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0x7f0e41541208>] <td>Date</td> Date <td>Hospital</td> Hospital <td>Region</td> Region <td class="Number">Trolley Total</td> Trolley Total <td class="Number">Ward Total</td> Ward Total <td class="Number">Total</td> Total <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Beaumont Hospital</td> Beaumont Hospital <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td class="Number">14</td> 14 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Children's University Hospital, Temple Street</td> Children's University Hospital, Temple Street <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown</td> Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">5</td> 5 <td class="Number">6</td> 6 <td class="Number">11</td> 11 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Mater Misericordiae University Hospital</td> Mater Misericordiae University Hospital <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">31</td> 31 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">31</td> 31 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Naas General Hospital</td> Naas General Hospital <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">4</td> 4 <td class="Number">3</td> 3 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>National Children's Hospital, Tallaght</td> National Children's Hospital, Tallaght <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin</td> Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">1</td> 1 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">1</td> 1 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>St James' Hospital</td> St James' Hospital <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">1</td> 1 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">1</td> 1 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>St Vincent's University Hospital</td> St Vincent's University Hospital <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">25</td> 25 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">25</td> 25 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Tallaght University Hospital</td> Tallaght University Hospital <td>Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number">21</td> 21 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td class="Number">28</td> 28 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Bantry General Hospital</td> Bantry General Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Cavan General Hospital</td> Cavan General Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">1</td> 1 <td class="Number">5</td> 5 <td class="Number">6</td> 6 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Cork University Hospital</td> Cork University Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">34</td> 34 <td class="Number">12</td> 12 <td class="Number">46</td> 46 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Letterkenny University Hospital</td> Letterkenny University Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">3</td> 3 <td class="Number">4</td> 4 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Mayo University Hospital</td> Mayo University Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">5</td> 5 <td class="Number">8</td> 8 <td class="Number">13</td> 13 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Mercy University Hospital, Cork</td> Mercy University Hospital, Cork <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">8</td> 8 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">8</td> 8 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Mid Western Regional Hospital, Ennis</td> Mid Western Regional Hospital, Ennis <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar</td> Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">4</td> 4 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">4</td> 4 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise</td> Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">5</td> 5 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">5</td> 5 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore</td> Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">11</td> 11 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">11</td> 11 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Nenagh General Hospital</td> Nenagh General Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda</td> Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">11</td> 11 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">11</td> 11 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Our Lady's Hospital, Navan</td> Our Lady's Hospital, Navan <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">2</td> 2 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">2</td> 2 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Portiuncula University Hospital</td> Portiuncula University Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Sligo University Hospital</td> Sligo University Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td class="Number">6</td> 6 <td class="Number">13</td> 13 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>South Tipperary General Hospital</td> South Tipperary General Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">10</td> 10 <td class="Number">6</td> 6 <td class="Number">16</td> 16 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>St Lukes Hospital, Kilkenny</td> St Lukes Hospital, Kilkenny <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>University College Hospital Galway</td> University College Hospital Galway <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">22</td> 22 <td class="Number">5</td> 5 <td class="Number">27</td> 27 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>University Hospital Kerry</td> University Hospital Kerry <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">25</td> 25 <td class="Number">0</td> 0 <td class="Number">25</td> 25 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>University Hospital Waterford</td> University Hospital Waterford <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">22</td> 22 <td class="Number">7</td> 7 <td class="Number">29</td> 29 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>University Hospital, Limerick</td> University Hospital, Limerick <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">24</td> 24 <td class="Number">23</td> 23 <td class="Number">47</td> 47 <td>02/07/2019</td> 02/07/2019 <td>Wexford General Hospital</td> Wexford General Hospital <td>Country</td> Country <td class="Number">1</td> 1 <td class="Number">2</td> 2 <td class="Number">3</td> 3 <td></td> None <td></td> None <td></td> None <td style="width:75px;"></td> None <td style="width:75px;"></td> None <td style="width:75px;"></td> None <td style="font-weight:bold;border-bottom:0px solid #979797; text-align:right; padding-right:15px;" colspan="3">Eastern</td> Eastern <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#031f5e; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">95</td> 95 <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#8b54a8; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">23</td> 23 <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#979797; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">118</td> 118 <td style="font-weight:bold;border-bottom:0px solid #979797; text-align:right; padding-right:15px;" colspan="3">Country</td> Country <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#e79301; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">195</td> 195 <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#83a82f; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">85</td> 85 <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#979797; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">280</td> 280 <td style="font-weight:bold; border-bottom:0px solid #979797; text-align:right; padding-right:15px;" colspan="3">Total</td> Total <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#979797; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">290</td> 290 <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#979797; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">108</td> 108 <td class="Number" style="font-weight:bold;text-align:right;border:1px solid #979797;background-color:#979797; color:#FFF; padding-right:10px;">398</td> 398


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