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2010-11-04 18:44:05
Forestry Bill
2010-11-04 18:44:05
To reform and update the legislative framework relating to forestry in order to support the development of a modern forestry sector, which enshrines the principles of sustainable forest management and protection of the environment
2010-11-04 18:44:05
Greyhound Industry (Amendment) Bill
2010-11-04 18:44:05
To reform current legislation relating to Bord na gCon having regard to the Dalton Report
2010-11-04 18:44:05
Postal Services Bill
2010-11-04 18:44:05
To transpose EU Directive 2008/6/EC, which provides for the completion of the liberalisation of the postal sector in Ireland by 1st January 2011
2010-11-04 18:44:05
To replace the Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 1999 in order to amalgamate the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland, the Higher Education and Training Awards Council and the Further Education and Training Awards Council. The new organisation will also take responsibility for the external quality assurance review of the universities. The bill will also provide for matters relating to the National University of Ireland
2010-11-04 18:44:05
Chemicals (Amendment) Bill
2010-11-04 18:44:05
To give further effect to EU Chemical Regulations, to provide that future EU Regulations can be given further effect by making Regulations under the bill, and to make some technical amendments to the Chemicals Act 2008 and the Health and Safety Act 2005 arising from a High Court judgement
2010-11-04 18:44:05
Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill


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