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Python Search Script for twitter data mining - Multiple Keywords, single keyword, twitter streaming

Twitteri Search

A python app searches tweets based on keywords. Uses Twitter Streaming api tweepy & unicodecsv for csv conversion

Features of this Search script :

Very Tiny Able to Search multiple Keywords No Previous Programming knowledge required Can collect twitter Data based on your keyword preference

Prerequisities needed:

Before installing any modules, you should place your twitter keys in file.

How to get twitter keys,please check

Tweepy (module) You can install tweepy module using

    pip install tweepy


    easy_install tweepy

unicodecsv (module) You can install unicodecsv using

    pip install unicodecsv


    easy_install unicodecsv

Usage :

You can run this script using below :


Make sure you have keywords listed in keywords.txt file

After installing the foresaid modules, you can modify the keywords.txt file. keywords.txt file must contain individual keywords in separate line.

Note : Keywords with space can be accepted. Keywords addition with other special characters are not tested yet.

Last run failed with status code 999.

Console output of last run

Can't find scraper code. Expected to find a file called scraper.rb, scraper.php,, or in the root directory


Total run time: less than 5 seconds

Total cpu time used: less than 5 seconds

Total disk space used: 199 KB


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