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Injecting scraper and running... {u'name': u'Avon and Somerset Constabulary', u'id': u'avon-and-somerset'} Avon and Somerset Constabulary {'fullname': u'Avon and Somerset Constabulary', 'idcode': u'avon-and-somerset'} {u'name': u'Bedfordshire Police', u'id': u'bedfordshire'} Bedfordshire Police {'fullname': u'Bedfordshire Police', 'idcode': u'bedfordshire'} {u'name': u'Cambridgeshire Constabulary', u'id': u'cambridgeshire'} Cambridgeshire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Cambridgeshire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'cambridgeshire'} {u'name': u'Cheshire Constabulary', u'id': u'cheshire'} Cheshire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Cheshire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'cheshire'} {u'name': u'City of London Police', u'id': u'city-of-london'} City of London Police {'fullname': u'City of London Police', 'idcode': u'city-of-london'} {u'name': u'Cleveland Police', u'id': u'cleveland'} Cleveland Police {'fullname': u'Cleveland Police', 'idcode': u'cleveland'} {u'name': u'Cumbria Constabulary', u'id': u'cumbria'} Cumbria Constabulary {'fullname': u'Cumbria Constabulary', 'idcode': u'cumbria'} {u'name': u'Derbyshire Constabulary', u'id': u'derbyshire'} Derbyshire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Derbyshire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'derbyshire'} {u'name': u'Devon & Cornwall Police', u'id': u'devon-and-cornwall'} Devon & Cornwall Police {'fullname': u'Devon & Cornwall Police', 'idcode': u'devon-and-cornwall'} {u'name': u'Dorset Police', u'id': u'dorset'} Dorset Police {'fullname': u'Dorset Police', 'idcode': u'dorset'} {u'name': u'Durham Constabulary', u'id': u'durham'} Durham Constabulary {'fullname': u'Durham Constabulary', 'idcode': u'durham'} {u'name': u'Dyfed-Powys Police', u'id': u'dyfed-powys'} Dyfed-Powys Police {'fullname': u'Dyfed-Powys Police', 'idcode': u'dyfed-powys'} {u'name': u'Essex Police', u'id': u'essex'} Essex Police {'fullname': u'Essex Police', 'idcode': u'essex'} {u'name': u'Gloucestershire Constabulary', u'id': u'gloucestershire'} Gloucestershire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Gloucestershire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'gloucestershire'} {u'name': u'Greater Manchester Police', u'id': u'greater-manchester'} Greater Manchester Police {'fullname': u'Greater Manchester Police', 'idcode': u'greater-manchester'} {u'name': u'Gwent Police', u'id': u'gwent'} Gwent Police {'fullname': u'Gwent Police', 'idcode': u'gwent'} {u'name': u'Hampshire Constabulary', u'id': u'hampshire'} Hampshire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Hampshire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'hampshire'} {u'name': u'Hertfordshire Constabulary', u'id': u'hertfordshire'} Hertfordshire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Hertfordshire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'hertfordshire'} {u'name': u'Humberside Police', u'id': u'humberside'} Humberside Police {'fullname': u'Humberside Police', 'idcode': u'humberside'} {u'name': u'Kent Police', u'id': u'kent'} Kent Police {'fullname': u'Kent Police', 'idcode': u'kent'} {u'name': u'Lancashire Constabulary', u'id': u'lancashire'} Lancashire Constabulary {'fullname': u'Lancashire Constabulary', 'idcode': u'lancashire'} {u'name': u'Leicestershire Police', u'id': u'leicestershire'} Leicestershire Police {'fullname': u'Leicestershire Police', 'idcode': u'leicestershire'} {u'name': u'Lincolnshire Police', u'id': u'lincolnshire'} Lincolnshire Police {'fullname': u'Lincolnshire Police', 'idcode': u'lincolnshire'} {u'name': u'Merseyside Police', u'id': u'merseyside'} Merseyside Police {'fullname': u'Merseyside Police', 'idcode': u'merseyside'} {u'name': u'Metropolitan Police Service', u'id': u'metropolitan'} Metropolitan Police Service {'fullname': u'Metropolitan Police Service', 'idcode': u'metropolitan'} {u'name': u'Norfolk Constabulary', u'id': u'norfolk'} Norfolk Constabulary {'fullname': u'Norfolk Constabulary', 'idcode': u'norfolk'} {u'name': u'North Wales Police', u'id': u'north-wales'} North Wales Police {'fullname': u'North Wales Police', 'idcode': u'north-wales'} {u'name': u'North Yorkshire Police', u'id': u'north-yorkshire'} North Yorkshire Police {'fullname': u'North Yorkshire Police', 'idcode': u'north-yorkshire'} {u'name': u'Northamptonshire Police', u'id': u'northamptonshire'} Northamptonshire Police {'fullname': u'Northamptonshire Police', 'idcode': u'northamptonshire'} {u'name': u'Northumbria Police', u'id': u'northumbria'} Northumbria Police {'fullname': u'Northumbria Police', 'idcode': u'northumbria'} {u'name': u'Nottinghamshire Police', u'id': u'nottinghamshire'} Nottinghamshire Police {'fullname': u'Nottinghamshire Police', 'idcode': u'nottinghamshire'} {u'name': u'Police Service of Northern Ireland', u'id': u'northern-ireland'} Police Service of Northern Ireland {'fullname': u'Police Service of Northern Ireland', 'idcode': u'northern-ireland'} {u'name': u'South Wales Police', u'id': u'south-wales'} South Wales Police {'fullname': u'South Wales Police', 'idcode': u'south-wales'} {u'name': u'South Yorkshire Police', u'id': u'south-yorkshire'} South Yorkshire Police {'fullname': u'South Yorkshire Police', 'idcode': u'south-yorkshire'} {u'name': u'Staffordshire Police', u'id': u'staffordshire'} Staffordshire Police {'fullname': u'Staffordshire Police', 'idcode': u'staffordshire'} {u'name': u'Suffolk Constabulary', u'id': u'suffolk'} Suffolk Constabulary {'fullname': u'Suffolk Constabulary', 'idcode': u'suffolk'} {u'name': u'Surrey Police', u'id': u'surrey'} Surrey Police {'fullname': u'Surrey Police', 'idcode': u'surrey'} {u'name': u'Sussex Police', u'id': u'sussex'} Sussex Police {'fullname': u'Sussex Police', 'idcode': u'sussex'} {u'name': u'Thames Valley Police', u'id': u'thames-valley'} Thames Valley Police {'fullname': u'Thames Valley Police', 'idcode': u'thames-valley'} {u'name': u'Warwickshire Police', u'id': u'warwickshire'} Warwickshire Police {'fullname': u'Warwickshire Police', 'idcode': u'warwickshire'} {u'name': u'West Mercia Police', u'id': u'west-mercia'} West Mercia Police {'fullname': u'West Mercia Police', 'idcode': u'west-mercia'} {u'name': u'West Midlands Police', u'id': u'west-midlands'} West Midlands Police {'fullname': u'West Midlands Police', 'idcode': u'west-midlands'} {u'name': u'West Yorkshire Police', u'id': u'west-yorkshire'} West Yorkshire Police {'fullname': u'West Yorkshire Police', 'idcode': u'west-yorkshire'} {u'name': u'Wiltshire Police', u'id': u'wiltshire'} Wiltshire Police THIS IS WILTSHIRE2 CONTAINS WILT {'fullname': u'Wiltshire Police', 'idcode': u'wiltshire'}


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Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Bedfordshire Police
Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Cheshire Constabulary
City of London Police
Cleveland Police
Cumbria Constabulary
Derbyshire Constabulary
Devon & Cornwall Police
Dorset Police


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