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council_reference address description info_url comment_url date_scraped on_notice_to date_received on_notice_from
Merimbola Street PAMBULA, NSW
Construction of a supermarket and liquor store with associated carparking, signage, earthworks and 2 lot subdivision
60 Main Street MERIMBULA, NSW
Modification to alterations and additions to existing building and establishment of a pub
51 Florabunda Place NETHERCOTE, NSW
50 metre lattice Telecommunication Tower and associated infrastructure.
Tathra Road BEGA, 1614 Tathra Road BEGA, NSW
Demolition of existing structures and 30 Lot Subdivision
6-8 Kingston Lane, Candelo, NSW
Alterations to existing dwelling & upgrading verandah
230 Angledale Road, Angledale, NSW
Installation of an In ground Swimming Pool
72 Narrawa Place, Bega, NSW
Convert existing rumpus room to bedroom & laundry & upgrade bathroom
6 Keating Drive, Bermagui, NSW
Conversion Dual Occupancy to Single Dwelling & alterations & additions
Lagoon Street, Bega, NSW
Alterations & additions to cheese manufacturing building
9 Irene Crescent, Eden, NSW
Dwelling additions and alterations


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