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Randwick City Council Development Applications

Gets development applications for Randwick City Council.

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date_scraped description info_url date_received council_reference address comment_url
Construction of new retaining wall along the eastern side boundary and a section of front boundary
37 Esperance Close LITTLE BAY NSW 2036
Maintenance and associated works to exterior of existing building including replacement of capping, replacement of window lintels and bracing to parapet and patch/repoint of existing brickwork
62-68 Belmore Road RANDWICK NSW 2031
Alterations to existing ground floor retail tenancy including new shopfront & alterations & additions to residential component of site to provide one residential unit at ground level & one at first floor & construction of rollerdoor on laneway frontage (SEPP1 objection to floor space ratio & landscape requirements)
155 Clovelly Road RANDWICK NSW 2031
Tree removal
14 Winkurra Street KENSINGTON NSW 2033
Construction of covered walkway adjacent to existing day care centre, alterations to the pedestrian access into the centre, relocate airconditioning and associated works
21-29 Munda Street RANDWICK NSW 2031
Construction of new ground and lower ground floor decks and new bi-fold doors to dining room
12 Denning Street SOUTH COOGEE NSW 2034
Demolition of the existing rear garage and car port and construction of a new triple garage, and new bi-fold doors to kitchen
63 Torrington Road MAROUBRA NSW 2035
Demolition of the existing dwelling house and out buildings and construction of new two storey dwelling house with single garage and an in ground swimming pool
50 Meeks Street KINGSFORD NSW 2032
Section 96 modification of approved development by provision of wash and preparation room for existing restaurant Original consent: Extension of existing restaurant into adjacent tenancy and provision of footpath dining for two tables and eight chairs
187 Alison Road RANDWICK NSW 2031
Section 96 modification of approved development by extension of rumpus room area and living room with addition of windows on northern and western elevation Original consent: Alterations and additions to existing dwelling and construction of new roof
117 Moverly Road SOUTH COOGEE NSW 2034


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