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Start by being brave enough to care Anna Rosling Rönnlund: See how the rest of the world lives, organized by income Bob Inglis: American bipartisan politics can be saved -- here's how Scott Williams: The hidden role informal caregivers play in health care Michelle Knox: Talk about your death while you're still healthy Matt Goldman: The search for "aha!" moments Vivek Maru: How to put the power of law in people's hands Jacob Collier: A one-man musical phenomenon Marily Oppezzo: Want to be more creative? Go for a walk Alexis Charpentier: How record collectors find lost music and preserve our cultural heritage Kevin Njabo: How we can stop Africa's scientific brain drain Soyapi Mumba: Medical tech designed to meet Africa's needs Mindy Scheier: How adaptive clothing empowers people with disabilities Touria El Glaoui: Inside Africa's thriving art scene Stewart Brand and Chris Anderson: Mammoths resurrected, geoengineering and other thoughts from a futurist Sue Jaye Johnson: What we don't teach kids about sex Arik Hartmann: Our treatment of HIV has advanced. Why hasn't the stigma changed? Lana Mazahreh: 3 thoughtful ways to conserve water Lisa Feldman Barrett: You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them Christopher Ategeka: How adoption worked for me Heather Lanier: "Good" and "bad" are incomplete stories we tell ourselves Christian Benimana: The next generation of African architects and designers Deborah Willis and Hank Willis Thomas: A mother and son united by love and art Yvette Alberdingk Thijm: The power of citizen video to create undeniable truths Joel Jackson: A vehicle built in Africa, for Africa Tiffany Watt Smith: The history of human emotions Javed Akhtar: The gift of words Atul Gawande: Want to get great at something? Get a coach Angela Wang: How China is changing the future of shopping David Brenner: A new weapon in the fight against superbugs Kamau Gachigi: Success stories from Kenya's first makerspace Miho Janvier: Lessons from a solar storm chaser Joan Blades and John Gable: Free yourself from your filter bubbles Xavier De Kestelier: Adventures of an interplanetary architect Gautam Bhan: A bold plan to house 100 million people


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May 2016
Sarah Gray: How my son's short life made a lasting difference
Apr 2016
Riccardo Sabatini: How to read the genome and build a human being
TED@State Street Boston
Apr 2016
Michael Metcalfe: A provocative way to finance the fight against climate change
Apr 2016
Ameera Harouda: Why I put myself in danger to tell the stories of Gaza
Apr 2016
R. Luke DuBois: Insightful human portraits made from data
Apr 2016
Shivani Siroya: A smart loan for people with no credit history (yet)
Apr 2016
Kenneth Lacovara: Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe
Apr 2016
Aditi Gupta: A taboo-free way to talk about periods
TED Talks Live
Apr 2016
Juan Enriquez: We can reprogram life. How to do it wisely
TEDActive 2015
Apr 2016
Joshua Prager: Wisdom from great writers on every year of life


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