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60 Blackshaw Avenue MORTDALE NSW 2223
Demolition works, and alterations and additions and extension to a warehouse.
46-48 Princes Highway BEVERLEY PARK NSW 2217
MODIFIED CC- Condenser on balconies, front entry, new rear door entry
14A Gnarbo Avenue CARSS PARK NSW 2221
Modification of Consent No: DA2016/165 for Construction of a new deck and extension to existing garage. The modifications include changes to the garage ceiling height and length, changes to windows, and provision of workshop area and WC in the garage
37 Waterside Parade PEAKHURST HEIGHTS NSW 2210
Modification of Consent No: DA2018/0469 for demolition works, construction of a dwelling house and swimming pool to amend condition 12 - Terrace extension (South) point d)
23 Salt Pan Road PEAKHURST NSW 2210, 23A Salt Pan Road PEAKHURST NSW 2210
Demolition of all existing structures and construction of a new attached dual occupancy.
6 Myerla Crescent CONNELLS POINT NSW 2221
25 William Road RIVERWOOD NSW 2210
Alterations and additions to a dwelling house, change of use of outbuilding (at rear of site) to a secondary dwelling
109 Ogilvy Street PEAKHURST NSW 2210
Demolition, alterations and additions to a dwelling house, construction of a garage and secondary dwelling
3 Cross Street HURSTVILLE NSW 2220
Construction and use of commercial carwash within Level Two (2) of Westfield car park
16 Elizabeth Street ALLAWAH NSW 2218, 18 Elizabeth Street ALLAWAH NSW 2218
Demolition of 2 Existing Dwelling and Construction of a Residential Appartment Building over 5 levels with basement parking


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