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date_scraped description info_url address council_reference on_notice_from on_notice_to comment_url date_received
Alterations & additions to the existing dwelling, with a solid wall (two storey) proposed along the western side boundary for a length of 13.l metres
80 Esplanade, ALDINGA BEACH SA 5173, SA
Mobile phone tower measuring 24.95m in height with associated equipment housing and fencing
Pce 101 DP 59506 Golf Course Drive, WOODCROFT SA 5162, SA
Egg storage coolroom and collection handling room in association with existing poultry farm and vineyard (retrospective)
76 Pennys Road, MCLAREN FLAT SA 5171, SA
Storage of up to two vehicles at anyone time, including an 8m long x 2m wide x 2.7m high, 5 tonne truck and a 6m long x 2.2m wide x 2.6m high tipper, 8.5 tonne in weight (retrospective)
336-344 Pimpala Road, WOODCROFT, SA
Convert existing dwelling to integrated mixed use (Shara Sanctuary & Retreat) incorporating office, reception, shop, library, day spa, retreat accomodation (up to 7 guests) & storage in association with the existing vineyard- (re-notification due to administrative error)
84 Oakley Road, MCLAREN FLAT, SA
To construct moss rock and concrete sleeper retaining walls to a maximum height of approx 2.2m in conjunction with a two storey detached dwelling with associated earthworks
24 Singer Drive, HAPPY VALLEY SA 5159, SA
Split level single storey detached dwelling with garage and associated retaining walls up to 1.2m in height (non-complying)
23 Kathrina Street, O'HALLORAN HILL SA 5158, SA
Dwelling additions comprising poolroom, ensuite, balconies, front porch, swimming pool and an extension incorporating walls 5.8m in height and with an overall height of 6.4m - Non-Complying
233 Cherry Gardens Road, CHERRY GARDENS SA 5157, SA
Change of use from consulting room and dwelling to consulting room (non-complying)
267 Main South Road, MORPHETT VALE SA 5162, SA
Filling of land and landscaping
108 O'Sullivan Beach Road, LONSDALE SA 5160, SA


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