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[u'48000000 - Software package and information systems', u'72000000 - IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support']
24 (months)
[['$FILE/UPC PQQ - Supporting Information%28All Lots%29.docx', 'UPC PQQ - Supporting Information(All Lots).docx', '127kb', '16/12/2014'], ['$FILE/The Tender Process within ProContract v2.1.pdf', 'The Tender Process within ProContract v2.1.pdf', '1Mb', '17/12/2014'], ['$FILE/UPC - Pro Contract - Quick Start Reference Guide.docx', 'UPC - Pro Contract - Quick Start Reference Guide.docx', '2Mb', '19/12/2014']]
16/12/2014 08:00
 The UK has signed an international agreement committing to the creation of the Unified Patent Court. The Intellectual Property Office has agreed to be the contracting authority for the purpose of procuring a Case Management / E-filing system, hosting solution and website. The high level requirements for this procurement exercise will be to: set up an electronic filing and case management system which must be fully accessible on line for judges and other staff of the UPC; enable secure exchange of documents and information both internally (between seats, sections, divisions, panels, judges and staff of the Registry and sub-registries) and externally (between the UPC and parties to proceedings, who should be able to file submissions and documents in electronic form); Enable public on-line inspection of certain parts of the files; Design a comprehensive court website. With the above information in mind  and as per the attached documentation the requirements for the Unified Patent Court are divided into 3 lots, namely: i. Lot 1 – Provision of an efiling/Case Management System ii. Lot 2 – Hosting Services iii. Lot 3 – Website Development Suppliers may bid for one or all of these Lots by providing responses to the questions contained within this ‘e’ tendering portal. Suppliers may do this by using the portal's 'Response Wizard'. No preference will be given to suppliers who bid for either a single or all lots. The objective of the Authority is to select the supplier or suppliers who best demonstrates their ability and capability to meet the Authority's requirements on a lot by lot basis. Suppliers should note that there are three (3) separate sets of evaluation criteria and associated questions with one set applicable per lot. In the event that suppliers wish to be considered for more than one lot they must complete the evaluation questions related to the particular lot and provide the information requested therein. In the event Suppliers do not wish to bid for a particular lot(s), they should choose the 'Opt Out' option in relation to the particular lot.  
02/02/2015 12:00
Mr Chris Mayers
IT-2014-062 - Unified Patent Court, Case Management System, Hosting Services and Website Development
['Intellectual Property Office at Concept House', '/Cardiff Road', '/New Port, South Wales', '/Other', '/NP10 8QQ', '/United Kingdom']
12 (months)
<a href="/procontract/ipo/supplier.nsf/frm_opportunity?openForm&opp_id=OPP-HIS-9RUD-KMD7SK&contract_id=CONTRACT-9RTB-QXB2PQ&org_id=ORG-DNWC-8VPEGD&from=" title="View opportunity">IT-2014-062 - Unified Patent Court, Case Management System, Hosting Services and Website D...</a>
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