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Getting 'Last 14 Days' data, changable via MORPH_PERIOD environment Saving record POS19/0231, 19 Kurrajong Circuit Peregian Springs Saving record REC16/0069.32, 9 Tully Lane MAROOCHYDORE Saving record OPW20/0002, 28 Willis Rd BLI BLI Saving record OPW20/0004, 1 Beryl Tce MOUNT COOLUM Saving record MCU20/0002, 8 Petrie Ave MARCOOLA Saving record OPW20/0003, 10 Brae Crt BUDERIM Saving record OPW20/0006, Lot 800 Racecourse Rd CORBOULD PARK Saving record OPW20/0005, 455-463 Paynters Creek Rd ROSEMOUNT Saving record MPC16/0005.02, Part of Lot 1000 Birtinya Bvd BIRTINYA QLD Saving record MPC14/0027.04, Mantra Esplanade, BIRTINYA Saving record OPW20/0008, 405 Mooloolaba Rd BUDERIM Saving record OPW20/0007, 141 Jones Rd BUDERIM Saving record MCU20/0003, 5 Currawong St MUDJIMBA Saving record RAL20/0001, 143 and 165 Old Palmwoods Rd WEST WOOMBYE Saving record MCU20/0004, 7 Meditation Ct NAMBOUR error to parse council_reference's address: OPW20/0009 Saving record REC15/0209.02, 7 Paynter Park Drive WOOMBYE Saving record RAL20/0002, 774 Eudlo Rd PALMWOODS Saving record MCU10/2108.01, 21 Whalley Creek Cl BURNSIDE Saving record MCU08/0016.01, 3/26-28 Link Cres COOLUM BEACH Saving record POS19/0327, 40-42 Junction Drive Coolum Beach Saving record OPW16/0273.02, 1 Vantage Drive YAROOMBA Saving record MCU20/0005, 4 Honey Myrtle Pl WOOMBYE Saving record OPW20/0010, 6 Berrima St MAROOCHYDORE Saving record OPW20/0012, 20 Second Ave MAROOCHYDORE Saving record REC13/0157.10, 1-13 Flinders Lane Maroochydore Saving record SPS20/0001, 56 Bonato Rd GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINS Saving record MCU18/0310.02, 134-158 Parsons Rd and 286 Mons Rd FOREST GLEN Saving record OPW20/0011, 26 Gattera Road Landsborough Saving record MCU20/0006, 1-3 and 5 The Esplanade MAROOCHYDORE Saving record RAL20/0003, 104 Obi Obi Rd and 31 Sommer Rd MAPLETON Saving record OPW20/0013, Service St MAROOCHYDORE Saving record MCU20/0007, Service St MAROOCHYDORE Saving record MCU20/0008, 53 Quanda Rd COOLUM BEACH Saving record MCU15/0305.04, 96 Memorial Ave MAROOCHYDORE- Change to Condition Saving record OPW20/0015, 20 Burys Rd BEERWAH Saving record OPW20/0017, 56-62 Whites Rd BUDERIM Saving record REC17/0026.03, Sunshine Cove Precinct 6 Saving record OPW20/0016, 3 Karnu Dr NINDERRY Saving record OPW20/0014, 22 Myoora Ct MINYAMA Saving record RAL20/0004, Sedge St SIPPY DOWNS Saving record OPW20/0021, 375 Kiamba Rd COOLOOLABIN Saving record REC16/0069.33, 14 Banfield St, MAROOCHYDORE Saving record REC15/0060.03, 1-7 Dixon Rd Buderim Saving record RAL20/0005, 163 and 201 Windsor Rd BURNSIDE Saving record RAL19/0008.08, 24 Tranquility Way PALMVIEW Saving record OPW20/0018, Sunshine Cove Way MAROOCHYDORE Saving record REC15/0060.02, 1-7 Dixon Rd BUDERIM Saving record OPW20/0019, 18 Bury St NAMBOUR Saving record OPW20/0020, 12 Midden Pl PELICAN WATERS Saving record MPC20/0001, Bombora Dr BOKARINA Saving record MCU11/0231.01, Howard St NAMBOUR Saving record 2007/520037.05, Lot 10 Albyn Pl GLASS HOUSE MOUNTAINS Saving record OPW20/0022, 6/20 Avocado Lane MALENY Saving record MCU11/0231.02, Howard St NAMBOUR


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date_scraped description info_url date_received council_reference address comment_url
Indoor Recreation Sports Centre - Studdock Investments Pty Ltd & Cricket Generation Pty Ltd C/
84 Sandalwood Lane, FOREST GLEN, QLD
Extension to Relevant Period
Generally in Accordance
26 Eenie Creek Rd, NOOSAVILLE, QLD
Generally in Accordance
476 Nicklin Way, WURTULLA, QLD
45 Primary School Crt - Conversion of Dual Occupancy to Offices - Martin Kurvink
43-45 Primary School Ct, MAROOCHYDORE, QLD
Warehouse - Uptons Salvage Trading Pty Ltd
31 Moroney Pl, BEERWAH, QLD
62 Duporth Ave MAROOCHYDORE - Generally In Accordance
Extension to Relevant Period - Furno's Pty Ltd
88 Burnett St, BUDERIM, QLD
Development Application for Material Change of Use to establish an Sport and Recreation (Naval Cadet Unit)
Maleny-Stanley River Rd, MALENY, QLD
Infrastructure Agreement
0 Parklakes Dr, BLI BLI, QLD


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