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1639 Botany Road BOTANY NSW 2019
Amended plans received for the Integrated Development Application seeking consent for: キ 2 x ground floor residential units replaced with retail tenancies for building facing Rancom Street; キ Introduction of new public through site link; and, キ Waste storage and collection points to Rancom Street. キ Summary of development : - 4 x studio loft style apartments - 1 x studio apartment - 11 x 2 bedrooms apartments - 4 x retail ground floor tenancies - Car parking for 39 vehicles.
24 Brighton Street BOTANY NSW 2019
Alterations and additions to the existing dwelling, including rear extension, new balcony and covered timber deck on lower ground floor, replacement of existing car port, balcony, windows, and front gates.
130-150 Bunnerong Road PAGEWOOD NSW 2035
Integrated Development Application for a Staged Master Plan (not including any development works) for Stage 1 comprising of: - Subdivision into eight urban blocks for development subject to future Development Applications; - Concept approval for the location public road network and private accessways through the site which will form part of Stage 2 Development Application; - Approval of Building Envelopes on each Urban Block; - Concept approval for FSR of 3.8:1 for B4 Mixed Use zone and FSR of 2:1 for R3 Medium Density Residential zone; - Building Heights ranging from 11 metres fronting Heffron Road to 68 metres located in Urban Block 5 (Central) from Westfield Drive; - The provision of 2,733 dwellings on site; -The provision of parking spaces provided in above ground and basement car parking facilities; -Provision of public opn space (Central Park) comprising 8,000sqm; -Concept approval for the on-site stormwater detention system and water sensitive urban design (WSUD) principles; - The Master Plan is to be constructed over a 10 year period.
37A Daphne Street BOTANY NSW 2019
Development Application seeking consent for: - Demolition of the existing structures; - Construction of a three (3) storey residential flat building incorporating 10 residential apartments (4 x 2 bedroom and 6 x 3 bedroom) and ground level car parking for 22 vehicles comprising 20 x resident spaces, 2 x visitor/disabled car parking spaces (including 1 x car wash bay); - Landscaping of the site; - Refurbishment of the existing electricity substation contained within the site; - Lot consolidation; and, -Strata and stratum subdivision of the completed development.
55 Hughes Avenue MASCOT NSW 2020
Construction of a metal carport and awning adjacent to the front of the dwelling.
4 Isaac Smith Street DACEYVILLE NSW 2032
Section 96(1A) Application to modify Development Consent No. 2010/300 to reduce the approved swimming pool size to 5.5m x 3.1m and to relocate the swimming pool to run north to south along the rear boundary.
7 Lord Street BOTANY NSW 2019
Section 96(1A) Application to modify Development Consent No. 2003/130 to amend the hours of operation from 7:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Saturday to 7:00am - 7:00pm Monday to Friday, and 7:30am - 5:00pm on Saturday.
38 Smith Street EASTGARDENS NSW 2036
Construction of a new shed at the rear of the existing dwelling.
57 Gordon Street ROSEBERY NSW 2018
Construct ground floor addition (sunroom) to rear of dwelling and enclose rear 1st floor balcony.
9 Kent Road MASCOT NSW 2020
Section 96(AA) Application to modify Development Consent No. 2014/087, Court Order 14/10693 to amend the approved plans and reference documents in Condition 1 to address the building facade treatment and modify the number of parking spaces required under Conditions 85 and 128.


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