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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... [<DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43d3440>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43d3a28>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43d9050>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43d9638>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43d9c20>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43df248>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43df830>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43dfe18>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43e6440>, <DOM Element: link at 0x7fbda43e6a28>] 1: Fitbit 'golden era' is over as Apple Watch regains top spot in wearables after near two-year absence - CNBC -> 2: Fitbit soars as smartwatch launch cheers analysts - MarketWatch ->


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