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Last run failed with status code 1.

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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... Error validating URL. NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2013_02 *Error: Invalid URL* Error validating URL. NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2013_01 *Error: Invalid URL* Error validating URL. NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_12 *Error: Invalid URL* Error validating URL. NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_11 *Error: Invalid URL* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_10 *Error: Invalid filetype* Error validating URL. NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_09 *Error: Invalid URL* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_08 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_07 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_06 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_05 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_04 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_03 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_02 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2012_01 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_12 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_11 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_10 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_09 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_08 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_07 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_06 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_05 *Error: Invalid filetype* NHTRXYNFT_KAMNASCPT_gov_2011_04 *Error: Invalid filetype* Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 133, in <module> raise Exception("%d errors occurred during scrape." % errors) Exception: 23 errors occurred during scrape.


Total run time: 4 minutes

Total cpu time used: less than 5 seconds

Total disk space used: 22.8 KB


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