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This application proposes demolition of all existing site structures and construction of retail building containing a supermarket and speciality shops, basement car parking for 139 cars and atgrade parking for seven cars.
176186The Boulevarde, Fairfield Heights, NSW
Proposed Major Alterations to Fairfield Chase
49 61 Spencer Street, Fairfield, NSW
Major Alterations and Additions to StocklandsWetherillPark Shopping Centre. Including an additional 11,955 m of gross lettable area which incorporates 58 additional shops, new gym, relocation of existing medical centre, refur...
561583 Polding Street PRAIRIEWOOD, NSW
Subdivision to create 6 unserviced super lots, construction of 159 dwellings and associated ancillary works, and residential subdivision to create individual lots
3 Barseden Street , 2128 Barseden Street, 7989 Kemp Place, 17 Donovan Place, 1 Bunker Parade and 5,7,9,11,13,15 Bunker Parade, BONNYRIGG, NSW
Demolition of existing structures and erection of a commercial building to be uses as a Bunnings Warehouse, together with carparking for 378 vehicles
73 Victoria Street 727 737 The Horsley Drive SMITHFIELD, NSW
Concrete Batching Plant Associated with an existing concrete products manufacturing facility
Premises 3341 Cowpasture Road WETHERILL PARK, NSW
Major refurbishment of existing St Johns Park Bowling Club including extended outdoor gaming area and new noodle bar
103 Edensor Road ST JOHNS PARK, NSW
Alterations and additions to an existing place of worship comprising of extensions to the existing building, new amenities building and provision of onsite car parking.
Lot 2 3, DP 939908, No. 3032 Bourke Street, Smithfield, NSW
Development Application proposing construction of an Affordable Rental Housing Development comprising twentyfour 24 units 9 x 1 bedroom 15 x 2 bedroom, car parking for twenty 20 vehicles, associated landscaping and site cons...
Property Description Lots 75, 76, 77, 78, 79 80, DP 36377 Premises 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 12 Nyora Avenue, Smithfield, NSW
Development Application proposing alterations and additions to Stockland Wetherill Park Shopping Centre comprising 5,664sq.m of additional gross leaseable floor area GLFA located at ground level and three 3 levels of deck car...
STOCKLAND SHOPPING CENTRE PRAIRIEWOOD Property Description Lot 102 DP 1034345 Lot 1 DP 867772 Premises No. 561583 Polding Street, Prairiewood, NSW


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