jesil1525 / the-arrrbitrage

Python project for collecting and displaying exchange data for Australian crypto Arbitrage


The Arrrbitrage is a basic platform for pillaging data from cryptocurrency exchanges with a focus on the Australian investor. The display url is: with the corresponding website git repository

Set up ye ship

The project was not originally made with the intention of distribution. But if you are interested in running it here are some recommended steps: 1. Download repository to a folder 1. Open Command prompt and run python install 1. Download Dropbox for desktop 1. Change the path in to a path in your Dropbox folder 1. Disable the git-update part of the software (unless you want to downlaod hugo and create a website) 1. Disable the exchange rates, use a free one such as: 1. Disable text alerts or create a twilio account (not free)

When the seas get rough

There is a chance that all external libraries might not load via the file. In this case I would use pip install package where package is the unloaded python library

Thanks to the following open source projects

  1. ccxt
  2. Netlify
  3. Hugo

Contributors Tehsurfer lonefintech

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