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Injecting configuration and compiling... [1G [1G-----> Python app detected [1G ! The latest version of Python 2 is python-2.7.14 (you are using python-2.7.9, which is unsupported). [1G ! We recommend upgrading by specifying the latest version (python-2.7.14). [1G Learn More: [1G-----> Installing python-2.7.9 [1G-----> Installing pip [1G-----> Installing requirements with pip [1G Collecting beautifulsoup4==4.2.0 (from -r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 6)) [1G Downloading (63kB) [1G Obtaining scraperwiki from git+ (from -r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Cloning (to revision morph_defaults) to /app/.heroku/src/scraperwiki [1G Collecting lxml==3.4.4 (from -r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 12)) [1G Downloading (3.5MB) [1G Collecting cssselect==0.9.1 (from -r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 13)) [1G Downloading [1G Collecting dumptruck>=0.1.2 (from scraperwiki->-r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Downloading [1G Collecting requests (from scraperwiki->-r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Downloading (91kB) [1G Collecting idna<2.8,>=2.5 (from requests->scraperwiki->-r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Downloading (58kB) [1G Collecting certifi>=2017.4.17 (from requests->scraperwiki->-r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Downloading (150kB) [1G Collecting urllib3<1.24,>=1.21.1 (from requests->scraperwiki->-r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Downloading (133kB) [1G Collecting chardet<3.1.0,>=3.0.2 (from requests->scraperwiki->-r /tmp/build/requirements.txt (line 10)) [1G Downloading (133kB) [1G Installing collected packages: beautifulsoup4, dumptruck, idna, certifi, urllib3, chardet, requests, scraperwiki, lxml, cssselect [1G Running install for beautifulsoup4: started [1G Running install for beautifulsoup4: finished with status 'done' [1G Running install for dumptruck: started [1G Running install for dumptruck: finished with status 'done' [1G Running develop for scraperwiki [1G Running install for lxml: started [1G Running install for lxml: still running... [1G Running install for lxml: finished with status 'done' [1G Running install for cssselect: started [1G Running install for cssselect: finished with status 'done' [1G Successfully installed beautifulsoup4-4.2.0 certifi-2018.4.16 chardet-3.0.4 cssselect-0.9.1 dumptruck-0.1.6 idna-2.7 lxml-3.4.4 requests-2.19.1 scraperwiki urllib3-1.23 [1G [1G [1G-----> Discovering process types [1G Procfile declares types -> scraper Injecting scraper and running... E2234_DDC_gov_2018_03 E2234_DDC_gov_2018_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2018_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_12 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_11 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_10 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_09 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_08 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_07 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_06 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_05 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_04 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_03 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2017_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_12 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_11 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_10 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_09 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_08 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_07 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_06 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_05 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_04 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_03 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2016_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_12 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_11 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_10 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_09 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_08 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_07 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_06 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_05 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_04 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_03 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2015_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2014_12 E2234_DDC_gov_2014_11 E2234_DDC_gov_2014_10 E2234_DDC_gov_2013_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2013_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_11 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_10 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_09 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_08 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_07 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_06 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_05 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_04 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_03 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2012_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_12 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_11 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_10 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_09 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_08 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_07 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_06 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_05 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_04 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_03 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_02 E2234_DDC_gov_2011_01 E2234_DDC_gov_2018_05 E2234_DDC_gov_2018_04


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2018-07-24 11:28:03.581006
2018-07-24 11:28:05.569336
2018-07-24 11:28:07.448638
2018-07-24 11:28:09.316094
2018-07-24 11:28:11.133420
2018-07-24 11:28:13.090302
2018-07-24 11:28:14.775874
2018-07-24 11:28:16.620426


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