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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting configuration and compiling... -----> Ruby app detected -----> Compiling Ruby -----> Using Ruby version: ruby-2.0.0 -----> Installing dependencies using 1.7.12  Running: bundle install --without development:test --path vendor/bundle --binstubs vendor/bundle/bin -j4 --deployment  Fetching gem metadata from  Fetching  Installing mime-types 2.5  Installing httpclient  Installing net-http-digest_auth 1.4  Installing net-http-persistent 2.9.4  Installing ntlm-http 0.1.1  Installing mini_portile 0.6.2  Installing webrobots 0.1.1  Using bundler 1.7.12  Installing unf_ext  Installing unf 0.1.4  Installing domain_name 0.5.24  Installing http-cookie 1.0.2  Installing sqlite3 1.3.10  Installing sqlite_magic 0.0.3  Using scraperwiki 3.0.1 from (at morph_defaults)  Installing nokogiri  Installing mechanize 2.7.3  Your bundle is complete!  Gems in the groups development and test were not installed.  It was installed into ./vendor/bundle  Bundle completed (23.77s)  Cleaning up the bundler cache.  -----> Discovering process types  Procfile declares types -> scraper  Default process types for Ruby -> rake, console Injecting scraper code and running...


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