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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... A story about timestamp and timezone The pot calling the kettle black… The Hobbit national holidayée-550-finalenglish.jpg Blame the cache failed Looking for a job level : Coder There goes another rendering engine…écrans-550-finalenglish.jpg Hierarchy by the screens failed Search engines Hungry? Documentation saves kitten’s lives When I commit on the wrong project Go code outdoor, they said The most used password in 2013 The Customer and the 500 Error Poker Planning Coder childhood: console games cover Worlds collide “Deadlines” Who’s the coder here? True story 3 : Protective films Double authentication Meanwhile, on Mars – #8 Selective vision LinkedIn headquarters, 18th december 2003 A coder’s biggest lie Users feedbacksées-effacées-550-finalenglish.jpg Want to be root? Earn it. failed Git, SVN or …? CommitStrip Book: The official expo / launch party you can’t miss! Legacy coder How I feel when my code is secure enough When your colleague uses some random code he found online Data Wars I’ll fix this later When Microsoft created “Windows for free” Our entire private lives are on PRISM Coder Dilemma #7 – The Late Code Review The 5 stages of learning to follow coding rules Lunch can wait Users feedbacksélé-650-finalenglish1.jpg Not everybody is a natural failedécoration-de-bureau-550-finalenglish.jpg A coder’s sense of decoration failedéros-de-version-600-finalenglish1.jpg Software versioning failed [Best Of] Coders in movies : Avatar Trust me, I’m a coder True story : how my mother think Shazam works How to optimise your time as a coder 2014 World Cup: what about the favelas? When the functional tests are all red Top 6 worst bugs ever Life of a Freelancer How you can tell who the real coder is I’ll code it myself From scratch Haters Celebration Day #1 – The Last Flash Developer Xbox One vs PS4 : a different perspective Coders’ priorities I had a dream How I learn about a project’s features Two-faced coder Coder’s childhood: the ball IT Consulting Magic Are we coding or what?érendipité-600-finalenglish1.jpg The what? failed Requiescat in pace If it was true? Coders…Coders everywhere…ée-650-finalenglish.jpg Nightmare at the office failed The Circle of Codeé-650-finalenglish.jpg The best excuse you can give where there is a bug failedémi-Parmentier-650-finalenglish.jpg Clash of cultures failed Sometime soon Did you says “credits”? Coder Superpower A coder’s whole life Two ways of managing a new feature’s development Meanwhile, at Samsung HQès-ROOT-650-finalenglish.jpg You know you’re a real coder when… failedée-650-finalenglish.jpg How to achieve Inbox Zero after the holidays failed To a project finished at last! Why saving daylight time is useless The Olympics Effect Just 2 minutes When you go black, you never come back Crime against code “Deadlines” Coders in movies : Harry Potteré-par-Apple-650-final1.jpg Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the brand new Apple iBeats headset failedé-650-finalenglish1.jpg Get your colleagues to test your app, they said… failed But where are they? We’re all someone’s “no life” A coder’s moment of doubt.ël-650-finalenglish1.jpg When I fix a bug for a coder who’s on vacation failed That trust dilemma Front-End vs Back-Endésastreuse-650-finalenglish.jpg When a co-worker casually fixes a bug on my project failed Everyday types of coders How Leap Motion will revolution our interactions with computers Anonymous and jihadist hackers find an agreement Your summer’s ennemy Not even for all the gold in the world. How I fix bugs on Friday evenings West Side-project story And the misclick happens Push the prod Mr Robot, my girlfriend and me [SPOILER S01E01]é-550-finalenglish2.jpg High score : 1875 days failed R&D Time failedépart-en-vacance-550-finalenglish.jpg Coders need holidays! failedées-effacées-550-finalenglish.jpg Want to be root? Earn it. failed Fashion geekéternel-650-finalenglish1.jpg CMS or Custom? failed Teamwork… Must-have A geek’s revenge Valuable training Noobs… Noobs everywhere… Which label goes where?é-650-Webenglish.jpg The things you should never have to share failed The only thing missing was Kindle Unlimitedérence-650-finalenglish1.jpg Returning from a tech expo failed The importance of a proper project transfer Once a coder, always a coder The Indentation Questioné-550-finalenglish2.jpg High score : 1875 days failed Good naming conventions are essential Who said it was useless?éale-550-finalenglish.jpg 22°C. No more, no less. failed The “nose in the keyboard” situation “Deadlines” The saddest story So yeah I know where it’s gone. What now? A file-sharer swaps huge fines for YouTube views Dilemma #1émarrer-650-finalenglish1.jpg Have you tried turning it off and on again? failed So innovative they invented it twiceème-catégorie-600-finalenglish.jpg The bugs we will fix tomorrow failedé-nostalgie-650-finalenglish12.jpg Always stuck somewhere in my head failed What you would never admit Free for non-commercial useël-650-final-english.jpg M3RR1 CHR15TM45 to all ! failedécrans-550-finalenglish.jpg Hierarchy by the screens failed The Open-Plan Office Paradox Are we coding or what?é-650-final-english.jpg Small thing to do before coding failed The 5 stages of learning to follow coding rulesécole-550-finalenglish.jpg How I see girls in my engineering school failed Magic trick for coders Pinata time Time fliesé-engloish650-final-2.jpg Internet of Things : The Smart Fridge failed Make sense of that if you can! // You can leave now! RIP MSN Messengeré-550-finalenglish.jpg PHP, SQL, ASP, PERL, RUBY, Java, etc. failed For the sake of the project No need comments, my code is clearée-650-finalenglish1.jpg True story: The hangover failed Search engines F***ing patterns That’s brutal What’s the best format? The incredible moment of generosity #icebucketchallenge It’s a trapès-Keynote-750-finalenglish.jpg The day following every Apple keynote failed First meeting What to do between projects Who said it was useless? Happy Birthday Curiosity!été-550-finalenglish.jpg Dressing problem failed It’s a trap Lost in iOS The worst scam ever The pot calling the kettle black… A coder’s moment of doubt. Meanwhile, on Mars – #3 When I finally manage to master an API or a framework Coders’ day out There’s the principles… and then there’s real lifeécompenses-failles-english800-final-.jpg How to choose your platform? failed New dev model Pay to pitch to randoms, the next big idea! The most far-fetched jingle everérendipité-600-finalenglish1.jpg The what? failedésentation-Fake-550-finalenglish.jpg Alpha version failed R&D Time Who’s the coder here? I had a dream How you can tell who the real coder is Top 6 worst bugs ever That wait…é-par-Apple-650-final1.jpg Ladies and gentlemen. I give you the brand new Apple iBeats headset failed Coder good news They won’t get me today… The moral of the Ashley Madison leak Skype paradoxéternel-650-finalenglish1.jpg CMS or Custom? failed First world problem Oh, by the way…


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