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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... Identificacin De Necesidades De Capital Humano Para El Desarrollo De La Apuesta Productiva Cacao Del Departamento Del Caquet En El Ao 2019 (Identification of Human Capital Needs, for the Development of a Production Initiative for Cocoa in Caqueta, 2019) Entrepreneurial Spillovers Over Space and Time Pension Incentives and Early Retirement Entrepreneurship Education and Economic Development: An Indian Perspective Science-Based Entrepreneurial Firms as Real Options: Assessing the Outcomes of the Norwegian Firm Population from 1995 to 2012 The Role of Innovation Transfer Mechanisms in Economic Development: Perspectives and Legal Approach (El papel de los mecanismos de transferencia de innovacin en el desarrollo econmico: perspectivas y enfoque jurdico) Information Technology and Learning On-the-Job The Uberization of the Chinese Workplace? Regulating Labour in a New Digital Economy Taking the Leap: The Determinants of Entrepreneurs Hiring Their First Employee Gender and the Sharing Economy Culture and the Economy: Clan, Entrepreneurship, and the Development of Private Sector in China Picking Winners in China: Do Subsidies Matter for Indigenous Innovation and Firm Productivity? Human Capital in Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship Psychological Analysis for Women Decision Making Towards the Women Entrepreneurship Special Reference to Haryana State Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises and Their Access to Finance Raising Capital after IPO Withdrawal Why Family Matters: The Impact of Family Capital Resources on Immigrants Exit from Entrepreneurship The Strategic Management of High-Growth Firms: A Review and Theoretical Conceptualization Growth Among First- and Second-Generation Immigrant Firms in Sweden Women Better Known at Jobs than as Entrepreneurs Underground Digital Economy in Thailand Sri Lankan Micro Businesses with and Without Employees: Exploring Human Capital, Perception and Business Characteristic Differences in Retail Shops Constituents and Characteristics of Hybrid Businesses: A Qualitative, Empirical Framework Entrepreneurial Orientation and International New Entry: The Moderating Role of Autonomy and Structures in Subsidiaries Entry Mode Research and SMEs: A Review and Future Research Agenda How Can Venture CapitalistsOwner Managers Conflicts Be Managed? If You Want Peace, Agree to Keep the Peace Informal Institutions and Their Comparative Influences on Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship: The Role of InGroup Collectivism and Interpersonal Trust Is Becoming SelfEmployed a Panacea for Job Satisfaction? Longitudinal Evidence from Work to SelfEmployment Transitions Market Orientation's BoundarySpanning Role to Support Innovation in SMEs On Process Innovation Capabilities in SMEs: A Taxonomy of ProcessOriented Innovative SMEs The Dark Triad and Nascent Entrepreneurship: An Examination of Unproductive versus Productive Entrepreneurial Motives The Mediating Effect of Absorptive Capacity and Relational Capital in Alliance Learning of SMEs The Prevalence and Determinants of Social Entrepreneurship at the Macro Level The Role of Cluster Intermediaries for KIBS Resources and Innovation The Role of Cognition and Information Access in the Recognition of Innovative Opportunities Understanding Legitimacy Formation in MultiGoal Firms: An Examination of Business Planning Practices Among Social Enterprises An AssemblageTheoretic Perspective on the Internationalization Processes of Family Firms Bringing Successors into the Fold: The Impact of Founders Actions on Successors Family Firm Challenges in Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Family Firms and the 'Willing Successor' Problem Lo Mo Es Tuyo: Financing Growth The Quagmire of Legacy in Family Firms: Definition and Implications of Family and Family Firm Legacy Orientations Toward the Validation of Family Legacy Orientation O Corpo Entre o Empreendedorismo de si e as Patologias Contemporneas do Gozo (The Body between the Entrepreneurship of the Self and the Contemporary Patologies of Enjoyment) Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Women Empowerment Educating Youth to Launch and Sustain Business Start-Ups In Search for the NotInventedHere Syndrome: The Role of Knowledge Sources and Firm Success The Simple Economics of Apprenticeship The Impact of Science-Based Entrepreneurial Firms - A Literature Review and Policy Synthesis Rushing to Opportunities: A Model of Entrepreneurship and Growth {u'data': u'CREATE TABLE `data` (\n `title` text\n , `url` text)'}


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Multimarket Exit, Strategic Merger, and Collusion
Crowdfunding Platforms: The Role of Information Providers
Entrepreneurial Activity and Regional Competitiveness: Evidence from European Entrepreneurial Universities
The Role of SMEs on the Economic Development: Kosova's Case
The Rise of China's Innovation Economy: 'Opening Up' Policy to Manufacturing Maturity, and on to Innovation Based Economic Growth and Labor Market Dynamics?
How Open System Intermediaries Address Institutional Failures: The Case of Business Incubators in Emerging-Market Countries
Role of RSETI to Scale-Up Self-Employment: Field Based Study
Technology Based Academic Entrepreneurship: How Little We Know
Description of Stitches Using in the RMG Sector of Bangladesh
Educational Mismatch, Work Outcomes, and Entry into Entrepreneurship


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