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from datetime import date, datetime from decimal import Decimal import itertools import json import re import requests import scraperwiki SEASON = (2013, 2014) def percentage(part, whole): return int(float(part) / float(whole) * 100) class Clubs(object): names = ( (1, 'ARS', 'Arsenal'), (2, 'AVL', 'Aston Villa'), (3, 'CAR', 'Cardiff'), (4, 'CHE', 'Chelsea'), (5, 'CRY', 'Crystal Palace'), (6, 'EVE', 'Everton'), (7, 'FUL', 'Fulham'), (8, 'HUL', 'Hull'), (9, 'LIV', 'Liverpool'), (10, 'MCI', 'Man City'), (11, 'MUN', 'Man Utd', 'Man United'), (12, 'NEW', 'Newcastle'), (13, 'NOR', 'Norwich'), (14, 'SOU', 'Southampton'), (15, 'STK', 'Stoke City', 'Stoke'), (16, 'SUN', 'Sunderland'), (17, 'SWA', 'Swansea'), (18, 'TOT', 'Tottenham'), (19, 'WBA', 'West Brom'), (20, 'WHU', 'West Ham'), ) def __init__(self): self._codes = {} base_url = '' url = '%s/cgi-bin/new_site/' % base_url referer = '%s/football_sites/football_dectech/rankings.php' % base_url html = requests.get(url, headers=dict(referer=referer)).content self._dectech = {} data = json.loads(html) for ranking in data['rankings']: club = dict( name=self.find_code(ranking['name']), defence=percentage(data['bounds']['minDef'], ranking['def']), attack=percentage(ranking['atk'], data['bounds']['maxAtk']), overall=percentage(ranking['overall'], data['bounds']['maxOvr'])) self._dectech[club['name']] = club['name'], self._dectech.values(), table_name='club') def find_code(self, name): code = self._codes.get(name) if code: return code for club in self.names: if name in club: self._codes[name] = club[1] return club[1] def find_dectech(self, name): return self._dectech[self.find_code(name)] CLUBS = Clubs() POSITIONS = { 1: 'Goalkeeper', 2: 'Defender', 3: 'Midfielder', 4: 'Forward'} match_re = re.compile(r'(\w\w\w)\((\w)\) (\d{1,2})-(\d{1,2})') def fpl_to_decimal(value): return Decimal((0, [int(c) for c in str(value)], -1)) def dectech_score(position, own, other): if position in (1, 2): return own['defence'] - other['attack'] else: return own['attack'] - other['defence'] def fpl_to_date(value): dt = datetime.strptime(value, '%d %b %H:%M') year = SEASON[0] if dt.month > 6 else SEASON[1] return date(year, dt.month, def elements(start=None, end=None): url = '' start = start or scraperwiki.sqlite.get_var('next_element', default=1) for i in itertools.count(start): if end and i > end: break response = requests.get(url % i) if not response.ok: break yield json.loads(response.content) scraperwiki.sqlite.save_var('next_element', i + 1) scraperwiki.sqlite.save_var('next_element', 1) def import_fixture_history(element): own_dt = CLUBS.find_dectech(element['team_id']) records = [] for event in element['fixture_history']['all']: match = match_re.match(event[2]) if not match: continue match = match.groups() # other_dt = CLUBS.find_dectech(match[0]) print event fixture = dict( player_id=element['id'], played_on=fpl_to_date(event[0]), round=event[1], opponent=CLUBS.find_code(match[0]), venue=match[1], team_goals_scored=match[2], team_goals_conceded=match[3], minutes_played=event[3], goals_scored=event[4], assists=event[5], clean_sheets=event[6], goals_conceded=event[7], own_goals=event[8], penalties_saved=event[9], penalties_missed=event[10], yellow_cards=event[11], red_cards=event[12], saves=event[13], bonus=event[14], ea_sports_ppi=event[15], #make BPS event 16? net_transfers=event[17], value=fpl_to_decimal(event[18]), points=event[19]) #dt_diff=dectech_score(element['element_type_id'], own_dt, other_dt)) records.append(fixture)['player_id', 'played_on'], records,table_name='fixture_history') def import_player(element): player = dict( id=element['id'], code=element['code'], forename=element['first_name'], surname=element['second_name'], web_name=element['web_name'], club=CLUBS.find_code(element['team_id']), position=POSITIONS[element['element_type_id']], cost=fpl_to_decimal(element['now_cost']))['id'], player, table_name='player') def main(): for element in elements(1, 660): import_player(element) import_fixture_history(element) main()


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