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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... [<a href="/procontract/standrews/supplier.nsf/frm_opportunity?openForm&amp;opp_id=OPP-HIS-9TGJ-BBFTSM&amp;contract_id=CONTRACT-9NTC-C92731&amp;org_id=ORG-DNWC-922CXG&amp;from=" title="View opportunity">STA0720 - Provision of Flooring Services (Supply &amp; Fit)</a>, <a href="/procontract/standrews/supplier.nsf/frm_opportunity?openForm&amp;opp_id=OPP-HIS-9KAR-QN6FW2&amp;contract_id=CONTRACT-9KAR-FK05ZC&amp;org_id=ORG-DNWC-922CXG&amp;from=" title="View opportunity">Test - Live Test Full Tender Process</a>] STANDY-9NTC-C92731 STANDY-9KAR-FK05ZC


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36 (months)
12 (months)
06/02/2015 14:00
['Cliftonville', '/Northampton', '/Northamptonshire', '/NN1 5DG', '/United Kingdom']
STA0720 - Provision of Flooring Services (Supply & Fit)
20/02/2015 23:59
[u'44112200 - Floor coverings', u'44112210 - Solid flooring', u'45262321 - Floor-screed works', u'45430000 - Floor and wall covering work', u'45431100 - Floor-tiling work', u'45432000 - Floor-laying and covering, wall-covering and wall-papering work', u'45432100 - Floor laying and covering work', u'45432110 - Floor-laying work', u'45432111 - Laying work of flexible floor coverings', u'45432130 - Floor-covering work']
<a href="/procontract/standrews/supplier.nsf/frm_opportunity?openForm&opp_id=OPP-HIS-9TGJ-BBFTSM&contract_id=CONTRACT-9NTC-C92731&org_id=ORG-DNWC-922CXG&from=" title="View opportunity">STA0720 - Provision of Flooring Services (Supply & Fit)</a>
St Andrews Healthcare
St Andrew’s Healthcare are seeking expressions of interest from experienced, established suppliers in order to create a framework contract (consisting of 1 or more suppliers) to provide flooring services to the Charity’s 4 sites located in Northampton, Birmingham, Nottinghamshire and Essex.  The flooring framework will help the Charity to deliver its flooring replacement programme; suppliers will also support any ad hoc/urgent requirements that may occur throughout the duration of the contract.  The flooring services may be required to be provided both during normal working hours and out of normal working hours, depending on the room type.  Suppliers must be a member of Constructionline or if successful be willing to sign up and become a member prior to the commencement of any contract with St Andrew’s Healthcare.  Initial contract duration will be 3 years with 2 x 12 month extensions. St Andrew's Healthcare requires interested suppliers to register as a supplier on their e-tendering system (; the tender will be issued through this e-tendering system in due course. In Scope: •           Purchase and supply of required flooring materials •           Take up, removal and disposal of the existing flooring •           Removal of any existing, additional residual adhesive once flooring is removed •           Floor preparation including latex screed, ply wood or acoustic flooring •           Laying of the flooring materials (either flat laid or with upstand) •           Fixing of threshold strips and security screws, where required •           Labour in normal working hours and out of normal working hours •           Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) for each job, as required •           Supplier or the Charity will stock hold popular flooring materials, as required •           Warranty’s/guarantees for the provision of the Services and flooring material Out of Scope:   •           Tiled/ceramic flooring Below is an example of the various room types at St Andrew’s Healthcare: •           Bedrooms •           En-suite bathrooms •           Offices •           Day spaces •           Laundry rooms •           Corridors  
01604 614353
2015-06-10 17:12:25.681831
Mrs Emma Squires
12 (months)
12 (months)
25/05/2014 21:32
Test - Live Test Full Tender Process
25/05/2014 22:00
[u'10000000 - Live Plant and Animal Material and Accessories and Supplies']
<a href="/procontract/standrews/supplier.nsf/frm_opportunity?openForm&opp_id=OPP-HIS-9KAR-QN6FW2&contract_id=CONTRACT-9KAR-FK05ZC&org_id=ORG-DNWC-922CXG&from=" title="View opportunity">Test - Live Test Full Tender Process</a>
St Andrews Healthcare
This is a Live Test for the Full ITT Process 
01604 614485
2015-06-10 17:12:25.681831
Ms Charlotte Davidson


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