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Step 0 : from 15b86fc3f0cdf5a66b6258cc98d10ead8c71414af33b808715638644d652ef4f ---> 15b86fc3f0cd Step 1 : ADD code_config.tar /app ---> 5f153c141eaf Removing intermediate container 56910d1dda53 Step 2 : ENV CURL_TIMEOUT 180 ---> Running in f2ede0beca82 ---> 72a784b9c7a7 Removing intermediate container f2ede0beca82 Step 3 : RUN /build/builder ---> Running in 12de8362d3ff Ruby app detected -----> Compiling Ruby/Rack -----> Using Ruby version: ruby-1.9.3 -----> Installing dependencies using 1.5.2 Running: bundle install --without development:test --path vendor/bundle --binstubs vendor/bundle/bin -j4 --deployment Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/....... Fetching additional metadata from https://rubygems.org/.. Fetching https://github.com/openaustralia/scraperwiki-ruby.git Installing i18n (0.6.0) Installing multi_json (1.1.0) Installing aasm (3.0.8) Installing Ascii85 (1.0.1) Installing arel (3.0.2) Installing builder (3.0.0) Installing mime-types (1.17.2) Installing awesome_print (1.0.2) Installing multi_xml (0.5.1) Installing addressable (2.2.7) Installing uuidtools (2.1.3) Installing tzinfo (0.3.33) Installing choice (0.1.4) Installing chronic (0.6.7) Installing fastercsv (1.5.4) Installing json (1.6.5) Installing multipart-post (1.1.5) Installing oauth (0.4.5) Installing ruby-ole ( Installing log4r (1.1.9) Installing to_regexp (0.1.1) Installing posix-spawn (0.3.6) Installing upsert (0.3.4) Installing hashie (1.2.0) Installing gdata (1.1.2) Installing fast-stemmer (1.0.1) Installing htmlentities (4.3.1) Installing httpauth (0.1) Installing httpclient (2.2.4) Installing nokogiri (1.5.0) Installing unf_ext (0.0.4) Installing net-http-digest_auth (1.1.1) Installing net-http-persistent (2.5.2) Installing ntlm-http (0.1.1) Installing ruby-rc4 (0.1.5) Installing shoulda-context (1.0.0) Installing shoulda-matchers (1.0.0) Installing polylines (0.1.0) Installing rack (1.4.1) Installing rubyzip (0.9.4) Installing simple_oauth (0.2.0) Installing stringex (1.4.0) Installing trollop (1.16.2) Installing stackdeck (0.2.0) Installing hpricot (0.8.4) Using bundler (1.5.2) Installing sqlite3 (1.3.9) Installing tmail ( Installing activesupport (3.2.6) Installing libxml-ruby (2.2.1) Installing httparty (0.8.3) Installing jwt (0.1.4) Installing rfgraph (0.3) Installing money (5.0.0) Installing faraday (0.8.1) Installing todonotes (0.1.0) Installing typhoeus (0.3.3) Installing spreadsheet ( Installing sanitize (2.0.3) Installing webrobots (0.0.12) Installing unix_utils (0.0.14) Installing unf (0.0.4) Installing pdf-reader (1.0.0) Installing shoulda (3.0.1) Installing sqlite_magic (0.0.3) Installing fixed_width-multibyte (0.2.3) Installing hash_digest (1.0.0) Installing activemodel (3.2.6) Installing sinew (1.0.3) Installing fletcher (0.4.1) Installing oauth2 (0.5.2) Installing monster_mash (0.3.0) Installing domain_name (0.5.2) Using scraperwiki (3.0.1) from https://github.com/openaustralia/scraperwiki-ruby.git (at morph_defaults) Installing twitter (4.5.0) Installing aws-sdk (1.6.1) Installing pismo (0.7.2) Installing google-spreadsheet-ruby (0.1.8) Installing activeresource (3.2.6) Installing activerecord (3.2.6) Installing google_drive (0.3.1) Installing alchemy_api (0.1.2) Installing mechanize (2.5.1) Installing highrise (3.0.3) Installing active_record_inline_schema (0.5.7) Installing roo (1.10.0) Installing remote_table (2.0.2) Installing errata (1.1.1) Installing data_miner (2.3.4) Your bundle is complete! Gems in the groups development and test were not installed. It was installed into ./vendor/bundle Post-install message from httparty: When you HTTParty, you must party hard! Post-install message from pdf-reader: ******************************************** v1.0.0 of PDF::Reader introduced a new page-based API. There are extensive examples showing how to use it in the README and examples directory. For detailed documentation, check the rdocs for the PDF::Reader, PDF::Reader::Page and PDF::Reader::ObjectHash classes. The old API is marked as deprecated but will continue to work with no visible warnings for now. ******************************************** Bundle completed (41.79s) Cleaning up the bundler cache. -----> Discovering process types Procfile declares types -> scraper Default process types for Ruby -> rake, console, web ---> 476a9a576389 Removing intermediate container 12de8362d3ff Successfully built 476a9a576389 Step 0 : from 476a9a576389 ---> 476a9a576389 Step 1 : add code.tar /app ---> 5a4204fea2cb Removing intermediate container 8088420ce4a6 Successfully built 5a4204fea2cb /app/vendor/ruby-1.9.3/lib/ruby/1.9.1/open-uri.rb:216:in `open_loop': redirection forbidden: http://api.scraperwiki.com/api/1.0/scraper/getinfo?format=jsondict&version=-1&quietfields=code%7Crunevents%7Cdatasummary%7Cuserroles%7Chistory&name=ballina_shire_council_development_applications -> https://api.scraperwiki.com/api/1.0/scraper/getinfo?format=jsondict&version=-1&quietfields=code%7Crunevents%7Cdatasummary%7Cuserroles%7Chistory&name=ballina_shire_council_development_applications (RuntimeError) from /app/vendor/ruby-1.9.3/lib/ruby/1.9.1/open-uri.rb:146:in `open_uri' from /app/vendor/ruby-1.9.3/lib/ruby/1.9.1/open-uri.rb:678:in `open' from /app/vendor/ruby-1.9.3/lib/ruby/1.9.1/open-uri.rb:33:in `open' from scraper.rb:9:in `block in <main>' from scraper.rb:7:in `each' from scraper.rb:7:in `<main>'


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langauage short_name title
Ballina Shire Council Development Applications
Bankstown Development Applications
Bellingen Shire Council Development Applications
Blacktown City Council Development Applications
Blue Mountains City Council Development Applications
Bundaberg Regional Council Development Applications
Campbelltown City Council Development Proposals
Charters Towers Regional Council Development Applications
City of Ballarat Development Applications
City of Burnside Development Applications


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