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6 Tennyson Street, ST KILDA VIC 3182
Demolition of the 1950s City Gate Apartment Building and its replacement with a new three storey residential building; part demolition, alterations, additions and extensions to Bundalohn Mansion; retention and refurbishment of Darwalla; demolition of outbuildings; provision of three car parking spaces with access from Bundalohn Court and use and development of the site for the purposes of a 50 apartment Residential Building/dwellings (community housing).
35-37 Wellington Street, ST KILDA VIC 3182
Seventeen (17) lot subdivision PS728655P SPEAR REF: S130872M
To be re-used
5 Alma Road, ST KILDA VIC 3182
Amend the existing permit to allow the following: Mechanical plant and equipment and associated screens on the roof adjacent to the west boundary.
5 Alma Road, ST KILDA VIC 3182
To develop and use 93 residential apartments in an 9 storey building with basement parking for 96 cars.
78 Nimmo Street, MIDDLE PARK VIC 3206
Partial demolition, alterations and additions and extension to rear of the existing dwelling at ground and first floor levels and two storey garage/studio at the rear
74 Mills Street, ALBERT PARK VIC 3206
Demolition of the shop structure at the front of the site, part demolition of the dwelling behind, alterations and additions, two storey extensions to the dwelling and two storey garage/studio building to the rear.
1/91 Alma Road, ST KILDA EAST VIC 3183
Two (2) lot subdivision PS709821G SPEAR REF: S153146S
114 Dow Street, PORT MELBOURNE VIC 3207
Construction of a new three storey dwelling and garage Amended to allow the following: - Amended roof angle over second floor bedroom - Addition of solar panels - Revisions to first and second floor walls to increase courtyard size - Walk in robe to second floor reconfigured and bathroom removed - Change to position of water tank
81-87 Moray Street, SOUTH MELBOURNE VIC 3205
Develop and use the land for the purpose of buildings and works comprising the construction of a 7 storey building with basement car parking for use as offices (as of right), a food and drinks premises (cafe) and retail, a reduction in the Planning Scheme car parking requirements and a variation to the street wall height and overall height specified in the Design and Development Overlay (DDO8)


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