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Philip Young
Philip has a background as a Chartered Accountant and a Management Consultant who then spent some 25 years in a series of senior positions in the Financial Services Sector. Philip retired some 8 years ago and now holds a range of non-executive and trustee roles in the public and voluntary sector. Philip is a lay member for Ealing CCG.
Non-Executive Director
Dr Raj Chandok
Raj has been a General Practitioner in the United Kingdom since 2001. He is the Vice Chair of Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group and the Chair of Ealing Integrated Care Pilot. He is the Lead Partner of a General Practice in North West London providing high quality Primary Care Services for 11,000 patients. He has a Masters in Medical Ethics.  Raj also leads on diabetes for the CCG and is Chair of the Clinical Quality Group for Ealing Hospital Trust.
Vice Chair
Dr Arjun Dhillon
Arjun qualified from University College London and completed a medical rotation including Watford, Ealing, The Royal Free and Barts & The London Hospitals. He then retrained as a GP on the Hillingdon VTS. He is a GP partner at The Argyle Surgery in West Ealing. He is Ealing CCG lead for Prescribing, Ophthalmology, Infectious Diseases, IT & Diagnostics. He is vice chair of the RCGP Health informatics Group and co–vice chair of the JGPITC.
Board Member
Fionnuala O’donnell
Fin has been a Practice Manager in Ealing for ten years. She is the Practice Manager Representative on the Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group.  Her responsibilities include Practice Manager and Workforce Development, Patient and Public Engagement and Equality and Diversity.
Board Member
Sally Armstrong
Sally has been a Practice Nurse at Cuckoo Lane Surgery, Hanwell, for 8 years specialising in Cardiovascular and Respiratory care and coordinating research within the practice. She previously worked at Imperial College as a Research Sister organising Elderly Care Out Patient Studies in Hypertension, Dementia and Diabetes. Sally produces the monthly CCG newsletter and is involved in Practice Engagement, Respiratory and Children's Services for the CCG. She is Chair of the Ealing Practice Nurse Forum.
Board Member
Carmel Cahill
As well as sitting as an associate board member on the EECG Carmel participates in the PPE sub-group and a number of working groups. She currently works as Deputy Chief Executive of Ealing Community and Voluntary Service and previous worked for over 20 years as a senior marketing executive in international hotels.  In the local community she has been a lay board member of the Northolt Greenford and Perivale PCG and Chair of Northolt Sure Start.
Chair Ealing Links - Associate Board Member
Dr Mohammad Alzarrad
Mohammed has been working in Southall - Ealing for the past 12 years as a principal GP partner. He is an LMC representative and was formerly vice chair of the Southall Locality group. He has an interest in diabetes and cardiovascular disease and is one of the assessors for the Ealing referral facilitation service.  Mohammed is Deputy Clinical lead of the RFS and medicine management redesign team; and is lead of the Southall Health Network.
Board Member
Dr Robert McLaren
Robert qualified as a GP in 2005 having trained in Brent.  He subsequently undertook salaried posts in Hammersmith and Harlesden before becoming a Partner in Northfields Surgery in 2008.  He setup one of the earliest Health Networks in Ealing in 2010 which he now co-chairs for the ICP.  He was on the transitional board from 2010-11 and re-joined the board in 2012.  He has been the IT lead for Ealing CCG throughout the CCGs formation.
Board Member
Dr Zaheer Nasir
Zahir is the sessional GP lead and member of the ECCG board. He works as sessional GP in the Urgent Care Centres of Hillingdon Hospital and West Middlesex Hospital and also works in a local practice for 2 days a week. Zaheer leads on effective engagement of sessional GPs which comprise about 50% of the GP work force in Ealing. The priority areas within his brief are engagement of sessional GPs with the new RFS service, prescribing, ICP and health networks.
Board Member
Philip Portwood
Philip was an East Acton Councillor for twenty two years, being elected in six successive elections. He has served longer as an East Acton Councillor than any other person in the history of local government in Acton (which began in 1895). Philip was the Millennium Mayor of the Borough. He is a Director of the Acton Community Forum, and a Trustee of both the Acton (Middlesex) Charities and the Imperial College Healthcare Charity.
Board Member


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