 M/S Telephone Industries vs Ghulam Zareena etc B.A.No.22-P/2015 Khusal vs State Cr.A.No.157-P/2014 Yousaf Ali vs Allah Yar etc Cr.A No.188-M /2012 Sabz Ali Khan vs State etc J.Cr.A No.693-P/2010 Noor Mohammad vs State etc CR.No.351-P/2014 Abdul Manan vs Fazli Subhan CR.No.521/2006 Sher Wali Vs Haji Said Mehmood CR.No.944-P/2014 Arshid Ali etc vs Sartaj etc WP.No. 2752-P/2013 Engineer Muhammad Ilyas Khattak vs UET Peshawar Cr.A No.44-P/2015 Ihsanullah vs State RFA No.204/2011 Govt. vs Syed Jaffar Shah Cr.M BA. No.1920 o/2014 Naveed vsState Cr.A No.647 /2015 Shahzeb vs State etc Cr.M.B.A.No.33-B/ 2014 Numan Quareshi vs State W.P No. 2610-P of 2013 Akhtar Munir Vs Secretary Home & T.A etc CR.No.189-P/2014 Saif ur Rehman vs Muhammad Saleem etc RFA No.73-D/2012 Jamil Ahmad etc vs Govt.of KPK etc Cr.M Q.P No.29-P /2015 Atta Muhammad vs State Cr. M/QP No.105-P/2014 Samid Ullah vs State CR.No.462 /2012 Nihayat Khan vs Shehryar CR.NO.116/2013 Mst. Dilbarr Jan vs Govt CR.No.893/2003 Khair Muhammad vs Sultan Muhammad CR.No.523/2009 Rasheed etc vs Sher Aman B.A No.281-A /2015 Anwar Khan vs State Cr.M No.215-P /2014 Samiullah vs State Cr.M B.A No.1319 /2015 Naib Khan vs State CR.No.1866/2010 Amjad Ali vs Anwar Shah CR.No.515/2013 Jan Bahadar vs Fazli Subhan B.A No.291-P/2015 Iqbal etc vs State CR.No.728/2012 Faridullah Shah etc vs Syed Inamullah Shah Badshah etc CR.No.689-P/2008 Sher Bahadar vs Syed Hameed Shah etc B.A No.131-P/ 2015 Mst. Salma vs State Cr.M BA No.73-A/2015 Jameel-ur-Rehman vs State RFA No.252-A/2011 Liaqat Zaman etc vs Mst. Tazeem Akhtar Cr.M BCA No.460 /2014 Ibrahim vs Dilshada Bibi FAO.No.48-A/2013 Dr.M.Safdar vs Mst.Shaista Amjid Cr.A No.208 /2001 State vs Riaz Cr.A No.145-B/2012 Inayatullah etc vs State WP.4001-P/2010 Sohail Saeed Khan vsMst. Mehreen RFA.No.138-P/2012 Sar Anjaam Khan vs NHA CR.No.602/2014 Safiullah vs Muhammad Iqbal etc CR.No.379-D/2011 Mst.Ghulam Aisha etc vs Kalimullah etc CR.No.126-D/2012 Muzzamil Khan etc vs Abdul Ghaffar etc FAO No.77-P/2013 Nawab Ali vs Dr. Umair Akram CR.No.414-P/2013 Abdul Malik vs Mst. Gul Reban CR.No.1007/2012 Haji Yar Muhammad vs Chairman WAPDA CR.No.386-P/2014 Mst. Gulshan vs Rizwanullah CR.No.1320/2011 Dr. Shahabuddin vs Itbar Gul Cr.M.BCA.No.56-B/2014 Alamgir vs State W.P No. 402-M of 2014 Shakeel Vs University of Malakand etc Cr.A No.367-P/2013 Malang Shah vs Muthair Shah etc Cr.A No.484-P/2012 Sher Afzal vs State RFA.No.404-M/2014 Ajmal Khan vs Govt.of KPK etc Cr.A.No.17-B/2011 Hayat Mir vs State Cr.A.No.207-B/2012 Obaidullah Jan vs State Cr.M QP No.02-B/2015 Tahir Aziz vs Lal Habib Cr.M.QP No.69-B/2014 Lal Habib vs Tahir Aziz etc CR.No.369-A/2006 Tufail etc vs Aurangzeb etc WP.No.98-A/2015 Muhammad Asif Mahmood vs Govt. RFA.No.56-D/2013 Ghulam Yahya vs WAPDA W.P. No. 86-A of 2015 Sher Dil Khan Vs Bibi Memona etc WP.No.1012/2014 Dr. Ikram Ullah vs KPK Agricultural University Peshawar WP.No.3398,3556,2242 & 1833-P/2014 Amir Taimoor etc vs Govt. of KPK etc CR.No.354-M/2014 Muzafar-ul-Mulk Khan vs Jamsher Zada etc. WP.No.2953-P/2014 Aurangzeb vs Govt.of KPK etc Cr.A No. 490-P of 2013 State Vs Sadaam CR.No.1686/2010 Sajjad ur Rehman vs Safi Ullah Cr.M BA.2132-P/2014 Afzar vs State etc CR.No.206/2008 Mst.Phull Bibi vs Ghazan Shah etc Cr.A No.238-P/2012 Shah Izzat alias Shahzad vs Adnan Cr.A No.153-B&Cr.R No.44-B /2013 Asim Raza vs Muhammad Hussain etc RFA.No.94-D/2011 Zafrullah Khan vs Chairman NHA etc WP No. 1062 of 2014 Mohibullah Khan Vs Govt. Cr.A No.429-P/2014 Mumtaz vs State RFA.No.89-M/2013 Project Director etc vs M/S Royal Builders. W.P No. 325-B of 2013 Sajidullah Vs Mst. Shakeela Naz Cr.A No.37/2014 State vs Behram Khan etc Cr.A No.90/2014 State vs Rahim Shah Cr.A No.187-P/2014 Muhammad Irfan vs State Cr.A No.159-M /2014 Ibrar Ahmad vs state etc Cr.A No.174-P/2014 Fazal-ur-Rehman vs state. Cr.M BA No.05/2015 Akbar Ali vs State etc CR.No.456-P/2012 Govt of KPK etc vs Shahzada Aman Room etc RFA.No.78-M/2014 Abdul Hadi etc vs Bakht Syed etc W.P. No. 2905 of 2009 Atta-Ullah Vs Chief Secty. Cr.M BANo.57-P/2015 Habeebullah vs State Cr.M BA No.20-P/2015 Zahid Kamal vs State Cr.M BANo.55-P/2015 Asif etc vs State CR.472-P/2013 Agha Raza vs Mst.Tamseela Fazil etc W.P. No. 3349-P of 2014 Mst. Gulalai Vs Major Fakhri Jahan & 4 others W.P No.2709-P/2014 Pordil Khan vs State etc Cr.A No.109-P/2012 Hazrat Bilal vs State W.P No. 2737 of 2013 Muhammad Ayub etc Vs Govt. W.P NO. 501-D of 2014 Alamgir Khan Vs Ghulam Rasul etc Cr.A No.90/2011 Fazal Rahim vs State etc RFA.No.263/2005 Haji Maroof Shah vs Syed Sher Shah W.P No. 3383-P of 2012 Mst. Saima Tabasum Vs Syed Sher Shah etc Cr.A No.105-P/2014 Aurangzeb vs Ayaz Khan etc WP.No.2763/2012 Mst.Ghazala Rohi vs Saima Tabasum W.P No. 1348-P of 2014 Abdul Aziz etc Vs Govt. of KPK etc W.P No.24-B of 2015 Mst. Shumaila Latif Vs Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa WP.No.217-M/2013 Amir Siyab vs Sher Bahadar Khan etc W.P. No. 913-A of 2014 Aurangzeb Vs Govt of KPK etc W.P No. 22-B of 2014 Faith ullah Vs Govt. Cr.A No.288-P/2012 Sajjad vs Aziz Khan etc Cr.A NO.51-B/2010 Rehmatullah vs State W.P. No. 137 of 2014 Mst. Saira Bibi etc Vs Nawab Ali etc W.P No.11-B of 2010 Saifullah Khan Vs Anwar Khan and six others CR.No.180-P/2014 S. Kamran Shah vs Fazal Qadoos CM.TA.No.16-B/2014 Amanullah vs Mst.Israna etc CR.No.329/2012 Jaffar Khan vs M. Arif Khan CR.No.217/2008 Mst. Akhtar Bibi vs Abdul Rasheed Cr.Misc (COC) No. 313 of 2014 in Cr.R No. 87 of 2013 Shahid Orakzai Vs Muhammad Nawaz Sharif etc Cr.M B.A No.2083-P/2014 Nisar Ahmad vs State Cr.M B.A No.2101-P/2014 Rehmat Ali State Cr.M B.A No.1932-P/2014 Muhammad Dan Gul vs Wajid Gul W.P No. 3062-P of 2014 Abdul Hamid Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 3823-P of 2014 Aurangzeb Vs SHO Cr.A No.67-P/2013 Waqar Ahmad vs State etc W.P No. 3315-P of 2014 Amanullah Khan Vs Govt. etc W.P No. 886-A of 2014 Muhammad Naveed Vs Govt. of KPK etc WP.No.3036/2011 M/s Al Imdad General Trading Co vs Pakistan through Secretary, Ministry of Commerce etc. W.P. No.. 3036 of 2011 M/s Al Imdad General Trading Co VS Pakistan through Secretary, Ministry of Commerce etc. W.P No. 213-B of 2013 Israfeel Vs Mst. Nakamzada W.P No. 446-A of 2014 Muhammad Khalid Qureshi Vs Govt. Cr.A No.563-P/2014 Jibran vs State Cr.M Q No.66-A /2014 Malik Hakim Khan vs State CR.No.200-B/2013 Haji Shaizullah Khan vs Haji Nawab CR.No.81-B/2009 Asal Janan etc vs Zarif Khan etc CR.No.939-P/2014 Sitara Khan etc vs Syed Zahir Shah etc Cr.A No.166-P/2014 Zubair Sharif Vs State Cr.A.No.86-P/2013 Hazir Zaman vs State W.P. No. 2526 of 2014 Miss Mehwish Asif VS Vice Chancellor WP.No.1255/2014 Prof Dr. Ghazala Yasmeen vs Chancellor SBBW University etc CR.No. 817/2012 Madad Khan etc vs Naseer Ahmad etc. Cr.M BCA No.61-A/2013 Abdul Qudus vs State Cr.R.No.135-P/2014 Mohammad Younas vs State etc. Cr. M.B.A.No.291-B/2014 Tahir Khan vs State Cr.R No.56-M /2014 Ijaz etc vs Mst. Manadia CR.No.120-B/2012 Falak Niaz vs Amal Din etc WP.No.01-B/2000 Hayat Mir vs Govt.of KPK WP.No.2825/2011 Haji Akbar Khan vs Wajida Zahoor etc Cr. A.No.02-M/2013 Hakim Zada vs State etc. WP.No.3599-P/2014 Mr.Tajammul Khan etc vs Govt. of KPK etc WP.No.244-B/2013 Zahid Janan vs Mst. Kausar Begum RFA No.31 & 32/2011 Muhammad Imran Khan vs Ehsanullah and others CR.No.769/2009 Sher Bahadar etc vs Ghulam Qamar Din WP.No.1010-P/2014 Mr. Haider Taj vs KPK PSC etc Cr.A No.527-P/2014 Murtaza vs State Cr.R No.72-P/2014 Kishwar Khan vs State Cr.A. No.33-M/2014 Muhammad Khurshad vs State CR.No.236-A/2013 Attiq-ur-Rehman etc vs Muhammad Shafique etc RSA No.20/2014 Mohib Ullah vs Arjumand Khan etc RFA.No.17/2005 M/s Dir Wood Works vs Secty.Works & Communication etc Cr. M.No.606-A /2014 Dilawar vs State Cr.A No.40-B/2014 Nisar Khan vs State Cr.A. No.41-B/2014 Anar Khan vs State etc WP.No.3492-P/2012 Majid Sultan Khwaja vs MEO etc CR.No.73-A/2010 Chief of Air Staff vs M.A. Tahirkhaili CR.No.184/2007 Banaras Khan vs Kala Khan CR.No.270-A/2011 Mohammad Umer vs Khan Bahadar Cr.M B.A No.275-B/2014 Barkat Ullah vs State W.P No. 3099 of 2011 Fazal-e-Raziq Vs Haji Sher Zaman W.P No. 468-P of 2013 Azizullah Vs Govt. Cr.Misc No. 624-A of 2014 Shahbaz Vs State CR. No.217/2014 Banaras Khan vs Muhammad Rashid RFA.No.30/2013 Raja Liaqat Ali vs Shahzad Alam etc Sales Tax.Ref.No.15-P/2014 M/S.Khan &Co Manz Kali vs DC Cr.M.No.466-A/2014 Shakeel Ahmad vs State Cr.A No.80-A/2013 Regional Manager SNGPL vs Haji M. Iqbal Cr.R No.36-P/ 2014 Tariq Ali vs State RFA.No.175-A/2013 Roman Ali Khan vs Malik Kareem Shahzad Cr.R No. 36-P of 2016 Tariq Vs The State W.P No. 546-D of 2014 Muhammad Jawad etc Vs Govt. of KPK Cr.A No.94/2014 Momin-ur-rehman vs State etc. CR.No.152/2011 Syed Dilawar Shah etc. vs Meftah Uddin etc. W.P. No. 85-A of 2012 Sardar Ahmad Qureshi Vs E & T Officer Cr.M B.A No.274-B/2014 Shahzeb Khan vs State Cr.M.B.A.No.284-M/2014 Shah Tamas Khan vs State Cr.A No.201-P/2013 Aslam vs State etc. CR No.518-A/2011 BISEP vs Zahid Hameed RFA No.393/2010 Ahmad Shah vs Israr-ud-Din CR.No.326-A/2014 Hamayun Iqbal vs GDA CR.No.504-A/2011 Rustam etc vs Mst.Sikandar Jan CR No.181/2008 Muhammad Server vs Mst.Bibi Fatima CR.No.174-B/2010 Said Rehman vs Mullah Khan etc W.P. No. 481 of 2014 Asad Ullah Khan etc Vs Govt of KPK etc CR.No.221-A/2008 Abdur Razaq vs Govt of KPK Cr.A No.865 /2010 Saifullah Khan vs Bilawar etc Cr.A.488 /2013 Amjad Ali vs State RFA.No.139/2005 Ijaz Ahmad vs Collector Custom Ref.No.26/2010 Sultan Muhammad vs Collector Custom W.P No. 3249-P of 2014 Sardar Aminullah Khan Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No. 2277 -P of 2014 Amir Bashar Vs Muhammad Ejaz etc W.P. No. 1939-P of 2014 Sinotec Co. LTD VS Province of KPK WP.No.3249-P/2014 Sardar Aminullah Khan vs KPK Govt Cr.A.No.117-B /2011 Riaz Khan vs State WP.No.04-B/2006 Sharif Khan vs Akber Zaman WP.No.2190-P/2014 Khan Muhammad etc vs Juma Gul etc WP.No.534-A/2014 Akhtar Zaman vs Muhammad Iqbal W.P No. 423-B of 2014 Masajidin etc Vs Mst. Dil Payaz Begum WP.No.260-B/2014 Zahoor Khan vs Govt. Cr.A No.667/2010 Manzar vs Muhammad Iqbal & State etc Cr.M Q No.125-D/2014 Shah Behram etc vs District Police Officer etc WP.No.3634/2012 Mst.Shumaila Bibi vs Zahir Khan RFA No.1-B/2006 ,3-B/2007 Haji Shewajan vs Govt.of KPK. Cr.M No.1637/2014 Mst. Taj mala vs State CR.No.247-P/2013 Provincial Govt etc vs Fazal Rahim CR.No.329-A/2011 Aurangzeb vs Mst. Shabna Bibi CR.No.103/2011 Qazi Shaheen Iqbal vs Haji M. Sadiq Cr.M No.529-A /2014 Muhammad Shabir vs State WP.No.1634/2008 Abdul Samad Khan vs Jamshed etc Tax.Ref.No.26 & 27/2013 Commissioner Inland Revenue vs M/s Saydon Pharmaceuticals WP.No.213-P of 2013 Dr.Ahmad Ali Aajiz vs University of Peshawar etc Cr.A No.305/2012 Arif ur Rehman vs State RFA No.91-P/2012 Biradar Khan vs UET W.P.No.430-p/2012 Izhar Shah etc vs State RFA No.128/2010 Mst.Dr.Yousaf Fida etc. vs Justice (R) Muhammad Azam Khan Cr.A No.214/2012 Noorzali Shah vs State WP.No.1096/2011 M/S Cherat Cement Company Ltd: vs Govt. of Pakistan etc CR.No.90-M/2012 Mst. Shahi Lal etc vs Khurshid Ali Khan etc Cr.M Q No.109-D/2014 Inayatullah vs state etc W.P. No. 2307-P of 2013 Mansoor Khan Vs Government of KPK etc. WP.No.3070-P/2013 Col(R) Sultanzeb vs Fazal-e-Haq College, Mardan. CR No.58-D/2012 Haji Kabeer Khan vs Rabnawaz CR.No.13-D/2012 Gulab Shah etc vs Ghulam Yaseen etc WP.No.630/2010 Dr.Muhammad Alam etc vs Govt.of NWFP CR.No.1510/2006 Chairman WAPDA vs M/S Sitara Marbles Company Case No.01-P/2014 Abdul Karim Khan vs Haroon-ur-Rasheed Cr.A.No.202/2012 Nadeem vs State W.P.No.2507-P/2014 Didar Khan vs Supdt. Jail etc. WP.No.1990-P/2013 Mulana Ihsan ul Hadi vs Govt. etc W.P No. 2187 of 2011 Riffat Jan Vs Bashir Zada etc W.P No.1014-P/2014 Sabz Ali Khan vs State etc. Cr.M B.A No.253-B/2014 Nisar Ali vs State Rev:P NO.71-P/12 in CR No.1092 /13 Mirza Gul etc vs Muhammad Ayub etc Cr.M (Q) No.6-P/2014 Arshad Khan vs Jehanzeb Cr.A No.657-P/2012 Qayumullah vs State Cr.A No.425-P/2014 Muhammad Ikram vsState CR.No.132-B/2012 Aqal Zaman etc vs Balqiat Khan etc W.P No. 676-P of 2014 Gul Taimur Khan Vs Federation of Pakistan Cr.M BCA No.230-D/2014 Amanullah vs State etc CM.No.26-B/2012 in FAB.No.1-B/2006 Sultan-e-Room vs UBL Cr.M BA No.1513-P/2014 Bashir etc vs State. Cr.M BA No.201-D/2014 Abdul Latif Vs State CR.No.200/2014 Mst.Rukhsana Asif vs Govt. CR.No. 385/2007 Iftikhar Hussain vs M. Sadiq etc Cr.M/BA No.876-P/2014 Aizaz Ahmad etc vs State CR.No.198-B/2014 Awas Kahn vs Education Department etc W.P 2527 of 2010 Muhammad Sareer Khan Vs Arbab Sultan Muhammad WP 1206 of 2011 Sultan Hanif Vs Federation Cr.A No.495-P/2011 Akhtar Ali Vs State RFA No.12-A/2014 Muhammad Tufail vs CLA Mansehra Cr.M BA No.1360-P/2014 Mazhar etc vs State Cr.M BA No.1321-P/2014 Ziarat Gul vs State W.P No. 18 of 2010 Zahir Shah Vs Mst. Seema WP.No.366/2014 Mst.Rukhsana vs Govt.of KPK W.P No.1292-P of 2013 Abdul Jabbar vs NAB CR.No.702-P/2014 With CM.539-P/2014 Humayun Khan vs Zareen Khan W.P No. 312-M of 2014 Mst. Shabnam Vs Govt. WP.No.482-A/2014 Naveed Kamal Afsar vs GDA WP.No.815-A/2013 Irfan Khan Bangash vs AD Mines CR.No.343-B/2011 Ahmad Zarin vs Jehan Mir CR.No.32-B/2009 Mst.Pashmina etc vs Dil Nawaz etc RFA.No.84-M/2013 Bahramand vs Jamal-ud-Din FAL No.2-A/2014 TIP Employees vs Federation Cr.M BA No.214-B/2014 Bilal Khan vs State etc Cr.R No.38-P/2014 Imdad vs State Cr.A No.139 /2013 Rasheed vs State. Cr.A No.690/2011 Fazal Muhammad vs Zia ul Haq etc WP.No.288-A/2009 Muhammad Sultan Khan vs Deputy Director Works T.R No.10-P/2014 M/S Shaukat Khan & Co.vs Commissioner Inland Revenue CM.TA.No.12-B/2014 Reayat Khan etc vs Nadar Khan CR.No.427-M/2013 Abdul Wahab vs Mumtaz Cr.R No.11-D/2014 Javed Akbar Khan vs State & another. Cr.M BA No.237-B/2014 Fakhir Ullah vs State Cr.ANo.138-M/2014 Sherzada vs State CR.No.225/2008 Rizwan Shah vs Mst. Kalsoom CR.No.101/2014 Muncipal Committee Mingora vs Naser Khan etc CR.No.09-B/2005 Niaz Muhammad etc vs Marwat Khan Cr.M BA No.216-B/2014 Noor Muhammad Khan vs State W.P. No. 1558/2013 M/S Spinzar Travels (PVT) Ltd, Vs PIA Cr.M BA No.219-B/2014 Habibullah vs State W.P. No. 1803-P of 2009 M. Nadir Shah alias Kotay Khan Vs Shakirullah etc CR.No.338/2006 Mst. Asiya Khatoon vs Khan Shareen RSA.No.4-M/2013 Muhammad Ilyas vs Naeemullah CR.No.330-M/2014 Shah Mulk etc vs Badshah Mulk etc WP No.1153-P/2014 Northern Bottling vs Federation of Pakistan W.P No. 1153-P of 2014 Northern Bottling Vs Federation of Pakistan Cr.A.No.635/2012 Ashraf Ali vs Ayaz Ali Cr.M BA No.1287/2014 Gul Mast vs State Cr.M BA No.1332/2014 Fazal Amin vs Shahid Zaman RFA.No.95-M/2013 Secretary Ireregation Deptt vs Collector etc CR.No.647-M/2005 Raza Khan vs Bakht Meena CR.No.288-P/2013 Ziarat Gul vs Muhammad Hamayun Cr.A.No.432/2011 Mir Alam vs State W.P No. 551-M of 2013 Sherzada Vs State WP.No.326-B/2013 Ajmal Khan vs Gul Zahira Bibi etc WP.No 306-B/2014 Fahidullah etc vs State Cr.A.No.47-B/2010 Zia Ur Rehman vs State Cr.A No.114-P/2014 Siraj vs State etc Review Petition No.102-B/2014 in CR.No.107-B/2014 Akhtar Ali vs Dilawar Khan etc CR.No.624-M/2013 Muraed Khan vs Ayub Khan W.P No. 2440-P of 2012 Engineer Musharaf Shah Vs Govt. of KPK W.P 357-M of 2014 Sherin Zada etc Vs The State etc WP.No.2440-P/ 2012 Eng. Musharaf Shah vs KPK Govt Cr.ANo.91/2011 Azmatullah vs State CR.No.614/2012 Zar Dast Khan vs Zabardast Khan Cr.M BA No.206-B/2014 Dilawar Khan vs state CR.NO.448-M/2011 Kaki vs Aqleemoon etc CR.No.196/2010 Muhammad Tariq etc vs Abdur Razaaq CR.No.135-M/2013 Gul Shad vs Royedad etc Cr.M BA NO.205-B/2014 Rizwanullah vs State etc CR.No.427-D/2011 Mehrban vs Ghulam Hassan CR.No.13-M/2014 Niaz Muhammad vs Abdul Rahman CR.No.17-B/2007 Mst.Khanzada vs Khan Muhammad. CR.No.31-B/2007 Aqleem Khan etc vs Govt. of KPK C.M. Transfer Application No. 11-B /2014 Mst. Shahbana Begum Vs Naeem-u-Din W.P No.1821-P/2014 Shafiq Ahmad ASi vs Sher Alam CR.NO.352-M/2013 Alamgir etc vs Mst.Zen Jahan etc Cr.M BA No.52-M/2013 Qari Hazrat Ali etc vs State etc Cr.M BA No.378/2012 Amir alias Amir Sultan etc vs State etc Cr.M BA No.204-D/2014 Ayaz vs State CR.No.210-B/2013 Hamayun Khan vs Haji Muhammad Iqbal Khan W.P. No. 1803-P/2014 Inayatullah Abdali Vs Director General NAB etc. CR.No 90-A/2014 Mst.Aqsa Sabir vs Dr.Sajjad Hussain CR.No.50-B/2009 Sajjad Ahmad etc vs Muhammad Khalil Khan etc Cr.M BA No.918/2014 Farman Ali vs State WP-BA.No.563-P/2014 Muhammad Rafiq Bangash vs NAB CR.No.568-P/2014 Mst.Faryal Gohar vs Gandhara University W.P (Bail Petition )No.1563-P of 2014 Muhammad Rafiq Bangash Vs State/ NAB Cr.M BA No.330-A/2014 Wazir Muhammad vs State Cr.M BA No.304-A/2014 Fakhar-e-Alam vs State etc CR.No.541-P/2014. Mst:Naseem Sajjad etc vs Mst: Anwar Sultan etc CR.No.188-B /2011 Islam Jan vs Khalid Iqbal Cr.M QP No.30-P/2014 Abdul Ghafar vs state etc Cr.M BANo.968-P/2014 Kamran vs Haji Muhammad Zahir Khan FAO No. 44-A/2013 Mujshtaq Ahmad vs Tahir Aslam Cr.M BA No.132-B/2014 Naseer Muhammad vs State Cr.M BA.128-B/2014 Hazrat Bilal vs State Cr.M BA No.123-B/2014 Rasool Jan vs state RFA No.314/2013 Mst. Hussan Bibi vs Govt. CR.No.1213/2012 Muhammad Amin vs Mst shaista Cr.A No.869-P/2010 Muhammad Ali Jan vsMst. Shamim Akhtar J.Cr.A No.518-P/2011 Shall Muhammad vs State CM 84-P/2014 in T.R 67/2013 C.I.R vs M/S Karawan-e-Abdul Rahim etc Cr.A No.822/2010 Umer Gul vs Samar Gul Cr.M BA No.119-B/2014 Abdullah Khan vs State CR.No.306-B/2011 Asim Aziz vs Rahmat Shah Cr.M BA No.108-B/2014 Imran Khan vs State Cr.A No.154-B/2011 Abdur Razaq vs State ITR 39-P/2012 C.I.R vs Mr. Rooh-ul-Amin, University Book Agency. W.P NO. 447-P of 2013 Syed Rashid Ali Shah Vs Mst. Haleema Bibi Cr.A No.43-B/2010 Gul Faraz vs State CR.No.01-B/2007 WAPDA vs Gohar Baig CR.No.91-B/2010 Qasim Khan through LRsvs Gul Nawaz Service Appeal No.40/2011 Faqir-ur-Rehmam Jadoon vs Registrar PHC W.P. No. 434-P of 2012 Sadia Sajjad etc Vs Khyber Medical University Cr.A No.45/2013 Rehmanullah vs State W.P No. 2547-P of 2013 Badshah Gul Wazir Vs Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa W.P No. 784-P of 2014 Peshawar University Teacher's Association (PUTA) Vs Govt. of KPK WP.NO.2547-P/2013 Badshah Gul Wazir vs Govt.of KPK etc CR.No.53-B/2007 Muhammad Ayub vs Sher Abbas Khan etc RFA.No.19-B/2011 Amirullah Khan vs Mst.Nisar Begum etc W.P No. 1690-P of 2014 Muhammad Sayyah-ud-Din Vs Director General PDA Cr.A No.409/2011 Ayub vs Munsif CR.No.252-B/2013 Khyal Badshah vs Afzal Khan WP.No.1425/2010 M/S Associated Industries Limited Vs Govt. of Pakistan etc W.P 1425 of 2010 M/S Associated Industries Limited Vs The Government of Pakistan etc Cr.A No.08-B/2006 Ghulam Rabbani vs State Cr.A No.130-B/2011 Nasim Khan etc vs State. Cr.A.No.80-B/2011 SamiUllah etc vs State CR.No.338/2011 Naseebullah Khan vs Mst: Zainuh Jana Cr A No.21-B/2007 Gul Din vs State etc. W.P No. 282-B of 2012 Naseem Akhtar Vs Naveedullah W.P No. 321-B of 2013 Abdul Hanan Vs Govt. of KPK WP.No.321-B/2013 Abdul Hanan vs Govt.of KPK WP.No.320-B/2013 Gul Muhammad vs Govt.of KPK Cr.M BA No.79-B/2014 Aziz ur Rehman vs Din Bibi CR.No.29-B/2009 Zafran Khan vs Baidullah Jan CR.No.95-B/2011 Mst.Baswara Bibi vs Hafiz Ullah Cr.M BANo.71-B/2014 Havaas Khan vs state CR.No.24-B/2009 Ubaid ullah Jan vs Mumtaz Khan W.P. No. 360/2013 Bazar Gul Afridi Vs Federation of Pakistan etc Cr.A No.5-B/2014 Noor Alam Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.62-B/2014 InamUllah vs Qudrat Ullah Cr. Appeal No. 382-P/2012 Taj Mali Vs State WP.No.3250/2011 Mst.Khilafat Jan vs Principle of GHSS Nizam Pur etc QP.No.61-B/2013 Muhammad Tanvir Khan Kundi etc vs Ashraf Khan Cr.M BA No.35-B/2014 Juma Khan vs State W.P No. 1741-P of 2012 Abdul Bari etc Vs Director Livestock, Dairy Development FATA Secretariate J.Cr.M. No.64-B/2013 Lal Habib Khan vs State etc WP.No.74-B/2014 Mukhtiar Ali Shah vs Fazal Mir CR.No.39-B/2009 Wali Raza vs Saif Ullah Khan Cr.Misc No. 54-P of 2014 Usman Vs Mushtaq Ahmad Cr.A No.211 /2008 State( ANF) vs Haji Iqbal Shah etc Cr.A No.211 of 2008 State (ANF) Vs Haji Iqbal Shah etc RFA.No.307-P/2013 Gohar Ayub vs Muhammad Shafiq W.P. No. 3210-P of 2012 Muhammad Ali Shah etc VS NADRA Cr.A No. 34-B/2010 Mst.Shoperi Bibi vs State etc W.P No. 3248 of 2013 Haji Lal Muhammad Vs Federation of Pakistan. CR.No.182-M /2013 Ubaid ur Rehman etc vs Qazi Saeed ur Rehman etc CR.No.182-M/2013 Ubaid-ur-Rehman vs Qazi Saeed-ur-Rehman WP.No 3535/2011 Shafiullah Khan vs Zarai Taraqiati Bank W.P No. 488-M of 2013 Dilshad Begum Vs Govt. of KPK W.P No.1292-P/2013 Abdul Jabbar vs NAB WP No.2610 /2011 Rais Khan VS State etc Rev. Petition No. 07 of 2014 in W.P 2283-P of 2013 Al-Razi Medical College Vs KMU etc W.P No.2271 of 2009 Liaqat Ali Vs Govt of NWFP WP.No.2271/2009 Liaqat Ali vs Govt of NWFP RFA.No.268-M/2011 Haji Basheer Muhammad vs Abdul Sameer Khan Cr.M BA No.551-M& BCA.No.67-M/2013 Sheraz vs State CR No.233/2005 Shad Muhammad vs Mst. Sarwara etc Cr.R.No.75/2000 Bakht Jamal vs Hakeem Khan W.P No. 4405 of 2010 Roshan Dani Vs WAPDA through its Chairman WP.No.4405/2010 Roshan Dani etc vs WAPDA etc CR.No.510-B/2011 Arsala Khan vs Haji Ahmad Khan W.P No. 2283-P of 2013 Muhammad Bilal etc Vs KMU Cr.A No. 132 of 2009 Ghulam Mustafa Vs State CR.No.5941-M/2004 Mst.Shah Room vs Mst.Khaista Bibi CR.No.456-M/2013 Gul Usman etc vs DC W.P No. 1841-P of 2013 Hussain Muhammad Vs The Vice Chancellor Islamia College, Peshawar CR.No.754-M/2012 Mst. Shahin Shah Bibi Vs Musharaf Cr.A No. 472-P of 2012 Fazal Haq Vs The State etc CR.No.15/20113 Muhammad Amir Khan vs Musharaf Khan CR No.1030/2010 Siyar etc vs Ibrahim CR No. 201-P/2012 Muhammad Shah vs Agha Seemab Ali Cr,ANo.213 & MR.No.10/2012 Hazrat Ali Shah vs State etc Cr.R No.34-A/2013 Muhammad Abid Khan vs Mst. Noreen WP.No.376,377,383,384,385-D,CM.No.396/2013 Abdul Latif vs Secty.C&W KPK CR.No.1046-P/2012 Mst.Zubaida Begum vs Haji Din Muhammad QP. No.28-B/2013 Asal Mar Din vs Farid Gul CR.No.254-A/2006 Dr.Rab Nawaz Khan vs Liaqat Usman QP. No.99-P & 107-P/2012 Ubaid Ahmad vs State Cr.M QP.136-D/2013 Muhammad Ramzan vs State Cr.ANo.506-P/2010 Shah Zarin vs Gul Zamin WP.No.2412-P/2013, M/S Associated Industries Ltd vs Federation of Pakistan etc Cr.A No.49-M & MR No.3-M/2012 Said Jehan vs State WP.No.4272/2010 Bakhtiar vs Deputy Collector Custom etc W.P No.4272 of 2010 BAKHTIAR Versus DEPUTY COLLECTOR CUSTOMS and others WP.No.1947/2009 Bakht Munir vs Secty. Health NWFP Cr.M BA.No.614-A/2013 Muahmmad Ibrar vs State RFA.No.111-D/2012 Haji Zabta Khan vs Dr.Ahmad Ali Siraj Cr.A.347&363/2012 & Murder Ref.14/ 2012 Muhammad Abrar vs State WP No.942-A/12 & 59-A,109-A,373-A/2013 Nigh Hussain vs Circle officer, ACE, Mansehra Cr.M.BA No.438-M/2013 Sargand vs State W.P. No. 681-A of 2013 Farid Khan VS Saeeda Bibi RFA.No.99/2007 WAPDA Vs Muhammad Usman Khan RFA No.249/2013 Dr.Riaz Khan vs Abdur Rasheed CR.No.1758/2010 Govt of KPK vs Muhammad Anwar Khan W. P. No. 730-A of 2013 Mian Zia-ur-Rehman VS Syed Ahmad Hussain Shah Cr.A No.24-A/2008 & MR No.1/2009 Mehboob vs State RFA No.18/2007 Tasam Ali Bukhari vs Ghulam Mustafa CR.No.398/2010 Najeebullah vs Amin-ur-Rehman CR.No.367/2009 Abdullah vs Bashir Ahmad CR.No.476-M/2013 Ishan ul Haq vs Bahramand Khan Cr.A No. 78-M of 2013 Naseeb Rahman Vs The State CR.No.444/2005 Faridullah Khan etc vs Abdul Ghani etc CR.No.21/2012 Qutab Din vs Rashidan Bibi Cr.A No.45-46-D & Cr.R No.19-D/12 Naveed Anjum vs State WP.No.215,CR.No.170/2004 Malik Muihammad Miskeen vs Haji Obdaidullah Khan W.P. No. 224 of 2006 Malik Umer Farooq Vs Fedration & others W.P. Nos. 316, 317 of 2008 & 1030 of 2009 Muhammad Nazir VS Muhammad Iqbal W.P. No. 215 & C.R. No. 170 of 2004 Malik Muihammad Miskeen VS Haji Obdaidullah Khan Writ Petition No.3474-P of 2012, Mst. SALMA BIBI and another Vs MUHAMMAD IQBAL and 2 others Cr.A No.61/2013 Mina Gul vs Siraj-u-Deen Cr.A No.233-P/2013 Samawat vs State CR.No.36-B/2004 Mir Sahib Khan vs Ghazi Muhammad CR.No.421/2010 Mst. Ashoo Bibi vs Gamon RFA.No.66/2012 Mst.Saima Bibi vs Mst.Zahida Parveen CR No.477-479-P/2012 Mst.Hameeda Bibi vs Inayatullah etc CR.No.395-P/2012 Roman vs Maqbali Cr.A No.38-B/2012 Amjad Ali Shah vs State etc Cr.A No.56/2009 Amir vs State Cr.ANo.339/2013 State vs Wahid Cr.A No.09 & Cr.R No.2/2013 Rahmatullah vs State CR.No.54/2012 Mst. Khurshid Begum vs Fiaz Muhammad CR.No.19-D/2013 Syed Iqbal Hussain Shah vs Mst. Kalsoom Bibi CR.No.107-D/2012 Mulizim Hussain vs DOR CR.No.1716/2011 Naeemur Rehman vs Hayatullah CR.No.225/2012 Mst. Riffat Yasmeen vs Hassan Din CR.No.988/2005 Muhammad Zahir vs Amir Saleh CR.No.64/2013 Asad Jan vs Zia Ullah Cr.M BA No.376-M/2013 Mst. Muhmadia vs State CR.No.595/2011 Jamil-ur-Rehman vs Rehmatullah CR.No.58/2010 Khuda Bakhsh vs Jalil-ur-Rahman CR.No.10-B/2008 Mir Qadir Khan vs Ayub Khan through LHs Cr.A No. 385-P/2013 Numan vs Raja Khan W.P. No. 296-P of 2013 Pro. Dr. M. Islam Gouhar VS University of Peshawar CR.No.222-B/2012 Sir Iqbal Khan vs Hamed Iqbal Khan BA.No.221/2013 Imran Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.213-D/2013 Qiamatullah vs State S.A No. 19 of 2010 Shafiq Ahmad Tanoli Vs Registrar Peshawar High Court SA.No.19/2010 Shafiq Ahmad Tanoli vs Registrar PHC etc RFA.No. 84,110 /2012 ,CR.No.423/2010 Pinda Khan vs Muhammad Bashir CR.No.33/2012 Hayatullah vs Mst. Aashu Mai CR.No.486-M/2013 Riaz Muhammad vs Khadim Muhammad CR.No.238 with CM.No.362/2013 Mst.Mahar Angiza vs Mst.Bakhti Raja CR.No.236-B/2013 Haji Abdul Hamid Khan vs Amanullah Jan Khattak CR.No.314-D/2012 Ghulam Muhammad vs Abdullah WP.No.549-P/2013 Khyal Badshah vs Raees Khan W.P. No. 2144-P of 2013 Khanan VS DCO Khoat WP.No.2144-P/2013 Khanan vs DCO Khoat Cr.M BA No.265/2013 Muhammad Zareen vs State CR.No.88-D/2013 Muahmmad Yameen vs DEO Education Cr M BA No.276-M/2013 Muhammad Akram etc vs State etc RFA No.70/2012 Dr. Roidad Shah vs M. Zahoor CR.No.44/2013 Govt. Poly Technical Institute vs Muhammad Bakhsh Cr.M.BCA No.108/2013 Muhammad Javed vs State QP No.41/2013 Qazi Muhammad Yousaf vs State CR.No.226/2010 Khudadad vs Ghulam Ahmed CR.No.378/2012 Abu Bakar vs Mst.Khayber Jan RFA No.31-D/2012 Abdul Majeed Chaudhry vs Abdul Hakeem Shah Cr.M BCA No.170/2013 Raza Khan vs M.Abid Khan Cr.M No. 583-P of 2013 Dr. Momin Vs State Cr M No.293-M & BCA No.1-M/2013 Said Muhammad vs Muahammad Siraj ud Din etc FAO No.28-P/2013 Latif-Ur-Rehman vs Haji Farmanullah Custom Ref.No.102/2011, Collector Customs vs Lucky Cement Ltd Writ Petition No.116-M of 2012 SHAH JAHAN KHAN Vs STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN through Governor & 5 others. Cr.A No.34-D/2012 Wahid Bakhsh vs State CR.No.198/2011 Manzoor Hussain vs Abdur Rasheed Khan CR.No.544,517,528/2011 Khuda Bakhsh vs Fazalur Rehman CR.No.852/2008 Noor Maidar vs Altaf Ahmad Khan CM.No.107/2013 in CR.No.200/2006 Islam ud Din vs Abdul Majeed CR.No.389/2012 Shafqat Rehman vs Mst. Mahjaben Cr.A No.137-B/2011 Naseebullah vs State Cr.M.BA No.152/2013 Rozi Khan vs State Cr.M.QP No.158-D/2012 Abdul Hakeem Khan vs State. CR.No.398,402,2010 Haq Nawaz vs Sanaullah Kahn CR.No.370-D/2012 Habib Ullah vs Muahmmad Iqbal Khan Cr.A No.156/2011 Muhammad Zarif vs State Cr.A No.496 & 463-P/12 Gul Mat Shah vs State CR.26-B/2012 Shafi Ullah Khan vs Nek Muhammad Khan CR.No.37-B/2004 Amal Khan vs Gul Zaman W.P No. 23 of 2010 Qemat Baha VS Govt. of KPK Cr.M. B.A.No.645-P/2013 Shah Zaib vs State Cr.A No.499-P/2012 Akhtar Gul vs State W.P. No. 3360-P of 2012 Dr. Muhammad Anwar KPK Public Service Commission through Chairman CRNo.73-P/2013 Mian Saeedullah Jan vs Mst. Nusrat Begum CR.No.1492/2010 Haji Ghulam Habib vs Tariq Sudduque CR.No.967-P/2012 Haji Muhammad Sarwar Khan vs Abdul Khaliq Cr.A No.14-D/12 &M.R Aamir Iqbal vs State Cr.A No.66-B/2010 Khan Bahadur Khan vs State Cr.M,QP No.89/2013 Karam Elahi vs State CR.No.49-D/2012 Kalu Khan vs Abdul Aziz RFA No.77-B/2012 Muhammad Nawaz vs Land Acquisition Collector NHA CR.No.139/2008 Malik Sher Rokikhel vs Khalid Ameen CR.No.1957/2010 Syed Muhammad Jan vs Syed Zahoor Ahmad CR.No.941-P/2012 Lutfullah vs Mubarak Shah WP.No.921/2005 Muhammad Akbar Khan vs Muhammad Naeem Khan W.P 60 of 2011 Abdur Rashid Vs Mst. Shahida Parveen W.P. No. 319 of 2012 Muhammad Sahaid VSMst. Aasma Nosheen W.P. No. 921 of 2005 Muhammad Akbar Khan VS Muhammad Naeem Khan CrA No.44/2011 Jehan Bahadar vs State etc WP.No.385/2011 Sheikh Wajahat Ali vs Govt.of KPK W.P. No. 385 of 2011 Sheikh Wajahat Ali VS Govt. of KPK through Secty. Industries WP.No.228-P/2012 Eng. Siddiq Ullah vs Govt. of KPK Cr.M BA No.131/2013 Pinda Khan vs State Cr.M QP No.102-P/2012 Mirza Ali Khan vs Hidayat Ullah Khan CR.No.209-A/2008 Mst. Mehr Afzoon vs Aurangzeb CR.No.322/2009 Jehangir Khan vs Ameer Bibi etc Custom Ref.No.10-P/2013 Addl: Director Intelligence vs Banaras Khan W.P No. 652-P/2013 Sher Akbar Vs Administration Deptt: etc Cr.A.No.175/2010 Sher Khan vs State Cr.A No.224/2012 State vs Khaista Rehman CR.No.913-P/2012 Wahid Zaman vs Misal Khan W.P No. 277 of 2010 Sajid Hussain Tanoli Vs Nadia Khattak CR.No.321/2009 Ibad Ullah vs Mst.Roida Gul Begum CR.No.479/2011 Sardar Ahmad vs Mst.Zeenat BIbi Cr.R.No.16-B/2013 Muhammad Amin vs Momin Khan W.P No.909-A of 2012 Ahtabar Gul etc vs State etc Writ Petition No.909-A of 2012 AHTABAR GUL and another. Vs The STATE and another. Cr.A No.125/2008 Siyar Muhammad vs State Cr.A No.126/2011 Meharban vs Ajab Noor Cr.A No.97-A/2010 Khalid mehmood vs State. Cr.A No.536/2010 Muhammad Shakoor vs State CR.No.662/2012 Muhammad Yamee vs Umer Zada Sales Tax Ref.No.11-P/2013 M/S KPK Text Book Board vs DC W.P No. 1289-P of 2013 Zahid Hussain Rathore Vs President All Pakistan Women Association Writ Petition No.864-P of 2013 MUHAMMAD SAAD ALI Versus Mst. MARYAM KHAN CR.No.1291-M/2004 Musafar vs Mst.Laz Mahal Bibi W.P. No. 423 of 2012 Messers Gandapur Construction Company VS Govt of KPK through Secty. C&W Cr.M.BA No.430-P/2013 Ismail Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.94/2013 Shah Behram vs State CR.No.1418/2011 Syed Zia-Ul-Hassan vs Muzffar Khan Cr.M BA.No.96-D/2013 Saeed Ahmad vs State Cr.M BA.No.45-B/2013 Ahmad Jan vs State Jail Cr.A No.853/2010 Muhammad Ibrar vs State Cr.ANo.354-P/2012 Shakeel Ahmed vs State Cr.A No.160 MR No.18 & Cr.R No.52/2011 Muhammad Farhan Rahim vs State CR.No.68/2012 Batakim Kalash vs Zuhra Bibi Cr.M QP No.74-D/2013 Abdul Ahad vs State Cr.A No. 290-P/2012 Shahid vs State CR.No.631-P/2012 Asad Ullah vs Mohib Ullah QP No.68/2013 Ejaz Hussain vs NasimUllah CR.No.210/2011 Syed Munawar Hussain Shah vs Sahib Khan Cr.A No.157-A of 2012 Sabir vs State etc Cr.R No.5/2012 Hussain Ali etc vs Ellum etc WP.No.3325/2009,152/2010 Mst.Rozina Begum vs Nawabzada Muhammad Fateh Khan J.Cr.A No.469 & 463/2011 Zahid Hussain vs State. Cr.A No.254-P/ 2012 Abdul Hussain vs State CR.No.732/2011 Latif-Ur-Rehman vs Mst.Izat Begum WP.No.1582-P/2012 Mst.Soniya Sharif vs Bashir Kundi etc W.P No. 1582-P of 2012 Mst. Soniya Sharif Vs Bashir Kundi etc CM.No.687-P/2012 ,CR.NO.759/2012 Nasir Khan vs Lal Muhammad Khan Rev:Petition No.65 in CR.No.111/2007 Noor ul Basar vs Mian Adnan Bacha Cr.A No.320-P/2012 Sardoor Khan vs State Cr.A No.6/2013 Khalifa Abdul Qayum vs State WP.No.216-M/2012 Gul Dad Khan vs Ismail Khan Cr.M QP No.9-M/2013 Fazal Maula vs State etc Cr.M BA No.110-M/2013 Rahim Shahid vs State etc CRNo.250-P/2012 Mst.Mehmooda Begum vs Zubair Ahmad etc CR.No.611/2011 Gohar Rasheed vs Abdul Ghanni CR.No.356/2009 Malik Muhammad Hussain vs Saadullah Khan Cr.M BA No. 60-D/2013 Hussain Khan vs State CR.No.51-D,CM No.75-D/2013 Mehmood Khan Alizai vs Central Govt. of Pakistan CR.No.1060/2007 Muhammad Asghar vs Government of Pakistan W.P No. 213 of 2010 Shafqat Munir Vs Government of N.W.F.P WP.No.213/2010 Shafqat Munir vs Government of N.W.F.P WP.No. 999/2010 Muhammad Kazim Khan Khattak vs Mewa Khan Cr.A No. 87/2011 Fawad Ahmad vs state CR.No.498/2010 Allied Band Ltd: vs Sardar Khan WP.No.510/2012 Mst.Yasmeen vs Sahib Zarin W.P. No. 3508 of 2011 Fawad Ullah VS KMU Peshawar W.P. No. 3165 of 2011 Abdul Sattar VS Mst. Shagufta Bano CR.No.220/2010 Mst.Shameem vs Sarfaraz Cr.A.No.905 & Cr.R No.207/2010 Meem Bahadar vs State Cr.A No.290&319/2011 Sher Akbar vs State W.P. No. 1962 of 2010 Mst. Saeeda Javed Vs Javed Iqbal Cr.A No.455/2010 Muhammad Zahir vs State Cr.M BA No.281-P/2013 Saeed Anees vs State W. P. No. 2044 of 2012 Major(Rtd) Baseer Ahmad Khattak VS Govt of KPK through Secty. Mineral Development Deptt. CR.No.204/2009 Banno Mai vs Muhammad Hussain Revision Petition No.209/2012 Ghulam Hussain vs Sona Khan Cr.A No.971/2010 Haftay Khan vs State CR.No.1142-P/2012 Muhammad Zaman vs Siraj-ul Islam Cr.M BA No.109-A/2013 Uzair Javed vs State. CR.No.83/2012 Ali Akbar vs P.I.A Cr.A No.82-A/2009. Muhammad Riaz vs State. RFA No.312/2010 Nazir Muhammad VS Collector Land Acquisition Haripur W.P No. 712 of 2011 Muhammad Jamil Vs Mst. Tahira Bibi CR No.205-A/2003, Mst.Hussan Jana etc vs Muhammad Yaqub etc Cr.M.BA No.27/2013 Mst. Nazo vs State E.Cr.ANo.4 & 6/2004 Syed Anwar Badshah Vs Chairman NAB Cr.MBA No156-P/2013 Salam Noor vs State CR.No.831-P/2011 Fida Muhamad etc vs Umar Khitab BA No.17/2013 Abdul Majeed vs State Cr.BCA No.281/2012 Ajab Khan vs Muhammad Ramzan Cr.A.No.5-B/2010 Naseeb-Ur-Rehman vs Muqarab Khan Cr.M/ BCA No. 339-A of 2012 Syed Ishaq Shah Vs Shakir Shah etc RFA.No.37/2008 Rashid Khan vs Bashir CR.No.62/2006 Muzaffar vs Collector Cr. Misc. B. Application No. 27-D of 2013 Kaleem Ullah VS The State Cr.M BA No.80-P/2013 Shayan vs Mst. Zahida Nageen Cr.M BA No.46-M/2012 Khan Farosh vs State Cr.A No.852/2010 Saif-ul-Abbas vs State Cr.A.No.253-M/2012 State vs Attaur Rehman Cr.A No.511/2010 Sajjad Ahmad vs State WP.No.984/2011 Ali Rehman vs Naik Amal Khan. RFA.No.29-B/2012 Aziz-ur-Rehman VS Muhammad Saeed CR.No.33-B/2013 Zari Gul vs Umar Zad Khan WP No.356-M/2012 Shahzada Aman-e-Room etc VS Federation of Pakistan etc Cr.M BCA. No.61-B/2012 Sharifullah vs Abdul Waheed Cr.M BCA No.525/2011 Mst.Riaz Bibi vs Muhammad Riaz etc Cr.A No.14-B/2012 Shakeel Nawaz vs State Cr.M QP No.162/2012 Sami-ud-Din vs Nadeem Ahmad CR.No.17-B/2004 Pir Wali Khan etc vs Niaz Badshah etc CM.No.16/2012 Razi Rizwan vs VC. Gomal University W.P No. 648-A of 2012 Muhammad shiraz Vs Government etc Cr.A. No.239/2011 Muhammad Afzal vs State. Cr M QP No154 &Cr.M No.1550/2011 Allah Baksh vs State QP.No.170-P/2012. Murad Gul vs State. W.P. No. 123 of 2012 Irfan Ahmad Vs Gomal University D.I. Khan through VC W.P. No. 224-D of 2010 Anjum Saeed Khan Kundi VS Mst. Hayat Bibi Cr.M No.687-A/2012 Shahzeb Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.686-A/2012 Mumtaz vs State RFA No.32/2007 Mrs.Alam Ara vs Dr.Shaista Tariq Cr,M BA. No.628/2012 Said Nawab vs State Cr.M BA No.647-M/2012 Muhammad Sultan vs State. Cr.M BA No.595-M/2012 Raza Khan vs State Cr.A No.42/2010 Imran vs State Cr.A.No.223/2011 BAkht Sher vs State. WP.No.3115/2010 Sajjad-ul-Haq vs DG PDA W. P. No. 3115 of 2010 Sajjad-ul-Haq VS DG PDA Cr.A No.587/2011 Inzar vs State Cr.A.No.661/2011 Murad Ali vs Muhammad Aman CR.No.568-P,CM.No.473-P/2012 Mst.Wadegai vs Mst.Khayal Jana Cr.A No.7-B/2011 Noor Ali vs State WP.No.63/2010 Abdul Wali vs Abdur Rashid Arif W.P. No. 63 of 2010 Abdul Wali(WaliKhan) Vs Abdur Rashid Arif CR.No.465/2000 Habib Ullah vs Mir Zaman CM.No.8/2011 Mian Aziz-ul-Haq vs Adil International Pvt Ltd. CR.No.270-D/2012 Muhammad Jan vs Rustam Khan Cr.A.No.18-B/2010 Amir Zada vs State J.Cr.A.No. 9 & MR No.5/2012 Rehmat Zeb vs State. Cr.M.BA.No.1446-P/2012 Imtiaz vs State WP No.2-B/2008. Rasheed Ahmad Khan vs Tribunal FCR Peshawar. CR.No.969/2012 PESCO vs Umar Gul etc W.P. No. 2-B of 2008. Rasheed Ahmad Khan VS Tribunal F C R Peshawar. RFA No.36-D/2012 Jannat Khan vs Chairman NHA RFA.No.49-D/2012 Hamid Khan VS Govt of NWFP through Collector LCR.No.3-A/2012 Meezan Bank vs Nasir Jalal Awan etc W.P No. 894 and C.Misc No. 694 of 2011 Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza Vs Mst. Saima Naz WPNo.218-B/2012 Bibi Hijra vs Govt of KPK Cr.M BA No.271/2012 Mohammad Akbar vs Rukhsana Bibi Cr.M BA No.275/2012 Abdul Wahid vs Satte Cr M BA No.1240-P/2012 Luqman vs Daud etc CR.No.94/2007, Wali Khan vs Waheed Ghani Khan C.R. No. 63 of 2004 Chief Land Commissioner NWFP Peshawar VS Syed Allo Din Cr.A No 72,77 & Cr.R.No.22/2010 Attaullah vs State Cr.A.No.631/2010 Ali Muhammad vs State CR.No.39-B/2005 Bilawar Khan vs Amir Sabar Rahman etc CR.No.368,371-P/2012 Younas Khan vs Chairman. WAPDA Cr.A No.569 & MR No.22/2010 Khaista Bacha vs Habib Khan Cr.M BA.No.260/2012 Muhammad Riaz vs State CrM B.A.No.240-D/2012 Naseeb Khan vs State Cr.A No.17 & Cr.R No.8/2012 Alam Khan vs State Cr.A No.382/2010 Qalander Said vs State SAO No. 27/2002 Messrs Kaghan Ghee Mills Ltd vs Collector Customs Jail Cr. Misc.No.217-A /2012 Ali Fouzan vs State Cr.A.No.21-B/2010 Umer Zaman vs State Cr.M.BCA.No.132-P/2012 Fazal Rabi vs Nasim Akhtar RFA.No.12-B/2011 Mir Liaq Khan VS Sarfaraz Jehan W.P. No. 1754-P of 2012 Muhmmad Naseer Khan VS GM (HR-OPS) SUI Northern Gas Pipline Ltd. WP.No.1754-P/2012 Muhmmad Naseer Khan vs SNGPL Cr.M BA.No.199/2012 Mumtaz vs State CR.No.116/B/2011 Khan Badshah vs Mst: Noor Nama W.P. No. 454 of 2010 Mst. Ishrat Bibi Vs Muhammad Arshad Cr.A No 34,60 &Cr.R 61/2012 Mir Ahmad Shah vs State Cr.A No.56/2012 Hazrat Bilal vs State CR.No.48/2012 Dr. Syed Mustafa Kamal Shah vs Syed Abid Ali Shah CR.No.911/2012 Noor Muhammad Khan vs Haji Mufrah-ud-Din Cr.R.No.82/2012 Sher Rehman vs State. CR.No.950-P/2012 Mst.Riyasat Begum vs Ejaz Ahmad CR.No.60-D/2009 Amanullah vs Haq Nawaz Customs Ref.No.22/2006 Taj Wazir Interprizes etc vs Collector Customs etc W.P. No. 1405 of 2011 Muhammad Faisal Khan Vs Mst. Sadia & others Cr.A No.700/2012 Saeed Nawaz vs State Cr. Misc.Quashment No.14-A /2011 Yasir Khan vs Imtiaz etc CR.No.1056/2009 Fazal Rahim etc vs Faqir Khan Cr.A No.27/2011 Nawas Khan vs State Cr.A No.152-P/2012 Sajjad vs State Cr.M BA No.485/2012 Muhammad Abdullah vs State RFA.No.480/2010 M/s NEELAB CNG vs MD SNGPL etc Income Tax Ref.No.24/2007 Commissioner of Income Tax vs M/S Pakistan Refrigeration SAO.No.48/2005 Collector Sales Tax & Federal Excise Peshawar vs M/S Cherat Paper Sacks Ltd WP.No.104-B/2012 Asal Jana vs State Cr.M BA No.385-M/2012 Muhammad Shoaib vs State Cr.A No.688/2010 Siraj vs State CR.No. 673 & 859/2003 Mst. Sabarhi Taj vs Saltanat Khan Cr.A No.30-B,34-B & Cr.R No.10-B/2012 Abid Usman vs State Cr.R No.79-P/2012 Izzat Khan vs State RFA No.20/2005 Syed Faqir Shah vs Haji Inyatullah Khan Cr.A No.523/2010 Bakhtzada vs State Cr.A No.493/2010 Taj Muhammad vs Bacha Muhammad etc Cr.A No.53/2011 Muhammad Ali Shah vs State W.P. Nos. 223 to 251 & 890 to 898 of 2011 Pak. Telecommunications Company LTD VS Azher Ali Babar Cr.A No.26-B/2009 Mst. Naushad Bibi vs Sher Khan Cr.A No.86-M/2012 Mst. Zahida vs Kaki Khan Cr.A No.92-M/2012 Fazal Akbar vs State E.Cr.A.No.12/2012 Muhammad Zamurad vs NAB Cr.A No.40/2011 Gul Zareen vs Hamzada Cr.R No.38/2012 State through Muslim vs Mumtaz Ali Cr.M.BA No.442/2012 Yasir Rehan vs State etc Cr.M BA No.422-M/2012 Isfandyar vs State CR.No.170/2008 Mst.Sikandar Jahan vs Mst.Ghulam Zanib Cr.M BA No.989-P/2012 Shah Hussain vs Fahad CR.No.681-P/2012 Muhammad Saeed etc vs Mumtaz etc WP.No.1801 & 1802-P/2012 M/S SANA Enterprises vs Collector Customs W.Ps.Nos. 1801-P & 1802-P of 2012 Messrs SANA Enterprises Vs Collector of Customs Peshawar. Cr.A No.13/2013 Zarghun Shah vs State CrM BA.No.1043/2012 Madad Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.1079-P/2012 Fakhre Alam vs State Cr.M No.939-P/2012 Mukhtiar vs Mian Gul Jan Cr.M BA No.1142-P & 1132-P/2012 Muhammad Waheed vs State FAO.No.60/2009 Zikaria vs Muhammad Ilyas Cr.M BA No.1028-P/2012 Lala Jan vs Nurab Khan Cr.A No.314-P & Cr.M.No.188-P/2012 Waqif Khan vs Nasrullah Cr.M BA No.139 /2012 Gul Khan vs Asghar Khan W.P. No. 313-B of 2012 Zahoor Ahmad VS Mst. Fahima Hafeez Cr M BA No.1021-P/2012 Jehanzada vs State W.P. No. 1875-P of 2012 Naheed Jan VS Additional Chief Sec. (FATA) Secretariat KPK Peshawar WP.No.1875-P/2012 Naheed Jan vs Addl: Chief Sec.(FATA) Cr.A No.381-P/2012 Amin Nawaz Blouch vs State Cr.M BA No.925-P/2012 Muhammad Sherin vs State Cr.M BA No.833-P/2012 Muhammad Sadiq vs State Cr.M BA No.967-P/2012 Khalid Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.1006-P/2012 Fazal Amin vs State Cr.A No.314/2010 Ilyas George vs State Cr.M BA No.929-P/2012 Khan Zada vs State Cr.M BA.933-P/2012 Ishfaq vs State Cr.M BA No.802-P/2012 Noor Ali Shah vs State Cr.M BA.846-P/2012 Noshad vs State Cr.M BA No.915-P/2012 Taimur Hussain vs State Cr.A No.533/2010 Ali Rehman Vs The State Cr.A No.66-P & 78/2012 Imran vs State CR.No.64-B/2010 Abdur Rahman vs Mosam Khan etc Cr.M QP No.41-B/2012 Haji Gul Naib vs Shah Qiaz Cr.M BA No.787/2012 Ameer Ullah vs State RFA.No.145/2007 M/S Bilour Match Industries vs M/S Paper World Ltd WP.No.252,263/2012 Muhammad Hamayoon Khan vs DCO / Commandant Levies CR.No.425/2003 Noorani Gul vs Govt of NWFP Cr.A No.34/2012 Matiullah vs Ishaq Hamad Cr.A No.290 & Cr.R No.63/2010 Zakaullah vs State Cr.A No.54/2010 Sajid vs State CR.No.742/2010 Habib Ullah vs Muhammad Usman WP.No. 29-B,169-B & 28-B/2012 Asal Jan Khan vs State RFA.No.24-A/2012, M/S Watan Construction Co vs Govt KPK etc Writ Petitions Nos.355-A 384-A and 386-A of 2012, Messrs ACT INTERNATIONAL Vs PERRA through Chairman, Peshawar etc. Cr.R No.9/2012 Javed Ullah vs State Cr.M BA No.112/2012 Muhammad Imran vs State Cr.M No.331 & 332/2011 State vs Ahmed Bakhsh CR.No.381-D/2007 Muhammad Ramzan vs Alla-ud-Din etc Cr A No.99/2011 Nazir Ahmad vs Shaukat Zaman CR.No.224/2011 Haji Lal Shah vs Mst. Nooran through L.Rs WP No.718/2008 Mst.Abida Aman-I-Rum vs Govt.NWFP Writ Petition No.1971 of 2010 Nasir VS Mst. Rubina Cr.M BA No. 561-P/2012 Shahid Raziq vs State WP.No.122-H/2012 Allah Dad vs SHO etc W. P. No. 122-H of 2012 Allah Dad VS SHO & others Cr.A 134 to 137, M.R.No.12,& Cr.R No.36/ 2010 Muhammad Ashraf vs Javed etc WP.No.1833/2009 Walifa Jana vs Rahim Jan W.P. No. 1833 of 2009 Walifa Jana VS Rahim Jan CM.No.3/2011 in Service Appeal No.7/1994 Zia-ud-Din Khan Siddiqui vs Govt. of NWFP Cr.M BA No.88-D/2012 Makhdoomzada Abdul Karim vs State J.Cr.A No.31/2010 Munawar Khan vs State CR.No.89-B/2011 Mosam Khan vs Sarfaraz Khan etc WP.No.698/2011 Mst.Shamshad Begum vs Mst.Tahmeel Begum CR.No.124-A/2012 District Officer etc vs Ahmad Sultan FAO.No.41/2011 Ghulam Sarwar vs Attique-ur-Rehman RFA.No.31-A/2012 Malik Ahmad Shahzad vs Aniyat-ur-Rehman Service Appeal.No.95,96,97,98/2011 Zahid Mehmood vs Peshawar High Court. WP QP No.655/2011 Saradr Muhammad Aslam vs SHO etc CR.No.258/2005 Muhammad Maroof Khan vs Siraj-ul-Arifeen Cr.M QP Nos.78-P/2012& Cr.M No.19-P/2012 Muhammad Saeed khan vs State CR.No.116-D/2012 Muhammad Ismail vs Haji Khan Cr.R No.31/2011 Muhammad Ramzan vs State CR.No.137/2008 Javed Mustafa vs Mst. Tahira Nasreen Cr.M B.A.No.48-A/2012 Sadiq etc vs Muhammad Afsar etc. Service Appeal No.26/2011 Syed Kamal Hussain Shah vs CJ, PHC through Registrar Cr.M QP No.213/2011 Shaukat Zaman vs Muhammad Farakh Khan CR No.197/2011 Junaid vs Hakeem Shah Saeed CR.No.74-B/2006 Resham Jan vs Khani Jan etc Cr.A No.72-B/2012 Ajmar Ali Khan vs Muhammad Ali Cr.A.No.22/2009 Noor Wali Khan vs Essa Mir CR.No.228/2010, R&S Pharmacy Establishment vs MS DHQ CR No.794-M/2010 Miraj ud Din vs Muhammad Shoaib E.Cr.A No.11 -12/2006 & Cr.M.No.16/2006 Mrs.Shagufta Shaheen vs State CR.No.106-B/2011 Malik Bahadar Sher Khan vs Haji Shah Alam Khan etc WP.No.1030/2011 Iftikher Khan vs Mst.Amina Bibi W.P. No. 1030 of 2011 Iftikher Khan Vs Mst. Amina Bibi Cr.M BA No. 51-D/2012 Amanullah vs State CR No.5/2002 Shah Zir vs Shahzada Aman Rome Cr M BCA No.1802/2012 Ahmad Ali Jan vs Irfan Cr.M BA No.241-P/2012 Azizur Rehman vs State Cr.M.QP No.19/2012 Dr. Missal Khan vs State CR.No.224/2011 Hamidullah vs Haji Sher Akbar Khan Cr.A.No.214/ 2011 Ibrahim vs Saifullah Cr A No.624/2011 Salih Muhammad vs Niaz Muhammad Cr.M QP No.31/2012 Hafiz Shadoo vs Abdul Ghaffar W.P.No. 1840 of 2010 Syed Abu Talib Shah VS Mst: Bibi Rukhsar Azhra CR.No.252/2011 Col.Anwar Hussain vs Mst. Tasleem Bibi Cr.M.BCA No.39-B/2011 Muslim Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.44-D/2012 Sahib Jan vs State CR.No.1470/2011 Muhammad Ilyas vs Sher Alam Q.P No.12/2012 Khalid Mehmood vs State CR.No.27-B/2004 Din Muhammad vs Khan Badshah etc Cr M BA No.47/2012 Irfan vs Shah Jehan Cr.A No.89/2011 State vs Hussain Bakhsh Cr M BCA. No.32-D/2012 State vs Abdul Sattar Cr.M No.166-P/2012 Mst: Zahida vs Farooq Shah WP.No.217-B/2010 Gul Sarwar Khan vs Muhammad Wali Khan WP.No.240/2011 Nawabzada Tilla Muhammad Khan vs Haji Muhammad Afzal Cr A No.361/2010 Abdul Latif vs Sherin Cr A No.300/2010 Kashif vs State WP.No.170-B/2011 Arifullah Khan vs Hukam Zad Khan W.P. No. 170-B of 2011 Arifullah Khan VS Hukam Zad Khan WP.No.2785/2010 Mst. Shabnam Bibi vs Khan Badshah WP.No.1912/2009 Syed Musarrat Shah vsSyed Ahmad Shah Writ Petitions Nos.525 & 557 of 2011 Mst.Sarwat Begam Vs Farmanullah Cr.M BCA No.471/2011 Noor Nama vs Naqibullah Cr.M BCA No.480/2011 Muhammad Ishfaq vs Sher Ahmad Cr.M BCA.No. 22-D/2012 Noor Khan vs State Cr.A No.3/2008 Amir vs State. Cr.M BCA No.1-B & 2-B/2011 Mst. Chand Bibi vs Asal Khan Cr M QP No.44-B/2011 Qadar Ullah vs SHO CR.No.22-B/2012 Rasheed Khan vs Muhammad Khan etc Cr M BA No.163-P/2012 Sharifa Bibi vs State Cr.M BCA No.427/2011 Muhammad Raiz vs State Cr.M QP No.9/2012 Muhammad Hanif vs State RFA. No.101/2002 Muhammad Ibrahim vs Sui Gas Cr.A No.4-B & Cr.R No.2-B/2009 Nafeezullah Yameen vs State WP.No.1324/2010 Sadaqat Ali vs Govt of NWFP RFA No.299/2010 Miangul Badshah Vs LAC CR No.842/2010 Janat Gul vs Habib ur Rahim CR No.341/2011 Jawhar Rehman vs Aminullah Writ Petition No.833 of 2011, KHITAM-UL-HAQ Vs GOVT. of KPK through Secretary Health, Peshawar etc. WP. No.8-B/2012 Haji Rehman SHO etc vs PPO etc Cr.R No.164 /2012 Nadir Khan vs State CR.No.254/2011, Taj Muhammad Khan etc vs Collector Land etc Cr.A No.392/2011 Fazal Mir vs State WP.No.475-B/2011 Ikramullah Khan VS Govt of KPK WP.No.23/2012 Aftab Khan vs Govt of KPK W.P. No. 23 of 2012 Aftab Khan VS Govt of KPK WP.No.728,144-B/2010 &129/2011 Dr.Ajmal Shah vs Govt.of KPK CM.No.1/2009 in SA No.1/1997 Muhammad Qasim Khattak VS Administrative Committee PHC Cr M QP.No.5-B/2011 Afsar Ali Vs SP Bannu etc Cr M BA No.4-D/2011 Rafi Ullah vs State E.Cr.A No.38/2011 State vs Zakir Ullah WP.No.1665/2011 Ahmad Yar vs Govt. of KPK etc Cr.A No.111/2011 Ahmad Gul vs Muhammad Din CR.No.21-B/2007 Qaza Khan etc vs Haji Ummat Khan CR.No.579, CM.No.390,391/2011 Mst: Rubina Bibi vs Qaim ud Din RFA.No.11/2011 Ghaleem Khan vs Watan Khan Cr A No.586/2011 Yasir Arafat vs State Cr.M.BCA No.304/2011 Haji Hukmat Khan vs State W.P.No.224-B of 2011 Huma Saad VS Chairman Jiont Admision Committee Medical / Dental Colleges KPK Peshawar Cr M QP. No.176/2010 Manzoor Ahmad vs state Cr A No.16/2009 Mst: Yasmeen vs State Cr A No.257 & 261/2010 Ismail Khan vs State Cr M QP No.46/2011 Mir Tiaz Khan vs State CR.No.294/2006 Assistant Administrator Evacuee Trust Property vs Sadaullah Khan CM.No.785/2012 Liaqat Ali vs Ghulam Muhammad Cr.M BA No.79/2011 Dr. Anwar Farid vs State Cr.A No. 62-B/2004 Mst. Salam Bibi vs Aman Ullah CR No.1047/2004 Nijat Ali vs Sharif Khan W.P. No. 54 of 2011 Azam Khan Vs Mst: Islam Zada W.P No.12 of 2011 Hafiz Muhammad Younis Vs Mst. Shaheen Qureshi CR.No.136/2011, Mst.Heemat Jehan etc vs Atta Ullah Shah CR.No.157/2006 Mosam Khan vs Gul Muhammad CR No.739/2011 Muhammad Rasool vs Aslam Khan WP.No.237/2010 Manzoor Ellahi Qureshi vs Muhammad Bilal Abbas WP.No.710/2011 Syed Mumtaz Ali vs Muhammad Nawaz etc Cr M QP No.61/2011 Nasimullah vs Ijaz Hussain CR.No.70/2009 Mian Muhammad Ali Shah vs Sangeen Shah CR.No.1416,CM.No.1212/2011 Javed Akbar Khan vs Hidayatullah Khan CR.No.412/2011 Iftikhar Ahmad Khan vs Abdul Majeed Khan WP No.40/2010 Syed Abid Hussain Shah vs Chief Secretary NWFP etc Cr R No.32/2011 Shafqatullah Khan vs Jehan Zeb Khan CR.No.285 & 327/2011 Anwar Khan vs Lal Qadir etc Writ Petition No.40 of 2010, Syed ABID HUSSAIN SHAH and 9 others Vs CHIEF SECRETARY, N.-W.F.P., PESHAWAR etc Cri.M.QP No.8/2011 Sheer Ali Khan vs Haji Atta Ullah WP.No.112/2008 Mst: Zakia Begum vs Nadir Khan Writ Petition No.271 of 2009, RIAZ AHMED and 3 others Vs CENTRAL GOVT through Secretary, PM Secretariat, Islamabad and 4 others Accouintability Appeal No. 32/2010 Asheer Waseem Bhati vs NAB Cr.M BA No.1746/2011 Muhammad Afzal vs State CR.No.2288/2007 Zair Ali vs Chief Engineer (FATA) W&S of 2007 Zair Ali VS Chief Engineer (FATA) Works and Services Department Peshawar. Cr.A No.288/2011 Mudassir vs State CR.No.575,CM.No.388/2011 Attaullah vs Ghulam Sarwar Cr.A No.519/2011 Ghani Sher vs State Cr.M No.186 & 187/2011 Haji Allah Bakhsh vs Haji Gulsher WP.No.354/2011 Muhammad Ismail vs State Cr.M.BA.No.439/2011 Pirzada vs State RFA.No.29/2009 Govt of NWFP etc. vs M/S Jan Construction Co CR..No.483/2002 Zahidullah vs Muhammad Ishaq Cr.M QP No.69/2011 Yousaf Khan vs State Cr.A No.124 & J.Cr.A No.122/2009 Khan Ahmad khan vs State Cr.A No. 84/2011 Shah Jehan vs State Cr.A No.4/2010 Azmat Khan vs State Cr.A.No.19/2011 Jalal vs State WP.No.2958/2010 Lal Zamin alias Lalono Zarger Vs Asfandyar Khan WP.No.1098/2011 Ikram Ullah vs Mst:Farkhanda Habib RFA No.148/2011 Qayum Khan vs Muhammad Yamin WP.No.1162/2008, Shahzada vs Khair Ullah etc Tax Ref.No.15/2005 Fazal Wahab vs Commissioner Income Tax CR.No.230,231/2003 Ayad Zaman vs Mst: Sajida WP No.273/2002,& WP No.1511/2004 Mira Jan VS Deputy Land Commissioner CR.No.826/2002 & CR.No.31/2003, Muhammad Shafique etc vs Taj Muhammad etc RFA.No.80,CM.No.103/2010 Razia Sultana vs Shahid Durrani WP No.72 & 73/2004 Syed Muhammad Zuhair Shah Banori vs Syed Muhammad Zahid Shah Banori RFA.NO.296/2006,CR.No.1068/2004 Dilawar Shah vs Nasrullah Khan CR.No.679,CM..No.721/2011 Major(Rtd) Fareed Jan vs Mst:Sanobar Abdullah Jan CR.No.47/2004 Muhammad Ayub vs Mehr Gul etc FAB.No.31,32,33/08 & CM.No.329/2008 Ali Khan vs Askari Leasing Ltd CR.No.1574/2010 Mst:Zareena vs Jumat Khan Cr.A.No.78 /2011 Habib Ullah vs State Cr.A No.137/2011 State vs Muhammad Ramzan CR.No.1501/2005, Masal Khan etc vs Mst:Shah Tarina etc CR.No.454 & 948/2010 Hameed Gul vs Taj Gul CR.No.1248/2011 Mst: Bibi Baghdiya vs Abdullah Khan RFA.No.80/2010,CM.No.103/2010 Riaza Sultana vs Shahid Durrani FAO No.52/2010 ,1/2011 NHA vs M/S Put Sarajevo General Engineering Co. WP.No.760/2011 Muhammad Rasool vs Aslam Khan CR.No.1342/2004, Muhammad Malik Afzal etc vs Muhammad Noor etc CR.No.175/2002 Nadir Khan vs Mst: Afnana CR.No.55, 61,62/2004 Mst: Shah Tarina vs Mst: Shahida Zafar CR.No.128/2011, Mst.Bakht Rana vs Muhammad Zubair Khan etc CR.No.58/2011, Haji Sultan Yousaf etc vs Mastoria etc CR.No.1008/2004 Gul Bahadur vs Gul Akbar WP.No.159/2011 Zakir Muneer vs EDO (Haelth) etc Cr.M.QP No.176/2010 Wali Khan vs Hasham Khan Cr.M BA No.359/2011 Riyasat vs state Cr.M BA No,1245/2011 Mst: Kabela vs State CR.No.1581/2010 Qazi Laeeq vs Najeebur Rehman Cr.M BA No. 1238/2011 Mst: Zainab Bibi vsJehanzeb CR.No.1101,CM.No.948/2011 Khatoon Begum vs Khan Zaman I.C.As.Nos.1&2/2011, M/S Spinghar Textile Mills etc vs UBL etc I.C.A.No.1 & 2/2011, M/S Singhar Textile Mills etc vs UBL Cr.A No. 674 /2009 & M.R. No.24/2010 Saeed Ahmad vs State Cr.M BA.No.968/2011 Iftikhar Khan vs State CR.No.60,CM.No.650 /2011 Qasim Shah vs Mst: Shahnaz Begum CM.No.2044,C.R.No.996/2010 Nadar Khan vs Mst: Kamin Taja CR.No.16/2011 Muhammad Ayub vs Muhammad Younas CR.No.12/2011 Muhammad Sher vs Ali Muhammad Writ Petition No.931 of 2011, ZEESHAN-UR-REHMAN Vs GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology through Rector etc. Cr.A No.602/2009 Rahim Gul vs State Cr M BCA.No.424/2010 Basraj Bibi vs Ibraheem CR.No.100/2003 Amir Muhammad vs Mst: Begum Jan Cr M BA No.714/2011 Faiz ul Wahab vs State. CR.No.605/2011 Zamir Khan vs Mst:Tasleem Begum RFA.No.296/2006 ,CR.No.1068/2007 Dilawar Shah vs Nasrullah Khan WP No.499/2011 Zakir Hussain vs State Cr.M BCA.No.128/2011 Noor Zaman vs Shams-ul-Haq Cr.M BCA No.918/2010 Sister Teresa Younas vs Waseem Pervez QP No.65 & 67 /2010 Haji Abdullah Jan Marwat vs Prof. Burhan ud Din etc CR.No.1371/2007 Misal Khan vs MD Corporate Member KSE CR.No.246,CM.576,556 /2011 Jehanzeb vs Ayaz Khan CR.No.2021/2010 Mst: Shahnaz Begum vs Zeeshan Ali Shah Writ Petition No.1387 of 2009, Mst. GULZARA Vs AZAM KHAN CR.No.809/2003 Omar Ali vs Muhammad Shoaib Cr.M BA No.591/2011 Younas Khan vs State Cr.M BA No.581/2011 Jehangir Alam vs State CR No.1107/2004, Javed Akhtar etc vs Muhammad Israr CR.No.8/2010 Mst:Asmat Ara vs Mst: Rukhsana Shahen CR.No.484/2011, Mst.Nasreen Akhtar vs Mohsin Ali CR.No.361/2010, Rahman Ullah vs Amir Faraz FAB.No.78 ,CM.No.340/2009 Khurshid Khan vs Regional GM Operation HBL FAB.No.49/2006 MCB Ltd Peshawar vs Tila Frontier Fruit Company Customs Ref.No.27/2010, Add: Collector Customs vs Daulat Khan etc Cr.M B.A.No.1922 of 2010 Mahmood vs State Cr.M BA.No.45/2011 Tazeem Akbar vs State SAO.No.20/2001 Mohtamim Shah etc vs Deputy Collector etc CM.No.373/2010 in CR No.353/2009 Ihsan Ullah etc vs Khwaja Muhammad etc CR.No.1398/2010, Muhammad Raees vs Sabz Ali Writ Petition No.220 of 2003 Nawab Khan VS Assistan Political Agent Writ Petition No.394 of 2009 Nawab Khan Vs DCO Political Agent WP.No.323/2011, Hafiz Amjid vs Mst.Nasreen etc WP.No.213/2005 Mst:Nayyar Naheed vs Malik Zaheer Ullah Tax Ref.No.12/2009, M/S National Steel Mills etc vs Collector Sales Tax etc CR No.663/2010 Hussain Shah vs Akber Shah Cr A No.58/2006 Sher Muhammad vs Muhammad Akber Cr.A.No.449/2010 Abdul Ghaffar Khan vs Umar Ali Shah CR.No.220,299 /2002 Mst: Mehr Zari vs Ghulam Haider Shah Customs Ref.No.38/2009 Minhajuddin vs Collector Custom CR.No.134/2009, Haji Sharaf Hussain etc vs Haji Tor Gul etc CR.No.479/2007 Muhammad Zubair vs Adalat Khan Cr.M.No.236/2010 Lal Zada vs State Cr.M BA No.1451/2010. Mehmood Shah vs Noor Zada etc. CR.No.830/2006, Mehmood Shah etc vs Tamash Khan Cr.M BCA.No.1019/2010 Inayat Khan vs Zahid Writ Petitions Nos.945 of 2009 and 327 of 2005, KHALID MAHMOOD Vs N.-W.F.P. through Chief Secretary RFA.No.5/2010 SAID AMIN vs Mst. NAYAB etc. Writ Petition No.1724 of 2007 PAKISTAN MINERAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Vs Govt. of KPK RFA.No.153 & 156/2007, Sultan Shah etc vs LAC Swabi etc Cr.M BA.No.1578/2009 Wahab vs State Cr.M BA No.1603 of 2010. Ibrahim vs State Cr.M BA.No.1572/2010 Mst. Gulab Jan vs State. Cr.M.BA.No.1517/2010 Safir Khan vs State Cr.M BA.No.1382/2010 Shaban Ali vs State Cr.M BA.No.1520/2010 Tika Khan vs State Cr.M BA.No.1572/2010 Mst.Gulab jan vs State WP.No.950/2004 Muhammadi Khan vs Fazal Muhammad Writ Petition No.2360 of 2010, Obaidullah Vs Seemab Akhtar etc. W.P No.3359 of 2010 Khan Zaman VS Govt.of Pakistan Cr.A.No.200 &CR.No.67/2009 Fayaz Khan vs State Cr.A No.274/2010 Bakht Sher vs Janan etc WP.No.1126/2006 Asfandyar Khan vs Ghaznfar Ali W.P No. 391 of 2010 Mst: Anila VS Mst: Rafia Cr.M BA No.1353/2010 Haroon Shah vs State CR.No.1552/2004, Liaqat Ali vs Abdul Wadood SAO.No.2,3 & 19/1999, Sherzada vs Collector Customs W.P No. 3429 of 2010 Ashiq Hussain VS Sikandar Shah WP.No.2057,2171/2010 Abdul Khaliq vs Safadr W P No. 2200 of 2006 Miss Sayeda Saira Bokhari Vs Ministary of Housing WP.No.3082/2010 Dr.Sikander khan vs Govt. of KPK & others. Cr.A No.431, 482 & 462/ 2010. Muhammad Alamgir vs State W.P No.341 of 2007 Zafar Iqbal Vs P I A WP.No.341/2007, Zafar Iqbal vs PIA through G.M & others CM.No.651/2010, 627/2009 &W.P. No.1842/2009 Muhammad Rahim vs Malik Daud Khan W.P No. 928 of 2010 Abdul Hamid VS Mst: Zubaida WP No.1448 &CR No.1082/2005 Auqaf Dept: vs Mian Jameel Shah CR.No.684/2005 Mst: Amtari vs MSt:Hakim Jan Cr.A No.325/2010 Akhter Munir vs State CR.No.301/2001 Juma Khan vs Abdul Rasheed C.M.A. No.15 & FAO.No.7/2009 Haji Muhammad Anwar Vs Muhammad Rasool Khan W.P No. 2990 of 2009, Fahad Khan etc Vs CECOS University etc. WP.No.2509/2009 & CM.No.273/2010 Ziaullah Khan vs Govt.of Pak etc W. P.No. 2194 of 2010 Rashid Iqbal VS Mst. Uzma Khan Cr.A No.91 & Cr.R No.40/2009 Hafizur Rehman vs State. Cr.A.No.341/2009 Gulmeer vs State Cr.A No.416/2009 Mumraiz vs State Cr.A No.405 &Cr.R No.73/2010 Ajmal vs Muntazir Shah Cr.A No.580/2009 Farhad Ullah vs Nasibullah Cr.M.QP.No.132 /2010 Sultan Room vs Bakht Karam FAB No.16/2008 M/s Ali Khan Flour Mills vs Natover Leasing etc Cr.A No. 120 of 2008, M/S Parke Davis & Co. Ltd vs Provincial Drug Inspector etc CR No.43 &206/2005, Haji Akhtar Khan vs Mst. Bukhari Jan CR No.207/2005 Mst.Bukhari Jan vs Haji Akhtar Khan FAO.No.84 converted in SAO No.17 & 18/2000, M/s A.G.E.Industries Ltd vs IAC Income Tax CR No.273 & 274/2007, Shahzada etc vs Mst.Aseel Mamana etc W.P No.707 of 2008, M/s Ghani Corporation VS Govt. of N.-W.F.P. CR No.979/2010, Zwahir Jan etc vs Lal Rehman etc Cr.M.No.72 & 81/2011 Fazal Mabood Vs State Cr.A No.229/2010 Abdullah Noor vs State. WP.No.1843/2010 Yousaf vs Bahader Sher CR.No.763/2009 Noor Rehman vs Muhammad Azeem Bacha CR.No.872/2007 Firdos Khan vs Zain Muhammad CR.No.335 /2010 Manager MCB etc vs Qazi Jan Muhammad Cr.M.BA.No.586/2010 Khyal Nawaz vs State Cr.M BA.No.554/2010 Muhammad Wali vs State CR. No.273/2010, Muhammad Amin Shah vs Abdullah CR.No.1161/2009, Dr.Muhammad Arshad Zia etc vs Gul Haider etc Cr.A.379 & Cr.R.171 / 2008 Muhammad Raheem etc vs State etc CR.No.48/2010, Ikram Ullah vs Zakir Ullah etc Revision Petition No.10/2010 in C.Rev No.1288 /2009 Mst.Fatima vs Abdul Qadir etc C.Rev No.10/2010 in CR No.1288/2009, Mst:Fatima vs Abdul Qadir etc Cr.M BA No.455/2010 Mir Aman vs Sardar Jehan Cr.M BA No.292/2010 Abdur Rehman vs Saeedullah WP No. 1250/2009 Sherin Zada etc vs Imdad Hussain etc W.P No. 936 of 2010 Mehdi Khan VS Mst. Armoos Begum RFA.No.85/2009, Zahid Jamil vs Mst: Saeeda Bano etc Cr.M BA No.421/2010 Muhammad Shakeel vs State. W.P No.679 of 2010 Afzal Motors VS Higher Education Archives and Libraries Deptt: W.P No.2262 of 2009, Muhammad Nawaz Tahir Vs Govt. of N.-W.F.P. CR No.1208/2006, Zaheer Khan vs Zareef Khan RFA No.70/2002, Mst:Naseem vs Mst:Shehla Durrani etc CM.No.1/2010 in CC.No.1/2010), M/S Flying Kraft Paper Mills vs DOR etc FAB.No.7/2007 Executive Vice President vs Brig. (R) Mian Hameed-ud-din CR No.1021 & 1278 /2009, Muhammad Iqbal vs Muhammad Gul CR No.601/2009, Ahlian Moori Payeen etc vs Ghulam Muhammad etc CR No.811/2006, Mst:Mah Rukh Jan etc vs Mst.Nusrat Bibi etc CR No.1272/2007, Haj Abdul Rashid Arif vs Aziz Rehman etc CR No.177/2010, Ayub Khan etc vs Mst.Maknoon RFA. No.170/2008, PTV Ltd vs M/S MD Interconstruct Ltd WP.No.2159/2009 Dr.Lal Zada Khan vs Govt.of NWFP WP.No.392/2008 Mst.Najia Tehseen vs Govt of NWFP etc CR No.116/2010, Ghulam Qadir etc vs Mir Farosha etc CM No.6 in E.P. No.257/2009 Muhammad Ibrahim Qasmi vs Syed Aqil Shah Cr.M BA.No.1501/2010 Meraj Ahmad vs State Cr.M BA No.1807/2009 Lal Zameen vs State. Cr.M BA.1800/2009 Sher Zada vs Roshan Zari CR No.586/2003 Gul Rehman vs Muhammad Cr.M BA No.1591/2009 Said Rehman vs State. Cr.M BA.No.1794/2009 Inamullah vs State. Cr.M BA.No.1717/2009 Shaukat vs State. Cr.M.BA No.1679/2009 M.Munir vs M.Ishaq Cr.M BA No.1697/2009 Muhammad Fayaz vs State. Cr.M BA No.1600/2009 Tahir vs State. Cr.M BA No.1602/2009 Ameer Rehman vs State. Cr.M.No.1639/2009 Khan Zeb vs State. Cr.M BA.1428/2009 Wahabuddin vs State. Cr.M BCA.No.1422/2009 Wahabuddin vs Fayaz Khan Cr.A No.434 -2009 and 6 of 2010. Yar Muhammad vs State


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