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Mon Jan 4 23:59:23 2016
Ontario pension plan to launch in 2017, regardless of CPP changes: Wynne
Ontario&#x2019;s controversial new mandatory retirement savings scheme &#x2014; set to launch next Jan. 1 &#x2014; is coming regardless of whether the existing Canada Pension Plan is enhanced, says Premier Kathleen Wynne.
Mon Jan 4 23:59:25 2016
Sudan joins Bahrain, Emirates scaling back ties with Iran
<byline_name name="byline_name" class="character" displayname="byline_name">Jon Gambrell </byline_name><byline_credit name="byline_credit" class="character" displayname="byline_credit">The Associated Press</byline_credit>
Mon Jan 4 23:59:25 2016
TSX dives, regains ground in stock plunge that began in China
Thu Jan 7 08:56:40 2016
'It's not going to bring our family back ... we're going to remain broken'
Jennifer Neville-Lake still wakes up at 5 a.m. every day, staring from her bed at the pictures of her three children, hoping she&#x2019;ll hear their voices.
Thu Jan 7 08:56:41 2016
Despite global outrage, NKorea may get what it wants out of H. bomb test: Analysis
TOKYO&#x2014;When North Korea hinted it had a hydrogen bomb last month &#x2014; twice &#x2014; it was largely brushed off as bluster. Now that it&#x2019;s claiming to <a href="http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2016/01/05/earthquake-near-north-korean-nuclear-test-site-artificial-reports.html">have actually tested one</a>, it is being taken a lot more seriously and a storm of outraged alarm, criticism and threats of sanctions are once again raining down on its head.
Thu Jan 7 08:56:42 2016
Carillion faces second probe for failing to clear highways of snow
A company already facing $900,000 in fines for failing to clear Ontario highways in 2014 is <a href="http://www.thestar.com/business/2015/10/06/snowclearing-company-fined-900000-by-ontario-for-qew-failings.html">under investigation again</a> by the Ministry of Transportation after a series of accidents in Peel and Halton regions on New Year&#x2019;s Day.
Thu Jan 7 08:56:42 2016
Toronto council urged to reinstate vehicle registration tax
Mayor John Tory and council can start delivering on a 20-year plan to reduce poverty in Toronto by reinstating the vehicle registration tax, says a coalition of social justice organizations and a research institute.
Thu Jan 7 08:56:43 2016
Families of murdered, missing indigenous women meet to discuss goals of inquiry
OTTAWA&#x2014;The families of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls have been gathering for years &#x2014; to share their stories, support each other and call for action &#x2014; but this time was different.
Sat Jan 9 09:02:29 2016
MP Bill Blair says legal pot could be sold in liquor stores
OTTAWA&#x2014;MP Bill Blair, the former Toronto police chief now leading the Trudeau government&#x2019;s marijuana legalization project, says provincial liquor stores may be the most reasonable place from which to control legal cannabis sales because of the ability to restrict youth access to the drug.
Sat Jan 9 09:02:29 2016
Raptors continue to school Wizards
WASHINGTON&#x2014;DeMar DeRozan didn&#x2019;t blink before the words were out of his mouth.


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