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[ { "title": "Understanding Librarians&#39; Experiences of Copyright: Initial Findings from a Phenomenographic Study of UK Librarians", "link": "https:\/\/www.researchgate.net\/profile\/Fatima_Baji\/publication\/309254507_Developing_Information_Literacy_Skills_Lesson_Plans_Integrated_into_the_6th_Iranian_Primary_Science_Curriculum_based_On_the_Big6_Model\/links\/580740ce08ae0075d82c9ee8.pdf#page=182", "author": "<a href=\"\/citations?user=B0r-5vAAAAAJ&amp;hl=en&amp;oi=sra\">J Secker<\/a>, C Morrison - The Fourth European Conference on Information &hellip; - researchgate.net", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">47 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> ac. uk Chris Morrison University of Kent, UK, c. morrison@ kent. ac. uk In 2014\/15,<br> two researchers undertook a survey to investigate the &#39;copyright literacy&#39;of over 600 librarians<br> in the UK (Morrison and Secker, 2015), following reform of <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b>. <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "Perspektif Hak Kekayaan Intelektual terhadap Invensi Punca", "link": "http:\/\/dspace.library.uph.edu:8080\/handle\/123456789\/2926", "author": "T Birowo - 2016 - dspace.library.uph.edu", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">113 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> such as patents. The complexity of the problems in the world of intellectual<br> property rights, encourage Indonesia to improve the system <b>Copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b>,<br> especially that relating to inventions in biotechnology. The problem <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "Ethical and Legal Use of Information by University Students: The Core Content of a Training Program", "link": "http:\/\/link.springer.com\/chapter\/10.1007\/978-3-658-14681-8_24", "author": "<a href=\"\/citations?user=shLj0kwAAAAJ&amp;hl=en&amp;oi=sra\">JC Fern\u00c3\u00a1ndez-Molina<\/a>, <a href=\"\/citations?user=-d6PkW8AAAAJ&amp;hl=en&amp;oi=sra\">E Muriel-Torrado<\/a> - Information Cultures in the &hellip;, 2016 - Springer", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">117 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> the digital setting . There are far greater possibilities for creating, using and<br> distributing digital information nowadays, but at the same time <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b> has<br> become increas- ingly complex and restrictive . There is clearly <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "The right to parody?: a comparative analysis", "link": "http:\/\/eprints.nottingham.ac.uk\/32990\/", "author": "S Jacques - 2016 - eprints.nottingham.ac.uk", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">124 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> While the parody exception is not harmonised at international level, the EU<br> Information Society Directive offers EU Member States the option of including a parody exception<br> within national <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b> as part of a harmonising framework. <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "The human rights (parliamentary security) act 2011 (Cth) and the increasingly visible intersections between the human right to health and intellectual property in &hellip;", "link": "https:\/\/search.informit.com.au\/documentSummary;dn=201998485635743;res=IELHSS", "author": "G Wilkinson - Intellectual Property Forum: journal of the &hellip;, 2016 - search.informit.com.au", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">129 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> Patent, trade mark and <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b> provide limited monopolies as<br> incentives for innovation and creation. This can encourage the development of new<br> pharmaceuticals and diagnostic methods which address disease and illness. <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "Copyright (and) Culture: the governance of audiovisual archives", "link": "http:\/\/www.emeraldinsight.com\/doi\/abs\/10.1108\/info-05-2016-0019", "author": "<a href=\"\/citations?user=gUqy0CoAAAAJ&amp;hl=en&amp;oi=sra\">K Sarikakis<\/a>, K Sarikakis, O Kolokytha, O Kolokytha&hellip; - info, 2016 - emeraldinsight.com", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">130 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> The authors juxtapose relevant cultural policy interventions with the corresponding<br> legal rules and norms in <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b>. <b>...<\/b> We therefore juxtapose relevant cultural policy<br> interventions with the corresponding legal rules and norms in <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b>. <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "Copyright exceptions for archivists and librarians in the UK", "link": "https:\/\/www.cambridge.org\/core\/journals\/art-libraries-journal\/article\/copyright-exceptions-for-archivists-and-librarians-in-the-uk\/63AF6B7871EBB25417C0DB831046F486", "author": "V Stobo - Art Libraries Journal, 2016 - cambridge.org", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">158 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> Abstract. <b>Copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b> in the UK changed significantly in 2014, and<br> this article provides an overview to some of the most relevant changes to the<br> exceptions1 in copyright law that can be used by archivists and librarians. <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "Jamaica: State of the Libraries Regarding Copyright", "link": "http:\/\/library.ifla.org\/1411\/", "author": "J Russell, R Heath, R Baker-Gardner, T Lawrence&hellip; - 2016 - library.ifla.org", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">164 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> This paper was prepared by The Library and Information Association of Jamaica<br> (LIAJA) as part of the project: &quot;Impact of the <b>copyright<\/b> <b>legislation<\/b> on libraries in Latin America<br> and the Caribbean.&#8221; This project seeks to identify and record the main issues that libraries <b>...<\/b> " }, { "title": "&hellip; da Internet e reforma da Lei de Direito Autoral| The presence of the State on the web: the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet and reform of <b>Copyright Legislation<\/b>", "link": "http:\/\/liinc.revista.ibict.br\/index.php\/liinc\/article\/view\/856", "author": "R Silveiras, GP Gouv\u00eaa - Liinc em Revista, 2016 - liinc.revista.ibict.br", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">187 days ago - <\/span>RESUMO Este artigo lida com a atua\u00e7\u00e3o do Estado brasileiro e da sociedade <br>civil na Internet a partir de duas consultas p\u00fablicas realizadas no Brasil atrav\u00e9s da rede <br>mundial de computadores: Marco Civil da Internet e reforma da Lei de Direito Autoral. O <br>" }, { "title": "Permissibility of Non-Voluntary Collective Management of Copyright Under EU Law: The Case of the French Law on Out-of-Commerce Books", "link": "http:\/\/papers.ssrn.com\/sol3\/papers.cfm?abstract_id=2792008", "author": "O Bulayenko - 2016 - papers.ssrn.com", "details": "<span class=\"gs_age\">196 days ago - <\/span> <b>...<\/b> licensing. Abstract: The possibility of the EU member states to adapt <b>copyright<\/b><br> <b>legislation<\/b> to new circum- stances and to address unforeseen issues is limited by the<br> list of exceptions and restrictions of the Info- Soc Directive. In <b>...<\/b> " } ]


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