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Injecting configuration and compiling...  -----> Ruby app detected -----> Compiling Ruby -----> Using Ruby version: ruby-2.3.3 -----> Installing dependencies using bundler 1.15.2  Running: bundle install --without development:test --path vendor/bundle --binstubs vendor/bundle/bin -j4 --deployment  Fetching gem metadata from  Fetching version metadata from  Fetching  Fetching  Fetching  Fetching  Fetching  Fetching rake 12.0.0  Fetching public_suffix 2.0.4  Fetching ast 2.3.0  Installing ast 2.3.0  Installing rake 12.0.0  Installing public_suffix 2.0.4  Using bundler 1.15.2  Fetching coderay 1.1.0  Installing coderay 1.1.0  Fetching safe_yaml 1.0.4  Fetching unf_ext  Installing safe_yaml 1.0.4  Fetching field_serializer 0.3.0  Fetching git 1.3.0  Installing unf_ext with native extensions  Installing git 1.3.0  Installing field_serializer 0.3.0  Fetching hashdiff 0.3.1  Fetching httpclient  Installing hashdiff 0.3.1  Fetching method_source 0.8.2  Installing method_source 0.8.2  Fetching mime-types-data 3.2016.0521  Installing httpclient  Installing mime-types-data 3.2016.0521  Fetching mini_portile2 2.1.0  Fetching minitest 5.10.1  Installing mini_portile2 2.1.0  Installing minitest 5.10.1  Fetching vcr 3.0.3  Fetching netrc 0.11.0  Installing netrc 0.11.0  Installing vcr 3.0.3  Fetching open-uri-cached 0.0.5  Installing open-uri-cached 0.0.5  Fetching powerpack 0.1.1  Installing powerpack 0.1.1  Fetching slop 3.6.0  Installing slop 3.6.0  Fetching require_all 1.4.0  Fetching ruby-progressbar 1.8.1  Installing require_all 1.4.0  Installing ruby-progressbar 1.8.1  Fetching unicode-display_width 1.2.1  Installing unicode-display_width 1.2.1  Fetching sqlite3 1.3.10  Fetching parser  Installing sqlite3 1.3.10 with native extensions  Installing parser  Fetching addressable 2.5.0  Installing addressable 2.5.0  Fetching rainbow 2.2.2  Installing rainbow 2.2.2 with native extensions  Fetching crack 0.4.3  Installing crack 0.4.3  Fetching mime-types 3.1  Installing mime-types 3.1  Fetching nokogiri  Installing nokogiri with native extensions  Fetching minispec-metadata 2.0.0  Installing minispec-metadata 2.0.0  Fetching minitest-around 0.4.0  Installing minitest-around 0.4.0  Fetching pry 0.10.1  Installing pry 0.10.1  Fetching unf 0.1.4  Installing unf 0.1.4  Fetching webmock 2.0.3  Installing webmock 2.0.3  Fetching sqlite_magic 0.0.3  Fetching minitest-vcr 1.4.0  Installing sqlite_magic 0.0.3  Fetching domain_name 0.5.20161129  Installing minitest-vcr 1.4.0  Installing domain_name 0.5.20161129  Fetching vcr-archive 0.3.0  Installing vcr-archive 0.3.0  Using scraper_test 0.1.0 from (at master@a8a6c79)  Fetching rubocop 0.48.1  Installing rubocop 0.48.1  Using scraperwiki 3.0.1 from (at morph_defaults@fc50176)  Using scraped_page_archive 0.5.0 from (at master@28f93d7)  Fetching http-cookie 1.0.3  Using scraped 0.3.0 from (at master@c2e9db2)  Using table_unspanner 0.1.0 from (at master@a70a98a)  Installing http-cookie 1.0.3  Fetching rest-client 2.0.0  Installing rest-client 2.0.0  Bundle complete! 16 Gemfile dependencies, 47 gems now installed.  Gems in the groups development and test were not installed.  Bundled gems are installed into ./vendor/bundle.  Post-install message from webmock:  WebMock 2.0 has some breaking changes. Please check the CHANGELOG:  Bundle completed (32.14s)  Cleaning up the bundler cache. -----> Detecting rake tasks   -----> Discovering process types  Procfile declares types -> scraper Injecting scraper and running... /app/lib/member_page.rb:59:in `party_data': undefined method `text' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) from /app/lib/member_page.rb:33:in `block in <class:MemberPage>' from /app/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/field_serializer-0.3.0/lib/field_serializer.rb:26:in `block in to_h' from /app/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/field_serializer-0.3.0/lib/field_serializer.rb:25:in `map' from /app/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.3.0/gems/field_serializer-0.3.0/lib/field_serializer.rb:25:in `to_h' from scraper.rb:43:in `scrape_mp' from scraper.rb:36:in `block in scrape_list' from scraper.rb:35:in `each' from scraper.rb:35:in `scrape_list' from scraper.rb:50:in `<main>'


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id name executive constituency start_date party_name party_id email img source term honorific_prefix
H.E. Dr. Lotay Tshering
Prime Minister
South Thimphu
Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa


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