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contract_end attach_list tender_url contact_email extension_iterations contact_phone contract_start contact_addr extension_duration d contact_name title est_value eoi_end buyer eoi_start categories tender_id contract_duration summary date keywords
01270 686828
[u'Pyms Lane', u'Crewe', u'Cheshire', u'CW1 3PJ', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Nicholas Longden
Supply of New Large Rotary Mowers for use within the Grounds Maintenance Services
11/12/2015 11:30
Cheshire East Borough Council
30/11/2015 15:16
[u'390000 - Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance']
37 (months)
Ansa is currently in the process of reviewing the procurement approach for the Supply of New Large Rotary Mowers which includes both G3 493 and G3 610 Trimax Pegasus Mowers, and to appoint a Supplier to provide these mowers.
01270 686455
[u'Westfields', u'Sandbach', u'Cheshire', u'CW11 1HZ', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Abigail Coyne
15 107 Infection Prevention and Control
11/12/2015 08:00
Cheshire East Borough Council
05/11/2015 16:20
[u'151510 - Public Health', u'310000 - Healthcare']
48 (months)
01228 221746
[u'The Lonsdale Building', u'Carlisle', u'Cumbria', u'CA3 8NA', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Clare Redpath
Alterations at George Hastwell School, Barrow In Furness
11/12/2015 12:00
Cumbria County Council
17/11/2015 00:00
[u'100000 - Building Construction Materials', u'391000 - Architect']
7 (months)
01228 226424
[u'The Lonsdale Building', u'Carlisle', u'Cumbria', u'CA3 8NA', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Hayley Samson
Provision of Special Educational Needs transport between Wigton, Carlisle and Brampton (OOC03)
11/12/2015 12:00
Cumbria County Council
23/11/2015 16:00
[u'361300 - Passenger Transport']
21 (months)
Tenders are invited for the provision of passenger transport services by taxi, minibus and/or coach in relation to Special Educational Needs between Wigton, Carlisle and Brampton
02380 683831
[u'Eastleigh Borough Council', u'Eastleigh', u'Hampshire', u'SO50 9YN', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Pearl Tee
11/12/2015 12:00
Eastleigh Borough Council
12/11/2015 12:00
[u'390000 - Works - Construction, Repair & Maintenance']
5 (months)
[u'Barnsdale Way, Grove Park', u'Leicester', u'Leicestershire', u'LE19 1ES', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Louis Blake
3177_16 Substance Misuse Treatment Services
11/12/2015 12:00
04/11/2015 15:48
[u'85000000 - Healthcare Services']
49 (months)
In this present instance, ESPO is working on behalf of Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council (the Councils) to undertake a procurement process to identify and appoint a service provider to provide an integrated substance misuse treatment services across the Leicestershire and Lei...s about the contract requirements and the tender process. It will also offer an opportunity to ask questions. To register your attendance at the Forum and receive further information regarding the location, please email in advance of the names of the person(s) who will attend to
01452 328368
[u'Shire Hall', u'Gloucester', u'Gloucestershire', u'gl1 2tg', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Naomi Carley
Gloucestershire Care and Support Opportunity for an individual PRN 1000028894
11/12/2015 09:00
Gloucestershire County Council
01/12/2015 10:01
[u'85000000-9 - Health and social work services', u'98000000-3 - Other community, social and personal services']
1 (months)
We are seeking the support and accommodation for a male aged between 18-25 with learning disabilities in the Gloucester area.
[u'Kingsway House', u'Widnes', u'Cheshire', u'WA8 7EA', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Pauline Lowe
Vinyls for Windows at The Brindley
11/12/2015 15:00
Halton Borough Council
10/12/2015 09:51
[u'190000 - Facilities & Management Services']
1 (months)
The Brindley require some Vinyls for the Windows to be installed prior to an exhibition starting Monday 11th January 2015.
+44 1514434246
[u'4th Floor, Municipal Building', u'Huyton', u'Merseyside', u'L36 9YU', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Liam Bedson
Child Sexual Exploitation Prevention & Intervention Service
11/12/2015 09:30
Knowsley Council
12/11/2015 15:30
[u'310000 - Healthcare']
19 (months)
0151 443 5410
[u'7th Floor, Municipal Building', u'Kirkby', u'Merseyside', u'L32 1TX', u'United Kingdom']
2015-12-11 00:34:24.156852
Mark Woodward
Specialist Maintenance to Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches
11/12/2015 09:30
Knowsley Council
27/11/2015 17:00
[u'330000 - Sports & Playground Equipment & Maintenance']
36 (months)
Knowsley Council is looking to source a suitable contractor to carry out a quarterly maintenance programme of its synthetic turf pitches.


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