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This is a scraper that runs on Morph. To get started see the documentation

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Injecting configuration and compiling... Injecting scraper and running... [<Element div at 0x7f6174971578>, <Element div at 0x7f61749715d0>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971628>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971680>, <Element div at 0x7f61749716d8>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971730>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971788>, <Element div at 0x7f61749717e0>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971838>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971890>, <Element div at 0x7f61749718e8>, <Element div at 0x7f6174971940>] <Element html at 0x7f617550d158>


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