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  Motor vehicles Act.   1939   and Motor   Vehicles   Ordinance 1965  
  The Court directed to delete   the   words in   Section 72 “to be   calculated   in such   manner as   Government may   prescribe”   The   Court further directed   to delete the   words “or Section 100”   from the   opening   line of   Section 117.   Section 72 deals with power of the   Road   Transport Corporation to acquire Property   while section   117 puts a   premium in the   use of   liquor and   drugs. 
  Amended   through   Ordinance   No. of   1983.
  The Manoeuvres,   Field   Firing and   Artillery   Practice   Act. 1938.  
  The Court directed to   substitute   the   words“and where possible after hearing   the claimant” in sub-   section   (2) of   Section 6,by the   words“and after giving   opportunity of being heard to the   claimant”.   Section 6(2) deals with the methods of   assessment of compensation by the   revenue officer and consideration of   claims.
  Amended   through   Ordinance   No. XI of   1983.
  The Specific Relief   Act. I   of 1877.
  The Court directed to omit  illustrations   (2) and (b) of Section13 and illustration   (e) of Section 22 from the Act.   Section 13 discussed the Contracts of   which the subject   has partially ceased   to exist.   Section 22 deals with   discretion as to   decreeing   specific performance.
  Amended   through   Ordinance   No. XXII   of   1983.
  The Contract Act   1872   (Act. IX of   1872)
  The Court ordered that the   following   amendments shall be   made.        1. Explanation to Section   17 be            omitted.            Section 17 deals with “Fraud”.        2. Exception to Section 19   be            omitted.            Section 19 deals with void   ability            of agreements without   free            consent.        3. In any one of these two              Sections it may be clarified   that it            is the duty of the   promisor to            inform the   promiseee of defects            in the subject of contract which are            known to the promisor and non            performance of this duty   would            amount to fraud.       4. Section 22 may be so   amended as           to clarify that a   contract caused by           a unilateral   mistake may also be           void if:-              I) The mistake is caused by   the           silence of the promisor to   inform           the promisee about any   defect in           the subject of   contract.         II) The mistake affects the           consensus of the   promisor and           the promise on   the offer.           Provided that a mistake which   is           not material to acceptance   or           which cannot be committed   by a           person of ordinary   intelligence and           perception or   is committed so           negligently   that no person of           ordinary intelligence and perception           exercising ordinary care can           commit it, is not such a   mistake.             Section 22 deals with Contract           caused by mistake of one   party as           to matter of fact.       5. In section 23 that   contract shall           also be declared   void which is           forbidden by the   Holy Quran and           the Sunnah of   the Holy Prophet.           Interest, and insurance and           banking which were not within   the           jurisdiction of this Court   were           excepted from this   amended           provision.           Section 23 deals with what           considerations and objects are           lawful and what are not.      6.  In regard to contracts for   sale or           Ijara of fruit not In   existence on           trees, a new   section be added           empowering   the Courts in case of           destruction of un plucked fruit   on           account of natural calamity,   to           reduce the contractual price   or           rent for the period of   calamity to           the extent it is   consistent with the           loss.           Section 30 also be amended.           Section 30 deals with   agreements           by way of wager   void.
   Appeal filed on    29.04.1984 the Case   Remanded to The   Federal Shariat Court   red-decided on   30.7.1989.                                                  
  In the light   of the   Judgment of   Federal   Shariat   Court   section 30   was also   ordered   to   be amended.
  Sales of Goods Act   1930   (Act III of   1930)
  The Court directed that:   It should be clarified in Section   16 that   except in a case where   a defect may   not be missed by   a person of ordinary   perception, the seller is under   an   obligation to inform the   buyer of   defects in the   property sold, at the time   of   contract.     Section 16 deals with implied   conditions   as to quality or   fitness.   2.   In Section 37—After the   word’ or he   may reject the   whole’ a proviso shall be   added that this power shall   vest in the   buyer if the goods   supplied is not such   that it   may be difficult or time   consuming to separate and   chose the   quantity contracted   for. Section 37   discussed   delivery of wrong quantity.   Section 4 should also be   amended in   the light of the   Supreme Court   Judgment.   Section 4 deal with sale and   agreement   to sell.
  Appeal filed on    29.4.1984 the Case   Remanded to The   Federal Shariat Court   re-decided   on   30-7-1989.
  The Agricultural   census   Act. XLI of   1958.
  The Court ordered that Section   5(3)   shall be amended in order   to provide   that the   compensation referred to   therein shall be equal to the   loss or   damage suffered by   the owner or other   person and   the assessment shall be   carried out in such manner as   the   Federal Government may   prescribe.   Section 5 deals with   crop cutting   experiment. 
  Appeal Filed.   Remanded on    22.05.1985.   (PLD 1986 FSC-420).
  Amendments   made   through   Ordinance   No.XIX of   1984.
  The Capital   Development   Authority   Ordinance  XXIII of   1960
  The Court ordered that   Section   2(K) of   this Ordinance   be   omitted.   Section 2(K) is regarding   market value.   After the words ‘market value   of the   land’ in section 30(1) of   the above   Ordinance, the   words’ as on the date   of order   under section 25 be added.    Sect.30 (1) deals with matters   to be   considered in deterring   compensation.
  Appeal Filed.   Remanded on    22.05.1985.   (PLD 1986  FSC-240)
  The Pakistan   Standard   Institution   (certification   Marks) Ordinance   XLVIII of 1961.
  The Court ordered that in   section 13(3)   of the Ordinance   the words “shall   dispose of the   appeal after giving the   appellant an opportunity of   being   heard and “shall be”   added after the   words ‘The   Federal Government’ and   before   the word ‘shall’.  Sec.13   prohibits export of certain   articles.
  Appeal Filed.   Remanded on         22.5.1985.   (PLD 1986 FSC-240)
  Amendments   made   though   Ordinance V   of 1984.
  The Jute Ordinance   LXXIV of 1962.
  The Court ordered that in   Section 7 of   the Ordinance a   Provision shall be   added that   the appeal shall be decided   after giving opportunity of being   heard   to appellant.   Section 7 deals with appeal.
  Appeal   Filed. Remanded   on 22-  05-1985.   (PLD 1986 FSC-240)
  Repealed   through   ordinance   No.XXXI   of   1983
  The Port   Authorities Lands   and Buildings   (Recovery of   Possession)   Ordinance IX of   1962.
  The Court ordered that in   Section  5   may be added words   to make it   incumbent upon the   Appellate Authority   or Court to   decide an appeal after   affording   an opportunity of being heard   to both the parties.   Sec.5 deals with appeal.
  Appeal Filed.   Remanded on    22.05.1985.   (PLD 1986 FSC-240)
  Amended   through   Ordinance   No.LIX of   1984.


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