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<Element html at 0x13182f0> <Element html at 0x12542f0> <Element html at 0x14702f0> <Element html at 0x11012f0> <Element html at 0x1d802f0> <Element html at 0x2c5d2f0> <Element html at 0x14e02f0> <Element html at 0x25712f0> <Element html at 0x15ff2f0> <Element html at 0x1f632f0> <Element html at 0x1cc52f0> <Element html at 0x17462f0> <Element html at 0x1ef92f0>


Average successful run time: less than 5 seconds

Total run time: less than 5 seconds

Total cpu time used: less than 5 seconds

Total disk space used: 18 KB


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