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DA 93/2015
208 Bridge Street Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
Cafe plus bed and breakfast and signage
DA 91/2015
New England Highway, Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
Install an effluent pipeline from the Liddell Power Station water treatment plant to the outfall canal
DA 92/2015
56 Humphries Street Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
Replace existing concrete path and slab and retaining wall
DA 87/2015
Merriwa Road Sandy Hollow, NSW, Australia
Subdivision if one (1) lot into ten (10) lots
DA 90/2015
Savoy Parish County Durham, NSW, Australia
Liddell ash settling pond and associated infrastructure
DA 89/2015
1829 Denman Road Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
Relocate and extend existing dwelling
DA 82/2015
79-81 William Street, Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
Replacement of retaining wall and fence
DA 76/2015
45 Ogilvie Street Denman, NSW, Australia
Merton Court Hostel fundraising event
DA 79/2015
46 Stockyard Parade Muswellbook, NSW, Australia
Swimming pool
DA 81/2015
1080 Sandy Creek Road Muswellbrook, NSW, Australia
Addition of ensuite & change eastern windows to doors


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