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address district name
Central Market, Entrance facing Des Voeux Road Central
Central and Western
At Northern Frontage of Central Market Public Toilet
Behind No.2-12 Belcher's Street, Western
Central and Western
Belcher's Street Public Toilet
David Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Central and Western
David Lane Temporary Public Toilet
G/F of Exchange Square near Bus Terminus
Central and Western
Exchange Square Public Toilet
Junction of Glenealy & Arbuthnot Road
Central and Western
Glenealy Public Toilet
Between Gutzlaff Street & Chuk Hing Lane
Central and Western
Gutzlaff Street Public Toilet
Junction of Hatton Road & Harlech Road
Central and Western
Hatton Road Public Toilet
At rear of HK Park Indoor Game Hall
Central and Western
Hong Kong Park Indoor Game Hall Public Toilet
FEHD Staff Quarter at Basement, Hospital Road, Western
Central and Western
Hospital Road Public Toilet
Opposite Side of No.16 Ice House Street
Central and Western
Ice House Street Public Toilet


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