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Injecting configuration and compiling... [1G-----> Ruby app detected [1G-----> Compiling Ruby [1G-----> Using Ruby version: ruby-2.0.0 [1G-----> Installing dependencies using 1.7.12 [1G Running: bundle install --without development:test --path vendor/bundle --binstubs vendor/bundle/bin -j4 --deployment [1G Fetching gem metadata from [1G Fetching [1G Installing afm 0.2.2 [1G Installing coderay 1.1.0 [1G Installing Ascii85 1.0.2 [1G Installing colorize 0.7.7 [1G Installing hashery 2.1.1 [1G Installing httpclient [1G Installing method_source 0.8.2 [1G Installing mini_portile 0.6.2 [1G Installing open-uri-cached 0.0.5 [1G Installing ruby-rc4 0.1.5 [1G Installing ttfunk 1.4.0 [1G Using bundler 1.7.12 [1G Installing slop 3.6.0 [1G Installing pdf-reader 1.3.3 [1G Installing pry 0.10.1 [1G Installing sqlite3 1.3.10 [1G Installing sqlite_magic 0.0.3 [1G Using scraperwiki 3.0.1 from (at morph_defaults) [1G Installing nokogiri [1G Your bundle is complete! [1G Gems in the groups development and test were not installed. [1G It was installed into ./vendor/bundle [1G Post-install message from pdf-reader: [1G ******************************************** [1G v1.0.0 of PDF::Reader introduced a new page-based API. There are extensive [1G examples showing how to use it in the README and examples directory. [1G For detailed documentation, check the rdocs for the PDF::Reader, [1G PDF::Reader::Page and PDF::Reader::ObjectHash classes. [1G The old API is marked as deprecated but will continue to work with no [1G visible warnings for now. [1G ******************************************** [1G Bundle completed (24.37s) [1G Cleaning up the bundler cache. [1G [1G-----> Discovering process types [1G Procfile declares types -> scraper [1G Default process types for Ruby -> rake, console Injecting scraper and running... Getting {:id=>"1", :name=>"AKOGHET Gisèle", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"2", :name=>"ANGANGOU Estelle Flore", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"3", :name=>"ANGARA Alphonse", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"4", :name=>"ANGO NDOUTOUME François", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"5", :name=>"ANGOUE Samuel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"6", :name=>"ANGWE ABOUGHE André", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"7", :name=>"AZIZET Berthe", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"8", :name=>"BAL’ABONDHOUME Irène Farelle épse KOUNDE", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"9", :name=>"BARRO CHAMBRIER Hugues Alexandre", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"10", :name=>"BAYOGHA NEMBE Célestin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"11", :name=>"BERRE André Dieudonné", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"12", :name=>"BIE EYENE Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"13", :name=>"BINET Modeste", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"14", :name=>"BIYOGHE BI MBA Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"15", :name=>"BIYOGHE BI-NZUE Nicaise", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"16", :name=>"BOUKILA Jean Pierre", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"17", :name=>"BOUKOUBI Faustin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"18", :name=>"BOUNGOUERES Alain Simplice", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"19", :name=>"BOUTAMBA MBINA Alexis", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"20", :name=>"DOUPAMBY MATOKA Marcel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"21", :name=>"EDZEBA-BICKE Steve Thierry", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"22", :name=>"ELLA MENIE Vincent de Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"23", :name=>"ESSIE EMANE Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"24", :name=>"EYAMBA TSIMAT Maurice Nestor", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"25", :name=>"GONDJOUT Vincent de Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"26", :name=>"IDOUNDOU Emmanuel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"27", :name=>"IGNOUMBA Jonathan", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"28", :name=>"INDOUMOU MAMBOUNGOU Barnabé", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"29", :name=>"IVALA Clotaire Christian", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"103", :name=>"KAH Gervais Landry", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"30", :name=>"KOUMBA TENGO Bruce", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"31", :name=>"LATE Emmanuel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"32", :name=>"LENGOMAS MATOMBI Gilbert", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"33", :name=>"MABALA Martin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"34", :name=>"MAGANGA MANFOUMBI Justin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"35", :name=>"MAGANGA MOUSSAVOU Albertine", :party=>"PSD", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"36", :name=>"MAKUNGU Alain Patrick", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"37", :name=>"MALONGA-MOUELET Gabriel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"38", :name=>"MARAT ABYLA Luc", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"39", :name=>"MASSALA TSAMBA Narcisse", :party=>"UPNR", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"40", :name=>"MASSIMA Jean", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"41", :name=>"MAVOUNGOU BOUYOU Vincent", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"42", :name=>"MAWOBO LENDOYE Fernando", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"43", :name=>"MBA ABESSOLE Paul", :party=>"RPG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"44", :name=>"MBADINGA MOMBO Ferdinand", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"45", :name=>"MBONDZI Solange", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"46", :name=>"MBOUMBA Joseph", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"47", :name=>"MBOUMBOU MIYAKOU Edgard Anicet", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"48", :name=>"MBOUMI Michel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"49", :name=>"MBOUMI NZINZI Jean Claude", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"50", :name=>"MENGA M’ESSONE Michel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"51", :name=>"MIKANGA SEMBA Philippe Romain", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"52", :name=>"MOMOADJAMBO Sylvain", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"53", :name=>"MOUBAMBA MOUKETOU Aloïse", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"54", :name=>"MOUDOUMA Apollinaire Adonis", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"55", :name=>"MOULENGUI MABENDE Martin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"56", :name=>"MOUNGUENGUI KOUMBA Guy François", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"57", :name=>"MOUSSAVOU Louis Marie", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"58", :name=>"MOUTSINGA Juliette", :party=>"PDG/PGCI", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"59", :name=>"MPONO Jean Claude", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"60", :name=>"MVE-EBANG Marcellin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"61", :name=>"NANG NDONG Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"62", :name=>"NDAKI Bernabé", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"63", :name=>"NDEKAYINO Marguerite", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"64", :name=>"NDEMEZO’O OBIANG René", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"65", :name=>"NDJAMONO François", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"66", :name=>"NDJAVE NDJOY Albert", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"67", :name=>"NDONG NGUEMA Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"68", :name=>"NDONG OBIANG Albert", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"69", :name=>"NDOUTOUME ESSONE Jean Marie", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"70", :name=>"NDZIAMI Jacques", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"71", :name=>"NDZOUMBA Bernard", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"72", :name=>"NGARI Idriss", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"73", :name=>"NGOMA Angélique", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"74", :name=>"NGOMBELA Raymond", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"75", :name=>"NGONDJIGA Ludovic", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"76", :name=>"NGOU-MVE Nicolas", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"77", :name=>"NGOZO ISSONDOU Maxime-Laurent", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"78", :name=>"NGUEMA ESSONO Jacques", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"79", :name=>"NGUEMA MBA Alexandre", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"80", :name=>"NGUEMA NDONG Jean Marie", :party=>"RPG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"81", :name=>"NGUIMBI André Christ", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"82", :name=>"NKERO MOUGNOKO Charlotte", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"83", :name=>"NKOGHE ESSINGONE Adrien", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"84", :name=>"NONGOU MOUNDOUNGA Pauline Olive épse LOUEMBET", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"85", :name=>"NTIMEDJIARA Rachel", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"86", :name=>"NTOLO EYA’A Francis", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"87", :name=>"NTOUTOUME MEBIAME Aurélien", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"88", :name=>"NTOUTOUME Robert", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"89", :name=>"NYINGONE ANDA Marie-Madeleine", :party=>"RPG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"90", :name=>"NZE-MOUENIDIAMBOU Joséphine", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"91", :name=>"NZENGUE MAYILA Philippe", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"92", :name=>"NZIENGUI MIHINDOU", :party=>"CLR", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"93", :name=>"NZOUBA-NDAMA Guy", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"94", :name=>"OBAME ONDO Jean Marie", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"95", :name=>"OGOUEBANDJA OGOUEMPONO Jules Marius", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"96", :name=>"OGOULA Philomène", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"97", :name=>"ONDIMBA Maxime", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"98", :name=>"ONOUVIET Richard-Auguste", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"99", :name=>"ONTSOUGOU Faustin", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"100", :name=>"OSSAGOU Guy Christian", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"101", :name=>"OTANDO Charles", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"102", :name=>"OWONO NDONG Edgard", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"104", :name=>"PAÏENI Paulette épse KOHO", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"105", :name=>"RETENO André Jules", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"106", :name=>"ROYEMBO Albert Richard", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"107", :name=>"SIMEPOUNGOU Jean Claude", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"108", :name=>"SYLONG Jean Richard", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"109", :name=>"TALI Nicolas", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"110", :name=>"TOUNGUI Paul", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"111", :name=>"YAMI Laurent", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"112", :name=>"YOUBANGOYE MBILA Alexandre", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"113", :name=>"ZIBI ABEGHE Bertrand", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""} {:id=>"114", :name=>"ZOUGA AKI Esther", :party=>"PDG", :area=>"", :term=>12, :source=>""}


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